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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 9, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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long criminal history before vanishing. kira? >> as you said we are in solano county fair grounds. the search began with great urge answer in the dark of night. the search for the 50-year-old sandra coke who disappeared on sunday. overnight, police were questioning a "person of interest" and we have a picture, 56-year-old registered sex offender in custody on an unrelated offense. he and sandra dated 20 years ago. it was with great urgency the search started at 8:30 last night and oakland police department major crimes investigative unit walked out of headquarters and came straight here to vallejo. crews were combing the fair grounds and the park for clues leading to coke. 50 search-and-rescue volunteers searched on foot and alter rain
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vehicles. they are not telling us how they got the tip but they is determined that the two recently reconnected and they were seen together the night she vanished the. >> we no that person over 20 years ago dated sandra coke very briefly and he reappeared in the bay area recently and reached out to sandra for help. >> yesterday, coke's family announced $100,000 reward for information leading to her return. her mini cooper was found in a parking lot not far from her home two days after she vanished. two of her cell phones were found and one in emeryville near north oakland and the other was found tossed off an exit ramp off i-80 in richmond near mcdonald's and authorities overnight say they are hopeful she is still alive but hope this search will tell them if there
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is foul play involved in the disappearance. >> if there are any new developments during the morning news we will bring them to you much the coverage continues on twitter@abcnews bay area. in san francisco firefighters are investigating a fire at a dry cleaning business at 23rd avenue after 1:30 this morning. piles of burned clothing and dry cleaning equipment were on the sidewalk. the laundry is a total loss. there are residential units located above. no one was hurt or displaced. >> a union negotiating with bart will issue a 48-hour strike notice if no progress is made in contract talks today. the service employees international union made the threat after talks ended meaning another possible bart strike on monday morning. the issues are the same, salary,
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pension, medical contributions and overtime. the governor called for a board of inquiry and will get the report today and decide this weekend whether to declare a cooling off period. >> we support a cooling off period because it is the only guarantee to keep the trains running as we negotiate. >> i hope we get this deal done on sunday. i'm not in agreement with the 60 day cooling off period. i don't believe we have the right to hold passengers hostage. >> nexts are expected to continue until sunday night deadline if the governor declares a cooling off period, there can be no bart strike or lockouts for 60 days. >> a 23-year-old san jose man is facing murder charges in the shooting death of a san jose state nursing student last week. he was arrested on wednesday evening by an officer who noticed aup of men in front of a gas station. they resembled the people described as running away from the shooting scene at south 2nd on saturday morning.
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he was wanted in connection with 19-year-old nursing student's death. they found a loaded gun when they arrested him and they are analyzing the gun. she was an unintended target at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> in san francisco, the man accused brutally kicking a woman in a head in this video is due in court that led to the arrest of a 23-year-old who is charged with robbery, assault and battery. the woman was mugged on pride weekend. it struck a chord with the public who helped track down the suspect. >> a man who used a stun gun during a robbery in scam bell is on the run from police. this is surveillance video of the robbery yesterday morning and you can see the clerk at the bottle shop store ringing up the purchase, the suspect suddenly used a stun gun, knocked the clerk down and takes the items but nothing from the register. he comes back to pick up a large bag and runs out to an awaiting
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car. the robber and the get away driver are loose. >> developing news 1,400 firefighters are battling the wildfire in riverside county. flames have destroyed two dozen homes. the fire burning 85 miles east of loss mansion has grown to 14,000 acres and 20 percent contained. 1,500 people are under mandatory evacuation orders and six have been injured including five firefighters. high wind and steep terrain hamper efforts to fight a fire in a national forest with mandatory evacuations for 75 homeowners. the fire burned 60 acres and 300 firefighters are battling that blaze. >> the federal government is putting a stop to richmond plan to use the pow we of imminent domain to seize underwater loans and help homeowners restructure their meths. richmond leaders launched the ground reacting plan to help homeowner whose owe more on their homes than they are worth
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but the fell housing finance agency which regulates 19 family and freddie mac indicated it would limit or cease business activities in any jurisdiction that uses imminent domain to seize mortgages. this week, mortgage holders and bondholders went to federal court to halt richmond plans saying it could cause investors' losses of $200 million or more. >> san jose's gold club is now open for business. the gentleman's club is located in the heart of downtown and that is drawing criticism from surrounding businesses and elected fills. they contend a bikini bar is not the image people want if downtown. supporters say the club is just another part of downtown renaissance and celebrates the grand opening this weekend. >> pg&e is investigating why proper procedure was not followed in dealing with a ruptured gas line in burlingame. a construction crew ruptured a gas line downtown yesterday
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morning. we reported it and pg&e was called immediately. however, no one called the burlingame police d until an hour later. pg&e says police should have been called right away and crews capped line and re-opened streets after five hours. >> sky seven was overhead after firefighters put out a fire on amy by bus in san francisco yesterday. you can see the damage to the back of the bus. passengers got out safely and this is the second time in a week a muni bus caught fire on the same line. >> time for mist and drizzle. again. >> is that my new nickname? good morning, everyone. temperatures are the same as yesterday, two or three degrees cooler. we do not have 60's on the map. san jose is cool at 59. 68 in los gatos. concord is at 56.
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same in san francisco. napa, mountain view is 57. novato is 55 and santa rosa is coolest at 54. another wet commute. there are wet spots for the morning commute through 7:00 and more likely 9:00. drizzle dries even at the cost by noon and we are in the 60's to 70's by 4:00 as the cooling breeze continues but we will see more sunshine and grab a coat for the evening hours. if you are beyond 11:00 drizzle will come back in the forecast so you may want to find a way to stay dry. the next three days going through the weekend see a couple of degrees warmer each day with drizzle less likely each and every morning. now the commute. >> good morning, where do sunny pockets go? >> he is on vacation. >> we have our first-reported accident in emeryville along
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eastbound 80 at powell street and this is a couple of cars blocking two lanes, and you can see the track building in that area with c.h.p. on the way. as we take it to the south into oakland we have construction in the northbound and southbound direction but northbound side from high all the way to broadway we are seeing lanes blocked and causing quite a bit of traffic with a bottleneck. that is going to be wrapped up at 5:00 this morning. outside, this is the san mateo bridge moving along with traffic pushing to the high-rise out of hayward to foster city and eastbound traffic is not too much and everyone is moving at top speed. eric and kristen? >> it is 4:39. next, a different class of seatbelts and some asiana flight 214 survivors are issuing asiana and boeing. >> a a -
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>> covering petaluma and antioch and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> developing news in the search for the man believed to have kidnapped a san diego county teenager and killed her mother and brother. san diego county authorities believe james dimaggio could have explosives or have the car rigged. they think he could be headed to canada with 16-year-old hannah anderson. amber alert covers california, oregon, washington, and nevada. investigators say they have had several reports of his blue nissan. >> a dozen victims of the asiana flight 214 have filed a new lawsuit against both the airline and boeing the maker of the 777 that crashed at sfo. abc7 news reporter spoke with one of the tomorrows. >> by then it is too late. >>the attorney says the lawsuit
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is the most extensive and detailed explanation of what led up to the crash. >> we have poor training, resource management you have inattention by the pilots and you have inadequate and ineffective warning systems. >> the complaint states that boeing should have updated the 777 with an oral command warning like it did to 737's after a flight crashed under similar circumstances in 2009. >> an oral command is one where words are used, low speed, which immediately captures the attention of the pilot that is in control. >> the suit claims that boeing's planes had faulty auto throttle control system and a retired captain says today's technology is use will but a pilot's first responsibility is the safety of the passengers, which means they have to know highway to fly the airplane. >> someone should have been watching the airplane, they should have been watching the
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speed, they should have been watching the altitude. that is primary on every approach. >> once the plane crashed, he says another factor came into play: the fact that business and first-class passengers had lap belts and shoulder restraints but economy passengers only had lap belts. >> if it is me and my family traveling and i have compromised safety because of the place price of my ticket, that is an outrage. everyone deserves the same level of safety. >> he says that discrepancy in safety is something that needs to corrected immediately. >> tonight, san francisco's chinese council general is showing his appreciation for the organizations and people who helped with the aftermath the crash with many chinese on board the plight and he will host an appreciation dinner for them at the san francisco home. >> three people are in custody in connection with a series of
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blind date robberies in mountain view. the three, one a juvenile, lured men into a blind date after contacting them online, when the machine arrived they were robbed. police say there are at least three victims. >> tonight, a watch party will be held for the all stars now just two wins away from making the trip to the little league world series. they are the top seed after wrapping up pool play on wednesday administration the only undefeated team in the west region. the games are played this san bernardino and take on arizona in the semi final matchup, and the watch party starts at 5:15 in belmont. the game will be televised at 6:00 p.m. on the sister network espn and the winner plays tomorrow for the trip to to to
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>> we will have one more day before we say goodbye to the drizzle as the remain watching -- the warming trend is slated for next week. we will try to get summer in the forecast. live doppler 7 hd shows it is just drizzle. no rain to be found. even if you pick up the intensity of drizzle, it is still drizzle. the size of the rain drop distinguishes it from rain. drizzle is out there. showers to the north and this is no lightning strikes but the possibility is there so the red flag warning continues to the north through 11:00 this evening. if you are headed that way tonight for the weekend, watch out for the thunderstorms and the possibility of wildfires. if you look in the lower left hand of the screen, you can see i-80 is wet this morning and you can see the moisture hanging in the air. sunny pockets are in the
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forecast today! just trying to keep my co-workers happy. cool breeze, though, and cloudy tonight and drizzle will dwindle sunday we will not have to deal with it, with summer warmth in the forecast. here is sunny pockets and as we head through 10:00, like yesterday, we will not get a complete area of clear conditions but we will have a thinning of the clouds as we head in the afternoon hours and it will be mostly sunny-to-partly cloudy at the coast. we will look at the temperatures and start in the south bay low-to-mid 70's dominating most neighborhoods and 70 in santa cruz. low-to-mid 70's for most of the peninsula and milbrae pulls up short at 68, low-to-mid 60's along the coast into downtown and south san francisco and upper 60's in sausalito and low-to-mid 70's in the valley and low 60's at the beaches and to the east bay shore, berkeley is cool at 69 and low-to-mid
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70's for everyone else and inland, mid-70's and 80's and brentwood at 81. baltimore orioles in town the two teams that wear black and orange, good either way tonight. 58 at 7:15 and dropping to 56 by 10:00. seven-day forecast shows a couple degrees warmer saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday temperatures are back where they should be. have a great weekend. >> we do have one accident in emeryville along eastbound 80 traveling along at powell street it is blocking two lanes and causing a bit of a lay and away from highway 123 you will be seeing extra volume building. we have a couple big events this week, 2013 san jose jazz summer fest is going on starting today and that will run through sunday so all area surrounding this is
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going to be exhibiting bus detours. and the outside lands music festival is running through sunday so expect plenty of traffic at golden gate park. this is the bay bridge toll plaza and traffic is moving well eastbound and westbound direction with one stall in the westbound direction which has been cleared so you are at top speed into san francisco. >> the state department has extended the travel warning to include pakistan this morning. the state department is ordering nonemergency government personnel to leave the consulate in pakistan in lahore because of a throat specific to that mission. the official says it is not related to the closings of several diplomatic posts in the muslim world. president obama is expected to dress the concerns and other issues at a press conference before heading for vacation today. abc7 news will carry it in a
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special report at noon. >> today, japan is marking the 68th anniversary of the atomic bombing of nagasaki and the mayor criticized japan's government for lacking effort in international nuclear disarmament during a ceremony. he said his country's refusal to sign a statement rejecting unconditional use of nuclear weapons at an international meeting in april bestrayed the global society's expectations. the first bombing in her row seem killed 145,000 and nagasaki bomb killed 70,000. >> just in time for the small semester a big financial break president obama signs into law affecting millions of college students. >> the obamas go on a date night a special occasion they were
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>> the burlingame main post office is up for sale. the post office boxes will be moved to a smaller location and the length of the selling process depend on the buyer and how many bids the post office gets. they have been selling post offices across the country to bring down the $9 billion deficit. >> new report reveals the most difficult companies to interview with, six are here in the bay area. we specific to job candidates at google and it is considered difficult, inbound, but clear. santa clara is on the list followed by other tech companies and facebook hires people that offer more than conventional ideas, rather, more than unconventional ideas. candidates reported a difficult interview process at guidewire in foster city. yahoo's acquisition of tumbler
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includes $110 million payment to item employer founder as long as he remains on the job if four years. the payment was disclosed in a filing. he turned 27 last month and started tumbler in 2007 after he dropped out of high school to concentrate on computer programming. >> we should be dry by noon at golden gate park with drizzle until 10:00. outside, if i read it right the big attraction tonight is paul mccartney at 3:00 it will be 61 with breezes at 57 at 6:00 and 56 at 9:00. it will be cool there. it will be breezy from time to time. you can see the storms still rotating around and it is very easy to see the area of low pressure to the north and thunderstorms to the north but they missed tahoe at 74 at yosemite and 87, and 82 in sack
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membership to and cooler-than-average around los angeles and san diego and 76 and 72 but heat is on in palm springs at 102. >> we have a brand new accident over the altamont pass headed along in the eastbound direction. if you are traveling in the westbound direction you are going to be see some delays. we are tracking this accident, in emeryville eastbound 80 at powell street you can see the traffic is starting to slow down with two lanes blocked westbound traffic is moving along fine. as we take it to the amount pass you can see the westbound commute is slowing things but eastbound is a two-car crash at grant line road and it will be slow and go with more traffic building from tracy over the pass. that is a 30-minute commute between tracy and into dublin. >> the first stage of the retrofit for the bay bridge is under way while the crews are
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pouring concrete in the base of the saddles. the saddle system "fix" is expected to be finished in december. >> today, president obama will sign a billow we aring interest rates on student loans that jumped this summer dropping the rate back down to 3.9 percent for undergraduate borrowers with the average student saving $1,500 from the 7 percent rate that kicked in july 1. the law links interest rates to the financial markets which means they will go were you as the economy improves. >> check this out, president obama and the first lady went out on the town last night to celebrate the 52nd birthday with dinner at a popular indian restaurant in washington, dc, and turned 52 last sunday and celebrated with friends at camp david, the first family leaves if a week-long vacation tomorrow. >> if you are someone you know is trying to get pregnant, here
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is a app that tells you the best time to conceive letting women track their sexual activity and they recommend ideal times for conception on the app which office a pay version and the machine raised will help may for fertility treatment for couples that cannot afford them. >> we continue to follow developing news in the east bay with the search for an oakland woman who disappeared under mistearous circumstances lieds police to a lake in vallejo. >> from san jose, we are getting ready to go back to school. we will tell you why the backpack give away is the big
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, everyone, on friday at 5:00 a.m. we thank you for the company. >> thats for joining us. i would say ground hog day but it would feel like groundhog day. >> is it groundhog day? is the weather the same? we are dealing with drizzle again. it is out there. it is wide-spread drizzle like yesterday. it is not very heavy. that is why we not seeing any rain show up on live doppler 7 hd but there is drizzle for the morning commute. this afternoon, temperatures are going do run around 72 at petaluma to 81 in antioch and brentwood and it will be sunny by 1:00 o'clock and we will


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