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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 10, 2013 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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good morning, america. new overnight, the big winner. >> i'm very thankful. thank, god. >> she's 1 of the 16 county maintenance workers in new jersey, who hit that powerball jackpot. and she's telling us how she plans to send her new millions. >> i'm still up in the clouds. i can't even tell you. fiery crash. a plane slams into homes in a quiet connecticut neighborhood, sparking a huge fireball. rescuers push back, with two little children inside. the courtroom showdown. the pop superstar on the stand, in a bitter fight to keep custody of his kids. the judge's decision and the surprising emotional moment between usher and his ex-wife. and they're back.
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our army of kid forecasters keeping an eye on the weather for you, with their precocious prognosticating. well, we've got kid forecasters coming up. before we get to that, we have some real weather to talk about this morning. take a look at these pictures on a saturday morning. these are from overnight. ginger covering this breaking weather news. killer flash floods in colorado. truly harrowing scenes playing out, after more than an inch of rain fell in 40 minutes, sending torrents of water through one small town. this is one scene out of many. as we said, ginger will have much more coming up. >> as many as 15 states affected this morning. also, a big break in a massive manhunt. a car owned by a suspected san diego kidnapper is found in a remote wilderness area in
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idaho. why police believe the 16-year-old girl with him is still alive. also this morning, a breast-feeding confrontation caught on camera. the mom told to cover up at a rec center in texas. and the support she's receiving after this video went online and went viral. let's start this morning with the first of the ocean's 16 to step forward. her name is susan nichol. she is part of that pool of maintenance workers that hit the powerball this week. this story, a huge blast of hope for a community that was hit very hard by superstorm sandy. and aditi roy is all over the story. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this lottery winner may be part of ocean 16. but she's on cloud nine. she revealed her identity to the public. and why she's not leaving her job just yet. this morning, we're hearing from one of ocean 16 for the first time, the county workers that won big in wednesday's $448.4
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million powerball jackpot, has protected their anonymity until now. >> i'm still up in the clouds. >> reporter: new jersey native, susan nichols, says she wouldn't believe it when she and 15 fellow workers hit all five numbers and the powerball. >> my co-worker shook me. we did win. >> reporter: until friday night, the only thing we knew about the county government workers, is that no multimillion-dollar windfall, wouldn't keep them from clocking in the next morning after the winning numbers were announced. >> they won the lottery and came in. >> reporter: nichol and her co-workers have not officially come forward to claim the prize. but she's feeling blessed. nichol has a new ideas for how to spend her winnings. among them, mixing her house that was damaged by hurricane sandy. and sharing the loot with her large family. surprisingly, she plans to stay at work for another year and a half before retiring to collect her pension. >> i want my husband to retire.
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i'm not. but i want him to. he's worked a long time. >> reporter: after taxes, it's estimated that nichol will take $3.5 million to the bank. the remaining ticket in new jersey has not been claimed. the third ticket was won by paul white. and she broke the news to her friends and family at her local crab shack. three grandchildren, two kids and her husband of 45 years. that shop owner has the air ability to say that a quarter of his workers happen to be powerball winners. she probably picked up the tab. >> i was about to ask you. i think she did. >> amazing she's going to keep working. >> and let her husband retire. so sweet. >> thanks, aditi. we're going to turn to the death toll rising along with the floodwaters after a week of torrential downpours and daring rescues. emergency workers kept busy overnight. and our meteorologist, ginger zee, is on top of the story. >> good morning, bianna.
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some of the craziest pictures coming out of manitou springs, colorado. the water muddy and almost black at times. krdo, our affiliate, kept coming in with pictures. no way. this town terrified. ferociously flowing. >> he's better off in the car. >> reporter: this highway outside of colorado springs, transformed into a turbulent crime. and right there, a frightened man, desperate to get to safety. >> are you okay? >> i don't know. >> reporter: barely making it out alive. the almost black water, splashing over that car. cars rushing and bobbing past in the water. rescue crews on another road, hoisting a man to safety. this morning, we know one person is dead.
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his body found buried in debris. the forceful floods, terrorizing this town just six miles from colorado springs. >> our car just floated away. others are floating away now. >> at that moment, i knew the water was getting higher and was going to come over. i have to get out of here. >> reporter: swallowing streets and chewing away at backyards. it went down after more than an inch of rain fell in 40 minutes. that's too much, too fast for the scarred land, burnt by the waldo canyon fire in 2012. that's why the water is so dark. the charred mountainside, rushing down with the rain. it's the third flood in the area for a month. believing crashed and crumbled scenes behind. slightly drier for the parts of colorado. we have to keep an alert always. the land isn't getting vegetation anytime soon. very dry in general. i want to show you this. this morning, we have flash flood warnings in effect for arkansas and missouri still. an area so hard hit this whole week. you can see two-plus inches of
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rain, just in a very short amount of time. it's all coming along this stationary front. this has been a mess. and for the next 48 hours, places like jonesboro, memphis, nashville and raleigh have to be an alert. i'll come back with the weather and a whole lot more. >> a wet and dangerous weekend in parts of america. investigators are returning to a quiet neighborhood in connecticut where a disaster played out on friday afternoon. a small plane crashing into two homes. inside one of those houses, two, young children. abc's linzie janis is on the scene in east haven, connecticut. linzie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the people of this small community who sit right along a runway, says this is one of their worst fears come true. rescuers searched through the night, recovering four bodies, including two children who were inside one of the homes crushed by a small plane that came crashing out of the sky. >> children in the house. >> reporter: one of its wings,
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slicing through an upstairs bedroom, where neighbors say a 1-year-old and 13-year-old may have been. >> we seen it hit. one wing went through one house. the left side of the wing, landed in the bedroom where the two children were. >> reporter: within seconds of the crash, their mother could be heard screaming on the front lawn. >> she's upstairs. she went upstairs. and flipped over the bed. and flipped over a crib. and looked in the closet. couldn't find anybody. >> reporter: neighbors say it's a nightmare come true. >> i was always afraid of the planes. planes coming in. >> reporter: overnight, the pilot's been identified as bill henningsguard, visiting college with his 17-year-old son, max. it was not his first crash. in 2009, he and his mother were rescued from a washington state river, after the plane he was piloting had engine trouble. what caused his plane to crash on friday, roughly a mile before the runway remains a mystery.
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just two minutes before the crash, he told air traffic controllers that despite the weather, he had the runway in sight. >> are you going to be able to main tan visual contact with the airport? >> 622 is in visual contact now. >> reporter: moments later, the cockpit of his twin-engine plane was in flames. now that all of the bodies have been recovered, investigators are returning to the scene behind me this morning to try to figure out how and why this happened. bianna? >> devastation for that mother who lost two of her children. our thanks to you. we're going to learn to a major development this morning in the intense, all-out manhunt for a san diego murder suspect and the teenage girl he's believed to have kidnapped. his car was found in a remote location in idaho. now, the two were spotted by a man on horseback. abc's clayton sandell is in san diego with the latest on the search. if there's any good news, it seems that the girl was alive.
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a 16-year-old who he believes is this victim. >> reporter: so far, bianna, yes. that's what they believe. and it's a positive development. overnight, a sad development. police positively identified the remains of ethan anderson, who was murdered here in san diego. right now in idaho, search teams are looking for his suspected killer, who they believe kidnapped ethan's sister. this morning, over 100 federal agents and police are swarming this idaho wilderness, hunting for a murder suspect and a teenage girl they believe is in grave danger. >> it's treacherous terrain. it is back country. it is wilderness. and so, we're going to bring in any resources that we can on the ground and from the air to make this search successful. >> reporter: they're here because a man on horseback says he crossed paths with two people wednesday, believed to be 40-year-old james dimaggio and 16-year-old hannah anderson. >> they did appear to have gear with them. they had camping equipment, it seemed to him.
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i think he described the interaction as odd. but nothing alarming. >> reporter: nothing alarming, until the horseback rider recognized hannah's photo on the news and called police. dimaggio's car was found friday a few miles away, hidden under bushes. the license plates missing. >> they checked the vehicle identification number through the windshield and confirmed it was our suspect's vehicle from san diego. >> reporter: police had warned it might be booby-trapped with explosives. but none were found. police believe dimaggio killed hannah's 8-year-old brother, ethan and their mother, outside san diego, setting the house on fire and kidnapping the girl. investigators say dimaggio was a family friend who had an unusual infatuation with hannah. overnight in their hometown of lakeside, california, hannah and ethan's father spoke at a candlelight vigil. >> it's great they found a sighting today. and we hope that everything is going well to bring her home. >> reporter: now, this search
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area is massive. more than 300-square miles. investigators from here in san diego county will be joining the search effort. they'll be looking on foot, on horseback and from the air. dan? >> hopefully the nightmare will end soon. clayton, thank you. switching gears to all of the chatter about president obama, showing a different and interesting side of his personality, in a high-profiled moment. in front of the assembled press corps on friday afternoon, the president was cutting loose with candid comments about everybody from vladimir putin, to michelle obama. jeff is here with more. >> reporter: we saw hints of frustration and defiance from the president. after a challenging summer in washington, it was that series of unscripted moments that offered a deeper window into what he's really thinking. >> good afternoon, everybody. please have a seat. >> reporter: in the running commentary, president obama held nothing back. on russian president vladimir putin -- >> he has that slouch, looking
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like a board kid in the back of the classroom. >> reporter: on the new anti-gay law, through olympic medals. >> one of the things i'm looking forward to is gay and lesbian athletes bringing home the gold or silver or bronze. if russia doesn't have gay or lesbian athletes, it will probably make their team weaker. >> reporter: and using domestic harmony as an analogy for the nsa's spying program. how americans should trust but verify. >> if i tell michelle that i did the dishes, now, granted, in the white house i don't do the dishes that much. but back in the day. and she's a little skeptical. i'd like her to trust me. but maybe i need to bring her back and show her the dishes. >> reporter: president obama came into the east room of the white house to talk about america's surveillance system. but he also came armed with a set of awkward anecdotes and mixed metaphors. it was a presidential
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play-by-play, off-the-cuff remarks, in real-time. and he didn't take it easy, even on himself. >> there's going to be glitches. no doubt about it. that's true, by the way, of a car company rolling out a new car. it's true of apple rolling out the new ipad. >> reporter: before the hour was up, he even asked a question of his own, to a "wall street journal" reporter, on the birth of her son. >> and, carol, congratulations on hudson. do you have pictures? >> reporter: now, there were serious moments, too. the ongoing terror threat, that frigid relationship with russia. but the president had a care-free look of someone about to leave on vacation. he and his family begin their summer break today on martha's vineyard. when he returns to washington, all of the challenges are waiting for him. >> i picture moments in martha's vineyard when he marches michelle into the kitchen and shows off clean dishes. >> the slouch boy kid comment. >> the translation of that must have been great. >> i'll tell you that next time.
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now, to ron claiborne with the other top developing stories this morning. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, all but one of the american embassies that were closed last week because of terror concerns are now set to reopen tomorrow. the state department says 18 of the 19 embassies located throughout north africa and the middle east will reopen. the one however in yemen, that one will remain closed. and fire crews slowly getting control of a massive wildfire in southern california. the fire covering some 25-square miles or about 16,000 acres. the fire is 40% contained. two dozen homes have been destroyed and hundreds others evacuated. and the embattled mayor of san diego, bob filner, is leaving san diego earlier than expected. he was supposed to be in rehab for two weeks. but he's leaving therapy after five days and says he will continue as an outpatient. a wild scene in boston on
4:16 am
friday. a beer truck crashes and ends up dangling off of a highway overpass. crews had to clean up a diesel spill. they also had to offload the beer. the driver and a passenger in the beer truck, they were not hurt. exactly. cheers and boos in the bronx friday night for alex rodriguez. the yankees slugger was playing his first home game since major league baseball announced its suspension for allegedly using performance-enhancing drugs. a suspension that a-rod is appealing. as he strolled to the plate for his much-anticipated return to yankee stadium, a-rod managed to get quite a few cheers. and quite a few boos from the famously opinionated hometown crowd. >> alex rodriguez. >> reporter: but things turned darker after his first two at-bats. a-rod struck out the second time. pretty loud boos. not that many cheers.
4:17 am
as the game went on, with the yankees clinging to a two-run lead, rodriguez couldn't get his bat going. >> 3-2. strike three. >> reporter: the youngest player to reach the 600 home run mark on this night, he failed to get on base. striking out three times, as the boos got louder with each at-bat. until a-rod was removed from the game in the ninth inning. afterward, a-rod left yankee stadium without speaking to the media. but fans outside had plenty to say. >> the whole reason i came here tonight was to boo a-rod, all right? i got to do it. i'm happy. >> i don't like cheaters. it's just a tough call. i do kind of like him. >> so, a-rod went 0 for 4, striking out the three times. but the yankees sans a-rod, without, dan. they won that game. it ended well for yankee fans, like me. >> we know when ron has a late night. uses french. >> that's one of the symptoms. >> standup journalist.
4:18 am
forcing yourself to go to the game. >> forced myself to drink a beer. nonalcoholic beer. >> ron o'dool's claiborne. looking at the video from the colorado stuff. it's not often you see fire watches next to flood watches. but today, we will, in oregon and the state of washington. why? because they've got those burned areas, the scarred land. and you get a thunderstorm popping up behind the nation sty front. and it can drop a lot of water like we saw in colorado. something to look for in the pacific northwest. it's nicer in the northeast. let's look at a live shot of new york city. 72 early this morning. low 70s is where we start. we end up much less humid. it was nasty. i don't like to give my opinion on warmth in the summer. it was gross. the kind of thing you can't do your hair in. boston, 80 today. 83 is average for this time of
4:19 am
year. albany, you're going to have a nice day, too. a little below in some spots. and less humid. same deal on the east coast of the great lakes there. back here, a stationary front. and dallas, ten days of 100 or above. they may slip below that as we go into saturday. >> we're starting a new segment. it's quiz dan and bianna time. it's all about clouds. >> this is a classic alta
4:20 am
stratus. >> dan likes to put together his words. that's a shelf cloud, my friends. >> i was just using the french term that ron used earlier. no? >> we'll try next time. >> that didn't work? we're going to turn to a brewing controversy in texas. breast-feeding mothers in the state are gathering for a nurse-in this morning. they are protesting the treatment a local mother received at a rec center. she was ordered to cover up while nursing her daughter. it's bringing a controversial issue back into the spotlight. tai hernandez is here with the story. >> the mother was waiting for an older child in a dance class. she started to feed her 16-day-old baby in the meantime. what happened next sparked a lot of controversy. and it was all posted on youtube. this morning, a small town in texas is defending the rec
4:21 am
employee scene in this video, confronting lindsay eves. eves citing her right to breast-feed in public. >> it is a state law that i can nurse my child with or without a cover. >> reporter: she was approached by the same worker earlier that day. and asked her husband to record this confrontation. >> i'm going to ask you to quit talking to my wife. if you want to do something about it, call the cops. otherwise, leave me alone. >> reporter: the couple posted the video to youtube. it quickly went yirl. >> anything a woman does with her breast, generates a tremendous amount of controversy and emotion and heightened opinion from all sorts of people. >> reporter: august is national breast-feeding month, holding nurse-ins to protest public venues that ask mothers to cover
4:22 am
up. recently a woman made her challenge to kate middleton to get her royal orbs out to nurse in public. after the backlash, the rec center defends its actions in this statement. there's nothing in the law that prohibits the city from requiring a mother to cover up. the city did not attempt to prohibit breast-feeding. and we fully support the freedom of mothers to breast-feed, as long as it doesn't infringe on someone else's freedom. eaves defends her right to nurse in public. >> this is normal. >> reporter: she has four children under the age of 5. she considers herself a passionate breast-feeding advocate. and those who support her, coming to her defense. >> this day and age, assume there's going to be a camera rolling somewhere. >> thanks, tai. coming up here on "gma," usher on the stand. fighting his ex-wife for custody of their children, after one of their sons almost drowned in the pool. it got emotional on the stand, as you can see. coming up, what the judge
4:23 am
decided and the surprising moment between these two divorced and often fighting parents. and looking for the truth. she was found with her bullet in her head. but a father insists his daughter's death was no suicide. what he insists authorities do now. and coming up in a big "pop news" segment this morning, anchored by bianna golodryga. breaking news. details on the "hunger games" sequel. why everything in this movie may not be by the book. we'll see how fans react to that. keep it here. more "gma," coming up.
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you know, from a young age. i definitely want to major in political science. become the mayor or something. make the situation better for other people. my name is justin, and i am your dividend.
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just reacting as any father would, out of concern. >> there you see r&b superstar, usher, facing the emergency at an emergency custody hearing, after his son's frightening pool incident. his ex-wife attempting to gain custody. did her tears affect the judge? the emotion on full display in court with a surprise ending. usher and his ex-wife having a moment in front of the cameras. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. at the end of the day, those are relieved parents who has a son that's still alive after that accident. >> that's very divided in many ways. we'll tell you what the hug was all about coming up on the broadcast. i'm dan harris. this is saturday, august 10th. alongside bianna golodryga. we're going to start with a story of a father, a different father, on a mission to prove his daughter's death was not a
4:31 am
suicide, even though a coroner initially ruled it that way. >> she was found with a gunshot wound to the head at her ex-boyfriend's apartment. gio benitez is here with that story. >> reporter: the 22-year-old father says he's convinced the police botched the investigation. and he wants it reopened right away. the voice you hear on this 911 call is richie minton. >> it's my ex-girlfriend. i woke up and she's covered in blood. >> reporter: it was an emergency dispatcher in carbondale, ill. but minton found himself on the other end of the line. this is richie. my girlfriend just committed suicide. can you send an ambulance here? can you send a car over? >> reporter: he told dispatchers he thought she overdosed. when police arrived, they found the body of 22-year-old molly young, dead with a gunshot wound to the head.
4:32 am
minton and his roommate were questioned and released. >> they investigated to see if she committed suicide and she didn't. it's obvious republican for in january, a coroner's jury reviewed the cause of death, changing it to undetermined. now, young's father wants the case reopened. >> in my opinion, the evidence is there. i would hope that they go after that evidence. >> reporter: larry young says he now has police documents, just obtained through a freedom of information request, which he says suggest investigators either missed or ignored key evidence. when asked by abc news, police would not comment on those documents or the investigation. meantime, the state attorney tells abc news, the case is not closed. leaving a grieving father looking for answers. >> it disgusted me. that a young woman could lose her life like that and no one seemed to care. >> reporter: and while the state attorney tells abc news there's not enough evidence to prove
4:33 am
beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime was committed, he says if more evidence becomes available, he will consider it. >> this is a case to watch. gio, thank you. a lot of other news overnight. for that as always, we turn to mr. ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, ntsb investigators will be at the scene of a small plane crash in connecticut later today. as many as six people feared dead, after the plane crashed into two homes in east haven on friday. among the dead, the pilot, reportedly, a retired microsoft executive. and two children. in one of the homes. in california, police are trying to figure out if a body is that of a missing oakland woman. sandra coke. an investigator for the public defender's office, disappeared sunday. late friday night, police found a body in vacaville. he's being called a person of interest in this case. and the fbi may be closing in on a man wanted in a nationwide amber alert.
4:34 am
police say james lee dimaggio abducted a 16-year-old girl from san diego, killed her mother and younger brother and then burned their house down. dimaggio's car was found in idaho on friday, with no sign of him or the girl. finally, it's not the big powerball jackpot. but a north carolina man is counting himself lucky this morning. dan royal has won two lottery jackpots in less than two years. he won $5,000 a week for life on friday. and 18 months ago, $250,000 he won. he's going to retire. imagine that. time, now, for the weather. and over to ginger. >> i would also retire. good idea. we've been talking about flooding for over a week. and the pictures keep coming from all over. different places. yesterday, it was new york. and missouri before that. arkansas, kansas. but this is florida. that's sarasota. and the beach, just empty because, well, you couldn't do anything there. the sarasota beach, better today. along that stationary front, you
4:35 am
will see more showers and thunderstorms, some of them heavy at times. especially back in northern parts of arkansas and western tennessee, they will move. you can look at the highs. atlanta, 91. 93 in jackson. and 91 in new orleans. and in the southwest, it's dry. but also, heating it up. so, fire danger will likely kick up even more. riv riverside, 95. but 91 by monday. and around it, right back up as we start the workweek. phoenix at 105. but as we start monday and tuesday, up to 107. here's a look across the nation. for now, that's the big picture. >> this weather report has been brought to you by advil. it is time for this
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morning's kid forecaster. lexie silverman, who is 6 years old from highland park, chicago. >> my name is lexie. and i'm the "good morning america" forecaster. and today, it will be sunny. it will be maybe -- watch out for any poodles. back to you, ginger. >> poodles. and the hair like this. i have to steal some of your stuff. thank you, lexie. become our kid forecaster. >> you need a sidekick like that. cute dog. >> and the girl. >> either one of those, the ratings through the roof, guaranteed. thank you, ginger. coming up here on "gma," usher and his ex-wife squaring off in a bitter child custody battle in court. reunited over their son's terrifying pool incident. and at the end, this surprising hug. what was behind this? and coming up in pop, a
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it was a courtroom surprise yesterday. pop star usher, taking the stand in an emergency hearing.
4:41 am
fighting his ex-wife for custody of their two sons when one of them nearly drowned in usher's pool. >> abc's steve osunsami was in the courtroom. and steve joins us from atlanta live. steve? >> reporter: good morning, bianna. the singer's 5-year-old son is still hospitalized here. when he goes home, he will go home with his father, to the very house where he nearly died. >> i don't know if my son is going to have a brain defect. i don't know if his heart is operating correctly. i don't know that my son is going to be 100% the boy he was. >> reporter: at this emergency hearing, where tameka raymond hoped to win temporary custody of their two children with grammy award winner, usher raymond. >> he doesn't answer the phone. he doesn't answer e-mails. >> reporter: very frustrated. she broke down listening to the 911 calls from monday, when her 5-year-old son nearly drowned at the bottom of her ex-husband's pool.
4:42 am
her superstar former husband, who won custody of the kids last year, still wearing the wristband from his son's hospital. >> acting as any father would, out of concern. >> reporter: telling the judge, he and the people at the house did the best they could. >> when they got into the ambulance, he was hysterical. i did my best to calm him down. i saw that he was gasping for breath. so, i know that he probably took in a fair amount of water. >> reporter: usher raymond v had his hand caught in the pool drain when reaching for a toy. he was under eight feet of water. and his father has video of the entire incident. tameka raymond, questioned the ability of the aunt who was watching the children and testified friday. rena oden jumped in the pool but couldn't free the boy. >> she's a good person and a nice family member. a nanny? no. >> reporter: the judge disagreed, siding once again with the singer. >> most of the people in this
4:43 am
room have been considered for by a grandmother or an aunt. so, i'm denying, dismissing the motion. >> reporter: before he left court, he and his ex-wife embraced. somehow these two have to work together. >> mr. raymond, in the future, you would be well-advised to keep your former spouse informed about your whereabouts and who is taking care of the kids. >> reporter: in court, usher was asked a very important safety question, whether he ever looked inside and saw the bottom of that pool. he answered that he had people who took care of that. and he never noticed anything wrong. dan and bianna? >> steve, thanks to you. it was nice to see that embrace at the end. >> share two kids. no question about it. coming up on "gma," we're celebrating national forest day. if you have trouble getting the campfire started in your living room, don't worry.
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all right. it's time for "pop news." filling in, our ringer, bianna golodryga. we're going deep this morning. >> you ready, guys? >> bring it. >> all right. some big reveal for pixar fans at disney's d-23 expo this weekend. a first peek at a pixar original movie. "the good dinosaur" will be about a world where dinosaurs never went extinct. bill haider, to name a few. have a brand-new look at "toy story" coming out.
4:49 am
it's a tv special. will feature a road trip gone wrong for the "toy story" gang we know so well. walt disney is the parent company of abc news. >> dinosaurs and "toy story" come together. really scary. >> really scary. >> aliens and cowboys. anyways -- things are heating up for "catching fire." coldplay will be creating an original song for the film, titled "atlas." we know things won't be entirely by the book. for example, in the book, main character peta doesn't know how to swim. when josh hutchenton reprises the role, he'll have no trouble in the water. liam hemsworth is finally on twitter. but he will only use it for career updates. no shirtless selfies. >> come on, liam. >> i know.
4:50 am
>> that's what it's for. >> ron claiborne. >> up to that one. >> that's on instagram. now, take a look at this adorable baby elephant from tampa's lowery park zoo. he was born at the end of july. but he doesn't have a name. the zoo has turned to the public for health. launching an online poll for people to weigh in. when the poll closes, mom and baby elephant will do a special activity to pick between the contenders. all of the contenders are swahili and starts with an "m." he likes to drink. and mina means joyful. >> i think mina is better, than he likes to drink. >> you're sure about the translation, right? >> who knows what she just said. are you hungry, guys? >> yes. >> we're having an extra sweet celebration here at "gma" this morning.
4:51 am
august 10th, i didn't know this, marks national s'mores day. you don't need a campfire. they're having the breakfast lineup. >> that's a waffle he's eating. >> s'mores eggo waffles, s'mores pop-tarts and cereal. and our first taste of s'mores-flavored cereal. we have a tasty sample for today. the here from crumb's bake shop, magnolia bakery. sprinkles cupcakes. national s'mores day is on. >> this is an important holiday. second to national talk like a pirate day. we'll be back, on a serious sugar high. we'll be back, on a serious sugar high. keep it here. ay... roll that beautiful bean footage! [ jay ] bush's country style baked beans are slow cooked according to our secret family recipe
4:52 am
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look at that control room. having breakfast and loving it. the best part of the cupcake is at the bottom here. thank you for watching abc news. we're always online at on yahoo! watch "world news" with david muir. >> ron can't talk. he's eating.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> good saturday morning to you. i'm kira klapper in for katie marzullo. lisa argen is back. welcome back, lisa. >> hi, kira. nice to see you. we are looking from our roof camera where we have plenty of fog, mist and drizzle as you head out. do grab the jacket. it's chilly out. numbers in the mid-and upper 50s and particularly damp along the shoreline. inland we are looking at 57, at fairfield, as well as novato. 56 in santa rosa and napa is reading 57 right now. as you go throughout the afternoon, plenty of sunshine. we will call it mostly sunny with upper 60s to low 70s around the east bay. look for some clouds. in fact, plenty of clouds along the coast with low to


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