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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 11, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, august 11th. let's start with a first quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, carolyn. good morning, everyone. we are starting out with the gray skies. wipe he is are needed crossing the local ridges and temperatures are cooler. 57 in no -- novato, as well as concord. by 9:00 we have patches of low clouds near union city and hayward. but throughout the rest of the afternoon they will burn back to the coach and we have a mostly sunny sky today with low clouds
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and fog hanging back to oaths beach and half moon bay. we will take a look at the forecast coming up. >> thank you, lisa. in developing news this morning, in a few hours a judge will hear a request by governor jerry brown in his effort to avoid a bart strike. to keep trains running, the governor has asked for 60-day cooling-off period in contract negotiations. this as the union and management expressed frustration and and fatigue over the labor dispute. we have the latest from oakland. >> reporter: another full guy of negotiations and even with the chance after court-ordered cooling-off period, the pressure to hammer out a deal is still on. >> all along the process has been a lot more delayed than it should have been, but with this point with the political pressure we are hearing that the legislators are weighing in and urging the resolution. >> in an urge to keep the trains
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running, even it it a deal isn't reached this weekend. governor jerry brown called for a 60-day cooling-off period. there will be a hearing to determine if it isness. both sides agree on at least one thing now. >> we wanted to did it may and wanted to do it in july and we wanted to do it now so we are here to get a deal. >> for bart riders watching these talks, there are plenty of points of view. >> i just think they already get paid pretty good. >> i do want to avoid a strike because i want to ride bart but i understand they would want more money. i thought they had a strike already. >> they do not want a strike but in is agreement, the unions say even a court ordered cooling-off period will not remove their negotiating position at the table. even if the judge makes his decision later today, we will bring it to you on air and on
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line on and twitter at abc7 news bay area. join us at an earlier time tomorrow morning for updates on your back to work commute. abc7 news anchors, along with the traffic reporter will be on a half-hour earlier than usual at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow on the abc7 morning news. in developing news, two people are dead this morning following a car crash in san jose. it happened just after midnight in the area of one person was thrown out and died at the scene and three others were taken to the hospital in critical condition. they said everyone was between 17 and 19 years old. they believe speed was likely a factor in the collision and are also investigating whether alcohol may have played a role. today authorities hope to reunite a san diego father with
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his 16-year-old daughter who was kidnapped a week ago. hannah anderson was found safe in idaho yesterday after 40-year-old james dimaggio accused of murdering her mother and brother was killed by an fbi agent. abc news reporter chuck zest son has the details. >> a six-day manhunt stretching from san diego to idaho for a 40-year-old double murder suspect and the girl he allegedly abducted. 6-year-old hannah anderson, is over. the 16-year-old hannah anderson. >> during an arrest attempt at morehead lake in idaho, suspect james lee dimaggio, was shot and killed by an fbi tact tal agent. hannah was successfully rescued and appears to be in pretty good shape. >> this is a homicide suspect that was in a very rugged area and we had a 16-year-old girl we wanted to bring home safely.
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that's what we wanted. we wanted it to end safely and bring her home and that's what happened. >> 200 law enforcement office officers penetrated the terrain called the river of no return wilderness in idaho after a hiker spotted them there wednesday. three days after he allegedly killed hannah's 8-year-old brother ethan, and their home in san diego, and then burnt it to the ground. they believe dimaggio had an unusual infatuation with hannah. her father desperately wanted to have his daughter back. >> he is excited to have found her alive and he is anxious to reunite with his target. >> a reunion that will happen just days aft tragedy. new details about the plane crash in connecticut where four people were dead. among the dead were the plane's pilot, former microsoft
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executive henningsgaard and his son. two children were also hit when the plane crashed. the crash was invert when had it hit the ground about 2800 yards from the runway. they say the pay lot was in contact with air-traffic controllers and never declared an emergency before that crash. investigators are trying to determine what caughted a fire that engulfed part of a double decker tour bus in san francisco last night. the engine compartment aboard the bus suddenly exploded into flames. it happened around 6:00 near the waterfront on broadway street near front. the dozen or so tour efforts got out safely along with the passenger. many passengers had no idea the bus was on fire. the driver ordered everyone off. >> there was an explosion and another fire came from the back
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of the bus. it is the only thing we saw because we didn't realize exactly what was happening because we were on top of the bus. >> the fire department arrived quickly to douse those flames. a little girl is recovering at home this morning after a really strange accident. the horse that was pulling a buggy she was riding in got spooked and took off down the city street. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian has more on what happened. >> ten-year-old cecilia had the flight of her life. she was sitting on the back of this buggy as it was pulled by lady, the horse. lady's owner was steering the buggy. >> she took off like right anything. >> lady raced down east washington street going 20 americans toward oncoming traffic. at one point a metal sign was in her way, and she barreled through it, knocking her owner
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out forecast buggy. >> catapulted over the top of the buck board and landed on my arm and side. i still have her line in my hand. >> the buggy then ran him over. >> this leg has road rash all over that side and looked like the buck board wheels ran over my leg. >> then cecilia was all alone in the buggy. by now she was running down the middle of the street and that's when a total stranger stepped in to help. he blocked the road with his truck. lady went around it but the buggy fell over. >> if he had not been paying attention, it could have been worse. >> he said with the girl until her mother arrived. >> he sees a child in distress and like any father he's going to step out and do what he can do. >> lady's owner didn't plant to take his horse and buggy out on city streets again. in petaluma, abc7 news.
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authorities are not expected to release the identity of a body found in vacaville for a few days, but they do say the search for missing federal criminal investigator sandra coke is over. the 50-year-old oakland woman last seen a week ago with paroled sex offender and felon, who was arrested last tuesday on a parole violation. police are calling him a person of interest. the of ms. coke and the mandated about 20 years ago. the search for a missing woman was suspended after a body was found in sequoia national park. 65-year-old johnny dean daniel from san rafael was last seen a week ago today. they believed she was hiking in the saw tooth hill area. they found a body below that trail and they are waiting for positive i. d. >> firefighters are expecting to get a fire burning in riverside
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county fully contained by this evening. the silver fire is now 70% contained. it burned more than 19,000 acres and dried 26 homes and 22 other building. most of the evacuation orders have been lifted but a few hundred residents are still being told to stay away this morning. it has been a rough fire season in california, and the peak is still to come. fire officials say they have battled 4300 wildfires already this year. the average is usually around 3,000 for the entire year. more than 110 square miles has already burned this year, and that's closing in on 170 square miles. the tolling burned over the last five years combined. now, it has been a wild season there. meteorologist lisa argen here now to talk about our accuweather forecast. >> locally we've had plenty of low clouds and fog to keep fire danger at a minimum around the bay area. this morning we've got the
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clouds. here's a nice shot from our roof camera. mid-and upper 50s, but changes for some warmer weather in the forecast but how warm will it get in i will have the forecast when we return. >> thank you, lisa. also next, the fight to keep a dream season alive for a peninsula all-star team. how they fared in their do-or-die game with a trip to the little league world series on the line. and abc7 news sits down with the former head of the u.s. energy department. what he says about his new job in the bay area
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>> today state department officials will reopen several embassies and consulates. 18 of the 19 missions closed during last week's terror threat. they will now reopen. however, the embassy in yemen will remain closed. the embassies were shut down a week ago after an intercepted message between al-qaeda
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officials indicated a major terror attack. there's growing outrage all over the world about russia's anti-gay stance. thousands of demonstrators turn out yesterday across europe to protest the new laws. just speaking will homosexuality or wearing rainbow colors in public could lead to deportation, fines or jail. the olympic committee wants them to clarify how that may impact the winter olympics. edward snowden is not a patriot for revealing government spying programs. coming up on "this week" george stephanopoulos speaks with snowden's father about his son's asylum in russia and what it means for u.s.-russian relations. you can watch "this week" here on abc7 at 8:00. for many bay area students, back to school time is a little more than a week away, and to make sure some low income kids
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have what they need, a program in san francisco handed out several of backpacks yesterday. each was stuffed with school supplies, courtesy of local groups and businesses. the public defender's office started the program back in 2006 to help disadvantaged students. the world series dreams of the belmont redwood shores little leaguers ended last night with a loss in the western regional championship game in southern california. but there are plenty of fans wait to go welcome the all stores back home as heroes. those that were not able to make it to san bernardino gathered at the high school in belmont last night to often watch the game on our sister network espn. chula vista dominated the game, eliminating them 9-0 to advance to williams port. mikemike shumann will have the highlights coming up in sports. the competition is now down to the final two in the louis
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vouttin cup. italy beat the artemis yesterday. >> it's been lots of miles. lots of mixed emotions. pride, enjoyment and also obviously great sadness at the same time. today finishing the competition was another master and i think there were a few of us who knew andrew well who turned our thoughts to him at the same time. >> the luna rusa will sail in the finals against new zealand for the louis vouttin cup next saturday. the winner of that race goes on to challenge the oracle usa for the title. he is back at standard ford to teach and work on a number of research projects.
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our reporter sat down with doctor chu last week for an interview which coincided with a report by n. o. farmer secretary of energy dr. chu served on the obama administration for four years. now back in stanford he face as few challenge, leading young minds in the world of physics. >> young people have a natural curiosity and want to learn new things. i, too, want to do that. >> dr. chu was the first energy secretary with a science background. he knew who to tap for ideas and what projects to bring to the table. most of those ideas have been successful but one was not. solyndra was a growing company
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building solar panels. many, including those in the government, thought it will be a huge success and they received millions of dollars from the u.s. government. but they eventually filed for bankruptcy. it was a big lesson for chu. >> we have to watch as you go and disburse loans like a hawk going forward. >> he will continue to find ways to try to change public opinion on global warming, which he says will have huge financial implications. >> this cost a lot of money. it cost a lot of money in financial losses, it cost a lot -- it cost a lot in terms of permanent losses and suffering. >> he is also optimistic about the future of sustainable energy. he said the price of solar and battery-powered cars will be highly competitive in five to ten years. >> i'm looking at $10,000, $15,000, pays back in five years. you can be 80% off grid. >> but he said no one should wait that long to switch.
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>> you have a smartphone. when did you decide to buy a smartphone, even though you know two years from now the next generation is much better. >> in stanford, abc7 news. >> the perseid meteor shower is underway. they will streak across the skies from tonight through tuesday. tonight's event they said could look brighter than usual because of the new moon and they say the best time begins at 11:10 tonight. will the weather cooperate so we can see it, lisa? >> we are definitely going to have the green layer back but it won't be as quick or widespread as we've had in the weeks past. it has been a cool couple of weeks. changes are beginning today that i think you will actually feel. in fact yesterday we had a couple of low 80s inland, and that was forecasted with the low clouds and fog hanging back toward the coast. but even temporarily a little bit of clearing. today we are looking at that deck of low clouds just under
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2,000 feet. here's a look from our roof camera where temperatures are in the 50s. it's cool san francisco, but low 60s mountain view. good morning, san jose. 61 for you. 55 half moon bay. emeryville, plenty of clouds. in mist and drizzle. fairfield, the southwest winds still with you but not as gusty. we will look for that warm up through our inland valleys out toward the delta. livermore at 60 degrees. golden gate bridge, not much to see here. we are looking at low clouds, fog, a little bit of mist and drizzle. sunny and warmer today and the warming trend will take us through most of the upcoming work week. we will continue to look at this low cloud deck turn back through the 8:00, 9:00 hour, and as it does it will get hung up from half moon bay and ocean beach, so temperatures here once again very little change, from low to mid-60s, but notice the 70s and
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80s begin to move back into the north bay and more upper 80s in our inland east bay. that's all because this area of low pressure finally is pulling away, and as it does that shrinks or on show flow and the marine influence really begins to disappear day-to-day. we will be looking at temperatures trying to edge up to near normal. but despite our warming today, still a bit below normal. 77 san jose, 76 cupertino, afternoon sun and santa cruz coming in the upper 70s. more here from mountain view to redwood city. 77. 73 in san mateo. little change with partly cloudy skies downtown. mid-60s san francisco. in the north bay you notice more 80s here, calistoga 88. and 84 in cloverdale but motor of marin is upper 80. and right by the water it continues a bit cool.
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mid-70s for fremont and out over the hills we are come up anywhere from two to four degrees today with 83 in pleasanton, 87 in brentwood. a look ahead, probably a little bit more to your liking with temperatures coming up just a few degrees. so tomorrow le 60s coast to fear 90 inland, but more sunshine a little sooner tuesday and wednesday. this should be where we normally are for mid-august and then a little cooling come friday and saturday. so you might like it a little warmer. >> a lot of people are tired of grab, dreary, gray stuff we've had. this is a nice change. >> i agree. >> thank, lisa. up next, simply an act of nature, what so many people see they are saying
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yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan? ♪
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>> a tree is dripping some sort of liquid in front of a fresno church and some catholic believe it's the tears of god. take a look. on wednesday this tree started dropping something like water. a small burks growing group of believers, think their prayers brought on a miracle, but an arborist said not a miracle, it's actually a natural process from bugs. >> there's the honeydew, the treatment, and it gets so heavy in the summertime that it will drip down. >> human, inherently need to
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hope for things and things that they can't understand, things they can't see. well, the parishioners stand by their words that when you say "glory be to god" the tree throws out more water. the yellow-bellied male marmot was captured june. >> we are collecting money. people are coming in here and whenever they buy the marmot cocktail, we are setting aside portions of the profit to help with this cool wildlife relief here in our backyard. >> the color of the marmotini resembles that of anti-freeze. it believes he came underneath vehicles after being attracted to the sweet-smelling anti-freeze.
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up next, a community organization joins the effort to try to save san francisco's city college. why they say a potential closer would hit one group of students particularly hard. and the alarming new drug abuse. why so many people are abusing stimulants and why doctors say that is
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>> welcome back, everyone. we're starting this half-hour with a quick look city weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> right now we around looking at any changes. we are cloudy. temperatures in the 50s, near 60s. changes are ahead for the later part of the morning and early afternoon. 62 in mountain view, 61 in san jose. cloudy napa, 6-mile visibility half moon bay. we are looking at a nice afternoon with pleasant conditions in the east bay with highs in the upper 60s to near 70. mostly sunny skies. the coast still cloudy, low to mid-60s. sunshine in the north bay around point reyes and also stinson beach. otherwise here comes the changes with numbers in the mid-and upper 80s today. earlier clearing foreign land east bay. and in the days ahead we are talking about temperatures slowly coming up to near normal for this time of year. nothing too extreme. i'll have the numbers for you in a few moments. carolyn. >> look forward to that. thank you, lisa. in developing news, a superior court judge in
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san francisco will hold a hearing this morning to decide if a 60-day cooling-off period is ms. to avoid a bart strike. governor jerry brown called for the cooling-off period in an effort to keep trains running in a contract deal is not reached this weekend. while both sides of the bargaining table have expressed frustration and fatigue during negotiations yesterday, both say they are eager to get a deal in place this weekend. >> i don't think anybody wants to come back here. we aren't nuts. do you want to come back here in 55 days, 50 days? >> we meet at 1:00, ready to start bargaining again. >> well, today's hearing is set for 9:00 this morning. if a cooling-off period is put in place, it means bart workers will not be allowed to walk off the job. if a settlement is not reached after 60 days, then the unions would be allowed to move forward with their strike. now as soon as the judge makes his decision on the cooling-off period today, we will bring it
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to you on air and online on and twitter at abc7 news bay area. again, that hearing starts at 9:00 this morning. join us at an earlier time tomorrow morning for updates on your back to work commute. abc7 news morning news anchors and the traffic reporter will be on a half-hour earlier than usual. they will be on at 4:00 tomorrow morning on the abc7 morning news. during our recent abc7 meeting we found out about a group of community act vests who are stepping forward to advocate on behalf of city college. as you know, the story has been told. it's being stripped of its acredittation next summer. >> we are facing a civil rights crisis. >> strong words but with the 3,000 students at the school, black, asian and latino, the possibilities of the school losing its acredittation and
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closing would have serious consequences. >> i would say, you know, without exaggeration, city college has been my -- the foundation of my success. >> david nguyen has finished his courses and is headed to san francisco state. but he, like others, are worried for the future of city college. not only has it put scores of students on their educational path, the director of the nonprofit chinese for affirmative action explains it goes way beyond. >> but you also have thousands and thousands of immigrant families who depend on city college for the first leg into american society. merely -- primarily by learning english. >> last month there was an announcement the school's accreditation will be terminated next summer but officials are fighting it and putting in for a
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review. it could take months, but in the meantime students are registers for class that is begin next week. so far there's a drop of 13% in enrollment. they worry the decline could further destabilize the school. now the chinese for affirmative action is joining the supporters in launching a campaign to save the college. the president of the board of trustees believe the actions could help. >> i don't know if "pressure" is the right word. they don't see themselves as being pressured, but i think people can be influenced by what the community thinks. >> again, we learned about that heightened concern at an abc7 listens meeting. if your group would like to team up with abc7 to host our next meeting, go to our community page at and click on abc7 listen meetings. they are suing claiming it
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violated an agreement tore educating hearing impaired students. they said two classrooms at camp middle school were built 44 years ago, specifically to educate children with hearing problems. now the district says the rooms are no longer serving that purpose and are being used instead by the county for much older students with severe emotional and developmental problems. the district is asking that it be the exclusive owner of the classrooms, and says the county has forfeited the right to occupy that space. there's an alarming rise in the number of people taking stimulant drugs. according to a government study, abuse is skyrocketing among college students, even housewives, not because they have medical conditions, but because, like some athletes, they want to improve their performance. here's abc chief health and medical editor dr. richard besser. >> emergency doctors are seeing more and more patients who are seeing themselves sick with
5:36 am
stimulants like addoral. the stimulant drugs make some people easier to focus. but 900 percent rise this week's study is talking about from 5600 to 2005 to 23,000 in 2011 are young adults between 18 and 34. students, professional, even moms. they don't take the drugs because they need to, they take them because they want to. >> students, teachers, lawyers, everybody may be using them, especially if they have a project that needs to be done and they need to have some kind of way of staying awake. >> young moms like betsy, who took her own child's adhd meds to be able to do it all. >> i was able to get all the stuff done around the house, i was able to cook the dinner and have everything perfect. >> she ended up having to shake an addiction. >> jodi, a nurse, took ten pills one day and went to the er. >> i knew i was probably having a heart attack on addorall.
5:37 am
>> they come in with high heart rates, blood pressure and even seizures. >> people can have problems with their heart and even seizures. >> from moms trying to copy and college kids taking them as a study drug who thinks they are somehow safe, a warning. >> when used inappropriately they can become very toxic and very serious. >> dr. richard besser. tomorrow crews in sonoma county will get to work fixes tsunami warning sirens. last week they found out many did not work. they are supposed to provide tsunami warnings roughly along 30 miles of coastline. they say the repair work should be finished by early september and until then extra police and volunteers will work to aler the public if there is a disaster. text warnings and e-mails and others warnings would also be used in case of an emergency. a place considered a
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landmark will be closing its doors for good next weekend. the grand prix park is closing. they first opened in 1979 and is home to the largest single racer track in the bay area. but the general manager says the entertainment enter simply has not been making money. coming up, odds are you sometimes misplace your keys, maybe your smartphone. we will show you the little plastic square that could save you bundles of time. and here's a live look from our exploratorium cam showing you par of the waterfront, the bay bridge there in the background. temperatures this week getting a little closer to normal. warming up. our meteorologist lisa argen will have your forecast in just a few minutes.
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>> when is the last time you couldn't find your car keys in maybe you misplaced your purse. it's one of the everyday problems that two local engineers are bent on solve once and for all. johnathan bloom talks to the founders of a company called "tile." >> nick evans and mike farly know the problem all too well. >> everyone who has driven a cashes which is basically every dull, knows what it's like to lose their keys. >> now they have a solution. the little white square just over an inch across is called tile. it's a wireless hoping beacon for just about anything. >> keys and purses are most common. bags, suitcases, musical instruments, things of high value and that you lose often.
5:42 am
>> they lose a new low energy form of bluetooth to connect to your smartphone. your phone will tell you when you are getting warmer and when you are there you can make it ring. the whole point was making it simple. >> when you are already frustrated looking for your keys, you have zero patience. tile was a cool idea but then the internet got a hold of it. what found out as a fundraising campaign exploded into a multimillion-dollar business. >> we raised $2.7 million. our goal was to raise $20,000. >> now they are race to go get from these prototypes made on a 3d printer to manufacturing over 50,000 tiles. they will ship this winter but that will be the beginning. you have to replace tiles once a year. the battery is sealed inside. they wanted to make it waterproof and idiotproof. >> you add the tile to your app, and you forget about it.
5:43 am
if it isn't there when you want it, it won't find it. >> if lots of people buy them, that's where you are see the real power. if you report yours stolen, every other user phone will be on the lookout for it. >> just like looking up a restaurant in your map application, kau en see exactly where your tile is. >> in burlingame, johnathan bloom, abc7 news. >> how often do you lose your keys? >> you got your name on that one. >> yeah. >> i'm guessing, as well. good morning, everyone. we are looking at mist and drizzle once again but it's confined right here. golden gate bridge, nobody is there. upper 50s right now. sunshine for most all of you today. that marine layer will be shrinking in the days ahead. st details next. >> also next, the a's try to stay atop the a.l. west with josh reddick continuing to stay hot with two more home runs this toronto. mike shumann has the highlights coming up in sports.
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>> welcome back." it's 5:46 on this sunday morning. thanks for waking up so early to join us for the abc7 sunday morning news. here's a live look from our san mateo bridge camera, showing you the span. a little cloudy there. you would not believe it, but it's going to be sunny later today with lows in the -- well, the low 70s today will be actually the high. lisa argen will be along. she will sort it all out for you of these the expert coming up shortly. for now let's check out sports. the little league world series will start thursday in williamsport, pennsylvania without a bay area team. the belmont redwood shores all-stars failed -- fell to chula vista last night, ending an amazing run. we are proud of you are guys.
5:47 am
here's the highlights in this morning areas sports >> the belmont redwood as little league team run to the world series came to an abrupt ending last night as they were hammered 9-0 in the game. bottom to the first. nick with an rbi triple down the line. 1-0, chula vista. now 5-0. jake goes up the middle. mike coming around from second. falls down but a play at the plate. he will sneak by the catcher. he went the distance, allowing just two hits. shawn lee ground it back to the pitcher to of the final out. chula vista moving on with the 9-0 victory. a great run for our local heroes. they will be proud of their season once the sting wears off. major league baseball. only three batters to give up the home run. two-run shot. 4 runs in 6 innings.
5:48 am
a's tie in the second. josh reddick loves the canadian air. two-run shot. game tied at two. to the seventh, 4-3, a's. see ya. that was one of his two rbi on the day. 5-3 toronto. top of 9, guess who. reddick again, five home runs come into the searis, five in the last two games, are you kidding me in two out two on or cespedes. he gets hem swinging to end the game. a's fall a game back it texas in the more than league west. giants hosting the orioles. all three giant runs came in the sixth inning. runter pence two on the bases-loaded double. 3-1, g-men. the solo shot to the center, 466 feet. but guess what, the giants hang on to win, 3-2, the final. tiger woods chance to win a major in 2013 is over as he blew
5:49 am
up yesterday this round three at the 95th pagan championship. he has not won a major since 2008. let's move on. after two days of rain, picture perfect day at the oakdale country club. landon got a free drop. watch this. he birdies the hole. he's 6-under par. adam scott started the day in second place but trouble on 16. his shot doesn't go more than 30 feet. double bogey. second round leader, jason dufner. birdie here. he's at second at 8-under. everyone chasing jim furyk. great birdie on 7 and watch the par putt on 18. you have to make those to win maining. furyk is our leading at 9-under, dufner in second, and a couple swedes behind him and scott rounding off the top five. we will have the final round for you at 5:00. i'm mike shumann, have a great day. don't want to complain about the weather, weather happens,
5:50 am
happens, but it's nice that we are going to get a little bit more this coming week. >> i agree. the marine layer already smaller or it has shrunk over yesterday. slightly warmer temperatures. live doppler 7hd on top of mount st. helena showing things are dry. we will stay that way for the next several derek in fact into next weekend. but we will look for the warming trend to halt sometime during the upcoming week. here's a look at our roof camera. it's 55 degrees. no airport delays as of yesterday. san francisco, 62 mountain view. 61 san jose. your numbers will be coming up this afternoon. and half moon bay, it looks like you may have a few peaks of sunned to. emeryville pretty gray. and mid-50s santa rosa, novato at 55. and concord 57 and livermore at 60. mt. tam up above the fog where
5:51 am
we have the clear conditions, a little drizzle below, especially along the golden gate bridge so you may need your wipers again, but it's confined to the coast. sunny and warmer today, anywhere from two to four degrees of warm. we will take the slow, slow warming trend right through the middle of the week. but then by next weekend, looks like we will cool off again. so area of low pressure that has kept us cooler than afternoon all week long begins to head out of town to the north of us. so taking thunderstorm chances to the north. we will dry out for the entire state and everyone will warm up as this area of high pressure builds westward. so that will bring us the sunshine, a little bit sooner. oakland today, about 70 degrees. you will notice by tomorrow we are in the mid-70s. temperatures continue to climb through wednesday. just a little bit of a drop off thursday, friday and saturday. we are look at highs today across the state. a few degrees warmer, as well. upper 80s sacramento, 90 chico.
5:52 am
cool in tahoe. 78, mostly sunny and 98 fresno. hot in palm springs, 105 there. temperatures in the city, little change here. partly cloudy this afternoon, 66. 73 san mateo with upper 70s santa cruz. looking at mid-to upper 70s for much of the north bay. clear lake, high of 90 there. 84 livermore. your numbers come up a few degrees. 85 in morgan hill. if you are headed to outside lands, it will be cloudy for the early part of the day, then in the low 60s. we will get some sun by 3:00 in the afternoon and 6:00 the breeze picks up, dropping into the upper 50s. if you are head today at&t park, most le sunny day. as you get there about 12:00, 1:00, it will be the low 60s. the look ahead showing that the temperatures will climb to near 90 tomorrow inland. upper 70s to near 80 by tuesday, even some sun at our coast. stays pretty nice right through the end of week and then we drop
5:53 am
off. it should be just minor cool down by next weekend >> i like it. >> me, too. >> thanks, lisa. up next, a big anniversary for alcatraz. we will tell you how some former guards plan to commemorate the day.
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> here are the winning numbers from last neat he's power ball draw: no one got all six
5:56 am
numbers. wednesday night's jackpot is estimated at $50 million. >> happening today, san francisco will commemorate the 9th anniversary of the opening of alcatraz. six men who served as guards on the island will attended to's celebrations. there will be special presentations and postal service employees will issue special commemorative post cards and stamps in the island's gift shops. today's festivities start at 9:30. come up next on the sunday morning news at sick, we continue to follow developing news in the bart strike threat. negotiations ended late before a possible cool-down ordered to. and the manhunt for a murder and kidnapping suspect that started in california finally ends. when authorities hope to reunite a kidnapped girl with her father.
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>> good morning, everyone. carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, august 11th. let's start with a first quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, carolyn. we do have the fog this morning. it is a bit denser but it will burn off quicker around the east
6:00 am
bay. visibility this morning, two and a half miles santa rosa, three miles half moon bay. you will need your wipers if you are headed over the golden gate bridge, but then later on this afternoon temperatures coming up anywhere from two to four degrees in most neighborhoods. bay side will look for upper 60s to low 70s underneath a mostly sunny sky. partial afternoon clearing at the coast. that's a bit of a switch but numbers still cool there. mid-60s on the high end around stinson beach, inland will see high temperatures in the mid-up ander 80s with the morning fog. we are just beginning a modest warming trend. a look at how warm we will get for the week ahead in a few mommy. carolyn. >> thanks, lisa. in developing news this morning, in a few hours a judge will hear a request by governor jerry brown in his effort to avoid a bart strike. to keep trains running, the governor has asked for 60-day cooling-off period in contract negotiations.


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