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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  August 12, 2013 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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>> the amber alert was on the television. i told my wife that is the girl we seen on the mountain. >> this morning on "world news now," a chance encounter and a sharp eye lead to a dramatic end to a nationwide hunt for a teenage girl and the man who kidnapped her. also this morning -- >> i would spend whatever it took. why not? what difference does it make. if you do it you have to do it right. >> donald trump testing the waters of a presidential run. what he thinks of a hillary clinton candidacy and how much he is willing to spend to win. >> the mystery of mona lisa how science will uncover clues about the woman who inspired one of most historic iconic paintings of all time. it's monday, august 12th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez.
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>> i would like to know who the mona lisa is. >> first time i saw the mona lisa -- >> i know what you're thinking. >> -- i was disappointed. >> this big. >> this big, people. might be a little smaller. you can't take any pictures of her. they're look hawks watching you. you go around in a little circle. see her. the size of an 8 x 11. that's it. >> imagine a giant portrait on the wall. you are like, huh? >> i could barely. you know what else i was like that with, liberty bell in pennsylvania. >> underwhelming. >> underbheming -- >> i went to independence hall, i got choked up. i thought about george washington and all these people and i got choked up. >> did you really? >> is that nerd i or what? >> it happened at valley forge park. you see the huts where they fought. >> you're right. >> actually my daughter, saw the liberty bell. cool, right? >> she was like, yeah. yeah.
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>> in 20 years, she'll get choked up. >> take her to the mona lisa. >> there you go. should we get to it. >> serious stuff. teenage kidnap victim, hannah anderson and her father being reunited in idaho after the ordeal that is finally over. >> we are hearing for the first team from hero horseback riders who helped end the multistate search. the teenager is safe thanks to four alert horseback riders in idaho. wednesday they crossed paths with anderson and her abductor, 40-year-old james dimaggio. >> she kind of had a scared look on her face when i first come up the trail. when i turned and talked to him a little bit. i just, had a gut feeling about him. >> reporter: that something was very wrong, suspicion confirmed by a tv news alert one day later. >> and the news flashed on. the amber alert was on the television i've told my wife, i said that is that girl we seen on the mountain. >> reporter: they called police. a posse of 200 law enforcement officers jumped into action.
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a plane spotted the fugitive and his kidnap victim. an fbi rescue hostage team dropped from a blackhawk helicopter and hiked two hours closing in on the suspect. the fbi will not say what happened next except dimaggio was given every chance to surrender before he was shot. hannah was safely rescued thanks to a group of outdoor enthusiast who sensed she might be in danger. >> for us to be there at the precise time to interact with him is one chance in a trillion. >> incredible story. >> incredible story. >> lot of red flags actually when the horseback riders were finally talking to police. they said things were adding up. wearing pajama bottoms. >> he had a day pack. not a real pack. >> he said might have been an outdoorsman in california he was not an outdoorsman in idaho. especially in this terrain. people go in. hike and camp for days.
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>> absolutely. >> to see these two people who didn't have hiking boots on. pajama bottoms on. he was barely wearing hiking gear. they knew right away there was something amiss. >> i hike. there's a culture of hiking. you see somebody on a trail middle of nowhere, you go, hey, how are you exchange a quick like pleasantry. they were looking down. just got a strange feeling. >> strange. one of the horseback riders' wives wanted to go back and talk to hannah. she thought something was a little amiss. the male horseback rider said don't go near them. something was off. they could tell something was different. >> it worked out. they're awesome. >> thanks to them. moving on to this. police say a 2-year-old boy kidnapped from his home has been found in good health. little isaiah perez was found wandering around a housing project in providence. the search for the child began after the body of his mother and another person were found inside the home. two men have been arrested for murder. and kidnapping.
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father suffering from depression killed his 9-year-old son and himself at a new hampshire ywca office. the tragedy happened when the man was having a supervised visit with the boy. the father sent an e-mail before the visit suggesting that he was suicidal. now to colorado efforts to find a woman missing since a fast moving mudslide friday are going to resume at day break. the mudslide killed one other person and destroyed six houses. it damaged more than 30 others. a 70-year-old man found himself stuck in his car amid a torrent of rain and debris. luckily though the man who saved him knew what he was doing. >> he was in shock. being a medic. i know that you talk them down. we are together. you are not going to get out of my car until it is time. i am going to take care of you. >> wow. two people were reported missing after the mudslide. they've been located. the whole thing happened in an area that was burned in a wildfire last year. >> scare at new york's jfk airport. two workers were sickened. turned out to be much adieu about nothing. they fell ill being overcome by
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fumes from a package. that they were inspecting. several tests indicated presence of a highly lethal nerve gas. substance later found to be nail polish remover. two buildings were closed during the scare. airport operations were not. affected. now to israel where prime minister benjamin netanyahu recovering after hernia surgery. netanyahu felt pain saturday. his doctors diagnosed him ordered an immediate surgery. put under general anesthesia a few hours during which time israel's defense chief was appointed acting prime minister. >> tension mounting in egypt as security forces threaten to crack down on supporters of ousted president morsi at one of the camps in cairo. tens of thousands of people chanted in support of morsi, waving flags and holding posters. vendors, camps sold gas masks, goggles and gloves to protesters who are ready for police tear gas. >> something a little different. taxi passengers in norway had candid camera moment when they realized it was the country's leader behind the wheel.
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the prime minister says the point was to find out what people really think and if there is one place where people say what they're really thinking it's in a taxi. >> unless they know who you are. got to be disguised. groucho marx glasses. or something. come on. he looked like himself. >> next presidential election three years away. supporters of hillary clinton aren't wasting any time trying to lay the ground work. for the next run at the white house. gathered in iowa for madam president. forum. kicking off a national effort to elect a woman president in 2016. donald trump in iowa over the weekend hinting that he may throw his hat in the ring. trump is worth $10 billion and willing to spend whatever it takes should he decide to run. this time he talked to jonathan karl abut a possible face-off with the former first lady. >> you know hillary clinton. >> i do. >> how tough is she going to be to beat if she's the democratic nominee? >> she will be very tough. i know her very well. she will be formidable. no question about it. like i said in front of a large
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crowd of people in iowa. you better get your act together republicans, because it's going to be tough to beat hillary. >> if you were to run for president how much would you be willing to spend on the campaign? >> if i made a decision. i would spend a lot. >> mitt romney was $100 million. >> mitt was worth $200 million. difference between $10 billion and $200 million. i watched him. he was conservative about spending his money. it surprised me a little bit. >> modern presidential campaign can be half a billion. >> or more. i would be willing to spend that. if i did it i would spend whatever it took. why not. what difference does it make. if you do it, you have to do it right. >> jonathan karl, abc news, des moines. >> vice president joe biden heading to iowa too. biden scheduled to deliver a speech next month at the biggest democratic events of the year. senator tom harkins steak fry fundrais fundraiser. biden attended in 2007 with then presidential contenders, barack obama and hillary clinton. so far he has not ruled out a 2016 run.
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>> hanging out with grandma may be key to a sound mind. researchers at boston college say spending time with the grandparents is good for your mental health. when adults and grandparents have a strong emotional relationship. both have decreased symptoms of depression. strong relationships outside of the nuclear family were vital to staying mentally healthy. interesting. >> president obama is full vacation mode, week long visit to martha's vineyard. >> for president obama, vacation means golf. reporters allowed a rare shot of the president on the course. maybe the first duffer was feeling pressure. three putted the first hole. no word on the president's score. group took his time. he was on the course for five hours. was he wearing shorts. he was wearing shorts. surprised by that. >> people have a hard time at golf period. when you add cameras, or just one pool camera. >> positively.
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>> it's tough. >> recent jfk videos, of his swing. i think he has the best swing of any president i have ever seen. probably knew nobody would see the videos for a long. >> obama can shoot hoops. apparently, he can play. did you see that, whatever it was, missed foul shots in a row. >> because of the cameras. >> exactly. he's better than that. i've seen him play. he looks all right. one guy who played a better round than the president yesterday, jason dufner. >> shot a final round. at the pga championship. all the along the way. he was his usual understated self. showing very lilley motion. even as he was crowned champion, he won his first major championship by two strokes. that was enough to bring home, more than $1.4 million. >> wow. >> dufner's win making up for an epic collapse at the pga championship championship two years ago. he blew a four-stroke lead with four holes to play. he made good. good for him. >> coming up. broken trust. what he investigators say a
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cancer doctor did to healthy patients. >> you know her face. but her identity has been a mystery for hundreds of years. scientists want to try to find out who the mona lisa really was. you're watching "world news now." ♪ well mona lisa >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by downey. downey.
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a doctor is in prison in a doctor is in prison in michigan this morning awaiting trial for scamming the government out of millions of dollar in medicare payments. >> patients and family members accusing the oncologist of forcing chemotherapy on healthy patients. abc's linzie janis has the story. >> reporter: the doctor is behind bars charge with the unthinkable, mistreating cancer patients to bilk medicare for tens of millions of dollars. federal prosecutors argued the 48-year-old oncologist gave unnecessary chemotherapy to patients in remission and fabricated diagnoses to do expensive tests. relatives of alleged victims are speaking out. jeff burr says when his father didn't respond to chemotherapy, the doctor refused to stop administering the drug. >> they were giving my father transfusions in the parking garage area. what kind of a practice is that?
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>> reporter: his attorney says his client is innocent. >> the government has not retained an expert to give an opinion there was mistreatment, misdiagnosis or unnecessary test given to any patient. >> reporter: others suspected something was wrong back in 2010. >> things were being administered and abused incorrectly. >> reporter: the cancer nurse first complained to investigators after observing employ's at dr. fata's clinic. >> to know that a doctor could have potentially brought your death on sooner is sickening. >> a year later, michigan's licensing board could not prove any violation and closed the file. >> reporter: if convicted, the doctor faces up to 20 years in prison. federal prosecutors are still building their case against him as more patients' relatives come forward. linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> up next -- >> a mystery, for half a millennium. it may soon be solved. >> 21st century technology may be the key to unlocking the
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secret to who this woman was that inspired davinci back in the 16th century. >> ahead in the next half-hour. the new technology that is literally tagging suspected criminals and even stolen properties making it a lot easier to find. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> 500-year-old mystery surrounding one of the most famous paintings may be getting close to being solved. scientists think that the identity of the model for davinci's masterpiece could be revealed through dna testing. we have more from london. >> she appears larger. >> reporter: the clue to unlocking one of art's biggest secrets is so ground breaking you might expect to find tom hanks on the scene. from the da vinci code. instead, it is a real-life team of researchers on the edge of finally answering just who is that woman with the cryptic smile in davinci's masterpiece, the mona lisa. for centuries, historians and art lovers have pondered the possibilities, they have kidded possibilities, a lover, a muse, or davinci dressed as a woman.
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italians have speculated the lisa from mona lisa is believed to have posed for da vinci. no one has been able to prove it. the answer may lie in the ancient crypt in florence. >> translator: we have historical certainty that in the tomb there are lisa's descendants. >> they opened the crypt for the first time in over 300 years and climbed inside the dead tomb where they will take dna samples from the remains of her relatives. >> translator: we were very lucky i'd say. there was a good amount of bone remains. her remains are finally confirmed if -- they could use x-rays and digital facial reconstruction technology similar to a crime scene to figure out what she looked like. >> translator: if everything goes as it should, we will reconstruct lisa's face from her skull. >> reporter: then the real test to see if the face is anything like the mona lisa we know.
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researchers and technology has their critics. all this testing will take some time. for now the age old mystery remains a mystery. abc news, london. >> i'm sorry, science is amazing. crazy stuff. i don't see how they'll look at a skull in a crypt and reconstruct her face and whether or not she looked like the mona lisa. >> here's my thing. especially when you're saying this might be the mona lisa. now it's reconstructed. >> you know what you are trying to go for. >> you will end up with something similar. plus -- isn't there rumors, that mona lisa was a compilation of many women. >> conspiracy theories. >> we don't know who she was. where she came from. oh, look at that. wow. now that is a mona lisa to admire. >> i painted that. >> yes, he did during the commercial break. >> nicely done. you would think it will make it
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in the louvre. >> maybe. really good job. [ laugher ] >> maybe. really good job. [ laugher ]
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all right. "the mix" time, everybody. it is summertime. when i was younger, i spent summers, make money. mow lawns. do a lot of things. fine, a boy in texas spent his summer mowing lawns and making money like a million other all-american boys. take a look at him. 11-year-old dillon ortman. wasn't doing it to make money for himself. he was actually raising money for victims of moore, oklahoma, the tornado. 2 dozen people died in may. anyway, he's mowed nearly the 0 lawns in two months. he raised $16,000. >> i want to live where he is living. for the people of moore, oklahoma. >> i would think he got donations in addition to whatever he charged. we don't know what he charged. he couldn't stop his work.
3:26 am
his dad would sometimes say, hey, dillon. he said i worked in 104 degrees. and my dad says you are going to work to the bone, dillon. it was important to him. he made $16,000. mowing lawns. he is going to donate. to those folks. >> what a good kid. i love that. >> check this out. a minor craze. it's swept across malaysia. this happened back in july. it's when despicable me came out. you saw it with alexa. >> i saw despicable one. >> despicable two. people going krauz i crazy over this movie in malaysia. and this was posted today. it has 25,000 hits already. this is the line outside of mcdonald's with the happy meal is giving away despicable me two little characters. people went crazy. they were online to get these little toys. i remember a craze similar. back in the '90s when they had the disney princesses at mcdonald's. it was never that crazy. look at that. at least, 200, 300 people on the line.
3:27 am
i guarantee there aren't that many toys. >> can i give you a nerdy confession? >> there was a hardee's, remember hardees by my house. they had glasses, bugs bunny, porky pig an the warner brother characters. i wanted to collect all of them. go there and eat and collect my big glass. >> last story. 25-year-old guy behind bars, undercover cop on the train, he was wanted for all kinds of things, warrants out for his arrest. the cop did his research. arrested him, now in jail. >> bragging in other word. >> a town in west virginia. no electronics allowed. not because they're uptight but there's a big radio telescope there. it is against the law, to basically have anything modern like computers, wi-fi. anything like that. strangely a lot of people have moved to the town because they don't like the radio waves. they've moved there. [ siren ] "world news now" has a similar rule. i didn't know that.
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>> diana? what's the punishm
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this morning on "world news now" -- they're calling it a one chance in a trillion. how experience and intuition helped spark the rescue of a teenage girl kidnapped by the man accused of killing her brother and her mother. >> plus the father of whistle blower edward snowden sits down with abc news as he prepares to visit his son in russia. >> also this morning, x marks the spot. the invisible liquid literally tagging criminals make sure the bad guy doesn't get away. >> and an emotional tribute during the teen choice awards, "glee" star lea michelle dedicating her award to her late boyfriend cory monteith. it is monday, august 12th. >> announcer: from abc new, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. good monday morning. we are going to begin this
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half-hour with the reunion between kidnap victim hannah anderson and her father. >> the teenager was rescued over the weekend in idaho. after police got a tip. abc's ryan owens has the latest details from boise. >> hannah is coming home -- >> reporter: hannah anderson is safe and being reunited with her father. in no small part thanks to the horseback riders. >> she did appear frightened. i thought it was fear of the horses. >> reporter: around noon wednesday they spotted the 16-year-old and accused kidnapper, family friend, james dimaggio. thursday night one of the riders a retired sheriff's deputy reported that sighting to authorities. >> the amber alert was on the television. i told my wife, i said that is that girl we seen on the mountain. >> reporter: hundreds of federal agents descended on the rugged idaho back woods. at 8:00 friday morning they found dimaggio's car hidden under brush. saturday afternoon, a plane spotted what looked like a campsite. to surprise dimaggio members of
3:32 am
the fbi hostage rescue team dropped from a helicopter and hiked 2 1/2 hours through treacherous terrain. the fbi will not detail what happened next except to say dimaggio was given every chance to surrender before he was shot, 5:22 saturday evening. authorities say not only did he kidnap hannah whose friend say he had a crush on but he killed her mother and 8-year-old brother. their bodies found in his burning home in san diego county, california. there are striking similarities between the life and death of james dimaggio and his father of the same name. listen to this. the "san diego union" tribune reported back in 1989, dimaggio sr., was arrested for breaking into a home and holding a 16-year-old girl at gunpoint. police say dimaggio handcuffed her boy friend to a bed post, but the girl, same age as hannah escaped through a bathroom window. family friends say dimaggio's dad committed suicide on august
3:33 am
10 all those years ago the exact same day his son was killed by the fbi. >> there is definitely something that snapped. the only thing that makes sense is the correlation between the dates with the date of his father's suicide. >> reporter: we do believe hannah is now with her father and she is unharmed at least physically. the family is keeping details of their reunion private after the week this young woman has had who can blame them. ryan owens, abc news, boise, idaho. >> given the circumstances this is a wonderful ending to the story. considering the mother and her brother and an entire family shattered. >> yes, the strange family connection he has with his dad who did something sort of similar. it's just one of the craziest stories. they say he went to a bad place to sort of hide out. not only are the hikers and those people who are on horseback who saw him, but intersects by the trail. so, you might be out in the wilderness, but a lot of people
3:34 am
out there with you as well. >> what he was counting on was this vast space he was in, 2.3 million acres. he was expecting to go unnoticed. the horseback riders saw him. not only able to at that moment say there was something wrong. because they, they noticed immediately, they were looking away, shuffling their feet. she was wearing pajama bottoms. he wasn't properly dressed. to go hiking. and they remembered them and went back home they knew immediately that was the girl authorities were looking for. >> job well done for the folks. >> absolutely. thankfully she's home. >> you bet. >> 2-year-old rhode island boy found wandering around miles from his home hours after his mother and another woman were found murdered. isaiah perez subject of an amber alert before he was found apparently unharmed. two men expected to be charged with murder and kidnapping as early as today. >> two connecticut homes damaged in a deadly plane crash are expected to be demolished this week. 1-year-old madison mitchell and her 13-year-old sister sade, were killed and the pilot and his son when the propeller plane
3:35 am
hit their east haven home. family members salvaged mementos and other belongings from the homes yesterday as mourners extended a make shift memorial. >> the father of nsa leaker, edward snowden speaking out for the first time since his son gave up surveillance programs. in an exclusive interview with abc's george stephanopoulos yesterday, lon snowden wants his son edward to come home but is unsure edward could get a fair trial in the u.s. courts because he said politicians have poisoned the well of perspective -- prospective jurors. >> where my son chooses to live the rest of his life is going to be his decision. what i would like at some point in time for him to be able to come back to the u.s. whether he will live the rest of his life here or not. face this. and i believe the truth will shine through. >> snowden and attorneys have secured visas to travel to russia to meet with edward snowden. they didn't say exactly when for security reasons. neither has spoken directly to
3:36 am
edward snowden since he fled the u.s. >> it is back to business this morning for many of the two dozen u.s. embassies and consulates shuttered by tear -- terror alert last week. mostly across the middle east. but the doors to the embassy remain locked in yemen where the threat originated. more from abc's mohamed lila in cairo. >> reporter: several embassies that were closed a week ago have reopened and the massive sprawling american embassy in cairo which sits heavily fortified in the heart of the city. within the next few days 18 of 19 embassies and consulates will be fully operational. the one holdout, of course, is in yemen where the threat alert remains high. just in the last two weeks alone there have been nine u.s. drone strikes there killing a suspected 38 militants. proof the american government is taking this threat very seriously. these reopenings come on the heels of president obama announcing that while al qaeda's core remains defeated its affiliate networks and groups are effective enough to threaten the united states. mohamed lila, abc news, cairo.
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>> israel released the names of 26 palestinian prisoners it plans to free tomorrow ahead of peace talks. israeli leaders announce plans to build more than 1,000 homes in the west bank. israelis and palestinians are to launch talks wednesday in jerusalem following a round two weeks ago in washington. >> scare at jfk airport, two workers sickened. it turned out to be much adieu about nothing. they fell ill after being overcome by fumes from the package they were inspecting. several tests indicated presence of a highly lethal nerve gas, the substance later found was ordinary nail polish remover. two buildings closed during the scare. airport operations were never affected. >> popular nightclub and tv singer eydie gorme has died. she was best known as part of a singing duo with steve lawrence her husband of 55 years. gorme's biggest solo was "blame it on the bossa nova." she received a grammy nomination.
3:38 am
she died at a las vegas hospital on saturday after a brief undisclosed illness. gorme was 84 years old. >> since you are up at the hour take a look outside for one of nature's biggest shows, it is peak time for the perseid meteor shower, which take place this time of year every year. showers are most intense before the sun comes up. the perseid generates about 100 meteors in an hour. for those of us stuck inside nasa is doing live streaming as well. >> got to turn that on. >> got to go to central park and lie down. >> yes. all right, your monday forecast thunderstorms from the carolinas to the gulf coast. showers around detroit, chicago and saint louis. there are severe, there is severe weather from wichita to oklahoma city. heavy rain from the northern rockies to the desert southwest. but dry from phoenix to vegas. >> 106 in phoenix. 80s from salt lake city into the plains. midwest, northeast. 90s in atlanta, orlando and new orleans. >> rarely here on "world news
3:39 am
now" do we have an opportunity to show you an entire athletic event from beginning to end. this morning, we have that chance. >> here it is beginning to end. usain bolt, reclaiming the world title. for the 100 meter sprint. it was a slow start, steady rain last night in moscow. he won the championship he lost two years ago. he won it back because of a false start. >> justin gatlin, second, he had beaten bolt in the same event two months ago. he just wasn't fast enough. >> crazy. look at that. >> see him come from behind. >> i can now. i was reading the first time. now i'm just enjoying it. >> all of a sudden he gets a bolt. >> bolt? i never made that connection. lightning bolt. bolt. duh. >> duh. >> i guess i was fixated on usain. interesting name. >> the bolt makes him go. >> the bolt. coming up -- >> parents are preparing to shell out big bucks for back to school for supplies of course.
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in some states they're saving big bucks too. >> the technology that could allow police to follow a criminal without leaving the precinct. we'll tell you about it. you're watching "world news now." ♪ i'm stuck in folsom prison ♪ ♪ and time keeps dragging on >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by soda stream. soda stream. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses,
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♪ and time keeps dragging on >> police have a high tech tool. at their disposal out of the realm of science fiction. >> science fact behind it is fascinating. and created a whole new way of fighting crime using nano-technology. gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: it is the mist that police say marks the crook. the spray used here in an undercover setup is laced with invisible and odorless paint that can only be spotted with a uv black light. it's called smart water csi. and just last month detectives equipped a decoy car with the spray at a south florida parking garage. an alleged burglar taking the bait. >> he opens the door, he grabs something on the front seat. and then he starts to rifle through a wallet. that's when the smart water agent sprays him. >> reporter: he was marked and a judge mentioned it in court. >> examined him with a black light and detected he had smart water on his clothing and skin.
3:45 am
>> reporter: the chemical can last for years on clothing. police are using it in stings. store owners are using the spray as a booby trap over their doors. any one who wants to protect their valuables like a watch or iphone can just mark them with the paint. if stolen and found the dna like fingerprint on the chemical can help police find the owner. this has led to a lot of convictions worldwide hasn't it? >> yes, in fact, over 1,200 in the uk and europe alone over 17 years. >> and other companies are developing similar chemicals, it's so new to the u.s., law enforcement agencies are just now looking into how it can be used to fight crime. gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> just amazing. not just a marker. marker that can be traced. and just one variant apparently contains different chemicals that show a binary code allowing 10 billion combinations. >> that's right. like a dna. >> like a dna.
3:46 am
>> traced right back to where you were sprayed with it. a store, which store was it. >> no, the gas station when you robbed the bank. wasn't the gas station. doesn't match the signature. >> that means, if they start bringing in 10, 20 crooks who have all kinds of paint all over them. now, how are we going to figure out what guy did what if this becomes a tool that they use now they know where they can go to find him. >> amazing. >> incredible. >> little better than the red dye ball that blows up on the bank robbers. remember that one? all covered in red. >> still being used. i have done stories where people blow up with the red dye all over, try to change out back of the cab doesn't work. this is invisible. they don't know. >> absolutely. >> the woman who says she busted up justin bieber's relationship with selena gomez. >> how could she resist -- he wooed her with mcdonald's. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: abc news's "world news now" continues after this
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an organizer of, of, like do-gooders. a media mogul. just...rule the world. when i'm older, i want to be anything but the one that doesn't fit in. the one that people don't love. -everyone deserves a dream. -everyone. but some of us feel depressed, anxious, angry, and do things that others think aren't normal. if that's you, say something. people -- people will listen. add your voice at... ♪ >> welcome into "the skinny," starting with our favorite couple in the whole wide world -- maybe not. kim kardashian, and kanye west. tmz reporting they're passing up on millions of dollars to sell the pictures of their baby, north west. there has to be an ulterior motive. >> i find that hard to believe -- >> has to be an ulterior motive. i haven't been able to figure it out. tmz says a picture of the baby
3:49 am
could fetch $3 million easily. k & k will not take an offer. initially toying with the idea, maybe donating the money to charity. decided against it. now they have one of two choices. go with a fancy magazine and get their picture portrait family thing taken that way. not take any money or just kind of put one picture, two picture, hundred pictures up on social media, the world sees the baby. they get no money. which is what beyonce and jay z did with their little baby. so the world continues to wait and see, biting our nails. and waiting on the edge of our seats until we see what the baby looks like. >> i think we are going to see. soon enough. be patient. >> i think you might be right. >> kind of sad, lea michelle at teen choice award obviously. she said some comments about cory monteith. at the sunday's teen choice award. and of course, monteith found dead july 13th. in vancouver, canada, heroin and alcohol overdose.
3:50 am
he hosted the awards in 2010. michelle won a tv actress in comedy role for her parts in "glee" and she talked about cory. let's listen. >> i just wanted to be here today to personally thank all of you, and tell everyone out there how much all of your love and support has meant to me. over these very past difficult few weeks. thank you. >> she went on to dedicate the award to monteith who said for all that loved and admired him as much as i did. i promise -- with your love we will get through this together. she went on to say -- we are very lucky to witness his incredible talent. >> so sad. >> it really is. >> hopefully she is healing well from that whole thing. moving on to this -- a woman who apparently broke up, the reason, the center of the reason that justin bieber and selena gomez broke up is speaking to "the sun." 22-year-old milan jenson, known
3:51 am
by her friend, as mimi. last december introduced to justin at a nightclub together. there she is. by his friend, lil twist. gotten into trouble. justin takes her. says come with me. they go to mcdonald's. he buys her large fries. buys himself two double cheeseburgers. then the 19-year-old drives them, allegedly, to a marijuana store and back to his $4.5 million l.a. home. and after a very quick tour, bieber allegedly again allegedly takes her back to his beverly hills four seasons hotel room, decked out in white roses when they arrived. she says he offered me a drink. i took two sips. and we were kissing. i started to take my clothes off. just a natural thing. >> happens every time somebody buys mcdonald's. >> you want to get a couple cheeseburgers after the show, what do you say, i'll super size them for you. anyway, she was a nursing
3:52 am
student who dropped out. now she has a reality tv show she need to worry about. of course. when she gets compared to selena it is a compliment. compared to selena it is a compliment.
3:53 am
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♪ up in the morning and out t ♪ up in the morning and out to school the teacher is teaching the golden rule ♪ >> well truly is hard to believe. there are just a few more weeks left to summer vacation 2013. >> parents across the country heading back to the malls to stock up on back to school supplies. >> but this year they're getting just a little help at the cash register from the government. here's the story. >> reporter: are you excited? about going back to school? >> yes. families gearing up to get their kids ready to go back to school will spend about $635 on average.
3:56 am
>> definitely shoes, clothes, school supplies. books, pens. >> reporter: welcome relief in the form of sales tax holidays across the nation is sparking a back to school shopping blitz. >> isn't it an exciting time back to school? >> yes. the best time ever. >> reporter: at this target store in silver spring, maryland. shoppers are eager to take advantage of something becoming a national trend. several days of tax-free back to school shopping. georgia, massachusetts, and texas are giving the state sponsored discount. shoppers in connecticut will get their tax holiday next weekend. earlier this month, a dozen other states took part. retailers are as delighted as consumers. >> shirts. pants. >> shoes. >> shoes. >> in this economy every little bit helps. >> reporter: are you excited to go back to school? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: total sales this back to school season could top $42 billion.
3:57 am
parents say every penny of that saved makes a difference. abc news, silver spring, maryland. all right. got to talk about this. did you get all geeked out, back to school shopping, buying pens. >> yes. my trapper keeper. >> i had a trapper. >> pencil cases. i was saying a second ago, you were creating your student identity. like i was buying all the things that would make me cool in my eyes. >> in your eyes. everything that was in style. >> yeah. >> you were going to be this super person that year. new beginning. best feeling in the whole wide world. you want to catholic school, new uniform for clothing? i'm so glad i went to catholic school. i didn't have the pressure of having cool sneakers. we weren't allowed to wear sneaker. no pressure of the cool ou outfits. i did get all geeked out about the note books. >> coolest thing in the world i totally get it. get to relive it with alexa. >> trapper keeper for alexa. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, thanks for joining us. >> on this monday we have two major commute stories. no bart strike. also, there is a fatal accident in san mateo county. >> we will check with leyla gulen on the roads. >> good morning, everyone. officially in bart strike. folks are breathing a sigh of relief they will be able to get to work in good time but we have a problem in portola valley a facility northbound along 280 at alpine road. it is still a sig-alert. three lanes blocked. c.h.p. says it will wrap up in 30 minutes. traffic is


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