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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  August 17, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm in for ama daetz. we begin with breaking news. police are on the scene of a shooting in oakland. we learned four people have been shot. you are taking a live look now. this happened a little less than an hour ago on the 1700 block of telegraph avenue near 17th 17th street. telegraph is currently closed between 16th and 18th street as police investigate. right now we have no word on the victims' conditions or a suspect. but at you see there, a heavy
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police presence as investigators try to gather evidence. the yellow crime scene blocking off access there. again, this is at 17th and telegraph where four people were shot. we will have an update for you from the scene live on abc7 at 6:00, and our reporting continues right now on twitter. follow us@abc news bay area. >> now to the final moments of a lean mark building in hayward. >> it's really sad they're taking her down. >> a moment of sentiment and science. the implosion of a building at the cal state east bay campuses more than making way for something new. scientists are hoping it will help them answer the question, what will happen when the next big one strikes. it took about 15 seconds secondo reduce warren hall to a 12,000-ton heap of rubble. the demolition senior as
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man-made earthquake. we're there live tonight. more than your typical implosion. reporter: oh, yes, indeed, carolyn. you can see the result of it behind me. this is what once was warren hall. staff from csu east bay some the us gee logical survey tell me the implosion was perfect. at exactly 9:00 a.m., 462-pounds of explosives were set off, making csu east bay's warren hall lean and collapse on itself. the demolition so precise even the campus library next door was untouched. >> i cried. i didn't expect to. but it was just -- all of a sudden it was gone. >> thousands of onlookers gathered early on mission boulevard, eager to watch the implosion, but in just seven
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second warren hall watt was but a memory. forever changing the campus and city skyline. >> you could see it from everywhere on the highways, drive around and here's this big tower sticking up on the hayward skyline and now it's again. >> we would drive by on b.a.r.t. and say that's where i went to school. >> the 13-star administrative building that housed classrooms on the lower levels, was built about 40 years ago, along the hayward fault. >> it's the fault that has the highest probability in the bay area of generating the next large earthquake. >> warren hall was teams the most seismically unsafe building in the csu system. it has been vacant for two years. experts are calling the demolition a man matted earthquake. how hard it hit the ground created the force of a magnitude 2.0. this event will help the usgs to better understand the earth and the hayward fault. >> how hard it will shake over
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here and then, -- and there, and we can compile maps used by engineers and planning officials. >> subcontractors have 40 days to clear the rubble. much will be recycled and repurposed to be used as building materials and some would be used in the replacement administrative building being built across campus. this site will be turned into a park so people can enjoy this hilltop perch view of the entire bay for generations to come. >> the seismic waves contracted -- created by the implosion were measured by seismographs. they're two piece of equipment. the orange piece listens to an earthquake. the black one records it. a seismograph was put on the property about two miles a. from the implosion. lee baker says his instrument probably did not pick up a lot of information.
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>> did you feel any shaking schmid. >> no, i really didn't. i might have felt something from the sonic boom, but not ground shaking, i don't think. >> baker's device one of 600 placed by the usgs to measure the implosion. officials will now collate the information, then eventually publish a paper detailing the results. we want to share with you some amazing aerial pictures of the implosion. these pictures withtaken by sky hawk photography. a little history now about the building that just imploded. warren hall opened 1971. named for a guy warren, local businessman who played a key role in getting a university build in hayward. the school created a time capsule with souvenirs from warren hall. >> mer news now. reports of a man with a grenade forced the bomb squad to shut down part of mission street today in san francisco.
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during the investigation, mission between 19th and 18th streets was closed. police k-9s and the bomb squad called out to conduct a sweep of the area, where they found a man carrying a grenade. >> started yelling this guy has a grenade, and guns drawn, and -- >> police arrested a man whom they will not identify. they recovered a hand bomb found inactive. officials say there was never any danger to the public. new details in a shooting in east oakland. a second victim has died. four people were shot just after 11:00 last night. two of those victims died. a third is in critical condition tonight. a fourth person is expected to survive. the oakland tribune reports the shooting happened outside a house on 105th avenue where a birthday party was being held. the victim in critical condition, is identified as a 52-year-old man who lives at that house.
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police are looking for witnesses tonight to a police shooting in orinda. it shut down the wilder road you ramp on highway 24 for six hours. a chp officer was investigating an injury hit-and-run near the exit when he spotted what he believed to be the suspect's vehicle. at some point the officer fired at the driver of the car. authorities are not saying what led to the shooting. the driver is recovering in the hospital tonight. two armed men gave police the slip during a massive manhunt following a home invasion robbery in milpitas. they are wanted for a robbery around 1:00 this morning. police say they cleared every single house in the area. they're positive the men are no longer in milpitas. police stopped the car near the milpitas-fremont border and two people inside ran off. investigators say evidence found during a preliminary investigation of the car linked that pair to that later home invasion robbery.
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the manhunt closed down scott creek road in fremont and it re-opened around 10:00 this morning. ahead, the cause of some hazy skies this weekend in tahoe. getting the school year off to a good start in the east bay. having some fun in the process. the giveaway that is helping shape young minds and maybe a young body there. >> and then stopping a robber in his tracks. how the victims turn the table and it's all caught on camera. >> hi there, i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. it's been warm today and downright humid. we gate hot spell tomorrow and then a chance of some thunder next week. we'll look at the accuweather
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the forest service ordered an emergency closure for portions of the tahoe national forest where a wildfire has charred nearly 19 square miles. that fire is burping -- burning ten miles east of for forest hill. hey smoke blanketing the foothills, the sacramento valley, reno and lake tahoe. nearly 1400 firefighters are battling the flames. >> today abc7 and our parent company, disney, donated 10,000 books to oakland school children. those books suitable for preschoolers to sixth graders were handed out in public libraries all over the city. later hundreds trooped to the plaza for a back to school rally.
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the kids were instructed on the importance of attendance. >> i know that grades and attendance are almost perfect so sometimes when people miss a few days the beginning of the school and during the year, it really hurts the kid's punt to stay up in school and graduate on time. >> a highlight of the rally was the giveaway of 1,000 backpacks as well as 250 bus passes. >> up next, robbery victims who would not let the bad guy get away. the trash can that does more than hold garbage. some say it's an invasion of privacy. >> we're taking a live look outside right now. big weather changes are coming our way. meteorologist leigh glaser says we could see some thunderstorms. the forecast after the break.
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a bank robbery gone wrong, for the robber. this is in everett, washington, masked man goes into a wells fargo, demands money and then makes a run for it but doesn't get far. a customer just arriving at the back pulse his truck on to the sidewalk and the robber runs right into it. you can see it here. it sends money flying and then other customers get involved, pinning the bad guy down and calling 9-1-1. that's one of the good guys there. police say while this particular incident ended well, by standers should use extreme caution and leave the crime-fighting to the police. >> big brother? how about big trash bin. until recently these high-tech trash cans in london have been tracking people's smartphone use. a firm had been using technology
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imbedded in the cans to measure the wi-fi signals emitted by smartphones. thought potential advertisers would want to know the market share of devices people used in the financial center. this week the city of london pulled the plug on the program. it was only a limited trial anyway. >> we would like you to join us this weekend for a look at the special camps being held in livermore for children with life-threatening diseases or life-altering conditions. cheryl jennings' report airs tomorrow 6:30 p.m. here on abc7. let's get a check of the aku weather forecast with leigh glaser. >> leigh: a little warm today, little humidity. it was humid yesterday, and thanks to tropical moisture from southern california, and you can see it on live doppler 7hd, just rotating back towards the west,
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keeping us with those high and mid-level clouds. going to see more clouds the next two to three days, maybe here -- hear a little bit of thunder. young see the latest panel. a little clearing. the golden gate bridge right now has been clearing but we have high level crowds in livermore, tracy, and antioch. we're not picking up any moisture fm this tropical moisture but that is going to change getting into monday, tuesday, and wednesday. san jose, a few of the high and mid-level clouds but warmed up today. 78, los gatos. santa rosa, 89. 81 in novato. concord, 80. and livermore, 81. here's a look at the highlights are, taking you in through next weekend. does include some thundershowers, scatters clouds
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and will remain humid overnight, and mild inland, heating up tomorrow. get ready nor that. inland temperatures near 100 degrees. thunder threat for the bay area will begin sunday night and linger in through wednesday, so unsettled the first part of the work week. antioch, 65. compared to half moon by we patchy fog there. 56 tonight. i want to show you the cloud pattern. lower pressure, counterclockwise spin to the north, drawing up the mid-and high level clouds and they're rotating back towards the bay area. this is the setup for tomorrow at 10:00 a.m., the most to the north of us. high pressure is going to migrate back to the bay area, and that is going to hit us up with temperatures near 100 degrees inland. it will stay with us one day, and then as we get into sunday night and monday, this low will drop south, and it will start to draw up some subtropical
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moisture, some of it will rotate back to the bay area, giving us a chance of isolated thunderstorms. fire weather watch is in effect for much of the bay area. sunday night through wednesday, particularly the north bay mountains, the diablo range and east bay hills. thunderstorms, gusty winds and lightning and the potential for new fire starts. tomorrow it is another "spare the air" day for your sunday. all locations will be in the moderate range, inland and east bay, poor range. tomorrow, get ready for a spike in temperatures. 86, san jose, 70, half moon bay. palo alto, 85. 75, downtown san francisco. north bay, hot. 90 for napa, calistoga, novato. oakland tomorrow, 82. get ready for high heat inland. temperatures, livermore, concord, as well as pitburg and and county near 100-degree heat. the chance of thunderstorms
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intensifies tuesday and wednesday. and then after that, thursday and friday, all the moisture will move out and we'll be dry. >> i had my friends breast cancer challenge at lake merritt. >> let's check out sports. rick quan is near place of mike shumann. you're talking about college football. the cardinal should be good this year. >> rick: pretty soon, saturdays all about college football. the app football poll is out. st
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>> the first ap college football poll has stafford ranked fourth in the country. alabama is number one. followed by ohio state, and oregon. the cardinal went through its third practice in full pads this morning. linebacker shane is one reason why stanford is expected to contend. >> people giving us some praise and that's great. we appreciate it. but it can't ever affect our preparation, can't affect how we play daily. can't affect our approach to how we play the game. we're not going to play any harder, any less hard, because people say we're going to be good or terrible. >> when cal opens the season two weeks from today against
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northwestern, a true freshman will be starting at quarterback. jerald golf, a four-star recruit out marin catholic edged out the other player for the job. the coach says the decision was gut wrenching. >> i hoped somebody would run away with it. but we had very viable candidates, could have chosen either one. we made or decision on who we thought would give us the best chance to win. >> a tail of two quarterbacks last night as the 49ers bead -- beat the chiefs. daniels may have put himself in contention to back up colin kaepernick. completing six of nine passes for 72 yards and the team's touchdown. alex smith struggled,. >> being around him, watching him compete, that was very
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exciting. to watch us -- them compete against each other, it's personal in the best kind of way. >> for the raiders, it was a step backwards last night. they lost to new orleans, 28-20. the defense had all kinds of problems stopping drew brees. he finds timmy sills, jr. for the touchdown. matt flynn had trouble finding his rhythm but connected for a score in the first half. the raiders head to chicago on friday. >> last night the giants outslugged the marlins 14-10, but this evening runs have been harder to come by. it was scoreless until the fourth with runners at second and third. pablo sandoval with the grounder to first. a race to the bag and the panda wins it. sandoval was a little shaken up but stayed in the contest. now in the bottom of the fourth, san francisco leads 4-0.
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former a's shortstop miguel tejada the latest player to be suspended, sitting out 105 games for using amphetamines and will likely mean the end of his career. he is 39 years old and currently on the kansas city disabled list. and just about a half hour the a's host cleveland. >> i liked harbaughs where comments on alex smith, classy. >> tight, even though they're on opposite teams. >> still to come, toast to -- a celebration
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>> forget stamps or coins. for one group of collectors the toasterses hoot. the collectors association is holding a meeting in roche chess stir -- rochester. they gather from all over the country. for many they provide a slice of history. that does it for us here at 5:00. for leigh glaser, rick quan, ama and mike, see you at 6:00.
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this is "world news." tonight -- fleeing the fires. the door-to-door rush in the middle of night to get families out of their homes, hundreds evacuated. three dozen fires burning tonight, and in the south, all eyes on the punishing rains. the flood fears as we head into this evening. bear attacks. tonight, five attacks as of now. tonight, we learn of a little girl who narrowly escaped. now, out of surgery. diana's death. the new information about that crash in the tunnel that took princess diana's life. what scotland yard is looking at now. and the grocery store war tonight. the man buying carloads of goods from trader joe's here in america and then selling them across the border for a major profit. should he be stopped? good evening.


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