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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 18, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone, i'm katie marzullo in for carolyn tyler on this sunday morning. we will start with a quick first look at the weather. good morning, lisa. >> good morning. we are starting out with a marine layer about 1400 feet deep. but we expect it to burn off earlier today so that will allow for a warmup. the fog gets hung up along parts of the coast. more high fogginess but sunshine. and a warmer day. a spare-the-air day today. temperatures around the bay warmer, 76 to 81. coastside look at this, mid-60s to mid-70s up by point reyes. and inland today downright hot with mid-to upper 90s. it's a one-day event.
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we are talking a fire weather watch, a red flag warning, as soon as tonight. i'll have the details in a few minutes. katie. >> developing news, list are investigating a fatal stabbing at an ant job gas station. a 49-year-old man was suffering from multiple stab wounds just before 8:00 last night. the victim was taken to the hospital, where he later died. detectives of questioning a man who may have been fighting with the victim before the stabbing. a popular santa cruz sub offing instructor is in jail this morning. he's accused of secretly paying pictures of his students and more. he was arrested on lewd and of acts with children. we have more what led to his arrest. >> the 48-year-old is charged with lewd acts with two girls. he lured the girls to his surf is school by offering free
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lessons. >> and he continues that relationship to the point it goes grows to an inappropriate relationship where he is making sectual advances and photographing them in personal body parts. >> police collected computers, one with evidence that leads detectives to believe there are more victims. >> there were videos that were taken in the store from the dressing room, as well, depicting young girls who were getting changed into wet suits at the business. >> he has been become very well-known on the beach where he teaches his surf classes. locals helped him cleanup the beach after he shot a series of videos last year showing trash and syringes there. they pass add curfew keeping homeless people off the beach at night. >> he did a great thing and it made everything else happen. as you see, they aren't here. he did a good thing. nobody had any clue. we are all appalled knowledge
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the right now police are trying to locate other victims. they are encouraging parents to have a talk with their kids if they have taken lessons at the santa cruz surf school. >> if you think there is something there, bring it forward, let us work with your child and get the services they need. >> he is being held on a half million dollars bond. police expect to file further charges once more victims are identified. in santa cruz, abc7 news. >> police in union cities have released this sketch for a person wanted toes decent exposure. he's either bald or has very short hair. the man has been spotted wearing a tan fisher minnesota's style hat with eyeglasses. a woman is dead and two others injured, including a two little boy. dispatchers received calls about a shooting on 73rd avenue at 9:40 last night. officers found a man and woman
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inside the car with gunshot wounds. the woman was dead, the man was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. a four-year-old was hit by shattered glass in the shooting but he has only minor injuries. police have not released any suspect information. also this morning in oakland, police are looking for a gunman who shot four people over a stolen purse. abc7 news reporter john austin has details.o% >> the shooting took place in uptown, oakland in the shadow of the fox theater and trendy eateries. three stylists from the bad boys salon were shot in front ever their business, along with another person who just happened to be on the sidewalk. >> they went out there and pulled the blood. doing my best to hold his wounds. >> it began yesterday when somebody broke into the car on telegraph avenue and grabbed a purse t belonged to this man's girlfriend who was acylist in the salon. >> so i chased him down 18th street and i caught him. i got the purse back. him and his friend, whatever,
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they ran away. >> witnesses say at least one of them returned to the hair salon on a bike and with a gun. this man was in a cafe across the street. >> i heard a pop, pop. i walk out, and i see the gentleman shooting marquis when he's on the ground and i go over and render first aid. >> before i get back i hear a bunch of siren and i see people laying on the ground and he they are shot and i find out my girl got shot. all of this over a broken window and a few meaningless possessions. it's pointless. >> police are checking several surveillance cameras, hoping it will lead to the gunman. even though police say violent crime in this section of oakland is relatively rare, some neighbors are not surprised. >> it's not shocking. one. things the community has called for is more presence with the police. >> john alston, abc7 news. >> san francisco police are investigating a shooting that injured three people in the
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bayview district. gunfire erupted around 8:30 last night in front of home on cameron way in the housing complex. two victims were taken to sf general by ambulance and a third victim showed up afterwards by private car. we don't have any word on their condition. fire chief band the police from using helmet cameras after last month he is airplane crash. the chief said filming the scene may have violated the privacy of both the firefighters and the victim. video from a battalion chief's helmet cam shows the fire department rig running over a young passenger who was covered in fire retardant foam. fire chief was directing the regular and didn't know the 16-year-old was on the ground and in harm's way. critics questioned the timing of the chief's decision because the footage a raises the possibility that the fire department could be liable in the girl's death.
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music lovers had to say good-bye to a san francisco institution this weekend. for the past 27 years rosales nightclub offered jazz, blues and r & b with famous performers. the club moved to fillmore in 1999 to be part of the city plans for a revitalized jazz district. >> i am hoping in the future another establishment that is diverse and eck elect tick and san francisco and international would open up. >> the club hosted a fare well party last night. a new owner is expected to take over the building, but no word on what might go into the space. tomorrow is back to school day for many bay area kids. to protect children, san francisco police will have extra patrolled near schools over the next two days. officers will be targeting
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drivers who violate the 15-mile an hour school zone speed limit. traffic enforcement officers will focus on elementary schools in the city with operations schedule between 7 and 9:00 in the morning and 1:30 and 3:30 in the afternoon. a team of marine veterans that served together in iraq a decade ago held their ten-year reunion on the peninsula. the brothers of this company had a lot of catching up to do yesterday. they were at the war fighting brewing company in san carlos, a business started by one of the members of the unit. the brewery are staffed entirely by vets. he believes reunions are important and being employed after leaving the military. >> i was approached by job opportunities with his own company and up until recently i didn't know we had a company. so in the last 60 seconds i could probably create another
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job for another veteran and i didn't even know it. >> his companies have employed more than 400 veterans. that's awesome to hear. a:09 right now. lease you is keeping an eye on the weather warning. >> we have a lot of fog this morning. that's a factor if you are headed out. chilly the north bay, 50s and 60s. we will talk about how much warming we get today and the potential for thunderstorms tonight when we return. >> thank you, lisa. at the america's cup two sail lores swept overboard during competition. we will tell you what happens. and a new lead in the death of
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>> this morning egypt's interim prime minister is considering drastic mood to end the violence by disbanding the muslim brother hood. yesterday security officers stormed a mosque where supporters of ousted egyptian president morsi were holdup. the raid follows fears the
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muslim brother hood plans to organize another sit-in. violence killed more than 800 people in the last week. how will the u.s. respond to the escalating crisis in egypt. on "this week" george stephanopoulos talks with senator bob corker and house foreign affairs ranking member elliot angle. join george stephanopoulos for "this week" at 8:00 a.m. here on abc7. the impose of a building in the east way campus at cal state is more than the i am blowing, it's helping scientists learn about earthquakes. it collapsed into a pile of rubble yes. how scientists plan to use the implosion to understand how the bay area is affected by quakes. >> now i can't even remember where it was. >> lee baker looks out from his hayward hills home hours after
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csu east bay's warren hall was demolished. he can't remember it without the tower that defined the city's skyline for seven years. >> you felt like you were coming home when you saw the tower. >> it was imploded yesterday. it leaned and collapsed in on itself. the force created about a magnitude 2.0 quake. u.s.g. s. will discover the impact it had on the area. the 14 story building that also housed classrooms was built along the fault more than 40 years ago. it was abandoned for the last two years after it was deem the most sees mickly unsafe building in the cal state system. placed strategically at campus and volunteers homes were sensors to measure it with
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unprecedented detail. >> how hard is it going to shake here, how hard it it going to shake there and we can compile hazard maps. >> the usgs will take the information and paint a 3d pictures what is going on in the earth's layers and they will publish a paper with their findings. even though the build wags gone in seven seconds, it leaves a lasting memory for those graduating from the university or those going by it every day. >> i am a little sad. i had a little tier watching it, and it was historical to watch it but it brings back memories. >> in hayward, kira klapper, abc7 news. >> subcontractors have 40 days to clear the rubble. much of it will be repurposed as building materials. a park will replace warren haul so people can enjoy the view from the hill. construction on the new administration building is set to begin this fall.
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it was a rough start for emirates team new zealand during the opening of the sailing finals. sue taylors were thrown overboard when the team's yacht took a nose dive yesterday. you see in the amazing picture captured by america's cup tv. sail lores were picked up by rescue boats within second. the boat suffered a minor damage when there was a tear in the tarp. they beat the italy team luna roseau. >> there has been new information about princess diana's death. >> princess last walk through the corridors in the rich hotel in pirais with her boyfriend, talking with her driver who was drink twice the legal limit and driving off into the car tunnel, followed paparazzi. now relived again.
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>> new information about the information surrounding the car crash. >> sky news is reporting surprising allegations that she was murdered by a british soldier. new accusations passed on to police by the soldier's former in-laws. it was recent information recently received and they said they were not reopening the initial investigation for now. an official inquest said there was no conspiracy to murder. >> this was a tragic accident. >> it was the official line. >> we get this every single year on the anniversary of the death of diana princess of wales. i think the police did a thorough inquest and that's why we had an inquest. i don't think anybody has doubted the conclusions. >> still the information will be analyzed. >> there will be a lot of people hoping there will be nothing to this, expecting there is nothing to it it and there probably isn't but until that's proved, it should be thoroughly
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investigated. >> so far buckingham palace has declined to comment on the new developments. abc news, new york. a man is held accused of death is sharing his story. randy said he had a loving relationship with 50-year-old son draw coke. coke disappeared on august 4th. her body was found in vacaville five days later. this man is in custody. he's in custody violating his since conditions of parole, including a row straining order. he said the two attended church together and planned to marry. he denied harming coke or having anything to do with her disappearance. >> it's 5:18 on this sunday morning and things will get a little dicey later? >> definitely changes moving in here. it will set up the possibility of showers and storms for the next several days. as we head outside and take a
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look at our live doppler 7hd, we have the red flag warning up for almost the entire bay area. it begins at midnight tonight and goes through tuesday, possibly wednesday morning. except for san francisco and the santa clara valley. so the national weather service is anticipating that we could see dry lightning and then perhaps some thunderstorm activity with some gusty winds through the period. so we will watch out for that for you. right now from our roof camera we have cloudy skies. temperatures in the 50s downtown, 61 in oakland. good morning, san jose. 60 for you. we have a scattering of clouds out there. the marine layer isn't going to last too long. it will clear quickly. cool spot, santa rosa in the mid-50s. livermore 61. it is clear there. from our sutro camera, can't make out too much. clouds and fog this morning with the gusty winds throughout perhaps the afternoon. the sea breeze picks up. we will look for the numbers to come up anywhere from five to ten degrees today.
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a warm one. one-day heat-up. and the threat of thunder begins tonight at midnight. we have a spare the air in effect with the ozone levels gathering at the surface so the air quality in the east bay. also where moderate, but really try not to mow the lawn and take it easy this afternoon. it will get hot quickly. and the culprit for that is high pressure that's building in from the east buff we have low pressure that will set up about 100 meals off the coast. and as it does, the counter clockwise flow around that will bring up some mid-high level clouds. we saw some of that yesterday. but a sunny day today but then by tonight and into monday take a look. we've got the possibility of thunderstorms all throughout the sierra nevada and into the bay area. here's a look at the rest of the day today. mostly sunny conditions. a little fog at the coast. then by overnight tonight here comes the cloud cover and then look at the green here on the screen. there's monday night and even into tuesday at 7:00 still the
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possibility of a few showers out there. finally by late tuesday into wednesday, the atmosphere becomes more stable. so the possibility of the gusty winds, if we see the thunderstorms, mainly the diablo range, the north bay mountains and along the peninsula here, the possibility for new fire starts here. so very dangerous conditions headed our way. 15 in santa clara today. so big-time warmup for the south bay. 92 los gatos. 87 redwood city. san francisco warmer than yesterday, it was 75 trees. up in the north bay 94 in santa rosa, 102 in clear lake, 82 in oakland. over the hills, wow, we are definitely warmer than yesterday. we hit the low 90s yesterday. today at 98 in livermore, 95 san ramon valley, 96 pleasanton. but by tonight the chance of thunderstorms takes us through townlings tuesday. it should be dying back on wednesday and we are cooler with the low as it passes overhead. then you will notice we are back in more typical condition the end of the work week into the
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weekend. so it's going to be kind of interesting around here. >> thanks, lisa. coming up, the trader joe's trademark fight. a canadian company has been coming over the border for a taste of
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>> we have a special programming note to tell you. tonight at 6:30 cheryl jennings brings us inspirational stories of amazing kids who attend a camp every year. kids and young people living with life-altering conditions have fun, build confidence and meet others just like them. this time we introduce you to some courageous campers living with hiv-aids, and developmental delays. >> just because we have something wrong it doesn't mean we have to be cooped up inside. we can do stuff we love. >> it's nice to be with other kids who have the same condition. >> it makes me feel good, like where i be long. >> join abc7 tonight at 6:30 p.m. for our special programs "just like me." and learn how the taylor family
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foundation is helping change the lives of the kids there. >> the first of an expected 26 settlements in the jerry sandusky child sexual abuse case is settled. a lawyer has confirmed the deal. 31 young men have sued penn state over his actions. sandusky is serving a 30 to 60-year sentence. >> dramatic video out this morning a19-year-old construction worker was breaking concrete when he was hit by a long piece of steal. it went through his forehead between hissize. the man remained conscious as help arrived. they cut the bar to free him but left the portion that penetrated his forehead, left that in place as they rush him to the hospital and he is expected to survive. a man in canada is claims to be trader joe's best customer but the grocery chain is taking him to court. michael has a store in vancouver
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called pirate joe's. it's stocked with marked-up items from stores he buys in washington state. he says he spends $22,000 a month, but now he's become so recognizable he has to try other source. >> i dried the l.a. run but that didn't go well and we lost a bunch of chocolate. >> trader joe's, which does not have a store in canada, is suing for trademark infringement and unfair competition. >> still to come, a medical breakthrough. the california doctor leading the charge in the treatment of fibromyalgia. and the strange tactics the federal government wants to
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>> welcome back. it's 5:30. we are starting with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. we have starting out with low clouds and fog but we have a red flag warning that goes into effect midnight tonight through early thursday morning in the pink areas here. we are anticipating first the possibility of dry lightning burks if we take a first look at san jose right now, we are starting out with cloudy skies this afternoon. it will be a warm day, a one-day heat-up is on the day before we
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get into the red flag warning. mid-70s to low 80s for the east bay valleys. we will see warmer weather along the coast. upper 60s to the mid-70s, partly cloudy skies. inland, temperatures here another five to eight degrees of warming. taking the hottest areas right up to near 100 degrees. we will cool down, but then an area of low pressure brings the threat of thunder and lightning for several days coming up. we will have the details in a few minutes. katie. >> lisa, thank you. developing news. authorities in sonoma county are look for the driver of a pickup truck who slammed through the front door of a home and ran away from the scene. it happened after 2:00 this morning on petaluma and cleveland avenue. there was major damage and an elderly woman was asleep in the back of the house but she was not hurt. they have not been able to locate the driver and the chp is investigating. new research could help in the fight against fibromyalgia. health and science reporter carolyn johnson tells us about a
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new test that might finally help some. >> is there nips that doesn't hurt? >> nearly all the key points on her arms are painfully tender. it's one of the ways doctors diagnose fibromyalgia. a chronic neurosensory disorder that causes widespread muscle pain, joint stiffness and fatigue. >> i tried for everything. i was in pain all the time. >> on average it takes about three to five years for patients like her to get a fibromyalgia diagnosis. >> so i was getting depressed because i didn't get anything accomplished. >> people shouldn't be looked at as if they are neurotic or hysterical or >> white blood cells produce normal proteins but when you
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have fibromyalgia, research shows you have less production of two specific types. >> we were struck by the fact they were not producing these proteins in normal quantities. >> in a study of 110 patients with the fibermyalgia diagnosis, the test was positive in 93% of the cases. he said a lack of the protein suppresses the immune system which explains why patients are vulnerable to all types of stress. >> it plays a role, for example, in a person might have depression, why a person might develop extreme pain anywhere they are touched. why they are terrible fatigue. >> another person told the doctor she might have fibromyalgia but she felt a blood test would be more gonetive and bring herpes of mind. >> the only proof i have is how i feel, right? i don't have anything that tells me, yes, you have this. >> but other doctors who treat the disease said the test won't tell them any more than a physical exam reveals.
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they point out the protein markers may be found in people with other diseases. the test would make it more definitive but would cost 1200 to $1,500. this doctors test costs $744 but it isn't covered by insurance. >> there is controversy, but you have to understand there are those physicians who are the ones who have been benefiting from those patients who have been earning thousands of dollars, and now here's this test that says we don't have to spend that money. >> one week later, bla fda received her results. the test was positive. >> i can have it prove that i really have fibromyalgia. and maybe after this test, you know, there is treatment. >> character lynn johnson, awc7 news. at you will find links to more information on the test and how it works.
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you will find that under "see it on tv." this morning the federal government wants to save the farallon islands by covering them in poison. the islands are infested with mice. it's so bad there are as many as 500 mice per acre. the rodents attract hungry owls, who offspring then graze on a rare seabird. a study said the best way to get rid of the mice is by poison dropped with helicopters. the fish and wildlife service will make a decision by the end of the year. google is bringing us one accept closer to compute you often see in science fiction. the new feature that lets you ask your computer a question and get a sample answer. >> hello, computer. >> to the characters in star trek talking to a computer is commonplace. but down here on earth we still usually type in searches with a keyboard. >> keyboard. how quaint. >> but there are a few trekkies working at google and they have
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come up with this. >> what am i doing this weekend? >> here's your agenda. first up, the next hotel reservation is at the chicago hotel for tomorrow. >> the data comes mostly from your g mail account and calendar. instant response comes from years of research. >> we've had great advances using neuronetwork technology which uses thousands of google's computers all together to process your utterance and understands what it means. >> it designs check ago flight team or a package instantaneous. >> when is my dinner reservation? >> you have a reservation at 9:00 p.m. today. >> it will rollout to most users over a span of a few days. some people who got their first try said they are impressed. >> if you can use it in a day that makes my day better, i'm for that. >> and he said it's futuristic but functional. >> you will ask it questions and feel like you are in sci-fi but
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after a while we will feel it's natural. >> it is different from apple's. >> goggle is trying to be your assistant and get things done for you as quickly as possible as opposed to trying to be your buddy or your friend. >> we know what happens when a computer becomes too human. >> open the doors, please. >> i'm sorry, dave, i'm afraid i can't do that. >> in san francisco. abc7 news. >> coming up, the screen
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>> welcome back, earn. thanks for joining us. it's 5:40 on your sunday morning. you are look live from our exploratorium cam this morning at the bay bridge. partly cloudy out there right now. it will get up to 75 trees today. it should be night sailing weather and for more america's cup races out on the san francisco bay. a new film about apple's
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co-founder steve jobs is lighting up movie screens across the country this morning. abc7 news business and technology report david louie talks with moviegoers. >> in silicon valley where people worked at apple, the movie rings true. >> i have always heard he was a tough guy to work for, and they certainly didn't hold back in that arena. some of the stuff he did, kind of looked like a jerk. >> however, not one person offered praise for ashton kutcher's portrayal of steve jobs. >> he was very tough, he was very committed with a real vision. maybe a little rougher than i even realized based on the movie. but then again, i heard stories that say probably very real.
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>> a movie fan whose husband went to school with jobs, said the film revealed something she didn't know. >> i think how tortured he was in his personal life. even more than what i have read before, that he really was tortured, but he was such a visionary that that outweighed the other. >> we reached out to the real steve wozniak how he was portrayed to the movie. he didn't respond. the film doesn't try to cover jobs' entire life, only from college to the creation of the ipod and that caused one movie goer to knock it. >> i think i would give it a b. >> another showed up with no intention of seeing the jobs movie. >> i thought we knew everything about him. don't we? enough is enough. >> so there's no compelling reason for you to see the movie? >> no. >> in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. interesting. i've only seen the trailer, so can't comment just yet. >> i read the book. that was good. you know what, there's lots to
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talk about in weather. we are starting off with the typical low clouds and fog. a pretty shot from our sutro camera ball we have a spare-the-air day, a red flag warning that includes the possibility of thunder and lightning. that's all straight ahead. >> thank you, lisa. also coming up, what happens when the panda races the marlin to first base.
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>> welcome back, everyone. you are looking live at a quiet golden gate bridge this morning. if you need to come to the city, now is the time to do it. it will be a beautiful day. we are looking at mid-70s temperature-wise. elsewhere in the bay area things will get pretty dramatic. lisa argen will fell you in what is coming later today in the weather. in sports the a's will try to win the rubber game of their series against the cleveland indians at the coliseum. last night the a's needed to win to keep pace with the a.l. west leading rangers. here's the sports. >> a double set back for the a's last night. first all-star picture bartolo colon was put on the disabled list with a strained left groin. then his teammates went out and lost to the indians 7-1. it may have been yoenis
5:47 am
bobble day. and cleveland struck in the 6th at asdrubal cabrera sends one deep to right center. the ball bouncesoff the wall and michael brantley comes home. 3-0. a no-hitter until the 6th. josh donaldson breaks it up with rbi single. reddick scores and oakland gets on the board. the indians answer in the seventh as michael bourn connects. it is out of here. cleveland added three more and pulled away to win, 7-1. oakland now trails texas by a game and a half. the rangers scored five in the second. the two-run double off the wall. 15-3 was the final and they did it without hitting a home run. form he a's shortstop miguel tejada is the latest player to be suspended by major league baseball. he will have to sit out 105 games for using an amphetamine.
5:48 am
he tested positive for an amphetamine e said he took it to control his disorder. it was scoreless until the fourth with runners at second and third in the giants game. pablo sandoval, a race to the bag and the panda is safe. sandoval was a little shaken up but stayed in the contest. brandon belt scored to make it 1-0. in the north, he lines one to center. jake can't make the diving catch. it will go to the wall. two runners come home. lblanco slides into third but malt cain shutout the marlins until the sixth. that's when he unblows the monster two-run blast, 454 feet that. cut the lead in half. but the giants get the two runs back in the eighth. torres' grounder goes off the
5:49 am
glove of lucas, belt scores and san francisco wins. 6-4. cain improves his record to 8-8. there is no stopping the red not dodgers. kershaw blanked the phillies allowing 3 hits over 8 innings. he's the league best at 1.80. kershaw also drove in a run with the rbi double in the fifth. l.a. wins 5-0. dodgers have now won 42 of they're last 50. they lead the west by 8 1/2 games. that is sports for sunday morning. i'm rick kwan. see you again tonight at 5:00. as for sunday day, we are looking for some heat. >> that's right. in fact, as much as five to ten degrees warmer in some spots. so that means even coastal warming. but we have the low clouds and fog this morning. live doppler 7hd also highlights the red flag warning that goes into effect midnight tonight through wednesday morning. official sunrise 16:28, setting at 7:58. between now and then we are
5:50 am
expecting a pretty warm afternoon. then an area of low pressure sets up-close enough along the coast that we could see some lightning and thunder around here. and the potential to start a few fires. so that's always a concern. especially when we have been so dry over the past couple of months. there's a lot of what we call dry fuel out there to initiate the fires with some random lightning strikes. temperatures right now in the upper 50s san francisco. 61 in oakland, as well as redwood city. and a cool 54 in los gatos. we are look agent a beautiful start here. there's the marine layer about 1400 feet deep from mt. tam. we will look for an earlier burn-off. chilly in the north bay, santa rosa 56. 60 napa. low 60s fair feel with less of a wind. from the sutro tower you see the layering of the low clouds. a few higher clouds but today will be mostly sunny and that will allow for a quick burn-off and temperatures much, much
5:51 am
warmer, well above normal today and the threat of thunder begins tonight with the possibility of those lightning strikes. so with that quick heat-up, we are looking at poor air quality today, especially in our inland east bay. so a spare the air alert has been issued throughout the day today. ite going to be one of those days it feels very oppressive. good reason for that. high pressure to the east of us is building in for the short term. then it backs off in this area of low pressure slides to the south and it allows for the high and mid-level cloudiness with the subtropical moisture and the initial lift, the lifting mechanism and this energy here to instigate showers and the possibility of a few thunderstorms late tonight through monday and tuesday, possibly wednesday morning. not only the bay area north of us right on through the southern sierra. so here's the way it looks throughout the next couple of hours. you notice throughout the morning hours the clouds will continue to burn back. lots of sunshine today. then by tonight and tomorrow look what happens.
5:52 am
we have the threat of showers and storms in the sierra nevada. then the return flow brings the possibility in the north bay. diablo range through monday and even tuesday throughout the south bay. so it could be a couple of dicey days and those cloud build-ups is what you will recognize throughout the averages, making for some pretty pictures but also the possibility of gusty winds, the lightning strikes and the possibility to start some fires throughout there throughout most of the bay area, except for the san francisco area and santa clara valley. 104 in fresno, 101 in sacramento. so warmer day not only in the bay but across the state. and temperatures today, point reyes could be up in the mid-1 tos. san francisco 75. 86 in san jose. if you are headed into the east bay today, dress accordingly. mid-70s and 80s for the game. one-day heat up and isolated storms tomorrow, tuesday, possibility wednesday. then back to more typical weather the end of the week. >> all right, lisa.
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thank you. san francisco city leaders surely warming up right now getting ready for an annual tournament
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>> happening today, are you ready for some ping-pong? this man is, it's san francisco mayor ed lee and his famously wicked backhand. he's competing in chinatown third annual ping-pong tournament today. san francisco police will also
5:56 am
field a team, as well as the warriors with star forward harrison barnes. the action gets underway the 9:30 this morning at the clean niece culture center. >> this month's sunday streets community festival will be held today. it take place from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 this afternoon. cars and trucks are kept out so people can safely walk, ride bikes and take parts in other activities. today a team of film makers will be talking to people and capturing the academy tests for a project. next at 6:00, a fatal stabbing at an antioch gas station. police are questioning someone as they investigate who led up to the building. and a shooting in broad date over a purse. the search this morning for a suspect.
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>> good morning. here's a quick look at the forecast with lisa argen. >> a quick burn off and a change in the air will allow for a spare-the-air day today. moderate air quality elsewhere. it's because of a system offshore that will bring the let of thunder and lightning. but your first forecast calls for temperatures on the cool side in the north bay. mid-50s to low 650s. we have the coastal clouds. you saw that. this afternoon mid-70s coastside. it will be warmer around the bay into the 80s, but even


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