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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 20, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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a guilty verdict in the serial killer trial of joseph naso. it took jurors less than six hours are to find naso guilty on all counts for the murders of four northern california women in late 70s and early 90s. he represented himself in court. evidence included dna found on two victim autos naso dubbed double initial killer each victim had a first and last name that began with the same letter jurors deliberating and dan noyes has been inside
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of the courtroom following this trial. and will join with us a live report at 5:00 and 6:00 so stay tuned for that. good afternoon. >> another breaking story. sky 7 hd shows us crews on the scene of a brush fire. >> you can see flames charred dry brush. the area known as parks6!= reserve area training area. >> it's a center forearmy reserve personnel. you can see crews do seem to have a good handle on this one. >> if you missed a lit show last night you may get another chance to see it tonight. thousands of lightning strikes made for a spectacular display. we're live with more on this rare summer show. david? >> there is no doubt there was
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a big show last night according to senseors you can seebi backyards even. as mentioned there is a possibility of more tonight. how did you explain what he saw last night. abc 7 news cameras captured drama of lightning bolts estimated to be 50,000 degrees hot enough to spark fires if touching the ground. certified consulting meteorologist says low pressure system moving west across the state and continued to light up the skies over the pacific. >> what is an area moved off shore there are 2500 strikes over the watt year noel sa;@ya thunderstorms and lightning are a once a year or every other year phenomenon. it was more visible because of the timing. jason burkeman is a designer in an advertising firm
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capturing this image of a lightning bolt at 11:00. >> i may have taken 10 shots in 20 minutes. you no long exposures 30 seconds to a minute each this is the only one with a bolt. >> there was hardly a bad place to capture the lightning. the scene shot in pacifica. the bay area may have another crack at taking another show tonight though jan noel says it won't be as spectacular. if you're inclined to try to shoot photos jason offers this tip. >> shoot wide and long exposures you know? get up over 30 seconds and yubl probably catch the views speenser christian is off sandhya patel is here with that and more potential for lightning strikes.
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>> that is right. green is not anything to worry b what we're concerned about are the strikes well off the coastline now. a good 220 miles off shore from san francisco bay area. we do have thunderstorms developing in the sierra nevada but fire concern is in north bay mountains. red flag warning remaining up until wednesday at 5:00 p.m. still possibility of thunderstorms around the bay area basically between tonight and early tomorrow morning. and north bay going to linger into tomorrow evening. east bay hills you can see fog and low clouds partly cloudy with coastal fog. low 70s in the morning. areas of fog mid-50s to 60s and best possibility of seeing
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a lingering threat will be in the north bay. low 60s to upper 80s. i'll be back to let you know when we'll return to normal near a few minutes. >> you take photos or videoejo tonight we'd love to see it. you can e mail us at you report at and we're on twitter abc 7 news bay area. >> wildfire is closing a main highway forcing moreñ l evacuations, doubling in size to 10,000 acres overnight. the fire jumped highway 120 shutting down the road into yosemite. about 450 firefighters are trying to get it under control on the grounds]t- air. it's still not contained and it's spreading through steep terrain. the fire destroyed two homes and threatening 2500 more. it's also impacted three bay area camps outside of yosemite national park.
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one camp evacuated00 senior citizens and 30 staff members today, san jose family camp removed students and staff yesterday z berkeley's camp is on alert right now. >> a lot of people are responding to this blaze. firefighters from alameda county heading to yosemite to help feel deel with that fire. the fire department tweeted these photos of the team heading to get to work there this afternoon. >> stintson beach is now closed through saturday following a great white shark like this one a marine mammal center says the shark may have been drawn by blood from a young whale that died yesterday morning. that whale has since been buried in the sand. biologists are hoping to learn how it died. >> we want to show you this image of a kayaker's close encounter with a whale in monterey bay. take a look at this.
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the experienced kayaker says the whale came within 15 feet of her. the photographer says kayakers maintained a buffer. the hump back approached the kayakers. they can't pass a law to stop that. >> now to latest on the new bay bridge. newestern -- eastern span set to open but interest is a lot of work to be done. we are now live from treasure i'll yanld. heather? >> carolyn the bridge considered complete except for the long term fix. the key projects that have to happen before the bridge opens is connect togetherlky oakland touch down. projects are nothing compared to some of the extreme engineering they've pulled off in the past.
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a concrete bare why is still separating the current approach from the one one wh. connected traffic will have a more direct alignment from the toll plaza to ascent across the bay that. is true at the western end as well. westbound traffic swril a straight shot through the tunnel when a final connection is made and eastbound deck will be less curvy. motorists moit have a touch of vertigo flying across the bay unfettered by old area. >> it's going to be very very different experience for people when they drive over the bridge in terms of what they've been used to. past several decade autos some lane striping is done but there is more left to complete. and temporary sections are staged outside of the area headed for the eastern access point in oakland.
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a section of old bridge has to be torn down. >> everyone is confident the work is going to be getting done. boy say this is important critical work connecting a bridge and open it to the public. we've done more complicated work. >> could the new span open earlier? >> we want to have people focused on the market the bridge is going to open by 5:00 a.m. if there is a possibility of an early opening we'll let people know. we couldn't want to confuse people. >> there is only a week week and a day left to drift old bridge. >> we're 14 days from the opening of the new bridge. stay with us for continuing skpumpblg a big opening september 3. >> you can visit abc 7 news to work out resources on bart and san francisco bay ferry. you can check out realtime
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traffic apps. and construction camera there as well to see how close the bridge is to opening as mentioned as soon as it does open we'll notify our followers. you can follow us on abc 7 news bay area. >> caltrans isn't sure why some lights went out this morning. look at that. sheer what it looked like around 6:00 a.m. the western portion of the bay bridge and lower deck was dark as you can see. according to caltrans the lights supposed to stay on until the sun comes up. crews reset sensor system and will return to the bay bridge to make sure lights are working. >> independent truckers continued their strike. they say delays cut into earnings. >> there are times we have to go in to wait for almost five to six hours just pull out a load. >> there is a lot of restrictions against truck drivers, too. how do you expect us to sit
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insifd a truck six hours? not get out? >> later in the morning truckers met about concerns and will decide if afternoon if they'll continue the strike tomorrow this, is the third labor dispute since july. >> schools working with police to keep kids in skpool out of trublg. three police officers assigned to a new tabs program. burglaries occurring at high numbers in san j%óaí up 4% this year and last. often they're kpited kpited -- committed by kids who should be in school. now officers can take them to the processing center and their parents are called. >> we're here to help and go ahead and see their kid gets back into school where they belong. parents may have other issue was them we'll go ahead and help them through the police department or other resource autos next month the number of
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san jose police keeping tabs will more than double with six to eight officers patrolling for truant kids kids skipping school. >> still ahead south bay mayor takes action to end r end a policy banning gay men from donating blood. >> new pressure fwlit house intern autos random and senseless. the murder of this college student. the chilling details with about the suspect's motives. >> and let's go outside and take a look at traffic. on this tuesday this is the san francisco skyway. as you can see slow going but lanes on the left heading towards the bay bridge inching along. not as bad in the other direction but sticky out there. stay with us.
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the mayor of campbell is taking action to end a 30-year-old policy prohibiting gay men from donating blood. the mayor was unable to donate himself posting a petition on urging the fda to end the policy after the outset of the aids crisis. he received 17,000 signatures so far. he says it's time to show the world fda policy should be based on science rather than 30-year-old fears. the chances of contracting aids from donated blood is one in two million. >> well tesla's top safety rating and sony announces play station's next launch.
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>> good afternoon. making it through traffic jams just got easier. google maps is merging with waze today two months after the search giant bought the popular start up for almost a billion dollars. sony play station 4 announcing the state of a new console hitting stores in plenty of time. they will be available in north america november 15th sony has more than a million$y verizon customers in new york can now check e mail in new york agreeing to bring service to the new york subway making the carrier the last of the top u.s. carriers to offer coverage on the world largest subway system saying it expects to start installing equipment in the next several weeks. and u.s. stocks closing mixed
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today as investors wait for tomorrow's release of the minutes from the federal reserve's july meeting. your bloomberg silicon valley index also falling. tesla says the model s sedan sifed highest test crash ratings getting five star ratings in every crash and safety category set by the national transportation safety board. from bloomberg studios in san francisco, cheryl dan, back to you. >> okay, thank you very much. a drive to end unpaid internships has reached the white house, calling on the president to pay interns hoping it will inspire other employers organizer it means days of skyrocketing college costs. the campaign set up a petition with 8,000 signatures many businesses relie on unpaid
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interns giving experience as they move through school. that is how many of us got our start. >> they didn't pay >cx interns. >> minimum wage for me. >> we have had wild weather. >> we have. it's unusual and dry but we get those thunderstorms. last time i remembered this was april 2012. >> okay. >> yes. this is it anyhow there is a possibility of thunderstorms here. live doppler 7 hd we'll talk about how likely sit we're going see more lightning around here, as you look just seeing fog off the coast we're seeing thunderstorms developing in the sierra nevada south of tahoe and also seeing strikes well off the coastline here.
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200 miles away. take a look at the photo sent by ed m. looking out towards pacific ocean. stunning photo. keep the pictures coming. we'd love to share them. from our camera you can see we still have fog around. it's around 1600 feet deep right now. san francisco 66. los gatos 83 degrees in half moon bay sitting in the fog. it's running cooler today. most areas from our sutro camera you can9fj see san francisco looking good right now. san jose enjoying sunshine now here is a look at the forecast. threat of thunder ended
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tomorrow. cooler weather for the weekend so things will stabilize we'll have another 24 hours or so to go. area of low pressure drier air moving in which is why we're not seeing quite as crazy activity here as we go yesterday but we're still going to seat possibility of thunderstorms continuing north northeastjaykyk÷[[ ¤w u]-á+z]óçó!:ñp)d /$
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thank you, sandhya. >> up next newest members of the police department sworn n why this wasn't your typical ceremony. >> no. it was not. after 4:30 the munchies now on sale came from a marijuana festival. the highest bid for a bag of doritos. >> taking a look at traffic right now in walnut creek a little bit heavy for drivers on the lefthand side of the screen making their way northbound but moving. stay with us.
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not your typical swearing in. that was farro making his voice heard last night. he's now the newest member of the san rafael police department. another german sheperd was sworn in but not as an maitd in this video.
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it served as a final reinstatement. >> do they just bark? >> sounds like it. >> the popular boy band that just can't sit tight. we're counting down to emmy awards. >> prime time emmys just over a month away but parties begin now. the names came from the hit comedy "modern family". they told us about the film's season. >> we've only shot two episodes of the season. we just started and we don't know what is going to happen because writers are writing as we go. >> a special new york screening of the drama "closed circuit". >> there is a lot of fun to be
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in a different world. it's a foreign area luckily for me. >> and finally we go to the boy band one direction is promoteing its behind the scenes movie. >> there is a part of our lives being documented and we get to watch it back in 10 15 years time getting a good quality memory lamt. >> one direction this is us opens august 30th for more news go to >> still aheadxád'ç at 4:00 learning about the victim of a triple shooting in a vietnamese restaurant. >> also college baseball star killed for no reason. what investigators are saying about the suspects facing murder charges. then later...
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>> that is just part of the letter sent to the family. police investigation now under waivemt stay with us.
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apc news learned an engineer was killed last night when someone shot into a restaurant. >> well that is the restaurant nightclub behind me boarded up. we're told that it attracts mostly late crowds but i don't think goitsing to open tonight. the friend told us he was an engineer working in a sunnivale plant. police believe he was the victim of a random shooting and not targeted. >> family man. you know? i heard he had kids. and they're expecting it's tragic. >> he did not want us to use his name but said he was a friend of the man shot and killed yesterday here at the wong hon restaurant and bar about 10:00 last night. a dozen people were inside when shots were fired.
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is. >> from what we can tell someone inside. >> there were multiple shots fired perhaps nine rounds hitting three people. sean says his friend's girlfriend worked here as a waitress dancer. >> it's wild. not just a regular nightclub. you know? girls dance crazy and wild in here. >> montarvo told us have you to buy a bottle and make reservations. >> there are two security guards at night. there are -- they're armed ask wearing bulletproof vests. >> why do you think that? >> they know that what kind of crowd it brings. >> he told us there is karaoke food liquor and private
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rooms. >> a man with an assault rifle opened nir a school today but no one was hurt. teachers evacuated their classrooms you can see kids running from the building from-to-a safe spot in a field. police say the gunman got into the school following someone authorized to be there. kids were bused out and reunited with parents who were relieved. >> prosecutors filed charges against three teenagers accused of shooting a college baseball player because she the say they were bored. christopher lane was shot in the back. two teens charged with murder and third charged with being accessory. neighbors heard the gunfire leading to panic in the quiet town of duncan.
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>> there was people that saw him tagger across the road and collapse on the side of the road. >> investigators used surveillance video to track down the car driven by the suspects agencies 15 16 and 17. police say one claimed they shot lane because they had nothing to do and they planned to kill another person as well. christopher lane attended east central university on a baseball scholarship, he was from australia. he had just returned from visiting his parents. home plate on the field where he first played is now covered in flowers. >> nothing to do. >> the obama administration edged closer to a decision about curtailing some aid to egypt. it was one topic held this afternoon. administration reviewed the possibility of the crack down on sup portders of ousted
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president mohammed hoarsey. -- morsi. according to one us you official they are planning some cuts. >> and we're learning details about the boston marathon bombing suspect tsarnaev. court documents say he suffered multiple injuries including a skull fracture and gunshot to the face. tsarnaev captured ride hiding in a wot in the backyard of a home in watertown massachusetts. a surgeon testified a bullet entered his mouth and exited the lower side of the face. >> vice president biden is in houston to be with his son bo in a cancer center. he's being treated at university of texas md anderson cancer center. he reported feeling weak and disoriented last week.
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taken to hospitals in chicago and philadelphia and then senlt to houston. he is 44 years oldmszs and suffered a mild stroke. >> the fact he's gone to different hospitals makes it sound like this is more complicated than by know he tweeted this photo this morning. the tweet reads touched by your well wishes. thank you nice evening in houston with halle. will share update when we have it. >> well boston red sox pitcher will pay a price for hitting new york yankees star alex rodriguez. he hit rodriguez on a pitch causing both benches to empty. today baseball suspended dempster five games and fined him an undisclosed amount of money. dempster says he wasn't trying to hit rodriguez but it
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appeared he was sending a message to the star, sparring with major league baseball over his 211 game suspension because of performance-enhacing drugs. >> still ahead we can see new fad diets just about every week what. some are saying is the solution to losing weight. >> plus you don't believe how a woman found a stolen car in her neighborhood. >> a march on washington nearly 50 years ago. two men who were with dr. martin luther king on that day. >> i'm sandhya patel from our mount tamalpais camera. you'll see the fog that will be around tomorrow morning coast and bay. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and outside once again the evening commute gets underway pretty smooth sailing heading to, and from that side of the bay. stay with us. abc 7
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a boulder colorado woman has a stolen car back after running into the suspected thief in an unusual way. alex warden was crossing a street with her boy friend when a car pulled up. she suddenly realize that had is my car. it had been stolen. alex and her boyfriend confronted the man.
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>> what are you doing? he said i'm trying to let you cross the street. he didn't put two and two together i was the owner of the car he just stole. >> her boyfriend jumped into the car and says the man started punching him and yell egg was going shoot him. brian says payne stopped the car and took off running police caught him a short time later now ryan suffered a broken layer nix and needed surgery. doctors inserted four plates and eight screws into his throat. painful day for getting a stolen car back. a public service campaign becoming a money making opportunity. >> yes. 16 bags of doritos that were handed out are now on sale. >> police handed out about a thousand bags of the chips each containing information on the new law legalizes
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marijuana. >> some bags are full smrks are empty. and last check highest bid was $53 give me a break. >> yes. sandhya patel is back with the forecast. >> yes. looking at live doppler 7 you can see there is nothing hitting land as far as lightning now. you'll notice just south in the area strikes showing up off the coast of san francisco but it's a couple hundred miles away. atlanta, 83. 91 in denver. you have a pose yifblt seeing showers and thunderstorms. as you look at the state wide temperatures possibility of thunderstorms all the way up towards the
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chico area. fog giving way to sun. 81 in san jose, los angeles hot in las vague ya.s 105 degrees, taking a look at high temperatures numbers into mid to upper 60s coastside. we'll go with partly cloudy. thunderstorm possibility here in the bay area. overnight tonight into tomorrow moshing and still a lingering chance in the north bay tomorrow after the noon. after that we're okay. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 a letter attacking a family's 13-year-old autistic child sparks outrage. how the community is rallying around the family. >> plus hero life safer and a mira ke. how a paramedic almost lost
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triple a handed out its biggest donation of the year today which went to the red cross. the classes will be offered at triple a branch offices. idea how to assist people during a natural disaster. >> may receive training in preparedness. what kinds of supplies should you have onhand. they've become equipped how to think during an emergency. >> the state emergency management agency wants all of us to be ready and we're encouraged to have kids stocked with items included radios and flashlights. a splee day supply for everyone in the family and a manual can opener. >> so important to take care that have.
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>> a canadian family is offended after a letter was written about a young boy living with severe autism suggesting the family move away or euthanize the child. reporter tammy southerland has the story. >> was there one part in the letter stuck with you the most? >> yeah. the part about donating his unretarded body parts to science because he's no go g.for anything else? that made me want to you can p. then it ended to say -- saying to euthanize him. >> carla begly in disbelief the hatred targeting her son diagnosed with severe autism just before turning two. a neighbor mailed this letter to the boy's grandmother complaining with about the 13-year-old behavior saying quote that noise when he make whez is outside is dreadful
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scaring the hell out of my normal children. citing -- signing it sincerely one pissed off mother. >> i don't think it was a mother. a mother could never never write that stuff about a child. >> max stays here at his grandmother's house a couple days of week during the summer. the family says they have no clue who may be behind the letter because they haven't had many negative experiences here in the neighborhood. there was one incident max accidentally through a ball over a neighbor's fence. >> i came back -- it came back shredded. someone cut it and threw it back. >> when it comes to the letter they have forwarded the note to the attorney's office its a concern for anyone that would read it. and for us it takes a next level in terms of determining whether there is an offense in here or not. >> i hope police do find him.
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and the neighborhood is very upset. >> neighbors gathered to cheer max on. he doesn't know about the better but the family shows support received in person and online. >> unbelievable. since the story broke it's been getting a lot of attention. police are still deciding whether the better warrants any charges being filed. >> health experts in a number of fad diets found a key to weight loss success. researchers say there is no difference among fad diets you'll lose on any of them but say bigger problem is none of the diets is long term as far as a solution. most people don't follow them. so for&r- losses that last you'll have to find a healthy reasonable diet to stick w fingds in this week's journal of the american medical association. >> a veteran paramedic being called a here skbro a life
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safer. the 40-year-old performing cpr when he had his own heart attack. his partner drove them both to the hospital. both men received stents i. >> would have to say fwhun a million is about appropriate. i hadn't seen it and i haven't heard of it. >> can say i if i hadn't been in the position i was in, i would be deceased. >> the blackage was so severe doctors call it the widow maker. the other patient is expected to make a full rye coverry. >> it's unusual but let's take a look now at some of the common warning signs of heart disease. shortness of breath coughing wheezing is another. pay attention to this especially if you zront a history of respiratory issues.
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fatigue and other and patients may notice swelling as blood flows out of the heart and is fluid builds up we have more information for ydpykykkdddóñims7p/>>ó the american heart association you'll find it on abc 7 >> i was talking with a family friend whose husband died picture of health without warning no symptoms. a heart of attack and it's scaring. >> pay attention. coming up it was an uning for getable moment in civil rights movement. >> two men with dr. martin luther king junior through the march in washington tonight one is receiving an honor. >> i'm cheryl jennings. coming up at 5:00 demanding answers for their loved ones. was it an accident or road rage? family of an injured motorcyclist talks to abc 7 news about what they say led up to friday's accident and shooting near the caldecott tunnel and making a dorm feel
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like home. teeming up with consumer reports to ñ
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here is a look at tonight's prime time line up on abc 7. 60th anniversary of the march on washington is next week but commemorations have begun. two men who were there 50 years ago including one being honored tonight. >> it was the largest gathering of its kind. those who were there sate was a pivotal moment for their lives as well. a quarter million strong demonstrators marching to the
4:56 pm
lincoln memorial. 50 years ago this month. reverend williams was there listen together famous speech "i have a dream". >> every time he'd make a statement we would respond. and many ways. tell it tell it. preach. don't hold back. >> reverend williams was moving that month to san francisco thchl picture shows the then 33-year-old challenging unequal education for black students in the city. he says his activism was inspired by dr. king and his words that day at the lincoln memorial. >> and he was sayingd t our country can be better than this. >> dr. clarence jones was one of dr. king's closest friends.
4:57 pm
he helped draft part of the famous speech. jobs jones is now a professor at usf and will receive a hero award tonight. >> i think of the old statement if surviving lions don't tell their story hunters will get all of the credit. i'm a surviving lion. i want to tell the worldjxgoñ about one of the great minds in our pride. >> did you march in 1963? do you know someone who did? we want to know your stories and see your historic photos contact us or you can e mail us.
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thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. it could be deja vu again tonight. conditions ripe for another round of lightning strikes. >> i'm sandhya patel. we're not through yet. and cheryl mentioned live doppler 7 still watching for thunderstorms. we do have elevated fire dangers. i'll have details coming up. >> and was it road rage? or hit and run accident? the family of a motorcyclist sear why isly injured near caldecott tunnel demanding answers. jt the bay area say more than 11,000 lightning strikes last night.
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and conditions are ripe to see more. first we have felling -- developing news a fire burning near yosemite forcing campers to evacuate. >> the fire doubled to just over 10,000 acres now it continues to spread west of the national parks. >> 2500 homes under danger. the fire jumped highway 120 yesterday spreading quickly. two bay area family camps located in the area have been evacuated. >> 200 senior citizens and 30 staff removed and berkeley's tuolome camp is on evacuation order. >> an army training exercise being blamed for starting a large grass fire cruise surrounding flames that burned
5:00 pm
157 acres. it is a semi active training center. the fire now 50% conzpaind no buildings were threatened. >> possibility of lightning is sparking fire fears in the bay area tonight as well. this is a live picture from our camera. showing north bay hills. we have live team coverage with sandhya patel tracking weather conditions. wayne? >> hello we're on the border between oakland space and homes this is where fire people are worried about if lightning does come tonight this, is serious stuff. cal fire this year responded 4500 times. last year only 3300 fires. so we have burned twice as


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