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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 22, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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thank you for joining us. >> first up we will get you out the door with a check on the weather. mike? >> we could not have anything weather-wise to worry about as far as wet weather. live doppler 7 hd shows how dry it. marine layer is re-established and we have a lot of cloud cover increasing right now through 7:00. by the afternoon, it will be mostly sunny. temperatures are in the mid-60's along the coast in san francisco. low-to-mid 70's for most of the bay area. upper 70's in the south bay. also, the north bay, and the mid-to-upper 80's in the east bay valley. most of the temperatures are below average. sue? >> good morning, everyone, so far, so good. we can see on 24, westbound, there is road work slowing things a bit moving toward the tunnel. in oakland, southbound 880,
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washington to a street, construction is blocking the lanes. westbound four is bunching up from antioch but still not a bad drive to hercules and 80 westbound to the maze looking at 15 minutes from hayward, beyond north main traveling all the way to the 24 junction, no delays here as you make your way through the san ramon valley. >> new this morning, concord police say a dangerous and distinctive armed robber has struck again after hitting two stores last note and four in the past week. detectives say he looks to be homeless. amy hollyfield has more. >> this is the pet food express one of the targets last night, in clayton shopping from in concord.
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last night, after the robberies happened, this is where the other store was robbed, the ups store, in the vineyardshipping center on clayton road. according to the blog the pet store was hit first at 6:00 last night and then the u.s. store at 6:30. a few days ago, to other stores in concord were robbed, sally's beauty supply and the yogurt shack and all done by the same man it is believed. witnesses say he looks homeless and is a white man with a bushy gray mustache, dirty and remain ad and he has a gun. no one has been arrested and no picture of the suspect has been released. this has people in the area on edge and not just here in concord the we saw a police officer passing through this parking lot from clayton and he says their town is worried and watching this closely and hoping
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he doesn't move over there to clayton. >> developing news, a fierce wildfire continues to rage out-of-control near yosemite national park and has jumped containment lines, the fire has been burning in the national forest for six days and only a percent contained. more than 16,000 acres are gone. the fire is threatening 2,500 homes and hotels and catch buildings. highway 120 is still closed. katie marzullo says authorities have ordered new evacuation advisories with an update in the next half hour. >> california fire resistant redwood trees may not be so fire resistant. they are vulnerable in areas where sudden oak death has killed off other trees. redwoods are not directly affected but the trees that are affected provide more fuel for wildfires causing them to burn hotter and the lack of shade
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from dead trees dries owe the forest making red woods more susceptible to flames. >> local executives are call on the governor to step in to help bart reach a deal. the coalition of businesses urged the governor to con season a bargaining session with the unions before the 60-day cooling-off period comes to an end in october. right now negotiations are on a break with the prospect of another bart strike severely impact businesses. reports are that it is unlikely the governor will get involved. >> you only have one more week to drive the old bay bridge before it is again forever. caltran released this animation to show what it will look like when the new span opens after labor day weekend. the entire bridge is shut down for five days starting on wednesday night and when it
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re-opens september 3 this is what the drives will see, still five 12' lanes headed westbound but it will have shoulders. drives going east to oakland come out of the tunnel and to the light free from the cage. we will have motor on what drives can expect just ahead. you can check out the entire animation on our website at to move along traffic on the bay bridge an additional lane is made fast track only so this weekend, three toll lanes on the right side of the toll plaza will be closed while the lane is converted. fast track drivers who approach the toll plaza from interstate 880 will detour to use the bus only and the closings run from 9:00 p.m. on friday to 5:00 a.m. on monday. >> visit for a detailed look at commuter resources on bart, a.c. transit and san francisco bay ferry. you can explore abc7 news real
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time traffic man to see where the worst gridlock is. check out the live construction camera to see how close the bridge is to opening as soon as the bridge opens we will notify our twitter followers. taking over as secretary treasure visiting a new technology laboratory in palo alto and the commuter history museum in mountain view. he will discuss the state of the u.s. economy and the administration's focus on growth and job creation and a commonwealth club luncheon. >> a professional triathlete faces felony hit-and-run charges for hitting a man in a crosswalk in san francisco. a man was driving a jeep that struck a man in march. documents obligated by abc7 news say that the driver briefly stopped and checked on the
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victim then drove off. the man who was hit says he suffered a severe brain injury. >> it has been very difficult for me not only me but my family since the accident because i'm...not the same person. >> he pleaded not guilty to the champions. we left messages for the woman and her attorney and they were not answered. >> police have made a significant drug bust with the help of a k-9 officers after finding two pounds of meth yesterday in a hidden compartment in a scar. this is a picture of the dog with the drugs. the dog discovered money and a loaded handgun. >> sexual harassment story involving san diego mayor could end with a deal reached in a harassment lawsuit against filner and the city. details of the dole have not been released. 17 women accused the
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extent-year-old mayor of sexual harassment and the vote will take place tomorrow on the deal. >> we will see what the forecast looks like if today and maybe into the weekend. >> in the east bay valley, it was stuffy the last couple of morning and now most of us are in the 50's, 57 in danville and concord and we have 56 right now in dublin and toward laughest. we are 60 in oakland and fremont and san jose, and 59 in hayward and san carlos and 55 in napa and novato and there you go, 58 in san francisco and close to normal. shear how it looks from the camera, you can see the trees moving and the flags are moving, especially right there on pier 9 pushing clouds right now through 9:00 hour with temperatures holding in the mid-50's to 60.
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72 inland and by 4:00 we have a spread but not a summer spread 60 at the coast and 82 inland. quick cooling in the afternoon and the evening at 58 at the cost by 7:00 and 74 inland. a bump up in temperatures tomorrow with a dry and brighter day. two to four degrees warmer but we lose the warmth saturday and sunday. temperatures will drop below average this weekend. sue? >> good morning, everyone. good looking thursday morning commute, just overnight road work to be picked up any time. on the peninsula, this is 280 north to highway 92 we have a couple of lanes blocked and not any slowing but west 580 the lanes will be picked up. it is getting very slow moving up and over the altamont pass with speeds of 25 miles per
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hour. we do have road work here to be picked up north 680, highway 84, not a bad drive over the we sunol grade. bart, 25 trains running on time and muni is good and the ace train from the central valley is on time. outside it is a beautiful morning and clear bay bridge with no metering lights and traffic is flowing nicely on the upper deck into san francisco and we have in delays. car pooling is a good way to go or fast track. metering lights come on at 6:00. >> group's plan to boycott starbucks and whole foods plans to shed the upscale image. bloomberg business report is ahead. >> cell phone users, the devious scheme thieves are employing to make off with your money.
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now the tech bytes this morning. >> apple's newest creation is available in a few weeks with reports say the itune radio launches september 10th. the tech giant announced the service back in june with no official launch date. a major milestone for a popular six-second video app tweeting they have 40 million registered users, up from 13 million back in june. >> sports fans may no longer need a cable subscription to watch espn. they are in talks with internet tv providers to steam the content through on-line plat follows.
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>> thieves found a new way to steal cell phones. police say they are teaming up a picture phone runs off and another thieve looking like a good samaritan returns the stolen phone hoping to get a reward and people are understandably giving $20 or $30 for the phone, quick and easy money for a few minutes work. >> police officers in maryland now have their own version of google glass to help fight crime. officers with laurel police department have high-tech glasses while on patrol as a camera clips to the glasses that can capture everything the officer sees and captures the 30 seconds before the officer presses "record." the police department has been
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using the eyeglass cameras for four months now and according to the chief, complaints against his officers are going down. >> the largest package delivery company is dropping health insurance coverage for 15,000 people for ups ups, discontinuing coverage for the spouses if they are eligible for insurance with tape our employers and ups says health care costs rise 11 percent and blame provisions of president obama's afford am health care plan including requirement that dependent children be covered until they are 26. >> wells fargo is cutting 2,300 mortgage-related jobs as demand if refinancing slumps. the kits include 500 people in california, 30 from walnut creek according to the san francisco business times adjusting the staffing and believes the mortgage market could take a nose dive. higher interest rates make refinancing less attractive to
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homeowners. >> whole foods wants to shed its expensive image and a group calling for starbucks boycott. >> advocates declared starbuck appreciation day to support the coffee chain stand on open carry gun laws. the group urged owners to drive business. some are calling for americans to skip starbuck on saturday on august 24, donate the money you would spent on the coffee to its mission which is advocating for advantager gun laws. >> on wall street, investors get the later numbers on jobless claims. the federal reserve is in support of stimulus cuts if the economy improves. >> whole foods want to shed the expensive image. the "wall street journal" say
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they will offer more lower-priced items such as frozen meatballs and using facebook and twitter to promote the sales. corn addition is ranching up from other natural grossers and traditional supermarket with their own products. that is the bloomberg business report from new york. >> in california it is 5:17. mike? >> good morning. we will see if we will see some sunshine. well walk through the forecast starting with the visibility out there. we do not have any fog but we have a lot of low cloud cover this morning but no fog. we will have flight arrival delays into sfo. san jose shows it will be the back drop for our forecast, highlights are sunny this afternoon, and to the coast we will get sunshine and probably more tomorrow and mild today and warmer tomorrow and the highs drop below average through the weekend. a little bit of a roller
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coaster. that is going to be the worst thing we have to worry about be not bad, considering we are dodging lightning bolts and fire threats the last 72 hours. los gatos and morgan hill, mid-80's, and most of the santa clara valley in the mid-to-upper 70's and up the peninsula we have a lot of mid-70's and the exception is los altos at 77, and san mateo at 72 and millbrae at 70 and the coast is mid-60's and that will stretch all the way to downtown san francisco and south san francisco a couple of ticks warmer at 68 degrees and same thing with sausalito and mid-to-upper 70's through the north bay valley and the beaches at 10- to 15-degrees cooler. almost everyone makes it into the low-to-mid 70's but the excel is berkeley at 69 and east bay valleys we will not hear any air conditioning at mid-to-upper 80's. tonight is mild again, and bulk of the cloud cover in the north bay, and temperatures in the north bay low-to-mid 50's and
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the rest of us in the mid-50's and possibly 60 in antioch. while we were sleeping the lows accelerating to the north and the thunderstorms yesterday as we talked about in the sierra will stay in northern california and push into oregon as we head in the afternoon hours. watch the lows go away and it picks up momentum as it is caught up by the jet stream and you can see it pushes away by action it is clear in the sierra and clear, here, at home, and it remains that way during overnight hours through tomorrow morning. watch the boundary that comes in and we will see how we -- no, cannot go back -- well, yes, there we go, we will see a dry push air tomorrow. that is going to remain what us two to four degrees. tomorrow is a reminder warmer day in the forecast. we drop a up cough -- couple of degrees on saturday and again on
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sunday and back to average next week. good morning, sue. >> we are looking good this morning with no problems. we had an early accident that has been cleared from south 101 at sierra point. c.h.p. is on the scene and a tow truck is there. for five minutes there is a tow truck with two right lanes block ed. give it five more minutes and it should be cleared. westbound four before 160 we had early road work and the traffic was very slow to pittsburg. in stalls or accidents just slow-and-go and the road work is picked up. early road work on 580 to live more is picked up and low traffic bunching up this. sunol grade is picked up and traffic is flowing nicely into san jose area. bart and muni and ace, all
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running on time. >> 5:20. incredible video from louisiana where a sinkhole swallow as group of trees and all caught on camera an official in the town had his camera rolling when the trees started disappearing. the sinkhole has been growing for a year but it kicked into high gear yesterday. it only takes 20 seconds for the trees to disappear. it is estimated to be a sinkhole that is 25 acres in size. >> hannah anderson is speaking out in her first tv interview. >> a long awaited returna great. i'm john muller. [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar, for every dollar
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>> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, here are seven things to know. thousands evacuate camp grounds in communities near yosemite national park and the rim fire is still just 5 percent contained and it has burned 16,000 acres and threatening 2,500 homes and other buildings and has destroyed nine treasures. >> two, only six days left before the bay bridge shuts down so crews can get ready to on the new eastern span september 3. an animation has been released of what the bridge will look like for drivers with a report ahead. >> coalition of business
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ngec governor brown to step in and help bart and the unions reach a contract deal. they want the governor to con veteran a bargaining session with the transit agency and the unions before the 60-day cooling-off period comes to an end in october. >> concord police investigating robberies last night at a ups store and it is believed the same suspect who robbed a beauty supply last week and is described as white man with publicky gray mustache who appeared homeless. >> we hear from the san diego teen for the fess time at the center of a six day kidnapping ordeal. obviously the pictures were not the right pictures. hannah anderson is setting the record straight about the kid 23457ing and -- kidnapping next half hour. >> live doppler 7 hd shows it is dry this morning. the threat of thunderstorms and fire are gone and we do have a roller coaster ride of temperatures now all the way through the weekend, with an
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update. >> looking at the toll plaza here, a minor delays for cash-paying folks in the left hand lane with no problems on the upper deck headed into san francisco. early accident at sierra point and we have a truck in a ditch >> 5:26. the pied my per is returning to a hotel that was hung behind a bar since it re-opened after the 1906 evening. news this year that the palace hotel was selling the painting caused an uproar and the hotel backtracked and had it restored and the famous painting is back at the bar where the public can see it by 6:00 tonight. >> schoolteacher in indiana had not one but eight sets of twins showed up on the first day of school. from the 108 students at the elementary school, there are eight sets of twins.
5:27 am
at registration the principal thought it was a joke. she says the school had up to six sets of twins in the past but never eight. they think it is in big deal and like the idea of having their where or sister around. >> the abc7 morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories. >> up in smoke, a routine fire call leads to a big bust in the east bay with a garage parked with pot plants. >> how far bay area commuters are willing to go to make sure
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, coming up on 5:30 on this thursday. >> good to see you this morning. >> mike, good to see you, as wealth, with the forecast.
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>> everyone is smiling this morning and that is a good sign. here we have radar and satellite, and notice the clouds are getting thicker and push into more neighborhoods but we do not have wet weather with a threat of thunderstorms gone. this is how it looks from the exploritorium the low clouds are expecting delays at sfo and sunshine inland by 10:00, and 76 in the north bay to 89 in the east bay valley and mostly sunny around the bay by noon and 68 to 76 is the spread. from the coast it will be partly sunny and 63 to 66, the temperatures are getting back closer to normal. traffic and sue. >> we have a mail truck in a ditch in brisbane and the crews are there. the tow truck is there to pull it out. so for you can see only a little bit of slowing leaving san francisco south on 101 the two right lanes blocked because of the tow truck getting the e-mail truck out of there with slow traffic from the central valley bunching up through livermore
5:31 am
and we are experiencing a slight bart delay at sfo at 15 minutes. no bart delays. >> the wildfire near yosemite is burning out of control at 25 square miles and threatening homes and other buildings and katie marzullo has the latest. >> the rim fire is one of 50 major brushfires burning across the west but only the second largest in california. the american fire in tahoe national forest has burned 500 more acres than the rim fire but that is 63 percent contained. the rim fire has burned more than 16,000 acres or 25 square miles of the national forest and still is only 5 percent contained. the outlook is not optimistic. officials say in the next 24 hours the fire is expected to continue up the river canyon and continue the spread to the north
5:32 am
and east. the terrain is inaccessible and there is another problem. ought fire is so large right now that the head of it is cathy its own weather. that is what we are seeing right now. >> more than 800 firefighters are battling the flames on the ground and from the air. thousands of people have evacuated the communities near the fire with flames threatening 2,500 homes and hotels with two homes now destroyed. highway 120 is closed but yosemite national park remains open to visitors. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> new this morning fire officials are concerned about exceptionally dry conditions in a growth of trees on mount sutro above the medical center. on monday, they will create a 100' buffer zone with 1,200 trees removed and shrubs thinned to lessen the wildfire danger.
5:33 am
growth was landed 125 years ago and many people in the community have fought to keep the trees. in june san francisco fire department officials warned the university in a letter of the need for 100' clearance for sturctures because of the extra hazardous fire conditions. >> bay area drives now have a week to decide how to get to work during the bay bridge closure that will shut down next wednesday so crews can finish their work on the new east were -- eastern span. matt? >> the old bay bridge is open right now but starting next wednesday night you have to find a new way to get around as it will be closed to five days over the labor day week. here is the look at what it will look at when the new span opens up and the animation shows the westbound commute will have five lanes but it will also have shoulders and drives headed the other direction to oakland will come out of the tunnel into the light free from the cage and the anmation has the old bridge
5:34 am
attorney -- torn down but that will take time, as well. >> you will have a free view of the bay and you can hefully -- hopefully see over the guardrails. >> the closure starts next wednesday and lasts for five days through labor day weekend opening on tuesday september 3 and the closure is going with traffic blocks on the main roads leading to the bridge and on-ramps in san francisco will also be shut down and the alternates like the golden gate bridge are expected to be congested during the closure and when the eastern span opens up you will be tempted to stop on the shoulders and take pictures but the c.h.p. says that is illegal. has a detailed look at commuter resources on bart,
5:35 am
and a.c. transit and san francisco bay ferry. you can explore abc7 news real time traffic to see where the worst gridlock is during the closure and check out caltran construction to see how close the bridge is to opening and when it opens we will notify twitter followers at abc7 news bay area. >> new bart poll finds voters in they bay area counties would support ballot measures boosting sales or property taxes to improve the transit system. the "san francisco chronicle" reports 75 percent support a 1/8 sales tax and 74 percent back $850 million bond measure. 1,100 voters in a three-county area took part in the poll taken before the july strike. the poll has not been released publicly but is locked at by bart and labor negotiators. >> new details involving a large marijuana drove in hayward discovered when crews responded to a house fire. neighbors called firefighters at
5:36 am
7:30 when they saw smoke coming from the garage. no one was home so firefighters forced their way in and put out the blaze and found the free bedroom house filled with 200 pot plants. they filled up the entire garage. it is believed that wires from the overloaded electric meter started the fire. the residents will be contacted and the plants will be confiscated. >> a 15-year-old in santa rosa is facing chance after a hash laboratory was found in his home. the boy lives with his mother at the home and the police say they found seven grams of the hash oil and several pounds of marijuana. >> a 19-year-old foster city man is sentenced to two years in prison for sexual battery no contest charge. authorities say he snuck in a neighbor's home and a
5:37 am
nine-year-old girl's bedroom and the father caught him staring at the empty bed. he admitted to breaking into a 17-year-old bedroom on the same street and fondled her through her clothe as she sleep. he will have to be signed you as a sex offender for live. a teen stabbed his pregnant girlfriend. the 18-year-old stabs his 1-year-old girlfriend in her lab and abdomen around 10:30 yesterday morning. he got away of with the police arrived. the girl and her baby were not seriously sure. a man shot by a c.h.p. officer is accused of violent road rage and faces attempted murder. he ran down a motorcyclist last friday in oakland and you can see the aftermath of the crash. a c.h.p. for caught up with the suspect he refused orders and
5:38 am
the officer freered for his life and ordered fire the when he is released from hospital he will be booked in jail. the motorcyclist three is accused of hitting is now paralyzed. >> now a check on the weather and our temperatures. mike nicco? >> good morning, everyone. we will break down the day with the next 12 hours, it is getting cloudy with temperatures hacking in the mid-50's to around 60 through 7:00. by noon it will be mostly sunny but for the coast where we will extra either to get more sun. you will be gray, though. 72 inland and we will jump ten degrees to 80 at 4:00 with the cool breeze keeping temperatures below average. everyone needs a coast in the evening hours but for maybe inland where we are in the mid-70's and upper 60's at the bay. for menlo park city school,
5:39 am
7:30, it will be 56, clouds but sunny and 78, mild temperatures by 3:30. tomorrow, warmer than today by two to four degrees but saturday and sunday the sea breeze is back and morning clouds give way to slight sun shine in the afternoon and temperatures drop one or two degrees each day. we are below average today and near average tomorrow and below average on saturday and sunday. >> the track is average. we have a situation where a postal truck in a ditch south 101 at brisbane and the tow truck is on the scene to get that pulled out of there so minor delays leaving san francisco on southbound 101. we have delays on bart this morning san francisco in the pittsburg direction at sfo because of equipment problems and 15 to 20-minute delay. no other mass transit problems and from the central valley it
5:40 am
is bunching up at dublin at 36 minutes. 101 through marin is looking good. in macarthur maze, westbound 80 at the connection to 580 we have a stall reported in the slow lane so you could find delays there. >> next the pit bull that mauled a boy last week was supposed to be put down and it is still alive. >> yahoo stages a
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>> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> on this thursday morning, animal control says it will schedule a hearing next week to decide the fate of two pit bulls that attack add ten-year-old boy in antioch. friends and family and people would do not know hunter came out to raise listen for his medical bills at a restaurant last night. they say the boy is doing well and recovering. one of the boys or dogs that mauled the boy was supposed to be put down next week. that news was a health down to the mother who says she is disgusted of the neighbor's of the to try to save the pit bulls
5:44 am
that almost killed her son. in san jose, a private christian school has hired a private company called wonder wolf to patrol the grounds, two gold were retrieves are used to sniff cars and lockers and hall ways everyone the administration does not have a big drug problem and they want to keep it that way. >> we look at it more as being ahead of the curve and as a deterrent. >> the dog will be called to campus at random and the school says parents were notified and have given permission for the drug sweep. the response overall has been positive. >> the foreign minister of trance is raising the possibility of the use of force in syria if it is proven that president bashar al-assad regime used chemical weapons, the united states, britain and france are demanding a team of united nations experts in syria be granted immediate access to investigation the site near damascus where activists say government forces unleashed chemical weapons on civilians
5:45 am
yesterday killing 100. individuals are brought to hospitals where doctors can do little to help them and the government denies the claims but the administration is asking the u.n. to investigate the allegations. >> more police chaos is expected in egypt this morning, the deposed leader mubarak could be freed at any moment from prison and has been in detention for more than two years since the government was toppled in the popular uprising in 2011 and still faces retrial on charge of complicity in the killings of protesters during the uprising. there is increased anger against the current military backed government and some wonder whether the military coup was a step toward restoring mubarak's old regime. >> now the weather and the temperatures are down. summer is still kind of away from us, in that respect, and the threat of fire is over and thunderstorms are over, and we do have cooler weather for the weekend.
5:46 am
now, roller coaster of temperatures is the big story beside the fact that it is quiet this morning otherren that the breeze. at fairly it is 25 miles per hour. a nice sea breeze developing the 15 miles per hour in napa bringing the marine layer and the clouds which you can see from mount tamalpais. at the bay to the east waiting for the sun, it will be half an hour or so. we will have afternoon sunshine and briefly warmer tomorrow and back to average before the sea breeze comes back with a vengeance and drops the temperatures below average. today, we are in the mid-to-upper 70's throughout the santa clara valley and los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy are the exceptions and mid-80's are the warmer spots today. we will start at 70 at millbrae and to the coast, partly sunny
5:47 am
today, and mid-60's and that will last temperature-wise into downtown although you will see more sunshine and 68 in south san francisco and a few degrees warmer there and same in sausalito and the beaches will stay in the mid-60's and the valleys in the north bay will be 10 or 15 degrees warmer. along the east bay shore, berkeley is 69. the last area to see sunshine along with oakland is at 70. we have low-to-mid 70's everywhere, castro valley and fremont and hercules is 77, and we will not knee the air conditioning today. the temperatures tonight are in the 50's and antioch is warmer at 60 and santa rosa is the cool spot at 51 and the clouds are concentrated in the north bay and in the bay itself as the low pulls to the north like it did while we were sleeping it is lifting and weakening and caught up in the slow pattern and it accelerates away from us and the
5:48 am
best chance of thunderstorms across thorn california dragging the dry air tomorrow and the best day for sunshine is tomorrow with temperatures warmer but we lose it through the week. southbound on 101 it is looking like they just got that accident cleared out of lanes and it was a mail truck in a ditch and they had to wait for a big rig and they got there in the last five minutes and that is looking good now. we have a bart delay 10 to 15 to 20 minutes because of equipment problems in the direction of sfo at pittsburg so plan accordingly there could be delays. the drive time, shows highway 4 is very slow moving to hercules and 80 is looking good to the maze and 87 is great. we have cones on the bay bridge
5:49 am
toll plaza with slowing on the upper deck but no delays at the toll plaza. >> yahoo is king of the internet for the first time in more than two years, the most visited sites in the country. they had four million users than google. last time they held the top spot was may of 2011. >> the boy scouts of america is threatening to take an oakland-based nonprofit to court because of the name, and the use of the word "scouts" is the problem. hacker scouts on the right says they have received a letter from the boy scouts demanding they drop "scouts" from the name or face a lawsuit. hacker scouts focuses on science for kids say they hope to reach a compromise and we post add copy of the letter on our website at
5:50 am
>> coming up, being a good neighborhood, facebook's gift for lucky students headed back to class today. hannah anderson speaks out for the first time since being kidnapped and held in idaho against her will. at 6:00 hour, the internet backlash yahoo's marissa
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>> hannah anderson is speaking for the first time to set the record straight about her kidnapping and the relatesship with the kidnapper. she was kidnapped by james dimaggio after he killed her mother and 8-year-old brother. the search warrants say anderson and dimaggio exchanged 13 phone calls but she says they were text not calls so she could tell him where to pick her up. she spoke to a reporter. >> i was a victim but now knowing everyone out there is helping me i consider myself a survivor. my mom raised me to be strong. >> the san diego -- dimaggio was killed in a shootout in idaho. he left a life insurance policy to hannah's grandmother. can you see the interview on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> lucky students on the peninsula will go back to school with brand new laptops because of facebook, with local leaders in east palo alto visiting an
5:54 am
academy to donate laptops to the entire 8th grade class and will be giving out laptops at bell haven and willow oak schools. they say the goal is to provide students with the equipment they need to learn more about technology and prepare them for high school and beyond. >> new students attending san francisco's state will move into residence halls kicking off the welcome days for freshman, transfer and international students, with five days of activities. the first day of choose is on monday. >> a new report ranches cal and stanford among the best universities including uc berkeley as top public. harvard is number one. number two is stanford. number three is uc berkeley. followed by the massachusetts institute of technology. cambridge rounds out the top five. >> we are five minutes before the hour and mike nicco has the
5:55 am
weather. >> good morning, everyone. you can see the flags burning blowing to the east. good healthy sea breeze bringing in the many layer clouds this morning. we will have delays at sfo. two degrees cooler-than-average in live more and three in san francisco and san jose and 66 and 79, 78 in napa and 76 in redwood city, and those are all four, five, and six degrees cooler-than-average. today you will see what will happen, with the remain thises to the north and moving to the north away from us, so if you are traveling through the central valley, low 90's around sacramento to 80 in tahoe and smoky in yosemite because of the fire and afternoon sunshine at 83 in los angeles and 110 in palm springs. good morning, everyone, we have a bit of a delay if you are leaving antioch and moving westbound highway 4 toward the concord area, under 15 miles per
5:56 am
hour just jamming which is typical if this time of the morning. bartedly is 10 to 15 to 20 minutes at sfo because of equipment problems in pittsburg direction. if you expect someone from the airport they could be delayed. no other mass transit problems. san rafael, southbound 101, headlights moving toward the civic center, smooth sailing to the golden gate bridge. >> a woman in england went to a burger joint and ordered the famous triple decker and dislocated her jaw. this is called the "kids this america burger." she jaw locked. >> too many onions. >> we are officially a week away from the closure of the bay bridge, ahead at 6:00, the new preview of what drivers can expect when the new span finally
5:57 am
were ons. >> but, first, names burn out of control near yosemite national park. >> bran cereal does not have to taste like cardboard.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> now at 6:00, a rage inferno burns out of control near yosemite as more people are chased from their homes by the fire. >> two east bay businesses are targeted in takeover robberies and could be connected to similar crimes. >> we are 12 days away from the opening of the new bay bridge and this morning we get a look at what drivers can expect when
6:00 am
the new span opens up to traffic. >> a week away from the closure and we covering both ends of that. >> it is time for the first check on the weather and cooler-than-average temperatures. >> that is the big story, thank you very much. nice to see both of you. here is live doppler 7 hd, maybe nice to see it has dry air but for the marine layer where we have clouds this morning. we will talk about your day planner the next 12 hours, we start off with clouds and flight arrival delays are an hour and 20 minutes in sfo and oakland is on time. 72 at 4:00. inland neighborhood, clouds are to the north and bright are by noon and dry air means it will be more comfortable this afternoon with temperatures in the upper 70's and the coast show clouds and mist for the morning commute and pockets of sunshine and 60 this


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