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court papers as the alleged trigger puller. his case could have far-reaching effects for the business of football. the nfl association is putting pressure on the patriots to pay hernandez $82,000 that they claim he still owes him. the first of what will surely be many contract battles. meanwhile, there are unanswered questions. did hernandez have a history of violence off the field dating back to his days at the university of florida? do recruiters need to look more closely at athlete's off the field behavior before signing them? when is it time to cry foul? and that is tonight's "feed frenzy." thank you for joining us, and tune into "good morning america" tomorrow, and as always we're on line at good night, america.
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. >> tonight firefighters are losing control of the rim fire burningemite. just short time ago the fire grew by 10,000 aingeers. bringing the total to more than 63,000 acres burned. twice the size of san francisco. >> and the fire is just one percent contained tonight. national fire center says it's the fourth largest and fastestwi growing wildfire in the country. earlier today the governor declared state of emergency freeing up money and firefighters resource. >> fire also caused san francisco to declare a state of emergency because it gets both water and power from the reservoir there. water officials say it's infrastructure is damaged but water quality and supply at this moment are not affected. >> the fire is growing on 3 sides and moving both up and down the river canyon and toward the community of pine mountain lake. highway 120 in yosemite remains closed. more than 2500 structures are threatened and residents living in the fire path are getting ready to evacuate. >> just want to get our pet out
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and my computers and all my photo and box of clothes and that's about it. >>reporter: right now firefighters are dealing with steep terrain and hot dry conditions on the fire lines. good evening. >> i'm carolyn johnson. sandhya is tracking the conditions rate now for us near yosemite. sandhya. >> let me show you live doppler 7 hd and talk about the conditions and humidity starting to creep up a little bit. as you look at live doppler 7 hd we have the fog near the coast and the current conditionse 69 near the fire line 69 degrees relative humidity at 38 percent gone upteen from the teens early today. wind out of the west north west at 7. not quite as breezy as it was early this evening. air quality warning h sued until noon friday and check out the satellite picture. this is taking you back in time. smokee evidence. it is traveled all the way up towards reno. you can see how large that plume is. we do expect the smoke qu
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skys to remain there and not much relief is expected with the warm dry conditions heading into the weekend. back with local forecast in a few minute minutes. >> all right sandhya thank you. >> the fire not forcing any evacuation or closure in yosemite national park but a number of camp nearby severely impacted by the flames. including the city of berkeley family camp. allen is liveerke? >> yes. city officials here are watching that fire very closely tonight. good news for san jose family camp. city officials there say the defensive structure are holding out as that fire passes by. but headed straight for berkeley family camp at last check it was less than a mile away. >> so far the rim fire near yosemite burned more than 6 63,000 acres and almost no containment. the fire is threatening san francisco camp san jose family camp and the jish camp but the berkeley
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family camp is less than a mile away and right in the path. city fire officials monitoring it closely. >> this camp is in the middle of that fire area and part of the evacuation area. >> photo taken on tuesday at 6:00 p.m. about an hour before remaining camper and 55 staff members were evacuated. one staff member tells us the camp lost power and ash was raining down on them as they left. tonight many campers are back home trying to get the latest information. >> we have e-mails going updating i'm on listening to the police scanner from here. turned that a real we just wait to go hear news. >> i have been going up there since i was then years old. >> camp has been serving generation of berkeley residence sense 1922. including james wit who takes his family there each year because it holds his own childhood memory. >> just playing and feeling safe and getting to know my
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wife again or actually getting to know her the first time in eighth grade. >> also a aan oakland firefighters whose fellow fire says in. he says the camp is defensible because it's surrounded by a parking lot and a river and if protected by firefighters he believes it can be saved. in berkeley, abc 7 news. >> the park remains open it will take you longer to get there from the bay area best way is to take highway 99 to merced and highway 140 or highway 41 through oak hurst. 4g >> in the south bay warning tonight to women near college campus. someone atbingd a woman as she was walking along santa clara university or near there lisa is live in santa clara tonight with the story. >> dan the victim was walking along this street when she was attacked. you can see it happened very close santa clare university and quickly afterwards the campus university folks issued this
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statement. >> those at the hut on franklin street want the customers to be on the look out for this man. who sexually assault add woman just after midnight wed less than a block away from the bar. she was walking alone when man grabbed her from behind. pushed her into the bushes and attacked her. >> she was very brave young female that fought off her attacker. scared him. probably wouldn't expecting that. victim got away and called for help. just 15 minutes later santa clara univ alert thought alert by e-mail and voice mail. >> attempted sexual assault occurred in the vice president of franklin and sherman street streets. >> university called it an taepted assault while police do not. either way students are worried. >> i actually got a call from my mom that morning are you okay are you safe because we live 3 block from here. >> definitely a little like unnerving that it happens intercampus. >>reporter: long time resident sanchez has noticed more transient in her neighborhood.
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>> i don't know who this man is pichlt shame. >>reporter: hopes women will be even more careful. >> out and about walking aroun around. girls jogging by themselves. college behavior and i just think they take for granted the safety of the neighborhood. >>reporter: police won't confirm if the victim was connected to the university. in santa clara, lisa, abc 7 news. >> developing news tonight. we learned that san francisco police officer has been arrested on child molestation charges. officer who was not identified was arrested in concord. we are told the sf pd is awhich are of the investigation but not releasing information on the officer at the moment. the officer was arrested and then released. san francisco fire department is reviewing its policy that bans firefighters from using helmet camera. chief white spoke about the ban today at the san francisco fire commission meeting. policy has been in effect since 2009 but reemphasized just days after
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the san francisco chronicle. image from video that shows the fire truck running over one of the victims of the july 6th asian airlines crash. >> evaluating that at this time. just this week we have 12 from other fire departments most have the same rule. >>reporter: same rule being also prohibiting helmet cam. it's about the privacy of victims and firefighters we are told. >> boost for san francisco city college fight to keep its accreditation. city attorney hererra filed a lawsuit today against the accrediting commission for community and junior college to resin the sanctions. last month the acc j.c. said city college failed to meet quality assurance standard. june is being asked to block the commission to take action. >> stop them from closing this which is a corner stop of
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economic opportunity and educational promise for generations of san francisco. >> in a statement the community college chancellor office said by its own admission city college didn't meet the standards that all 112 community colleges in california have agreed to meet. >> san francisco martial arts studio had no defense for out of control car that crashed into its do jo this evening. n of 22 intersection of 22nd ave and balboa in the richmond district. the car just plowed into the corner of the building smash go through one of the studio walls. driver was shaken but no one was injured. investigators have not said what caused this crash. spending a lot of money on back to school smrichlt mechanical is here with tips on how to save some money. >> a little knowledge and help of few web sites you will not only save but be reward. i'll explain. >> like something out of a movie. nasa reveals the plan to send astronauts into deep
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space. where headed. >> movies. reborn batman rebory area alaska tort next to don
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>> keeping the back to school bump he it under control these days is not easy. >> school supply prices up 8%. michael is here now with some advice on saving big. >> there you go. get the best deal most of us compare price and rebate but leaves out important savings tool. reward points. keep them in line and double your savings. the aisle crowded and the shopping list are long. >> i got the head phones. and
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the crayons and folders. >> my school book, pencils and head phone for the computers and that's it. >>reporter: what do you want on the list. >> i got a bunch of stuff in santa cruz so just looking here. >> thinks the fine tuning. >>reporter: even fine-tuneing can cost you. that is why you have to think in terms of dollars and cents and credit card points. joe is with consumer action. >> if you go to a grocery store and you have a good rewards credit card like this blue cash that saves you 6 percent on everything you buy at grocery store so that's way to save money if the school supply you are interested in is found at grocery store. >>reporter: when shopping on line for back to school items expert shopper jill says never start at the retailer web site. >> a lot of credit card discover does this portal through the site where you shp through discover you may save an extra percentage on what you are buying for the month of
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august discover cards offering 10% for macy, jcpenney, k mart, foot locker retailers shopping on lean any way. >>reporter: this may the ultimate back to school point prament. >> you promise is a college savings award program so when you buy the things you need to buy any way as long as you buy them through the merchant you can save money cash back for college. >>reporter: good to the web site and begin putting away money for the kid education. there's a credit card if you want. on line shopping portal and more. >> you can also save money when dining out. when booking travel. even buying selling a house. >>reporter: carolyn has been using you promise for years. has received 1500 dollars for yofor her daughter college fund. >> those funds are swept into an associated investment account. and the earnings those earnings earn money as
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investment in that account. >>reporter: her advice is to seen up but be sure to keep track of your spending. >> if one can pay back the entire credit card balance in each billing period then it's really free money and that's not something that anyone wants to leave on the table. >> especially not school money. >> exactlyactly. >>reporter: because your back to school list is endless. >> cereal. healthy cereal. glued stick. >>reporter: and on and on. we have link to all these savings on our web site just go to this web site. click on 7 on your side and tomorrow night at 1 11:00 we have more savings after back to school savings. >> these are great tips. thank you. >> good stuff. nasa has unveiled the plan to send astronauts to app asteroid where bruce willis when you need him. space agencyanimation released this animation detailing the mission that would have astronauts landing on asteroid taking sample then returning to earth. proposed
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trip part of obama bump it for the space agency the but the mission doesn't take place would probably take 9iest. days and would use the new 0ryan space capsule. >> golden state warrior turn some of the fans into stars.iorr some of the biggest fans to star in this season commercial. want everyone mom dad kids grandparents. >>reporter: fans will have 30 seconds to show how much they love the warriorsg. casting call tomorrow. registration begins at 2:00 o'clock at the oakland convention center on broadway. more information good to our web site and click on see it on tv. >> they have no problem getting great people because warrior fans are some of the best in the league. loyal and enthusiastic. >> weather forecast weekend almost here. >> sandhya is here now. >> a little warm-up coming as we approach the weekend. live doppler 7hd showing you the usual. summertime fog. right
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interthe coast. pushing in over parts of the north bay right now. we will see it first thing tomorrow morning. so check out the view from the camera. gorgeous view there as we look out to the bay. bay bridge. you can see the low clouds there. marine layer is 2000 feet deep. 59 in san francisco. 60 redwood city. oakland low 60's san jose los gatos from mount tamalpiais camera. lack towards the bay you can see the low cloud there as well. santa rosa napa you have cooled off if 50. concord again degrees and the view from our emeryville camera rook looking back to the marine layer over san francisco, warmer tomorrow and with below average high sunday and monday. so the second half of the weekend is cooler but it is going to be very pleasant in the days ahead. area of low pressure that brought us lightning storm earlier this week brought unstable weather around the statement finally moves out. moving into the
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pacific northwest and as it continues to head out of here we see things return to normal around here. low clouds first thing tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. starts off pretty gray then clouds pull away. warmer conditions in the afternoon except for patch of low clouds that linger along san francisco county coast. overnight temperature low upper 50's head out the door tomorrow might need strat layer. on the cool side kids will need to be bundled up as well then in the afternoon get rid of the extra layer. 80 degrees in san jose. south bay 84 gilroy. 76 santa cruz. subpoena shineing in sunny veil. mountain view 78 in redwood city. 64 in pacifica. you see a little bit of gray there lingering. 67 half moon bay. similar to today in half moon bay. 68 downtown san francisco. south city 70 degrees. north bay community you see the 60's coast side low 90's around ukiah. clear lake 83 santa
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rosa. novato. 81 san rafael. east bay it's temperatures really close to average. 72 in oakland. 78 castro v fremont inland spots you are around 90 degrees in brentwood. 85 concord. 87 in livermore. check of the accu-weather 7 day forecast. mid 60's to upper 80's again on saturday. cooling down to the mid 80's. few extra clouds sunday mid 80's there. monday as well low 60's coast side then we see the numbers bouncing rate back by thursday. it's the summertime spread. mid 60's to low 90's back to the usual pattern. >> we will inevitably thank yo you. >> collin is in for larry tonight. >> baseball to talk about this evening. this just happened half hour ago. the fan. like this. starting catcher john on the dl with concussion. derek north broken toe. a's need help behind the plate.
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familiar place
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>> desperate need of back stop help with injuries to these a's on the verbal of reacquiring fan favorite suzuki. oakland traded him to the washington national last year hitting 223 with 3 homeers limited playing time this season. how fitting to be for him to become the catalyst a's need down the stretch. everything gone wrong for matt and giants this queer has gone right for the pirates. tonight game an example of that. start of 4 game series
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here we go 2nd inning 1 nothing pittsburgh. make it 2 nothing. jones. jones in for a splash down there it is. canes 2 homeers in the engine and he warm front to leave the game in the fourth after taking this sanchez come backer off the forearm. cain was in pain x-rays negative. trailing 3 nothing the giants would rally to tie it up with the buck explode in the fifth. alvarez bases loaded scores 2. beginning 7 runs in the inning for the pirates. giants get dismantled 10-5. fear the beard is officially back. beard is nastier than ever. wilson with the dodger debut against the marlins. he helped clayton shut out miami 6 nothing. l.a. now 19 games up on the giants in the west. 1 14ers signed veteran wallace compete with mccoy, scott and daniels back up quarte back upk
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position. wallace signed by the saints last thursday. they waved him on monday. nip year vet spent majority of career with the seahawks. now he will open the season second on the depth chart behind kaepe. watch me dot pull up on the railing guys. right there. i cringe saying this. the superbowl champion ravens hosting carolina tonight. this looks familiar. fv punt return touch down. 74 yard. panthers special team touch down and 3 defensive scores in the 34-27 win. chase for fedex cup on first round. mainly are over and tiger in contention this week. 4 under, 67. 3 back of kitchen. shot of the day. scott brown drivable par 4 16. about to good for a swim. when it bounds off som on the cart path bridge.y ricochet ever work leak this for me no.
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is a on pa 4 albatross. that close. tap eagle brown 6 shots behind statler. yes. they are good. this brought to you by riff rock casino oychlt kevin look like his dad. >> thanks. >> hollywood news coming up. controversial choice. >> next on 7 news. actor who will my batman in the upcoming movie
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>> wake up weather and as you look here, low clouds patchy fog tomorrow morning.. cool start. temperatures low upper 50's at 5:00 a.m. only guest up into the mid 50's to low 60's at 8:00 a.m. but it's
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warmer in the afternoon. mike will be here 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> thanks sand yaichlt speaking of wake up weather. down load our alarm clock smart phone app to start your day with bay area news head liens, live doppler 7 hd radar and traffic alert. visit our app for down load details. >> pretty handy check it out. >> there is a new face behindth. >> ben is taking over the role of bat map from christian. he will play bruce wayne in the 2015 superman sequel. >> it puts the characters together on the big screen for the first time henry will return as superman. this will be ben first time as super hero since daredevil you may have seen. >> coming up jim kill, jason that's come up next our report now. >> 7 news continues right now on lean on twitter facebook and mobile did he vase with the new
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abc 7 news 8. appreciate your time as always. next newscast against at 4:30 tomorrow against at 4:30 tomorrow morning have a good night
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residents in another 1,300 homes are urged to evacuate. still no conclusive
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explanation behind the computer glitch that halted operations at the nasdaq. the problem affected the stock exchange electronic system that links 13 exchange. hit many companies in which many hold retirement, google, apple, microsoft, face book. fortunately the market closed higher. all the angst about the nasdaq had plenty of people ready for a beer. >> and they have the answer for that at the newest establishment in east lansing, michigan. people lined up around the corner for hours, all to be first patrons of a bar, hopcat. >> no ordinary bar. hopcat served the most beers on tap from any pub, single brewery. 100 taps flowing to the shorts brewing company. >> the first 200 patrons in the door qualified for a free order of the bar signature fries, ooh that sounds good, every week for a year -- jeez. >> where's the fries? where's the beer? we are ready. >> no tequila, fries, beer. what kind of show is this? >> you are a guest. we didn't prepare. sorry.


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