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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 30, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, action on this friday, thanks for joining us, i am kristen sze. the grinding and demolition work continues this morning to get the new bay bridge span ready to open on tuesday. the gridlock was the exception yesterday. will the last work day before the holiday be any different? matt keller has more from the toll plaza. >> a lot the work is done at the toll plaza and you can see the ground. we watched yesterday as they
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grinded up the asphalt here and the approach to the toll plaza is almost complete but they do have to pave this part. more than 14,000 tons of as fault are traveling on trucks on interstate 580 during the commute and the bridge could have 400 workers working in shifts 24 hours a day aiming for the scheduled tuesday 5:00 a.m. opening. >> construction schedules have breathing room in case something goes on, there is a very slim chance we will not make the tuesday morning opening but we have seen nothing to indicate we would not making tuesday morning at 5:00. >> the old bridge is blocking the way for the bicycle path attached to the new span to 1,000 feet is dismantleed. the bicycle bridges will be installed then. weather is a factor that could cause a delay on work but the folks say everything is looking favorable through the weekend.
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>> 5:01. >> i cannot get used to that look, you know? >> it looks like they are shooting a movie, right? >> where have the drivers gone? which alternates did they take? leyla gulen? >> they are probably going to take san mateo bridge and we have talked about this, and mike brought it up, i don't think people want to pay two tolls so they could get to richmond-san rafael bridge to get around the golden gate bridge. hopefully traffic will move along well, and so far, so good, the same amount of cars as we had yesterday. i-80 is moving at top speed and 580, too, not giving us any problems with no crashes to report. on the peninsula, 101, headed into san francisco toward the skyway we have it shut down but traffic is moving well into san
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francisco. the san mateo bridge shows traffic moving in the westbound direction but a report of the accident at the tolls. mike? >> on this friday we are track ing fog and it thickens up in the north bay and quarter-mile visibility in napa so be careful. two miles visibility in novato, and patches of fog long the shoreline of the by so it will be a variable condition during the commute. from the east bay hill cloud cover is on top of the east bay shoreline and by the afternoon hours, faster sunshine and temperatures warmer than average, up to 95 in the inland neighbors and 66 to 74 from the coast into san francisco. >> bart is gearing up again to transport the extra passengers who normally would drive the bay
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bridge. abc7 news reporter is in san francisco. how is the bart commute this morning? >> quiet. regular bart service, not the special service, the regular service started at 4:00 a.m. and we are an hour in and until a m ago i could is counted on one hand how many went up and down the stairs and the last train brought a dozen or so people but it is a friday and it is a holiday weekend and the bridge is casey -- closed and there are no crowds at the embarcadero bart station. yesterday it picked up. the commute could look more like this. yesterday, both the morning and the evening commutes were strained. bart is running longer trains but they were still packed. some had to miss one or two lanes before finding a train with room. 397,000 riders yesterday used
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bart between midnight and 7:00 p.m., 61,000 more than at the same time last year. give yourself extra time if you are using bart. the overnight service only lasts through sunday night into monday not monday into tuesday. bay area ferries were crowded. morning ridership to and from the east bay jumped 57 percent compared to wednesday. on the golden gate ferry there was a 19 percent increase. additional ferries have been added. >> commuters have a variety of ways to get an the closure. parking lots with plenty of spaces suggest that many commuters took public transit or stayed home. a banger found his own way to avoid commute headaches: he book as hotel room if san francisco to ensure he made it
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to a business meeting. >> we decided to come in last night to avoid the morning commute. >> was it a good strategy? >> very good straited -- strategy. >> a downtown restaurant tells abc7 news no one has been canceling reservations but business is lighter than usual. >> how are the roads? we are using cell 7 technology at the waldo tunnel. dick, how does it look? >> eric, i got in the tunnel and locked at the 101 commute southbound and northbound through southern marin county. it is looking good as far as traffic. there are pockets of fog. not impacting on traffic too much but i have a cheer view of the traffic ahead of me and thing for hasn't been a factor with driving. it could be a changeable
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situation as the pockets move around. i am looking at the golden gate bridge and i can barely make out the bridge. there is fog obscuring the bridge and the warning lights on the bridge so fog on the golden gate bridge. could be an issue but the track is far is light going in both directions. >> the closure will last for up to five full days over the labor day holiday and open action next tuesday morning, perhaps earlier if they can get ahead of schedule and we will alert twitter followers the moment it opens at abc7 news bay area on twitter. >> another look at the work on the new eastern span of the bay bridge on the left. we are streaming this at
5:08 am we will stream the caltran morning construction update at 8:00 and the afternoon briefing is at 4:30 and we will air that at 4:00. also, information on all the extra service bart, act traps it and the ferries are bringing to help you get to all the fun bay area events this weekend and the big efferent is the chain cutting ceremony on monday at 3:00 p.m. can we will air live. >> switching gears we have breaking news in the south by where san jose police say a robbery suspect has been shot by police after he tried to run over an officer with his car. it happened on north king road. at 1:00 o'clock a.m. officers spot add car they believed use in a robbery. the driver took off when they tried to stop the vehicle and it crashed. the suspect was shot at least once during a confrontation. he was taken to the hospital and he is being treated and a search
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for a second suspect is underway. >> millions of americans hit the road this labor day weekend to celebrate the unofficial end to summer. aaa predicts those traveling this weekend will jump by 6 percent compared to labor day weekend a drear ago. most will drive. the same survey shows that labor day weekend travel will reach the highest level since 2008 and analysts credit the improving economy with driving the surge in travel. >> we will see if folks are hitting the road early because of the holiday week. leyla gulen? >> we are going to anticipate heavier traffic as the morning wears on. it looks the same as yesterday but we do have a problem at the san mateo bridge toll. this could cause a crimp in the commute. westbound at the toll plaza we have a report of a crash involving a truck and it involves injuries. when you get to the bridge you are moving at top speeds.
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the golden gate bridge shows from sausalito traffic is flowing smoothly but so far, so good and we are looking at a quick drive from 580 to the city. mike nicco? >> good morning, everyone. if you are in the east bay develop you are getting up early because of the longer commute and stepping outside into low-to-mid 60's if most neighborhoods and san ramon at 58 and dublin/pleasanton at 57 and headed down to way to catch bart and 70 in pittsburg if you use that bart station that is a warmer spot. around the rest of our neighborhoods we have mid-to-upper 50's from santa rosa and napa and novato at half moon bay and 60 in san francisco to 64 in san jose. from sutro tower this only we are want thing for trying to making it across the golden gate bridge to san francisco and fewer clouds this morning and temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's and next 12 hours sunshine by noon and 66 at the coast to
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62 inland. during the 4:00 hour, 68 at coast to 92 inland and 62 to 82 for the evening festivities on friday. kristen and eric? >> a sign the economy doing better, the tooth fairy is leaving more money for the kids. bloomberg business report is next. >> new developments in the crisis in syria as the united states, france, and the u.k. weigh in on whether there will be military strikes. >> how a peninsula state lawmaker wants to make limousines safer after the fire on san mateo bridge that claimed the
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>> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> new this morning the president of france says they may go ahead with military strikes on syria for using cell weapons despite the british parliament failure to endorse such action. the british parliament voted against intervening in a stunning move. the white house says president obama has not yet made a decision but is prepared to act alone. intelligence report will be released publicly today that reportedly proves that syrian president bashar al-assad's regime is responsible for a chemical attack that killed hundreds of men, women, and children. >> happening today a bill aimed at making limousines safer place as critical vote before a state asimply committee.
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the bill follows the death of five women on the san mateo bridge in may when the limousine burst into flames. state senator hill sponsored the bill this calls for all let scenes to carry two fire sting -- extinguishers and to meet federal and state safety standards. >> san diego mayor filner is expected to finally leave office if disgrace. he is a ten term congressman who leaves office less than nine months into the four year term as mayor and steps down a week after a defiant speech which he told the city council he was the innocent victim of a lynch mob. the city council president will serve as mayor until a november 19 special election. so far, 13 candidates have expressed their intention to run. >> you may be surprised who is
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paying the most and the least on the electric bills. >> more americans than you think will be hard at work on labor day. here is the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, not everyone is planning on relaxing on labor day but nearly all employers operate as a paid holiday. 4 percent of organizations will still require some workers to come in on monday. >> have you cranked up the air conditioning this summer? bloomberg business report looked at data from the energy information administration and residents in louisiana, idaho, and rhode island are see the biggest sticker shock compared to last year. states like illinois, hawaii, and delaware, had falling prices. >> stock rose for a second day on a report showing the united states economy expanded in the second quarter. >> having kids is expensive and a loose tooth will cost you more. the tooth fairy survey shows children get an average of $3.70
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for each tooth this year up 23 percent from the $3 left in 2012 and at this rate, it could be up to $4.40 next year. that is the new york stock exchange with the bloomberg business report. >> many people would rely on bay bridge to get to work or turning to bart and that includes members of our own news team. >> our assignment manager is at a bart station. jim? jim? jim, are you there? he usually comes in from oakland we will find out where he is. >> i am still here, eric. >> jim, what is going on? >> i am at the bart station to catch the 5:20 into san francisco. i was here yesterday morning at this time and i can see there are half as many people here
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this morning as year. at this time. i can feel it as i walked to the station here there were fewer people looking for places to park and it will be an easier ride than yesterday. it was harder to get a seat coming in yesterday morning. what i noticed yesterday morning, i saw four or five people with bicycles and i doesn't only one bicycle this morning. a lot of the people have their suitcases and are headed to oakland airport or sfo. my prediction it will not be so crowd as yesterday. i help to have more information when i get to the other end. >> it will be interesting to see if there are as many people standing today. our guess is probably not because yesterday a lost tweets told us standing room only on the train cars.
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>> i was concerned about coming home last night and it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. >> the assignment manager getting ready to board a bart train and come to work. >> are there fewer cars at this hour? leyla gulen? >> i would say, yes. we are looking at the same traffic as we had yesterday, same direct travel times headed along the san mateo bridge so not too bad. we anticipated a lighter commute in the morning. we will look at our waze app with a report of a crash at the san mateo bridge toll plaza and it is blocking a lane and one person is trapped and because our wazer, roger is helping us with our waze community. you can down the exclusive waze app and down led it if free and
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it will help you navigate the roads. the shot of san mateo bridge, if you make the drive in the westbound direction you can see the extra tail lights but everyone is still moving along at top speeds to get the to peninsula and 101 is clear. >> good morning, everyone. we are still tracking fog this morning and it is improved in santa rosa, from four to nine in novato so there is ebb and flow. still out there. the golden gate bridge is the back drop if our forecast: quicker sunshine, our warmest day. weekend cooling trend on the way. something new for monday: chance of storms. we will keep an eye on that.
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mid-80's in santa clara valley and los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy low-to-mid 90's and sunshine and santa cruz, 84 degrees and low-to-mid 80's on the peninsula and milbrae is 76 and 70 at half moon bay to 66 in pacifica and low-to-mid 70's in downtown and south san francisco and mid-80's to 90 in the north bay valley and 10:00 this morning, they will bless the grapes and 72 degrees with sunshine. mid-to-upper 60's at beaches and mid-to-upper we 70's in berkeley and richmond and low-to-mid 80's on the east bay shore. tonight, a lot like this morning, and just a little bit more cloud cover in the north bay and upper 50's to middle 60's. here is what is happening, high pressure moves over and we have
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less cloud cover and quiet winds. this cold front i am not worried about but it is the next one to the north that will come down and bring us the cooling trend for the weekend so until then we have storms to the north, and storms to the south, and sunshine this between and we are right in the middle of that. the saturday, sunday, monday, we lose two to four degrees east day and a slight chance of a thunderstorm on monday and warmer weather is back for tuesday, when, and thursday. eric and kristen? >> seven things to know use start your day. >> another look at how bay area drivers are coping without the bay bridge and here is a picture from cell 7 technology northbound 101. nce for that uid refreshment. that's "america's money." make it a great day. i'm john muller. [ sighs ] [ chuckles ]
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>> here are seven things to know. caltran says the work on the bay bridge is on schedule. work during the bridge closures involves completion of the road surface at yerba buena island island and grinding and striping of the new roadway. >> good news as we look at the oakland maze along i-80's toward 580. the drive is looking heavier but 14 minutes gets you from highway 4 to the maze. >> east san jose, police say a robbery suspect is in the hospital after he was shot by police. police say the suspect tried to run over the officer and the
5:26 am
officer opened fire. >> san jose police arrested a substitute teacher after detectives say they found child pornography on the home commuter. he has, worked in the school district since 2006 and the district believes that no students are potential victims. >> five, the bill to make limousines safer face as big vote today after five women died when a limousine burst into flames on the san mateo bridge in may. the bill calls for tougher safety standards and requires all limousines to carry two fire extinguishers. >> fire crews report they are making progress against the rim fire. the forecast calls for higher temperatures that could make it harder to fight the flames. the fire has bunched 200,000 acres in and near yosemite national park and is 32 percent contained. >> the temperatures could approach triple digits with a thunderstorm threat. at home, look at the lack of clouds downtown in this area but
5:27 am
an update on the cooling trend for the week. >> thank you, mike, six flags is extending the hows with the slay he theme parkay knownsing plans to stay open year round starting in january each weekend through the year and opening a new ride next year the tsunami soaker, a boat road, that includes giant water falls. >> we have the top stories including the famous bridge troll and the decision by caltran. >> making sure labor day weekend stays safen at roads, the c.h.p. plan about to get
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. on this friday morning this is the bay bridge toll plaza. the only vehicles belong to caltran or the contractors. the bay bridge is shut down. >> for a second straight morning commute the picture behind us on the bay bridge toll plaza tells the story. this is a look at the alternates. this is san mateo bridge. you can see a lot of tail lights westbound with increased traffic because of the closure and you can see the headlights are going eastbound. maybe some people are doing a get away weekend dry. >> could be. leyla gulen has the roads. >> lost folks will do the get away friday thing so more traffic later this morning and early afternoon. we have a problem at the san mateo bridge toll, an accident involving a car and a car.
5:31 am
one person was trapped. we have solid red headed toward the toll plaza. beyond that be you are look at top speed and not too bad. in the richmond-san rafael bridge a wonderful alternate to the bay bridge and obviously we have a load at the toll and into the not bay and to the golden gate bridge you are at 50 miles per hour so not too bad. as we lack into san jose this is we i would away from 880 extra cars in the northbound direction toward the san jose airport but not too shabby. >> we will talk about the fog at 1.25 mile visibility in napa, and there is patchy fog along the bay shoreline but not hitting the reporting stations. very mild and low-to-mid 60's in most neighborhoods and san ramon is 58 and 55 in novato and napa
5:32 am
and 55 in santa rosa. oakland is 63 and san jose is 64. temperatures are hitting the mid 90's in the east bay valley and up to 90 in the north bay and mid-to-upper 80's in the south bay and low 80's throughout the bay until san francisco which is 74. construction work to get the new bay bridge ready continues around the clock and matt keller continues coverage near the toll plaza with the latest. matt? >> we are on the roof of the toll plaza. check out the view. you can see both decks as work continues. of the 400 workers on the bridge during the peak times, work during the closure can be decided into three main projects: democrat police, completion of the road surface at yerba buena island and
5:33 am
grinding and maybing and striping. >> work is progressing and we have not had hitches. >> at the yerba buena island tunnel, it is half finished. traction will be improved and it will last longer. according to caltran, it is going well and the work is on schedule with a slim chance they are not gaining to make the tuesday 5:00 a.m. deadline. >> thank you, that is good news, because the work is not stop. this video was recorded from the camera on yerba buena island with finishing touches being shown the scene of demolition and construction as caltran works to beat the clock to be ready tuesday morning.
5:34 am
>> bart is reporting a jump if ridership. that means packed trains. katie marzullo continues the coverage from san francisco. >> i am seeing more riders now with mixed reviews but no horror stories. one man always takes an early train but the 5:00 a.m. train felt like an 8:00 a.m. train with all seats full and it is only going to pick up. we can show you video of the more crowded times yesterday during the commute. the busiest time bart tells me from 8:00 to 8:30 maybe interest 9:00 but the regular early rider s say they can feel the difference this early. >> you can tell it is friday before a three-day holiday weekend. the extra cars on the bart
5:35 am
trains are helping. i was surprised the parking lot is already filled. >> i heard a lot of feedbecome about parking lots to give your sell more time bart is doing the best it can, longer trains, overnight service from 14 bart stations and trains running once an hour through the sunday into monday commute. that should get you through. on bart, though, labor day monday, bart is running a saturday schedule. >> thanks. on the roads, our evening near has been giving us traveling traffic control with cell 7. dick, you are on the richmond-san rafael bridge and committing out the commute? >> yes. i am eastbound on the richmond-san rafael bridge and
5:36 am
traffic is moving at speed limit. you cannot see the upper deck which is westbound traffic. westbound traffic is starting to build into marin county. also building is the southbound 101 traffic to the golden gate bridge. the story here has been the pockets moving fog. when i came across the bridge 25 minutes ago it was socked in. it is now cheer. what is socked in are pockets of 101 along the bay bridge coming from strawberry, the richardson bay bridge, and on the golden gate bridge you have seriously impacted visibility, maybe 500'. >> thank you. it is official, the bay bridge troll will have a hole on the new bridge mounted on the side of the old bridge and its fate was uncertain until yesterday. the figure was welded on by
5:37 am
workers after the 1989 earthquake that is supposed to be a lucky charm. caltran says that the troll will absolutely have a home on the new bridge. our news crews are taking interesting pictures covering the bridge shut down and this is from our reporter showing the new span in the back ground and a rusted section of the old cantilever span. jonathan tweeted this photo yesterday. >> stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage on the bay bridge closure and we will stream the only construction update at 8:00 a.m. and the afternoon briefing is at 4:30 which will be aired on abc7 news at 4:00. there is information on the extra service bart, a.c. transit and the ferries are providing. the big event monday is at 3:00 p.m. the chain-cutting ceremony
5:38 am
which will be aired. >> switching gears to breaking news from the south bay, san jose police say a robbery suspect has been shot by police after he tried to run an officer over with his car. this happened at 1:00 o'clock a.m. officers spotted a car they believed used in a robbery. the driver took off when they tried to stop the car but the car crashed. the suspect was shot once during a confrontation with police. he was taken to the hospital. all available california highway patrol officers are on doubt starting tonight for the holiday weekend joining the nation-wide drunk driving crackdown that started two weeks ago with checkpoints set up throughout the bay area. the drive sober or get pull over campaign coincides with the annual labor day maximum enforcement period that begins at 6:00 p.m. and continues until
5:39 am
monday night at midnight. >> what is going on with the roads, leyla gulen? >> we have a report of a brand new accident in oakland along 580, this is where we have a solo vehicle spinout facing the wrong way, hit the center divider and one lane is blocked with no delays yet on 580 and we have a clear commute with heavy backups at the san mateo bridge. we will go outside and look at the drive coming through pleasanton hill to walnut creek southbound 680 away from highway 4 to the 24 junction and it is moving well but we have a buildup of traffic, slight tap on the break closer to the 24 junction and it will take you nine minutes headed in the southbound direction. i will have more details on the richmond-san rafael bridge and golden gate bridge and more. mike? >> good friday morning. we will look from our exploritorium camera at the with the side of the bay bridge and the openings that are developing
5:40 am
in the cloud deck that is hugging the coast and the shoreline but not over the water. our big story is 24 hour temperature change three degrees warmer in santa rosa to concord at seven and we will be 90 in santa rosa and 92 at concord and 74 in san francisco and five degrees warmer than yesterday. it will feel warmer today. we are starting in the 60's and we end up sunny everywhere by noon and a bright day for you and mid-60's and low 70's around the bay and low 80's inland and by 4:00 low 90's inland and upper 60's at the coast and pleasanton this evening and maybe warm inland at 82 and 62 at the coast. >> signs of progress as a stubborn wildfire buns near yosemite national park. and the updated containment
5:41 am
numbers. >> first, another picture of the san mateo bridge the friday morning is underway without the bay bridge and you can see there is a lot of traffic now headed both westbound and eastbound continuing come as the abc7 news only news
5:42 am
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this is where the grinding and striping is going on the new section of the bay bridge from our yerba buena island camera to try to get it ready to be attached to the old bridge by tuesday morning at 5:00 a.m. new progress on the fight against the fire in yosemite with containment up at 32 percent and evacuation advisory in place for tuolumne has been lifted. officials say it will not be fully contained for weeks. winds are shifting smoke north and officials have issued an air quality warning for people in gold country. >> police are warning citizens of a snake scam that hit several cities including burlingame and san mateo. a woman posing as an animal control officer talks a resident
5:45 am
into searching his backyard for snakes and her accomplice is in the house and steals from it. union city police released this sketch of a woman wanted for a similar scam. the suspect is described as heavy set hispanic female with a new york or bronx accent at 5' 2" with bleached blond hair. >> food worker at oakland international airport are protesting unfair labor practices picketing beginning at 4:00 a.m. with rallies planned for later today at the airport. workers are fighting for better wages and in contract negotiations for a year with host international. >> coverage continues and we go back to the road with our engineer who is giving great live traveling traffic reports with cell 7. dick, you are moving through berkeley area on 80?
5:46 am
>> yes, kristen, i am on 80 and i am coming up to powell street and i will come up shortly to the closure of the right lanes that normally are set up to go over the san francisco and oakland bay bridge. northbound and southbound 880 has been moving at the speed him here so far and i do expect to get into slowing ahead. the story in the marin county area has been pockets of the fog which mike talked about particularly if you are going over the golden gate bridge. >> thank you very much. it is 5:46. time if a check on traffic elsewhere. where is it busy? leyla gulen has a look at the details. >> busy at the san mateo bridge toll plaza with reports of a possible third accident involving four to five vehicles and westbound 92, that is where we have one lane blocked and that is why you see all this red
5:47 am
and we see a buildup of traffic on the bridge to get to the peninsula and we have heavier traffic and this shot, talking to jim from abc7 news, yesterday and we anticipate maybe a later start to the friday get away commute and a look outside and a picture of the san mateo bridge and you can see traffic is starting to build if that westbound direction making it to the high-rise but, still, moving, nonetheless. >> good morning, everyone, we have load clouds hugging the core line and the cost but otherwise, it is quiet looking from sutro tower on a clean san
5:48 am
francisco where the temperatures are running 60. the warmest day is today and a cooling trend on store for the weekend and here is a twist, a model is showing storms on monday. mid-80's in the south bay and to santa cruz and gilroy low-to-mid 90's. low-to-mid 80's on the peninsula a nice day to head to the pool, and 76 in millbrae and 70 is the warm spot along the coast at half moon bay and 66 in daly city and colma and low-to-mid 70's downtown and south san francisco and mid-80's to near 90 in the north bay valley and blessing the grapes at 10:00 this morning at 72. mid-to-upper 60's along the beaches and mid-to-upper 60's berkeley and richmond and low-to-mid 80's along the east bay shore and low-to-mid 90's, a touch of summer in the east bay valley. the temperatures are mild, upper 60's and what is happening, we
5:49 am
are in between two systems so we have a sandwich today. this area of low pressure to the north is what comes down during the weekend and brings us a slow cooling trend, two to four degrees tomorrow and sunday. tuesday, wednesday, and thursday another warming trend after the cooling on monday. >> the duke and duchess make the first public appearance since the birth their son. >> facebook is ready to make privacy changes again and traffic is moving fine into san francisco an alternative that the drivers are
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>> drivers who usually use the bay bridge are having to find another way around. for many, bart has been the way to go. >> we have talked to jim who got into san francisco on bart from oakland, good morning, jim. how was it? it was compared to yesterday uneventful. i took the 5:20 bart to
5:53 am
embarcadero and there want the angst of yesterday. we were back to normal like a wednesday morning with lots of room as we stopped at the stations people were getting on and not a lot of people standing and when we got off the station i noticed this morning there was not the big heavy crowd there was yesterday and i felt, yesterday morning, it was like quarter to 8:00 but now it seem back to normal and not so man bicycles but i saw at the love people with suitcases going to the airport. >> come on to work, a cup of hot coffee is waiting. >> the douche and duchess made the first public appearance since the birth of their son, prince george.
5:54 am
the couple, will and kate, appeared today to start the the marathon. the appearance is days after kate was spotted shopping oning the card. the appearance was not an inconvenience, they live in this town. she is looking great. >> facebook is making changes to the privacy policies. next thursday, they will enact the new policy that includes details of what facebook does with your personal information. adjusting your account is not easier with the privacy controls buried in six menus partly in response to a $20 million settlement for using personal information in advertising without compensation or allowing customers to opt out. >> the bart commute has been good. how about the driving commute?
5:55 am
>> it is tough at the spay i don't bridge tolls where we have this accident with one lane blocked and we have backups as you make the approach to the tolls and it clears from there and you moving at top speed and we have this accident in oakland westbound 580 involving one vehicle that hit the center divider and now it is blocking one lane but so far, so good, we do not have the delays and we have lighter traffic this morning than yesterday so folks will get the later morning commute going on because of the labor day holiday. i 80's is building and 15 minutes to get from highway four. mike? >> jim has extra time on the way to work with the doughnut shop which he does open friday sometimes. >> millbrae has the 43rd art
5:56 am
and wine festival. windy sunday into monday and cooler. enjoy the festival. now the air quality, tuolumne, still until noon, very hazardous air there, and dense smoke advisory to tahoe until 8:00 and i expect all these to be extended through the weekend and if you are headed to the south, you can see the flood were whats in the green where the thunderstorms are going to stay during the weekend. if you are headed to tahoe 83 degrees today but through the weekend it will continue to be smoky and we will run out sunday with a chance of thunderstorms. >> this is the second morning without the bay bridge and complete coverage of closure from overnight construction from the impact on bart and we will find out what to expect as we head into the labor day week. >> probably the pain reliever you have right now talking about
5:57 am
tylenol a new warning about to go on bottles of the popular product and the reason behind the change. >> right now our news engineer is headed southbound on 880 and you can see his are flowing but we will check elsewhere coming
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. this is a look of the bay bridge toll plaza and the bridge is closed. ahead where the around the clock construction stands this or. >> this picture tells the story, busy birth -- bart trains and how many extra passengers they are carrying. >> a substitute teacher is behind bars after miss say they
6:00 am
found him with child pornography. the school where he works and was arrested. >> on friday 6:00 with labor day weekend and upper deck is all quiet. >> taking a look elsewhere at the san mateo bridge, which is getting increased traffic because of the bay bridge closure and as you can see there is good volume but it looks to be moving long okay. >> we will look, also, at the golden gate bridge with plenty of fog moving fine another alternative to get to san francisco and right now we go to our traffic reporter. how is it, leyla gulen? >>guest: we have one problem the at san mateo bridge and it is moving along fine in the westbound direction but it is before you get to the rest of the bridge we have a problem. we have three different accidents at


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