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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 30, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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showing the new span being constructed piece by piece, good evening. >> we've learned lieutenant governor gavin newsom will cut the chain when the new bridge open autos yes. we'll have a live report on just a moment. >> there is heavy traffic around the bay area because of the closure, take a look. you can see red lines on this map have traffic backed up. >> if you're waiting for someonee"ñ uz get home or making plans to get away, you may be in for a long wait. sky 7 is live you can see eastbound has heavy traffic this evening. now latest road conditions. laila? >> yes. good afternoon, good evening, i should say. taking a look behind me yes, we've got red lines out there. heading towards san francisco
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bridge another 30 minutes. traveling from san francisco into marin county that is a nightmare, one our, 30 minutes. here is a look at the golden gailt bridge. you can see traffic crawling makes it up to the waldo tunnel. another loif shot for you this is mill valley this is a different perspective of that traffic in the northbound direction you're headlights coming towards us. you can see how slow up to 580. so slow conditions indeed. taking a look at the san mateo bridge that is that 30 minute commute heading out of foster city. slow going with an early report of an accident that is clear. no crashes to report but it's slow because of the congestion.
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it's a stand still this is in the city before you head over to golden gate. you can see we've got nine miles per hour speeds, eight miles per hour, slower in places. and you can join our group. carolyn? ama? over to you. >> now, we've got%i(u sky, excue me, sky 7 technology. hello to dick. where are you now, dick? >> well, laila i'm southbound on highway 880 going through oakland just coming up to the 23 avenue off ramp. i just made trek through marin county over the bridge down 80. i can tell you east side has been good so far slowing a little bit at university avenue. on westbound 80 until getting past that maze for the bridge off ramp.
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and so that is something of a traffic congestion area there with destruction. that marin commute has been horrible. as just mentioned a time for you if you're leaving san francisco maybe taking grant circle route to go out to walnut creek, from san francisco, to highway 24 you're looking at 2 and a half hour plus ride going through marin county and back over to that spot from san francisco. >> all right, dick. thank you so much we appreciate your sitting in traffic today, caltrans assures us traffic tie ups are short term pain for long term gain. as they do massive amounts of work getting the bay bridge ready. here is a look from our camera looking down at the construction
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scraping and grading there. >> hi, heather. >> hi. who knew paving and striping could be a complicate prod ses? you can say they're putting frost ongt cake here at westbound approach with all kinds of lane striping going on. every manner of carts, lots of markers being made with paint so it's a pretty complicate prod ses but they're moving along well here. it's too early to say if they'll be able to open early. last update about an hour ago. work readying new eastern span for traffic is moving along well but it's too soon to say if it might open early. >> folks probably heading out of town for labor day weekend.
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we don't want people planning based on a phantom opening date. right now we're staying 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning. >> among the -- a monumental bridge needs monumental maintenance. caltrans working on the old but sound western span of the bay bridge. with only one lane of active traffic and plenty of sunshine workers can accomplish what would normally take four months. >> including replacing lights that, includes drain clearing. the figure removeal. >> these workers suspended from a tower on a platform with engines clamping down on cables and carry them down, they're repairing a line supplying air for a painting machine. on this structure it could be
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hard to see the decay and it has to be inspected top to bottom every two years. >> so this is a great savings for taxpayers, for us, it's safer, we save money and time. we save the risk of injuries for workers. >> on the other side of the tunnel, work mars on to get the new span ready for traffic. paving is done. lower deck, almost done. democrat laifgs thousand feet of old deck to make way for the bike path is almost complete. grinding and paving at the toll plaza wrapping up and transitioning to striping. >> it's been said it's not as dramatic but it's important this, is the last major hurdle we need to get over to get this open you're looking at a big truck here. we believe it's one of the
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perm lane pieces of equipment with a small guide wheel in the front. paint paint comes shooting out of the back. hopefully we're going to take a look at how this works here it's hot that is striping going down that would be the left exit into the toll flaz plaza parking lot on the way approaching toll plaza to go westbound over the bridge. so everything is on schedule but too soon to say if that means it might open earlier than 5:00 a.m. on tuesdayqux. >> you may wonder about people who live and work on treasure island. it's possible, but tricky. we're live with that part of the story.
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>> most everyone here has one of these. this gives you access and tomorrow, 200 guests of a wedding will be using this to get to the reception. the bride to be and her brides mades have been busy, she and her fiancee are having their reception on treasure island. their guests will be given a pass. but it's going to be a bit of a challenge for some. >> how are we supposed to get there? can we take eastern span from the east bay? and we told them, no. so they were concerned but you know they're close enough to understand and be willing to make the trip. >> she isn't willing to make her trip to the job. she works in berkeley. >> i requested sunday and monday off. i don't feel like dealing with
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the clouds. so it's a couple days off. >> the lack of tourists hurt many businesses here. but dan likes peace and quiet taking muni to his stob. >> if anything making things easier. there is no other traffic on the bridge. taking muni bus is smooth sailing. >> one person seeing the bright side of the bay bridge closure. >> and stay with us for live coverage throughout the bridge closure we'll be streaming the morning and afternoon caltrans briefings on abc 7 also, we'll be live at 3:00 monday for the official chain cutting. plus we'll have a continuous update on construction work on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. and coming up in our next half hour a family with a rich bridge-building histry.
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they've worked on virtually all of the bay area bridges since the very beginning. what they're saying about the transition. >> there is a new plea from a mother of a 22-year-old murder victim in the east bay. the resident shot and killed in june following a car accident. his mother is holding out hope someone will come forward with information to identify killers. nick? >> this is the intersection where the victim was shot and killed. traffic cameras may have captured images of those responsibility but they're asking for the public for help. >> the void cannot be filled. >> maria is a woman in pain. her son was shot and killed in oakland in juchblt the case is unsolved. >> there have been additional 22 homicides since iya's
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incident z they're short staffed. >> june 12th iya was on the way home. police say he was rear ended near the corner of market street. and stanford avenue. >> he got out of the car to exchange information with the other party. >> investigators say cameras captured two men in a sedan qon kon fronting iya and shooting him one time. police have not located the car or suspect. >> so i have a sense that he, opd is perpetually catching up, being outpaced and outrun by criminal ootz solve rate in oakland is unacceptably low. >> oakland city council member serves on public safety commission admitting there are not enough cops. abc 7 news learned there are more detectives juggling from the year and over 100 from
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last year. the city plans to fire 31 civilians to help in including evidence technicians crime lab analysts part of the investigation and crime solving team. >> 800 flyers have been printed and bill boards display information for information leading to arrest. >> in the hope someone out there has a conscience and would come forward. >> with information that could help apprehend the criminals. >> police tell me they continue to investigate the killing of iya mccanno and committed to clearing the case, arresting and identifying those responsible. if you have information we've posted a link on our web site to both crime stoppers and oakland pd. >> thank you, nick. >> still head a home ls man
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come together rescue of a san francisco police officer. his brave act his connection to the police department is a story on abc 7 news >> a battle of a fire that is bad news for the valley it warmed up today. i'll let you know what day you might see showers here. >>
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here is a look at traffic on highway 101 in mill valley. abc 7 news morning traffic reporter will be back in our next half hour with the latest trouble spots for the weekend get away during the closure. >> officers in a san francisco police station today thanked a homeless man who came to the aid of a colleague attacked when she tried to make an arrest. for ryan rasso police found him. the 35-year-old was a wanted man as a hero. >> officers being beaten up. soy did what is right. >> it happened on monday evening after 7:00. a woman causing trouble near the 4700 block. >> one officer responded to
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the report of a woman jumping on cars, denting them. vandalizing it the sargeant says the female officer was alone. the officer tried to calm the woman and investigators say the woman became agitated and aggressive. >> police say the woman then attacked the officer. >> the person had the officer kind of a n.a choke hold. kind of banging her head, beating her like, hear head into the wall a little bit. >> a small crowd stood by and watched. rasso says the woman went for the gun, he grabbed her, wrestling her down until other arrived. investigateors learned more about rasso when talking to him. they found his father was a
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former detective. and that he was down on his luck. >> he has been homeless. he has had a rough time of it in recent months. we wanted to reach out to him and let him know, he has friends. >> cops chipped in to help him find head phones and rasso says his father would be proud of him. >> firefighters expect a long fight still ahead to contain this sierra fire. at 200 acres rim fire fifth biggest in california. cal fire says air support has been crime krit cal. thousands of homes remain threatened. evacuation orders lifted in
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tuolomne city. people say they've been expecting a big fire. >> it's been years since we had one come through. you know it? took care of the brush and everything. so job is worried. >> smoke spread into parts of the central valley. children and other adults being asked to stay indoors. >> well strike team from san francisco helping out fighting the rim fire is back home tonight. the team arrived just minutes ago at division of training. they helped turn the fire back. >> house to house, going around the house moving wood piles out of the way, and lawn
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so it won't get into fuel then spread to other fuels then get to houses. 6:ñ volunteer group. each firefighter completed wildfire training. nice to see them getting an upper hand there. >> yes. they're worried about hot, dry conditions we're hot around here, too. >> yes. mid to upper 90s so it's heelting up around here but things going another direction into the weekend. we'll talk about changing pattern for holiday weekend. right now we're just watching fog near the coastline. 97 in livermore up to 96 in fair feel.
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77 san francisco. 68 half moon bay. and down peninsula into south bay, upper 80s to low 90s. 98 degrees in morgan hill, if it's too hot we're going back off with the heat. shallow fog layer here. oakland 74 now. 80s from redwood city to los gatos, gorgeous view towards financial district in san francisco. it's still warm in santa rosa. 93 right now. fairfield in the 90s. here is a view from our camera. it's just nothing blue blue skies for you. goitsing to change. sun, high clouds tomorrow. cooler sunday, chance of showers. a slight chance going to be in the north bay.
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i won't cansem plans this weekend. moisture rotating around this area of high pressure. it's monsoonal moisture this afternoon. some moisture works towards the bay area we'll see high clouds to warm again, tomorrow, but filtered sunshine and look what happens thursday. cooler about w.a slight chance continuing through sunday night. isolated thunderstorm not out of the question. it's wee hours of monday. temperatures, mild, mid to upper 50s to low 60s. saturday in the south bay, 85 san jose. 89 los gatos, high clouds in the santa cruz. 74 millbrae.
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still pleasant. 67 sunset district. north bay nice day. 60s coast side. 90s up around clear lake. napa towards east bay, 76 oakland. filtered sunshine there. 90 walnut creek and livermore, accu-weather forecast, cooler sunday down into upper 80s by monday, labor day. mid-80s inland. mid-60s coast. a warming trend taking us through friday we'll see mid-90s returning. >> a court weighs in on california
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a bill to strengthen limo scene safety is now on its way to assembly. five women died on the san mateo bridge when their limo caught fire, legislation from jerry hill would add inspecks for limb yeses carrying fewer than 10 people and require two fire extinguishers on board. charging $25 per limo to offset the costs. the bill sailed through a committee today.
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>> the u.s. court of appeals is preventing state farmers from force feeding buck ducks and bans the sale of foie gras in california. producers say the law interferes with commerce. >> there is more ahead in our next half hour including the latest from traffic anchor laila on day two of the closure. >> latest on a crisis in seara. what the president saying about military action and war chest in place. >> new lap tops going to one school. how devices hoping teachers revolutionize less yn plans. >> when is the last time you've seen kids so well
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the united states appears closer than ever to launching a military strike against seara. the president said syria must be punished for apparent use of chemical weapon ynz on its people. the president said hasn't made a decision but hinted at a limited strike against the government of assad. >> in no event are we considering military action that would involve boots on the ground, that would involve a long term campaign. >> earlier the secretary of state laid out the case for a u.s. attack saying u.s. intelligence reports prove chemical weapons team was in the area of the attack. >> the american intelligence community has high confidence, high confidence. this is common sense. this is evidence.
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>> united nations inspecters have not confirmedn'$ñ the use f chemical weapons. destroyers under the mediterranean sea. updating local top story caltrans says work on the new span of the new bridge is going well, going to show you a live picture now. official as announcing the project on schedule and bridge expected to open on time which is five, tuesday morning. lieutenant governor and former san francisco mayor newsom will cut the chain during official opening ceremony well before that. at 3:00 monday afternoon. today, crews finished painting lane lines on eastern suspension span. you're looking at video and says all paving work should be completed by the evening. and caltrans provided this video ofa9$.= crews working on western side of the bridge. san francisco side is getting some fresh paint and new pavement, as well as new lights during this closure. we're seeing the impact of the closure on bay area freeways
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let's turn now to abc 7 morning news traffic reporter. >> hi there. yes. indeed it's been a busy afternoon this, is what we're warning about. you know we started off on light note. that is what we've got. take a look outside from golden gate toll plaza you can see northbound traffic taillights heading up towards waldo tunnel into marin county is slow. just before you get to this point you're going to be in single digits but going to take now 70 minutes. that drive still very heavy but again, as you make it up to 580 just going to be reducing traechl minutes from that commute. now over to san mateo bridge heading along heavy traffic
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there. once getting there you can go to our waze app so now, it's heavy if you do need to make that drive northbound you can track with abc 7 waze app. >> there is a family of bridge builders watching transition as closely as anyone. the family come full circle. late patriarch was an iron worker on the bridges in the 30s. his great grandson worked on nut bay bridge. in 1920s when he went to work on the bridge he was just a young man looking for a good job. >> he started on the first bridge.
6:35 pm
working there just doing anything then got into this steel part and loved it when he worked on the first bridge in 1927, fellow iron workers worked untethered, in any way. >> what is the old rule of thumb? i don't know who quoted it it was for every $1 million you lose a person. >> after the bridge, al went to oakland to work on the bay bridge. soon after, joining a crew building the signature span, golden gate. it's a move that almost cost him his life. >> ask they had a net but allowed it to sag into the dirt. he hit full force. he went into st. luke's hospital. that formed halfway to hell club. naem fell and lived. >> bridge building and iron working became his legacy passed on to three again raigs of men that followed. that includes great grandson johnny working on the new bay
6:36 pm
bridge. >> for a lot of people it's not glamorous but it's whatçié'i love. what we love. >> al died in 2000 at age 95. six weeks after the ground breaking for the new bridge named in his honor. and two years before construction began on the new bay bridge. >> you're going miss the bay bridge? >> not really. i mean, this is part of what we do. >> can this come down? >> we're ready for a new one. it's beautiful. i think it's time. >> they think al would agree. >> children going back to school this weekend children under for big changes thanks to a grant. union city new haven unified is getting federal race to the top money this year. and that means shiny computers
6:37 pm
in classrooms. lisa's 4th graders carry out assignments. >> what i found is that it has completely changed everything about the room. >> he has a chrome book. soon, her students will have it, too. the book is only $250 each. >> at that price point ate louz for each student to have an individual student device. >> younger kids will share the bookstoring everything in the cloud. >> these books are fare mon"ñe÷ than just a replacement. giving access to lap tops is the first step in the district plan to turn education upside
6:38 pm
down. >> shifting from teacher as stage on the stage to teacher facilitator in stead of listening then heading home students go thom to watch videos. >> kd) come to class to work on assignments with the teacher. >> i have students who will sit there they'll play again eight times. while grinning the whole time. >> she can watch and help them apply. >> we want to trance form teaching in this district. >> the district is spending time training teachers for a new style of education. the books roll out over three years. >> just ahead helping benefit breast reduction surgery.
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we do have breaking news
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out of ala media. a teenager has beendubvp arrested suspectef sexual assaulting a young girl at an elementary school. sky 7 is live now over the ruby bridges elementary school campus. police say a 14-year-old boy sexual assaulted a young girl there this afternoon. they won't give her age only calling her a juvenile. we'll bring you more at 11:00. our breaking news coverage continues now on twitter. >> medical news now, whit comes to plastic surgery you're probably familiar with breast augmentation. a growing number of women are opting for reductions. the surgeries are now often covered by insurance. veronica walks with ease because of a real sense she's had a weight lifted off her shoulders. >> when have you large breasts you're so hindered.
6:43 pm
>> veronica says for her, the weight put a strain on her body. >> physically, it wears on your back. >> so in the area of arms. >> yes un able tone joy yoga and other sports she turned to a plastic surgeon suggesting breast reduction surgery. >> someone may be a dd or heavy d would go to a mid range c cup or sometimes large b. he says option has become more affordable in recent years because it's now often covered by insurance. first, carriers require a patient to meet certain criteria. >> we have to send photographs they'll usually ask does s.this person having problem was shoulders or back? >> once approved procedure takes about three to in our hours. using a combination of surgery and liposuction, surgeons target fatty area near under
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arms potentially improving range of motion and ability tone joy sports. beyond reducing volume of the breast a surgeon can also reshape it. >> what it does is that the breast is reshaped such that it's smaller, perkier. the nipple is also lifted higher he says lighter, lifted breasts seen in these photos reduce the strain on the back and neck news musels along with increasing freedom of movement. for veronica change has been dramatic. >> it's been two years. i love the way i look and feel. >> by the way recovery time from a surgery ranges from seven to 10 days. >> still ahead we'll take you inside of a sold ou
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consumers spent $3.5 billion on legos and now there is a convention in town. checking out lego kid fest happening now in san jose. >> at last count there are
6:48 pm
over 400 million lego bricks in existence. this is about $10,000 worth of them on the floor. >> they're awesome. i've been from playing with them over like, i think five years. >> lego sets have been around 81 years and one you can make with them that continues to capture imagination of kids and aspires them to build things. this car is made of 360,000 bricks weighing almost two tons taking 1800 hours to assemble. difficult part is that there are different colors making a model dynamic and cool looking but different colors mean you around so when we do color there's is no wrong way to play witness. kids come ask
6:49 pm
going to be building whatever they want. they're good. this is what kids are meant to be doing. >> some have as few as 77 pieces. what happens when kids leave bricks on the floor? there is a sweeper for that that makes picking up easier. >> this is satisfying about putting something down, snapping it tolgt. there is something inside our brains saying oh, that is good. >> we have conroll over that. i made that. >> all right time for all important labor day forecast. sandhya patel is here with that. >> yes. it's all important, tomorrow going to be a little bit cooler but still warm inland. 76 oakland.
6:50 pm
south bay 80s mix of sunshine and high clouds f you're going into oakland pride festival sunday, partly cloudy skies. there is a slight possibility of a shower or two. next chance on sunday, cooler sunday, monday, then, warming up next week. >> sounds great. thank you. >> larry beil is here with latest on 49ers. >> yes. a bunch of nfl news niners lose a tail back before regular season opener, not good. what is kobe bryant doing? does his
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good evening, thankfully preseason is over now nl teams going to cut their rosters down before tomorrow's 3:00 pacific deadline. niner goesing to have to cut good player nouz they have to replace le michael james just a little while. heading into the season he suffered a sprain mcl last night going to be out three to four weeks so kyle women yims
6:54 pm
is coming back from a torn acl may be back for the season opener and could return fun. here comes bear raid offense, also first game for true freshman quarterback jared goff, goff named starter is excited to get a taste of football at college level. as well as rest of the team looking forward to hitting people other than teammates. >> yeah. i'm excited there is going to be a new experience for me like a lot of young players. any time something different, something new you're excited about it. there is a game day here is fantastic. i know crowds goring to be great. so we're excited to take it in. importantly excited about opportunity to go play against a good football team. >> top three players in the world prepared together today for the opening of the championship tiger woods adam scott and phil mickelson perfect day.
6:55 pm
tiger had four birdies on the day. he is five shots back of lefty. phil started a day with seven birdies and tied a career best of 28. he's the co-leader with brian davis at 8 under. the first season with the spartans. kobe bryant continues rehabbing his torn achilles. i'm not sure jumping off of a 40 foot platform is part of a program. kobe saying if i can run, i can jump. and i posted this video to his vine ak perhaps auditioning for abc show, splash. abc 7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware.
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>> a belly flop? >> good form. >> it's okay. >> thank you. >> join me tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 13. coming up... >> i saw more in 30 minutes here than i did in four days of hiking the fire lines. >> new weapon in battle to outflank a monster wildfire around yos stim. >> then at 11:00 will the bay bridge closure turn san francisco into a bit of a ghost town this weekend? we'll find out and right now let's give you a last look at traffic on the friday get away during bay bridge clo shurks you can see the red on this map. >> we want to take a look at the bridge. traffic heavy here as it move as cross the bridge towards haywardqo; but it's moving. so it's things i'm proving since afternoon. >> improvement is good. >> we'll take it that is this for this edition of abc 7 news. >> from larry beil and spencer chris chirngs dan ashley, all of us here at abc 7 news,
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thanks for joining us.
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