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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 31, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> hi there. a good saturday morning to you all. i'm katie marzullo. we want to start you off with a quick first look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. a little bit of fog along the coast and mild temperatures starting off. the inland east bay made 60s. 63 in san jose with san francisco coming in at 61. the cool spot half moon bay 67. so taking you to san jose today, it's another warm afternoon today. not quite as hot as yesterday and the changes will take you through the holiday weekend. in fact we will trim a couple degrees off today. still warm around the bay. mid-and upper 750s. a few high clouds from time to time at the coast. mid-and upper 60s inland once
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again. into the lower 90s. but that is shy of yesterday's highs. we will talk about the cooler temperatures, increasing cloud cover, maybe a few drops of rain, but that's before the holiday weekend is over. katie. >> breaking news out of oakland where a person was killed in a shooting at a club early this morning. it happened just before 1:30 at club anton on third street in jacqueline square. authorities say they found a man with at least one gunshot wound dead at the scene. no arrests made and no word on motive or suspects. the shooting is under investigation. happening today, demonstrators will gather in san francisco at powell and market streets to protest the government's possible plans to deal with the crisis in syria. abc news is reporting the u.s. military could take action in syria as soon as this weekend. the president and staff are deciding how to respond to the massacre of at least 1400 people with chemical weapons. and with four u.s. navy ships already off the syrian coast,
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the white house is leaving little doubt that the united states would respond with force, abc7 news reporter has the latest. >> president obama is weighing the responses to a chemical weapons attack he said syria carried out last week. he's speaking with his national security team while execution americans a strike against bashar al assad's government with be limited. >> we are not considering any open-ended commitment. we aren't considering any boots on the ground approach. >> military experts say the u.s. is measuring a measured response in the form of air strikes on syria's capital. >> they will go after the unit that conducted the attack on the civiliance 678 they know where they are and they will punish them with strikes butch they will also do something visually compelling. they will level probably a
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military of defense building. >> but it may be a tough sell to the u.s. public. 50% of the americans oppose taking military action in syria. the u.s. would be acting without the help of one of its strong he will allies. britain's parliament has voted against taking action in syria. one man has been briefedly u.s. intelligent officials. he said he has scene conclusive evidence of a chemical attack by the syrian government. >> we do not want to rush to judgment and we must make sure that we know whatever targets are being considered, that if they were to strike syria, that we do not hit civilian or innocent people. >> abc7 news. congressman said president obama can launch a limited attack without seeking approval from congress. now to the new bay bridge. we are going to go live outside. show you this picture of the toll plaza. crews have reached a bill might go stone there. they have removed the old
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surface at the toll plaza and repaved it. they began painting new stripes yesterday. see the trucks there working as we speak. the bridge is scheduled to reopen by 5:00 tuesday morning but it could open sooner. let's look at it from our emmy riel camera. a beautiful view with the lights on. work continuing around the clock there. abc7 news reporter allen wong reports on the impact the bridge construction is having -- or bridge closure, i should say, is having on san francisco. >> usually friday night you can't get in anywhere. >> this couple said they live overlook the bridge and for the past two days the drone sign of traffic has been missing. >> you are used to it. but wake up this morning and felt we maybe lived out in napa or somewhere. >> yeah, so quiet. it was like the country. >> you heard the birds singing. >> but that silence is also the sound of money not making its way into the city. >> we usually stay business is
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he until 9:00. sometimes we have to tell people that we are closed because they keep coming in. as you see tonight, by 8:00 it's a crawl. >> the crawl won't last long. caltrans is expecting the bridge, with all it's noise, to reopen on time. >> there's a tremendous amount of excitement. everyone is feeling very confident, and we are on track. >> the new surface at the toll plaza is nearly finished and crews have already gun removing a 1,000-foot section of the old bridge that's blocking construction of the bike path on the new east span. when it opens, there won't be a 35 miles an hour s-curve. instead it will be a 50 miles per hour straight shot in both directions. in san francisco, allen wong, abc7 news. >> because of the closure, bart was certainly busy yesterday. but crowds have finished from the day before. thursday they say was the third basiest day for the system ever. bart will continue operating limited trains 24 hours a day
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through labor day. here's a live look at the nonstop work happening on the new bridge. we are streaming the live images, courtesy of our yerba buena camera. check that out. you can explore our realtime traffic maps to see where the worst gridlock is during the closure. as soon as the bridge is open we will notify our twitter followers. you can follow us the abc7 newsbay area. >> police discovered a human body part along the beach of east shore state park near emeryville yesterday. sky 7hd was overhead when the discovery was made around 5:00 p.m. authorities will not say what body part was found. it is under investigation. a 14-year-old boy is arrested on suspicion of a
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sexual assault in a elementary bathroom. it happened yesterday. police got a call around 3:15 about the assault. offices are arrested the boy near the school. the victim is described only as a young girl. she was taken to the hospital but there's any information on how she is doing. san francisco police say they finally got their man but he's not a suspect, he's a hero. it's a story you will only see on abc7 news. last monday an officer was working alone when she responded to a report of vandalism in the excelsior district. suspect started attacking the officer, beating we're had her own club and trying take her gun. ryan raso was crossing the street when he saw what was happening. he jumped in, grabbed the suspect and held her down until more officers arrived. >> he had the officer in a kind of choke hold and was kind of had the officer against the wall, kind of banging her -- kind of beating her like i think her head into the wall a little bit. >> because raso is homeless, it
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took police a few days to find him and thank him. they are now trying to find him shelter if he needs it. el~cerrito police are warning of a rash of laptop and phone robberies at coffee shops. people at the starbucks at he willer is rita plaza had phones stolen at the same time and pete's was the site of a laptop robbery in the afternoon. a popular san francisco restaurant where people wait hours for a table is voluntarily closing this weekend because of an outbreak of e. coli. burma superstar on clement street post add notice on its door last night. 14 people had cases of he e. coli, including 9 who ate the burma superstar about a week and a half ago. officials say there's no ongoing risk at the restaurant. it can be avoid i by safe mood handling, washing hands, cutting
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boards and utensils after touching raw meat. we have more information on our website. new this morning a street in hay wood is back open after being shut down. fires happened just after 8:30 last night near mission boulevard. several led street lights caught fire. fire crews were called in to extinguish the flames. pg&e was also notified. one lane of traffic in each direction was shut down for two hours while crews worked. the cause of the fires is under investigation. wow. that must have been quite a site, streetlights exploding. 5:09. lisa has a look at the holiday forecast. >> yes. it's quite warm yesterday and today it's pretty nice out there, numbers in the 60s. here's a look at the bay bridge. temperatures in the 60s around the bay. it's not too cool to start out there. a little fog at the coast but numbers will be coming down slowly over the long holiday weekend."
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i'll explain when we return. >> thank you. also next the san joaquin valley elementary school principal is accused of killing her house. and what may have sparked a huge wildfire burning
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>> former south african leader nelson mandela remains in the
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hospital despite reports that says he was released. they say he is in critical but stable condition. he was admitted to the hospital on june 8th with what officials said was a recurring lung infection. he spent 27 years under aparti as a prisoner and then emerged as president. ginsburg will perform a same sex wedding. she will perform it for two close friends in washington d.c. she said it will be one more statement that people who love each other should be able to enjoy the blessings and strikes of marriage. ginsburg than a supreme court justice for 20 years. new this morning a bakersfield elementary school principalling is held without bail on suspicion of killing her husband. the 46-year-old leslie chantz was taken into custody yesterday. farm workers found his body in bakersfield in a field. he was shot several times. >> we believe he was shot out of
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the vehicle but we are trying to determine where exactly he was shot. >> she's the principal of school kids, and to commit murder. now what are the kids going to think? >> she is the principal of fairview elementary school. she's scheduled to be arraigned on tuesday. bay area authorities say burglaries in several cities are most likely being committed by the same woman using the same ploy, that she's looking for snakes. several cities were victimized in recent weeks. belmont was hit thursday. she's a heavy set woman in her 30s with died blonde air and wears sunglasses. the person poses as an animal control officer, claiming an infestation of snakes, and while she distracts the homeowner, her accomplice steals from the home. an actress recently tested positive for hiv.
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the a.i.d.s. healthcare foundation filed a complaint minnesota. the group is pushing for mandatory condom use in porn. the actor shot a scene on july 31st and it was her last scene before she tested positive for hiv last week. a little boy who fought cancer is now learning his family has to fight to keep his beloved swing set. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has the story. >> are you ready? >> here we go! >> for the last few months little weston has been enjoying his backyard swing set. it's been a tough year for this five-year-old. >> we found out he was diagnosed with lymphoma, and that he was actually in a terminal condition at a point and they rushed him to stanford. >> marshall is weston's dad. they asked us not to use his last name to protect weston's
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privacy. marshall asked for one thing to keep his son's off the pain. >> i said well, when you get home, who knew when that would be, what is a wish you had? and his response was a swing. >> weston's dad built the swing set and installed the small trampoline. but last week the family not a letter from the homeowners situation. seems the swing and the trampoline were against the rules. >> they unilaterally decided that the swing needed to be removed immediately. >> doug is weston grandfather and owner of the condominium. he's hoping the homeowner's association can revisit this issue. i tried contactth lead board member at home. there is no response yet. but if he doesn't allow it to stay there, he would help build a community play park for it. i would be willing to donate money for something more
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acceptable to the board but i would like this to stay here until that is completed. >> as weston tense to recover, his family said the swing is a big help. abc7 news. a fire chief's suspicions about the cause of the fire burning near yosemite national park have a lot of people talking. this, as firefighters continue to make small gains. they now have the fire 35% contained. it's burned more than 213,000 acres. the cause remains unclear, but the fire chief in a small sierra town has his own idea. during a community meeting with twain heart a week ago, he said, quote, we know it's human caused. there was no lightning in the area. he added there may have been a marijuana growth in the area. we talked with us forest service. the forest service is a wear of the chief's comment but they said there is still no official cause of the fire. water from the hetch hetchy reservoir is testing normal
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still despite having ash fall into the reservoir for nearly two weeks now. they continued testing yesterday. crews repaired two turbines that were damaged at the kirkwood hydroelectric powerhouse. another powerhouse was damaged by fire but not yet repaired. they have spent $780,000 buying extra power while the hydroplants are down. the fire has spread into parts of the central valley. health officials have issued a health caution for san joaquin, stanislaus, fresno and other counties. children and older adults are being asked to stay indoors and the caution is in place through labor day weekend. this morning the strike team from san francisco that helped out in the rim fire is back home. the team arrived last night at the fire department's division of training on full some street. they helped turn the fire back and a critical stand that is credited for saving homes and
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businesses in the city. >> we would be scraping grass away from houses and moving lawn furnishter and things like this. if it came over the line it won get into the light fuel and start spreading to other fuel and get to the houses. >> he added the strike team was an all-volunteer group and each firefighter completed the wildfire training. any chance they are getting help from the weather? what's ahead? >> very small chance. we are look agent a little shower activity, just maybe, a ten percent cans into sunday. we will get to that in a moment. but right now it's looking for the clouds. the mr. reason hayer is compressed. with only a 700-foot marine layer, many you have waking up to the clear sky and mild conditions. live doppler 7hd, you see the edge of the advisory here for the poor air quality in the san joaquin valley and also toward yosemite. for us we are looking at another beautiful day, although the numbers over the next couple days, if you like it warm, will
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be coming down a bit. here's a look from mt. tam. still dark out there with the official sunrise 6:39, setting at 7:40. temperatures this morning, look how mild. 68 redwood city. good morning san jose, 63 for you and 61 downtown. a look from our roof camera where we have just a little bit of fog right at the coast. it's clear up in santa rosa. as a result, a cool 56 degrees. 64 in concord and fairfield with the southwest wind at 20. we are looking at seven-mile visibility half moon bay. from the east bay host camera you see the now bay bridge there. all is quiet. we are looking at a nice start to the weekend with mild to warm conditions today. cooler for sunday with a slight, slight chance of showers. partly cloudy skies for labor day with numbers still coming pack down out of the 90s, into the 80s. here's a look at our radar and satellite composite. in between two sems with low pressure to the north and west of us. higher pressure to the east of
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us. the clockwise flow around that, bringing up sub drop tal moisture, which is typical this time of year. maybe a little built in the way of high clouds today. but by the time we get to tomorrow, looks like we could be looking at some added moisture. we will start the animation throughout the afternoon. another warm day this evening. you will notice the clouds push back to the coast. by tomorrow afternoon here come the clouds. 1:00 on sunday and you will notice that we've got some mid-level clouds through the north bay, the peninsula, and then you will see just a little bit of green pop up here late in the day on sunday. monday look for partly sunny conditions. you can see moisture offshore. really looking at more clouds than anything and temperatures a little bit cooler with a stronger sea breeze starting late this afternoon, taking us through tomorrow and on labor day. 90 today in morgan hill. a warm day with 84 in santa clara. santa cruz, how about 82, as well as palo alto. notice the orange is representing the warmer temperatures right here on the peninsula.
5:22 am
74 in milbrae, art and wine festival today. 72 downtown. a couple degrees cooler today with mostly sunny conditions. 84 up in napa. warm here up toward cloverdale. 90. in the east bay look at all the 70s. even upper 70s cass vo valley and fremont. you head on inland and still some 90s. pretty warm with 89 pleasant ton, 92 in antioch. plenty of things going on for the long holiday weekend. here's the forecast for the milbrae art and wine festival. mid-60s at 10, mid-70s by two. a little breeze by 5:00. numbers cool tomorrow. a slight chance after shower and partly cloudy skies. labor day we go back up in the other direction. pretty warm by the end of the week as we get into september. so, you know, a little of everything. >> sounds like it. thanks, lisa. coming up at 5:22, also next a return to royal duties.
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>> the duchess kate made a public appearance yesterday. she surprised everyone in wales. she joined husband prince william, who was the official
5:26 am
starter for the three-day race. kate left a five week old prince george napping at home with grandma middleton. her next public appearance is in two weeks at an award ceremony in london. if you ever wanted to run away with the circus, and who doesn't, you might have just missed your chance. ringling brothers held clown a auditions yesterday. some tangled with ropes, others tried to juggle their way in. the one selected will travel with the circus. ringling brothers wraps up their bay area tour monday at the cow palace. coming up negligence, the controversy to name the west span of the san francisco bridge after a former mayor. and the bay bridge troll, what they think should happen to it. and a sold out event for kids
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>> welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, katie. we are look at a clear start. as a result, a cool 56 degrees newspaper santa rosa. 55 in novato. otherwise numbers are mainly in the 60s. a couple of 60s. half moon bay, a little fog,
5:30 am
seven mile visibility. a southwest wind of 20 by the delta. still keeping in mild in the 60s. here's the forecast for saturday. the beginning of the holiday weekend. a few patches of clouds moving into hayward and fremont this morning. then we are sunny. maybe a few high clouds in the afternoon. look at the 90s confined in the sacramento valley. we will get a couple in the livermore valley. mainly 70s and 80s today. clearing along the coast. we are talking mid-and upper 60s aren't point reyes but some sub born fog along the coast. we will have a possibility of a few showers around the bay during the holiday weekend, too. >> lisa, thank you. turning to the bay bridge where crews are working around the clock to assure the new span openings on time. take a live look. you can see for yourself from our camera. right now it looks good as crews do their work to realign the new bridge with i-80.
5:31 am
surface paving is done and work done yesterday to paint new stripes at the toll plaza. crews started removing the 100-foot section of the old bridge that is blocking construction of the bike path on the new span. if all goes good, it can open even earlier than scheduled. we will have live coverage of the bridge work at 8:00. a look at the spectacular time-lapse video released by caltrans. it shows the new bridge being constructed one piece by piece. the company that produce it had began documenting the construction in 2008. ultimately creating a 59-month time-lapse movie. so cool. caltrans is assuring everyone that the lucky troll on the old bay bridge will have a spot on the new bridge. the troll was removed by an ironworker james sturgeon. he wanted to make sure it's saved for future generations.
5:32 am
>> it's an icon. our local installed it 24 years ago. i'm part of that local and he i work at 378, walk-on. i believe it needed to go under the new bridge or possibly in a museum. >> sky 7hd gave us this shot of the outline where the troll used to be. the figure was installed, you can see it clearly there, after the 1989 earthquake and some people believe it provides protection against natural disasters. abc7 transportation reporter heather ishimaru tweeted this photo of workers hanging from the span. the effort to officially rename the western span of the bay bridge after a former san francisco mayor, willie brown, has hit a snag this morning. the san francisco chronicle reports several former presidents of the board of supervisors are against the renaming said the move should
5:33 am
reflect community consensus. they passed a resolution earlier this month to rename the span. it passed through the full assembly 68-0. but opponents have sent a letter to the senate asking that the name change not be heard. they are the first family of bay area bridge builders claiming four generations. this family has come full circle. late patriot, albert, was an ironworker on the presence in the 30s and now his great-grandson is working on the new bay bridge. laura anthony has the story from crockett. >> in the 1920s when al went to work on the eldridge he was just a young man from crockett look for a good job. >> at 27 he started on the first bridge, working there just doing anything. then got into the structural seal part and loved it. >> when al worked on his first bridge, in 1927, he and his
5:34 am
fellow iron workers worked untethered or untied to the structure in any way. >> it was the old rule of thumb, i don't know quoted it, but for every million dollars you would lose a person. >> after that bridge he went to oakland to work on the bay bridge. soon after he joined a crew that was building the area's signature span, the golden gate. it's a move that almost cost him his life. >> they had the net, but they allowed it to sag into the dirt so when he hit he hit the full force. he went into st. luke's hospital and that's where they formed the halfway to hell club, people who fell and lived. >> bridge working and iron working were not only his passions, they were his legacy. passed on to three generations of men who followed. that included his great-grandson, johnny, who worked on the new bay bridge. >> for a lot of people it's not glamorous, but it's what i love and what we love. >> al died in 2000 at the age of
5:35 am
95, six weeks after the ground break fourth the new bridge named in his honor. and before construction on the new bridge. >> are you going to miss the bay bridge? >> not really. this is part of what we do. >> are you going to be sorry to see it come down? >> no. we are ready for a new one. that new one is beautiful. i think it's time. >> they think al would agree. in crockett, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> happening today after this, they will hole a rally protesting the sale of the berkeley's post office. the mayor lost his appeal this week to save the building. the postal commission rejected his appeal, which means the sale can proceed. protesters have been camping out in front of the post office for weeks, in an effort to convince the postal service not to sell the property. consumers spend $3.5 billion on them last year. we are talking about legos.
5:36 am
and there's a convention of this weekend for kids who are legos finish nationallics. david louie dove into the legos kids fest in san jose. >> at last count there are over 400 million lego bricks in existence. this is about $10,000 would recollect of them falling on the floor for the kids to enjoy. >> they are awesome. i have been playing with them for over like i think five years. >> leg go sets have been around 81 years. it's what you can make with them that continues to capture the imagination of kids and inspires them to build things. one of those kids grew up to be chris. at age 30 he's one of seven master builders of lego who make these life-size figures and cars. this car is made of 360,000 bricks. it weighs almost 2 tons and took 1800 hours to assemble. >> the most difficult part of a model like this is all the different colors. it makes the model look dynamic
5:37 am
and cool looking, but all the different colors mean you have to have a ton of different trace around you of lego brick. when we do models, the fewer the colors, the faster it builds. >> the bricks are glued together. there are no restrictions so even a person with any age, including mine, can get into it. >> some lego sets have as few as 77 pieces. but london's tower bridge set at 292 pieces. what happens when the kids leave bricks all over the floor? there's a sweeper for that. it makes picking it up a whole lot easier. dan got hooked while laying with his son. now he's also a master builder. >> there is something satisfying about putting something down, snapping it together. there's something inside our brains or something that says, oh, that's good. we have control over that. i made that. >> in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. thousands of people are expected to attend the 61st
5:38 am
sausalito art and wine festival this weekend, despite the closure. 265 art efforts from all over the world will be displaying their works and wine from vintners and plenty of music from acts like dave mason and the english beat. the festival runs through monday and there will be extra ferry service from san francisco. for more information go to and click on "see it on tv." >> all things mediterranean come to belmont as the annual greek festival kicks off. it's in its 33 year. there will be greek food, dancing and costumes, live music and entertainment for children. the festival runs through monday at the greek orthodox church of holy cross in belmont, and it all gets underway starting today at noon. next on the abc7 saturday morning news, the new laptops going to an east bay school. how the devices are helping
5:39 am
teachers in the east bay revolutionize the lesson plan. and taking a live look outside from our i amryville camera. a beautiful shot of the new eastern span of the bay bridge under construction as we speak. schedule today reopen no later than tuesday morning. lisa is going to let you know everything about your foreca remember when this carpet looked nice? soft would be great, but we really just need "kid-proof." softsprings got both, let me show you. right over here. here, feel this. wow, that's nice. wow. the soft carpets have never been this durable.
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>> good morning. coming up on 5:42. some kids are in for big changes thanks to a new grant. this school district is the only one getting federal race-to-the-top money this year. as johnathan bloom explains, that means shiny new computers popping up in classrooms. >> what are they trying to teach you? >> lisa's fourth graders carry out most of their assignments with pencil and paper but this year there's something new at this elementary school. >> what i found is it has completely changed everything about the classroom. >> she has a chrome book. inexpensive laptop from google and soon her students will have them too. they won a grant from the federal race to the top program for $29 million. the chrome books only cost 250
5:43 am
each. >> the chrome book at that price point allows at our grades 6 through 12 for each student to have an individual student device. >> younger kids will share them. they store everything in the cloud so the dog can't eat your homework. >> student shares it and you can turn in your homework, get comments from the teacher. >> but they are far more than a replacement for pencil and paper. it is a plan to quite literally turn education upside down. >> shifting from teacher as on the stage to teacher facilitator. >> it's called of flip learning. students will go home and watch videos their teachers make. >> we will take this digit and multiply it times every digit. >> and come to class to work on the assignment with the teacher. it allows kids to learn at their own pace. >> i have students who will sit there and they will choose to hit "play again" six times while grinning, while excited the whole time. >> then she can watch and help them apply what they learned.
5:44 am
it's a major shift. >> we want to transform teaching in this district. >> the district is spending most of the grant money retooling hits curriculum and training teachers for this new style of education. chrome books will gradually rollout over three years. abc7 news. lisa argen is keeping track of the forecast force us. some good news, all clear out there? >> yeah. you can definitely see the moon out there. temperatures will climb quickly there morning. the exploratorium camera showing the partly cloudy skies with numbers returning to the 90s in some spots. but that's not the whole story. we are cooling off over the long holiday weekend. i'll have the forecast coming up. >> great picture. thank you, lisa. also next a happy homecoming. kurt suzuki
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>> welcome back. it's 5:47. you are you are look live at the new eastern span of the bay bridge. this is a look from our yerba buena area camera. we are streaming this live so you can keep track of the construction yourself. crews are working around the clock to get the bridge own as quickly as possible, tuesday morning at the latest. certainly seems people are talking about it possibly opening early. we, of course, will be keeping an eye ton and will notify you on twitter exactly what the bridge opens. and lisa notifying us about the weather always. >> yeah, eats cooperating. pretty nice out there.
5:48 am
partly cloudy skies around oakland this morning. the fog is confined to the shoreline w he are talking about some mild temperatures. 6:399 official sunrise. we will be tracking the low clouds and fog tonight as we see more of a marine layer headed our way. that will add to the cooling in the days ahead. today the sunniest and the warmest day out of the holiday weekend. here's a look from our mt. tam camera. you can see a beautiful shot. that marine layer is compressed with that we are looking at very mild numbers. 68 in redwood city right now. good morning san jose. 63 for you. los gatos coming in at 58 and the skies are clear. most of the bay, with a little fog. seven mile visibility, half moon bay 57. from our roof camera you will notice starting out to be a mostly clear in san francisco. 56, though. it's cool up in the north bay. 52 if novato, 54 concord and livermore. southwest wind by the delta, and we will be looking at still warm numbers there. you can see the bay bridge in
5:49 am
the distance here from our east bay hills camera. child to warmed to. cooler with chance of showers, a slight chance. i couldn't fit the word "slight" in here but it is very small. we will see more in the way of clouds tomorrow. labor day we are talking about partly cloudy conditions. the clouds still with us. i'll explain as we take a look at this radar and satellite animation. we are between two systems. low pressure to the north and west of us, and higher pressure to the south and east of us. it's the flow around the high bringing up the subtropical moisture. it's typical for this time of year. we may see a few high clouds, but by the time we get to tomorrow, looks like more of the high cloudiness spreading to the west. that's why we will see the possibility of a shower. low pressure really stays to the north and west of us, but it does work to enhance the sea breeze in the afternoon. another warm day today with some 90s. by tonight you see a little bit more fog pushing in over to the east bay. we will look for a cooler start tomorrow. a that stronger sea breeze for sunday.
5:50 am
look at the cloud cover. 1:00 in the afternoon we've got the clouds, and then a little bit of green begins to pop up on the screen. by labor day monday you will notice moisture offshore but we will call it partly sunny and temperatures back into the 80s. hazy conditions for the sierra and also the sacramento valley with not only the smoke, but that subtropical moisture feeding in from the south. palm springs looking at showers. they had some flood warnings yesterday. 95 in sacramento. air quality not great there. 76 in oakland today with 79 in fremont. low 70s san francisco. some fog around half moon bay. but mild up in stinson beach. 69 there. 84 in napa with 90 lever more. let's take you around the bay a little bit. up north to sausalito. there will be plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures, mid-70s. so a beautiful day up in southern marin. taking you over into the east bay with oakland the pride celebrations, another sunny,
5:51 am
beautiful afternoon. a little warmer here, mid-and upper 70s. so a slight chance of showers coming into the forecast tomorrow with numbers around four to five degrees cooler. then partly cloudy labor day. but, you know, that will be the coolest day. quickly we are going in the other direction. it's going to get quite warm around here again with high fire danger toward the end of next week. >> all right, lisa. thank you. >> in sports tonight, the a's host the tampa bay rays in the battle against the two a. l. wildcard leaders. here's larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning. tampa bay pitcher david price did not know about the bay bridge being closed so he was in for quite the ride when he left the team hotel in san francisco yesterday heading to the oakland coliseum. after a $202 cab ride that took an eternity, he arrived ready to take on the a's and kind of feisty. joe parker hasn't lost since may 22nd. sixteen straight starts.
5:52 am
seven innings. you know escobar with the rbi single in the second scoring desmond jennings. is 11-0, tampa. kurt suzuki, welcome back, boy! aloha. first start at the coliseum since being traded back to the a's. 3-1, athletics. raise tie it up in the eighth. jed lowrie doubles up joe peralta. coco crisp scores from second. a's win, 4-3. texas loses. a's are two back of texas in the west and half a game up on the raise to the top wildcard. giants and d-backs. angel pegan, first became back. scored the giants' only run. in the first brandon belt sacked. beats the throw, 1-0 giants. only one of run of this game. timmy lincecum pitching. pablo sandoval robs aj pollack of what would have been a short double and throws him out to end the inning. timmy goes six scoreless for his eighth win of the year. giants with only three hits find a way to get it done in a 1-0
5:53 am
victory. the sunny e.r.a. begins tonight in perkily, cal hosting northwestern. here comes the bear offense. true game for freshman quarterback jared goff. he was named the start area couple weeks ago. excited to get his first true taste of college football. dikes is ready to tee it up for the first time at memorial stadium. >> i'm excited. it will be a new experience for me just like it is a lot of our young layers. any team it's something different or new, you are always excited about it. i know the game day atmosphere here is fantastic, i know the crowd is going to be great, the student section especially. we are excited to take it in. more importantly we are excited about an opportunity to play against a good football team. >> tennis. serena williams looking to move on in the u.s. open. took care of her opponent in straight sets. winner by serena. she rolls 6-3, 6-1. will face fellow americans sloan
5:54 am
stevens in the first round. she's only one. three players to beat serena this year. and kobe bryant has to be feeling pretty good about his achilles tendon and come back after surgery. posted this video of himself after the high dive s this normal achilles tendon rehab? i'm not sure. he posts if i can run, i can jump, and apparently also dive straight down. that's a rap on morning sports. don't forget, the kickoff of college football here on abc7. we have georgia and clemson tonight at 5:00, followed by the season premiere of lexus after the game right after that. hope to see you then. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. up next, a treat for pay area metal heads. check out who is planning to make a special appearance in
5:55 am
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>> the band metallica will be here next month. they will perform september 17th at part of the mill valley film festival. the metal i kalonda members, two of them are bay area natives and they chose marin county got premiere. all band members are expected to attend next month's screening. coming up next on abc7 news at 6:00 a.m., we've reach the halfway point of the bay bridge
5:58 am
closer. how business along the embark dare lower being affected by the shut down. and the crisis in syria a
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>> hi there. a good saturday morning to you all. i'm katie marzullo. we want to start you off with a quick first look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. >> the marine layer is compressed. not much in the area of low clouds and fog. right along the shoreline there's some reduced visibility, otherwise a nice morning. cool. numbers continue to drop in the north bay. santa rosa 53. elsewhere we are in the low 60s. so for the rest of the day today, the sunniest and warmest day out of the holiday weekend is with us, it will be this afternoon. a few high clouds and around the


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