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tv   ABC 7 News 4PM  ABC  August 31, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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a live look at progress on construction of the new eastern span of the bay bridge from our island camera. caltrans says so far, so good. everything's on track for an on time opening. a live look at our camera showing a very busy east shore freeway where the bridge closure is, again, causing big backups. thank you for joining us, we'll get to our coverage of the bay bridge in a moment. but first, major developments regarding the crisis in syria. an bankrupt announcement from the white house this morning
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president obama has decided the u.s. should take military action in syria for the alleged use of chemical weapons. we get the latest. >> reporter: president obama has put military action against syria on hold. >> the power is rooted not just in our military might but in our example as a government of the people, by the people and for the people. i will seek authorization for the use of force from the american people's representatives in congress. >> the president says he's firmly decided on a military response. >> what message will we send if a dictator can gas hundreds of children in plain sight and pay no price? >> the inspectors cross the syrian border on saturday, it set off furious speculation as to when a u.s. attack on syria might begin. the white house has turned up the rhetoric to red hot with secretary of state john kerry calling syrian leader bashar al
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assad a thug and murderer. >> we saw rows of children lying side by side, sprawled on a hospital floor, all of them dead from assad's gas. >> with u.s. warships poised for action off its coast, syria was on a war footing, some anxious citizens stocked up on food. other frightened syrians trying to escape the line of fire. the syrian regime could make good use of the extra time. >> can move things around or to put them some place else and certainly give them even more time to prepare. >> president obama would not say what he'll do if he can't get congress to approve a military strike. but he did say he believes he has the constitutional authority even without congressional permission. abc news, washington. there's a push to stop a war before it begins. in san francisco, demonstrators marched on market street at powell. the protesters said the people of the united states don't need another war.
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>> the united states is blaming the use of chemical weapons by the assad's regime even though the united nations inspectors have not come out with a conclusion yet. hence, the u.s. is trying to use the same lies that have been used in 2003, i guess, the iraq war weapons of mass destruction. and this is another continuous war on the middle east. >> the protest was one of many in the u.s. and europe. in washington, hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the white house marching, chanting and carrying signs. large banners read no war on syria and hands off syria. the demonstration put on by the d.c. branch of the answer coalition. they do not want the u.s. to take military action in syria. democratic leader nancy pelosi echoed the message about syria. in a statement today she says she looks forward to having a debate in congress saying, quote, military action in
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response to assad's reckless use of deadly gas that is limited in scope without boots on the ground is in our national security interests and furtherance of regional stability and global security. stay with abc 7 news for continuing coverage. we'll bring you updates here and on twitter on abc 7 bay area news as soon as they happen. now to the bay bridge where construction work is moving along smoothly. caltrans says there are no hiccups to report so far. the bridge's reopening is on schedule for 5:00 a.m. tuesday at the latest. however, traffic conditions have been troublesome on several bay area roadways all day. let's check in with abc 7 news traffic reporter who has been keeping an eye on the roads. sue? >> carmageddon, maybe a little less than that. i want to show you some live shots, as well. san mateo bridge, 101 now, seeing significant slowing from
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the waldo tunnel south toward the golden gate bridge. the real jam-up is northbound through san francisco, 19th avenue from 280 all the way through golden gate park and on into the approach to the toll plaza jammed. also lombard street to the tolls jammed, as well. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. fog settling down on the span. three lanes here and once again getting to the bridge from the city side seems to be the worst and now we're seeing slowing southbound. let's take a look at the alternates, the san mateo bridge, moving nicely, this is westbound. eastbound, you can see a little bit sluggish headed from 101 over towards 880. we'll take a look at the east shore freeway. as you make your way from golden gate fields into the mcarthur maze. let's get to the drive times if we can. here's 92, that drive over towards heyward, 20 minutes from 101 southbound through san rafael to the city, and we have the bridge and, again, let's take a look at the other drive
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times if you're headed westbound into san rafael, 92, the westbound direction and dunbarton bridge, great way to go. >> thank you so much. we are nearing the end of the third day of construction on the bay bridge with most of today's work focused on finishing demolition of the old approach. abc 7 news reporter got a tour of the work getting done today and joins us with the latest developments. hi, kyra. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. yes, demolition of that old approach as you mentioned, we happen to be standing next to it, next to this bridge model. demolition will make way for a new bicycle and pedestrian path. one of three main projects crews were focused on today. more than half way through the bay bridge closure, roughly 500 people are working around the clock and progresses steadily for tuesday's scheduled opening of the new eastern span. >> at the toll plaza, all grinding is complete, all --
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they are paving asphalt, that work is ongoing. it'll be ongoing for the next 24 hours and they have begun striping on the westbound lanes heading into the toll plaza. >> once the asphalt is dry, striping will begin tomorrow morning working westbound incrementally. a portion of today inside the island's tunnel cleaning it with hot water to remove years of exhaust build-up and replace old lights with new l.e.d.s. closer to the metering lights, 1,000-foot long portion of the westbound deck was demolished. >> this was necessary in order to install a temporary access to the bike, pedestrian path that will take folks from oakland just past the tower of the new bridge. >> the temporary bike and path will go in early sunday morning and will be open to the public by noon tuesday. all of the steel and concrete
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destroyed for the path will be processed and recycled locally. but crews are being careful to remove and separate toxic portions. >> it's pretty complicated because there's the paint on the beams is lead. we have to control the access, supply safety equipment and monitor and then cut each beam out. it's pretty complex. >> as soon as traffic hits the new bay bridge, they say no later than 5:00 a.m. tuesday, contractors will begin assessing the old s-curve to begin demolishing that as soon as possible. live in oakland, abc 7 news. >> thank you, kyra. and commuters are taking advantage of b.a.r.t. this weekend. though, friday was not your normal commute, b.a.r.t. saw the fourth highest ridership ever. 450,000 people rode b.a.r.t. one day after more than 475,000 people rode on thursday. train will continue runningover overnight through the holiday
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weekend until tuesday morning. ferries were also packed today, there's expanded service heading across the bay. there's also extra service to angel island through the holiday weekend. and here's a look at some of the biggest events drawing thousands across the bay area. they include the art festival, oakland pride and the cal bears first game of the season. and another live look at the nonstop work happening on the new bridge. we are streaming live images of our camera at look at commuter resources on b.a.r.t., ac transit and the bay ferries. and explore the traffic maps to see where the worst gridlock is during the closure. and we'll notify our twitter followers, follow u us @abc7newsbayarea. a deadly overnight shooting at a popular nightclub, what's being done to catch the killer. and hi there, everyone, we're going to see a few more clouds in here overnight. maybe a little bit of moisture
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covering all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. checking traffic conditions right now, this is a live look over the san mateo bridge, cameras on the heyward side. the traffic coming towards us, the heavier traffic coming to the east bay if you're headed to san mateo county.
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not quite as bad, that's a quick check on your traffic. other news, new details about a shooting in oakland we first reported this morning. oakland police say a 23-year-old man was killed at a club on 3rd street at about 1:30 this morning. there were dozens of people at the club for a party. police say there was some kind of disturbance that led to the shooting. no one else was hurt. crime stoppers is offering $10,000 for information leading to an arrest. it is time now for a check on our weather and our holiday weekend weather. >> yeah, believe it or not, we're going to see a few more clouds and maybe a sprinkle or two tomorrow night even on labor day. we'll get to that in a moment. but live doppler 7 hd showing you the nice clearing inland temperatures there today. mid to upper 80s, but you can see some of those high clouds starting to move in across the bay area and i'm going to show you the sierra because you can see some of these pop-up isolated thunderstorms. this is thanks to monsoonal moisture. and that's what could possibly bring us a little bit of moisture tomorrow, as well.
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san jose seeing some of those clouds overhead, san francisco 63 right now, redwood city, you're at 80, 79 in los gatos. and here's a look at a very foggy golden gate bridge right now with reduced visibilities, obviously. and also some mist and drizzle. 83, 88 in fairfield and livermore 85 degrees. here's a look at our forecast highlights, folks, we're going to go with increasing clouds overnight. it'll be a cooler day tomorrow thanks to the cloud cover and we're also going to bring in a chance of a few sprinkles, maybe a light shower for sunday night and leading into labor day, as well. this is pretty much what you can expect this evening. we'll keep fog near the coast out toward the protective valley areas which are also overnight tonight some of the high and mid-level clouds moving in, overnight temperatures, 60s inland, 50s at the coast and a look at our radar satellite and, yes, you can definitely see, here comes that moisture feeding to the north. we could possibly see some isolated thunderstorms mainly in southern california, but all of this is going to track very
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close to the bay area. in fact, here is a look at our animation. by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, we're looking at widespread fog and also those high and middle clouds moving in by 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, you can see the cloud advancing north. check out 5:00, san jose points south, a chance of a little bit of moisture as some of it streams through and then by 11:00 tomorrow night, we're looking at a chance of a few light showers and maybe some mist and drizzle, east bay and south bay locations and a chance of even more so developing as we head into our holiday on monday. tomorrow, temperatures come down, 78, santa rosa, 67 for san francisco. clearly you can see with that clouds and also sun going to be in the north bay, you're going to see more sun, the south bay, it will be warm, the east bay in the 80s. you'll notice that cloud deck starting to increase by tomorrow afternoon. monday, we'll keep a chance of an isolated shower in our forecast as we take a look at the accuweather seven-day
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forecast and then get ready for a big, mini warm-up thursday and friday. friday inland temperatures mid to upper 90s. >> all right. thank you so much. college football is back. >> a lot of traffic in college football today. full swing with games all over the nation including heisman shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter.
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a scrutinized game on the circuit today had to be aggies, johnny manziel had to sit out
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the first half due to violation of rules this season, supposedly accepting cash for autographs. well, he made up for lost time in the second half. the third quarter, looked sharp, mike evans, one tackled, dive into the end zone, fourth quarter, this will be manziel's final play of the game, on the run, swings it across his body. evans again, manziel's third td pass, starts talking smack with the opponent. saying, hey, look at the score board, dude. an unsportsman like conduct penalty. and fuming when manziel comes to the sideline, aggies win 52-31, your final. number two ohio state hosting the bulls of buffalo. the buckeyes scored on the opening drive, heisman candidate braxton miller, plenty of time, up to devin smith, strike, ohio state led after a two-point conversion. buckeyes score 23 points in the
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first quarter. he's gone. 49-yard touchdown, run ohio state undefeated last year but ineligible for post season play. 14th ranked notre dame hosting the temple owls. fighting irish came out throwing. tommy reese on the money to daniels. 32 yards, notre dame on top 7-0. reese at it again, this time connecting with troy nicklaus he'll avoid some tackles. and the big guy running 66 yards, notre dame, 28-6. nfl teams had to cut the roster from 75 to 53 today. big names on the way. 49ers have tough decisions to make, especially the wide receiver position. it was a surprise of a few,
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well, the 49ers had tough decisions to make today in the final cutdowns. had to trim the rosters from 75 to 53 today. eight of those players could end up on the practice squad, so 20 players released today. four wide receivers let go including lavell hawkins and austin colle. the longest tenured 49er was let go, brian jennings, too old, making too much money as we used to say. travis johnson and michael thomas both could end up on the practice squad. and wallace who said he was brought in to get mccoy to take a pay cut was also released. the raiders did not release their list as of yet. this may be the end of the road, though, for tim tebow, cut by
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the new england patriots today. one of the league's most popular players may not find a new team this season especially coming off a preseason where he completed just 11 of 30 passes with two tds and two interceptions. business as usual, rafael nadal serving it with dodig. he was no match for rafa today, the second seed lost 21 games to 3 matches so far and just crushed his opponent. nadal facing five break points saving each one. he has an 18-game streak going on the hard court this season and he finishes with an ace on match point winning in straight sets. second round of the deutsche cup championship. struggling on the back. in trouble on 11 able to make this great chip to save par. he's even on the day at 8 under. garcia shot up the leaderboard with p seven under 64. put him at 13 under, sergio has the lead out for two rounds by
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one. a lot more coming up later in this newscast, we'll see you then. >> all right. thank you, mike. there's much more ahead at 4:30. traffic bottlenecks caused by the bay bridge closure. we'll check drive times coming up next. and a fire fight in the sierra. have officials pinpointed a cause of the massive fire? plus, a supreme court first. the ground-breaking role one
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we'll start this half hour with a live look at all the progress being made on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. this is the camera showing you work on this end of the bridge. we're expecting an update from caltrans on how construction is going. we'll bring it to you if it starts during this newscast. and a look at the traffic impact from the bridge closure from one of the biggest bottlenecks we've seen so far on the east shore freeway. traffic has been heavy here all day. sue hall is back with an update. >> that's right.
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in fact, the drive times from golden gate field into the mcarthur maze about 20 minutes right now. let's take a live look at the san mateo bridge. an excellent way to get around, the eastbound direction, it's looking pretty good. you will find some slowing over towards the heyward side of things, but mostly across the eastbound span it's looking nice and westbound certainly beautiful afternoon, it's moving nicely over toward the san mateo side of things. let's take a live look at the golden gate bridge, shrouded in fog. they have three lanes both directions. here everything's moving well, but i'll tell you where the jam-up is to going to the golden gate bridge, 19th and from lombard, bumper-to-bumper. let's take a look at your drive times now. san mateo bridge eastbound, 20 minutes from 101 over to heyward. southbound, we are seeing slowing now from the waldo grade up and over into the toll plaza, i should say to the golden gate bridge area and across the span of about 35 minutes from san rafael. in the other direction, richmond san rafael bridge is looking great. and your dumbarton bridge is
4:31 pm
moving very, very smoothly at this point. both directions, mass transit a great way to go, a lot of activities around the bay area. b.a.r.t. is running 30 trains on the weekend schedule and on time. >> thank you. more than a third of the massive rim fire is contained. it has spread to nearly 220,000 acres but firefighters are making progress. they have 35% contained. nearly 5,000 firefighters have helped with the response. and for the first time this week, cal fire reduced the number of firefighters. the department of forestry and fire protection said they are getting the upper hand on the fire. evacuation orders were listed thursday. much of yosemite remains open this holiday weekend. so park officials expect just 3,000 cars a day to pass into the park instead of 5,000 which usually drive through on the holiday. the fire started two weeks ago today, the cause remains uncl r unclear, though the fire chief in a small sierra town has an idea. during a community meeting one
4:32 pm
week ago, a fire chief todd mcneil said, quote, we know it's human caused, there was no lightning in the area. he added illegal marijuana grows may be to blame. we talked to the u.s. forest service, it is aware of the chief's comments but says there is still no official cause. heyward city officials are keeping a close eye on the street lights after several of them caught fire last night. the fires happened just after 8:30 near mission boulevard. several l.e.d. street lights caught fire. fire crews were called in to extinguish the flames. one lane of traffic in each direction was shut down for two hours while crews worked. cause of that fire is under investigation. ruth bather
4:33 pm
love each other should be able to enjoy the blessings and strife of marriage. she has another same-sex marriage already planned for next month. this spring ginsberg was in the majority on two gay rights majorities including a decision that found prop 8's ban was unconstitutional. former south african leader nelson mandela remains in the hospital today despite erroneous reports that said he'd been released. the office of south africa's president says mandela is in critical but stable condition. he was admitted to the hospital on june 8th with what officials said was a recurring lung infection. spent 27 years as a prisoner under apartheid and emerged to eventually become president. with football season getting underway this year, new worries at the prep level about how to protect tens of thousands of children who play the sport. all of this as the nfl's preparing to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to former players who believe their health was damaged by on field concussions. more from los angeles.
4:34 pm
>> at notre dame high school in southern california, every hard hit put cynthia kramer on edge. >> i'm always nervous. >> because her son grant is one of the biggest targets as senior quarterback. grant says he has suffered a concussion on the field in the past. >> my head was ringing and i couldn't focus on anything. >> this first game of the season comes after the nfl agreed to pay $765 million to 4,500 former professional players who claim the concussions they suffered led to serious injuries. and the nfl's landmark settlement is having a ripple effect here at the high school level. >> i got a couple of calls last night from two players that could not play. i think parents are very worrisome about playing football. >> dan has coached football near boston for 36 years and says the sport is safer than ever before thanks to new tackling rules nationwide. >> you can't lead with your head both offensively and
4:35 pm
defensively. with all the new helmets, they are safer than they were years ago. >>. >> i just feel more safe and protected. >> a recent study showed more than 140,000 high school athletes suffered a concussion with the highest rate among football players. >> the consequences to a blow to the head or concussion seem to be worse in children and especially teens because their brain is still developing. >> leading many to have second thoughts about teens taking the field. abc news told george stephanopoulos as a parent, he considers football off limit. >> i say pick another sport. >> abc news, los angeles. dramatic new video out of southern california of a mysterious house collapse. this is in east los angeles. a fire crew was driving in the area when a call came in around 8:30 last night of a home starting to collapse. the firefighters rushed to the scene, then an urban search and
4:36 pm
rescue team highly trained dogs were called in to see if anyone was trapped under the rubble. so far, no one was found. the cause of that collapse has not been determined. an elementary school principal is being held without bail on suspicion of murdering her husband. it happened in bakersfield, 46-year-old leslie chance taken into custody yesterday. authorities say farm workers found her husband's body in a field. police say he'd been shot multiple times. we believe he was possibly shot in the vehicle out at the scene, but we're still trying to determine exactly where he was shot. >> shocked, really, really shocked. >> why? >> because -- well, she's a principal of school and to commit murder, what are the kids going to think? >> the principal of fairview elementary school, she is scheduled to be arraigned on tuesday. east bay authorities are being closed-mouthed today regarding a discovery in
4:37 pm
emeryville. police confirmed they found a human body part along the beach portion of east shore state park. sky 7 hd was overhead yesterday when the discovery was made around 5:00 in the afternoon. authorities will not say what body part was found. police are warning of a rash of cell phone and laptop robberies at coffee shops. on thursday alone, three robberies happened at two shops. people at the starbucks and plaza had two cell phones stolen at the same time. pete's coffee was the site of a laptop robbery in the afternoon. residents of american canyon have become the latest victims of a scam. looking for snakes. seven cities have been victimized in recent weeks, belmont hit thursday. the suspect is described as a heavy set woman in her 30s about 5'6" with dyed blond hair. victims say she wears sunglasses. police say the suspect poses as an animal control officer claims
4:38 pm
there's an infestation of snakes. cal osha is investigating the studios after an actress tested positive for hiv. they filed a complaint earlier this week. the group is pushing for mandatory condom use in porn. saying they visited the studios in the old armory building in san francisco tuesday. the actress shot a scene on july 31st, her last scene before she tested positive for hiv last week. on this labor day weekend, a warning to beach goers out there after an invasion of sting rays. they're feeling the wrath of the painful stings. aditi roy shows us how you can protect yourself by doing the sting ray shuffle. >> reporter: there are plenty of dangers lurking underneath the rolling waves at this summer's
4:39 pm
crowded beaches. but at this southern california beach, it's not the sharks or even the dreaded jelly fish that has even the most macho of men writhing in pain. >> this looks incredibly painful. >> unbearable pain. i would never have thought how painful a sting ray stings. >> he knows now. he was teaching his two kids how to surf when he accidentally stepped on a sting ray. >> came right off. having a hard time trying to talk in the throbbing pain. >> more than 450 beachgoers have been stung by rays this month alone. five times as many stings as august of last year. lifeguards are fighting back, even opening a sting ray treatment center here in just one hour. >> might be going overflow here shortly. >> we met five new sting ray victims who came limping in. >> just off my board and as soon as my feet hit the ground -- >> southern california isn't the only invasion site sting ray
4:40 pm
injuries are increasing on the sandy shores of the gulf coast too. >> ask most surfers out here how to prevent being stung, they'll tell you about the sting ray shuffle as they're walking into the water, make sure you're digging up the sand and that'll help scare potential sting rays away. >> if you do get stung, skip the unconventional remedies of urban legends and just soak the injury in hot water. one victim nursed his sting for nearly an hour but his nerves seemed to heal faster. >> you'll still be back in the water, you think? >> tomorrow. tomorrow. >> reporter: abc news, huntington beach, california. still ahead, will the fifth time be the charm? diana niad's latest attempt and why this will be extra special. and a look outside at san
4:41 pm
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welcome back, the caltrans update on the eastern span of the bridge has been done. let's listen in. >> they're hoping to wrap that work up tomorrow morning. but they believe they are far enough ahead to start bringing in some of those bike path sections overnight and start placing those tonight. so it's possible as early as tomorrow morning we'll see some of those temporary bike path
4:43 pm
sections already in place. here at the toll plaza. all paving on the westbound roadway is expected to be completed by midnight tonight. all paving on the eastbound roadway is expected to be completed by midnight tomorrow night and they intend to focus on striping, doing all the striping tomorrow on westbound and intend to do all the striping for eastbound by monday. and that is the construction update. any questions. >> what's the single most critical thing at this point you have to get done for sure? >> i would say probably the most critical -- the most critical things right now are making sure that we get the demolition completed and there's no reason we're seeing why that cannot be done. if all the deck sections do not get into place for that bike path connector before the bridge opens to vehicles, that's okay. that work can still continue after the bridge is open to traffic. but we're not seeing any reason for that. and i guess in terms of
4:44 pm
vehicular traffic, the most important thing is striping. i guess there have been a few weather reports calling for perhaps the chance of rain on sunday. i don't think as much chance, but on the off chance that could affect the schedule for striping but we don't see that impeding our ability to open the bridge at 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. >> can you explain the demolition? >> we're demolishing a 1,000-foot-long section of the original westbound deck that you basically hit just as you used to drive up on to the bridge. that blocking, the completion of the bike and pedestrian path heading into oakland, demolishing that 1,000-foot-long of the westbound deck and they're going to put in a temporary bike bridge to connect into the street-level bike path. the sections are going to fit on top of the original eastbound lane that those westbound lanes were sitting on top of. and so about 6 to 12 months after the bridge opens to traffic and that temporary bike path connector is in, they'll
4:45 pm
finish building the permanent bike path into oakland. you know, this is work that's been done before and, you know, they plan for various contingencies whether it's the rare chance of rain at this time of year or whether there are traffic backups that impede the flow of asphalt in. again, i think everything's going well, everyone's very happy with how things are proceeding. and again, we are still on schedule for that tuesday 5:00 a.m. opening. no, this is exciting. this is that final stretch. it's that final dash to the finish line. and it's very exciting to see, you know, this bridge considering all the ups and downs this project has been over the past several years, particularly this year. we're now at this final milestone for the bridge getting
4:46 pm
open. and i think, you know, it's an emotional moment for a lot of the people that have been on this job for years from the project managers on down to the workers out here doing the work. >> all right. and again, we were listening to caltrans update on the bay bridge eastern span. so far they're saying everything's going according to plan for that opening on tuesday although they're keeping a close eye on the weather, with a possible chance of rain coming up. is the fifth time a charm? diana nyad number five will be her last attempt to swim from cuba to the united states. attempting to be the first person ever to swim the florida straits without a shark cage or flippers. a 35-member crew will accompany nyad on her attempt. she's hoping to complete the mission within three days. metallica will be in town
4:47 pm
for the debut of its new film. at the center in san rafael on september 17th as part of the mill valley film festival. the members are bay area natives, they chose the county for the premiere. all of the band's members are expected to attend next month's screening. now to a story sure to make your mouth water. today is national bacon day morning after morning sizzling in pans across the nation. americans have even gone so far as to dedicate bacon to nonbreakfast foods like cocktails and chocolate. three massachusetts graduate students came up with the idea for a bacon day in 2000 to celebrate their love of it. all right. let's get to the first check on our weather and whether we may see a little bit of rain coming up. >> they need to keep an eye on the sky because we do have tropical moisture that will be moving from southern california right up toward the bay area.
4:48 pm
light showers tomorrow night, possibly just some light sprinkles. the models are kind of trying to get a -- in agreement on this and we'll update you tonight at 11:00, but clearly you can see on live doppler 7 hd that the low clouds are definitely with us near the coast. here's another look as we stretch it out a little bit. you can see the pop-up thunderstorms developing. and some of this is going to migrate toward the bay area. i don't think we'll have thunderstorms tomorrow because we'll have a pretty good cloud deck, but nonetheless, a chance of some moisture could possibly slow down the work they're doing on the bay bridge there. san jose, a few high clouds overhead, oakland right now, 72, san jose, at 78 degrees. 63 in half moon bay and foggy and cloudy golden gate bridge. saw a little bit better visibility for the travelers there. santa rosa 85, 88 fairfield. increasing the clouds overnight
4:49 pm
tonight, get ready for a cooler day for your sunday and we'll put in a chance of some sprinkles and possibly sprinkles holding over towards labor day, as well. here is the set-up folks. we have low pressure to the northwest and high pressure to the southwest. and you can see some of that moisture starting to funnel up toward the bay area. most of the thunderstorms to the south of us, but some of this moisture that might migrate north. in fact, here is a look at the timing by 5:00 tomorrow morning, we'll notice some of those clouds mid and high-level clouds starting to move toward the bay area. and it really looks like it's going to be late afternoon, possibly tomorrow night when we could possibly start to see a chance of moisture. here's 1:00, you'll notice how rapidly those clouds continue to move towards the north and then as we get into 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00, that's when we may see pop-up light showers develop across the bay area. of course, we'll keep you updated on that. if you have plans tomorrow,
4:50 pm
how about the art festival, 3:00, 72 degrees with increasing high and mid-level clouds. also for the oakland pride parade tomorrow look for temperatures by 4:00 in the 70s for a slightful day there. you'll notice the clouds thickening there, as well. we can't forget about the peninsula with the arts festival. temperatures in the mid-60s and warming by 2:00 into the 70s. travel around the state, thunderstorms palm springs, 84 for los angeles palm springs 104, and we'll look for more of the thunderstorms moving north. here's a look at our highs for tomorrow. a warm day inland, antioch 87, 85 for livermore. in the north bay, we see more sun tomorrow, 78 for santa rosa, and morgan hill, 84. we'll look for another chance and maybe just a few light sprinkles on monday and then after that, we clear the sky up wednesday, thursday and friday and get ready for a nice warm-up by friday, inland temperatures warming into the upper 90s.
4:51 pm
>> thank you so much. and it's nice and hot but feels a little like fall with college football. >> that's right. we took a tour of college football earlier around the nation, now let's check in on the pac-12. taking o
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
college football dominating the air waves today around the nation. we kick off in the pac-12, third ranked oregon hosting, not much of a challenge for oregon. nice move there, he dives into the end zone, 27 yards, on top, 14-0. still in the first, thomas cut to the outside, going to tiptoe down the sideline and take it home for a 22-yard score. oregon rolling 21-0, second quarter.
4:54 pm
looking like collin kaepernick. turns on the jets and he is gone. 46-yard run, oregon cruises to a 66-3 victory. the most scrutinized had to be texas a&m and rice. manziel had to sit out the first half due to an inadvertent violation of rules accepting cash for autographs. making up for time in the second half. manziel entered in the third quarter. looks sharp, finds mike evans, slips one tackle, 38-21 aggies. this would be the final of the game, on the run, across his body, evans again, manziel's third td pass of the second half. starts talking a little smack with his opponents. manziel will get an unsportsman like conduct penalty from the head coach fuming when manziel comes to the sideline, aggies
4:55 pm
win this one 52-31 that final. ohio state hosting the bulls of buffalo. buckeyes scored on the opening drive. heisman candidate. braxton miller, out to smith. 8-0 after a two-point conversion. buckeyes score 22 in the first quarter. hall, 49-yard touchdown, ohio state undefeated last year but ineligible for postseason play. 40-20. notre dame hosting temple, fighting irish came out throwing first quarter. tommy reese on the money to daniels. 32 yards, notre dame up 7-0. second quarter, at it again, connecting with tight end troy nicholas. the big guy rumbles 66 yards, notre dame goes on to win it 28-6. well, the 49ers have tough decisions to make today. the final cutdowns, had to trim the rosters from 75 to 53.
4:56 pm
eight of the players could end up on the practice squad, 20 players released today, four wide receivers, including hawkins and colle. 13-year veteran brian jennings was let go, as we used to say, he's too old making too much money. travis johnson and michael thomas, both could end up on the practice squad. and wallace said he was brought in to get colt mccoy to get a cut in pay. raiders have not released their list yet. and looking for work, tim tebow cut by the new england patriots today. one of the most polarized and popular players may not find a new team this season, especially coming off a preseason where he completed 11 of 30 passes, two touchdowns and two interceptions. u.s. open, second seed for the women, azerenko, at least they hit the bottom of the net.
4:57 pm
finally comes through on match point. victoria wins in three sets she'll face ivanovic in the next round. up next on abc 7, top ten match-up with georgia and clemson and, of course, stay tuned after the game for larry biel and yours truly as we break down the day in college football. everybody's excited for football. >> yeah. exactly. thank you for joining us. that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. thanks for joining us. college football is next. we will see you tonight at 11:00. leaving you with a live look at our camera from the bridge.
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