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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 4, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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commute. here is what it looks like: a beautiful bridge which is causing problems. people like to look at it. that is the theory the officers have. a commuter said the drive home usually takes 25 minutes but laugh night it took 80 minutes. c.h.p. officers blame it on the novelty of the new bridge. people are slowing to take pictures which is causing a backup. some admit there is so much to look at. >> people were honking when they saw me go a little slower. >> the bridge is simply beautiful. beautiful. >> the c.h.p. officers say you can get a ticket for driving too slowly and a ticket for distracted driving if they see you using your cell phone to snap a picture. they will be watching for this.
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they do think the behavior could last for up to a week. here is more evidence that is probably what is to blame on this same day last year they had 2,500 fewer cars on the bridge. fewer cars...but everyone is driving slower. >> we want to know what you think by joining the conversation on our facebook page to share your thoughts. >> the cleveland man who kidnapped and held three women captive for a decade is dead. ohio correctional officials say ariel castro was found hanging in his prison cell. guards tried to revive him but were unsuccessful. in exchange for the death penalty he pleaded guilty to 937 counts including rape, kidnapping and murder. the judge sentenced castro to life in prison plus 1,000 years.
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>> a sentencing hearing begins node marin county for serial killer joseph faso. he has been convicted of killing four in the 19 70's and 1990's and we have learned the prosecution has evidence tying him to another victim, a fifth victim, and will present the roof in sentencing. the body was found on a beach in 1981. naso is suspected in another killer in nevada county. the jury will have to decide whether he should be executed or imprisoned for life. >> the classes will take place as normal at a newark city after a fire on campus started at 9:00 at the elementary school. firefighters say a double-wide trailer caught fire. it is the home of a school caretaker who was not home at the time. firefighters were able to rescue to dogs and three parrots. >> a struggling ambulance provider wants to renegotiate
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their contract with the county. rural metro wants to cut short the five year contract with the county. the company claim they are losing $5 million a year up the terms. they filed for bankruptcy last month. last year they were hit with $5 million fine because of slow response time and van breakdown. they said they would rebit for a new contract if it is let out of the country contract. >> president obama is on a three-day overseas trip where he will try to bill more international support for action against syria. the president got off air force one a few hours ago in stockholm to meet with leaders from sweden and other countries. this was added to his itinerary after he canceled plans to meet with russian president putin in now. president obama will travel to st. peterburg after spending the day in stockholm. the senate foreign affairs committee could vote today on
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authorizes the use of force against the syrian regime foe last month's alleged chemical weapons attack. the committee drafted a resolution that would permit the president to order a limited military mission as long as it does not exceed 90 days or involve united states troops on the ground. we will have more on how syrian americans in the bay area feel about that. the telephones at good samaritan hospital are working this morning after an outage to the land lines. the hospital telephone lines went out about 4. official say the hospital used radio communications located in every unit and the cell phones. they say hospital operations remain normal and visiting hours were not affected. no word yet on the cause of the phone outage. >> a san jose doctor is accused of stealing money meant for cancer research. the prosecution says the radiologist was taking checks sent to a study that he oversaw
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while working for the valley medical center. when he quit officials found $46,000 was missing. the prosecution says he used the money to pay for credit card bills and his parents' mortgage and faces four years in prison. >> evacuees are running home in the sierra after being evacuated for a fire burning near yosemite national park. the orders have been lifted for most of the communities threatened by the rim fire. the fire is 80 percent contained this morning and has burned 235,000 acres. smoke remains a problem. it was so thick in reno that high school soccer and tennis matches were canceled. there is some go news related to the rim fire, one of two san francisco-owned hydroelectric power plants are back on line. a third plant is expected to be running in a few weeks. the plants were shut down providing power for city operations like airport and
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muni. >> we know that september and october can be dangerous for fires and wildfires but it looks like it will be nice today, right, mike? >> nice, if you liked yesterday you will like today. temperatures this morning are running the same as they were this time yesterday. most of us in the low-to-mid 60's and los gatos an exception at 56 and same in napa. you can see the valleys are cooling a lot more with the longer nights. the next 12 hours have a few more clouds around the bay and the coast but they will not last. all of the sunny and to the coast by noon. 64 there and 68 around the bay and 76 inland, and 4:00 in the afternoon and we will hit our highs with temperatures hanging around the low 80's inland and mid-70's around the bay and mid-60's at the coast and met were at mid-70's inland and low to upper 60's from the coast to the bay. the big hot wave is still coming the tomorrow, temperatures jump a couple of degrees and friday and saturday: upper 90 inland
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and 90 around the bay and the free air can being is at the coast and mid-70's. good morning, everyone. we have first reports of an accident in the oakland area where there was road work. southbound 880 near high street, the road work was between embarcadero and high street so this a big rig three-vehicle lane two southbound 880 at high. that is jamming up the oakland commute. eastbound 24 road work will be picked up shortly. we have road worker in concord northbound 680, concord avenue to arthur road. the bay bridge toll plaza is light. yesterday, it was jammed up all day with metering lights on well into the afternoon. >> congress moves the united states a step closer to military action in syria with a major
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reaction of syrians living in the bay area to push america into action. >> we are five days away from the third anniversary of the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion and a push to prevent a similar disaster. >> yahoo is announcing a big change. >> topping america's money, gas prices are headed up. the average price for a gallon is now $3.61. the biggest increase is in the midwest. the auto industry is anticipating strong numbers as sales surge. august figures for new car sales are expect to be the highest in seven years. spending on new vehicles in august may have hit the highest monthly record on report. on monday, chick-fil-a will give away breakfast items for free through next saturday.
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that is america
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>> breaking news, a body has been found inside a trailer after a fire at a trailer park. crews are on the scene east of interstate a 80. the fire broke out over an hour ago. no word if the opinion died in the fire or from something else. we have a news crew headed that way. >> a strong earthquake shook tokyo and eastern japan. the 6.5 earthquake was centered 370 miles south of tokyo. despite the distance, buildings swayed in the city. trains stopped as a precaution. no tsunami alert was issued. a 6.5 earthquake hit in the waters off alaska's remote islands, the same place where a 7.0 earthquake hit last week. >> on capitol hill a critical
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senate vote on authorizing a strike against syria could come today. in the bay area, syrian americans are taking to the phones and social sites to rally support for such a move. we have more from the south bay. >> this father and daughter are working nonstop from san jose kitchen table trying to save syria. they have sent out an action aheart to bay area syrian americans to ask members of congress to support a military strike on syria. >> any syrian family, you ask them, they will know about the suffering that syrians have gone through. >> the president told leaders of congress what a strike would look like. >> it is limited and does not involve boots on the ground. this is not iraq. this is not afghanistan. >> top republicans backed the plan. >> we have enemies around the world that need to understand we are not going to tolerate this type behavior. >> 19-year-old hopes other lawmakers will feel the same so
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she is calling the district offices. >> i want to set up a meeting to share her story of her aunt in syria would hasn't left her home in months. >> she is in a bad area where if she live the house it is dangerous. >> a congressman does not plan to support a military strike especially not one that can lead to even more casuals. >> if you do not do it with boots, what do you do it with? drops? smartphones. >> syrian americans will rally for intervention saturday in san francisco two days before congress votes on the juarez. >> a jury has found a former contra costa county sheriff deputy guilty of phony drunk driving stings. the jury found him guilty of wire fraud and extortion for
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accepting cocaine from a private investigator to set up drunk driving busts which were men in divorced or custody disputes and faces sentenceing in december. >> it has been three years since the gas pipeline explosion killed eight people and destroyed 40 homes. the mayor is renew his fight to ensure what happens there will not happen somewhere else. the mayor says he will continue pushing if stricter pipeline safety regulations and reforms and wanted pg&e to be fined $4 billion. pg&e calls the first excessive and says it has spent $2.5 billion on testing and improvements to the pipe line. >> we knew we needed to do the right thing and make our system safer. we have been doing that since the accident. >> half the homes destroyed in the pipeline explosion have been rebuild. monday is the 3rd anniversary. >> after a month in the making,
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yahoo is ready to unveil the new logo, tone at 9:00, the company will reveal the new look featuring a different logo on the web site each day for 30 days. the company says that the new design will still be purple and have the exclamation mark. experts say the switch i don't -- could turnout to be a mistake. when gap change their logo or tried to, people hated the new version on right so the company reverted to the old one. on the other hand, though, yahoo got a lot of publicity so there is the flip side. >> we like the logo in the weather department. >> change is coming. >> perfect. thanks if ruining it. >> here is what is going on: the heat wave is slated with temperatures close to where they should be. good morning to you.
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we are tracking. santa rosa with a few clouds along the coast spilling to the bay shore. they will have a short shelf like. 22 in fairfield is the fastest wind and sfo is 16 and ten in concord and everyone else is since miles per hour to calm this morning. not much in the way of a strong sea breeze. this is how it looks from the east bay hills. a few clouds along the east bay shore. there is the new span of the bay bridge. today, mostly sunny to the coat, and close to average, and another mild day before the hot highs take over friday, saturday, and sunday. today we will start in the south bay and upper 70's to low 80's and morgan hill is mid-80's. san jose is 80. on the peninsula, a lot of mid-to-upper 70's until los
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altos at 81. at the coast, about as were sunshine as year, mid-to-upper 60's and near 70 in downtown south san francisco and sausalito with 76 in petaluma the cool spot and everyone else in the upper 70's to low 80's in the north bay valley and mid-to-upper 60's at your beaches. at the east bay shore we will have low-to-mid 70's until the warm spot at 77 in castro valley. inland we have mid-to-upper kates. a day game, still fighting for first place, rangers and a's and look how delightful the weather is: sunshine. 70 degrees at start. 75 at 3:30. you will burn easy today. the lows tonight are cool of the in the north mid-to-upper 50's and san francisco and half moon bay and rest of us are around 60 to 61. this area of low pressure that has been bringing us seasonal weather moves inland and falls apart and a high in the great basin for our first wind pat
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enof the fall season of the friday and saturday: 90's everywhere but the coast and we will drop in the 80's on sunday but, still, 90's inland through tuesday and temperatures will taper back to normal levels and all other areas by monday if tuesday. >> good morning, everyone, we go back to oakland now where we have the big rig accident blocking a couple of lanes of traffic at oakland streets three cars involved southbound 880 backing, now, toward 980 while c.h.p. and crews get on the scene. otherwise road work, southbound to hayward, 880, washington, waa street, various lanes are blocked until 6:00 a.m. and from port chicago highway to willow pass road is blocked. from san francisco off the bay bridge, you can see traffic is flowing nicely southbound to 101 and 280.
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matt? >> thank you, imagine not having to have a license plate on your rear bumper. the senate now has to vote on moving forward a pilot program to test digital license plates in california. the assembly approved a bill author using the dmv to evaluate alternative license plates. the state could save money and time by replacing current plates and regularstriction cards with wireless devices. opponents worry the government could use the digital plates to track drivers. a program has been extended to allow solo drivers in electric cars to use car pool lanes hoping to persuade more drives in california to invest in fuel efficient vehicles. >> a san francisco supervisor is taking on the broken streetlights. he is calling for a hearing to find out why so many lights are not working saying 6,000 of the 45,000 street lights burn out
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each year and need to be replaced. he wants utility companies to adjust the lights so they brighten the sidewalks and not just the road. >> check your refrigerator because there are safety kobes that have a popular yogurt company pulling their product. >> a cheaper ride for some. >> the lure amazon is dangling to get
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>> covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 4:52. group discounts could benefit you if you work if a big company or live in a big apartment come mention. the board seeing the buses is set to vote today. housing complexes and companies with at least 100 people could get annual passes worth up to
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$2,000 for the bargain price of $115. a second plan allows groups of 25 or more to get a 20 percent discount on prepaid tickets. if approves the changes take effect in january. >> the new eastern span of the bay bridge could be double the cost to build it. construction reached $6.4 billion but the final bill is expected to top $12 billion by the time bonds used to cough the costs are paid off in 2054. >> that is the total package in the same way that if you take out a $500,000 mortgage on a home by the time the loan is row tired you pay a lot more than $500,000. >> commuters are pay the largest share, the transportation commission says 69 percent will come from tolls. >> the bicycle and pedestrian path on the new bay bridge is proving to be a big hit with
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entrances in emeryville and oakland and makes its way to the bridge at the toll plaza. hundreds have been trying out the new pathways since it opened at noon. it is named after a former oaklandty planner who fought for bicycle access. the pathents at the old s-curve. when the old bridge is demolished the path will be extended to yerba buena island. >> check out the sunny skies. will we see more of the same today? >> great day to on the bridge with all the sunshine. we will see are month of it today. we are seeing lights on the western pan and the cherrypickers are out work on the lights while the bridge was closed. it looks great this morning as we look from the camera. 24 hour temperature change, not much of a change, oakland is 75 and san jose is 80 and fremont is 76 and san francisco is 70 a degree warmer and concord is 83, two degrees warmer. quiet across the entire state and a slight chance of
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thunderstorms around yosemite national park and 92 and smoky and 79 in tahoe and we will flirt with 90 in sacramento and same thing in los angeles and 82 in san diego. sue? >> good morning, everyone, we have good news in the oakland area with an accident involving a big rig and three cars just now cleared out of lanes so that commute southbound should begin improving. it was backing toward 980 and accident cleared out of lanes. to the south, southbound 880 from washington to a street, that is picked up at 6:00 this morning. we will look at the drive from the central valley and you will see yellow sensors making your way up to the altamont pass but other it is moving smoothly through the livermore area and a look, now, at the san mateo bridge and it is moving nicely and the alternate to the bay bridge they have the normal commute.
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>> some greek yogurt is being pulled because of bloating in the cups which could be a type of mold found in dairy. the company says the problems affect less than 5 percent of the their products. the company is working with stores to remost affected containers. we have more information at >> a major legal defeat for popular marin county oyster fan. a three-judge panel of the 9th circuit court appeals ruled that the interior department has the authority to refuse to renew drakes bay oyster company lease and removed a preliminary injunction that allowed drakes to continue operating while the case was pending. they have not decided whether it will appeal the ruling. >> amazon is making a new offer to entice book lovers to go digital with a new service that lets anyone who but the a physical book on to buy a kindle version for $3 or less. the company is working with publisher who get as many books
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into the new service it will launch next month. >> google is naming the latest operating system after a candy bar. droid version 4.4 is expected to launch this fall and the packaging will show droid's green mascot with a kitka t-bar. >> a lot of other desserts, oreo and more. >> breaking news in the east bay where a firefighters find a body in a burning mobile home. we talked with investigators and we have the latest at 5:00. >> accusations of cheating in the america's cup race and the penalty a team is playing.
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>> abc7 news starts right now with breaking news. >> good morning, the breaking news is in san lenadro where firefighters made a disturbing involvery in a burning mobile home. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has the details. >> the fire is out. the fire department confirms one person was killed in the fire. you can see what is left of what is described as a travel trailer beyond the fence line. this is a mobile home community, a one-trailer damage. th


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