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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 5, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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ahead, commuters sound off on the traffic tieups and what the hey patrol is telling us. >> president obama arrives in russia overnight for the g-20 summit and steps being taken to make sure he does not get too close to russian president putin. >> thank you for joining us. >> we are looking at another warm day ahead of us and heating up for the weekend. >> normal today temperatures so enjoy them but the heat is on the way tomorrow. it peaks this week. we will talk about what is happening this morning, the fog is not so prevalent as yesterday with low clouds along the coast spilling in the bay and they have not made a great push inland. the next 12 hours we will start cloudy and low 60's at 7:00, and sunny and 68 at noon, and hanging out in the mid-70's in the afternoon but breezy from time to time, and upper 60's in the evening.
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the day planner inland, mostly clear and 61 and mid-70's at noon and mid-80's at 4:00, dropping to quiet mid-70's in the evening hours. at the coast we will starting cloudy and 60 and sunny from noon to the 7:00 hour, and temperatures hanging out in the mid-to-upper 60's. enjoy the day. >> the commute is busy and it will take you 45 minutes to head westbound from tracy to dublin. we have a report of a hit-and-run accident at millbrae avenue. we have debris if the lanes so watch out for that. so far, so good, on 101 by sfo, and it will take you 11 minutes to head out of san francisco into the airport and look at the drive time track, walnut creek to dublin is a short 14-minute drive and 101 we are looking good through the santa cruz mountains to los gatos and 23 minutes. and the bay bridge toll plaza shows the metering lights are on
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early and traffic is stacking up and beyond the tolls, traffic is moving nice and clear to san francisco. >> in san mateo police are investigating a shooting that could be connected to other cities. this is a look at the scene in san mateo on south norfolk where a 24-year-old man was shot before midnight. there was a gun battle at a home and the victim was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive. police have been on the scene all morning collecting evidence and interviewing ones to determine if it is connected to gun shot victims that turned up in other cities. san jose police tell abc7 news that two people fund up at a hospital with gun shot wounds, one died and the other is being treated. our news reporter will have more coming up at 6:30. >> another morning, another tough commute expected to get to and across the new bay bridge. here is a picture from our yerba buena island with headlights
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headed into san francisco and the metering lights have been on for 20 minutes and commuters wonder if map delays are the new traffic pattern or opening week blip. amy hollyfield has more from emeryville. >> and now, there could be delays, again, look what people had to deal with last night: it was unlike something we have seen before. there was quite a backup in the city, and the congestion lasted until 10:30 last night. we found the man here in the east bay who said he drove on the bridge yesterday and he said it was very slow. >> it is slow. it is the novelty and people are taking their time and checking out the bridge. it slows everything down. >> your reaction to this? >> i did not change my pattern. you have to deal with it and do it and it will get better.
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>> officials are not sure what is to blame the they say it could be a combination of people slow down to get at look at the new bridge and the fact that school is back in session and vacations are over. the c.h.p. again is stressing that you can't slow down. you should not slow down and take pictures on the bridge. they say it could take a couple of weeks if all of this to settle down so you may want to keep that in mind as you are timing your trip. >> president obama is in russia this morning juggling reaction to the push for military action on syria over an alleged come attack on civilians. the president arrived in st. peter for the g-20 economic summit. the crisis in syria is not on the agenda but will dominate discussions. rebound is facing off against russian president who supports the syrian government. the chinese fours at the superintendent warn that military action would have a
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negative impact on the global economy especially on oil prices. we want to take you to st. peterburg where president obama is shaking hands with president putin at the g-20 summit. leaders from around the world are gathering for the session and you can see that encounter between president putin and president obama was brief and now with relations between some and the united states strained the guard an is reporting that the seating order has been reshuffled so president obama and president putin do fault have to sit too close. >> on capitol hill a senate panel is supporting a military strike in syria and the full senate is expected to vote on it next week. russian diplomats tried to set up a meeting with law makes aimed at trying to per situate them -- persuade them not to support the resolution. >> the wildfire in and around yosemite national park.
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fire officials are confirming it likely did not start from illegal marijuana grow because the area where the fire starts is too rugged and does not have a natural water source which growers like. the fire has burned 370 square miles and now 80 percent contained. the national guard crew who worked on the fire is back if the bay area. this is video of the 129th rescue wing. they flew 90 hours battling the rim fire. >> police are searching for a man wanted for a series bank robberies. they have released surveillance video from a robbery yesterday at the credit union to san rafael. here is the video of the robbery: the suspect is on the left. witnesses say the man matches the description of the cotton ball bandit. he is wanted in six other bank robberies if marin county. >> alert bank employees likely
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prevented another robbery yesterday when they locked their doors yesterday in oakland. the employees spot add man who matched the description of a previous bank robber who ran away. the branch has been robbed three times this summer. >> oakland police are asking for help in the search for a suspected killer. officers say gary shay shot a man to death on saturday near mills college. shay is 50 years old white man, 5' 6", with medium dark curly hair. he is accused of killing a man he was fighting with. >> new details on the plan to change standardized tests for math students. the board of education was told that rather than giving pencil and pay they are tests should be administered by computer and we learned that the governor is in favor of the plan.
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the state planned only to sample the new electronic tests with about 20 percent of california students but the proposal still needs approval from the state legislature and the department of education. city college of san francisco may have another chance to save itself from losing its accreditation. the san francisco "san francisco examiner" says there is a clause that allows a fresh ruling with a small window of review but officials hope they can present enough evidence of reform to more entad the commission to reverse their ruling while city college going through the appeals process. >> today we are talking about night weather, right, mike? >> pleasant today compared to what is coming this week. one of the hotter spots headed into the weekend, the next continue days in live more, today is close to average with 86, and we jump to 96 tomorrow.
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we will flirt with triple digits on saturday, sunday, and monday and temperatures will taper tuesday and wednesday, and, still, above average. temperatures in the east bay develop, everyone around 60 to 64 degrees with live more the warm spot at 64 the around most our neighborhoods in the 60's and a lot of low-to-mid 60's away the bay shore and san jose 59 and trend 58 and 51 in santa rosa for the cool spot. the next three days, the temperatures are a lot like yesterday, maybe warmer in the east bay but tomorrow we jump well above average but nothing stands out like this weekend, upper 90's inland and mid-70's at the coast. >> we do have a problem in backville and vallejo at highway 37 a stalled vehicle facing the wrong direction and traveling along the eastbound direction disasterring to -- eastbound
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direction at 5 on a we have an accident involving a motorcycle that is in the dip. no lanes are blocked but it is causing a slowing at 80 interchange. 80 from albany to the maze is looking clear at five minutes. traffic is building. 880 southbound from this area here is looking good. san jose, 101, away from 880, over to the san jose airport, more traffic out there but no slow downs. >> rumors of jack nicholson and an academy award winning actress go viral. >> a major change for anyone who has a student in school: what a top educator wants to change about high school. >> the company behind the popular machines is brewing up a new overing for customers
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>> covering fremont, and palo alto and north bay and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> beautiful shot from our camera and the sunrise with the marine layer below the we will have nice temperatures today but heating up headed into the weekend. >> ready for this? gender of the new baby panda
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born at washington, dc, national zoo just revealed. pink balloons: it is a girl. we have been waiting for two weeks. the washington zoo revealed the father is the national zoo panda tsin-tsin, a six-year old male living in the same zoo as the mom who was artificially inseminated by sperm from two pandas including go-go a on-year-old giant panda from san diego. congratulations! >> maury is not seen at the zoo. trading is underway after a nasdaq glitch left investors unable to see quotes from bay area companies because of an outage on the server. trading continues but investor could not see the quotes for companies with simples from pc
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to sbz including zynga. another glitch halted trading for three hours the find out how the nasdaq is going. >>the top education folks things he could have the answer to teens would fall asleep in class. education secretary duncan says districts should consider pushing back the first bell in starting school later, especially high school. the later start could help teens get the sleep they need from classroom saying the decision is up to individual schools but he is urging superintendents to consider research that suggests well rested kids are better students. >> the company behind the popular cake cups is brewing up a new offering: soup. green mountain roasts is everyone paing with campbell to release new cups that brow a cup of chicken budget that come with packets of dried noodles and
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vegetables. this is the first time they is expanded the beverage. the c.e.o. for green mountain said the idea came after customers said they were using their machines to add hot water to dried soup mix. >> jack knickhol son said three was retire from memory loss but the 76-year-old mans on staying active in hold wood after this went viral. he is looking at scripts and looking to the new project. the last movie was "how do you know." >> he is always at the lakers game but not in a movie recently. three years. been a while. >> he wears at the-the purple and gold for the lakers but we are wearing oranges and not just if the giants. >> it is "stop hunger month,"
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for september, a problem that plagues a lot of people in the country. >> food banks always need extra food since the economy has been so bad for so long they have been depleted. you can see i on our website at abc7 news come with more information on how to help. >> right now, we will get to that but right now, we have clouds along the coast and they spilling across the bay enough we have flight arrival delays into sfo at an hour and 15 minutes and maybe longer. our flight tracker can give you individual flights and it is at and look for the airplane. i believe the flight arrival delays will not last long. very dry this morning, live doppler 7 hd shows some of the cloud cover trying to push around the golden gate bridge but the fact this isn't fogged in gives you an idea of how dry
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the marine layer is. we will be sunny even at coast with mild highs and the warming begins tomorrow and you will feel it as it peaks this weekend and it could spill into monday inland valleys. everyone else will start a bit of a cooling trend. today, in the south bay, upper 70's like 79 in cupertino, and a sunny 80 in santa cruz and money 70's for the peninsula and 80 in los altos and 72 in millbrae and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast to near accident in downtown can south san francisco and low-to-mid 80's through the north bay valley and 20 degrees cooler with the sunshine at the beaches and mid-to-upper 70's at the east bay, and another day without needing to use the air conditioning. first place a's are tied, but still in first place, 68 at
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7:00, with sun, and a star filled 62 by end of game at 10:00. 7:15, a game will still have sunday but the breezes will taper and the clouds will spill over and the temperature is like what we have this morning. now, tomorrow, when the offshore breeze develops: temperatures jump fur to eight degrees and the hottest weather is saturday and sunday to a lesser extent on monday and still above average although we are cooler tuesday and wednesday. have a great day! >> we have no construction, just a couple of stalled vehicles but lots of congestion. this is what we have: westbound along highway 37, we are seeing the heavy morning commute at 36 miles per hour making it to the point great vallejo with a report of a stalled vehicle westbound 80 at highway 37 blocking a lane that is turned
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around. c.h.p. is headed out there as we speak. if you take it along westbound i-80 we are at top speeds and a pocket of volume building before you get to the hoffman split and richmond-san rafael is slowing down westbound direction. walnut creek southbound 680 building away from highway 4 to the 24 junction now at 15 minute commute. >> it is now 6:20. after 30 days of hype yahoo takes the wraps off the new logo with their new design and the first reaction on the big change. >> first, "7 on your side" and [ male announcer ] campbell's angus beef & dumplings. hearty cheeseburger. creamy thai style chicken with rice.
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>> getting your pots and pans spotless can be a challenge using the dishwasher. we partnered "7 on your side" with "consumer reports" to check out the best detergent for difficulties. >> who wants dishes from the dishwasher with caked on food or clear glass?
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the plate on the right used to be clear. >> companies switches to detechnology ends better not environment a buildup was the problem. the tests show deterge ends better at preventing that. the problem hasn't totally evaporated. this clear plate turned white after 20 cycles when washed with baby xanax. only one rateds length for cleaning pots, cascade complete action pack but if cleaning pots is not priority, can you save money with finish gel packs, a best boy at 21 cents a load it did a terrific job on dishes. >> "consumer reports" also tested several green cleaners but none scored high enough. powder detergent 7th generation dids length with the
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dishes -- did excellent with the cleaning of the dishes. >> we continue at 6:30 with the top stories. >> officers open fire near a busy restaurant and the undercover operation leading to the gunfire. >> in san mateo we have new information on a connection between what is described as a gun battle here and a shooting victim who died in san jose. a look from our roof camera: it is clear in san francisco, warming trend begins tomorrow and it could last all seven days of the forecast. in the traffic center, a look from yerba buena island toward the bay bridge, and you can see more traffic moving from oakland into san francisco and we will have a report of an accident on the sunol grade with more
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. happening now in st. peter bug, russia, the g-20 summit is underway with world leaders in the palace. we showed you president obama's arrival and his meet-and-greet
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with russian president putin. among the issues dominating the meeting is the crisis in syria which has russia and the united states at odds. >> it is 6:30 on this thursday, thanks for joining us. >> the weather here in the bay area has been pretty nice but it looks like it will change headed into the week. >> we have a few clouds. mike? >> we will have mild temperatures starting tomorrow and through the weekend and possible into monday. the oppressive heat at times with triple digits. >> everyone is reporting eight miles or greater reporting visibility with not so many clouds and we do not have the fog. the day planner shows clouds hugging the bay shore through 7:00, and total sunshine by noon and upper 60's and hang out in the mid-70's and breezy at time.
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comfortable and 68 at 7:00. inland neighborhoods, sunshine at 60 through 7:00, a bright 75 at noon and hang out in the mid-80's and close to average and a quiet 5 in the evening and the sunshine will work its way back to the coast after a cloudy start and 60 and in the mid-to-upper circuit with mostly sunny conditions and pleasey this afternoon. >> good morning, leyla gulen. >> good morning, mike, an accident on northbound 680 we have four vehicles involved with one lane blocked. southbound traffic is where we have most of the buildup and northbound does not appear to be affected. from the central valley into dub did lin, westbound is moving slow to the 580/680 junction. the drive time traffic over bridges, golden gate bridge is telephone minutes from sausalito
6:32 am
to san francisco and the bay bridge is 15 minutes and the san mateo bridge is 14 minutes. >> thank you, leyla gulen, we will follow breaking news from san mateo, an overnight shooting left one man dead. our reporter joins us on the scene with new information and lots of connections. >> we are getting a picture of what happened here but in other cities including san jose. here is what we know right new: this is not just a shooting in san mateo but a gun battle inside of a home. a 24-year-old hand was found here and he had a gunshot wound and is expected to survive the injuries at 11:30. at 12:30 two people showed you at a hospital in san jose with wounded and one died. a police sergeant says that he cannot say at this point for sure if they are connected.
6:33 am
>> obviously there are gunshot victims in san jose they trying to figure out what happened and we have what clearly is a guttle ban in san mateo. our detectives are trying to understand whether the two are related. weapon we know more details we will let you know. >> as for the gun battle, the police sergeant said it was not random and the house was targeted but he will not say why the house was targeted and cannot confirm whether they actually have any suspects in any of the shootings in custody. >> thank you, sunnyvale police are investigating the deadly shooting of a drug suspect during an undercover investigation. we were over the scene in front of a restaurant yesterday off 101 weapon the motel clerk heard 15 gunshots from the police officers and the sheriff deputies. the suspect died at the hospital. no officers were injured. questions remain about whether the suspect had a weapon and how
6:34 am
many officers fired. >> we trying to determine, there were multiple officers but as far as how many officers fired we are investigating. >> the police knew of the operation in advance and had officers near. santa clara district attorney is also investigating. >> a solemn anniversary, since a 37-year-old was shot to death during a traffic stop on better state 680 last september. the driver was shot and killed by another for. the community rallied around the family with fundraisers and special events. the officer's name has been added to a memorial honoring california peace officers killed in the line of duty. >> fremont police is released a photo of a woman they say is using a snake scam to burglarize homes. this woman poises as an animal control officer pretending to investigate a snake infestation
6:35 am
and accused of luring residents into the backyard and the accomplice sneaks into the home. homes in seven bay area cities have been hit and similar burglaries have been reported from roseville. >> bay area ride share companies will be the topic of discussion at a meeting at the public utilities commission. the start-up companies using mobile apps are said by cab drivers to be operating illegally and avoid regulatory accountability including driver qualification and insurance requirements. they are considering rules that will treat and regulate the ride share program like limo services. >> san francisco's next transportation project is in a new phase, a massive concrete pouring operation begins today marking the first construction of the new transbay terminal. it has been a demolition roth if
6:36 am
if -- demolition project. this morning at 10:00 a.m., house democratic leader pelosi joins san francisco mayor to mark the milestone. the new terminal will open in late 2017. >> hundreds of jet setting california chickens are starting a new life in new york. 2,000 hens rescued from california egg farm needed a new home. the farmer could not take care of they will. they usually only live two years before being euthanized but are going into retirement because after donor who paid $50,000 to fly them to the only place that could take them in. >> the donor said i will pay for it. this money is not coming from animal place but donated by one very generous person who care as lot about chickens. >> last night they were loaded on a special flight from hayward to make the seven hour journey to their new home. >> if you have not invested in
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forever stamps, you may want to start because the price is going up again with the postal service voting whether to raise the price of a first-class stamp. they are considering an emergency two cent increase on top of the one cent inflation increase already planned. this means stamps will be 49 cents by next year the post am service last a record $15.9 billion last year. former congressman gets in an explosive confrontation. >> yahoo's new logo is getting mixed reviews. >> here is a look outside at traffic and weather next. things are going to be warming up today and really warming up for the
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>> check out the beautiful picture of downtown san francisco, a dry marine layer is hanging around and will yield us a lot of sunshine and load us down a path of temperatures warmer than yesterday in fremont and oakland and concord and san jose and santa rosa and san francisco same. we have poor air quality through noon friday in tuolumne county because of the spoke. wreck flood -- red nag warning including tahoe with temperatures at 74 degrees and wins up to 45 to 65. 87 in sacramento and 90 with sunshine if los angeles today. leyla gulen? >> we have a new crash reported on the nimitz southbound 880.
6:41 am
it is blocking a lane causing delays and we go back to the sunol grade northbound 680 we have a four car crash that is not blocking a lane but all the traffic is in the southbound direction and further down 101 in the northbound direction 27 miles per hour but we have this overturned vehicle northbound 101 as you make it into san jose with more traffic awaiting you up ahead. >> something looks different on yahoo's website: the new logo unveiled last night, the company says they want add logo that was whimsical and purple that embraced the revolution. far from drastic redesign it is the first redesign since the company launched 18 years ago. the logo is called stark and sensible and someone says it looks like it was created from
6:42 am
the 1990's. what do you think? go to facebook and let us know. marissa mayer said it was based on math trying to geek out. >> backups on the new bay bridge continue and we talk to commuters to see what changes they making to deal with the slow crawl. >> trading is underway on wall street. the dow climbs 18 points after the big gains and we will go to jane king at the new york stock exchange. first, a campaign clash caught on camera that had
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a covering los altos, antioch, petaluma and all bay area, this is use. >> here is a picture from our
6:45 am
yerba buena island island camera, the morning commute is underway and we could see long delays again on the new bay bridge of the commuters wonder if the delays are the new track pattern or opening week blip. traffic is moving pretty well. >> now the scandal we have been talking about, struggling new york mayoral candidate is defending himself. after getting into a shouting math with a heckler. >> i tell you what, do you have courage? >> come back in here i'm not afraid of you. >> you have the nerve. >> you are perfect? you are my judge? >> i didn't do anything. >> you are my judge? >> you fine. you talk to god and work out your problems. >> the former congressman said he stood up to the heckler because that is what mayors have
6:46 am
to do. he admitted he continues to send lewd text messages following the resignation from congress the he has fallen from 1st to 4th in the race for mayor. >> now, business news. sugar lands -- plans to raise more money from linked in. >> good morning, jane. a growing number of people are concerned about online privacy and a study says that americans could be sharing more information online than ever but they would like to be able to have more control offer it, 50 percent saying they worried about information available on them up from 33 percent in 2009 and 86 percent have tried one tactic to hide their on-line tracks. criminals, hackers and others say they are trying to avoid. >> it looks like fewer members
6:47 am
filing applications to collect unemployment so slow but steady improvement and we get the labor department inly jobs report, and that was for august. ahead all of this the silicon valley index so far is trading higher. linked in is more successful than plans and boosting plans shares sealed by 20 percent to $1.12 billion which is a big deal the stock is now three times the initial public offering at the new york stock exchange for bloomberg business report. >> back to a picture at the yerba buena island camera and check out how the commute is going and you can see leyla gulen saying it is doing well. >> the yerba buena island camera
6:48 am
looking at the commute and we will check with amy hollyfield in emeryville talking to people driving it. >> hopefully we will not see what we saw last night. look at this video of the congestion, the backup in san francisco trying to get on the bay bridge last night. it has been like this the last couple of days. one our crews said it took an hour to go a distance usually that takes 10 minutes. this is along the embarcadero and drivers are feeling frustrated. one woman has noticed the surface streets appear different this week. >> it has been backed up. even early. i was surprised. maybe it is a lot of new people going over the bridge for the kitement. >> c.h.p. officers are not sure why this is happening. on the first day they thought it
6:49 am
was because people were slow down and taking their time to take pictures. now they don't know what it is and it could be just the combination of people excited about the new bridge, slowing down, and school is back in session and vacations are over. the word is out about the packup maybe some people who can, will work for home or choose bart and the bus but it could take a while to settle down, maybe a couple of weeks so consider building center time into your commute. >> thanks, amy. >> meteorologist mike nicco, how will we enjoy the day? >> you will enjoy it if you like average temperatures even at the coast. the winds are faster at 1:00 o'clock to 9:00 this afternoon and evening west win at 15 to 25 miles per hour along the bay. we have northwest wind from 5:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. from 15 to 25
6:50 am
winds at the beaches. from mount tamalpais, you can see the bright sunshine and breezes at 2,600' with a sunny afternoon and mild highs and the warming begins tomorrow and the heat peaks and spills into next week. mid-80's today los gatos and morgan hill can gilroy and upper 70's for the rest of the south bay at 79 in san jose and money -- mid-to-upper 70's for the peninsula. low-to-mid 80's through the north bay valley and 20 degree cooler at the beaches and mid-to-upper 70's along the east bay shore and fremont and castro valley is 78 and mid-to-upper 80's had the east bay valley so if you have an air conditioning it could be last day you do fault need it. >> 68 at 7:05 and sunshine and 62 and cooler and more on the
6:51 am
breezy side at at&t park at 7:15 and sunny and 66 dropping down to 61 degrees. the low will be a lot like they were this morning, four on six degrees warmer tomorrow and above average and the heat on saturday, sunday, and monday, and tuesday and wednesday cooler but, still, well above average. >> as we take you right into marin county where we have an accident reported, blocking a lane northbound 101, you can see it is causing half a mile backup southbound traffic is moving smoothly and as we take you back to san jose northbound 101 we do have a report of an overturned vehicle blocking the onrank so you can always take silver creek valley boulevard but right now 101 traveling well when you get to 280 and 680 you will see a slow down of traffic.
6:52 am
at the maze, westbound, along i-80, those are tail lights pushing to 580, and it looks like there is traffic mostly through berkeley and it backed up at the toll plaza where more traffic over to treasure island. yesterday i was in west sacramento for the c.h.p. media boot camp. i am doing my pretrack stretches before i did the obstacle course. this other picture is me in the gym where you stand at attention with 45 degree angle and pointing feet a certain way. you have to be very proper and listen to every instruction because they will yell at you. they got in my face a few times. they were not shy about that. the timing of the boot camp is quite important because they are starting to recruit is they are
6:53 am
encouraging more women to apply to c.h.p. and recruiting will take place next week. >> ahead, seven things to know before you ♪ ♪ ♪ i gotta have that bag. italian leather? for an amazing deal, and i love that designer. [ shopper ] you paid how much for that? [ female announcer ] two stores. two amazing ways to score. t.j.maxx and marshalls.
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>> as we hand things off to "good morning america", breaking news with police investigating a shooting inside a san mateo home that may have left several people injured. a 24-year-old was shot around midnight and an hour later two people fund up at a san jose hospital with wounds. one died. police are holding a 9:00 a.m. news conference in san mateo. >> sunnyvale police are investigating the deadly shooting of a drunk suspect.
6:55 am
undercover officers from santa clara and the sheriff office shot the man in a restaurant parking lot. he died at the hospital. no officers were injured. >> president obama was greeted by russian president putin at the g-20 economic summit in russia, the crisis in syria is not on the agenda but the president is trying to gain international support for military action over their alleged use of chemical weapons. putin is backing syria. >> this morning, the home of former south africa president mandela is running on a backup generator when the power went out yesterday. mandela is under 24 hour care from doctors after being released from the hospital a few days ago. >> we have just learned the giant panda born at the national zoo is a girl. the mystery of the father is solved, the dad is tsin-tsin who lives at the zoo with the mom. >> off to a immediate start with
6:56 am
51 in santa rosa is the cool spot and 63 in livermore the warm spot. temperatures in the 80's inland with sun and 70's to near 80 away the bay and 60's to near 70 in san francisco. >> a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and you cannot see the traffic too well, the sun is rising over the hills and an accident northbound 101 in marin county, blocking a lane. >> we continue on-line and twitter and facebook. see you in 25 minutes.
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>> stay with us for "good morning america." good morning, america. breaking overnight. president obama lands in russia this morning, where he will come face-to-face with putin for the first time in their standoff over syria. are we in a new cold war with russia? does obama have the votes in congress? developing now. tropical storm gabrielle getting stronger by the hour, heading for puerto rico. sam is tracking the latest path as peak hurricane season approaches. thank god. you guys are awesome! oh, my god. oh, my god, get him! >> the college students desperately dialing 911, during a high-speed chase on the freeway, chasing down a kidnapper for miles. hoping police would arrive in time to set an abducted woman free. ♪ dream on, dream on oh, my. one of the world's biggest rock


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