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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 6, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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amer good morning, america. at this hour, president obama, set to leave russia to return home, for an all-out last-ditch effort to get congress behind a strike on syria. as u.s. officials reveal how iran is plotting revenge if the missiles fly. going to extreme. the relentless heat steams up the west. so hot, people are exercising after dark. this, as temperatures plunge to below freezing overnight in the northeast. freak accident tragedy. this teenager flying his favorite remote-control helicopter. struck in the head in a park filled with witnesses. how his lifelong hobby turned deadly in an instant. ♪ i've got the eye of the tiger ♪ and get ready to "roar." she's the megastar turning "good morning america" into "good
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roaring america." katy perry, roaring into times square, for a big announcement, you're not going to believe. >> good morning, america. and a great, big crowd out here in times square this morning. good morning, america. you just saw the tv premiere right there of katy perry's new video, "roar." everyone down there roaring in times square. we're going to have a lot more to show you when katy perry is here live this morning. and those fans have been lined up all night long to see her. >> and roar is the right word. we came in this morning. and what you hear outside. and did you see this last night? this is a way to kick off the nfl season. denver's peyton manning throwing seven -- yes, i said seven
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touchdown passes, tying an nfl record. becoming the sixth player ever to throw that many. >> and it could have been worse. it really could have been. and after a long weather delay that made staying up for the entire game a virtual impossibility. the biggest day for a nfl quarterback in almost a half-century. peyton manning, super-duper. >> incredible. we'll get to all that. but first, right now, the latest on president obama's push for a military strike against syria. he's about to head home from the g-20 summit in russia. abc's jon karl is there. and, jon, the president working the phones with congress, twisting the arms of his fellow world leaders. but not a lot of public support yet. >> reporter: that's right, george. right now, it appears only france would take part in a u.s. military strike on syria. but the bigger problem for the president is back at home, where support in congress for military action is tanking. with or without help from abroad, the president's national security team is now preparing
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for something of a shock and awe campaign. abc news has learned preparations are under way for an attack that would involve a relentless two-day assault of missiles and long-range bombs, fired from u.s.-based bombers. as well as tomahawk cruise missiles, fired from those four navy destroyers in the mediterranean. president obama still wants congress to give him authorization but on that score, he seems to be on the verge of defeat. the late est poll, more than 60 of americans oppose unilateral strikes against syria. and members of congress say they are being flooded with calls. >> there's no question. what's coming in is overwhelmingly negative. >> reporter: if congress were to vote today, vote counters in both parties say he would lose. abc news' own vote count shows more than 200 members of the house poised to vote no. fewer than 50 suggest they would support the resolution. those who do are getting an earful.
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>> my short answer to this is not no. but hell, no. >> being syrian and wanting the u.s. to bomb my country, that's a big deal. >> reporter: at a town hall meeting, john mccain, one of the few vocal supporters of military action, got dressed down by angry voters. >> iraq is as big a mess now as it was back then. and we obviously did not fix that one. >> reporter: the president has canceled plans to travel to california next week. instead, he will stay in washington and try to convince congress to pass that resolution authorizing military force. but, george, as you can see, it's a really uphill battle at this point. one thing under consideration, is a nationally televised address on syria. >> yeah, could come as early as this weekend. we're learning a lot that if a strike occurs about what retaliation might look like from iran. >> reporter: yeah. there are reports that iran is encouraging militants in iraq to attack the u.s. embassy. the white house has no comment on that specific report. but they are well aware that
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retaliation is a real possibility. and they tell me they have taken every step to protect u.s. personnel, especially in the region against these possible retaliatory attacks. >> okay, jon karl, thanks very much. and sunday morning, on "this week," we'll be covering all of the angles. i'll have all the latest on the crisis in syria. >> i'll be watching, as always, in my jammies. now to the weather extremes. so much heat from california to kansas. and temperatures going to below freezing in the northeast. >> robin, split-personality weather map this morning. six states are under frost advisories. 28 states were in the 90s yesterday. let's show you what's going on. we're going to take a look at a picture out of vermont. there are frosty areas. and you would expect that vermont is chill cy this time o year. but that happens from burlington on to montpelier. the end of september to the beginning of november.
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take a look at the numbers in philly, new york and boston. in the 50s. the high temperature in new york, it's 70 degrees today. then, here's the real wow moment. take a look at the cold air that's in the middle of the country. that curling jet stream that shouldn't be that way at all. but we haven't found the correct position for it at all this summer. and then there's the record heat. you have some of the warmest numbers you've ever seen in september, sitting from denver all the way to dallas. 97 in denver. 99 in dallas. 89 in atlanta. so, here's where the heat is. believe it or not, that cold air gets shoved aside just a little bit by the time we get into the weekend. we'll talk more about that when we get back in regular weather. but a real odd pattern, where there's record lows and record highs on the map at the same time. >> split personality, as you said. you said it best, sam. let's get the other top stories from josh. >> we're going to begin with your security online. everything from your bank accounts to medical records, may not be all as secure as you think. published reports now say the national security agency has used supercomputers to bypass or in some cases crack online encryption tools.
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the revelation comes from documents leaked by former nsa contractor edward snowden. the government has reportedly spent billions to access online secrets. and we have some breaking news overseas. one of the most wanted terrorists from the war in afghanistan has reportedly been killed in a u.s. drone strike. u.s. officials believe mullah sangeen zadran organized attacks on u.s. troops and helped capture bergdahl. in 2009. and some important news about the economy. the government has just put out the monthly jobs report this morning but not everyone was hoping for good news. abc's rebecca jarvis is here to explain that. josh, good morning. so much riding on this report. putting everyone back to work in america. americans will pay more to borrow from the cost of a mortgage to a car loan.
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the economy added 169,000 jobs in august. unemployment ticked a little lower to 7.3%. overall it was still weaker that many were expected. what does the federal reserve do next? will the fed pull back on some of the $85 million in monthly stimulus that it's been pumping into the market? it's helped our stock market stay afloat. if the fed does that, then interest rates, which have been at historic lows, they start to go up. the cost of buying a home goes up 10%, josh, for each 1% mortgage rate increase. that's important to everyone. >> rebecca jarvis, thank you for that. meanwhile, that raging wildfire around yosemite national park is now being blamed on a careless hunter. investigators say he built an illegal campfire that then exploded beyond his control. the flames have scorched an area roughly the size of dallas, texas.
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it's cost some $81 million to fight the fire thus far. the hunter's name is being withheld. and he has not yet been charged. a charter bus carrying a high school football team burst into flames along an oregon highway. you see it there. the flames shot from under the bus as it was driving. it's unclear what started the fire. good news, however, the coaches and the 45 players onboard did get off in time. and finally, apparently not everyone was ready for some football, as the nfl season opened in denver last night. especially the baltimore ravens. allowing peyton manning to throw for seven -- yes, seven touchdown passes -- tying an nfl record. no one has thrown that many in a single game since 1969, when dinosaurs roamed the earth. final score, 49-27. and it could have been more, if not for this. returning an interception, one bronco, a little too concerned about celebrating, you'll see, actually loses the ball, dropping it before he crosses the goal line.
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it's all right. broncos still basically win. and as i mentioned, one unnamed news anchor, failed in his quest to see game's end. that's what happens. robin roberts, where are you? >> you were in your glory over there, josh. thank you. now, to the recall that could affect what you're eating for breakfast right now. chobani is pulling some of its greek yogurt cups from shelves after some consumers reported getting ill. the company said the problem was caused by a mold. for a reality check on this, let's bring in dr. richard besser. always good to have you here. rich, this is a voluntary recall. >> that's right. some customers were complaining of a fizzy feeling in their mouth and a bad taste. so, the company tested the yogurt. and they found this mold. and mold is a frequent cause of spoilage in yogurt. especially yogurts that don't have preservatives. >> are there any serious health concerns here? >> well, you hear the word recall and you have to worry.
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because most time recalls are for bacteria that cause severe illness. but mold is a little bit different. you know, we use mold to make blue cheese and medicines. but mold can cause spoilage. it's not dangerous. but you don't want to eat it. >> you know people that are reaching for it right now. it's in the refrigerator. what do you say to them? >> you can go to the chobani website and see if your yogurt has been recalled. trust yourself. trust your senses. if it smells bad, tastes bad, looks bad, you throw it away. if the container is bulging, you definitely want to throw it away. because that means there's mold. >> that was the case here. i mean, we saw some of the video. you can see it was bubbling over there in the store. >> that's right. the consumers listened to themselves and they contacted the company. that's what you want to see. >> all right. have a great weekend, rich. >> you, too. robin, now, to that breaking story overnight on a shocking accident. a model helicopter buff hit in the head by his own minichopper. his family and friends speaking out now with big questions about how this could happen with
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someone so skilled at flying the remote-controlled machines. abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: this morning, a new york city family grieves after a freak accident claimed the life of their 19-year-old son. roman perozik jr. was an avid flier of remote-control helicopters. he was flying this chopper at a park in brooklyn on thursday. a park frequented by r.c. helicopter enthusiasts. when police say he lost control of it, he was struck in the head and killed. the model was gas-powered, large, with wingspans of almost 4 1/2 feet. reaching speeds almost 60 miles per hour. perozik was a member of a team of remote-control helicopter pilots, with his own youtube channel displaying his skills. >> we're all concerned about our own personal safety. but, you know, things happen. things happen. >> it's just an unreal event that someone that young, that full of life, enjoying something, is gone. >> reporter: aviation experts say perozik appeared to be a
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talented pilot. but say that the hobby comes with risks. >> you have something with whirling blades like knives. you get hit with that, it's no joke. >> reporter: perozik's father is the vice president of a rotary wings helicopter club which actually organizes flights in the park. and the spokesman for the academy of model aeronautics say he believes that this is only the second death caused by a remote-control helicopter in the united states. >> freak accident. so sad. thank you, linsey. now to that abc news exclusive interview with george zimmerman's wife, shellie, who is now filing for divorce. after standing by him during the shooting trial of trayvon martin. she sat down with abc's steve osunsami, who's in sanford, florida, this morning. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, robin. she told us you can blame it on the fame. after her husband won his trial
7:14 am
at this courthouse behind me, he started acting brand-new. >> i have been married to a person for almost seven years. and i don't think i ever really knew him at all. >> reporter: 26-year-old shellie zimmerman says she's filing for divorce from her husband, who was found not guilty in the shooting death of trayvon martin because, according to her court filings, their marriage is irretrievably broken. do you think that he feels that perhaps after the trial he felt a little more invincible? >> in my opinion, i think he feels invincible. i think he's making reckless decisions. >> reporter: since his acquittal in july, she said that he spent maybe three or four nights at the home they quietly shared. and she moved out august 13th. she claims he has a temper. says he was verbally abusive. and said they went to counseling but it wasn't working. >> i have a selfish husband. and i think george is all about george. >> reporter: she has had legal troubles of her own. just last week, she pleaded guilty to lying in june of last year at a bond hearing for her
7:15 am
husband, about how much money they had. >> i stood by my husband through everything. and i kind of feel like he left me with a bunch of pieces of broken glass that i'm supposed to now assemble and make a life. >> reporter: she's asking for their two dogs and a share of whatever her husband might win in a defamation lawsuit he's filed against nbc. she's also hoping she can leave behind the drama that has taken over her life since that fateful night in sanford. >> it's just time. i have supported him for so long. and neglected myself for too long. and i feel like i'm finally starting to feel empowered again. >> reporter: we reached out to zimmerman and his attorneys. and his attorneys told us that they would not comment on his
7:16 am
wife's allegations. george? >> steve, thanks. we are going to turn now to our abc news exclusive on lance armstrong. we hear him open up and tell all about his drug use and his lies, in real-time. documentary filmmakers given unrestricted behind-the-scenes access as the scandal's unfolding. abc's neal karlinsky has the story. >> reporter: it is a first glimpse at lance armstrong since he confessed to a career fueled by doping. since losing his reputation, his endorsements, even his own cancer foundation, live strong. >> i think about it's living a lie. i didn't live a lot of lies. but i lived one big one. you know, it's different, i guess. >> reporter: in the astonishingly up close and personal documentary, the armstrong lie, the former champion looks shell-shocked at times. >> i certainly was very confident that i would never be caught. >> reporter: oscar-winning filmmaker alex gibney traveled the world with armstrong.
7:17 am
first, to make a feel-good story about the champion. >> his fairy tale just goes on and on. >> reporter: that plan was scrapped as armstrong's life came unglued. but he had armstrong's trust and was there to capture a completely different story as it unfolded. >> this is a guy who is used to winning. and i think you could see the defeat in his physical posture. and also, a real vulnerability, which is very unusual for lance. >> life, for me at the time, was moving fast. look at 2005. i had won seven tours in a row. i was engaged to a beautiful rock star. i was -- but that all just felt normal to me. >> reporter: the film won't be released until november. abc news was given exclusive advanced clips, just as armstrong faces more bad news. a judge has ordered that he must finally testify under oath about exactly how he cheated, as part of a multimillion-dollar civil suit. "the armstrong lie" coming to a big screen and a courtroom.
7:18 am
a story far from its final chapter. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> wow. it's a very different lance armstrong. >> and to hear him say he was confident that he would not be caught. and that's how he acted. >> yeah. yeah. >> it was his whole being. he bullied a lot of people. and it's all finally -- the curtain is being pulled back. it was interesting to see that captured, though, in real time. sam got a lot of weather. a lot of rain out there in the northwest. >> yeah, we got a lot of pictures from people of the golf ball-sized hail. the 70-mile-per-hour, 80-mile-per-hour winds in the oregon area. we're going to show you some incredible lightning pictures in the next half hour. but first, what's going on in the northwest, during the day today. the heavy rain of yesterday, kind of continues in some areas. we had downpours in this area. and this time of year, they're usually light or scattered showers. watch the heavier rain move into central montana. two to three inches of rain there. but there's a big path of rain that goes down into the desert southwest. capable of dropping about a quarter inch of rain. here's where the heat and humidity stays.
7:19 am
that cold front just can't make it all the way down. so, jackson, new orleans, big difference from the 90 in nashville and atlanta. that's the weather around the nation. did we say happy friday yet? leer -- here's your weekend getaway. good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast. today the heat begins under total sunshine. it's not going to be quite as mild tonight, temperatures about 10 degrees warmer than this
7:20 am
morning. in the afternoon, heat will peak sunday and monday. for today, low to mid-70s along the coast into san francisco, upper 70s to low 80s around the bay, and look at the 80s and 90s into the east bay and north bay valleys. accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll flirt with 100 inland over the >> and coming up in the next half hour, we're going to tell you and show you some storms that are up in the northwest again today. >> all right there, sam, thank you. coming up, hero teens. the quick-thinking young men who saved a kidnapped woman. they speak out about their dramatic rescue. and the georgia high school student found dead. in what police thought was a freak accident. why his parents now say the cops are wrong. and the ad that's gone viral. it shows a meteor slamming into the earth, right in the middle of a job interview. yeah. would you be fooled? and will it make you buy? we'll explain. >> a little much. this is not, however. just let it play. we are counting down, katy perry roaring into times square.
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with us live for the first time. stick around. wi [ beep ] [ drumming ] ♪ ♪ ♪ it's go time. ♪ [ van damme ] it's go time. godaddy. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] prep your lawn this fall. save 20% when you buy two scotts fertilizers -- one to use now and one to use later. good morning. investigators are looking into an overnight fire. the flames destroyed a property and damaged eight cars total.
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an older couple got out safely. in san jose, police are investigating if alcohol is involved in a crash that left a school without water today. a car crashed into a semi truck on pearl avenue at terrell elementary severing a water main at the school. for your morning commute, leyla is tracking our traffic. >> we have an accident reported on highway 4 in the westbound direction just as you come up on port chicago highway. it is dipping down as you see out of bay point. 36 miles per hour will be your top speed. once you past that crash you're moving along at decent clip. we take you down to the altamont pass, an accident involving a big rig. slow traffic out there. kristen? >> leyla, thanks a lot. are you ready for the
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good morning. check out these temperatures. this is as cool as it gets, 50 for all of us, 60 antioch. half moon bay, 50 right now. all right. your temperatures today, this is the big story, the warming trend begins. we're going to be anywhere fro
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♪ i'm a tiger [ cheers and applause ] and look at that video right there. television for a "roar" from katy perry. wild animals in that one. a smash hit, already top trending overnight online. and so many fans out here in times square. getting ready for katy perry. a little more than an hour, she's going to be here live. and we want to give a shoutout to a katy perry fan. >> yeah. did you know -- no. happy birthday. happy birthday. also ahead -- inside joke. we hear from the teenage heroes of that dramatic rescue in
7:31 am
texas. springing into action to save a kidnapped woman. did they save her just in time? it's dramatic when you hear what they saw and how they reacted. >> yeah. really remarkable. this has gone viral. an ad that shows a meteor hitting the earth. and happening right in the middle of some unsuspecting folks' job interviews. the question today, would you be fooled by it? and does it actually work? >> we see, now. >> did you know -- >> i did know. naomi watts on the red carpet last night for the new movie about princess diana. what she is saying about playing the role and the pressure she felt to embody this icon. >> she looks like diana right there. two texas teenagers whose courage and quick thinking saved a young kidnapping victim. they saw her signal distress
7:32 am
from the back of a car. called 911, chased the kidnapper down. and john muller has the dramatic story of this rescue. >> reporter: aaron arias and jamal harris never set out to be heroes. but thanks to quick thinking, that's what they are. >> i'm witnessing a robbery. not a robbery, a kidnapping. >> we're about to turn. and jamal noticed a guy in that lane right there. >> reporter: the teens on their way to pick up a friend from work, had stopped in a red light. when they noticed an attractive, young woman in the backseat of the car next to them. >> we and another guy, we were checking out a girl in the backseat. and okay, she's attractive. and the guy turns back, looking at us. >> we made eye contact. and i could see the serious expression on her face. i could read her lips. she was saying help me. >> reporter: not sure what was going on, they called 911. >> how did you know she was saying help me? could you read her lips? >> she was just like hitting that back windshield.
7:33 am
and she looked frantic. >> scared of what might happen, the teens tailed the car for almost half an hour. when the driver realized they were following him, he tried to lose them. >> sometimes they would go really, really fast to where we would barely see them. and then, they would go superslow. >> i was beyond excited because i knew that someone was going to stop them or the police were going to come and get them. and i just really wanted to see it through. >> oh, my god. i'm hoping the car behind me is a police officer. nope. it's not. >> reporter: police caught up to them. this dash cam video shows officers helping the woman from the car. >> you guys are awesome. oh, my god. get him. >> we were sure he was going to keep going, try to outrun them. there were so many squad car, there's not much he can do. >> reporter: police say the 25-year-old woman whose name isn't being released, was forced at gun point to leave a party. and this morning, charles adkins lewis jr. is charged with her kidnapping. as for the unlikely heroes who
7:34 am
saved the day because they were checking out the woman in the car next to them, they say her gratitude was the best reward. >> like, oh, my god. i want to hug you. that was payment for everything we did. >> reporter: for "good morning america," john muller, abc news, new york. >> how about those guys? >> i know. i love how they fessed up they were checking her out. >> whatever works. >> she is safe and sound. >> and she gave them a hug. now, we're going to move on to a georgia family's fight to reopen the investigation into the death of their teenage son. his body was found in january in a rolled-up gym mattal school. the authorities said it was a freak accident. and the family concluded it was a homicide. matt gutman has their story. >> reporter: vindication. but still no justice. that's what kendrick johnson's family says they have this morning thanks to a new report, backing up their belief that their son was murdered.
7:35 am
>> when i see my son's body and the condition he was in, i knew it wasn't an accident. >> reporter: the 17-year-old was found dead inside a large, rolled up wrestling mat at his high school gym in january. a original coroner's report concluded it was a freak accident. that kendrick suffocated when getting stuck in the mat reaching to get his shoe. >> he didn't come home. and it was unusual for kendrick not to call. not even to come home. the deputy that was on call, she came with me and grabbed me and my daughter and hugged us. i said, was it my child? she said, yes. >> reporter: unconvinced, his parents hired their own private medical examiner. and the new autopsy report finds that kendrick died from a blow to his neck. this was no accident. kendrick's father demonstrated how unlikely the accident scenario seems to be. trying to squeeze himself into a similar rolled-up mat. >> what my clients want are
7:36 am
answers, that can only be acquired through an objective, independent and thorough investigation. >> reporter: for now, the sheriff and state investigators say they stand by their findings and will not reopen the case. but this morning, the georgia u.s. attorney tells abc news, he's seen the new report and is continuing to monitor and evaluate the situation. >> kendrick was the child that every parent dreamed to have. we want to see justice served. he deserves justice. we'll keep pushing. and push and push and push until the truth come out. >> reporter: for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, new york. we're going to bring in abc news chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams right now. our heart goes out to this family. what are the chances they can get the case reopened? >> pretty slim. but you can understand from their perspective, right? the idea that their healthy, young, strong son, goes to
7:37 am
school, tries to grab a sneaker out of a gym mat rolled up and dies because he gets stuck in there? their position is, come on. there's no way that could have happened. there must have been something more here. the problem is, the authorities have been investigating it thus far have said they think that this was just a freak accident. they not just on where he was found, but based on the evidence that was found there. based our surveillance tapes. based on that no one heard or saw him. >> the investigator came up with something different when they had the body exhumed. the coroners, they work really hard. and many of them are overworked. and like many of us, sometimes mistakes are made. >> absolutely. >> could it be? >> and if the authorities think there's a possibility that there was a mistake, they will reconsider. they haven't really provided new evidence up to this point. they've done a new analysis of
7:38 am
the evidence that already existed. and the state authorities would say, we did the autopsy, very close to the time of death. they had to exhume the body and did it later. >> right. >> i'm sure they're not criticizing openly this coroner's report. but basically, they're saying, we're not willing at this point to say we got it wrong or might have gotten it wrong. and as a result, reopen the investigation. they are going to need something else here. some sort of potential motive. some sort of potential witness. somebody who comes forward and gives them that little nugget that will lead the authorities to act. >> even though you saw the father re-enacting. it seems it would be highly unlikely something like that could happen. >> but i think they need a little something. >> thanks very much. happy friday, by the way. we're going to show you a beautiful shot of the oregon coastline. and look at the distance in the sky there. a lot of lightning, with the strong, powerful storms that moved into oregon and washington
7:39 am
and dumped so much rain. those storms will shift to the east during the day today. so, you're clear on the coast, not completely clear. but clear from the roughest weather. and from spokane, as you get into big sky territory, a lot of storms. quick look at the tropics as we have that active system that's in the pacific. but look at everything happen right here around the peak of the hurricane system. all of these things we have to keep an eye on, including gabrielle. but the gold front should keep all of the systems well off the good morning. i'm mike nicco. the warming trend begins today with our warmest weather 93 inland to about 68, comfortable weather at the coast. ice going to be even warm they are weekend. in fact, it could be dangerou >> all that weather was brought to you by purina. a word of caution for our friends in the great lakes and new england, it's chilly outside.
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7:44 am
into the earth. and it's hoping you'll buy a television. good morning, dan. >> i'll admit i've been a sucker for the type of stunt, when you laugh you simultaneously ask yourself, does this make me a bad person? but is this good business? the plan was simple and diabolical. the people from lg tricked out an office in chile, putting one of their hd-tvs where the window should be and wiring the place with hidden cameras. then, they invited in unsuspecting job applicants who were confronted with falling meteors. the room goes dark. the victims feel around. the light comes on and the prank is revealed. this morning, it has millions of views. they're actors, people. said one commentator. overnight, lg told us they will
7:45 am
neither confirm nor deny this speculation. this is the latest shock ad in a trend known as prankertizing. with advertisers scrambling to outdo one another, with elaborate, sadistic scenarios, designed to grab eye balls and go viral. pepsi disguised jeff gordon and had him take a car salesman on a harrowing test drive. and check this out. nivea singled out people in a german airport, and plastered their faces on newspapers and tv screens, saying they were wanted and dangerous. turned out to be an ad for a new deodorant. what if somebody has a heart attack? what about the danger of alienating viewers? and then there's the question, do these ads even work? do they translate into increased sales? >> people have no idea if it helps generate sales. that said, it does generate publicity. and you know, brands going, i hope the publicity would be positive rather than negative.
7:46 am
>> reporter: and there's the rub. companies so badly want to create buzz these days that despite the risks and the moral concerns, prankertizing is likely to continue until someone files and wins. the deodorant ad seems like a candidate for that. >> there's a word for it. >> of course, there is. there's a word for that. everybody, coming up, naomi watts on the red carpet for the premiere of "princess diana." what she's saying about the pressure to play the icon. and football season has kicked off. and my "play of the day" will confirm it. um... where's mrs. davis? she took an early spring break thanks to her double miles from the capital one venture card. now what was mrs. davis teaching? spelling. that's not a subject, right? i mean, spell check. that's a program. algebra. okay. persons a and b are flying to the bahamas. how fast will they get there? don't you need distance, rate and... no, all it takes is double miles.
7:47 am
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7:50 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." >> so excited. "the play of the day." nfl season kicked off last
7:51 am
night. peyton manning seven touchdowns. unbelievable. but is it as unbelievable as this? take a look. >> whoa. >> an 11-year-old, going all the way. take a look. actually hailing from the state where peyton manning got his college done. state of tennessee. good going, young fella. state of tennessee. good going, young fella. that's all it takes, to help make a kid's wish come true. join straight talk wireless at our "give a minute. help make-a-wish" event, and help make more wishes come true for children with life threatening medical conditions. this saturday from 10-4 at your local walmart, take a minute to learn more about straight talk wireless and we'll donate a dollar toward our goal of one million dollars to make-a-wish. straight talk wireless. same phones. same networks. half the cost. available only at walmart.
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. a twof-person medical squad will be in charge of handling lower priority calls at downtown 1 in walnut creek. the pilot program will be in e effect for 09 days. getting for some heat. abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco explains. mike? >> lot of sunshine, no sea breeze so temperatures warming from low to mid-70s around the coast and san francisco, 90s inland. tomorrow, the offshore event
7:57 am
begins and your accuweather seven-day forecast shows the heat through at least monday. leyla? we have a sigalert traveling along the eastbound side of 80 coming up on red top road. that's where we have a two-car crash and both spun out. there's some gravel on the road that caused slippery conditions. two lanes closed, already seeing backups. it's halloween time my frightful fiends, and disneyland is ours! going down! boo! with haunted mansion holiday... space mountain ghost galaxy, and wicked fun in both parks, the disneyland resort just got spookier! visit trick or treat.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
♪ you're going to hear me roar good morning, america. and get ready to roar. >> "gma," roar, katy, roar. >> katy perry is here this morning, live, taking over times square, with a very special announcement. >> katy's big surprise. >> we're revealing it only right here. ♪ you're going to hear me roar >> it will make you roar. here on -- >> "good morning america." and we have been counting down all morning, and the moment has arrived. there she is. katy perry here in times square. live for the first time. and she is hot on the heels of
8:01 am
the hottest number one single, right now. walking up the red carpet. another selfie. a lot of excited fans here this morning, for katy perry. >> she's so good for her fans. taking time because they've been lining up. live in our studio for the first time is katy perry. and here comes the moment we have been waiting for all morning. again, the big announcement is coming up shortly. hey, sam, you know, you're a good southern guy. why don't you escort katy perry. >> go through the roar door. >> here she is. >> can i take you up to the -- >> yes. hi, everyone. >> hi, katy. >> how are you? >> nice to see you. >> welcome. >> yes. good morning, america. >> yeah. >> i never get up this early. >> well, we thank you. >> thank you. >> we're all so excited. >> am i supposed to be standing here. >> would you like the chair? >> no. i'll do this.
8:02 am
>> we've been talking about you have a very special surprise to share with everybody. >> for all of america. >> and it's really terrific. stay tuned for that. right now, we have the debut of the brand-new album cover. for "prism." >> oh, yes. >> let's do it. check it out, everybody. >> wow. on the jumbotron. >> yeah. >> that's awesome. i thought i would use the amazing -- >> look how gorgeous you look. >> thank you. ryan mcginley. i just wanted it to be pure and radiant and full of light. >> that's what it is, katy. >> where is it? >> this is in upstate new york. your hood. >> pure, radiant and full of light. it sounds -- terrific, descriptive words. is that how you feel right now? >> the reason i named the record "prism," is because for a minute i was going through a transitional period in my life.
8:03 am
it was a little bit dark, yes, but it's what they call your turn of saturn. when you're going into your 30s. you actually have to be an adult. but i embraced the light. i let the light in. and it influenced all my songs. and i get to beam the light out to all my fans. >> i love looking at you right now. and there's a light that beams through your. and people really feel it. >> i hope so. >> and they do feel better about themselves. >> i want to make people happy. and smile. >> all that. and can barely stand up. >> i wore my daisies for you. >> little katy perry. >> thank you. >> can't wait to talk to you more. right now, we have to get some news from josh. >> making santa barbara proud. we're going to begin here with president obama and his now apparently faltering efforts to find support for a military strike against syria. the president is heading home today from russia, but without any new backing. waiting in washington, an increasingly skeptical congress, meanwhile.
8:04 am
our estimates show that house lawmakers would vote overwhelmingly against an attack if the vote were taken today. president obama could address the nation to make his case, as early as this weekend, in hopes of rallying more support. meantime, the u.s. military is reportedly expanding its possible targets in syria, all because intelligence show the syrian regime is moving troops and equipment at this hour. and another concern. iran is said to be possibly targeting american interests in iraq, in the event of u.s. action. and the state department has now pulled nonemergency staff from the u.s. embassy in beirut because of security threats there. and the other big story this morning, the monthly jobs report. wall street reacting to the news this morning that the economy added some 169,000 jobs in august, slightly fewer than was expected. the unemployment rate did drop to 7.3%. some investors worried an overly positive jobs report would have prompted changes at the federal reserve, leading to then higher interest rates.
8:05 am
and the drug death at a washington, d.c., nightclub may be linked to three other deaths in the northeast. police are investigating whether a single batch of this synthetic drug known as molly is responsible for all four deaths. molly, a generic term for the hundreds of designer drugs made in labs and marketed online from overseas. take a look at this, meanwhile. a truck carrying 80,000 pounds of sand lost its brakes when climbing a hill in utah. went right through a house. and did that to a red mazda. the problem, is owner had just sold it. the new owner was supposed to pick it up yesterday. i think they'll be reviewing that transaction. and finally, nasa set to launch a new spacecraft tonight to begin studying the moon. but this -- this right here, way more interesting. a guy in south africa bought his nephew this toy puppy. and then, launched it into the stratosphere on a balloon with a camera affixed.
8:06 am
others have tried this before. but the space puppy got the best view. look at that. welcoming his young nephew to the earth. and then puppy returned. as you can see actually read the shirt on said puppy. it says, are we there yet? he actually got 70,000 feet into the air. landed about 200 miles from where the uncle launched it with a letter. it was returned to the uncle, who gave it to the nephew. >> very cool. >> that's a great story. >> thank you. "pop news." let's do it. good morning, everybody. and we begin with a man on a mission. wow. all right. here we go. on a mission in chicago. i have to check this out. do you hear an echo? okay, good. i thought i was hearing things. >> a personal echo. >> that's really cool. >> let's try this one more time. chicago native, gordon engel, no luck online dating. so, he decided to go big or go home. purchasing a billboard on the stevenson expressway, which is pretty clear on its intent. i'm gordon. let's have dinner. he has 15 to 20 solid applicants.
8:07 am
i don't know what that means. sort of disturbs me, actually. there is a wrinkle. since putting up the sign, he has moved to charlotte, north carolina. he's going to keep it up in chicago. he was born there. that's where his mom and dad met. we wish you luck, gordy. and remember the harlem shake? it had its moment. and now, it may be time for the maraschino step. yes, you heard it here first. it started when one man uploaded a video of himself busting out this move. this is the maraschino step. >> i love it. >> he's doing this in a grocery store parking lot. he puts it online. he's doing it to the lyrics of -- and faster than you can say cherry on top, the internet has lit up with people doing their own version. i mean, it's literally thousands and thousands of people online, now doing the maraschino step. and, in fact, i believe -- i do believe that it has hit the "gma" control room.
8:08 am
i love that nobody's paying attention to bill. and he's just doing the maraschino step. all righty then. now, i found out we're going to you. i hope you're ready, sam. >> as funny as it is to have bill behind tom. tom was unfazed, he was like weather next. and it better be quick, sam. let's get to the boards. we're going to show you what's going on. how about a hot day today in dallas/ft. worth. this area, we haven't been showing you the pictures lately. but there's been a lot of warmth in texas, all the way to denver. we'll take a lingering look and say good morning, faa. the best in morning television in texas. and there's vegas at 108 degrees. you can see the heat spreading all the way across the country. the one place that doesn't have it, is the great lakes east. and we'll take care of that by the time we get into the weekend. 70 today in new york city. but 80 by the time we get to saturday. and that's going to be a nice thing for folks to warm up. i think this little shot of air may have been a little too cool for some folks.
8:09 am
twitter is alive with the cold good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast. today the heat begins under total sunshine. it's not going to be quite as mild tonight, temperatures about 10 degrees warmer than this morning. in the afternoon, heat will peak sunday and monday. for today, low to mid-70s along the coast into san francisco, upper 70s to low 80s around the bay, and look at the 80s and 90s into the east bay and north bay valleys. accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll flirt >> just a little envious that only "pop news" has the echo effect this morning. but lara, what's on the morning menu? here's what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." one mother's surprising message to her teenage son's female friends on facebook. why she's telling them to back off. also, naomi watts on the red
8:10 am
carpet. and her fears about playing princess diana. in case you didn't notice, katy perry is with us. she is roaring on "gma," with a special announcement. that's coming up on "good morning america." with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box. new fast acting advil. goglossophobia, is the fear of public speaking. ♪ ♪ the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself. ♪
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8:15 am
beginning with that blog post that has so many parents buzzes this morning. it's a mom's open letter to girls who put sexy pictures on facebook. abc's abbie boudreau has the latest on the debate it has sparked. >> reporter: don't mess with this texas mom. kimberly posted an open letter on her blog asking female friends of her teenage son, to stop posting sexy photos on facebook. as she explained as the family sat around the dining room table. wow, you sure took a bunch of selfies in your skimpy pjs this summer, she wrote. warning, if you post a sexy selfie or link to an inappropriate youtube video, even once, it's curtains. there are no second chances with pics like that, ladies. we have a zero tolerance policy. the blog is sparking online debate. how much should parents manage their teens on social media? "i don't think she's being reasonable." "we all did stupid things when we were younger."
8:16 am
>> you can't penalize other children if your children are involved with. it has to be your child's responsibility or, in turn, your responsibility. >> reporter: what do you think about what this mom did? >> i think it's commendable that she would stand up for her son. >> reporter: on her blog, hall says, if you're friends with a hall boy on facebook, instagram or twitter, then you're friends with the whole hall family. and california mom, diana wagner, agrees with hall's approach. and goes even further, monitoring her 17-year-old's facebook, twitter, instagram, vine, even his cell phone. >> i wouldn't say extreme. like we're standing over him. he does have freedom and privacy. but we try to help him understand that it's a dangerous world. and we just want him to be safe. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> a lot to talk about there. let's bring in parenting expert, tammy gold. thanks for joining us, tammy. what do you think? >> thanks for having me. i think on the whole, it's a good message. it's showing a mom who is involved. who is involved, watching social
8:17 am
media. and someone who is saying, let's have some teenage self-respect, boys and girls. my problem is the developmental piece. the developmental age of a teenager is where they figure out who they are. psychologically, it's called ego identity versus role of confusion. who am i? and what should i do? and the role of the parent is to guide them, not make the decisions for them. by blocking them, she's stunting the developmental process. >> but protecting her boys, right? >> she's obviously protecting them, but she can't shield them from everything. her goal as a parent is to teach them right from wrong. so they can protect themselves. >> so, do you have a conversation with them? what's your answer? >> what she's doing is great in that she's starting dialogue. but she can't finish the dialogue. it's giving her views on what good judgment is. her views on what right or wrong. and asking her boys what they think about it so they can make the decision there. >> your top three suggestions.
8:18 am
of what parents should do here. >> the top three thing is be present, what she's doing. and talk all about these issues. all teachable moments. number two, is set expectations. a lot of times children make mistakes. they don't know what's expected of them. teach them what's okay for twitter and facebook. and what's allowable. and hold them accountable for the expectations. >> that's the one. >> that's the one. >> we always agree on that. and i do think the policing thing is really important. thank you, such great tips. and also, burning up the "gma heat index" this morning. the movie about princess diana's final years. naomi watts was on the red carpet last night for the british premiere of the film that she plays diana. and it's a role that made her so nervous, she turned it down twice. >> your royal highness. >> reporter: it's one of this year's most highly anticipated films. and as crowds gathered for the premiere of "diana," many hoping to catch a glimpse of the
8:19 am
look-alike actress, portraying one of england's most iconic figures. >> you feel like diana's come back to life again. >> reporter: from the diamond earrings, to the figure-hugging gown, naomi watts wowed the red carpet. in this case, i did it in the reverse direction. starting with the look and the voice. >> i want to help people. >> it's a fantastic time for a film like this to make its debut. because the royal family is so hot right now. the birth of a new heir. this film is coming off the back of all of that. it's going to attract huge attention. >> reporter: the new film centers around diana's secret affair with dr. hasnat khan. >> doctor, this is diana. >> reporter: the pakistani heart surgeon said to be the love of diana's life. it is a romance that has been
8:20 am
shrouded in controversy, ever since the real-life dr. khan told the "u.k.'s mail" the film is based on gossip, that they are talking about a relationship they didn't know much about. but historically, accurate or not, the 44-year-old actress tells the bbc it's a story she felt had to be told. >> it isolated that two-year period. that is centering around not only the love story, but paralleled with the great achievements that she did in her work. we're interested and fascinated in the most famous woman of our time to this day. and that's sort of a testament to who she was. >> "diana" will be in theaters on november 1st here. and naomi will be here on "gma." she'll be joining us to talk about the film. interesting to see how the movie does. >> a lot of people are anxious to see that. katy perry sure has something to roar about. the new song is officially her eighth number one single. and with nearly 600,000 digital downloads the week it was
8:21 am
released, nielsen rates it the highest digital debut of anything this year. and today, she's making her live "good morning america" debut. before she comes out and chats with us, let's take a look at how she's accomplished a teenage dream and a whole lot more. ♪ >> reporter: she's the california girl who makes unforgettable anthems. ♪ baby, you're a firework >> reporter: with three albums and eight number one singles, katy perry is simply a force to be reckoned with. ♪ this is the part of me that you're never gonna ever ♪ ♪ take away from me >> reporter: tackling the charts and the box office. >> see you later, smurfagators. >> reporter: loaning her voice to "the smurfs" movie. >> i'm smurfette. >> reporter: taking her fans on her concert tour. >> thank you so much for believing in my weirdness. ♪ teenage dream
8:22 am
>> reporter: even making chart history. becoming the first woman to have six number one hits on one album alone. ♪ i've got the eye of the tiger ♪ >> reporter: and now, she has her eye on even higher sights. her latest single, "roar," has already gone platinum. and it's topping billboard's hot 100 charts. already quickly becoming an anthem. let's bring on the chart-topping katy perry. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. so kind of you. >> that's how we roll. >> katy pushes back on scottie for her live walk. >> katy, we've been showing a snippet from "roar." it's a jungle out there. you are the queen. >> thank you.
8:23 am
>> give us a little bit more of the concept behind the video. >> well, the song is called "roar." it says i have the eye of the tiger. and i can be louder than a lion. i love a theme, just like "good morning america" loves a theme. and so, i decided to be queen of the jungle. and we shot this music video in los angeles. it looks like you went to hawaii to shoot this video. but we found this place in arcadia. and it was an arberitum. which is basically this fancy garden. and we brought in all these animals that have been rescued and adopted. and there's one animal in particular, suzy, an elephant. we were in this gorgeous garden with prehistoric plants that we can't touch. and, of course, suzy is an elephant. she comes stomping in. and it's a big buffet for her. she is like eating plants of one of a kind. people are melting everywhere. and i'm sitting back saying try to stop the elephant. >> not my fault. >> it looked like fun.
8:24 am
>> he does this thing called self-anointing, which is basically, he burrows in you and he gets really close. and he puts his arm all over you. and it's a self-anointing thing. which is really sweet. but he wants to get all of your stank on him. yeah. >> self-anointing is a nice way to put it. >> he puts it all over his hair because he wants that smell. you know. i'm a girl. i like to smell good. i think that he just wanted my smell. >> in the video, you salvage your hairbrush and your cell phone. >> well, of course, i have to. i was in a plane crash. i still have to look good, even though my posse is a gang of animals. >> we were wondering, in real life, god forbid, what would be the item you salvage? >> goodness. i would probably -- i think a cell phone would be pragmatic. >> a brush, maybe not. >> i probably would not -- maybe a brush. i don't know. but i think maybe some lip moisturizer.
8:25 am
if we're on an island, it's going to be dry. >> it is. >> and i guess that. but let's throw it over to you. >> katy, the monkey would be happy if you had more. >> i have a part in the video where i use pomegranate to make some lipstick. >> nourishing lipstick. >> desperate times call for -- i don't know. >> it's kind of like "survivor" mixing with "lost." >> a girl has to make it work. when you tweet, 42 million people and counting check their phones. so, we couldn't help but notice -- >> can you imagine the heck i get when i put you're and their in the wrong places? my grammar. oh, my gosh. i get a little bit of -- >> they don't get you on grammar, do they? >> for typos. i can't spell. >> there's 42 million of you out there. >> but there's one duet that you said that you gave a nudge to. and it was a good friend to this show and a man we think has an incredible personality and sense of humor, john mayer.
8:26 am
are there more duets? >> well, there's a lot of collaborations. but the duet is called "do you love?" and it's on his new record that just came out. it's called "paradise valley." it's a spectacular record. i'm such a fan. i've been a fan of him for a long time. and i was very honored when he asked me to sing and write on it. >> he's fantastic. >> yeah. >> it's a beautiful song. he's a talented guy. >> i want to say quickly, a lot of young daughters at this table. thank you so much. it's so nice to have such a positive and such a noble figure for them to enjoy so much. >> thank you. big announcement, coming up next. >> yeah, stay with us. thank you, katy.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. students and staff at terrell elementary school in san hoes had bottled water and port-a-potties today because a car crashed into a semi truck right in front of the school severing a water main that provides water to the campus. police are investigating if alcohol was involved in the crash. that injured three people in the car. in martinez, investigators are looking into the cause of an overnight fire at a car lot. the blaze destroyed a building on a property and damaged eight cars opinion an older couple who lives there got out safely. right now an update on your morning commute with leyla gulen. how is it going? >> we have a brand-new crash in san jose northbound along 808 and the hat mee da. we also have this sigalert as you make your drive out of
8:28 am
vallejo. it's eastbound 80 at red top road. we still have lanes blocked, heavy bumper-to-bumper traffic, and we've got this as we make your drive into southbound 680 gregory lane, an accident blocking a couple lanes southbound and one on the northbound
8:29 am
good morning. temperatures off their morning lows, except them to elevate rapidly today.
8:30 am
a look at downtown san francisco, temperatures about 3 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. but no ♪ i got the eye of the tiger [ cheers and applause ] the cheerleaders are in place. the crowd is going crazy here in times square. and we're getting ready for a big surprise. this beautiful friday morning here in times square. katy perry's song, "roar," hitting number one right now. >> i know you can't hear us. >> i can hear you. >> you can, too. the music video for that song, it's so fantastic. we got to give you guys a first peek at it. it's the world tv premiere, moments ago. >> we were the exclusive premiere of the cover of her brand-new album, "prism," which is coming out just before your birthday, on october 22nd.
8:31 am
we still haven't gotten to the big announcement. we'll let you do the honors, katy. >> thank you. >> okay. >> i'm very excited. well, should i explain it now? wait, wait, wait. >> push the button. >> oh, this button. i'll push this. ready? go. >> when you have the number one song all across the world, what do you do to say thank you to your fans? well, america, get ready to roar. because katy perry is putting out a call to high schools across america. >> katy perry! >> and katy wants to see your school's best roar. so, go on. show her what your school's got. put together your school's best roar video. and send it to us to if your video gets picked as the best of the best, you'll never believe what happens next. go on, katy.
8:32 am
tell them. [ cheers and applause ] >> all across the country. >> any school in the country. >> starting now. >> it doesn't matter who you are, what school you go to. any school can participate. >> but wait, there's more. what happens next. >> oh, yeah. if you make a great video, then i'm going to show up at your school, on the day of my birthday, october 25th. >> and a performance? >> the best video wins. i'm coming to your football field or your classroom, whatever you have. i'm coming there. best video wins a big performance by me, the week of my release, on my birthday morning, for you guys. >> you send us the video on her birthday, october 25th, she will come to your high school. and it was like three years ago today, today, you went back to
8:33 am
your high school in santa barbara. >> it's always very exciting to go back to high school or school. school in general. when i get up this early in the morning, it makes me relive that feeling for school, like crusty eyes and tired. you know, what i used to do? my mom would try and wake me up from school, i would put the comforter underneath my door. i'm getting up. for 30 minutes. never got up once. but you have to get up. if you send in a video and if you are picked, then we will come there october 25th and perform live for you guys. and you guys are going to come there, too. >> that would be great. >> we will be there. >> "prism" is coming out. october 22nd. tell us about the concept of the whole album. >> well, there's a lot of anthems. i don't mind doing that. but basically, last record was very schematic. and the theme for this record is just me. it's kind of like stripped down, more raw, more essential oils of who i am. and there's a lot of light and
8:34 am
hope and love and storytelling. and i'm very proud of it. so, i put my stamp on it. >> i know. when you were on "gma," i think in july, you were talking about it. and you said that you -- you're growing up. you want your music to. but you keep the essence of who you are. >> everybody goes through those growing pains. yeah, i have to keep the essence. like i said, you know, the "teenage dream" thing was really fun. but it's just time to have the next evolution. and the next era is going to be really exciting. just as big. just as colorful because it is "prism." and it is me. you know. come on. i just did like a queen of the jungle music video. what else do you want? >> you rocked it at the vmas? can we give you some respect? [ cheers and applause ] >> i thought that my performance was the most scandalous because i kept my clothes on. hey. one of these days i'll push the
8:35 am
limits. >> you are so refreshing. and just like josh said earlier, they have a lot of little girls. your girls wanted to come out here. but they're in school. and you just give us something really positive to look forward to. >> thank you. i appreciate it. i want to be liked. yeah. >> that, you are. she'll be coming to your school. we'll be going there, too, to broadcast her concert live and to find out how to enter, go to on yahoo! and it is a fantastic to have you. >> good luck, everybody. everybody can enter. >> thank you, katy, very much. >> thank you. >> there are some guests who come to the show that you just fall in love with and break your
8:36 am
heart. katy perry, you are just -- we love you. can i step on the roar floor to do the weather? >> oh. >> let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to share with you. you sent your pictures in, facebook and twitter from all over the country. we're going to start with indian rocks beach in florida, of a storm coming onshore. and crescent city, california, another gorgeous coast-to-coast view there. here comes that rain that swings into the northwest and beyond. right into montana, that's where the bull's eye of the rain. salt lake city, some showers, as well. milder with a few showers toward the eastern seaboard. it's hotter with some scattered storms in the middle of the country. and that monsoon flow returns inland in the western states. and we're live from the roar floor. good morning. i'm mike nicco. the warming trend begins today with our warmest weather 93 inland to about 68, comfortable weather at the coast. ice going to be even warm they are weekend. in fact, it could be dangerous
8:37 am
>> i miss katy perry already. >> we miss you already. >> all that weather was brought to you by tempur-pedic. >> all right. it's not going to be easy. but we'll try to switch gears. going from katy perry to people going to extremes to resemble their favorite celebrity. it's now a lot easier. spanx has a new line promising to give you the curves of top celebs. so, how do they shape up? our linzie janis found out. >> reporter: no secret a-listers like jessica alba, carrie underwood and kim kardashian love their spanx. adel even admitted to wearing three pair to the grammys. now, the modern-day corsetmaker is capitalizing on its popularity, promising you can look and feel like your leading lady. calling its new line star power. with cheeky names like lady
8:38 am
luck, tame to fame, center stage, how much of a helping hand do they offer? we asked cynthia andrew to try them out. are you ready for your prespanx measurements? >> let's do it. >> reporter: waist, 28 inches. hips, 39 1/4. and with the spanx, waist 26 1/2 inches, hips, 37 1/2. an inch and a half slimmer. >> i would wear this. in fact, i'm not taking it off. >> reporter: the star power line is also new territory for the brand, with products that are supposed to be seen. like the suede and leather leggings. >> i think it will be a little bit of a challenge for spanx to go into the outside garment segment. i think spanx is about making you look better in the clothes you want to wear. it's harder to do both. >> reporter: but tell that to sara blakely, the mastermind behind all those shapely behinds. >> spanx takes care of the really stubborn five pounds.
8:39 am
>> reporter: the universal goal for stars and mere mortals alike. for "good morning america," linzie janis, new york. coming up, chef michael symon here, cooking up some of that. some of this. some delicious stuff, all on "good morning america." stay with us. "good morning america." stay with us.
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8:41 am
8:42 am
what a morning. what a morning, on "gma." the crowd going wild. now, bethenny frankel is here. so busy with skinny girl product line. the new book. by the way, congratulations, "skinny girl solutions." >> thank you. >> so many great tips in the book. i don't know how you juggle it all. you do talk about that a lot in the books. you give great, pragmatic advice. >> that's how every woman gets through it. it's tips for a party. how to have your house be organized.
8:43 am
how to look good every day. how a woman gets through life. a survival guide. >> you mentioned party. bring on the mocktails. >> thank you. how are you? >> oh my, gary, you look so handsome. first of all, cheers to gary. >> thank you. cheers. >> i often look -- as a girlfriend, wonder how you do it all, as a mom. running a corporation, now. not only with your product line. but now, the talk show. is there ever a moment when you think, i need someone to give me advice? >> i do. i talk to everyone. everyone around me. i talk to women around me to figure out just what they're going through. how they get through it. i think all women are going through similar things at different times. we really can't have it all at once. i thought we could. but you have some things one day. other things the next day. and women just do more than you could ever humanly possibly imagine. >> one of the things you give advice on is party planning. i forgot, you used to be a party
8:44 am
planner. i thought it would be fun to get your easiest, simplest, most fabulous party tips. >> you should have a signature cocktail. so you don't have the messy caps or it's sloppy. pitchers that are ready. or skinny girl cocktails, of course. you should always have music just ready. a play list. and it's not so crazy music when people eating dinner. you shouldn't be a stressed out party host. it will stress out your guests. you should bring a gift. and lighting is important. no overhead lighting. no bright lighting. candlelight and dim lights. i have that in the book, as well. >> and a gift doesn't mean spending a lot of money. it can be something that you make. >> it can be coasters. something you make. absolutely. it can be olive oil with herbs in it, that you have to recycle the bottle. >> that's what "skinny girl solutions" is all about. simple, usable tips that can help you in your life. we love games here on "gma." we have a came called would you ever. so, here we go. i just pull one out?
8:45 am
>> pull one out and ask me if i would ever. i'm turning it around. >> hopefully i'm okay with that. bethenny, would you ever date a significantly older man? >> what's significant? my range is 15. my range is 19 to 90. someone's 89, absolutely. no, just kidding. i'm 42. i would date someone 15 years older. >> you would? >> i would. >> what's the cap? >> i would date no one right now. but in theory, in my fantasy life, yes. >> in your fantasy life. >> the cap? what's 15 on 42. the cap might be right around there. you're right around the cap. >> okay, good, one more. bethenny, would you ever give up your career for a man? >> no. >> on that note, everybody, bethenny frankel. "skinny girl solutions." >> and my show. monday, september 9th. >> september 9th. the show, the book, the empire. thank you for being here.
8:46 am
to get more of bethenny's tips and recipes from the book, go to our website, on yahoo! and coming up, michael symon, with five-minute meals. and coming up, michael
8:47 am
8:48 am
[ cheers and applause ] michael symon. you see him every day on "the chew." we love when he stops by and visits with us. we are here to talk about your new book. "5 in 5." >> five ingredients.
8:49 am
five fresh ingredients, cook for five minutes, under 5 bucks. five minutes, under 5 bucks. during the week, you're so crazy sometimes. you can get a firm meal for your family and friends. delicious and inexpensive. >> we're going to see how to do these. let's keep with the theme. your five favorite kitchen utensils. >> look at that. >> there are surprises here. >> these are great things i think everybody should have in their kitchen. a scraper is good for moving things around. keeping your cutting board clean. >> what is this? >> a food mill, to make a tomato sauce and vegetable sauce. you can get them nice and smooth. a mortar and pestle. fantastic for garlic or making quick sauces. a slider to move pastas out. and the microplane for spices and herbs and that stuff. sam, what are you doing? >> michael, i'm all right. >> what are we going to start with here? >> all right so, i call these lazy meatballs. they're something my mother used to make when i was a kid. >> in greek we call them --
8:50 am
>> so, you take your favorite sausage. this is a spicy italian. you form it in a patty. you take your skewers and soak them in salt water overnight. >> what does that do, the salt water? >> it keeps the skewers from burning up. so, you don't end up with a big thing. you season it with a little bit of salt and crack black pepper. and you don't have to oil these because of the fat on the sausage. they go right on the grill. >> and sam takes them off. >> and then you just hire sam and you're off to the races. george, you're going to recognize the sauce. greek yogurt sauce. >> i'm using all of my greek today. >> using it all on the same thing. you take delicious greek yogurt. you put it in the bowl. and this comes together so quick. cucumbers that are skinned and diced. a little bit. i put extra virgin olive oil. i think it gives it more body. fresh mint. and again, we talked about the microplane.
8:51 am
you want to grab this may kroplane. you just grab this. a little bit of that zest. really makes it pop. and the juice. >> oh. ooh. and then, we mix it together. and we have a really quick, easy sauce. >> oh, my gosh. >> because the sausage is spicy, it really smooths it all out. now, this is one of the recipes, again, five minutes, five ingredients. five fresh ingredients, superfast. >> that was really quick. >> you can use any sausage that you like. sweet, spicy, whatever. >> how about the pasta? >> this is a no-bake mac and cheese. if you want to make mac and cheese in five minutes without going to the oven, it's a little bit of cream, mascarpone cheese. aged cheddar, some chives. and top it with breadcrumbs. absolutely delicious. and again, five minutes. >> this is fantastic. spicy and cooled down by that.
8:52 am
>> by that tartness of the greek yogurt. >> oh, my. george and i know this for years. but greek yogurt changes everything. it adds a wonderful flavor. >> it changed my life. >> i'm thinking it's going to make me grow hair soon. i'm working on it. this is just grilled eggplant. tomatoes, a little mozzarella and basil. they're fun for a sandwich. fast meal. super easy. for your family from sketch. >> michael, thank you very much. the book is called "5 in 5." you can get the recipes on our website, on yahoo! you can see michael on "the chew." at 1:00 eastern and 12:00 pacific. right here on abc. finish that up. right here on abc. finish that up.
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8:55 am
what a fantastic morning. a fantastic week. we had some wonderful guests. >> so true. >> josh had to skedaddle a little early.
8:56 am
he's on assignment in new orleans. tough to be in new orleans on assignment. we want to welcome a very special member of the "gma" family in the world. you remember charlie gibson. he's a grandfather again. kate had a baby girl. charlotte joy. >> oh. >> charlie and charlie. >> that's what they're going to call her, charlie. and charlie gibson is going to have a hard time, the word beautiful and charlie in the same sentence. so, kate, congratulations. charlie, we love you.
8:57 am
8:58 am
i gotta have that bag. italian leather? for an amazing deal. [ shopper ] you paid how much for that? [ female announcer ] two stores. two amazing ways to score. t.j.maxx and marshalls. it's halloween time twoand disneyland is ours! going down! boo! with haunted mansion holiday... space mountain ghost galaxy, and wicked fun in both parks, the disneyland resort just got spookier! visit trick or treat.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. america begins the defense of the america's cup on san francisco bay tomorrow. a lot going on. let's check in with mike for the weather. >> a bright picture definitely. sunshine, sunscreen, and dress for the warmth. it all starts today. the absence of the sea breeze and total sunshine will push the coast and san francisco low to mid-70s, upper 70s, low 80s around the bay. look at the 90s inland. good news, it will cool off at night, not as cool as this morning but we're back into the sixty. that's why we don't have any heated a advise is arer warnings out. the shot hottest days, saturday, sunday, and monday. >> sigalert coming up to highway 92, two lanes blocked and two vehicles involved. that's leaving us with about nine miles of backup. bumper-to-bumper traffic under
9:00 am
ten miles an hour. southbound direction we have at least 18 miles of slow traffic into san jose. announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today from "fox nfl sunday," howie long, jimmy johnson, jake johnson and curt menefee. and performing his new sit, "all of me, john legend. now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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