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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 8, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, september 8th. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning to you. we are looking at some pretty dense fog along the shoreline this morning. despite yesterday he is 100-degree heat in livermore and gilroy, a mile and a half visibility for half moon bay, a quarter mile in santa rosa and three quarter mile in novato. the marine layer is about a thousand feet deep. it will burn back and bring another sunny and warm afternoon. not as warm at the coast. still pleasant. we will still see the clearing but cooler there. around the bay low to mid-80s.
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but inland upper 90s to over 100 degrees today. another day of triple digit heat. we will spell it out for you with the 7 day accuweather forecast in a few minutes. carolyn. >> knew this morning police are investigating the stabbing death of a woman in south san jose. police were called off of capital express way just before 11:00 last night where a woman died at the scene. investigators don't know why she was stabbed, but apparently she knew her attacker. so far they have not named any suspects or made any arrests. this is san jose's 36 little homicide this year. fire ripped through two homes in mountain view starting just before 8:00 last night on orange tree lane. in one of the homes when firefighters tried to put it out, flames jumped to a neighboring house. no one was hurt. other homes in the neighborhood were evacuated.
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>> there's a chance of a gas line may be involved as part of the fire. because of that we are keeping people at a safe distance. >> pg&e arrived to check the gas line and make any necessary repairs. the family of a sunnyvale man who was shot to death by a team of undercover drug officers is trying to find some answers this morning. are sergio has their story. >> you can see what looks like the aftermath after shootout. the white truck belongs to this 34-year-old man. according to police this was a drug arrest that went bad. but the family tells us this was not a shootout because he never fired a shot. >> our question was, you know, wags he armed? and he just told my brother, no, we never found a weapon. >> she was shot multiple times by six different officers. according to officers he had just allegedly sold a pound of methamphetamine to undercover
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police. those officers said he threatened him and they thought he was reaching for a firearm so they fired. the family is puzzled by that. >> they show him boxed in. he had a stroke recently, so it wasn't like he was going to run from them. >> the shooting is being investigated by the sunnyvale police. the police confirmed there was a weapon was not found on him or his truck. five officers were who fired are from the santa clara police department, another santa clara deputy. family said this is the first they have heard about any involvement with the drugs. >> if he was in the wrong, fine we will accept it. but right now they don't have any proof that, you know, he was armed or he had a weapon. >> right now they are waiting a collect his body. they want to know why he was shot so many times by police. in sunnyvale, abc news. emeryville police are
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looking for witnesses who occurred a shooting that occurred yesterday. a man was shot twice in broad day light near 45th street. he was shot twice but is expected to recover. a silver car was seen leaving the area. a busy road in marin county was closed for most of the day yesterday after a car accident knocked down a power lean. the car drove into a power pole near novato. a bicyclist was apparently struck by the car during the crash and a second cyclist fell after colliding with the downed line. both cyclist and driver suffered only minor injuries. >> now to the syrian crisis as president obama tense to push for a military strike. thousands were protesting. there were protests in the
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vatican, and here in the bay area. abc7 news reporter colonel bernard has more. >> the message at that small rally in justin herman plaza was clear. these people oppose the idea of u.s. military airstrike against syria. an hour later it grew into a large protest march. [chanting] >> this is not what the american people want, war in syria. >> it's like people have forgotten the last ten years. >> the march made its way to united nations plaza on market street. there was another rally going on with a different message. these syrian americans are urging the u.s. to stop the use of chemical weapons by the syrian government against
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innocent civilians. it's like cancer and the cancer growing. we need to come in and stop the cancer. that's what we are asking, we are asking for a streak. we aren't asking for u.s. boots on the ground. >> with a could possibly go wrong with dropping bombs on syria? >> one was dressed as mean orty leader nancy pelosi outside an event where the real pelosi was giving a speech. this demonstrator got into the event and tried to upstage the congresswoman with a sign but she was escorted out by police. messy said she supports the use of weapons in syria. >> stopping the use of mass destruction is a pillar of our national security. assad regime used them and that cannot continue. >> pelosi knows the move has opposition on the streets where anti-war cries are expected to get louder in the days and weeks
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to come. abc7 news. coming up later this hour the new images shown in classified briefs on capitol hill, how they could lead to a strike against syria. mexico's former president believes legalized marijuana in the u.s. could help the violence on the boarder. he spoke in san francisco yesterday. vicente fox was president from 2000 to 2006. he told the crowd we must find peaceful solutions to stopping the cartel and he believes legalizing marijuana is one way to do it. >> mexico is not a significant producer. they say to protect kids and families here. i believe that to protect kids and families the best thing is to legalize. >> that hemp expo is one way to
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promote advanced medical marijuana. three years into construction of the new transbay construction center in san francisco and it's reached a milestone, as they begin pouring concrete for the foundation. take a look. this is what the iconic transbay tower will look like once the project is complete. you can see how it will change the san francisco skyline. abc7 news transportation reporter heather ishimaru reports from the transit center at mission and howard streets. >> 100,000-year-old bay mud came up from the bottom of the hole that will one day house the lower levels of the new transit center. workers expect the last three years demolishing and digging down through layers of history. now it's time to start building up. >> we've gone back through times when ships were born here and sharks swam here. wave gone back to a place where woolly mammoths grazed here.
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>> 65 feet below the level concrete is poured. it is five feet deep. it's the foundation of the transbay transit center. the old build wags hardly more than a terminal. the transit center will be an entire multi-level facility with nearly a dozen transit agencies circulating in and out, including caltrain and high-speed rail, as imagined in this rail authority animation. >> there will be 27,000 permanent jobs attached to this transbay transit center. ongoing, sustained. >> the city got $400 million in federal funding for the transbay center and has par layed into into private investment that's revitalizing the entire market district around it. >> 67 million square feet of new office space. 4,500 new housing. 1200 of which, 1,200 of those
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housing units are going to be permanently affordable. >> the transit center will include a new 61-foot story high rise housing businesses only. all around private investors are building retail and housing. >> it's more than a bus terminal. you already have 19 buildings in construction because of this. the 19 buildings would not be coming up right now if it not were for the transit terminal. >> target day for completion, 2017. heather ishimaru, abc7 news. >> it's september and our hot time of the year is here. lisa has the preview. >> it was very warm yesterday. it was the warmest day we saw all year long in san francisco. in the 80s. look at that, that's fog. very dense fog at the coast. it will impact the high temperatures today. cooler for some. still very hot for the rist. i'll have the forecast next. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, america's cup officially underway. we have a look at the action and the excited fans.
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>> a great day for racing yesterday. the america's cup was yesterday and already they are four points behind because of losing two races previously and incurring a two-point penalty. they will take on emrats team new zealand.
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>> spectators who came to see the first day of racing in the america's cup were treated to a thrilling match-up. >> it's amazing watching the boats how they can fly across the water. i don't see how they can get up on the air and just go. >> they are competing in the best possible location. >> can't pick a better venue for watching the races, you know, it seems with the san francisco bay. >> we live on the marina, right across the street, so we've been coming over here since the beginning of all the races. >> fun for the fans, but it's fierce competition for the teams. >> they easily match time to two evenly matched boats and it will be the small, little mistakes here and there that will probably decide the outcome of the race. >> at the end of day one, new zealand leads, 4-0. >> we will have good battles the
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next week or so. anything can happen. >> abc7 news. >> the next races are today at 1:15 and 2:15. tokyo! [cheers and applause] >> at outburst of excitement in a japan after tokyo was named the host city for the 2020 olympics. long considered a site favorite, it won the voting at the international olympic committee meeting. n.a.s.a.'s new robotic explorer has already won into some equipment trouble. >> zero ignition and liftoff! >> n.a.s.a. official says the laddy spacecraft was spinning too fast of a separating from the final rocket stage but they say it's safe and remains on a perfect track for for the moon. it was built here in the bay area. it should reach the moon on
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october 6th. we have encouraging news on the aging process. a new study is suggesting that challenging games can have a potent effect on the brain functions of older adults. abc7 news medical and science reporter carolyn johnson explains. >> pretend i was driving on a country road. >> for anderson the computer-generated roadway could be called memory game. it's part of a game designed to test and improve the cognitive brain function in older adults. >> i was interested in finding out if there was some way i could contribute to finding out why my brain doesn't work like it used to. >> the game is called neuroracer. it was developed by this team at ucsf. it requires drivers to pay attention to pop-up road signs and ignoring others, essentially forcing the brain into multi-tasking. >> the multi-task to work as we
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get older. we are looking at boosting a skill that naturally seems to decline with age. >> to accomplish that they asked healthy volunteers between the age of 60 and 85 to undergo training and add course of regular internals over a month's time. the initial improvement was dramatic. >> what it showed the multi-tasking acts of older adults improved to the level of 20 year olds after just a month of game playing. >> in addition to finding outcomes, they reported they're brain waves, concentrating on neuropathways involved in cognitive function. as older adults got more efficient, their brain patterns were similar to young adults. showing the brains are retrainable. >> we had activity from the front part of the brain, the prefrontal cortex. >> in one unexpected result the cognitive improvement challenged
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skills not held by the game. thing act to hold information to complete short term task. ann industries it as a feeling of heightened concentration. >> you are just there and you are focused completely on that car and the sign. >> the team now hopes to use even more advanced brain imaging to help understand how neuropathways are physically changed by the stimulation. potentially exploring the effectiveness of these games in treating brain disorders such as alzheimer's and adhd. >> hopefully it will be developed out for something that could have an impact for people and into their lives. that professor is now working on a commercial version of the game that could be used both as a diagnostic and their beauty being tool. many school districts in san francisco face closing schools because of too few students but san francisco middle schools are overflowing this year. today san francisco chronicle reports middle and a-8 schools in
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schools -- k-8 schools are at capacity. 1100 students are enrolled. that comes as willie brown junior school is closed for renovations over the next two years. direct officials say they have had waiting lists to get into every school but one. visitation valley middle school has room for hundreds more. and whoever is heading into the classroom tomorrow, it's going to be a challenge. it's going to be so warm out there. >> it really will. but tomorrow will be the last day before the big ridge begins to pass to the east. that's what bringing us all the heat. this morning, changes to talk about. live doppler 7hd. we have plenty of fog at the coast. the marine layer has deep end to about 1,000 feet. that has allowed for change in parts of your afternoon forecast for the bay. around the coast you will see a little bit more of that marine influence. hot inland yesterday and just as hot today or maybe a degree
5:20 am
warmer. here's a look from the sutro tower. you see the finger of fog trying to poke across the bay. the marine layer just about 1,000 feet and we will see the retreat throughout the later morning hours. san francisco 58 degrees for you, as well as oakland with 60 in redwood city. los gatos, the higher elevations above 1,000 feet, still the warm air at 73 degrees. the golden gate bridge, you need your wipers from from time to h. it is dense fog and temperatures in the 50s in the north bay. 52 santa rosa, 56 napa, 55 mild degrees in antioch. from our roof camera it looks good here. another beautiful day downtown, but not as hot. we will get out of the 80s today in the city. back to the coast, and 100 degrees inland. the culprit has been an area of high pressure in the upper levels of the atmosphere. that has been driving the northeasterly wind flow. and the offshore wind flow very,
5:21 am
very weak because we are getting enough of an influence from the ocean that we will bring the temperatures down a few degrees there and around the bay but it will still be above normal across the entire bay area today. in fact, very little change from today to tomorrow in oakland with numbers in the mid-80s today. no change for your monday but low 80s on tuesday, into the upper 70s wednesday, thursday and friday. a little bump on saturday. so if you thought it was hot yesterday in livermore, of course, you were right. today it's 102. look for the numbers to come down not until tuesday. 95 for a high there. upper 80s for your wednesday and thursday. then you will notice we are back up into the low 90s. more typical for the upcoming weekend. 94 santa clara. look for 97 in morgan hill. very warm here. it was 100 yesterday in gilroy. 79 milbrae. that's a switch with upper 60s coming into play half moon bay and pacifica. we had some warm temperatures
5:22 am
yesterday in the 70s. so you will cool down today. 86 in menlo park. san francisco about 10 agrees of cooling. still a beautiful day at 73 up in the north bay very mild from bodega bay to stinson beach. but not as warm as yesterday. low to mid-90s from sonoma and santa rosa. 100 clear lake. the east bay numbers similar to yesterday. 89 fremont. you head inland, it's mostly hot here again with 98 in san ramon, 101 for livermore. we are taking you to candlestick where it will be a beautiful day. have you heard that lately at candlestick? 71 degrees. lots of sunshine and dropping into the upper 60s for the game this afternoon. one more hot day before we cool off a little on tuesday. more significantly wednesday and thursday. so if you are in and around the bay or coast, you will notice a little bit of a relief today. >> this is great weather for america's cup, as long as there's a bit of wind. >> there will be, yes, this
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>> check this out. a wrecking crew in michigan accidentally demolished the wrong house. hours after they tore it down they found out they had the wrong house. the homeowner switched addresses with the neighboring house. his plan worked but not for long. neighborhood say both plays are eyesores and they are happy to see them gone. the last boston marathon bombing victim being treated at the hospital has now returned home to california. john odom arrived back friday to cheers from his family. he and his wife were in boston last april watching their daughter run the marathon when the bomb went off. shrapnel severed both arteries in his legs. he needed 11 surgeries, months of physical therapy. the odoms say they will be back
5:27 am
in boston for the marathon next year to cheer on their nephew. a video of rapper m & m is blog up on line. it's an awkward interview he did yesterday in michigan during the football game. >> i'm excited about it. >> nothing. i got you on my fantasy announcer team. >> win an academy award and you sold 100 million records worldwide, you, my friend, are the legend, no question about that. >> i'm really uncomfortable right now. >> some people are talking the most on twitter. the confused look when the interview first began. it's already become a name. his new album comes out november 5th so maybe it was all publicity store that. and employment opportunities in the bay area. an agency looking for new
5:28 am
recruits starting this week. and we draw close to a new
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>> welcome back. let's start this half-hour with a quick look at our weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning to you. we are looking at dense fog along the shoreline, reducing visibility. temperatures cool again in the north bay. 52 in santa rosa. we have mild temperatures to the east of us with numbers in the mid-60ths in the livermore valley and 60 fremont. here's the forecast. we are starting out with the fog at the coast. that will continue to clear and pull back. a very weak offshore flow allows the temperatures once again to heat up in our inland east bay. perhaps over 100 degrees in some spots. but a few more 80s into the east by. the bay and the coast cooling
5:31 am
off a couple degrees. we have about a 1,000-foot marine layer this morning. that will influence the forecast highs slightly. for most of you it's another day well above normal. we have another day to start the work week. we will talk about when the cool down comes our way coming up. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. the war of words over a proposed military strike against syria is playing out on america's streets. as we showed you earlier this hour, those protesters are demonstrating here at home. this is new video. it shows the aftermath after nerve gas attack on civilians. we want to warn you, some of the images may be disturbing. here's abc news reporter chuck sievertson. >> from texas to atlanta. >> no war in syria! >> from the east coast to the west coast.
5:32 am
[chanting] >> protesters rally to stop a military strike against syria for using chemical weapons against their own people. >> we aren't going to let that happen. >> at the same time catholics at the vatican and around the world in places like raleigh, north carolina, answer the call for pope francis to pray for peace in syria. >> we have people's good will to come together in prayer for the gift of world peace at a critical time in our lives. >> don't gas the children! don't gas the children! >> but others are supporting targeted military action like in connecticut where where they sae u.s. should punish them for killing their own people. >> these photos are shown in classified briefings on capitol hill in an effort to convince a skeptical congress. >> and president obama just back from russia where he failed to
5:33 am
convince summit leaders of his action. they will try to convince the americans and their representatives that a limited war is necessary. >> we are the united states of america. we cannot turn a blind eye to images like the ones we have seen out of syria. >> congress may not vote until of a next week. abc news, new york. >> there is much more about the crisis in syria coming up on abc's "this week." george stephanopoulos hosts both sides of the debate over the u.s. response. and the benghazi attack. a former state department official comes forward to give george his dramatic account. only on abc's "this week" with george stephanopoulos coming up at 8:00. >> the chp is recruiting and will accept applications for its up coming academy. this woman got to experience firsthand some of the grueling training. a special event was held yesterday in sacramento for
5:34 am
people interested in learning more about it. this week the chp will open a new application period for new recruits. recruits receive more than 1100 hours of training during the 27 week academy. >> i work for law enforcement agencies and my further was a california highway patrol man so he brought me to the academy on several times growing up and i found their training was topnotch. >> the last enrollment in january drew more than 22,000 people. apple is expected to unavailable its new i-phone on tuesday and analysts say it will be able to read your fingerprint. usa today reports i-phone5 s will likely have the finger present technology near the bottom of the home button at the bottom of the device. users' identities will be verified through their print, eliminating the need for a four-digit pin. a long time resource center for the disabled in
5:35 am
san francisco is hoping to move to a new facility because. concerns over the safety of its old site. there's only one thing holding them back, money. it's a story we first learned about last month at an abc7 litmus community meeting in chinatown. abc news reporter vic lee was our moderator, and he has this story. >> independent living, may i help you? >> reporter: the independent living resource center on mission near second street has been helping people with disabilities for more than three decades. it has grown dramatically and offers a full range of services to more than 500 regular clients. thousands more receive information and referrals. >> what we are trying to do here is help folks when disability strikes, help them get back up, keep fighting. >> jesse lorents heads the center. she said many of the clients have invisible disabilities. >> a traumatic brain injury. a lot of folks with psychiatric
5:36 am
problems. but we also have a very large population of folks with mobility, hearing or visual disabilities. >> stewart is a regular client. >> they would love me to accept my limitations after the brain aneurysm. and to live with them in a respectable and dignified way. >> the center hopes to move to this newer building on howard street. the reason? it's current location poses serious safety concerns. the center is on the third floor of an old building t has only one elevator that breaks down regularly. it's so small it can only fit one wheelchair at a time. >> a lot of the newer wheelchairs and scooters can't even fit in the elevator. >> the center has no open space to accommodate their client list. and rooms here pose a danger to those visually impaired. new facility will be on the first floor, it will be roomier and designed to accommodate those with physical
5:37 am
disabilities. so far they have raised $400,000 of the $600,000 they need to move into their new place. but they still need $200,000, an amount that's been difficult to raise. vic lee, abc7 news. >> the oldest building in san francisco is celebrating its beginnings. yesterday mission deloris k commemorated the laying of the cornerstone on 1913 of the church. the church replaced one built in 1876 that collapsed in the 1906 earthquake. coming up, an investment opportunity in mountain view. the role google is playing in helping some residents secure affordable housing. and here is a live look from our roof cam, showing you the bridge there. you can see the flag blowing just a little bit in the background. another warm day in san francisco. it might be hot where you are. lisa argen will be along with the full accuweather forecast
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>> welcome back,, everyone. it's 5:40 on this sunday morning. thank you for waking up so early to watch us. we appreciate t here's a live look from our golden gate bridge camera showing you the bridge. you can hardly make it out there. it is shrouded in fog. of course, that is going to lift later on today. expect it to be in the 90s on the marin county side of the span and in the 70s on the san francisco side. lisa argen along shortly with a full accuweather forecast. never mind google glass and driver less cars. google's latest investment is very much brick and mortor.
5:41 am
affordable housing in mountain view. the franklin street family apartments are located off highway 85. business and technology reporter david louie has the story. >> on the outside the franklin street family apartments have a med terrainup villa look, the kind of complex you would expect this to be high rent. after all, this is silicon value. >> some pads are going $5,500 a month for a two-bedroom apartment. >> but these were designed to meet the affordable need for housing for people making less than $44,000 a year. half the median income in santa clara county. it attracted google as an investor, who bought over $6 million in bonds. >> we believe in affordable housing and believe in everyone having an affordable home and we think this is a way to help put our money where our mouth is. >> a federal tax credit is there
5:42 am
for google. >> they will realize in tax credits about the same amount they put in. for example, this is not what they did, but it's $10 million in a project and they would get $10 million in tax credits over a ten-year period. >> a one bedroom -- a three-bedroom for 1231. plexings were handled by lottery. all units are occupants. for one means a chance for a come back after the recession forced him into bankruptcy. low rent has enabled him to get a ball. >> i lost house, four cars. i can now travel to work instead of riding the buses which makes it tremendous because i teach in a school system and there are a number of after-school programs. >> it puts christina, a mother of three, on a stronger financial footing. >> i may actually start savings now. i have a little bit in my savings. but it's definitely helped in so many more ways.
5:43 am
>> in mountain view, david louie, abc7 news. >> when you can do late night dining in san francisco, you know it's warm. >> yeah, a couple more nights of that. there is poor visibility along the coast and it will influence the forecast today. oakland upper 50s. you were upper 80s yesterday. coming down a couple degrees but we still have the heat on. i'll have your academy whenever forecast when we return. >> thank you, lisa. cal gets their first win of the season as they out do portland state. and stanford's season open, they score first against san jose state and never looks back. ♪ [ jen garner ] what skincare brand is so effective... so trusted... so clinically proven dermatologists recommend it twice as much as any other brand? neutrogena®.
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>> meateddologist lisa argen is here now to explain why it is so hot. >> we have a high pressure area building and fog in the coast a huge rain knowledge of temperatures. we are talking mid-60s ocean beach with 101 in livermore. how is that for a range? live doppler 7hd not picking up moisture burks we are looking at the fog that will play into the coast and bay throughout the afternoon. the temperature, it's going to burn back. we will see more sunshine. from the sutro tower camera we will see a little there. we are talking about even some moisture at the gold gate bridge. san francisco upper 50s, as well as oakland, 59 redwood city and low 60s san jose. upper elevations about a thousand feet. los gatos up to 58 degrees and 55 half moon bay. a very, very dense fog but not many folks there. the golden gate bridge, 52 santa rosa and mid-60s in antioch
5:47 am
and 65 in livermore. finally from the roof camera another beautiful afternoon and we will see plenty of sunshine butch we will be as much as 10 degrees cooler today. fog at the coast, 1 hub degrees temperatures inland return. then we will look for the cooler pattern for everyone on tuesday. that's another two days of the heat. half-mile visibility half moon bay. two and a half visibility with quarter mile visibility up to the north in santa rosa. so that fog definitely changing the pattern this morning with anywhere from a degree to six degrees cooler from the airport. hayward, you are well into the 80s yesterday and mountain view two degrees cooler. it will be a change for the art and wine festival this afternoon with slightly cooler air. high pressure is built in, bringing the offshore flow once again today. and with that marine player at about 1,000 feet deep, we are looking at temperatures along the coast. comfortable once again. 70s monterey. take a look inland.
5:48 am
99 in sacramento. still hazy back in in the northn syria and 102 fresno. mid-60s half moon bay. upper 60s ocean beach. low 70s and mid-70s for point reyes and stinson. you head inland and we are pleasant in san francisco. in the low 70s. across the bay mid-80s in oakland with the mid-90s returning for san jose. the eve bay valley, really no change here. another very warm day. yesterday you were at 94 for the mountain view art and wine festival. today forecasting a high in the mid-80s. still very warm. very pleasant out there. but not quite as hot as yesterday. taking you to oakland this afternoon. it was 88 yesterday. we will be in the mid-80s today with lent of sunshine. so another warm day for you. and finally at&t park it will be just a beautiful day here with temperatures in the 70s at
5:49 am
1:00 and dropping into the 60s. a little sea breeze kicking up later on in the afternoon. and that also has been helping us cool off throughout the evening hours. really kind of comfortable in the morning and late at night. but throughout the day we warm quickly and another warm day tomorrow. mid-90s for tuesday inland and dropping back into the upper 80s on wednesday. really no change foreign land today. >> all right. for the next couple of days? >> yes. >> nice today for the sports. let's check that utility to. a nice rivalry developing between stanford and san jose state and plus the a's increase their lead in the american league west, tweaking out a win over the astros. here's schu with all the sports highlights. good morning. well, stanford and san jose state has developed into a pretty good rivalry. it's known as a legacy game. san jose fifth in the nation. they score in the opening but kevin hogan began 40 yards.
5:50 am
and a touchdown. the cards go up 7-0. cardinals up 14-3. kevin hogan began, 207 yards and two tds. poor tackling by the spartans. san jose state finally scores a touchdown late third quarter. and a great throw here, better catch. 14 yards. 27-13 stanford but that's all they got. stanford goes on to win it. 17-13 the final. and meanwhile goff had a breakout game yesterday against portland state. his first victory at the college level. ohio state is next week but that was not on their minds. cal defense gave up yards in the first half. tj adams had two. jared goff, ran for a td, back
5:51 am
of the end zone. an amazing grab. bears go up 24-20. the second quarterback rocky to throw for over 400 yards in back-to-back games. richard rogers doing most of the work on the 75-yard score. 616 yards of offense for the bears. and sonny dykes gets his first win at berkeley. >> we knew it would be a hard-fought game. the guys played well and played hard. i think in a lot of ways they outplayed us the first half. good to see our guys respond especially in the second half and just get a win. always good to get a win. not easy to do. >> we had success but at the same time there's a lot of stuff we need to get better at. >> the a's win over the astros, just enough sitting. game three of the four-game series. first run didn't come until the fourth.
5:52 am
one crushed here. 2 continued of the year for cespedes. 1-0, a's. two hits in seven innings, striking out former a chris carter. jed lowrie complete the a's scoring with a solo home run in the seventh. his 11th on the year. texas lost and a's are up a game half in the american league west. the giants lack of run support continues. we have a 1-1 game n the fifth the giant killer, stayed in the park but a run scores and the d-backs go on to win. 2-1, the final. 49ers playing the packers and raiders take on the colts. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> hundreds lineup to get the taste of the newest food craze but one san francisco restaurant owner tells abc7 news he
5:53 am
invented it first.
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> fans affeldt new kind of burger say it's out of this world. hundreds stood in line for the latest food craze in los angeles. it's the ramen burger made with a ground beef patty and two ramen patties on a bunt. it debuted in berkeley. but the mission said they have had their own version on their menu since june. >> we were listed in the chronicle in early july about the ramenburger and we were at the san francisco street festival and served over 500. had a line over a block long and people waited to get a burger. >> so there. they also serves up their famous burgers today with off the grid food trucks at the picnic in the presidio from 11:00 to 4:00 p.m.. today's sunday street
5:56 am
festival starts at 11:00. fullsome and fillmore streets will be the place to play. streets will close toe people can get outdoors and enjoy family fun. free yoga classes, free bike repairs, hula-hoop, and all are on on tap today until 5:00. >> coming up, san jose marks their 35th homicide of the year after a woman was stabbed to death. what police are saying about the suspect. and protests nationwide, including in the bay area over possible u.s. involvement in the crisis in syria.
5:57 am
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well, you've found delicious! ♪ ♪ if you wanna go and fly with me ♪ ♪ it's buzz the bee on your tv ♪ ♪ oh how did i get this way? ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ it is so honey swagalish ♪ so much crunch, can you handle this? ♪ ♪ the party in the bowl don't stop! ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ must be the honey!
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>> good morning, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us. let's start with a quick first look at our weather with lisa argen. >> good morning. we have low fog and clouds at the coast and the marine layer over is 11,000 feet deep. that's reduced the visibility from santa rosa to half moon bay a mile and three quarter. we are looking at a lot of fog in the north bay and that will allow the temperatures to come down a couple degrees. no relief for the friends in the east bay, in the valleys, that is, because in the east bay today around oakland it will be warm again. not as warm as yesterday's 88. forecasting a high of 84 in oakland. along the coast mid-60s from ocean beach and upper 70s up to the north for stinson. even point raise should be mild. starting out with a lot of fog. inland check it out, upper 90s to


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