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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 8, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, breaking overnight. buckingham palace on edge. word that armed officers may have taken down one of the world's most famous royals. could they have mistaken prince andrew for an intruder? shocking new images this morning. the aftermath of that chemical attack in syria. will the pictures bolster the president's case for military action? punishing the paparazzi. the new, tough bill that could be stiffening penalties against photographers harassing celebrities' children. why they would be looking at jail time. and online. isn't for selfies anymore, "gma" viewers an few "gma" anchors are
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getting in on the action. >> can't wait for those pet selfies. >> yes, we worked on that all day yesterday. way too much time. >> good morning, america. bianna golodryga along with dan harris. also coming up, it's the move that could stop a lot of impulsive late night decisions. a proposal if our nation's capital that would require a 24-hour waiting period for anyone who wants a th s s a tat piercing. we'll have reaction to the plan. needless to say, not everyone likes it. >> i wish that law was in place when i got the face tattoo. hours of makeup every morning. also coming up, clear the playground. this is what happens when a family of playful bears invades a backyard. that's somebody's backyard. imagine that.
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but we're going to start here with buckingham palace. just two days after arresting a guy who scaled a fence to the queen's home. news this morning armed officers may have mistaken prince andrew the queen's own son -- for an intruder. abc's nick schifrin is at buckingham palace this morning with the story. nick, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. you're absolutely right. two security incidents in one week, inside the queen's own home. clearly, the queen's guards with jumpy. it was reportedly a tense standoff in the buckingham palace gardens, armed police confront manned they thought was an intruder. they shouted at the man to put his hands up. that's when the british tabloid said he was the queen's own son. prince andrew, the former husband of sarah ferguson. the metropolitan police tell abc news that no arms were drawn. no force was used. and the man was cleared after identifying himself. it shows the police are tense. >> this time of the year, tens of thousands of people coming into the palace to view it and exiting through the garden. and then suddenly, you see
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somebody is in an area where the public shouldn't be. then yes, you are going to confront that person. >> reporter: the confrontation happened on wednesday, just two days after a real-life intruder broke into the queen's home. police are investigating how the man climbed 12-foot walls and entered the state rooms. the same area where the queen hosted a state dinner for president obama. the intruder was arrested along with an accomplice waiting outside. they won't link the incidents, but the former chief of royal protection says the palace will take them both seriously and review the security. >> her majesty's famous words are get it right, put it right, and there will be a review, of that you can be certain of. and hopefully, it will be put right. >> reporter: and this morning, police are conducting that review. they're look at all aspects of buckingham palace security. and this morning, one tabloid reporting that two guards that stopped andrew are embarrassed and andrew, himself, more than a little unhappy. >> one can imagine. the royal guards on edge. all right, nick, our thanks to you. we're going to turn now to the white house selling its case
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to attack syria. new reports of the obama administration showing some senators horrifying images of the chemical weapons attack they believe was carried about by the assad government. president obama stepping up his intense campaign to persuade the american people that military action is the only solution. abc's jeff zeleny has the story from the white house. good morning, jeff. these are some of the most gruesome and disturbing videos we have seen come out of this syrian crisis yet. >> reporter: good morning. you're right, they are gruesome and they're graphic. but these images are part of a central case that president obama is trying to make to overcome a growing tide of public opinion as he tries to make the case for why military strikes against syria are necessary. >> obama, hands off syria. >> reporter: as anti-war protesters rallied outside the white house and across the country -- >> all: no war on syria! >> reporter: -- the president is calling lawmakers. the vice president is preparing to host skeptical republicans for sunday night dinner, and
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secretary of state john kerry is pressing hard with war-weary european allies. >> this is not the time to be silent spectators to slaughter. >> reporter: a full-court press from an obama administration in crisis. and overnight, abc news obtained what is now at the heart of the administration's case to congress -- a series of 13 videos senators viewed in a classified briefing last week. with images far too gruesome to watch in full. the disturbing pictures of syrian civilians, many are children. they are the same heartbreaking images that prompted this response from senator dianne feinstein when asked why so many americans oppose military action. >> they don't know what i know. they haven't heard what i heard. >> reporter: the administration now hoping those images have the same effect on the american people. still, it's a tough sell for president obama. the toughest of his presidency. he will sit down with network
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news anchors for interviews on monday. followed by an address to the american people on tuesday. now the white house is getting some help making its argument. retired army general david petraeus, the former cia director, is now calling for strong action against the syrian regime. the white house hopes that helps win over some republicans. as the vote comes as early as wednesday, our survey of lawmakers over the weekend shows that the white house still needs at least a dozen more senators on their side. and in the house, the skepticism is even deeper. so a lot of work ahead for the white house. >> a tense weekend kicking off a tense week for the president. all right, jeff, our thanks to you. tune in for diane sawyer's interview on "world news" ahead of his address to the nation on tuesday. let's bring in george stephanopoulos, host of "this week." george, as we sit here on this sunz morning, on the eve of the president's big push, and the address to the nation tuesday
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night, how would you place the success of the odds? >> if the vote were today, he'd lose. he does have a decent chance of getting the votes in the senate starting this week to pass it through. and i think the white house hope is that then that will start to build momentum that will halt the erosion in the house and start to get those numbers back up, particularly among democrats. another key event could be, and you saw the french say they're waiting for this, the report from the u.n. inpekt spectors n weekend on the chemical weapons in syria. that could also provide more ammunition for the white house. if it were today, no question, he would lose. >> if he doesn't get the votes, will he still strike? it seems to be a lose-lose position to be in. >> it would be the first time it happened to a president, losing the vote on military force. it's all but impossible for the president to go forward in the face of no votes in the congress. listen to what he said friday night in russia. i did not put in resolution before congress as a political ploy or symbolism. he said he could not say that
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this syrians' use of chemical weapons posed a threat to the united states. in the face of that, i don't see how he could go forward. is it possible, for example, that he gets a yes vote in the senate and then the house simply doesn't vote? maybe that's the way out, unclear. >> what are the stakes for his presidency and his ability to get things done the rest of the term if he fails? >> it's hard to believe a month ago this wasn't even contemplated. now it's become the most important vote of his presidency. if he loses, it damages america's credibility on the world stage and complicate everything else he's doing in the final 3 1/2 years of congress. >> and george is going to have much more on "this week" right here on abc. thanks again. and now let's get it over to ron claiborne, who has a look at the other top stories this morning. >> hi, there, dan and bianna. good morning. new details about the nsa's program of domestic spying on americans. according to "the washington
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post" the obama administration won approval in 2011 from a special federal surveillance court to intercept phone calls and e-mails of u.s. citizens. the same court banned the searches in 2008. the ruling also allowed the nsa to retain intercepted information for six years from the previous five years. and the wildfire in yosemite national park, closer to being contained, but the price tag is skyrocketing. the rim fire is about 80% contained this morning. but they also put the toting cost so far at nearly $90 million and rising. crews have been battling that fire for four weeks now. it's burned nearly 400 square miles. and the international olympic committee making a big announcement. the 2020 summer olympic games will will be held in tokyo. this is the second time they will host. they hosted in the 1964. they beat out istanbul and madrid. and an amazing story of survival this morning. two scientists and their helicopter pilot recovering after being rescued from a
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frozen volcano in alaska when a freezing rainstorm swept in on wednesday.ñi the group was unable to fly out. they had to brave the elements for several days until they could be reached and rescued. that happened on friday. and it looks like apple's new iphone may be getting a high-tech upgrade. apple is expected to unveil the new phone, the iphone 5 s, this coming tuesday. it is expected to have a touch sensor to detect your fingerprint to unlock the device. that would replace the swipe and pin numberer. and michigan got a whole lot bigger, not the university, but the state. on september 5th, jessica hicks gave birth to not one, two, but five babies. >> wow! >> match that one, bianna. >> i can't. >> three boys and two girls. they ranged from three pounds nine ounces all the way up to four pounds, six ounces.
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their names. parker, carol, emmett, nicole, and ryker. no jake in there. >> jake could be a little name. >> great middle name. dad, meanwhile, is in shock. >> still. >> five kids. two words, college tuition. >> yeah. >> scholarship. >> one word, scholarships. yeah. exactly. >> thanks. well, the new nfl season is underway with a full slate of football sunday action. and the long-time nickname for washington's team that has stirred some heating debate lately has been put back in the spot light by the sport's premier writer. espn "sportscenter"'s lindsey czarniak is here with more. >> the redskins kick off tomorrow night, but this morning, the team is in the spotlight because of an ongoing controversy. many say the team's name is offensive. this morning, an issue that's been plaguing professional sports for years is coming to a boiling point. as one of the biggest names in
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sports journalism puts his foot and pen down, saying he will not be using the name redskins in his writing. peter king saying in his latest weekly column, quotes, i have been increasingly bothered by using the word. i don't want to be a part of using a name that a cross section of our society feels is insulting. king isn't the only one. another reporter called them the washington, d.c.s in his most recent article. >> the drum beat is getting louder and louder. and when you have someone like peter king on board, that is a huge statement about what a big deal this is and about what a big deal this is going to become. >> reporter: and it's not just the redskins. many consider these team names just as offensivoffensive. the atlanta braves, cleveland indians, and the kansas city chiefs. and the chicago blackhawks. clive takes issue with the fan
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culture those names create. >> screaming in the stands and making war whoops. waving tomahawks up and down. people don't understand that. it has a tremendous psychological effect. >> reporter: abc news reached out to the washington redskins overnight. the team says it has no comment about its name and the controversy surrounding it. team owner dan snyder vowed not to change the name. roger goodell supports the position saying the team name is unifying. it's the unifying force for the fan base signifying strength, courage, pride, and respect. >> that's a tough and emotional issue. >> it is. >> not going away. >> lindsey, great story. thank you very much. great to have you on the show. >> football's back as well. >> yes. time to check the forecast. over to ginger. >> i have football in the forecast. but first we have to check in on alpine, utah. they had three-quarters of an inch of rain in just 15 minutes. very fast. flash flooding you can see, a problem. that's the fourth time that same
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area has been hit. they had a burn scar from last year. the football i was promising, byu had texas at home. look what happened, just torrential rain. they had to delay it, but eventually byu goes on to win in on upset. thanks, jamie, because i would have no idea about football information. he gave me that. over texas. great for them. more rain for them, not great. between tucson and flagstaff, 1 to 2-inch rain. and that's just the southern end of it. some very heavy rain happening right along the canadian border. north dakota to northern minnesota have to be on alert. i want to also show you the severe weather possibilities today. aberdeen, bismarck, sheridan, turn on your local abc stations and get an idea what is happening. and just be aware of that. heat under that, north platte, almost 100, dallas 98 today. and it's going to get cool. really cool. there are frost advisories in five states in new england,
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burlington, 39, new york city, it's chilly, 56. not frost yet. we're getting there. >> okay, my friends. it is time to play -- >> name that cloud! >> now here's a little tip. we have seen this one before, just to let you know. so here's the picture. taken there in kansas city, missouri. give me your guesses. >> cirrus? >> nope.
7:16 am
>> cotton ball. >> very close, dan, no. >> bianna golodryga? >> full disclosure. i found out what cloud this was and i was going to cheat. but dan guilted me. and i'm not going to -- >> it's an altocumulus. bianna had it. i mean, she -- last week, we had a different kind of altocumulus. they can come in many forms. thank you for playing name that cloud. >> best part is the microphone. even better than the meteorology. all right, thank you, ginger. appreciate it. you know the scenario. it's late at night. you have a few beers. and then the idea arises. let's get a tattoo. ginger's been there. now in h the nation's capital, local officials are pro poposin new law to require a 24-hour waiting period to get people to think before they ink. it would also apply to piercings. abc's susan saulny is in washington covering the story. good morning, susan. >> reporter: good morning, dan. as you may know, if you have a tattoo or a piecing, people say being spontaneous is a big part
7:17 am
of the fun. walking into a tattoo parlor to get inked or pierced -- >> you say you're ready, i'm going to pierce you, okay? >> reporter: -- is often an impulsive decision. woody woodpecker with a gun. i'm going to say this was an impulse one. >> yeah. this one is an old one. >> reporter: the result of being in the mood. >> my last name is yule, which is owl in german. my sister and i are getting matching tattoos. >> reporter: but this morning, some local regulates for the nation's capital are trying to put a stop to impulsive inking by proposing a 24-hour waiting period for tattoos and piercings. the department of health says it's a public safety issue. >> it's a business buster. >> reporter: but the people we're talking to are worried that a waiting period would hurt their bottom line. >> one of the cornerstones of the body art industry has been
7:18 am
the walk-in service. by eliminating that, you're essentially killing the business. >> reporter: the proposal, getting under the skin of customers as well. >> somebody wants to come in as a walk-in. they're going to pay for the service, that's on them. if they regret that decision down the road, again, that's on them. it shouldn't be up to the shops to regulate people's poor decisions. >> reporter: parents disagree, arguing that the provision is in the best interests of their children. >> this wait and hold time will do wonders for their ability to protect themselves if they're not sure if they want to do it, and a parent's ability to protect them. to say, let's register, and give ourselves 24 hours to really talk about it. >> reporter: the public has 30 days to comment on the proposal before it could potentially become a final regulation. leaving ink and piercing enthusiasts to wait on pins and needles. abc news reached out to city officials for comment. no word yet on how they intend to sell this plan to think before you ink to a skeptical public. bianna and dan. >> i mean, i understand.
7:19 am
but is this a national epidemic? out of all issues to cover, why -- why this? >> you're right. >> talk to ginger, she was the one who -- >> ha, ha, very, very jestfully. i wish i had the guts to get one. i don't. >> the permanent factor throws me off. >> took me a long time to pierce my ears. >> fear commitment. fear commitment. moving on now. speaking of someone without a fear of commitment. >> that was a good segue. to the geeky groom with a great idea. he created camera eyeglasses to capture his own wedding day from his own unique point of view. >> how did he do it and what did the bride think? sara haines is here with the story. the newest addition to our "gma" team. >> yes, the bride-to-be seemed like the easygoing type, letting the husband-to-be conduct the
7:20 am
video experiment on the big day. but they never expected the trip down the aisle to get so much attention. a wink from the best man and a whisper at the altar. both intended for only the groom to see. unless the groom happens to be michael kammes. >> i decided to shoot our wedding from my perspective. >> reporter: an entertainment technology consultant and self-proclaimed -- >> geek. >> reporter: he clipped a tiny hidden camera to his glasses, that let him film the wedding from his point of view without noticing. >> i didn't want the family to think i was insane. >> okay, seemed really excited, so sure. i let him run with it. >> reporter: and he did. he ran with it all the way down the aisle, through the first kiss, and even on to the dance floor. >> so many people are focused on, you know, the bride, that this gives yet another angle. because it is all about focused on the bride. >> reporter: all that attention would make any bride blush. but kate thought it was a private keepsake. >> i thought my mom would watch it about 50 to 100 times and no one else would see it. >> reporter: until it went
7:21 am
viral. the groom's-eye view now has 225,000 hits on youtube and counting. >> you may kiss the bride. >> reporter: but even with all of america watching their most intimate moments, the kammes clearly only have eyes for each other. very sweet. it turned out to be great idea. we'll have to see if it catches on like the proposal videos. funny enough, i've always wanted to look at the groom. when someone comes down the aisle, i always go straight to the groom. it's so sweet, like, you can see them catch their breath. >> hopefully. >> ron is proposing a followup video on the honey moon. >> of course he is. and dan is seconding that. >> a ron's eye view of ginger. >> it is funny. >> all right, all right. >> thank you, sara. >> high-tech claiborne. coming up, we're going to take you to michigan for a very
7:22 am
interesting story. the runaway romeo and juliet. they have been missing for almost two weeks. new hope for a break in the case to bring them home. and after a big push by celebrities, california is on the verge of adopting an anti-paparazzi pill bill to protect the children of the famous from prying eyes. wait until you hear the penalties they'll face. and the mama bear and her cubs that cannot get enough of the backyard. more on their antics coming up. keep it here. and ron will have those glasses back on. >> sure. [ corbett ] it's not every day that you find yourself at the corner of "a little flu shot" and "a world of difference." now through october 14th, when you get any immunization at walgreens, we'll help provide a lifesaving vaccine to a child in a developing country through the u.n. foundation's shot at life campaign. together, we can supply up to three million vaccines. it's easy to make a difference at walgreens.
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and i will never give up, or never stop looking for you, honey. never. >> and those are parents of two missing teens on the run. grief-stricken over their safety and whereabouts. star-crossed lovers missing for 13 days now. but there are new clues that possibly could help in the search. good morning, america, i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris, it's sunday, september 8th. also coming up, halle berry and jennifer garner in their most serious roles yet. moms trying to keep the paparazzi away from their children. the latest on their efforts to get a new law passed in california. and bruno mars, why he may not to want make plans on super bowl sunday. >> we gave it away. >> he should stick around. >> we'll have the latest on that in "pop news." but first, they're being called michigan's romeo and
7:31 am
juliet. two young teenagers missing for almost two weeks. their parents pleading with them through the media to come home. and linzie janis has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. until now, the two young lovers have vanished almost without a trace. but their parents are terrified. this morning, a possible ray of hope in the search for 14-year-old braxton wood and 13-year-old jaden thomas. overnight, a private eye investigating their disappearance says he's now following up on several leads, from across the country. possible sightings of the young romeo and juliet from miami to milwaukee. they are the first clues since the couple took off in the middle of the night 13 days ago in braxton's mom's ford explorer. >> the whole thing has been a living nightmare. it's not like they're 16 or 17. they're babies. >> reporter: the star-crossed levers were due to start their freshman year last week at different michigan high schools. their parents fear this may be
7:32 am
an attempt to stay together. >> they wanted to spend a lot of time together. to be that intense at 14 is -- you encourage them to do other things as well. >> reporter: the relationship became so intense, just hours hours before they left, jaden's mom said she told her daughter she could no longer support it. >> i didn't want her to grow up too fast. i know that braxton loves jaden. you could tell the way he looked at her. but it scared me to death. she's a baby. >> reporter: the pair may have been more organized than they originally thought, and may have changed their vehicle's license plates to avoid detection. but for every day they've been gone, it's more heartache for their families. >> i have never lied to you, never let you down. i will protect braxton and you. whateverky do. i'm always here and i will never give up or stop looking for you, honey. never. >> reporter: since the story first aired on "gma" on thursday, police in isabella county in michigan say they have
7:33 am
received and followed up on at least two dozen leads. if you think you have seen jaden and braxton, you should go to the website at the bottom of the screen, it's so sad. and because they're runaways and haven't been abducted, it's difficult to find them. you can't use systems like the amber alert. >> doesn't ease the parents' pain. >> no. >> thank you. more news from ron. hey, ron. >> hi again, bianna and dan. confirmation about the incident at buckingham palace. the man armed police officers confronted in the palace garden was prince andrew. the officers have apologized to the prince. the incident happened two days after man was arrested for scaling a fence at buckingham palace. protesters rallied around the country against a possible u.s. military strike against syria. president obama is considering military options and seeking congressional approval for an attack. the president will address the country on tuesday. and a warm welcome home in
7:34 am
el segundo, california, for the last survivor of the boston marathon attack to be released from the hospital. john odom and his wife were at the marathon to cheer on their daughter. his legs were severely injured in that blast. he plans on cheering his nephew next year at the marathon. and finally, a family in new jersey couldn't believe their eyes when they spotted a bear and her cubs playing on a slide in their backyard. so, like most americans, they got out their cameras and clicked away. the bears played for about 20 minutes before the family decided they had had enough and scared the bears away. >> that worked? >> apparently it worked. they didn't need the bear repellant that some people carry. time for the weather now and over to ginger zee. >> hey, good morning there, to everybody. i want to begin with hurricane season. the peak is this tuesday, but no hurricanes yet this season. if we make it to wednesday, we'll tie the latest ever. we are watching a disturbance off the west coast of africa,
7:35 am
but that thing would really have to fire up. if we make it to thursday, break the record, very slow start. august 8th is the average first hurricane date. chicago this morning, they were warm yesterday, now cool. i used to live in that building. pretty fun to look at this. michigan avenue as you look along and go northwards. what i do want to see is the temperatures after this. topsy-turvy only begins to describe what's happening. heat will come back, even if you're cool today in parts of the great lakes. detroit, 92 on tuesday, 77 today, chicago also into the 90s. could be record-breaking toward the midweek. minneapolis, 80, galveston, a water spout yesterday, unsettled especially in the southern part of in the gulf there and the south there. 92 orlando.
7:36 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by ensure. and now, it's time for our kid forecaster. isabelle and madeline who are 5 years old from coconut creek, florida. >> hi, i'm izzy. >> hi, i'm maddy. >> we're from coconut creek, florida. we're the "gma" kids forecasters. >> today is gonna be a little bit of rain, but then -- the sun is going to come out. so bye bye, we're going to go play. >> wow. izzy and maddy. the wardrobe change. i know. >> they get more and more elaborate. it's great. >> can you work that in? >> i'd get in trouble. i'd have issues with that. >> the rules change once you get north of like, 7. thank you, ginger. coming up on "gma," after a major lobbying push by halle berry and jennifer garner,
7:37 am
california on the verge of cracking down on the paparazzi. what it could mean for the children of celebrities and the penalties that the paparazzi would now face. and the pets who love to show off, we're celebrating pet selfies on sunday. photographers. and the pets who love to show off, we're celebrating pet selfies on sunz. [ all gasp ] oj, veggies -- you're cool. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! 'cause i'm re-workin' the menu, keeping her healthy and you on your toes. [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. i see you, cupcake! uh-oh! [ bottle ] the number one doctor recommended brand. ensure®. nutrition in charge™. [ sneezing ] she may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec®. powerful allergy relief for adults and kids six years and older.
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the actresses jennifer garner and halle berry launched a major lobbying push. telling lawmakers horror stories about paparazzi following their families around and traumatizing their kids. >> they're behind a bill to keep photographers from snapping kids pictures without the parents' permissi permission. >> aditi roy is in los angeles, where she says the efforts are paying off. >> reporter: yes, the efforts have paid off so far, because the vote on the bill was unanimous, and comes just weeks after lawmakers heard some heart-tugging testimony from two hollywood moms. this is what some hollywood celebrities face every time they step out of their homes. and when they're with their kids, the shutters don't stop. just watch britney spears and her sons surrounded by clicking cameras in the 2012 documentary,
7:42 am
"celebrity," that took viewers behind the velvet ropes in the world of celebrity photographers. >> stop. stop. >> reporter: this morning, celebrities are one step closer to winning the fight to protect their children from harassment by paparazzi in california. weeks ago, california lawmakers heard emotional testimony from famous moms like halle berry and jennifer garner, about how their children's lives are affected by photographers. >> and i don't want a gang of shouting, arguing, law-breaking photographers who camp out everywhere we are, all day every day, to continue traumatizing my kids. >> reporter: the bill which just passed the state senate, allows photographers to take pictures of stars' children, but would make a paparazzo who alarms, announce, torments or terrorizes a child while doing so subject
7:43 am
to fines or jail time. other haves fought back, angelina jolie and brad pitt sold the rights to their children, in all, bringing in $18 million and donating it to charity. some say ultimately legal action won't stop the profitable pictures from ending up in magazines, but it could change how they're taken. >> hopefully, in will act as some level of deterrent and send a message that it's just not okay. >> reporter: the bill goes to the governor this week. if passed, anyone caught harassing the child of a celebrity would face a year in jail and tens of thousands of dollars in fines. dan and bianna? >> thank you. and coming up here on "gma," on a much lighter note. animals with egos. pet selfies. we asked "gma" viewers and anchors to send in their shots. the results coming up next in "pop news." s to send in their shots. the results coming up next in "pop news." results coming up next in pop news. 's news. :
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♪ all right, time for "pop news." sara haines is back with it all. and this laughter is queueing some great stories. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> we may not make it through. >> free laughter. >> the super bowl has a message for bruno mars, you're amazing just the way you are. yeah. the associated press is reporting he's been tapped to sing at the halftime show in february. an official announcement is expected this morning. over 100 million tv viewers are expected to tune in in the u.s. alone. >> only bruno? like, bruno -- >> i think they're laying it out suspensefully. there is usually one lead, i guess. >> he's a big name. >> he's amazing just the way he is, ginger, did you hear? >> i heard the beginning. okay. and rap superstar eminem never fails to surprise us. he made an appearance on espn's saturday night football halftime show.
7:49 am
at first, he looked a little bewildered but blames it on not being used to live tv. i can feel his pain. then he went on to show a clip of his new video for his -- >> is he ill? >> a little more energy there. >> this is eminem's first single in two and a half years. but come on, guys, that was rough. >> i have had moments on this broadcast where i have felt like that. >> what is he doing? >> it looks like he's looking out at the crowd maybe? >> known as catatonia. >> you're giving him more credit. it was all over twitter. i didn't see it until now. tom brady and his wife supermodel gisele bundchen have opened the doors to their jaw-dropping mansion. it's featured in a new issue of "architectural digest." the 14,000 square foot pad resembles a castle and has a moat to prove it. no joke.
7:50 am
check out these closets. they're literally bigger than two of the apartments i have had. and the couple says they wanted a comfortable house for their family. i think they nailed comfortable about ten additions ago. >> ginger looking at the closet, had a look on her face similar to eminem during halftime. >> i want to go to there. >> the fact that they have a moat? >> they have a moat. >> yes. >> to keep people out, right? >> right. we asked and you delivered, let's just say there are some very precocious pets out there. this is selfie sunday. and the pics you sent to us say a lot. these caught our eye. a big thank you to everyone who sent in their pet selfies. and we have to show you dan harris' cat. >> oh. >> oh. >> there you go. >> that's really seductive. >> that was while eating my food. >> i can't decide if dan took that picture. >> like the gisele bundchen of cats.
7:51 am
beautiful. >> the ginger bundchen of cats. >> and otis. we have ginger's pooch, otis. >> yeah. >> an old man. >> he's cute. wise old man. >> we can't forget our producer simone's lovely cat. she looks a little angry. >> two cats. >> there's a photo bomb in the back of that, too. look at that. >> we'll be right back. >> it's a two-fer i like that. >> ginger bundchen. >> i like that. >> we'll be right back with more "gma." keep it here. ." keep it here. more "gma." keep it here. keep it here. at hillshire farm, only hickory smoke has the right flavor to blend our sweet sausages with our savory spices. some people see a hickory and think, cabinet. we see a hickory and think, gumbo, pizza, tacos. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right.
7:52 am
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7:55 am
we're going to do the good-byes on ginger's cloud microphone. you hear me? hang on. hello? hello? >> use this one. >> use that one? before we go, we want to show you pictures of a stellar
7:56 am
performance during espn's saturday night football. you may recall this one. that's eminem right there in the middle. hello? >> somebody dressed as eminem. >> he looks like he got off the gravitron. he does not feel well. >> i hope he's okay. that is grandpa eminem. >> all right, thank you, everybody. see you tomorrow. that is grandpa eminem. >> all right, thank you, everybody. see you tomorrow. u tomorrow.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
let's face it. everyone has their own way of doing things. at university of phoenix we know learning is no different. so we offer personalized tools and support, that let our students tackle the challenge of going back to school, like they do anything else... their way.
8:00 am
good morning and welcome to "this week." white house in crisis. >> i knew this was going to be a heavy lift. >> obama's high stakes syria gamble failing fast. can he salvage a win? can his presidency survive a defeat? what will it mean for america's security and our role in the world? this morning, breaking details from syria from the white house, congress, and our powerhouse roundtable. plus. does the state department know you're speaking out now? >> no, they don't know i'm here. >> one year after benghazi, the first interview with the senior diplomat on the ground. the inside story of the attack. and a congresswoman's miracle baby. how she beat the odds against a fatal disease. >> that is her personality. she's such a fighter.


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