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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 13, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking right now. thousands urged to get to higher land overnight as the rapidly rising floodwaters are out of control in the west. at least two dams breached at this hour. >> oh, my gosh. >> the sirens have just sounded again in boulder. >> entire towns cut off. roads washed out. as the water rises so high, this home owner can only flash lights for help. boardwalk inferno, that massive six-alarm fire raging into the night at the same iconic jersey shore boardwalk ravaged by superstorm sandy. the last-ditch effort by firefighters to stop the disaster. brand-new video just out of nicole kidman. a photographer slamming into her on his bike. knocking her down in front of her hotel. the star grabbing her ankle in pain. what police are saying right
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now. and from the army to center stage, it's miss america. this beauty queen has something no one has seen before. how she's daring to bear in a whole, new way. and why she's not allowed to hit them with her best shot. and good morning, america. robin on assignment this morning. welcome back to amy robach. we are covering two, big, breaking stories right now. the fire that destroyed so much of the jersey store. you see it right there. undoing months of rebuilding. those images so devastating. we're going to begin with an urgent crisis in colorado. >> the floodwaters there are out of control. you can see, there is a man who is racing to open the floodgates. he puts his own life in danger to open them. dramatic rescues through the day and the night. we'll bring you the very latest. such an urgent situation.
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>> a lot of information coming in right now, sam. >> you're watching a woman in the water in that video. she can't keep her balance in that heavy water. and she's just trying to get out of the area. we're showing you all of these pictures from the boulder area. we're talking about a very large area. let's go to new pictures coming out of big thompson canyon. that's between estes park and loveland, colorado. there are parts of eight western states that are under flood watches and warnings this morning. in that boulder at this loveland area, at least three highways are gone. i'm going to say it's four or five. we're talking about highways, gone. you see how the water is rushing so hard, it undermines the road surfaces and carves out below them, three to five to ten feet of ground. this is incredible amounts of water. you have to understand that this part of the area is right on the edge of the foothills. so, all of the rain that's been raining in the mountains is rushing right down into the small rivers, creeks and streams. you're getting pictures like this. the rainfall totals coming up with half a year's rain in just a matter of hours. that number right here, that ft.
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carson number, is ten inches of rain in four hours. our clayton sandell is right in the middle of it all. good morning, clayton. >> reporter: good morning, sam. overnight in boulder, we have a whole round of new evacuations. and look at this. a whole lot of new water. six inches to a foot where i'm standing now. and you can see behind me, people have abandoned their cars in the water, which is still rising to dangerous levels. overnight, flash flooding in boulder, colorado. the sirens have just sounded again in boulder. as growing floods have cut off almost every road to this city of nearly 100,000 people. >> flash flooding is imminent. >> reporter: a dam breach causing a surge of water, mud and debris to rip through this residential town. the owner of this home, frantically signaling for help. in commerce city, thousands of people told to evacuate immediately, as life-threatening rains overpowered yet another dam.
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>> oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. wow. we felt that. >> reporter: this morning, hundreds of residents in the remote town of lyons are trapped on the wrong side of a raging river. >> if the water comes over 24 bridge, this town is gone. >> reporter: it may be days before they're rescued. in the meantime, no sewage and no running water. all this, just a day after dive teams in boulder saved this woman and her dog. and this remarkable scene, a road completely wiped away. >> we have three cars in the water. >> reporter: rescuers braving the rapids to frantically pull out a car. a man discovered inside. he'd been under water for an hour. >> he found a pocket of air. and he was sitting there breathing in that pocket of air for a while until the dive team could get to him. >> reporter: after a few harrowing minutes, the man was freed. his injuries only minor. and this morning, officials believe that three people have been killed by all this flooding. they're hoping that number
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doesn't go up. once they're able to get into these areas that are still cut off. sam? >> clayton, so bad in that area, the residents are being told no matter how much water is around them, to shelter in place. get as high as you can. will the dams hold? there's additional rain coming, in some case, up to two inches of rain and we'll have the forecast later on this morning. george. >> thanks, sam. let's get more from jason stillman in lions, colorado. i know this has been a harrowing experience for you. you noticed the water start to rise on wednesday. then the middle of the night thursday morning, you wake up and everything is out of control. >> like nothing i've ever seen before. it's complete -- the rivers are just up and over the bridges. and our entire neighborhood and the lower part of town where we live, is just a big river right now. >> it's still underwater? >> it's still under water. >> it must be incredibly sad. >> yeah. like i said, it's coming up and
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over the bridges. a foot bridge that leads into our neighborhood, out yesterday. debris slamming into that bridge, finally it gave way. there's going to be a lot of repair that needs to be done to the town, unfortunately. >> i know you hope that everybody got out. but it feels like some are just trapped right now in that situation. >> yeah. i know of some people who are. and i hope they're okay. >> where are they trapped? >> in their houses. i think there's some people who didn't get out. and by the time they realized what was going on, it was too late for them. >> what's the most important thing all of you there need right now? >> people need food and water. that's the main thing right now that people need. >> such a distressing situation.
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we'll be thinking of you, jason. thanks for sharing your story this morning. >> sure. >> that water is coming in so hard and fast. we're going to stay on top of this. another tragic story to talk about today. a massive fire on the jersey shore. blocks of that iconic boardwalk destroyed. buildings gutted in an area that just recovered from hurricane sandy. gio benitez is there. good morning, gio, what a heartbreaking scene. >> reporter: it's unbelievable, amy. good morning, to you. at least 20 buildings destroyed. that boardwalk, almost entirely gone. and this morning, we're told firefighters went through hell to put this fire out. overnight, the flames still blazing out of control. the fire started at a custard shop, destroying the very same boardwalk ravaged by superstorm sandy last year. >> there's miles of just char and debris. it looks like a bomb went off.
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>> reporter: the collapsed rollercoaster nearby had become a lasting image of the destruction. >> how can we deal with it again? one after another. >> there it goes. >> reporter: the 20-mile-per-hour to 30-mile-per-hour winds pushing the fire north. burning six blocks wide, until firefighters created what's called a fire break, removing part of the boardwalk to contain the fire. >> that's where firefighters are making their stand right now, to stop the spread. >> reporter: just this may, governor christie toured this area with prince harry, to show how it's rebuilt. but now, disaster strikes again. and it was the perfect storm for a fire to burn out of control. for a fire to burn out of control. ironically, many firefighters were out of town, attending new jersey's annual firemen's convention in wildwood. and water supply issues, fire crews had to pump water from the bay. this area still reeling with water problems after sandy. and the heat was so intense, firefighters were cooling off in
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that same bay. all that's left, devastation in an area all too familiar with it. and this morning, we're told this fire entirely contained. but in the midst of all of this, there is amazing news. no one was seriously injured, amy. >> that's one good piece of news to take away from that devastating scene there. gio, thank you. >> such a hard year. we're going to get the latest on the crisis from syria. secretary of state john kerry's high-stakes diplomacy to get the syrians to give up their chemical weapons continues today in switzerland. abc's chief global affairs correspondent, martha raddatz tracking all of the developments. a little tension between kerry and his russian counterpart yesterday. today, he's calling the talks constructive. >> reporter: he is, george, there's bound to be drama in complicated talks. but this morning, some signs of hope. this morning, before round two of talks, encouraging news. secretary kerry saying the dialogue thus far has been constructive. what a difference a few days and
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a threat of force makes. after denying for years he even possessed chemical weapons, bashar al assad now says syria will join the international chemical weapons convention, which would require it to declare and destroy its stockpiles of more than 1,000 tons of chemicals. but assad said syrian officials would take at least a month before turning over weapons, in what he called standard procedure. secretary of state john kerry flatly rejected the request. >> this is not a game. it has to be verifiable. it has to be credible. there ought to be consequences if it doesn't take place. >> reporter: while russia and syria want the threat of a military strike removed while talks continue, kerry said, that is not happening. >> president obama has made clear that should diplomacy fail, force might be necessary to deter and degrade assad's capacity to deliver these weapons.
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>> reporter: and while progress has been made, there's a long way to go before even the most basic trust is established. >> you want me to take your word for it? >> it's a little early for that one. >> but the goal is clear. both men agreeing that they want this resolved as the russian foreign minister said this morning. we want it resolved quickly, professionally and as soon as practical. george. >> okay, martha. thanks very much. at this critical moment in his presidency, president obama will sit down with me for an exclusive interview this week on sunday on "this week." let's get the rest of the day's top stories from josh. we're going to begin here with the u.s. consulate coming under attack in afghanistan. two massive car bomb there's went off. militants tried to storm the complex, firing guns at security forces. at least three afghan officers were killed in the attack. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack. and it comes one day after al qaeda leader ayman al
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zawahiri encourages to keep on carrying out small attacks on the u.s., to, quote, bleed it economically, end quote. and an eye-opening headline for anyone that flies. the number of close calls between planes in the air nearly doubled last year. the faa said there were nearly 4,400 close call incidents, meaning planes came within 3 1/2 miles of each other, or 1,000 vertical feet. the agency attributes a more accurate tracking system, which they could perhaps use. on wall street, the big story this morning, twitter. going public. and, yes. that should mean some big money. abc's rebecca jarvis here with details on just how big. >> reporter: yes, josh. and the question is how big and for whom? this morning, twitter is one step closer of joining the ranks of google, apple and facebook. in a secret filing with regulators, twitter made its intentions to go public known. and then it tweeted it to the world. that was some big news for its 140 characters. now it's just a matter of time
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before anyone watching everyone can own shares of twitter. well, wall street expects the company is valued somewhere between $15 billion and $20 million. that's not as big as facebook's $100 billion ipo. but it's a huge amount of money. and especially huge when you consider that just a handful of years ago, no one had heard of a tweet. now, we're sending more than 500 million of them every single day, josh. >> not all from me, i promise. dramatic scene to bring you. in louisville, kentucky, a little girl fell into an abandoned well in the middle of a football field. you see here. then a coach there tried to rescue her, got trapped as well. they were 14 feet underground over an hour, before fire crews were finally able to pull them out. thankfully, both are okay this morning. an unusual visitor at the texas tech football game. look what showed up in lubbock last night, roaming the sidelines. a neighborhood fox. why not?
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good seats after all. having a tough time finding the exit. eventually, the fox did, thankfully. no one or fox was hurt. call it the best deal ever. united airlines, selling tickets on its website thursday for exactly $0. yeah. others, though, were forced to pay $5. the airline described it as a filing error. you don't say? either way, it did have people rushing to plan some rather unexpected vacations. >> during the time, i'm looking up everything. i'm like, we're going here. we're going there. like, we're going to go christmas in maui. >> where was i when this happened yesterday? wow. after about two hours. think about that. two hours, the airline fixed the problem. so, the question, should united honor those tickets?
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all the airline is saying so far is that it will. and i quote, do what's appropriate. >> i don't like the sound of that. >> i'm assuming do what's appropriate for united airlines. >> thanks, josh. >> you bet. now, to a shocking case of a photographer literally out of control. actress nicole kidman, slammed to the ground by a photographer on a bicycle. brand-new video has emerged of the incident. and john muller has the story. >> reporter: a terrifying moment for nicole kidman, knocked down in broad daylight on the streets of new york, after this cycling paparazzo, karl wu, collided with her on his bike. >> i'm so sorry. i'm so sorry. >> reporter: while he was allegedly snapping pictures of the star as she returned to the carlyle hotel after a day out at fashion week. kidman let out a scream and
7:16 am
grabbed her left ankle in pain. the star looked shaken. >> we see paparazzi do aggressive things all the time. this is hardly surprising. >> reporter: just a few hours later, kidman looked elegant and composed in a sparkling skirt and black sleeveless top at the calvin klein fashion show. wu was taken to the police station house and issued a summons for riding on the sidewalk. he told abc news, it looks bad. but an accident is an accident. it went down very fast. and i'm sorry it's happened. this wasn't the first time the photographer has become the focus of the story. wu claims one of lady gaga's security team assaulted him in 2010. when he was attempting to photograph her on a boston street. no word on whether kidman would press charges. but she told "entertainment tonight." i'm okay. i'm leaving the incident up to the police. >> celebrities have a price on their head like a hunted animal. that's why they said, enough is enough. this is dangerous to me. my family, my children. we're not going the take it. >> reporter: john muller, abc news, new york. >> wow. that was a tough bike -- >> sure was. >> he slammed into her. moving on, now, to another
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remarkable story of survival. two men escaping with their lives after a plane crash in alaska. they were forced to walk over eight miles through the wilderness before they were rescued. and one of them caught the plane's descent on camera. this north carolina man is lucky to be alive, after an adventure in alaska he will never forget. 65-year-old larry minton, an avid hunter, travelled to alaska last week for a moose hunt. his camera was rolling when the plane he was flying in failed and began to descend. >> i knew we were going down. only thing i said to the good lord, give us a safe landing. that's all i said, and he did. >> reporter: the pilot was able to land. but the plane had flipped over. uninjured, the two men were able to get out of the wreckage. after a day and a half in the wilderness, with no rescuers in sight, the men set off for town, 12 miles away. >> it's like hunting a needle in a haystack. >> reporter: armed with a
7:18 am
battery-powered gps, their only food a pack of canned salmon and some trail mix. >> first thing in the morning, we would drink all the water we could and take it back with us. >> reporter: after three days of walking, attacked by nasty bugs, as they slept, they were spotted in a clearing by alaska state troopers. >> praise the lord that players were answered. >> reporter: minton surprised his family by telling them he's already planning his next trip, this time to new mexico. but until then, he's enjoying some of the creature comforts of home. >> a little tastier than canned salmon. so glad they are okay. >> he was drinking it out of a red solo cup, too. sam, huge storms last night in the northeast. but things getting better. >> as soon as the front went through, we got a fresh pattern of air. northern new jersey, 2 1/2 inches of rain. patterson, in particular, with those storms that moved through. watch that front and what happens behind it. look at the numbers here. 75 in new york. 72 in boston. boston just one of the areas that's been in the 90s three
7:19 am
days now. portland, maine, in the 70s. still showers in the line of that. but it is so gorgeous behind it. charleston, 69 degrees. detroit, is that possible? at 63. absolutely incredible. here's where the heat is holding. atlanta, jackson, new orleans, houston, dallas. be prepared for that. orlando, kind of nice at 92.
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did you notice that during the cutaway, that was the list of weekend getaways? that was brought to you by pacific life. happy weekend, everybody. >> friday the 13th, too, everybody. coming up on "gma," the latest on the newlywed that confessed to pushing her husband off a cliff. why she's been release from jail. also, he is the mac-aholic that's eaten over 12,000 big macs over 30 years. and why he says, guess what, he's perfectly healthy. >> really? and the talk show host revealing she had secret plastic surgery to change her eyes. and how it boosted her career. and why she's not looking back.
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and from active duty to miss america. how this beauty queen is daring to bear in a whole new way. ♪ ♪
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fourteen flavors, three delicious new choices. look! one select-a-size sheet of bounty is 50% more absorbent than a full size sheet of the leading ordinary brand. use less with bounty select-a-size. and there's juicy chicken best foods is the secret to making parmesan crusted chicken so juicy so delicious it's your secret to making dinner disappear best foods. bring out the best good morning. i'm matt keller. state lawmakers closed out their final session of the year early this morning by raising the california minimum wage for the first time in five years. governor brown says he will sign the measure passed by the legislature to raise the minimum
7:25 am
wage to $9 next july. and then to $10 an hour in january of 2016. currently, the state minimum wage is $8 an hour. the legislature also approved a bill to let undocumented immigrants get california driver's licenses. the licenses will include a special mark that indicates the person is not allowed to vote or receive social services. supporters say it could make streets safer. see how the roads are looking now. check in with leyla gulen. good morning to you, matt. we are going to check into that accident on 680 involving a motorcycle. it certainly caused quite the jam. southbound 680 right at castlewood drive. you can see bumper-to-bumper traffic from 580. 34 miles per hour is your top speed. it is in the clearing stages as we speak. all the bridges across the bay are loading up, especially bay bridge in the westbound direction. matt. thanks, leyla.
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hi. we're back. check out the temperatures. mid-50s in the north bay. rest upper 50s to low 6 0z. drizzle not nearly as prevalent this morning. mt. diablo in the distance, most of us are going to be a little warmer today than yesterday. i love having a free checked bag with my united mileageplus explorer card. i've saved $75 in checked bag fees. [ delavane ] priority boarding is really important to us. you can just get on the plane and relax. [ julian ] having a card that doesn't charge you foreign transaction fees saves me a ton of money. [ we can go to any country and spend money the way we would in the u.s. when i spend money on this card, i can see brazil in my future. [ anthony ] i use the explorer card to earn miles in order to go visit my family, which means a lot to me.
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from abc news, live in times square. >> it's friday 13th. 2013! >> and this is "good morning america." >> with robin roberts and george snuff -- stephanopoulos. >> third time's the charm. don't change the channel. we're on abc right now. the whole gang from "sesame street" is here this morning. robin on assignment. great to have amy robach here. and, lara, looks like they have taken over your dressing room. >> uh-oh, what are they trying on? >> r. >> you mean to tell me they've taken over a dressing room and mispronounced george's name? >> and lara's is the most colorful on the line.
7:31 am
>> like me. we're going to turn from "sesame street" to the big mac-aholic. that's an easy term, right? a man who says he has eaten a big mac every day for 30 years. if you're counting, that's 12,000 big macs. why he says, guess what, i'm in perfect health. >> i love a big mac. but that's a lot. also coming up, the talk show host confessing that she had secret plastic surgery to change her eyes. and why she said she really did it. and get out of the way of the pictures and the video. >> oh. oh. >> dad wearing, as you can see there, skin-tight pair of daisy dukes. says he was trying to teach his daughter a lesson. what lesson? you ask. we'll find out very soon. >> a lot of things coming up. we're going to switch gears and begin with the latest on the montana newlywed, charged with murdering her husband on their honeymoon. jordan graham is on bail, even though she confessed to pushing her husband off a cliff eight days after their wedding.
7:32 am
the prosecution is fighting to get her back in jail and abc's ryan owens is tracking the case. >> reporter: the young bride the fbi says pushed her new husband off a cliff, eight days after she walked down the aisle, just took another walk, to freedom. jordan graham slipped out of this montana courthouse undetected late thursday. this morning, the 22-year-old is back at her parents' home, after a federal judge let her go until trial. authorities say she admitted to pushing cody johnson face-first off that cliff at glacier national park, during an argument this summer. johnson's friends cannot believe she's free after spending three nights in jail. >> she lost those rights, when she pushed cody off the cliff. she gets another day at home, where cody does not. >> reporter: graham is charged with second-degree murder. she hasn't entered a plea yet. fbi agents say she tried to cover up the crime for days before her new husband's body was discovered at the bottom of
7:33 am
that cliff back in july. still, in this written ruling, the federal judge said the bride is not a flight risk. and that prosecutors didn't prove she's a danger to herself or anybody else. she has no criminal history. prosecutors are so upset, they filed a motion to revoke her release and send her back behind bars. a different judge could rule on that later today. >> knowing the fact that she was released today, the fact that she openly admits that she took a dear friend from us, it just boggles my mind. >> reporter: the judge did order graham to undergo mental health treatment. and one more thing. the new bride who gave up her wedding ring, just got a new piece of jewelry, an ankle bracelet. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. and abc's chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams, is here. i'm not a lawyer. but i think like a lot of people, she confessed to pushing her husband off a cliff.
7:34 am
hu can she be out on bail? >> a lot of people are thinking that. number one, bail is not intended to punish. the purpose of bail is to make sure she shows up in court. and number two, make sure she's not a danger to the community. what the court in this case said, was that the prosecution had not been able to demonstrate sufficiently any -- either of those two things. even the prosecutors conceded she's not a flight risk. >> even the magistrate, the court, said there's a lot of evidence against her. >> it did. and that's one of the four factors to be considered here. the weight of the evidence. and the magistrate did say, there's a lot of evidence here. but we're talking about bail. we're talking about making sure that she shows up. she's presumed innocent at this point. that's the purpose of bail. now, the prosecutors are in effect appealing this. they're going to the district court saying, you're supposed to be a part of this process. you need to hold off on that magistrate's decision. we need to get her back in jail. i don't think they're going to win. but it's a close case. >> how does this play out? do you think there's going to be a plea deal?
7:35 am
>> i think down the road there will be a plea. yeah. i think once you confessed to something like this, they charge you with second-degree murder, knowing there might be a plea deal of manslaughter or involuntary manslaughter. we'll have to see if they're able to work it out. i'm sure she wants a plea. >> thanks very much. now, to the big mac-aholic who says he's eaten over 12,000 big macs over 30 years. that works out to almost one every day. he says he's totally fit and healthy. abc's nick watt has his story. ♪ two all beef patties, special sauce lettuce cheese special sauce on a sesame seed bun ♪ >> reporter: he has special sauce coursing through his vein. you can keep your egg mcmuffins, your fillet-o-fish. >> i eat what i like every day. >> reporter: that's a big mac. apparently in great health, is a >> reporter: you can keep your other things, he ain't
7:36 am
interested. that's a big mac meal. this salesman, and vietnam vet. is a self-confessed macaholic. i eat one on wednesdays, one or two saturday. >> reporter: ten a week. he estimates he scarfed down thousands in a lifetime. he eats nothing else. except from his day of rest. >> sunday, my wife cooks meals and we eat family dinner. works out great. >> what is missing from his diet, it seems, are vitamins, minerals, fiber. the good news is, he's keeping his calories in check. 700 fewer calories that the average american man brings in. >> reporter: he eats them all in big macs. >> it has the major food groups in it. i'm not sure what's in the special sauce. but you put them all together. and it makes a fantastic sandwich. >> reporter: and the most surprising thing of all? the active 64-year-old claims his cholesterol is totally
7:37 am
respectable. and he has a bmi that's alarmingly average. thanks to the daily big mac diet. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> or thanks to his mom and dad, the good genes he has. >> despite the diet. >> just guessing. >> i mean -- a lot of big macs. >> you were right. sometimes -- >> i do love one. >> hey. >> i'm no mathematician. but it's 24,000 all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onion on a sesame seed bun. >> quick, sam. how about weather? >> my math skills are not impressive, george? >> let's get to the boards. when you look at this, it looks frightening. there were two waterspouts off of wisconsin. and they weren't picked up by radar. the folks watching them, took pictures. they are beautifully formed on the water. here's other things out in the water. looking at humberto and gabrielle.
7:38 am
is this the "i" storm? looks like, yes, kind of moves into mexico and causes a lot of rain. that puts more moisture, in that southern part of the u.s., that southwestern part of the u.s. in the weeks to come for more rain. detroit, boston, new york city, also washington, d.c. look at the numbers here. kind of getting cool, comfortable readings. the next couple of day, even in the 60s. i'm mike nicco, even with the clouds lingering longer today, some minor warming is possible. look at the 80s inland, 70s around the bay and 60s at the coast and near 70 in san >> all of america's weather was brought to you by tylenol. >> and a little math. >> thank you, sam. coming up, the talk show host revealing she had secret plastic surgery to enlarge her eyes. why did she do it? and the photos that have gone viral of the dad wearing his own daisy dukes. he says it was all to teach his
7:39 am
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when you buy both at lowe's. we're back, now, at 7:42, with a surprising admission from one of the hosts of "the talk," julie chen. revealing she had plastic surgery about 20 years ago. and why she decided to do it. linsey davis is here with the story. good morning. >> reporter: all this week, chen's co-hosts are sharing their deepest secrets. that's what prompted chen to reveal she had plastic surgery
7:43 am
to create a crease in her eyelids that would result in her eyes appearing bigger. >> my secret dates back to when i was 25 years old. >> reporter: julie chen, co-host of "the talk," and "big brother," says for years she has hidden the plastic surgery to change her eyes. >> i want to show you a side-by-side of how dramatic this surgery really was. if you look at the after, the eyes are bigger, i look more alert. >> reporter: chen says she got the controversial surgery early in her career, after she allegedly asked her boss if she could anchor a newscast. >> and he said, you will never be on this anchor desk because you're chinese. >> reporter: that boss and later what chen described as a big-time agent, told her her asian eyes would limit her success. >> he said, you look disinterested.
7:44 am
you look bored because your eyes are so heavy. they're so small. >> reporter: she says the procedure catapulted her career. eyelid surgery is the most popular surgery for asian-americans. more than 10,000 asian-americans have the procedure done each year. >> this is a growing trend. i think particularly my colleagues in south korea are seeing this almost more than seven times a day. >> reporter: but some say the surgeries cut even deeper, to the core of ethnic identity. even chen admits the surgery divided her family. >> members of my family wanted to disown me. >> reporter: comments about chen's eyes aren't the only ethnic racism she's endured. recently on "big brother," one contestant made a slur toward an asian housemate. >> shut up, go make some rice. >> reporter: she later apologized but chen told tmz the comments bothered her. >> i was offended by the anti-gay, the anti-black, but especially the anti-asian for obvious reasons. >> reporter: many weighing in, saying they don't like chen's explanation.
7:45 am
but chen insists he's not rejecting her heritage and never would. >> no one is more proud of being chinese than i am. >> reporter: after a lot of conversation, her parents supported her decision. and she doesn't have regrets about the surgery. she says it took about a year to completely heal. then, at that point, she credits it with, quote, getting the ball rolling in her career. lara? >> linsey, thank you. she looks gorgeous. >> real honest interview. >> very honest. coming up on "good morning america," the contestant making history at this year's miss america competition. going from active duty to center stage. what he's revealing that's never been seen before. and a "play of the day." it's soccer. [announcer] there's no hiding the goodness of the latest from beneful baked delights. new heartfuls are made with real bacon... ...and oven-baked to crisp perfection. add a soft apple-flavored center
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peppejalapeños, bacon,shrooms, tomato and avocado. i call it, "the avocado da vinci". create your om'lart with denny's build your own omelette menu. right then. here's "the play of the day." >> special guest, by the way, "play of the day" today. >> good morning.
7:50 am
>> hey, elmo. how are you? welcome. welcome. this is an ode, to my dear friend, george stephanopoulos. >> wow. >> "gma"-u, earlier this week, we heard some radio play-by-play, at the great sport of soccer. >> degree of difficulty. >> look at this. it's a great one. i'm not going to ask george to do play-by-play. but if you would like to, george. hackensack varsity soccer game. look where the ball ends up. >> no. >> let's see it again. george, take it away. >> there we go. out of bounds. look at this. hee is going over his and -- that ball is high. it is going right for the net. the goalie's got it. oh, no. he tips it in. it is a goal. >> that's awesome. well done. really, really. elmo, what do you think? >> elmo wants to try that right now. where is the ball? >> can you do a flip? >> elmo will do a flip.
7:51 am
>> come on, elmo. come up. don't bite me. >> i think we have a couple of buddies of his outside. >> yes. >> who is out there? who is out there? oh, there they are. >> me, completely calm. >> do you think you can wait for all those cookies? >> cookies. >> well done. a cast of thousands. "sesame street" gang here. sam taking us back to eastern kentucky. and elmo. go nowhere. >> go nowhere. people like, maria salazar, an executive director at american red cross. or garlin smith, video account director at yahoo. and for every garlin, thousands more are hired by hundreds of top companies. each expanding the influence of our proud university of phoenix network. that's right, university of phoenix.
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. breaking news in san francisco where firefighters are checking out scaffolding hanging off a high-rise in the financial district. look at that. it's happening at the embarcadero. let's check out the commute with leyla gulen. it's also causing traffic on battery. we have a couple of lanes available, so they are blocking off one lane to take care of that. also, as we head into san jose we have this accident, not sure if it's one in the same but northbound 85 to 280 connector we have a two-car accident. now here's a look at the weather
7:57 am
with mike nicco. good morning. thanks. temperatures close to average. 60s along the coast. 70s around the bay and 80s inland. here's your accuweather seven-day forecast. temperatures today, tomorrow some of the warmer ones. we'll fluctuate just slightly and cooler sunday through next week. thanks, mike.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ and it's a gorgeous friday morning here in new york. that happy crowd in times square. happy friday for all of you. let's go down to richmond, kentucky right there. eastern kentucky university. you know what that means, sam. gma u weekends up with you. >> look how beautiful that is. everybody going back to the school that made us who we are. eku is my school. everybody there. that's where everybody hangs out and gathers just before class. i don't think the dance team, the marching band, the real fighting colonel and everybody is normally out there. >> i'll bet you they stayed up all night. >> i think they did. >> and why not? they were studying so hard. >> right. studying. and i can't wait to throw this, the beautiful horse farms of
8:01 am
kentucky, against the beautiful coastline of the pacific. we'll see which one you like better, america. >> i have a feeling which one america will like. >> i think we have -- hi, elmo. and cookie. penn state's not too shabby either. >> i have a little surprise for you. i believe that lara -- >> two big blondes in the house today. >> lara, didn't you make cookies for cookie monster? >> i did. >> cookies. cookies! >> you have to wait for them. you need to have some self-control. >> how long me have to wait? >> well, we'll see. >> me want the cookies. >> cookies, no timeout. let's be patient. >> trying to control meself. >> you can do it. we have a program to ensue. the very first miss america
8:02 am
contestant to compete with exposed tattoos. it just occurred to me what sort of turn we were making. >> okay. >> it's okay. miss kansas. sergeant theresa vail. she's going to join us live and tell us why she thinks it's important to show off that ink. >> it's about self-expression. i'm off to miss america after the show. and the pictures that have gone viral. one dad wearing daisy dukes. oh. i know. i know. it's not easy. but he says, there was a lesson in it for his daughter. >> i'm not going to share that with my daughters. we'll get that story in a little bit. first, we have to get news from josh. >> sarina's safe, to say, george. we're going to begin in the emergency state of colorado. floodwaters rushing through the boulder area. breaching dams and wiping out homes and cutting off entire towns. the water is surging harder this morning. and it's filled with dangerous debris. thousands more people ordered to
8:03 am
evacuate. many from downtown boulder itself. emergency crews have been working around the clock to pull trapped drivers from their cars. three people have died due to the storm. and that number could go up as rescuers reach those isolated neighborhoods. sam's forecast is coming up in moments. another devastating scene this morning. that destructive fire that gutted the iconic boardwalk along the new jersey shore. the fire started at an ice cream shop on the stretch of seaside park. it was badly damaged by hurricane sandy last october. and just rebuilt for this summer season. it blazed across some eight blocks. it destroyed at least 50 businesses, sending smoke so thick, it could be seen for miles. the fire was finally contained this morning. there is a bit of a silver lining here. no one was killed in the blaze. secretary of state john kerry says talks today about the future of syria's chemical weapons were constructive. but thursday, kerry rejected
8:04 am
syria's request to wait a month before giving up those weapons. this morning, "the wall street journal" reports that syria has been moving its poison gas and weapons to as many as 50 different sites to make them harder to track. and the world's most visited museum has fallen victim to a massive ticket scam. authorities believe organized crime groups in china are behind the circulation of thousands of counterfeit tickets to the louvre in paris, costing the museum hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. the museum says some of the tickets, which are in fact valid for a year, are tough to spot because they are almost perfect copies. i would bring you the last story here. but we're joined by our friends from "sesame street." elmo, come on up, bud. >> elmo is -- elmo is tying his shoes. >> and you can read. this is terrific for a 3-year-old. >> that's right. >> wonderful. what do we have here? >> here we go. look at these amazing new
8:05 am
photos. the world's only known white humpback whales. they were taken in the waters of australia. and his name is migaloo. the pictures are the first, yeah. since he was first spotted in 1991. >> wow. >> how old are you? >> 3 1/2. >> wow. you're an awesome reader. >> incredible. and isn't migaloo fun to say? >> migaloo. let's get "pop news" from lara. and i have some friends, too, to help me out. abbi and rosita. good news for harry potter fans. we are learning j.k. rowling is teaming up with warner brothers to write her first feature film. this is not an extension of the harry potter series, the film is called "fantastic beasts and where to find them," which was the name of a textbook used by
8:06 am
harry and his friends at hogwarts. rowling says she promised herself she would revisit the wizarding world if she had an idea that she was really excited about. and this is it. it's not an extension of the series. but it's a really big deal for harry potter fans. >> i love the news. more, more. more more. in honor of new york fashion week, subway, the restaurant chain, hosted its first-ever eco-friendly fashion competition. four designers created using only recycled subway material, like wrapper, napkins, salad bowls, lettuce, tomato. no, no lettuce and tomato. the winning designer said he spent 14 hours working on his creations, which are on display at a new york subway restaurant. he wins free subway foot longs for a year. >> how about that? >> congratulations. and finally, more, sam, this one's for you. >> okay. >> "sea rescue." >> yes, ma'am.
8:07 am
>> if you were just named the world's ugliest animal -- sam, this isn't about you. >> i don't like to wake up and find i'm named the world's ugliest animal. it's a bad day. >> oh. >> this is named the ugliest animal. >> don't do split screen. >> do not do it. >> you would have a sad face, too. the poor blob fish -- >> it is a blob fish. >> from southeastern australia was given a dubious title in a competition to raise awareness for endangered animals. this endangered creature is a gelatinous mass. it allows them to float without actually having to expend any manager. blob fish -- blob fish -- i want to show the other person it looks like. >> no, i want to show the other person it looks like. >> i -- ziggy -- it's a combo of jabba the hut and ziggy.
8:08 am
i never said it was you, sam. i only referenced you because of "sea rescue." the blob fish is now the mascot for ugly animal preservation society. >> let it all out. >> sam, there's one way to save yourself. do some weather. >> i can't. is that "pop news," everybody? lara spencer. >> oh. >> i like the blob fish. don't look so sad. >> no. don't be such a blob, sam. >> i love you sam champion. >> i love you, lara spencer. >> if we can go to the picture, please. boulder, we've been showing these pictures that have just been coming in. it will take a time for all of the situation to change. it's a situation that's not getting better. and it will take time for those
8:09 am
waters to go down. they're rushing out of the heavy rains in the mountains. and there are a few days more >> here's hoping your friday's a good one. but no matter what happens, you won't wake up to the title ugliest animal on the planet. lara spencer. >> i love you. >> you win. >> thank you, sam champion, you beautiful creature. everybody, george, i know you're on your way to interview the president. >> yeah.
8:10 am
you're in good hands. >> you're really leaving us? >> i have to leave. i have to go home. >> we'll miss you. >> good luck. >> good luck on miss america. >> thank you very much. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." why this father is wearing daisy dukes. why not, really? he said it's because he wanted to teach his daughter a lesson. we'll tell you about that. and then, miss kansas, in the miss america competition. showing off her tattoos. why the beauty queen believes it might just inspire some women to be themselves. and our "sesame street" friends are taking over the studio. all that and more, coming up on "good morning america." stay with us. >> yeah. >> yeah. ♪ ion core™ technology, and fast absorbing advil it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box.
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8:15 am
hi, "gma." hi, zb ma. we're the eku girls and we wanted to say, we love you, sam! we're visiting the campus in just a few minutes, for our series which has been so much fun. "gma"-u. big-time. first, on the "gma heat index," we need to get this over with. the dad whose fashion advice for his daughter has gone viral. utah dad, scott macintosh, was getting concerned about the skimpy outfits his daughter was wearing. why wouldn't you do this? it was a creative way to get his message across. and i dare say, it did. reena ninan has the story. >> reporter: it's the fashion statement no teenage daughter wants her father to make. >> i know it sounds weird to try to embarrass her.
8:16 am
i want her to know that she's a great work. >> reporter: this utah daughter of seven, donned these daisy dukes to teach his daughter a lesson about the virtues of modesty. when his 13-year-old daughter refused to wear longer shorts to their weekly family night, he took a pair of scissors and turned an old pair of jeans into this. >> are you kidding me? >> reporter: that was his wife's first reaction. >> i was embarrassed. but i was hoping it would be a really good lesson. >> you don't want to see this 52-year-old fat guy walking around in short-shorts. >> reporter: he kept wearing the daisy dukes, even while they played miniature golf. 24 hours after posting, the images have gone viral. >> what this father did was an excellent way to get this message across. it was creative. it was funny. it engaged the family. and it engaged the teenager. >> reporter: the lesson couldn't have been too painful for miley. the photo she posted of her dad
8:17 am
on tumblr got over 130,000 comments. >> mostly learn the lesson about how he really loves me. >> reporter: did the lesson work? >> it got the point across, yes. >> reporter: and he hopes she will remember his motto. >> modest is hottest. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> that's a great motto. modest is hottest. >> i might have to steal that. >> that was good. good dad. we have something big coming up on "the heat index." something we've never seen before in the history of miss america. a contestant taking on the swimsuit competition with tattoos in full view. a bold decision she hopes will inspire young women to be themselves. if you've got it, flaunt it. and she sure did. miss kansas, daring to bear her two, large tattoos during the miss america swimsuit preliminaries. a jaw-dropping sight. >> we're going on stage, i was a little nervous. thinking, what will the reaction
8:18 am
be? will i get boos? but i went out there. and i rocked it. you know. i think it's really about confidence. >> reporter: what are your tattoos of? >> the serenity prayer. it's my personal mission statement i like to say. >> reporter: vail is just the second member of the u.s. military -- >> for the past six years i've been an american soldier. >> reporter: -- to ever compete in the miss america pageant. a different type of active duty she hasn't quite gotten used to. which one is harder? >> right now, i'm going to say this one. i have to be girlie, put on makeup. fake eyelashes on stage. it's a new arena. whole new ballpark. >> reporter: but vail has good aim. a master archer, she planned on demonstrating her bow and arrow skills in the talent portion of the competition. but at the last minute, she was told projectile objects were forbidden. so, in just two days, she learned opera.
8:19 am
♪ shows tattoos and come out in a gown and sing opera. >> i wanted to show the judges i can be this poised, graceful, elegant woman. but i have a dichotomy. i wear cammo. i can put on combat boots. >> reporter: and carry a gun. >> i can carry a gun. >> reporter: on sunday night, she may be carrying a crown. >> the response of facebook and twitter messages, thank you for changing this perception of women that decide to compete. that's what makes it worth it. win or lose, i know i'm changing something. >> reporter: and here, now, joining us from the famous atlantic city boardwalk, is miss kansas 2013, sergeant theresa vail. now, we just heard how your fans reacted on social media to your tattoos. how did the other contestants reacted? and how have pageant officials reacted to your tattoos. >> they're supportive of all this. sharon pierce, the president of
8:20 am
the miss america organization came out publically, says she supports what i'm doing. they embrace individuality and versatility. and the other contestants are so supportive. they think it's awesome. half the girls here have tattoos. they're just choosing to cover them. >> and speaking of being an individual and making sure everyone knows it, i want to list all of the things you can do. we learned that you taught yourself to sing in two days. a markswoman, a bow hunter, a skydiver, a boxer, a mechanic, you can skin a deer. and i heard you make a mean squirrel stew with sauerkraut. did i miss anything? >> yes, i do. no. i think you got it all. >> how did basic training in the army help you prepare for this competition? did some of those skills come in handy? >> yeah. the mental training, obviously. this is hard here. the long nights. the mind games. it's a mental game. and basic training, for sure, prepared me for this, i would say. >> quickly, i want to say thank
8:21 am
you for your service. can't thank you enough. >> thank you. >> and best of luck this weekend. >> it's also a big deal at the pageant is back in atlantic city. back to its roots. >> thank you, miss kansas. sergeant theresa vail. >> and you mentioned, sunday night. tune two a special "20/20" "pageant confidential, the road to miss america." it takes us behind the scenes. that's at 8:00 p.m. eastern. and immediately after, the 2014 miss america competition will be broadcast live from atlantic city, at 9:00 p.m., hosted by lara spencer. and chris harrison. that's right here on abc. we'll be watching. >> thank you. it's a wonderful event. i'm looking forward to it. and atlantic city. here we go. >> one contestant. that's going to be a great show. the time has come. it's been a great week. >> it really has. >> "gma"-u. we know all of you are going back to school. we wanted to take you to ours and really join you at yours.
8:22 am
and so, we've gone to colombia. we went to penn state. we went to heaven. we went to southeastern louisiana. and today, sammy, we're going to kentucky. >> that's right. i'll put this as the slice of heaven for me. it's gorgeous. entire roads wrapped with horse farms. gorgeous, white fences. exciting, happy faces. at eastern kentucky university, this is where i got to go to school. >> eku. let's go. eku. >> reporter: eastern kentucky university, my alma mater. right in the heart of gorgeous bluegrass country. a lot's changed since i walked along richmond road, except for the southern hospitality that this region is known for. >> welcome back, sam. >> welcome back, sam. my name's katie jackson. a broadcast student at eastern kentucky university. an intern at wkyp, just like you. come on. >> reporter: 16,000 students proudly attend eku.
8:23 am
that's 3,000 more than during my days. located in historic richmond, kentucky, the town is maroon, with school pride. ♪ daniel boone was a man >> this stop, daniel boone, they say it's good luck to rub his toes. >> reporter: and daniel boone's good luck rubbed off on me. how does the rest of the campus look today? >> it's a little different since you were here. but all of the broadcasting classes are located in this building. come on. let's take a look. >> reporter: mac computers replace the typewriters i remember. while the tools may have changed, students' dreams sure are the same. >> i want to have my own radio show. >> i dream of being an anchor. >> i want to go into news anchoring and sports reporting. >> reporter: the eku wall of stars. wait. i never expected to be there. >> it's very important to have a alums like sam. having his picture there,
8:24 am
showing they can get there from here. >> reporter: my dreams was to do tv news. most days after class, i drove north to lexington, to wkyt, where i interned in the sports department for anchor rob bromley, who is still there today. >> i can remember sam. it's a pretty good hand to have. maybe we chased him out of sports and into weather from what he learned here. it's gone pretty good for him. >> reporter: working in tv while in college, was an incredible opportunity. but when i wanted to take time for fun, i had some brothers who were ready to provide. >> hi, sam. >> reporter: my kappa alpha brothers made sure there was plenty of fun at school. a visit with members today shows, it's no different. even the house song is the same. ♪ she's my kappa alpha rose
8:25 am
>> reporter: what about my old digs? >> does this look familiar? we found your old dormroom. we're going in. >> reporter: that would be palmer hall. sixth floor. i guess it's not an all-boys dorm anymore. >> hey. come on in. how does it look? >> reporter: that's it. but it sure looked a lot bigger when i lived there. >> six floor palmer is where it's at. >> reporter: campus pride is evident everywhere. but especially at the season opener football game. go, eku colonels. >> 10, 5, touchdown. >> reporter: i got to say, for college life, i can't believe it gets much better than this. >> eku. eku, let's go. eku. eku, let's go. eku. >> colonels football. that's a big deal. 22 championships, by the way. >> it was fun watching you watch that piece. that was beautiful. >> i didn't realize how much i missed it until just now. and it was a wonderful place to go. katie jackson, i know you got a lot of people up this morning. thank you so much for showing me the school. and good morning to you, katie. i mean, it looks just as beautiful. but a lot bigger than when i was
8:26 am
there. >> well, thank you, sam. we're so happy that you came back to our campus. we really want you back. we love you so much. you're our idol. and we have a few gifts for you. we brought in some e.k. stuff. come here, guys. we have some presents. first off, we got you some eku flip-flops. >> perfect. >> a jersey. >> i love it. >> this is for you to hang into your office. >> oh, that's great. >> i got you a sunday best cd. it's a local band here. you're going to love it. >> okay. >> last but not least, "fifty shades of grey." something we read all the time on campus. >> lara will love that copy, as well. >> are you ready for this, sam? >> i'm ready. >> there you go. >> thank you, ma'am.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. state lawmakers closed out their final session of the year early this morning by raising the california minimum wage. governor brown says he will sign the measure passed by the legislature that would raise the minimum wage to $9 an hour next july and then to $10 in january 2016. right now the state minimum wage is $8 an hour. lawmakers also aprovered a bill to let undocumented immigrants get driver's licenses. the licenses will include a special mark that indicates the person is not allowed to vote or get social services. supporters say it could make streets safer. speaking of being safe out on the roadways, let's check in with leyla gulen. >> yeah, save us from the scaffolding hanging over buildings. in san francisco, battery and clay we have lanes closed off
8:28 am
there. expect delays due to scaffolding that is hanging over a building right now. we also have this, it's a three-car accident southbound 101 at popper avenue into redwood city. lots of backup in the northbound direction as well. kristen. all right, leyla, thank you. we
8:29 am
welcome back. we're still in the 50s and 60s thanks to the cloud cover outside. but will eventually leave us.
8:30 am
maybe a little longer than yesterday, that's going to leave temperatures below average once again for most of us. here's ♪ sunny day everything's "gma" ♪ ♪ on our way to where the can you tell me how to get ♪ ♪ how to get to 44th street [ cheers and applause ] >> sam champion, you can bob your head to. hey, "sesame street" came to us. we know how to get there today. george, on assignment. on his way to interview the president. robin on assignment, as well. great to have amy robach by my side. we have very special guests here this morning. look who it is, everybody. >> a new season of everybody's favorite children's show is starting on monday.
8:31 am
so, will you say good morning, america, to everyone at home, guys? >> good morning, america. >> very good. >> cookie has been trying very hard to be patient because he's very excited about some special, special cookies lara has for him. >> did you make him special cookies? >> cookie, no. not the camera. oh, cookie. you were so good trying to be patient. >> there went the camera. we just lost the camera. >> there's a camera down. who is going to pay for that? do you mind if i cry on your shoulder? >> all right. cookie, it's going to be okay, grover. cookie, you will get the special cookies i made. >> can we have some? >> i'm hungry. >> they sound delicious. >> they do sound delicious if lara made them. she is the first lady of
8:32 am
rock. sharon osbourne is here. she will sit down with us to talk about a brand-new children's book. and what it's like to run a famous family. >> this is one of my true favorites. unvarnished. >> she'll tell you what she's thinking. >> have you heard? britney spears on "gma." he's going to reveal the cover art of her upcoming single. she looks unbelievable on it. the superstar will be joining us exclusively next week. a megalive event on tuesday. she has a big announcement. and she's choosing to receive it only on tuesday. >> everything is supersecret. everything. >> we don't know anything. guys, come on over here. it's opini ee's been a huge wee tory johnson. >> congratulations. >> so excited.
8:33 am
tory's book, "the shift," is so fantastic. "how i finally lost the weight and discovered a happier life." it's fast on its way to becoming a best seller. and speaking of selling, it's time for "steals & deals." the "shift" edition. >> we're going really well. "gma" viewers have been so kind to me. we did a fun segment. you can watch it online if you missed it. today, we're talking about deals that really were inspired by my year-long battle to lose 72 pounds. >> logon. >> here we go. ready? first up. so, i never went to the movies because movie popcorn is like a caloric disaster. i stayed away from it. this can help you make it at home. you can make ten cups in less than five minutes. normally $145. slashed by 73%, 43 bucks.
8:34 am
this help you preserve your herbs. you can wash vegetables and serve it in this dish. there's an assortment of products that help you prepare food. slashed in half. this is something every kitchen needs. >> you have your hand mixer. your minichopper. this is amazing. that's a mixer. fife minutes, you can make anything like that. lots of recipes online. you'll find, as well. normally $55 to $110, depending on what you choose. these are slashed by more than half. starting at 25 bucks. and they come in an assortment of beautiful colors. >> and here we go. >> this is a scale. this is a kitchen scale. portion control matters to you, there's preprogrammed foods in this. you can pay attention to
8:35 am
calories, carbs, and salt. it's normally $50. slashed in half. 25 bucks. last but not least, are you ready? this is the big daddy. you can fry without oil. >> love it. >> the heat circulates. and it's the hot air that cooks from the inside-out. you don't put oil in there. you can make chicken, fish, all sorts of things. normally $166. slashed by 61%. 65 bucks plus free shipping. all of the details. >> all of the crunch. you don't get the oil and the ugly calories that you have to work off later. >> the "shift" does work. >> thank you. >> thank you, companies, for providing the deals. and you can go online to the get the links of the codes. go to
8:36 am
sam, it's time for weather, with a guest? >> at the end of "sesame street" is times square. if you follow "sesame street" all the way down, where do you end up? you end up here. count, you may be my favorite. you may be. justice that's wonderful. i'm glad to be here. >> would you help me with weather. >> i would love it. >> try to read the numbers and don't count them. if we get to 100 degrees, and you have to count, it will take forever. let's get to the maps. oh, no, we're starting with high temperatures. can you just read the numbers and not count? >> 82. 87. 92. >> and there's a 92. there's a 72. also, very good. next map. we'll talk about what's going on elsewhere in the country, as well, today. here's the national map. there's going to be serious
8:37 am
flooding rain in the area we highlighted all day long. on the east coast, we're nice and dry. coming out of the great lakes, all the way to the northeast. it's beautiful in the northwest. that's the weather around the na good morning. i'm mike nicco, even with the clouds lingering longer today, some minor warming is possible. look at the 80s inland, 70s around the bay and 60s at the coast and near 70 in san >> all that weather was brought to you by pronamle. count, who is next is. >> wow. >> go. >> thank you, count. james gandolfini's last leading role. the "sopranos" star, finds love in middle age. it's called "enough said."
8:38 am
we have a sneak peek that has a dedication that reads, for jim. in an exclusive first look. we go behind the scenes of the new romantic comedy, "enough said," starring julia louis-dreyfus, as eva. a soon-to-be empty-nester. >> i am tough. >> reporter: who embarks on a blossoms romance, with fellow divorcee, albert, played by the late, great james gandolfini. one of his last roles. >> my ex-wife, she put it in a flowly box. >> reporter: the film looking at mid life relationships and the hiccups that can surface along the way. >> but my personal war and peace. >> reporter: gandolfini's role of albert, is a departure of his mob boss days. >> he's not that guy at all.
8:39 am
he's a dear, thoughtful, sweet, compassionate, mild-mannered person. >> it's stupid. >> they don't know it. >> reporter: the film's director calls gandolfini's turn on screen unforgettable. >> they're adorable together. the size disparity is really kind of charming, too. he's like a bear. and he gets to hold her with his hand. >> reporter: that softer size. >> a classic. >> reporter: something gandolfini's fans will relish forever. >> really? >> reporter: scenes from a beloved talent. >> want to kiss? >> reporter: lost far too soon. >> yeah. >> reporter: that hits theaters.
8:40 am
julia louis-dreyfus will talk about making the film with her dear friend james gandolfini monday. here, sharon osbourne, is talking book, career, family. thank you. ♪ at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible. join us at and thrive.
8:41 am
it's halloween time and disneyland is ours! going down! boo! with haunted mansion holiday... space mountain ghost galaxy, and wicked fun in both parks, the disneyland resort just got spookier! visit trick or treat.
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8:43 am
welcome back. sharon osbourne is a true renaissance woman. i sat down with her to talk about her book, her career, and her family. some call her the first lady of rock. but over the years, sharon osbourne has made a name for herself. her latest venture, a children's book. osbourne's first called "momma hook knows best." what was the process of writing it? >> it's trying to find the right balance of keeping little ones entertained and also giving a good message. >> reporter: one of your good friends, simon cowell, are you going to give him this book? >> absolutely. he's having a little boy, he says. >> reporter: what kind of dad do you think he'll be? >> he'll be a great dad. i think he'll love it and probably will have more many kids. >> i was the bravest and most beloved pirates. >> reporter: the book is based
8:44 am
around a popular cartoon, where osbourne creates momma hook. you have some pirate in you. >> definitely. i think i am a pirate. i never live anywhere very long. i'm always traveling. >> reporter: she laughs. but it's true. osbourne works a lot. juggling being a talk show host, a talent show judge, a music manager and a mom of three. >> reporter: it is a family tradition, though. you all are working a lot. >> i think it was something that was imbred from ozzy and i. we were working at very young ages. it's a trait that we have installed in our children, a good work ethic. >> reporter: part of that ethic is ensuring her children work for what they earn. >> they work their butts off for what they get. they're not trust fund babies. they've never been the type to
8:45 am
turn up at a club and say, i'm not a member here but do you know who i am? >> reporter: this year is a big one for the osbourne family. jack is preparing to waltz back into the limelight. jack is going to be on "dancing with the stars." >> he is. he never stepped a step in his life. >> were you surprised? >> no. he said he wanted a platform to inform people that if you have a disability or if you have m.s., you can still do things that everybody else can do. >> reporter: and her daughter, kelly, is soon to walk down the aisle. how involved are you in the planning? >> well, i love her for this. she's like, oh, mum. i can't be doing all these arrangements. and you have to do this and that. just do it and i'll turn up. i'm like, really? and she's like, yes. you just do it. i'm like, done. >> reporter: it's clear that osbourne is in a good space
8:46 am
these days. but after battling colon cancer and undergoing a double-mastectomy. she has learned that what matters most is family. >> this being a celebrity. it never losts. but your family does. i think it's my greatest achievement and my greatest gift. coming up, guess what we have more fun with the gang from sesame street.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
[ cheers and applause ] meet lana from louisiana. we've had so much fun, haven't we, lana, today, with "sesame street" taking over. they have a lot of visitors, too, who come to "sesame street." can't get enough of them. cameron mathison paid a visit. ♪ one, two, three, four monsters walking across the floor ♪ ♪ i like counting oh, you will see ♪ >> reporter: every year, stars from all walks of fame bring the constellation to "sesame street." where the biggest names become plain, old big kids. ♪ the a, b, cs and you >> reporter: this year, elmo and the gang invited "gma" for a sneak peek behind the scenes, as everybody's favorite fuzzy friends teamed up with their celebrity counterparts. >> i'm happy that another cool guy came to "sesame street."
8:50 am
>> my nickname was grover because i had skinny arms and a pot belly. >> your cute, little friend, grover. ♪ i'm going to keep my head up high ♪ >> reporter: the celebrities come to have fun. but that's not the only reason. >> i'm anna. >> and i'm abbi. >> and elmo's elmo. >> we're going to tell you about the word absorb. >> reporter: when stars come to visit sesame street, parents are more likely to tune in. and research shows that kids learn best when viewing with a parent. >> i got to meet a bear. >> i'm a tiger. i'm not a bear. >> reporter: clever humor aimed at parents may be one of the goals of these visits. but i quickly discovered that while all of these folks come in a professional capacity to help teach -- >> another one? >> yes. >> we have to go home at that point. >> reporter: they are, first and foremost, fans of "sesame street." >> i think it was one of the most fun days i've ever had. >> really?
8:51 am
>> yes. >> reporter: for "good morning america," cameron mathison, abc news, los angeles. >> it is always great to have them. i want to see -- i got a chance to take sarina to "sesame street," as well. it was phenomenal. she interviewed elmo. a 3-year-old interviewing a 3-year-old. it was such fun. such fun. all led so wonderfully by caroline. she is senior vice president and executive producer of the iconic program. >> happy to be back. >> we saw -- what does it mean to you to have them visit "sesame street"? >> we've used celebrities from the very first season. and they're really an educational tool. if we can draw the parents in and they watch with their kids, we know the educational impact is deeper. it's all by design. >> and the theme for this year is self-control. and that's more than just behaving. >> it is. the self-regulation skills, they're foundational. and they're the core skills that
8:52 am
kids get ready for cool. half of the kids who enter school don't have the skills. >> i want to say, cookie monster has been so wonderful. all morning long, practicing his patience. >> his self-control. >> his self-control. lara, you have a very special treat for a man who loves his cookie. cookie, i think the time has arrived. >> i'm so proud of you. i stayed up all night baking for you. this is a great lesson of self-control. and you deserve it, my friend. go ahead, go ahead. i guess he likes them. oh, he's licking the plate. >> self-control. self-control. we want to thank everybody for dropping by. i want to thank my trusty little assistant here, lana from louisiana. we want all of you to know,
8:53 am
caroline's wonderful program, new season begins on monday. cannot wait for it. >> thank you. we're very excited. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
again, a special thanks to our friends from "sesame street." lara making the cookies. great self-control from you. it's a bittersweet day for us today. we send off two of our finest into the world. russ fortier and mary flood are stepping away from the program they helped make so great. we're going to miss you both so very much. >> thank you. >> come back. as for all of you, thanks so much for joining us. have a great weekend. and we'll see you monday. warm up your home embracewith fall's finest. share all of your favorite t.j. finds... at a price worth posting. see the real deal. search hashtag maxxinista and see the brands people are scoring. t.j.maxx.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. crews in san francisco are still working to secure a window washing platform dangling from the foggy 41st floor of the embarcadero 1 building near battery and clay street. no one is on that platform. traffic in the area though is being rerouted. looks kind of foggy out there. let's talk to mike. the winds look pretty stout up at that level, probably about 20 miles per hour. good morning everybody. we're going to be mostly sunny around the bay with mid to upper 70s. partly sunny along the coast, 69 to partly cloudy in san francisco. mostly sunny inland with 80s. accuweather forecast, cooler sunday. leyla. all right, a five-car crash into 280. right at geneva avenue. we are looking at delays as you
9:00 am
make the approach. kristen. leyl announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael" first anniversary viewer's choice show! and now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause]


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