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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 14, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, the 1,000-year flood. incredible scenes in the american west. look at these mobile homes, swept away like toys. meanwhile, people zip lining to safety. and horses, stranded. too stunned to move. >> nobody would ever imagine anything like this. the devastation over there is immense. >> plus, we'll hear from the man trapped underwater in this car, with only a small pocket of air. team coverage, live in the flood zone. caught on camera. a wild explosion. a food cart erupts into flames just before a high school football game. the blast so strong, it knocks a man unconscious. they call him the jet man. our exclusive interview with the
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man who has flown over the grand canyon. what are the risks? and how much does this thing cost? ♪ and marriage proposal gone viral. a flash mob, complete with cartwheeling little girls, as a man shocked his boyfriend with an engagement ring, right in the middle of, would you believe, a home depot. good morning, everybody. we want to start with breaking news. a greyhound bus overturning in ohio. there's word of dozens of injuries. emergency crews and helicopters right now, engaged in the frantic effort to rush the injured to local hospitals. >> a live report from the scene, coming up. also ahead this morning, we're getting these aerial shots after an inferno largely destroyed this famous jersey shore boardwalk, where they were
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just rebounding from last year's superstorm sandy. the embers are smoldering this morning. and so are the suspicions. was this fire intentionally set? so heartbreaking for that community. >> they cannot catch a break. and nicole kidman, the latest celebrity victim of the paparazzi. everybody talking about this video, showing the actress being knocked to the ground by a paparazzi on a bike. we're learning more about this photographer. his past run-ins with the law and the new troubles he's facing this morning. >> she's lucky she's not injured. we begin with the breaking news at this hour. a greyhound bus overturned early this morning in the northbound lanes of i-75. >> let's go to shannon kettler with our affiliate wkto. shannon, what can you tell us? >> reporter: we got an update from the ohio state patrol. they tell us there were 52 people onboard this greyhound bus. it was bound for detroit, downtown cincinnati.
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they were 30 miles north of cincinnati. the police tell us the greyhound bus driver lost control. one passenger onboard tells me he was looking at his phone, when he heard a woman screaming, wake up. wake up. he looked up. saw the bus driver slumped over the wheel. seconds later, they flipped several times on the side and landed here in a cornfield. 28 people injured. they were taken by ambulance. another six taken by medical helicopter. we're told their injuries range from severe to minor. i'll send it back to you. >> 30 people in the hospital this morning. we'll keep you posted as developments come in. thank you, shannon. we're going to turn to what is being called biblical flooding across colorado. residents said they've never seen anything like it. the images just shocking. homes up to their roofs with water. rescuers using canoes to get people to safety. as rivers rage with roads ripped out. there's no end to this misery in sight. abc news meteorologist ginger zee is right in the middle of it
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in boulder. good morning, ginger. >> i'm standing at the bank of boulder creek. but as you can hear and see, it's been called boulder rapids. for just that reason. come with me, though. there's some good news. this bench, as of 24 hours ago, was underwater. now, just caked in mud. there's a lot of cleanup to do, after you've had this kind of rain. 9, 12, 13 inches. look at those numbers. and you're going to add more tonight into tomorrow. you know this is still dangerous. it is going to be a problem. and overall, this is not over. stranded and submerged, the colorado landscape washing away, as rescues race to those trapped by rising waters. >> it's like the ocean out there. >> reporter: dozens of homes. entire neighborhoods, up to their roof in murky runoff. >> within run hour, it had completely surrounded the entire house. and we had currents. >> reporter: some caught riding it out. others, plowing through the historic floods in pickup trucks. in weld county, farms isolated on islands.
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>> never, ever has this water been this high. i've got three horses. i hope they're alive. we had to get out so quick. >> reporter: and look at those abandoned mobile homes. congested, toppled by the devastating waters. in estes park, this dramatic video of a woman desperately holding on, as rescue workers zip line her to safety. and from inside the fire truck, the floodwaters, bubbling over the windshield. thousands evacuated from their homes. 4 dead and more than 180 now unaccounted for. president obama declaring a state of emergency friday. and it's not just colorado. parts of new mexico are getting up to four inches of rain an hour at times. at least 25 homes evacuated. countless roads impassable. the remorseless waters devouring highways. homes crumbling in the force of full weekend forecast of more
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rain. we have brand-new information. just north and east of here. it's called the south platte. look at that surge. it went to 19 1/2 feet this morning, cresting and still going up as we saw it last. that's almost eight feet above their historic record. this is big news, you guys. it is not over at all. i wish i had better news to share in the forecast. but look at this. the cold front sneaks in. it's been a stationary front. a stuck low pressure system. but it takes all of the monsoonal moisture and traps it over colorado and parts of new mexico. tonight through tomorrow is going to be the next big bulk of rain. we'll be talking in the next nation's weather about ingrid and how that's going to affect parts of south texas, a spot that really needs extra rain, coming up next. dan and bianna? >> more to come in colorado. it is not over. ginger, we'll be coming back to you.
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meanwhile, we're hearing extraordinary stories of survival and rescue in colorado. the national guard is on the scene. they're using choppers to fly people out of towns that have essentially been cut off from the rest of the world. we're hearing from a man who got trapped after his car was flipped over by a wall of water. his rescue, as you can see right here, caught on camera. and abc's clayton sandell is also in the flood zone this morning. >> reporter: unimaginable loss. >> it's all gone. >> reporter: thousands of colorado residents forced from their homes. the national guard airlifting nearly 300 out of the stranded community of jamestown. reuniting them with loved ones. still shaken by all they've seen. >> nobody would ever imagine all this. the devastation over there is immense. >> it's like everything you know and love. and you see it get swept away in a matter of hours. >> one friend dead. and no idea, you know, when we can go back and what will be
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left when we get back. >> reporter: we were there the moment troops brought residents from another devastated town to safety. >> the neighbors' house fell off into what was a little creek, now a raging river. just got swept away. gone. >> there's no other word but catastrophic. i've never, ever seen anything like this. >> reporter: the word on many minds, survival. something roy ortiz knows too well. this is the underside of ortiz's pontiac grand prix. flung into the rapids thursday, while on his way to work. flash floods tearing away the road beneath him. for two hours, the father of four was trapped and quickly sinking. >> pray, i want to survive. >> reporter: one of the first to arrive, firefighter john cook. >> we pounded on the bottom of the car. >> the rescue people looked at me. and i raised my hand. they know i'm alive. >> reporter: ortiz was caught in a driver's worst nightmare. one where the road suddenly becomes a river. as cook and his team tried to save him, ortiz tried to calm himself by thinking about his
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family. only a small pocket of air helping to keep him alive. >> thanks to god and my family. >> reporter: for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, boulder, colorado. >> he's one of the lucky ones. and ginger reminds us, nearly 200 are still unaccounted for. our thanks to clayton for that. we're going to turn to the tragedy at the jersey shore. investigators trying to figure out what caused the massive blaze that destroyed one of the most famous boardwalks in the world. the fire still smoldering after wiping out dozens of businesses just getting back on their feet after hurricane sandy. and abc's gio benitez at the scene at seaside heights with the very latest. gio? >> reporter: good morning, to you, bianna. this fire, we're told, is being treated as suspicious. that's what sources tell abc news. and this morning, we have new video that could give investigators the information they need. >> the store's on fire.
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>> don't go in. >> reporter: this morning, investigators are pouring over this cell phone video, capturing the start of that massive blaze, at the custard shop. >> how this fire started, we don't know yet. and it would be irresponsible for any of us to speculate. >> reporter: from the air, the massive and widespread devastation stretches for blocks from the heart of the jersey shore. 30 buildings destroyed in the heart of the jersey shore. from the ground, tears watching childhood memories go up in flames. >> watching lots of memories, wiped out. in ashes. >> reporter: 30-mile-per-hour winds pushed the fast-moving flames north, into seaside heights, where last year, that iconic rollercoaster ended up in the bay, following superstorm sandy. so much of this had been rebuilt. but this morning, the charred debris is a devastating reminder of the pain just months ago. >> sandy was enough for us. now that we just got done rebuilding, the fire came and took that away, too. >> reporter: the flames, stopped by quick-thinking heroes.
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this is where firefighters broke through the boardwalk to stop that fire from moving any further north. and all that's left somewhat intact, carnival signs like this one. governor chris christie visiting businesses on the boardwalk. in may, he was here, as well, showing prince harry how far the jersey shore had come since sandy. now, he finds himself thanking the brave firefighters who put out the blaze. >> 400 of them stopped this thing in its tracks. everything we rebuilt could have been gone. >> reporter: just take a look behind me. there is so much cleaning up to do this morning. but investigators are still in there collecting evidence. and we're told there are still hot spots in that rubble, dan. >> really sad to see. a lot of questions still this morning. gio, thank you. next, we move overseas and new developments this morning in the high-stakes diplomatic dance between america and russia, over syria's chemical weapons. just before we came on the air, secretary of state john kerry and his russian counterpart held a news conference to announce a deal.
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abc's alex marquardt is in lebanon right now. alex, walk us through this latest news. >> reporter: good morning, dan. that's right. after three days after talks, secretary of state john kerry and sergey lavrov have come to a deal. they just outlined it moments ago in geneva. the first hurdle they had to clear was agreeing on the size of syria's chemical weapons stockpile. now, they're saying within one week, syria has to hand over a full inventory of its chemical arsenal. by november, chemical weapons inspectors must be allowed into the country. syria has to agree that all of its chemical weapons will be destroyed. they have to be transferred over to international control by the middle of next year. secretary kerry said if assad fails to comply, it will go back to the united nations security council. and that could mean a military reaction if russia were allowed -- if russia were to allow it through the security council. secretary kerry made it clear
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today that a diplomatic solution is preferable to a military one. dan? bianna? >> potential breakthrough here. so many questions remaining, including can you collect and destroy all of these chemical weapons in the middle of a civil war? alex marquardt, we appreciate your reporting this morning. and a quick program note. george stephanopoulos will have an exclusive interview with president obama on the crisis in syria tomorrow morning on abc's "this week." this is a very busy saturday morning. we have other breaking stories this morning. for that, we turn, as always, to mr. ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. in boston, officials are investigating the cause of a porch collapse at an apartment building that injured 12 people. the third floor porch gave way during a party late friday night just before midnight. it fell 30 feet. many of those who were hurt were hospitalized with neck and back injuries. and in california, a wild scene at a high school football game. this after a propane tank at a
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food cart exploded, injuring several people. bystanders had their cameras rolling last night when a 20-pound propane tank went from this, to this. watch again as the flames engulf the metal food stand. fans just yards away from the blaze. >> oh. >> reporter: rocked by the blast. it happened during a football game at fresno christian high school in california. firefighters on the scene say the explosion injured three people, after sending shock waves and debris in every direction. >> the debris from the trailer was found as far as the basin to the north and 250 to the south. >> reporter: two of the injured were treated at the scene and released. a third person was hospitalized with noncritical injuries. fire officials say the men operating the cart were attempting to fix a slow gas leak when it ignited. 121 passengers on a southwest airlines flight from ft. myers, florida, to st. louis, very happy to be on safe
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ground this morning. the pilots were forced to make an emergency landing at the airport in ft. myers, after the plane struck a bird on take jeff. a mistake by united airlines is good news for some passengers. for a short period of time on thursday, a computer glitch had the airline posting fares for dirt-cheap fares. some cases as low as nothing. nothing. free. the airline announced on friday it will honor those fares. >> my mom tried to get that. >> they were offering was d.c. to honolulu for $10 round-trip. >> ooh. >> normal fare $1,200. >> business class? >> i don't know about that. >> i don't care. >> 10 bucks. >> thanks, ron. appreciate it. >> why coach? >> i'm just saying. we're going to check on the weather, now. and over to ginger zee, back in colorado. hey, ginger. >> she flew. >> yes. i did not fly united. i could see ron going to honolulu.
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i did want to point out something i didn't get to say. you can see behind me, there's a tree with another tree pushed up against it. you look down and there's trash cans. and this water's nasty. officials telling people to stay out of it. any of the floodwaters. that's a second danger. there's another area of dangerous water. that's south padre, texas. can i show you these pictures. oh, my goodness. they're about to get tropical storm ingrid flying just south into them from mexico. but the surf will kick up. you'll see more of the rain. and some of that is very beneficial rain. let me show you the path of what is now tropical storm, could then become a hurricane before it goes right into mexico. but it will spit out enough as it tracks north, moisture to get two to five inches of rain, which is so needed in south texas, from corpus christi down to brownsville. but also that rough surf. don't get in the water there. you can see major rip current action. there's good news. the first thing i want to tell you about is how cold it is in parts of the midwest. we're talking 40s in chicago this morning. we're talking numbers like 50s in minneapolis. and they're going to get rain today. but look at the northeast. so much nicer.
7:17 am
new york city, 71 today. boston going to be just below the 70-degree mark. this is autumnal, very much like it should be. i'll show you much more coming up here from colorado in the half hour, we dive into the numbers. exactly how much more rain this area and other communities affected will have to deal with the rest of the weekend. dan and bianna? >> the last thing those people
7:18 am
need. ginger, thank you. i think we're due for a heartwarming story this morning. i think i found it. the true story of friendship. a teenage girl gets the graduation gift of a lifetime from her parents. a brand-new car. after having it for just a few months, she trades it in. and you won't believe why. here's abc's tai hernandez. >> reporter: like 17-year-old girls often do, chandler lakefield and makenzie stewart became instant best friends last spring. sharing their love of running track and fishing. it's no surprise when chandler's parents bought her a shiny, cherry-red jeep for graduation, the best friends were always in it. but mackenzie's family only had one car, which her mom uses to get to works. that means mackenzie had to rely on rides from her friends. >> i would text someone. he's taking me. it would be when i got off, he's picking me up. that was stressing me out. >> reporter: watching her friend struggle gave chandler an idea. >> god said on my heart, he wanted me to do something big. >> reporter: to help mackenzie, she sacrificed her jeep.
7:19 am
>> if a need is there, she's going to help in some way. >> reporter: her plan, to trade in her new car to buy two older ones. one for herself and the other for mackenzie. a 2002 acura suv. >> a lot of people wouldn't give up their seat on a bus, adults. and she's so just kind and generous. >> reporter: all that was left to do was give it to her. >> are you serious? >> i started crying. i never in a million years would have thought something like that would have happened to me. >> it's just honored me how it's helped out with mackenzie. >> reporter: the friends may just be teenagers. this morning, they're teaching us a lesson about selflessness and true friendship. for "good morning america," tai hernandez, abc news. >> great story. and now, to they guy they call jetman. he's used this jet pack to fly over the grand canyon and over the swiss alps.
7:20 am
how does he do it? how dangerous is this? and how much does this rig cost? abc's reena ninan is on the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. yves rossy served as a fighter pilot in the air force. now, he flies just a carbon wing and a few tiny engines on his back. this is what you get when you combine the wings of a bird with the engine of a plane. >> i have nothing between me and the air. no cockpit. no fuselage. i am the fuselage. >> reporter: jetman yves rossy, a 54-year-old swiss daredevil, rockets across the sky as high as 4,500 feet. all with the help of the jet-propelled wing suit he created. >> this kind of risky activities, opens you such pure moments. such moments of beauty, that once you have tasted it, you're lost. >> reporter: he flew over the grand canyon.
7:21 am
even the swiss alps. this week, he awed the crowd at reno air show's 50th anniversary. man's desire to fly with the birds has been a long-time obsession. inentire inspired by james bond in "thunder ball." why has this invention taken so long? >> it's 18 years i'm in the project. it was really step-by-step. at the beginning, without any engine, just gliding. >> when engineers had solved one problem, another problem would crop up. >> reporter: and what about safety? >> we're talking about how dangerous they are. they have had a very good safety record. >> reporter: but don't expect it to be widely available to the public. the price tag for this one -- >> probably going to cost you $100,000 or more. >> reporter: for the adventurous in spirit, there's always the jet log. a backpack that shoots 1,000 gallons of water to keep you in the air. our very own dan harris gave it
7:22 am
a try. >> it's hard to take control. >> reporter: as for yves rossy, he offers this advice to his fans. >> hold on tight to your dreams. >> reporter: maybe elton john was right. rocket man, i think it's going to be a long time before the jet pack is widely available. you can be sure, our dan harris will be first in line. >> i was really enjoying that story. right up until the end. they used that video. shameless. >> i find it holding on to my seat. >> the show we just showed that clip on an endless loop. >> the gift that keeps on giving. >> reena thank you very much. coming up on "gma," how did this man go from a happy groom to an alleged murderer? seven years after the crime, he is now going on trial. why prosecutors are facing huge challenges in this case potentially. and after nicole kidman was run over by a paparazzi on a bike, we're learning more about the photographer and the actions police are taking against him. will he face charges?
7:23 am
and it may be the most unique flash mob marriage proposal we've ever seen. we do a lot of these on the show. the guy that popped the question in the lumber aisle of a home depot. this was elaborate. we'll show you more in "pop news." more "gma" on this saturday morning. keep it here. congested. beat down. crushed. as if the weight of the world is resting on your face. but sudafed gives you maximum strength sinus pressure and pain relief. so you feel free. liberated. released. decongested. open for business. [ inhales, exhales ] [ male announcer ] powerful sinus relief from the #1 pharmacist recommended brand. sudafed. open up.
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and there it is, the video that's gone viral. that's nicole kidman blindsided by a bicyclist. the photographer says he's sorry. but that's not enough for the cops. coming up, we'll tell you more about the photographer. this is not his first bout of trouble. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> i'm dan harris. this is saturday, september 14th. big casting news for the next "hunger games" movie. the famous face picked for one of the critical roles in those movies. sara haines will have those details, coming up in "pop news." sara haines has not been picked. >> i got the part. >> right in the cast. >> i think so. surviving in the wilderness, no. >> i can't wait to hear that. that's coming up. also coming up, your mom told you not to play with your
7:31 am
food. but pizza hut wasn't listening. the crazy creation you have to see and hear for yourself. sara haines bringing us that story. >> she knows how to curry favor with us, with food. we're going to start with the murder trial seven years in the making. a guy in seattle just now facing charges that he murdered his own wife back in 2006. >> authorities saying he tried to cover his tracks but missed some critical details. abc's aditi roy joins us with more. good morning, aditi. >> reporter: good morning, bianna and dan. nicole pietz's family says they've waited nearly seven years to have their day in court. the prosecution says her husband strangled her to death in a fit of anger. the defense argued there's little evidence to prove he killed her. >> till death do us part. >> do us part. >> reporter: little did nicole and david pietz know on their wedding day how true those vows would turn out to be. seven years ago, nicole was murdered. her naked body dumped in a wooded area outside seattle. now, david's on trial for her
7:32 am
death. >> at some point, his temper boiled over and he strangled her to death. >> reporter: the prosecutor argues the couple fought on the night of the murder. she says david wasn't happy in his marriage. had been caught cheating and was upset about not getting promoted at work. then, there's a failed polygraph test and dna evidence, which the prosecution says incriminates him. but his defense attorneys argue the findings are questionable. >> it's not going to show that david took nicole's life. >> reporter: legal experts say the case will hinge on the prosecution's evidence. >> there is no confession. there are no witnesses. there's nothing that directly ties the defendant to the murder. >> reporter: before he was an accused murderer, david seemed to be a concerned husband. after nicole vanished. >> trying to focus on what we can do to be finding her so that we -- you know, let your mind go to the bad places. >> reporter: it took police more than half a decade to gather
7:33 am
enough evidence to arrest him. nicole's family members say they feel deceived. >> i think he deserves an academy award. he sure had us convinced. >> reporter: once a happy groom, now, a murder suspect. the trial will resume on monday. prosecutors say they'll focus on david's suspected infidelity. they're also accusing him of spiking his wife's nonalcoholic drinks with ecstasy, despite she had been clean and sober for eight years. >> dan? bianna? >> hopefully they can bring some closure for her family. aditi, thank you. time for a check of the weather. and ginger zee covering the flooding in boulder, colorado. hey, ginger. >> good morning to you guys. we talked to so many people. we heard them on the streets, just saying this is surreal. they do not get this type of weather. and we said, in 100 or in some places, 1,000 years. not in our lifetime. let's look at the pictures again. a lot of folks were very concerned about the animals. we saw the pictures of the horses and the cows on islands. and farms, complete islands
7:34 am
there. and this isn't just in colorado, remember. it's new mexico, too. some of the rainfall rates close to las vegas, new mexico, not nevada. they actually had four inches per hour at times. evacuations from homes there, too. the forecast does include one to two inches in that purple region. i want you to be focused on that. it is not over. we have a lot more to come through the weekend. and it's going to be along that cold front in parts of the midwest. minneapolis, close to 70. but increase in clouds. and kansas city, just south of it at 80. now, i want to show you what's happening in the south. there are folks that dried out. nashville, atlanta, you deserve a nice day. you're going to get one. on the stationary front, the boundary going to kick up showers in parts of florida. 93 today, orlando. 90s for miami.
7:35 am
>> this weather report brought to you by party city. dan and bianna, we'll be out here covering it. >> thank you, ginger. let's get a check of the morning headlines with ron claiborne. >> hi, dan and bianna. good morning, everyone. in the news, a major development in the negotiations over syria. the united states and russia outlining a plan, just a short while ago for the seizure of syria's chemical weapons stockpile. saying syria must provide a full accounting of their arsenal in one week. we're following a greyhound bus crash near monroe, ohio, this morning. 51 passengers were onboard when it overturned, that bus. dozens of people reported injured. we're now hearing from some of the passengers on that bus. >> i was watching the michigan state game on my phone. and i heard a woman scream, wake up, wake up. and as soon as i heard that, it struck my curiosity.
7:36 am
i look up. and i seen the bus driver. he was slumped over. and the next thing you know, we hit the side of the road. and finally, a huge molasses spill in hawaii. some 1,400 tons of molasses spilled into the water near honolulu harbor on monday. not much that can be done about this. the hope, now, is that the ocean currents will eventually wash the mess away. hundreds of fish, as you see there, have been killed from that mishap. dan? bianna? >> ron, thank you. coming up here on the broadcast, after this video of nicole kidman being bowled over of a paparazzo went viral, we're learning more about the photographer involved. his past and new troubles with the police. and marriage proposal turned musical production. the video that's gone viral with a flash mob that helped a man pop the big question.
7:37 am
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shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter. we had to count sheep to fall asleep. and i always worried that i was creating an overcrowded sheep farm. in my head... never looked like that farmer took proper care of those sheep. too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. there it is. this video has created an uproar. that's nicole kidman being knocked over by a cycling paparazzo. >> the photographer immediately apologized, claiming it was an accident. this morning, his problems may
7:41 am
not be over. the incident just adding to celebrity complaints that the paparazzi are getting way too close. abc's linzie janis is here with more. >> reporter: it's unbelievable. good morning, guys. no word on whether nicole kidman is going to press charges. police are still investigating the accident and issued a photographer a summons to appear in court for reckless driving. nicole kidman gets out of her car. and within seconds, is mowed down by a paparazzo on a bicycle. photographer carl wu loses control of his bike. kidman is seen holding her ankle. watch again as the actress is pursued by several paparazzi in the seconds before she enters new york's carlyle hotel on thursday. >> celebrities have a price on their head like a hunted animal. >> reporter: kidman wasn't hurt. but the incident, a reminder of what can happen when celebrities
7:42 am
are chased by the paparazzi. it was just over 16 years ago when princess diana and dodi fayed fled from photographers who were widely blamed for their death. kidman, at the time, was married to tom cruise. cruise made an impassioned call to cnn, expressing his shock and concern for kidman and their children's safety, too. >> you don't know what it's like being chased by them. when you're pursuing someone, that's harassment. >> reporter: now, celebs who say the paparazzi are out of control are taking their fight to lawmakers. jennifer garner and halle berry just weeks ago, helping convince california legislators to pass a bill that would protect the children of stars. >> i don't want a gang of shouting, arguing, law-breaking photographers who camp out everywhere we are, all day, every day, to continue traumatizing my kids. >> reporter: if it becomes law, photographers that seriously annoy or torment a child while trying to take a picture, could face fines and jail time.
7:43 am
as for kidman, she returned to new york's fashion week hours after the incident, telling a reporter, she was okay. in a statement to abc news, wu said an accident is an accident. it went down very fast. and i'm sorry it happened. police summoned him to court for reckless driving for riding a bike on the sidewalk and not wearing a helmet. kidman still has time to press charges. this guy has a history. the celebrities know him. he's known as one of the more aggressive paparazzi. he had a run-in with gaga's people. he accused one of his bodyguards of assaulting him. >> and riding on the sidewalk. >> it looks like a full-speed collision, too. and coming up on "gma," still ahead. hollywood taps actress julianne moore for an important role. the project keeping her busy for the next two years.
7:44 am
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all right. time for "pop news." over to sara haines. take it away. >> okay. we're fired up for big news on the "hunger games" front. lionsgate announcing that julianne moore will take on the role of president alma coin. the third and fourth movies in "the hunger games" series. we'll watch her as the character leads the rebellion against the capital. the official announcement wracking up close to 50,000 likes on facebook. part one hits the big screen in
7:49 am
november 2014. part two of the following year. i say the odds of success are ever in her favor. >> i love her. >> well done. i really like the movie. >> did you read the books. >> no. >> even better. >> really? >> that's a great casting choice. katy perry roaring back to the top. she's number one on billboard's social 50 charts. that girl knows how to create a buzz. another thing we're buzzing about, our "roar" contest. see this. just one example of the videos submitted to our contest, roar with katy perry. students at high schools can submit their own roar video. katy and "gma" will pick the winning video. and the prize, katy perry will come to your score for a special performance on october 25th. we'll broadcast it live on "gma." >> there won't be a lot of academics done on that day at that school. >> that's ridiculous. >> very cool. >> go to and find out how to enter.
7:50 am
and it's the latest video to go viral. a wedding proposal like you've never seen before. dustin thought he was going to meet boyfriend spencer at the home depot. but they got to the idea that this was no ordinary shopping trip. waiting to greet him in the lumber aisle, his very own flash mob. cue the girls doing cartwheels, making their own dramatic entrance here. along with lots of friends and family. there's a cartwheel. and the would-be groom himself, finally making his appearance. when everyone was assembled -- he popped the question. and of course, after a show like that, the answer better be yes. >> was it? >> yes, it was. what did you do when you asked? >> every time i watch these videos, i feel completely insufficient after the way i proposed to my wife. it's not a reflection of my love for you. pizza hut takes playing with
7:51 am
your food to a new level. this morning, get ready for dip-hop. this new video from pizza hut canada, showing a sound board with different flavors of dipping sauce. each sauce offers a different sound when the pizza goes in for a dunk. take a listen. ♪ the dip-hop experience was created to celebrate pizza hut canada, surpassing 250,000 fans on facebook. we brought in pizza and some sauce to do our own dip-hop. >> it won't make noise, will it? >> it will. there's sound boards in each dip. >> she's lying. >> i'm doing a -- >> wow. quadruple. >> i feel like we're friends. >> where was this when i was in college? >> we'll be right back.
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ron would say good-bye to you. but he's too busy eating. i'll say good-bye. we'll see you tomorrow morning on "gma." thanks for watching, everybody.
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♪ good morning, everyone. i'm katie marzullo. we want to start you off with a quick first look at the weather. here's francis. >> good morning, everyone. here's a live look out towards mt. diablo. the sunshine is in the higher elevations. eventually all of us will get to see the sunshine. but for the morning, we're starting off with cloudy conditions, even a bit of some drizzle the closer you are to the coast, the more likely you'll see that. temperatures in the mid-50s to low 60s. lots of sunshine for most everyone. mild to warm temperatures. mid-60s near the coast to upper 80s inland. this evening, the clouds


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