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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 21, 2013 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, the southern soaker. after the devastating floods in colorado, now six southern states getting pounded. torrential rains causing flash floods with drivers caught entirely by surprise. where this heavy rain is heading next. smartphone wars. the makers of the blackberry chalk up more than a $1 billion loss. while apple's new iphones are flying off the shelves. lines out the door. although, some feel the new software upgrade will take some getting used to. >> what's different? >> everything. extreme exercise. pictures of a pregnant bodybuilder, pumping iron just weeks before she gives birth, causing a firestorm this morning. why she says she is not giving
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this up. check out this unusual panhandler. a bear stopping traffic, begging for food. wait until you see what happens next. good morning. ginger informs us, this is the last weekend of summer. she's happy about it. >> time to change. >> she's the only person in america. exactly. also coming up this morning, a dangerous game of political chicken in washington. and it is already hurting your 401(k). all the talk of a government shutdown, driving down the dow. is there a way out of this thing? we're going to talk about that, coming up. >> also a debt ceiling debacle. we were here just two years ago. also this morning, a very strange crime story. a guy dressed as spider-man
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charged with trying to rob a store. how a clerk stopped him. and why his roommate says this is all a misunderstanding. he's just a big fan of the superhero. cops don't necessarily think that way, though. >> that's interesting. ron will have that story coming up. also this morning. cereal killer. what is causing fewer of us to eat cereal in the morning. sara haines will have that. behind the scenes this morning. but we're going to be in with heavy rain, soaking parts of the south, delivering much-needed rain. but the torrential downpours are too much, too fast. this is coming on the heels of the devastating colorado floods. the misery there, long from being over. our ginger zee has been tracking the storms. back from colorado. hey, ginger. >> hey, guys. i want to start with these numbers. they're impressive when you start to see them add up. above a half-foot. harper, texas, over seven
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inches. almost eight inches in parts of louisiana. let me show you what that looks like when you put it on the ground. houston is where we start. this is not just small cities you saw listed there. houston, cars underwater. the underpasses taken over. waco, texas, also seeing quite a bit of rain. waco, houston and then texarkana. way too much rain. they're going to see that start to subside, especially in texas. if you go into parts of louisiana, around new orleans, mississippi, even parts of alabama and florida today, you're going to see more rain. flash flood watches and warnings in place. how much rain are we talking? give you an idea. that area in red, peaks at two to four inches, locally more. your nation's weather coming up in a couple minutes. and a typhoon to talk about. now, big developments in the
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war for your smartphone loyalty. apple released two new iphones and a new operating system. we did find one little guy who is not a fan of the software upgrade. check it out. >> what's different? >> everything. >> you're going to have to get used to it. >> no. i don't like it. >> that was my reaction when ginger told me it was the last week of summer. not everyone is complaining, though. lines out the door at apple stores across america. a lot happening on the smartphone front. >> this launch weekend so important to apple. investors say it has to prove it can churn out sales of the iphone, even when upgrades are relatively small. the competition is catching up, stealing more and more market share from apple. the frantic rush to own the latest iphone came with all of the trappings. sleeping in the streets. screaming fans.
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while past iphone frenzies have been fueled by futuristic ad-ons like face time and siri. friday's popular features, the limited edition gold case. most fans didn't strike gold. >> i didn't get a gold one. >> they didn't have white or gold. out of everything. >> the gold one. >> reporter: other line standers got silver lining. >> woo hoo. >> reporter: free doughnuts, hand-delivered by apple co-founder steve wozniak. or a surprise meet and greet with apple ceo, tim cook. >> hi, guys. >> reporter: at this california store, anticipation turning explosive. >> out of the way. >> hands behind your back. >> reporter: one man so upset, he even ran into a moving truck. now, the big question, how long can this annual ritual of iphone madness go on? investors say there's more riding on this weekend's launch than ever before. that's because apple shares have
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lost one-third of their values since the last iphone launch a year ago. one of the main reasons, fierce competition. >> there's tons of android phonemakers. that's building team. more android phones out there than iphones, because so many companies make them. >> reporter: and one of the competitors, blackberry, announcing on friday, it's laying off 40% of its global workforce. and expects to lose nearly $1 billion in just one quarter. the news from blackberry caused such a drop in its share price, its shares had to be halted in trading temporarily. i have to tell you, everybody i spoke to yesterday, outside of the apple store, was looking for one of these gold phones. there weren't very many. they were only giving out a couple dozen at each store. is there a supply issue? do they do this to create hype? or is there just not enough of the gold phones because they can't make them fast enough? >> the gold phones are big.
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>> it's the only visible sign that you have the new phone. it's gold. >> see the blackberry for this. >> i'm all about my blackberry. >> lynsi, thank you. we're going to turn to washington now. and the shutdown and showdown that could cripple the country. the clock is ticking towards the deadline when the government runs out of money. and sooner after that, we'll no longer be able to borrow any. jeff zeleny has the latest on the crisis looming from capitol hill. each day these two parties seem further away from compromise. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. you're right. in this washington government shutdown could be only nine days away. if only another fight over the controversial new health care law isn't resolved. president obama issuing a new warning this morning. >> we're running out of time to fix this. >> reporter: in his weekly address, the president calls out republicans for trying to kill his signature health care plan. and along the way, shutting down the government. and threatening the stock market. >> some are actually willing to plunge america into default if
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they can't defund the affordable care act. >> reporter: not so say house republicans. >> we're standing up for our principles. >> who passed a bill to keep the government runs. yet, their plan came with a catch. squeeze off funding for obama care. >> we must get rid of obama care. >> reporter: while republicans have made more than 40 attempts to kill the health care law. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: a symbolic fight is quickly becoming a perfect storm, with deep, fiscal consequences. the president traveling to missouri on friday, scolded congress. >> they're not focused on you. they're focused on politics. they're focused on trying to mess with me. >> reporter: and mess with all americans. if a deal isn't reached by october 1st, when the government runs out of money. at that point, the cdc may stop monitoring diseases. and even some soldiers and federal workers won't get paid. senate democrats pledged to undo the vote next week.
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but the stalemate remains, with no clear path to resolution. >> any bill that defunds obama care is dead, dead. >> reporter: now, this is only part one of the budget standoff. the bigger fight is really looming in mid-october when the nation has to revisit its ability to borrow more money. so, the bottom line here is this -- it was clearly expressed last night in a phone call between president obama and speaker john boehner. it was so brief, aides to both sides say, they don't see a path forward here on negotiations. dan and bianna? >> like they're talking and not talking at the same time. jeff zeleny, thanks for your reporting. a lot of news developing overnight. for that, as always, mr. ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, syria has taken first steps towards handing other its chemical weapons stockpile. the syrian government provided a preliminary list of chemical weapons and where they are located. they will have a careful review of the documents for accuracy.
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details disclosed by the syrian government have not been released. the weapon used in third night's shooting spree was an asult-style rifle like those used in the military. 13 people were wounded in the shooting, including a 3-year-old boy. and last night, rahm emanuel joined religious leaders in that city at a rally, calling for an end to gun violence and for the person responsible to come forward. but no arrests have been made. and in colorado, where cleanup efforts continue after last week's historic flooding, there's a new hazard, oil. a state commission revealed that more than 22,000 gallons of oil and gas were spilled in the floods. following aerial surveys of the affected areas, it's uncertain if the oil can be cleaned up. meanwhile, the obama administration has formally posed the first pollution limits for power plants. the proposed standards announced on friday, requires that all newly constructed plants capture
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40% of carbon emissions. and the florida woman who gained brief fame for her nonstop hiccupping has been convicted of first-degree murder. jennifer mee who was called the hiccup girl, was found guilty in the shooting death of 22-year-old shannon griffin. a judge has sentenced her to life in prison without parole. and iconic superhero, spider-man appears to have turned to a life of crime. sort of. abc's rob nelson has more on this story. >> reporter: normally, spider-man spends his night stopping crooks. but security cameras in this pittsburgh convenience store were rolling as a not-so-friendly neighborhood spider-man swung by to rob the clerk late thursday night. police say under that mask is no peter parker. but 21-year-old jonathan houston. his alter ego, a mild-mannered
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student at the university of pittsburgh, according to his roommate, who chalks the whole thing up to a harmless prank. >> yeah. we're just -- it's just college kids. and college kids tend to do strange things. >> reporter: police, however, tell a different story. saying houston walked into the store, in his full spider-man getup and yelled at the clerk, how much money you got? in the video, spidey takes off with no money. they found houston about 30 minutes later, unarmed and standing a block away, still in costume. this morning, houston is facing a robbery charge and a stiff reminder that, with great power, comes great responsibility. for "good morning america," rob nelson, abc news, new york. and finally, imagine this scenario. you've been invited to the white house. but you need an excuse from class. what do you do? 5-year-old alana was visiting the white house. she decided to get a note from
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the president himself as proof that her absence was legit. there's further evidence, of course. this photo released by the white house photographer, pete sousa, writing that note. allegedly. we don't know. to her kindergarten teacher. >> she is cute. >> the president says it's okay. >> busy guy taking time out for her. >> exactly. time for a check of the weather again. back over to ginger. >> not even a photo is good enough to prove to ron. it's always allegedly. >> until i see the note. >> we know there's a typhoon. we're looking at. soggy here. and taiwan getting prushed by it. this is strong. the strongest. and the baddest weather we can find all the way across the world. it will get to hong kong. we'll be looking for that as we start the workweek. let's talk about this part of the country, though. in boston, where there's some fog. low-lying fog in some places. i want to look at that earthcam
4:14 am
shot. giving an idea of what's going to happen today. you have a cold front coming at you. mild again. a little above average in places. but don't worry, right in time for autumn, it starts tomorrow. good-bye, summer. big waves. 75 today. but behind it, much clearer. buffalo is going to get to 68. pittsburgh, feailing to make it to 70. 66, seattle. 69, portland. minneapolis, sub 50. we'll be looking at the frost a little later. for now, that is the big picture.
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>> i got a little noise here. but it's time to play -- >> name that cloud. >> whoa. >> name that cloud. >> are you ready? here it is. here's the reveal. everybody take a look. get your guessing hats on. we are brainstorming together. what do we have? >> a cloud. >> yes. there are many. >> cotton ball cloud. >> cumulus. >> undulatas. and i have my little wand here. >> if you call me that again. thank you, ginger. we'll turn, now, to a story that could literally save your life. the numbers are alarming. almost 2 million women are physically assaulted in the u.s. every year.
4:16 am
but you don't have to be bigger, stronger, or faster than your attacker to fight back. i learned there are lots of ways to protect yourself, thanks to a former military intelligence officer who is now sharing his secrets. when it comes to defending herself, scarlett johansson's character, black widow, has it covered. for regular women, protecting themselves from harm doesn't come so easily. survive the unthinkable is tim larkin's new book, based on the former military intelligence officer's seminars. the goal, give women the tools they need to protect themselves with confidence. >> what's the best target? the best target is the one you can get. >> reporter: larkin's seminars have women and men of all shapes, sizes, ages and athletic abilities. but women in particular, he says, are often sold short when it comes to learning self-defense. >> the world doesn't care if it's a female elbow or a male
4:17 am
elbow striking the body. both are going to get a result. women are told they have to behave differently. that they're not capable. they'll tell you all the things to prevent. prevent, prevent. >> reporter: in the moment. >> do whatever it takes, dot, dot, dot. instead of giving people an ellipses, i want to give women information how to do that. >> reporter: the key is for women to become more comfortable inflicting violent injury on an attacker. that way, they won't hesitate to act when the time comes. >> once you know how to swim. you don't walk by a pool of water and think of the scenarios. if i fall in this way, i'm going to do a side stroke. if i'm in the water, i'm going to swim. same thing with violence. the throat, solar plexus and the grain. >> reporter: tim gave me a lesson in self-protection. >> protection comes with putting injury in someone that wants to do grievous harm.
4:18 am
>> reporter: not exactly superhero moves. but a step in the right direction. >> i call bianna undulatas. >> we walked into the seminar, it was quiet. people were practicing on each other. that's what he coaches them to do, act like you don't know each other. he doesn't want them to communicate so they can emulate an attack. easier when it's a stranger. >> on a stranger. >> don't mess with bianna. moving on to what can be a tectonic shift in america's breakfast routine. cereal has been the go-to food. that appears to be changing. what's going on here? sara haines has been -- i apologize for this -- digesting the news. it was in the teleprompter. >> the tectonic shift. that was not. there are a lot more choices out there than there used to be. adding that to our busy lifestyles. and that could be recipe for soggy sales.
4:19 am
>> he likes it. hey, mikey. >> reporter: growing up, who could resist a big bowl of your favorite cereal, and your saturday morning cartoons. >> silly rabbit. trix is for kids. >> i'm cuckoo for cocoa puffs. >> reporter: colorful characters made kids happy. while the vitamin-packed nutrition labels made parents happy, too. times have changed. breakfast is getting more and more crowded. so, the trusty box of cereal is not always the go-to option for families on the run. >> my daughter doesn't eat cereal in the morning. >> reporter: cereal sales have fallen. but experts say that doesn't mean the end for our favorite boxed brands. >> these are incredibly sophisticated companies. they see the decline has been gradual. it's not an overnight sensation. they have time to turn this around. >> reporter: general mills says
4:20 am
for their brands, the future isn't soggy. in a statement to abc news, the cereal giant says the number of breakfasts eaten at home in the u.s. is growing, which is good news for cereal. over the long term, the trend in cereal is steady growth. >> they aren't panicking. it's been a gradual decline in volume. now, thinking about what they can do to turn this around. >> people are growing sensitive to sugar content in our food. that could be the issue. plus, the price of some cereals. more than $5 a box. >> we have our favorite cereals here. we're being rude to you folks at home. >> we didn't have froot loops. dan is slumming with cheerio's. >> if i was being honest, i would have had froot loops. we have a new video in this morning, bears stopping traffic. this falls into the don't try this at home category. this is a bear. it has learned how to panhandle
4:21 am
on the highways of central russia. and this, this park ranger. this is not something you should be doing in yosemite. but this guy is feeding a bear a piece of bread. we turned the audio down because they're swearing like pirates in russian, apparently. >> i can translate it. >> apparently, that would violate fcc decency standards. this, you don't -- oh. you do not do it. watch this in slow-mo. he gets away with it there. >> they look young, the bears. they look kind of -- >> their baby teeth are big enough. >> big enough for me. >> right. >> either way. >> oh. >> according to the website i read, that was either malt liquor or -- >> that looked like beer. yes. >> it's almost bad for the bears. you shouldn't feed animals in the wild. >> absolutely not.
4:22 am
bad, bad idea. but fun video to watch. >> very fun. >> we'll stick to our cereal. coming up on "gma," an extraordinary story out of seattle. brothers, twin brothers, behind bars right now, accused of trying to murder their dad. what police say the motive was here. and why the boys' father has a different take on this thing. >> father's reaction, quite shocking. also ahead, pregnant and pumping iron. the extreme bodybuilder who is about to give birth and is still lifting heavy weight. a new study from a clinical psychologist. how you take your coffee apparently says a lot about your personality. >> apparently. >> yes. i'm couching this one on a lot of apparentlies. we'll show you the results on "gma." keep it here. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do.
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pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop! life is dangerous. but i'm not going to stop living it. >> we're talking about extreme workout in the last week of pregnancy, no less. a mom-to-be's routine, praised and panned at the same time. is it safe? or is she at risk of harming herself and her baby? good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. yeah. that's a real baby in there, too. >> i'm sure i -- >> no. no. >> sara haines. is it a food baby? >> i've had some of those. lasagna in there. >> exactly. good morning, everybody. i'm dan harris, alongside bianna golodryga and a cast of thousands here. it's saturday, september 21st. i can't introduce you to everybody. >> we're thinking about foot. >> everybody is self-conscious.
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coming up on the broadcast, on the day before the emmy awards, neil patrick harris dropping a new hints about what he has up his sleeve. how one mom is leveraging her daughter's love for one direction to dole out a very public punishment. we're going to start this half hour with an extraordinary family drama. twin brothers, locked up right now and charged with trying to kill their dad. a man they lived and worked with. >> prosecutors say the sons were fed up with their dad. but wait until you hear what the father has to say about this. aditi roy joins us with the details. hey, aditi. >> reporter: good morning, bianna and dan. that father is standing by his sons. bill says he will not abandon his children. but investigators say his twins have confessed to trying to burn their father alive. >> i don't like it. it hurts my heart. it hurts me as a person. >> reporter: bill bledsoe's lungs are healing from smoke inhalation. but it's heart that's hurting
4:32 am
more, after police say his twin sons tried to kill him. his home and business, charred from a fire investigators say 25-year-old calleb and joshua bledsoe set while they're father was sleeping. the brothers live and work with their dad. >> probably not the easiest guy to live with. but i'm probably not the easiest guy to work for. >> reporter: in court documents, police say the twins agree. according to investigators, during a confession, the twins said their father is, quote, difficult to live with and work for. the brothers were also quoted as saying, they initially grabbed a shotgun and thought they would bury their father in a hole before allegedly deciding to set the fire. >> that's what they told me. but i have a hard time believing that. you can ask anybody in this town. we have a real close relationship. >> reporter: bledsoe is fiercely loyal to his sons. even after documents say firefighters found an improvised explosive, a fuel canister that
4:33 am
had shotgun shells taped to it. >> my sons called 911. if they wanted to burn me up or make me a piece of bacon, why wouldn't they have put the gas on the bed? >> reporter: investigators believe the evidence is stronger than a father's faith. >> my boys are my boys. and i'll never abandon them and not support them. >> reporter: the twins are scheduled to be arraigned at the end of the month. they're being held on $1 million bail on suspicion of first-degree attempted homicide, first-degree arson and possession of improvised explosives. an incredible story. >> and the fact that the father seems to be so forgiving. aditi, thank you. let's get another check of the morning's top stories with ron. hey, ron. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, just nine days left until the federal government officially runs out of money. and congressional democrats and republicans, they're still battling over president obama's health care reform law. house republicans voting to defund so-called obama care.
4:34 am
senate democrats say they will remove the provision to take away health care reform when they vote some time next week. allegiance air has groupend half of its fleet of aircraft. the move will likely cause flight delays and in some cases, cancellations in the next few days. and the new video game, grand theft auto has shattered sales records, earning over $1 billion in the first three days. take two interactive soft ware, the company behind the game, claims that's the fastest any entertainment property has reached that milestone. and finally, the tampa bay rays and the baltimore orioles played friday. in a game that took nearly seven hours. it finally did end. the longest game ever played by either franchise. 21 pitchers used by the 2 teams combined, setting a new major
4:35 am
league record. and for those keeping track at home, such as dan harris, tampa won that game. >> seven hours. >> seven hours. >> how many people were left in the stands? >> about 21,000 when they started. probably half that. >> got their money's worth. >> one way of looking at it. like shooting 100 in golf, right? >> they cut it off after the seventh inning. i've heard. time, now, for the weather. running late. over to you, ginger. >> don't take my time, ron. we start with beautiful sun-kissed buildings in atlanta. 17-straights of dry weather. that's changing. watch as the cold front pushes through. some flooding rains in parts of new orleans, mississippi, will be watching all that. even the florida panhandle. but numbers like 76 in atlanta for a high. tallahassee, closer to 90. in the northeast, fall coming in and sticking. look at this. new york city dropped to 69 by monday. boston, mid-60s.
4:36 am
the numbers will tumble, as we go into fall. and the foliage is starting to change. it looks like it. let me show you parts of minnesota. this is the part you have to love. even if you didn't want to say good-bye to summer. you have to. fall officially starting before 4:00 a.m. here on the east coast, right before 5:00. p.m., i'm sorry, in the afternoon. >> this weather report has been brought to you by party city. don't you love the fall foliage? >> it's beautiful. >> like ginger the tough love. you might be missing the summer. but say good-bye, anyway. deal with it, viewers. thank you, ginger. coming up on the broadcast,
4:37 am
light and sweet or bold and bitter? look deeply into your cup of coffee this morning. it could say a lot about your personality. and is this healthy? almost nine months pregnant and pumping iron. the buzz over one woman's extreme workout.
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well -- >> sorry. yes. nothing. carry on. >> you were getting excited. >> yeah. >> lots of women feel big and bloated in the last months of pregnancy. just moving around can be a chore. i understand. i know that. >> nothing but my sympathy. and there's one woman in california staying unusually active in her final week. pumping iron and stirring up a storm of comments online. reena ninan is here with details. >> did you workout during your pregnancy? >> i did. but not that. >> i ran. i got weird looks at the gym. but i run like a baby elephant when i'm not pregnant. that could be it. every woman wants to feel good about herself, especially when you're pregnant. but for one expecting mom, is getting a lot of attention, for continuing with a workout routine she says makes her feel good. they are the images generating a lot of buzz on the internet. a 33-week pregnant california
4:42 am
woman, lifting 75 pounds for exercise. >> weightlifting is not -- it's not a joke. it's not for knnewbies. at 20 years old, le-ann ellison started weight lifting competition. lifting as much as 190 pounds before her pregnancy. seen here in these facebook pictures, hoisting just 75 pounds, out an abundance of caution. photos generating more than 16,000 comments. some people in supportive awe. a superstrong inspiring woman. you go, girl. you look great. others say, that is incredibly dangerous. wow. i would not put my baby in danger. >> things have changed in a lot in terms of what women can do in exercise. so, weightlifting is okay. there's some limitations. this woman is somebody who has been doing this for a long time.
4:43 am
>> reporter: there are many women who continue exercising during pregnancy. this 27-year-old woman ran in a chicago marathon at 39 weeks. and gave birth hours later ellison says she refuses to be shamed into stopping what she loves. >> it's acceptable and healthy for the baby if you continue doing what your body is used to. >> reporter: for now, she plans on sticking with her favorite workout routine. >> life is dangerous. but i'm not going to stop living it. >> reporter: doctors say never lift weights laying down. and don't start anything you haven't done before your pregnancy. it's really the past four or five years that the research on exercising while pregnant has changed. >> that's the key. don't start something that you haven't done before. >> exactly. >> what do they say about running like a baby elephant? is it good or bad? >> never do it on television. >> that's your next segment.
4:44 am
thanks. coming up on "good morning america," the whole new direction for some one direction tickets. a mother's tough love to teach her daughter a lesson. [ laughs ] up high! up high! [ sighs ] [ chuckles ] yo, give it up, dude! up high... ok. up high... ok. high! up high!!! ok ok that's getting pretty old. don't you have any useful apps on that thing? who do you think i am, quicken loans? [ chuckles ] at quicken loans,
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4:49 am
choreograph choreographers. harris has left another clue. he's been watching a lot of reality tv lately. expect some seriously unserious zi zingers. i love him. and talk about tough love. a mom selling one direction tickets online to publicly shame her daughter in a story that rocketed to number one on redit. a phenomenon is auctioning tickets s on ebay. the tickets skyrocketed. but the seller ended the listing. the mom fumed in an open letter, you may hate me now. but i don't care. it's my job to raise a responsible adult. not nurture bad habits in my teenage child. >> good for her. >> a lot of parents didn't have that in our time. right? to be able to do that to us. i want to go to new kids on the block, mom. >> new kids on the block. >> i feel that's a re-enactment
4:50 am
of an actual conversation. >> and i didn't go. who says cats can't fly? you can if you're hello kitty. eva airlines offering three flights a week from taipei to los angeles. ginger, take it. >> you can cuddle up with a catnap with hello kitty pillows. and make use of the hello kitty toilet paper. the airline chairman dreamed up the idea to make flying fun. >> hello kitty. >> in airlines, i never heard of. is that a big airline? >> you do now. and dan has a flight booked. what does the coffee we drink say about us? according to a clinical psychologist, black coffee drinkers are no nonsense people. latte drinkers are neurorattic and difficult to please. and cappuccino drinkers are obsessive and controlling. what kind of coffee do you
4:51 am
drink? i like my coffee with cream and stevia. silke cruz likes hers with hazel nut or caramel creamer every day. and caramel-colored, with cream and a little sugar. >> yeah. >> those are real people. but this study, just take it with a grain of salt or cream. >> give her a laugh on that one? >> do i come across as neurotic? i'm a latte drinker. >> that's a longer discussion. we'll be right back, though. >> you think i am? >> well -- >> han doesn't coffee. been our priority. our priority is, was and always will be serving you, the american people. so we improved priority mail flat rate to give you a more reliable way to ship. now with tracking up to eleven scans, specified delivery dates, and free insurance up to $50 all for the same low rate.
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4:56 am
>> not true. >> borderline. >> our favorite cereals, the coffee we drink, pregnant women can lift weights. it's been a whirlwind of an hour. thank you for watching abc news. we're always online at on yahoo! and we'll see you tomorrow morning.
4:57 am
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>> good morning, everything. i'm katie marzullo. it is 5:00 a.m.. we will start with a quick first look at the weather. it will be a foggy one today. meteorologist lisa argen is here. good morning. >> good are morning. here's a live look at doppler 7hd. a little cloud cover and rain activity to the north. plenty. low level moisture allowing for mild numbers and mist and drizzle out there. temperatures are in the 60s everywhere. san jose 65. mid-50s san francisco. 65 by the delta. and the actual area of low pressure still offshore. so it will allow for the rain to increase from about 8:00 this morning to about noontime. here we are around 9:00 and you can see more shower activity along the heart of the bay.


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