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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 24, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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right now, crews battling a large house fire in the east bay hills, sky 7 hd was overhead, firefighters tried to keep it from spreading but, the flames did jump to a nearby home. good afternoon, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> i'm carolyn johnson. the fire started in a two-story home in piedmont about a mile east of highway 13. it began around 2:30 this afternoon. the fire department is helping
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piedmont fire, but despite efforts it has spread. >> nobody is hurt. we'll continue to follow the story on the air and twitter on abc 7 news bay area. >> we do have high fire danger. >> we have clear skies, dry, gusty wind pattern partly responsible for the fire weather watch in effect from wednesday night into friday. and gusts of 45-50 miles per hour. over the highest peaks in the bay area. mainly higher terrain, relative humidity under 30% which is fairly low.
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looking live towards the bay bridge, readings 65 in san flan -- san francisco. 64 half moon bay. another live view looking from our east bay hills camera, western sky, beautiful blue skies right now. temperatures mid to upper 70s to novato. antioch, concord and livermore, one more live view looking over san francisco. just a few little wisps of low clouds moving through this, evening, mainly clear skies. cool but sunny at the beginning of the day. breezy, gusting wintsdz -- winds at times. high temperatures mid-70s inland. i'll have a look at day as head later. >> thank you, spencer, happening now in southern california there is a brush fire grown to 250 acres burning in the san gabriel mountains northeast of los angeles.
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right now, no homes are threatened. and evacuation orders have been lifted. cause is under investigation. >> we have new video this afternoon, police looking for the person seen punching a grocery store manager in this video at the safeway on bankroft avenue. abc 7 news is there live for us. heather? >> police say the 51-year-old victim is in serious to, critical condition. they have a very good view of what happened. they can't hear what words were exchanged and haven't been able to speak to the victim yet. a motive is still unknown. here is a look at the punch. it happened quickly. people around them didn't realize what happened at first. so, backing up the surveillance video a few
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minutes, the suspect is seen wandering up and down and at one point passes just almost directly in front of a surveillance camera and pauses for just a moment looking in either direction. the manager who had been checking people outcomes out from the check out lanes they crossed paths and have a brief exchange, and then, the punch, out of the blue, probably when the victim hit the ground it was a contributing injury. the suspect just took off. he did not take anything from the store with him. one co-worker tells us the manager has been here three years. they're just trying to figure out which they can talk to the victim warks led up to the punch. >> as best we can tell, very little exchanged didn't look like they have much dialogue.
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it's one strike and he fell to the ground. he's in serious condition. >> he is a good guy. he. >> police are confident the suspect can be easily identified if only a person gets a chance to look at the video. safeway saying they're deeply concerned about the co-worker and they are rallying around the family to support the family and working with law enforcement if you think you know something you're asked to contact police you can find that link on our web site abc 7 >> pleasanton police spent the day questioning high school students about the violent beating of david lamont.
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it left a 51-year-old man in a coma. laura anthony joins us live with the latest on developing news. laura? >> police think they've identified and are not calling them suspects at this time. in the meantime, david lamont's family wants them to get better. >> we have a very good man to deserve anything bad happening to him oo. with her husband, david lamont snil a coma, agnes lamont wants those police to find those responsible for beating the father of two outside of his home. >> he is such a loved person. and he's such a good person. he does so much to try to make our community better to make life good for his family. and we're in so much pain.
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>> the information led to identity of several involved party autos police will only say they're interviewing several persons of interest, young people from the area's two high schools. to see what they might know about the attack that left lamont with severe head injuries. >> i will say persons of interest who attend both of our local high schools. >> he did not want his face shown, one neighbor told police he saw a brown suv leaving about the same time as the attack. >> i saw a gold or a metallic brown suv drive down the street and i thought i saw activity or movement in the back of the vehicle. >> anyone with information is asked to call pleasanton police n pleasanton, abc 7 news.
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>> police say a driver was killed when two teens slammed into his car. here, you can see it near ban kroft and 68th avenue. police arrested two teenagers at the scene them say those same two justifiered shots in the area. >> police are looking for a senior citizen missing since last night. last seen around 7:00 p.m. his family is worried because he has severe memory loss and can only speak cantonese, he likes to visit japantown, and inner richmond district. contact police if you have any information or if you see this man. >> talking about the america's cup right now this could go down as greatest come back in that race's history. team usa tied it up. >> it's amazing. larry ellison's catamaran literally looked dead in the water but the team stormed back to tie it up with just
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one race left. wayne freedman joins us live now. >> it is a come back, people who know yacht racing are calling this epic. >> those are the last words we heard. kiwis debilitated by two fouls at the start. from then on, team oracle never looked back there, they're alone at the finish except for fans, today's second race more surprising. kiwis won start this time, they took a large lead until the third leg, then a moment of hesitation, a decision to not cross. >> after that, oracle boat accelerated past.
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>> we're going to win this. >> it's history and unfolding right here on san francisco bay tomorrow. the final race after all of the months of preparation and racing and all of the millions of dollars spent all of it comes down to one race at 1:15 on san francisco bay, winner takes all. >> remember, oracle started playing in the competition because they were penalized so they had a long climb back >> mood yam president i intend to speak in opposition to obama care, i intend to speak in support of defunding obama care until i am no longer able to stand.
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>> cruz supports a bill which has no chance of passing the senate. the bill funds the government past september 30th. cruz is urging fellow senators to block the measure before the senate which does not defund obama care. the freshman senator's speech is not technically a filibuster but cruz can't snoopt from holding a test bill tomorrow, democrats say the vote is going to happen. >> the fight for his health care law means joint appearances now. the two appeared together to discuss the law during a session sponsored by the former president's foundation. >> in three years, just as we started doing this, health care costs dropped for the fir time in 50 years. 50 years. >> what we're saying is just look for yourself. take a look at it. you will discover that this is
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a good deal for you. >> the joint appearance comes one week after people without insurance can start signing up, at 6:00 we'll let you know what you need to do in this state to get health insurance and help you might be able to get to pay for it. >> at 4:00 deplate flait waig to start your day. what caused a dozen cars to get flat tires on the freeway. >> and protecting california children from themselves. new at 4:30 major steps increasing internet safeguards. >> a look at the afternoon commute. traffic on the right heading towards berkeley. it's gridlock in both directions. back with more on
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because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. sky 7 hd shows us the piece of metal the damaged more than a dozen cars along the nimitz freeway. drivers say the object fell off a truck ask damaged their cars along southbound 8806789 one car sprung an oil leak after hitting an object. several trucks removed damaged vehicles. patrol looking for the vehicle autos new details and why facebook could be available in china. >> emily chang is here with this afternoon's after the bell report. hi, emily. >> good afternoon, larry,
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carolyn. well, twitter is the most high profile tech ipo now, we're getting asian indications of where twitter may lift the share. the person with knowledge tells bloomberg twitter with its lifting of the new york stock exchaempk. a final decision has not been made yes. china may be on the verge after loug limited access to web sites currently banned in the country a cording to the south china morning post chinese government may allow access to facebook, twitter and "new york times" within the planned shanghai freed trade zone. those facebook and "new york times" tell bloomberg west they're aware of the report but won't comment beyond that. applied materials, the world's largest chip making supplier agreed to buy tokyo electron for nearly $9.4 billion in stock. the largest deal from outside
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of the country in six years coming when pc sales plummeted and tablets and smart phone sales are soaring. u.s. stocks closed mixed today with dow and s and p falling for a fourth day on concerns over budget talks. your bloomberg silicon valley index closing higher as applied materials shares gained more than 9%. and aerial ceo tells of a conference the tv streaming service has seen ten-fold customer growth anoupgs it's expanding to four new cities in texas, ohio and indiana. the service has drawn lawsuits from broadcast networks. larry, carolyn, back to you. >> thank you. we can see it's just a beautiful day out there today. >> yes. >> cool, crisp, sunny skies going to be again, tomorrow, winds may be a factor tomorrow
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in the final race we shall see. >> too much wind? >> maybe too much. >> yes. >> maybe too much. we'll see. it's going to -- gusty conditions will be with us through tomorrow, let's take a look at live doppler 7. you can see sunny skies from coast to inland. and we've got gusts 41 miles per hour at sfo. 31 miles per hour gusts at novato and nappa. 28 miles per hour gusts across the bay in hayward. 36 in oakland. around the area, it's windy, breezy to windy. towards ocean beach, low clouds around, forecast features tomorrow will be coolest day for seven day period. warmer, drier weather throughout the skbeekd a nir weather watch in effect because of the strong dry winds that will be blowing down from north. satellite shows a passage of the weak, dry cold fronltd, i
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should say. swinging through the bay area is bringing us cool, very breezy to gusty conditions. so during overnight hours, we'll see winds continuing to be rather brisk. then, area of high pressure sets up to our north by thursday. so going turn warmer, overnight tonight gusts will be strong, we'll see winds gusting over 25 miles per hour in many bay area elections and certainly along the coast. so overnight tonight, mainly clear skies, mid 50s and lower in the north bay valleys dropping to about 49. then, tomorrow, sunny skies in the south bay. highs from upper 60s to low 70s.
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low 60s on the coast and breezy. downtown 65 degrees tomorrow. upper 60s on the east bay, low to mid-70s inland east bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. we start warming up thursday, then, saturday, sunld, monday, tuesday, mid-80s inland. so nice warm weather coming back for the first full weekend of fall. >> there we go. >> yes. >> up next actress leah remeny does not dance around her feelings for the church of scientology. >> putting kids and teens to sleep. helping young people get a good night's rest.
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actress lee remeni broke tie was the church of scientology after more than 30 years and she is now one of the most high profile celebrity defectors. she cited escalating tension and frustration and claims the controversial church is rooting against her in the dance competition. >> so scared to be myself, we're used to taking a lot of negativity on your self.
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church is looking for me to fail so they can say to their parishioners do you see what happened when you leaves the church? >> a skyin tolling responded saying quote, we can care less if she wins or lose autos the format is different. the dancing and eliminations take place on one night. >> larry thought this would save him embar yabsment 6 making incorrect predictions. >> i was hoping it would let me skate but it doesn't work that way. >> we'll start with the best dancer in the group this, is surprising. amber riley she's terrific. >> she just won an emmy for her role on "glee".
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>> this is actually week two here. >> amazing. >> yes. >> a couple to contend with, brant and peta. if you teenager girls at home you know this, he's the dreamy guy. right? >> this seems like he's moving. >> the audience was houling but thought her feet was pigeon toed. >> how can you see it? >> even through the dry ice. >> here is the fun dance. they're doing the paso doble. the crowd chanting "bill, bill!". props guy gets thumbs up.
4:26 pm
if you watch him dance rg he looks like einstein having a seizure. he does. >> so mean he is remarkably popular. >> he s and his 17 points were good enough to advance. >> that is because of the audience voting. >> well, like your daughter, your kids are home voting 100 times. logan loves the science guy. so who is going home? keyshawn just throw me the damn ball johnson almost dropped his partner so he's goingñr to samba back to espn and have to deal with a lot of abuse, i can assure you. >> he was much better this week than last. talking about the way voting works is that the viewers voted and didn't get to see this performance and vote on this one. >> i don't think it would have mattered. next week, a comedian going to get the heave ho.
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>> we'll dmek and see if you're right. >> probably not. >> still to come president ob yaum why address to un general assembly. why he did not meet with the new president of iran. >> closing arguments in the michael jackson case. the singer's family points the finger of blame. >> and the job fair exformt help a segment. community that hasn't seen for all those who sleep too hot or too cool, and struggle to sleep comfortably together, now there's a solution. the company that individualized your comfort with the sleep number bed brings you sleep number dual temp, the revolutionary temperature-balancing layer with active air technology that works on any mattress brand, including yours. whether you sleep hot or cool, sleep number dual temp allows each of you to select your ideal temperature. so you can both sleep exactly the way you like at your own perfect temperature.
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>> the stage set for what would have been a historic meeting at the united nations today between president obama and the new president of iran. the white house reached out, but then, the meeting never happened. marcy gonzales explains why, and the message mr. obama had for the un general assembly. >> in the halls of the uc assembly, the newly elected president of ire yawn opting not to meet despite a historic change in tone. >> ire yawn, absolutely no threat to the world or the region. >> president obama sharing
4:31 pm
cautious optimism about moving forward to ease longstanding tensions with iran. >> i do believe if we can resolve the issue of ire yawn's -- iran's nuke program that can serve as an important step. >> also pressuring the un security council to mandate consequences if syria doesn't follow through with a plan to hand over chemical weapon autos when america's core perfect trs are not directly threatened we stand ready to do our part to prevent mass atrocities and protect basic human rights but cannot, and should not bear that burden alone. >> the president calling world leaders to take risks in order to ease conflict in the middle east. and again, advocating a two-state solution. >> the time is now right for the entire international community to get behind the
4:32 pm
pursuit of peace. >> he is directing john kerry to pursue a nuclear agreement with iran. kerry scheduled to meet with iran's foreign minister thursday. >> kenya president says the four day standoff is now forever at a mall. in a address to the nation today, president kenyata says the situation is under control. troops killed five attackers and arrested 11 other suspects. a somali based al qaeda affiliate claimed responsibility. attackers have not been officially identified. witnesses say it was well coordinated. >> he was just dressed in something when you see blood on smen uls, you know it could
4:33 pm
be you. >> body still trapped in the rubble. officials say 61 civilians were killed in the attack. >> officials say 39 people have been killed by a powerful earthquake. the quake sent office workers fleeing into the streets. 200 miles away from the epi center. troops and supplies being rushed to the provence where the quake was centered. officials investigate wlg it created a small island off pakistan's southern coast. >> former pope benedict made first comments since stepping down in february. an italian newspaper published a letter, denying he tried to cover up sexual abuse of children by roman catholic priests. the letter discusses everything from evolution to
4:34 pm
theology. >> the michael jackson wrongful death lawsuit about to go to the jury nearly five months after the trial began. the family attorney presented his closing arguments today in los angeles tring to convince jurors that the concert promoteor is responsible for hiring the doctor conrad murray and therefore, responsible for the death. >> they had numerous meetings with him, they called him and they said stay in your lane dr. murray. snai your lane. >> in 2011 a separate jury found him guilty of voluntary manslaughter. damages in this case could run into billions. a sum meant to reflect what jackson could have earned if still alive. >> the saying that a rising
4:35 pm
tide raises all boats turning out not to be true as far as the economy is concerned. jobless rate has fallen, it remains in double digit ndz some communities. david louie joins us live now in east palo alto. >> east palo alto is bee secretaried -- by secretarie secretaried -- so residents see them going work every day. >> a lot of hours being cut back. and that means less money. >> so it gets hard. >> shamika banks is typical of the employees here, under employed. postal service is here with a category of full time work but more temp jobs that may, or may not lead to permanent job autos permanent jobs for auto mechanic, then a lot of temporary jobs that can lead
4:36 pm
to career. our carriers clerks. and our custodians. >> this job fair san exformt help a community that hasn't seen signs of a recovery. mayor is glad to see seven employers here. >> get employers to step forward more and communities like ours to help. otherwise, it's in the healthy to not allow communities to get up and >> she's doing what she can. the biggest concern is people giving up on looking for a job. >> we lose the job skills you had. you don't stay trained. and... there becomes almost
4:37 pm
lethargy to go back to wok. >> jonathan is only a few weeks into the search encouraged by what he sees here. >> i feel like there is not a business hiring people. i would love to live where i work. >> still to come how easy is it to break a $400,000 sports car in half. we'll show when you we come back. >> i'm spencer christian. looking live lake tahoe, blue skies over the lake and here in the bay area as well. how long will this lovely weather hold up? i'll have the accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> and taking a look at the mcarthur mairkz you can see cars making their way off of that 580 interchange on to 80. that heavy traffic on the left side of the screen just creeping towards berkeley now perhaps a little bit better for drivers heading into the maze and also, on the far left, far right side of the screen. abc 7 news at
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climate experts expected to issue a report saying they're 95% certain humans are mostly to blame for global warming. how certain is that? top scientists they're just about as sure of climate change than of the age of the universe or cigarettes can kill you z more certain about climate change than vit
4:41 pm
minutes are healthy. one scientist saying they boost certainty in areas regarding global warming to 99%. which i believe is spencer's accuracy. >> i'm not sure about that. spencer, do you care to win weigh? >> you're a little bit low hoo. saer look at live doppler 7 hd. tomorrow, i know there used be lining up east. dry from northeast and pleasant but a large area of showers up in the northwestern quadrant of the nation. and state wide down through central valley, cool with and
4:42 pm
here in the bay area, a sunny, pleasant day, highs ranging from about 60 to 63 on the coast to only low to mid-70s mildest inland locations. a pleasant day tomorrow, a bit on the cool side, strong winds from time to time but a warm up by the weekend if you like warm weather, you'll probably love the weekend. >> abc 7 news team has that. >> yes. >> take a look at this $400,000 lamborghini breaking in half. it went viral. look at that. the crash happened when a car tried to nul a driveway in front of the lamborghini. we're told the driver survived. >> yikes. >> well, it's no smoke screen a'd at 4:00 cracking down on
4:43 pm
electronic cigarettes. legal efforts being waged and dozens of states. >> why chances of getting good tickets about to get a lot better
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california attorney general is among 40 state attorneys general urging the fda to regulate those electronic cigarettes. the devices heat liquid nicotine into a vapor. they're unregulated in a letter sent today, state attorneys general claim e-cigarettes are being marketed to children and they're addictive. >> checking healthy living news, more research about the healing powers of marriage. harvard researchers say marriage can increase odds of surviving the 10 most common forms of cancer and found it proved more beneficial than chemo they area i and married cancer patients are 20% less likely to die from cancer,
4:47 pm
researchers expect social support from spouses may play a role in this, last week another report suggested marry pemd have fewer complications after angioplasty than single people. researchers in uc berkeley trying to help young night owls sleep going to try to change bed time habits of kids who are sleep deprived, they're between 10 or 18 and all have emotional, social or academic problems. researchers will use meditation, yoga or soaking up nature, all kids will have owe give up their electronics before bed time. >> four time nba champ shaquille o'neal is a member of the kings not making a come back he's an investor. the team introduced him as a part owner. the kings almost moved to anaheim then almost moved to seattle. espn ranked kings worst franchise in pro sports. today shaq address add that
4:48 pm
distinction. >> they ranked us the worst. there is no such word as worser so he can only get better. >> interesting former laker 49ers taking on programs thursday night. you can watch here on abc 7. we'll have special 49ers day contests on abc 7 as well as on our facebook page and on twitter. >> this is frustrating best seats are always gone before they go on sale. >> there is a new fwhail should help. >> ticket brokers have it figured out using ticket buying software to snatch up best seats within seconds of
4:49 pm
the tickets going on sale. the bill signed this week would make using it punishable up to six months in jail. civil fines up to $2500. the new law gos into affect january 1 f you're planning to fly for the holidays the best advice i can give you is to buy your tickets now. analysis predicts you have until mid october before prices go way up. last year, air lines raised thanksgiving fares 17% after mid october. travel for christmas and new year's went up 51 and 25% each. for christmas, the closer you fly december 25th including december 25th blg, the less
4:50 pm
expensive flights. new year's travelers should catch a flight as close to january as possible if they want the cheapest fare autos if you use online reviews, universities of illinois says about 30% of online reviews are fakes for some products. people are paid from 3ss today $50 for fake reviews one reviewer says she was paid $4 a fake review. she read one of her reviews to abc news. >> they started working right away and in a few hours later i had a beautiful trance formed bathtub and tile. i love it. >> have you ever renovated a bathroom? >> no. i'm 17. >> the new york attorney general issued fines from 2500ses today just under $100,000 to 19 companies. this was announced today who paid for these reviews. san francisco based yelp says it's a tough battle to keep
4:51 pm
cons and even 17-year-old as way from their site. many consumers may be buying counterfeit brands without knowing it. tonight had you to spot fakes from real thing. >> that reviews business is hard to figure out. >> coming up next protecting teens. safeguards serving as an eraser button for kids. >> i'm dan ashley. coming up at 5:00 a warning to for people boarding their pets before heading out of town. workers tipping off thieves who target empty homes z everyone calls her the saint. a woman changed the face of a community is moving on. those stories and more for you coming up at 5:00.
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join us for abc 7 news at 11:00. you zront miss a moment on our feature let's you watch on your computer, tablet or smart fochblt for nor information go to abc 7 for see it on tv. >> it takes view gleerz a secret intelligence organization tracking down those with super power autos now we're in a world where a lot of thing that's shield has been keeping secret from population are out of the bag. >> there is a lot of deep emotion. but it's an adventure story. >> by the way the show's creator wrote and directed avengers you can watch the season premier tonight at 8:00 right here on abc 507 supposed to be good. >> yes. >> once posted online, it's usually there forever. >> a law is designed to
4:56 pm
protect minors but giving them option to erase regrettable posts. >> this 18-year-old took to the internet in high school z trash talk aid teacher online. >> he didn't know what he was doing. he just didn't, i didn't learn anything from that class. >> teenagers putting pictures and comments on the internet they shouldn't got a lot of publicity when 300 kids crashed former nfl plyer brian holloway's home, tweeting selfies and causing 20,000s ndz dachblgt beginning in 2015 minors in the golden state will be able to tell web site operators to take down those postings so the digital footprints don't haunt them for their lives. california will be the first state in the nation to have this law. this social media expert says
4:57 pm
it's like having an eraser button. >> they're going to go on to apply for jobs and as a result, they want to make sure they're presenting themselves professionally. >> many sites allow users to delete postings but many do not. governor brown says he signed a measure to take a tool away from kids. >> kids are now bullied online, they can go to the provider of online materials and take it down. now there is a process to make that possible. >> opponents like the center for democracy don't like some sites may not understand whether this california law applies to them. and they ban kids from their sites but make he
4:58 pm
was a minor when he did it. >> i want that down asap. it might catch up with me, you never know. >> it's embarrassing post is put up by someone else, it's not covered under the new law. >> and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> the news at 5:00 begins right now. >> new, new numbers, new hope, encouraging news about breast cancer rates if the bay area. >> everyone calls her the saint. a woman changed the face of a community decides to move on. >> looking at pleasant weather we do have a fire weather watch. i'll give you a look in just a moment. >> marin county long had one of the highest rates of breast cancer in the united states.
4:59 pm
tonight that unfortunate disstix appears over. good evening, there seems to be progress with breast cancer prevention and after years of having high rates, marin seeing number goes down now. >> fewer marin county women are dying of breast cancer than ever before. it's not that they're getting screened more often, itd appears it has to do with what many women stop doing 10 years ago. >> it always baffled me. >> there is a reason why many marin county women are concerned about breast cancer. in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the rate peaked but researchers say in 2003, something happened which may have changed this trend. >> around 2003, as women began to discontinue post menopausal
5:00 pm
hormone use we saw a decrease in incidents of rates. >> in 2003, the womens health initiative first reported a link between combination hormone replacement therapy and breast cancer. janice barlow is with zero breast cancer a san rafael nonprofit and says millions of women in america listened to those media reports. >> so when information is make personal decision autos since then, incidents and rates continued to drop in marin county for white, nonhispanic women. according to the marin county health and human services there was a 13% drop from the five year period 1996 to 2000 to the five-year period ending in 2010. >> something hereditary.


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