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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 25, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking right now, one tea party senator's all-night marathon fight against the president, in a blockbuster speech on capitol hill. >> i do not like green eggs and ham. i do not like them, sam i am. >> ted cruz has been going 16 hours. can he really reverse the president's health care bill. new overnight, the battle over rear-view cameras. families filing a major lawsuit against the government for not making it a law for all cars to have back up cameras. 15,000 injured each year. mostly children. the comeback kid. the incredible winner-takes-all showdown today in one of sport's biggest races. as fast as the wind in $100 million boats. will team usa pull out a cinderella story on the high seas?
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♪ why do you build me up cruise control. the guy who has so many people singing together, on the world's busiest freeway. how being stuck in endless l.a. traffic is finally fun, with everyone in tune. ♪ i need you more than anyone darling ♪ >> all i can say is somewhere diane sawyer is smiling. that's her favorite song. remember, she had a music video to it? >> everybody sang that. >> can we see that? >> yeah. >> if there's a god in heaven we'll be seeing that, soon. >> made a lot of people happy in l.a. we're going to get to that in a little bit. we have a lot of news to get to this morning. >> we certainly do. we have new details how the terrorists pulled off their massive attack at the upscale mall in kenya. renting a store where they stashed their weapons and planned their attack.
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let's get right to that. mr. smith goes to washington moment for the tea party right now. there you see the texas senator, ted cruz, has been holding the senate floor since just after 2:00 yesterday afternoon, all to show how much he wants to block president obama's health care law from taking hold next week. and abc's jeff zeleny tracking it all night long. good morning, jeff. you look okay. >> reporter: good morning, george. this freshman firebrand from texas is really holding an all-night crusade. but this is no ordinary policy debate. he talked about dr. seuss. and in the wee night hour, he even invoked the reality show "duck dynasty." let's take a look. >> most americans could not give a flying flip about politicians in washington. who cares? almost all of us are in cheap shows with bad hair cuts. i will embarrassingly admit that i took the coward's way out. and so, went and purchased some black tennis shoes. i'm a big fan of eating white castle burgers. redneck rule number one, most
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things can be fixed with duct tape and extension cords. do you like green eggs and ham? i do not like them, sam i am. i do not like green eggs and ham. thank you. thank you, sam i am. >> reporter: and there the senator's daughter getting a little good night from their dad from the senate floor. you have to get creative on these long speeches. jeff, we know he's not going to be able to block the president's health care bill from becoming law. does not have the support for that. but this does increase the chance of a government shutdown on monday. >> it does, george. and largely because time is running out. this debate stretching out all night long, means the vote by the senate won't happen until the weekend. the government shutdown could start as early as tuesday morning. and all of this talking has done nothing to prevent that. >> not any closer. okay. jeff zeleny, thanks very much. now to president obama at the u.n. and the talk this morning about what did not happen. the iranian president, deciding not to shake president obama's
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hand. good to have abc's jon karl here, traveling with the president, of course. >> it's great to be back. there was no handshake. but the new iranian president is here on a major charm offensive. all week in new york, he's supreme courting directly to the american people, stepping away from his predecessor's most controversial comments, and saying he wants better relations with the united states. in an interview with cnn's christiane amanpour, iranian president hassan rouhani broke into english. and made an appeal directly to the american people. >> i bring peace and friendship from iranians to americans. >> reporter: just a year ago, a different iranian president came to new york, denying the holocaust ever happened. rouhani seemed to back away from that. >> translator: any crime that happens in history against humanity, including the crime the nazis created towards the jews, is reprehensible and condemnable.
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>> reporter: elected just three months ago, rouhani calls himself a moderate and says he wants better ties with the west. in a sign that warmer ties only go so far, rouhani rebuffed an offer from president obama to meet for what would have been a highly symbolic and historic handshake. >> translator: i believe we didn't have sufficient time to really coordinate the meeting. >> reporter: hand shake or not, president obama used his speech at the u.n. to suggest an historic move to improve ties with one of america's dangerous adversaries could be in the works. >> i don't believe this difficult history can be overcome overnight. the suspicions run too deep. but i do believe that if we can resolve the issue of iran's nuclear program, that can serve as a major step down a long road towards a different relationship. >> reporter: the handshake or not, the u.s. and iran are poised to make a little history tomorrow. secretary of state john kerry is
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scheduled to meet with the iranian leaders to kick off a new round of talks on iran's nuclear program. it's the first time we've had a secretary of state talk to the iranians about their nuclear program. >> it's a little history. it's a bit. >> great to have you here. thank you. now, to the terrorist attack in kenya. the latest death toll at 61. dozens still missing. three days of national mourning set to begin for the victims. and there are big questions this morning about the identities of the attackers as we learn more about the amazing survival stories as well. alex marquardt is on the ground. good morning, alex. >> reporter: there were gunshots coming from the mall again this morning. a government spokesman said it was troops going from room-to-room, to clear it out. and this morning, there's dramatic new information about how the attackers planned the attack on the mall from inside for months. the aftermath of the siege. forensics teams are now scouring the rubble for the bodies of civilians and terrorists, buried after three floors of the mall collapsed.
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as kenyan troops cleared the mall on tuesday, black plumes of smoke rose amid loud explosions and bursts of gunfire. this morning, we're learning more about how the terrorists pulled off the attack. for three months, they operated a store inside the mall, where they may have stashed weapons. from there, they were able to carry out reconnaissance and study the building's layout. it's believed some of the attackers packed a change of clothes. to slip out with the fleeing masses. there are stunning stories and images of survival. this family, playing dead until a plain clothes police officer comes to their rescue. today, we're hearing from a survivor who said he spoke with the gunman. >> he asked, is this your woman? i said, yes. yes, she is. he said, ask her to cover up. and then, he pointed the gun and said, leave. >> reporter: this 19-year-old hid from the attackers for four hours under a pile of suitcases. while in hiding her brothers texted her. warning that the attackers were killing non-muslims so he sent
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her an islamic prayer to memorize. and then, there's american bendita malakia, now back on u.s. soil. she says she hid in the back room of a home goods store for nearly five hour, while the terrorists attacked. >> explosions started. it was scary. >> reporter: the big question now is who exactly carried out this attack? and american forensics teams will be here, helping their kenyan counterparts to figure that out. george? >> so well planned for so long. thanks to alex for that. let's get the other top stories from josh. >> we're going to begin with the federal budget showdown causing jitters. on wall street, the dow falling for a fourth day in a row. those worries also spreading overseas now. the markets in europe and asia which posted losses overnight as well on fears of a possible u.s. government default. and in oklahoma, eight escaped prisoners triggered a massive manhunt yesterday. private guards transporting them stopped at a hospital to treat
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one for chest pains. the guards took him inside. the problem is, they left eight others in the van with the keys and the gun. they took off but thankfully they were all back in custody. and the death toll from a powerful earthquake in pakistan is climbing into the hundreds. the strangest result, now, a new island off pakistan's coast. you see it there. 100 feet long, roughly 200 feet wide. it could eventually recede back into the waters. another natural disaster in china has displaced 300,000 people and that guy. or gal. we're not quite sure. the two-ton hippopotamus escaped in the flood watters from a nearby zoo. a seal and two turtles also got away. we're told all are safely back to the zoo. and a bill to protect the children of celebrities from the paparazzi is now law in california. halle berry and jennifer garner testified in support of the law which increases the penalties
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for photographers who harass children. paparazzi can now face up to a year in jail. and check this out. everybody is going to be okay. but it's a car race in europe, the driver losing control over a wall into the water. both passengers in that car walked away from this. just don't try anything remotely close to this at home. finally, what could be the greatest come-from-behind victory in this sport's history could be achieved today on the waters of san francisco bay. that's where the american team has fought back in the america's cup, winning eight-straight races against a team from new zealand. the u.s. had been down eight victories to one. but hitting speeds around 45 miles per hour in their $100 million-plus catamaran, the u.s. this week has completely reversed course. they tied it up winning twice yesterday. and now, today, there will be one final race, winds
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permitting, winner take all. >> they're hauling. >> and we're not good morning, new zealand. get it done, fellas. get it done. come on. bring it home. >> that's amazing. >> looks even faster. >> yeah. >> i should go to san francisco to cover it. >> nice try there, josh. stay right where you are. now, to the urgent new recommendation to make cars safer. the national highway traffic safety administration wants all new cars to have rear-view cameras to prevent children from being mistakenly backed over. this, just as a lawsuit was being filed today to force the government to act on this issue. abc's david kerley is in washington with much more on this. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the timing on these backup cameras is interesting. the recommendation comes just as the lawsuit is going to be filed this morning by safety advocates, demanding that the obama transportation department do something that congress ordered six years ago. that's make a rule for these backup cameras to try and save
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kids' lives. this morning, the government says it will add rear-view cameras in cars as a recommended feature in new vehicles. sounds like a breakthrough. but it's not according to safety advocates, who are fed up with the obama administration. congress ordered the administration to have a rule in place by 2011. a rule on cameras, not a recommendation. >> adding this as a recommendation, simply just underscores that it's an option for a car. my daughter had darted out of the front door. >> reporter: susan's then 3-year-old daughter darted behind her car in 2005, as it was backing up. with young kate screaming after being run over, her mother was beside herself over what she had done. >> her face was covered in blood. her clothing was torn from the impact. and she was screaming, asking me why i had hit her with the car. >> reporter: the numbers are stunning. on average, every year, 210 deaths, mostly 1-year-old and 2-year-old children. that's four a week. on top of that, there are 15,000 injuries each year.
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her daughter survived and is now 11. but she and another parent, along with three safety organizations, are, this morning, suing the president's transportation administration, saying it is dragging its feet and ignoring congress. the auto industry says more than half of new cars have some backup detection system. and adds, the consumers, not the government, should decide whether cameras come with the car. now, what's interesting is if these cars beep as they're backing up. and some cars have an automatic braking system, so as you get close to an object, the car would actually stop. but the lawsuit would make this a rule, not just a recommendation, as we mentioned. now, to the first sign of what jobs are out this holiday season. the first announcements from america's big retailers are in. and rebecca jarvis is here with who is hiring and how many and what it says about the strength of our economy. good morning. >> good morning, george. and it says a number of things
7:14 am
about the strength of our economy. we're learning which companies are adding temporary workers this holiday. and how many jobs they'll be offering, likely about 670,000 workers in total this holiday season. with the bulk of hiring happening in october. so, if you're looking for a temporary job, now is the time to get those applications in. some of the big names adding now, walmart, kohl's, target, jcpenney and toys "r" us. walmart is hiring about 55,000 seasonal workers. that's 5,000 more jobs than last year. but target is hiring 70,000 workers. that's a pretty big number, yes? but it's a 20% drop from a year ago. >> so, when you add it all up, what does it say about where we are right now? >> it says these companies are learned to do more with less. we see it on the shelves. we see less inventory in many cases. and also seeing it in the stores. fewer people working because more people are shopping online. >> thank you very much. >> appreciate that. now, to the michael jackson wrongful death lawsuit. closing arguments under way. jackson's family asking a jury
7:15 am
for up to $1.5 billion in damages. from a concert promoter. as abc's david wright reports, the late pop star, very much a presence in the courtroom. >> katherine jackson versus aeg live. >> reporter: who is to blame for the king of pop's death? that billion-dollar question, which has played out in this l.a. courtroom for five months, will finally be in the hands of the jury in a matter of hours. michael jackson's immediate family, now asking a jury to award $1.5 billion in damages. attorney brian panish, representing katherine jackson and michael jackson's three children, argued that concert promoter, aeg live, is liable for hiring dr. conrad murray. murray prescribed the fatal dose of propofol that killed jackson. >> he swore not to do harm, but he did. why did he do it? >> reporter: aeg insists the company is not to blame for the pop star's death. that murray was jackson's
7:16 am
employee, not theirs. but panish argued this e-mail proves otherwise. >> we need to remind dr. murray that aeg, not m.j., that's paying him. >> reporter: that incriminating message, sent by top aeg executives less than two weeks before jackson's death. on the witness stand, the executives did their best to disavow it. >> i don't remember. >> i don't remember. >> reporter: on tuesday, the jacksons' lawyer appealed to the jury's emotions. showing heartbreaking home videos of michael jackson with his kids. today, aeg's lawyer makes his closing argument. he has a tough act to follow. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> five months. five months hearing testimony. >> yeah. really pulled the heart strings there. going to switch gears now. very strange story. take a look at there. patrick the gorilla, sorting
7:17 am
through some relationship issues. he gets along great with humans. his fellow gorillas, not so much. therapy has not helped. his keepers are taking more extreme measures. and abc's nick watt explains. >> reporter: patrick, the 430-pound gorilla, just loves us humans. he's a fun-loving big fella. >> he's quite special. >> reporter: when it comes to hanging out with his own kind -- >> he's had some challenges. >> reporter: you see, patrick's mum abandoned him. he was raised by humans. with us, he's all bernie from "zoo keeper." >> you won't know i'm there. >> reporter: but with the other gorillas at the zoo -- he's the biggest -- patrick gets all "king kong" about it. >> patrick displayed some of that behavior over the years. >> reporter: he's not a lady's man. instead of mating, he's getting up in their grille and pushing them around. so, patrick has no gorilla friends in dallas. none. they tried therapy. they begged him to play nice.
7:18 am
no choice. so, patrick moved to south carolina. his last chance to hang out with gorilla his own size. a fresh start. >> i'm probably going to cry. i'm going to miss him. i've known him for 14 years. he's a good man. >> reporter: sure, the keepers are sad. but these guys, i'll bet they can't wait to see the back of this ever so sulky silverback. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> hope he does better in south carolina. sam, from what you said, i take it you're not going to rush down there to see patrick? >> gorillas have a powerful presence. by that, i mean smell. let's get to the boards. we're going to show you -- maybe i haven't mentioned it before. but they do. we'll show you what's going on in the deep south. remember we told you about all of the problems with the heavy rain. there was flooding in the streets. from southern mississippi to tampa, yesterday. big-time rough flooding. that's back in action again today. four, five, six inches of rain coming in some locations.
7:19 am
today, in the bright spot east of orlando, it's likely to happen again. but i think there will be a good soaking rainfall in a lot of those locations. as far as big-time temperatures go, it's cool but comfortable in the northeast. 67 in providence, rhode island. and that perfect weather runs from the great lakes to the mid-atlantic. it's some of the best weather of the year. it's happening right now. enjoy it. good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist
7:20 am
mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast. feels like fall again today. breezy and cooler than average. fire danger develops tonight. it will be calmer and warmer this weekend. today's temperatures, how about 60s around the coast, san francisco, richmond, oakland, san mateo and san jose. everybody else in the low to mid-70s. above 1,000 feet fire danger starts tonight. below that we'll be in the 40s and 50s. the fire danger rolls through all those sunniest cities were brought to you by marshall's. have you ever seen a complete rotation of the moon? before you answer, i guarantee you have not. but you will at 7:30. >> there you go. >> thanks for asking. >> thanks, sam. coming up, one couple's plot to kidnap their own children. and revealed on police tapes just released. the bizarre moments from inside the evidence. and real-life grand theft auto. the college student on a dangerous joyride. why was he living out a video game? and the nfl versus m.i.a. why the hip-hop artist is
7:21 am
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your on-the-go burst of goodness! quaker up. good morning. i'm eric thomas. this afternoon oracle team usa will try to complete one of the most improbable comebacks in america's cup history. yesterday, the defenders beat emirates team new zealand twice to tie the series at eight setting up today's winner take
7:25 am
all race. oracle has won seven in a row with the kiwis sitting on match point for a week now. only in the 162-year history of the america's cup has there been a winner take all final race. race number 19 is scheduled to begin at 1:15 this afternoon. here's a look at your commute. here's leyla gulen. we have the high wind advisories across the bay bridges. we also have this, a stalled motorcycle southbound on the nimitz at marina boulevard. travel into san jose a three-car crash at meridian. you can see how very slow it is on 85, bumper-to-bumper traffic all the way
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introducing the cla. starting at $29,900. ♪ good morning. critical fire conditions are going to develop at 11:00 this evening through 3:00 friday for areas shaded you see here. temperatures this morning we're running around the 50s, even a few 40s in the north bay. by the afternoon hours accuweather seven-day forecast below average with 60s and 70s and breezy again today.
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♪ check out this daredevil. he's high above a lake, three football fields long. so gorgeous there. >> he is or the lake? >> i was referring to the lake. but everybody can have their own opinion. >> that's beautiful. >> that's just great. >> just a minute. he got back up. set a world record. we're going to hear all about it in a little bit. >> all right. we're going to turn to the video that was just released from that kidnapping plot. the couple caught on jailhouse camera, having a bizarre conversation about their plan. also ahead, apparently some trouble separating fact from fiction. he's a college student. he's in serious trouble after he
7:31 am
decided he really, really wanted to know what it was like to live grand theft auto. stealing a truck with a woman inside. i'm sure we can all assume how this ended. not well. why he says he went on the dangerous and remarkably stupid joyride. >> all right. and we also have a yoga teacher who gained 40 pounds on purpose to prove a point. and what she is now saying about whether her dramatic experiment was really worth it. >> dr. richard besser is going to weigh in on that. no pun intended. and we begin, though, with the brand-new video of the bizarre case of a florida couple who kidnapped their own children trying to escape to cuba. the couple is in jail awaiting trial. and for the first time, we're seeing revealing surveillance video of them. gio benitez has more on this story. >> reporter: the new video you're about to see is part of the state's evidence file. recorded in a jail holding cell, just moments after the couple was captured.
7:32 am
accused of an elaborate kidnapping. even as they sat in a florida jail, accused of being international fugitives, in this video, you can see josh and sharon haken, hugging and kissing over and over again. apparently plotting their defense. >> about this? >> yeah. no one can know about this. >> i know. i know. >> reporter: it was this april, when the hakkens disappeared from the marina, on this boat, with their 2-year-old sons. the children's grandparents, frantically telling 911, the two boys had been taken by the hakkens, even though the parents lost custody. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> my son-in-law just kidnapped my two grandchildren. he tied me up. >> reporter: these photos police say are from inside the boat, show two car seats, a gun and ammo. for days, police searched for
7:33 am
that boat, suspecting the hakkens had sailed off to another country. prosecutors say the hakkens had become paranoid, asking 11 countries for asylum. accusing the u.s. of, quote, hacking of our personal computers, microwave radiation weapons attacks. even drugging our food. then, just days later, a tip. cameras spotted the boat in havana, cuba. >> sorry we just didn't start the engine and try to make a run for it. >> reporter: they didn't. cuban officials alerted the u.s., earning the hakkens a trip home on a plane escorted by police. >> did you talk to him? >> no. i didn't say too much on the plane. >> that's okay. >> i'm sorry. >> it's okay. >> reporter: the videos and letters are part of the evidence the state says it will present when the couple goes on trial for fallny kidnapping charges. the hakkens have pled not guilty. and according to these surveillance tapes, are planning how to handle their release.
7:34 am
and the hakkes are still in jail, being held without bond. and base charges of kidnapping, child imprisonment and child neglect. >> we're going to bring in chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams. so much about this case is bizarre. >> you have both parents here, being told they can't have custody of the kids. apparently, they delusional. when the authorities showed up, they were smoking marijuana, with the kids scheming. and the kids try to steal their kids back. we see the seeds of a defense, with regard to her. her lawyer now suggesting that she was beaten by him. so, expect to see the wife start to say, well, i was the victim here. and not just a perpetrator. >> the video we saw, they looked like they were pretty close. how will that video impact the
7:35 am
case? >> it's going to be really important. there are almost confessions on there. talking about how they did. why they did it. how to avoid getting caught. they started talking about the jodi arias case on this. remember, jodi arias got caught because she did this and that. we need to avoid doing that, as they sit being recorded on a tape about exactly what they're saying. >> and the exact that cuba freely gave them back. >> a lot of people were surprised. not people who know the cuban government that well. but there's been a lot of cases where the cubans said, we're not helping. we have no extradition treaty with the united states. why did they do it in this case? i don't think they wanted these people. they have no interest in them. what do we want these guys for? >> thankfully, the children are okay. >> back with the maternal grandparents. >> the jury's out. coming up in our 8:00 hour. >> looking forward to it. now, a shocking story. a college student trying to play
7:36 am
out one of the world's most popular and violent video games in real life. the young man stole a car and went on a spree straight out of grand theft auto. and abc's john muller has all of the details on that crime-filled night. >> reporter: police say zachary burgess, seen here in his booking photo, stole a pickup truck and went on a dangerous joyride in baton rouge. all because they say he failed to separate fantasy from reality. >> he had been playing the video game grand theft auto. and wanted to see if it was as fun in real life. >> reporter: what happened next, sounds like a scene from that popular but controversial video game. where characters rob, carjack and kill their way to the top of an urban underworld. >> zachary sees a vehicle running in a parking lot. there's a female passenger inside the car. he jumps into the car. >> reporter: police allege in the process, burgess smashed into nine cars, sending two people to the hospital. >> he wouldn't speak to me.
7:37 am
he was in the zone. >> reporter: the woman eventually jumped out, before burgess allegedly slammed into this fence and into a wall. >> i sprinted out here. i watched him caught up on the brick wall here, spinning the tires. >> reporter: last year in albuquerque, an 11-year-old boy allegedly inspired by grand theft auto, stole his family's car. he would barely see over the wheel. police were able to stop the vehicle before there was an accident. >> we're seeing cases of kids emulating the games because the games are so realistic. they want the sensation of the real experience in real-life. >> reporter: the maker of grand theft auto did not return our request for comment. it's the latest version of the game that made history last week. grossing $1 billion in the first three days of its release. this morning, burgess is out on bond, charged with stealing the car along with kidnapping and nine counts of hit and run. but unlike the video game, if found guilty, he faces the real prospect of jail. for "good morning america," john
7:38 am
muller, abc news, new york. >> all you do is just shake your head. >> stunning story. time, now, again -- i don't see anything good on that map behind you sam. >> no. but first, robin. this is good. let's go to the video. i want you to see the full thing. does the moon rotate on its axis. we went to the experts and it's yes. it's impossible to see it the earth because we're also rotating. this is 110,000 images put together in a loop, to show you the full lunar rotation cycle. and it takes about 27.5 days to make that rotation. >> fascinating. >> the first time ever seeing it on your television. thank you. let's take a look at what's going on towards the west. 63. 58. well, i could have done that. but it just seemed -- either one could have worked. 63 in seattle. this is the cold, cold core system. colder than it should be for this time of year that's dropping a good amount of snow.
7:39 am
there will be several feet of snow that comes out of this. 5,000 feet is your snow level. here's where the strong winds into the southwest. these are gusty winds that are likely to be a problem with the warm temperatures. 40-mile-per-hour to 60-mile-per-hour, in the areas shaded in red, including vegas. good morning: i'm mike nicco. it's going to be cool and breezy today. in fact, the coolest day in the forecast. hardly any microclimate from 60s in the coast to 74 inland. critical fire danger starts tonight th >> full rotation of the moon brought to you by nasa. the weather brought to you by university of phoenix. >> never a dull moment when you're around. >> that's amazing. coming up on "gma," super bowl showdown. why the nfl is suing star rapper m.i.a. how she's fighting back. and the yoga instructor put on 40 pounds to prove a point. and it started to have affects
7:40 am
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back, now, at 7:43, with the super bowl showdown over the big game's blockbuster halftime show. the nfl is suing rapper m.i.a., who performed with madonna at the 2012 games, over what they say was an indecent gesture. m.i.a. is fighting back. cecilia vega has the story.
7:44 am
>> reporter: m.i.a. may not have been a household name when she shared the stage with mamadonna during the 2012 halftime show. but her one-fingered salute to the more than 111 million view r viewers at home, put her in the center of a controversy. m.i.a. is going head-to-head with the nfl, which says that one-second gesture should cost her $1.5 million. >> the nfl thing is completely ridiculous. >> reporter: in this newly posted video, m.i.a. lashes out at the league for claiming her now-famous finger was a breach of contract. not only should she issue a public apology. the league says she also has to pay up. >> and massive waste of time. a massive waste of money. >> reporter: m.i.a. argues that the cheerleaders dancing in the background with madonna and
7:45 am
nicki minaj, were more provocative than their middle finger. the ftc never issued any signs of m.i.a.'s finger flashing. but the nfl is going after her. saying she signed a contract, agreeing to keep her performance consistent with the wholesomeness enjoyed by the nfl. in legal documents obtained by abc news, the nfl says she did it for publicity. and that m.i.a.'s actions caused substantial injury to the nfl brand and reputation. >> the million-dollar question is really, why is the nfl pursuing this? the only thing that that really strikes me that it's an issue of pride. >> reporter: her lawyer issued this statement to abc, saying, yes, we will win. at trial and in the moore important court of public opinion. this morning, the finger-pointing goes on. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles.
7:46 am
>> the wholesome nfl. is there a hollywood ending? i after all for michael doug laes and catherine zeta-jones? >> i hope so. "the play of the day," we may have found what we're looking for. and it might be better than the real thing. >> i get it. >> ding, ding. >> we finally found what we're looking for. >> we finally found what we're looking for. ding, ding. lbs from ge. ♪ [ dog barks ] ♪ unlike ordinary incandescent bulbs, they filter out the dingy yellow tones... ♪ ...bringing the true beauty of your home to life. ♪ reveal light bulbs from ge. for 4 days only starting friday get 10 dollars off 25 with your jcp cash coupon. plus, doorbusters friday 3pm to saturday 1pm. like 50% off all sheet sets and 40% off joe fresh kids.
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right then. here's "the play of the day." >> quickly here. this new york, the clinton foundation holding its annual meeting. the clinton global initiative. yesterday, the former president running a little late. so, into his chair jumped none other than bono. take a look. >> when i first met bono, he walked into the oval office. and i actually, i thought it was a member of his own road crew. wasn't really dressed right. actually, i felt like the rock
7:51 am
star in that instance. >> that's awesome. >> together, you know, we did this drop the debt thing. and my god, there's 51 million -- >> finally, the former president shows up. and take a look. look at his reaction. >> i must be really easy to make fun of. >> george, your thoughts? >> couldn't be better. close your eyes, it's him. justin timberlake's blockbuster performance, coming justin timberlake's blockbuster performance, coming right up. difference." now through october 14th, when you get any immunization at walgreens, we'll help provide a lifesaving vaccine to a child in a developing country through the u.n. foundation's shot at life campaign. together, we can supply up to three million vaccines. it's easy to make a difference at walgreens. simply get a shot. and give a shot. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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got protein.
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. contractors set to take place again -- to talk that is between b.a.r.t. officials and union leaders. both sides admit little progress has been made. our media partner, the mercury news, reports b.a.r.t. is coming up with contingency bus plans to move commuters if employees go on strike again next month. mike has a check on the forecast. it's a cool windy one. definitely feels like fall outside with the breezes blowing through and temperatures well below average. 60s and 70s for most of us. tonight, critical fire weather develops as it will be breezy and dry. and that will last through at least friday in your accuweather seven-day forecast. all right.
7:57 am
we do have an accident westbound along 80 at mcbride avenue. also we have this stalled vehicle southbound 280 at hill crest avenue that's blocking at least two lanes. you can see the slowing that it's causing does start to ease up just south of there. northbound traffic not affected. kriste for a store near you go to
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ justin timberlake, taking back the night on hollywood boulevard, last night. 10,000 strong. the whole street shut down. it made for quite a night, quite a moment on jimmy kimmel. we'll have a lot more coming up. that was amazing last night. >> something amazing morning here in times square. we're taking back the morning. >> we are. we own it. >> we own it. we have a huge pile -- what are they? there they are. cell phones. smartphones. >> are those glued together? that's quite a stack. >> this morning, we're going to talk about a new kind of challenge. so many people are trying it. it's called phone stacking. dan abrams.
8:01 am
the jury is out. is that a good idea or bad idea? >> of course, dan standing by, however silently. ready to bring us the jury is out. we weigh in on topics of the morning. how do we all feel about putting your phones in the middle of the table and not reaching for them while we dine? >> save it. >> the jury's out. >> we'll talk later. also coming up, the yoga teacher who gained 40 pounds, to prove a point. and what she says about whether her dramatic experiment was worth it and how it impacted her. they are the hollywood couple that everybody's rooting for. michael douglas and catherine zeta-jones. they're making headlines about a possible breakup or separation. today, we're talking about their friends who are really telling us how the couple is trying to save their marriage. and we're all rooting for them. that's coming up up. first, news from josh. >> we're going to start with the
8:02 am
all-night talk-a-thon, by ted cruz of texas. he started around 2:00 p.m. yesterday to protest obama care. at one point, the len lech turn reading "green eggs and ham." and three days of mourning under way for the victims of the mall attack in nairobi. we are learning more about the people that carried it out. officials say they operated a store inside that mall for months. may have been stashing weapons there the entire time. some may have slipped away in the chaos. in south dakota, a possible break in a decades' old cold case. human remains were found in a car that was submerged in a creek. police believe they could be those of two teens that disappeared in 1971. those girls would now be turning 60 years old. their families have been notified. and incoming u.s. army recruits are facing a new
8:03 am
crackdown on their tattoos. new rules prohibit new soldiers from being tattoos that show below e elbows and knees or above the neckline. and we showed you this a bit earlier. 24-year-old daredevil, rich kmetter, breaking his old record, by walking three football fields on that line. it took nearly 3 weeks and 35 attempts to do it. now, he says he wants to add about ten yards to his record every year. happy birthday to you. you're a better man than us, that's for sure. how about a little music for the traffic jam. ♪ why do you build me up buttercup, baby ♪ >> that's comedian t.j. smith, driving through traffic on the 405, the world's busiest freeway. a multicamera shoot. rolling down his windows and singing "build me up buttercup,"
8:04 am
diane sawyer's very favorite. diane, this is for you. and for everybody on the 405. in another video, he jams to the backstreet boys, i guess. earns some smiles along the way. making it fun to drive on the 405, that is physically impossible. >> yeah. >> however -- >> you bring up the video. of diane sawyer, her last day here on "good morning america." we were very sad to see her go. and it's her favorite song. we did kind of like this -- you can roll tape anytime now. there you go. ♪ you build me up buttercup baby ♪ ♪ when you let me down >> this is for you, diane. ♪ when you say you will i love you still ♪ ♪ i need you i need you ♪ ♪ more than anyone, darling la, la, la, la ♪ >> you can't help but be in a good mood when you hear it.
8:05 am
>> yeah. very nice. >> better here than the 405. >> exactly. >> a blast from the past. now, "pop news," lara. >> let's do it, everybody. good morning to you. and the show must go on. despite really feeling under the weather. justin timberlake refused to let his fans down, giving a free concert to the crowd in hollywood. it was part of an appearance on jimmy kimmel. jimmy, putting on gloves and whipping out the medical kit. >> i received a doctorate. over the summer. >> i heard this. >> uh-huh. >> you like to prefer to yourself as dr. kimmel. >> i am a doctor. so, yes. i do like to refer to myself as a doctor. >> the diagnosis. a tko performance. and then, j.t., right back. he hung in there. he popped back as we always say. and he gave the crowd, as you see, a fabulous performance.
8:06 am
also in "pop news." the buzz meets the booze. e.l. james making fifty shades of grey wine. it's here. it's happening. two personally blended wines. there's the red satin and the white silk. the red is a petit and the red has liche. >> could you say petit sirah in the breathiness? >> i love it. >> with liche. 17 areas in the book involve wine. and the author says she hopes you enjoy the romance between anastasia and christian grey. >> did you count there were 17 moments in the book?
8:07 am
>> i did, okay. >> all right. okay. finally in "pop news." an abandon ginger tabby cat turned up in texas weighing 42 pounds. so fat, he had trouble walking. they give him the name skinny. that's working to make him just that. a grueling workout routine. >> the world's happiest cat. >> underwater treadmill every day for a year. skinny is getting there. he has lost almost half of his weight. he can jump up on the couch by himself. and why he gained so much weight, a new study has concluded that fat pets eat as a coping mechanism, much in the same way that humans do. thank you. this "pop news" is brought to you by fifty shades of grey wine. let's get some weather. >> can i have the rest of your egg and cheese sandwich because i need to cope. >> yes. >> i know it's there. i know it's there.
8:08 am
let's get to the -- >> i think it's true. >> a coping mechanism. >> let's get to the boards. george, i say one or two people would say washington is stagnant. but i might show you the skies and say it is beautiful. look at the capitol. we thank you for that picture, steve. look at this area of high pressure that's moved in. it's part of the reason why the skies are so great. look at green bay, at 67 degrees. or washington, d.c. at 76. these are the perfect days of september. these are the best the season has to offer. chicago, 75 on thursday. 78 on friday. and dallas, still on the hot side. atlanta, 73 degrees today. good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast. feels like fall again today. breezy and cooler than average. fire danger develops tonight. it will be calmer and warmer this weekend.
8:09 am
today's temperatures, how about 60s around the coast, san francisco, richmond, oakland, san mateo and san jose. everybody else in the low to mid-70s. above 1,000 feet fire danger starts tonight. below that we'll be in the 40s and 50s. the fire danger rolls >> that was science, lara. i know it was brought to you by someone. i can't remember who it was. >> brought to you by fifty shades of grey wine. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." is a hollywood ending ahead for michael douglas and catherine zeta-jones. and a yoga teacher that put on 40 pounds to prove a point. and the pressure to turn off your phone. inside phone stacking. the jury's out. we got that and more. all coming up on "good morning america." [ female announcer ] enjoying breakfast together is a pretty wonderful thing.
8:10 am
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8:14 am
[ cheers and applause ] hello. happy birthday, dad. >> wonderful crowd outside. beautiful day here in new york city. a little chilly. we begin with the "heat index," with a possible hollywood ending for michael douglas and catherine zeta-jones. friends are speaking out about their marriage and how they're working to save it. abc's linzie janis is here, with the possible good news. >> reporter: "people" magazine has been speaking to friends of the couple. they've been split up for the past four months. but according to friends, they're not ready to give up. this morning, friends of michael
8:15 am
douglas and katherine zeta-jones may be close to reconciling. douglas thanked his wife at his emmy speech. "people" magazine is reporting the two-time academy award winning actor told them, quote, we're working things out. talking. and we'll see how she goes. in the current issue of the magazine hitting newsstands on friday, friends of the 44-year-old actress say the couple is trying to save their marriage. >> the friends are telling us that they're really not giving up. and it's definitely not contentious between them right now. >> reporter: the husband and wife of 13 years have not spent time together recently, friends tell "people," they are in constant communication. >> with the school year getting started, catherine will be in bedford with her kids. >> reporter: the couple's fairly tale marriage began to hit a
8:16 am
rough patch in 2010, when douglas was diagnosed with cancer. adding to that, jones' own issues. treatment for bipolar disorder. in may, douglas talked with elizabeth vargas about the illness. >> it reminded me when i had to come out about the cancer. just clears up a lot of rumors. >> reporter: zeta-jones made her first public appearance since the separation was announced on sunday, at a red carpet event in china. "people" magazine reports that even though the actress was 6,000 miles away, she sent douglas a note, just before the emmys. >> if they lean towards saving their marriage, it will probably be because of their focus on saving their family. >> reporter: long-time friend of douglas told "people" magazine, quote, it's as though cancer and marriage problems knocked him around and made him a different man. today is a special day. they were both born on september 25th.
8:17 am
>> that's right. >> a great day. >> that's got to be a challenge. the age gap thing. >> good to hear the positive news. >> thanks for bringing that to us. also buzzing on the heat index, the yoga instructor who says she gained 40 pounds in 4 months to teach others about accepting their bodies. and instead, wound up learning a very tough lesson herself. abc's reena ninan has that story. >> reporter: the celebrity bodies you can't help but covet. from jennifer aniston, to gwyneth paltrow, even sting. and it's all thanks to yoga. why did this texas yoga teacher intentionally pack on 40 pounds. it began when trina hall received a call from her best friend and yoga teacher and was dealing with her weight issues. >> my best friend called me, crying on the phone. she didn't want to be known as the fat yoga teacher. that set hall on a mission, to
8:18 am
prove that being fat didn't matter. >> what is life really about? are we concerned so much with the physical? or is it something else? >> reporter: in four, short months, hall went from 135 pounds to 175. >> i was eating a lot of mexican food. i'm a big fan of cheese. inhale has you come up. >> reporter: but would yoga students take classes from an overweight instructor? >> i was afraid that people wouldn't take me seriously. >> reporter: in a surprising twist, it was hall who distressed at her left. the 40 pounds weighing on her self-esteem. >> there were days i didn't want to leave the house. one day, i was crying for no reason. >> reporter: experts say it's dangerous to gain weight so quickly. >> it's negative on you mentally. >> reporter: hall is getting back to her thinner, health self. she went from a size 14 to an 8. >> i'm eating a lot of leafy greens and vegetables and fish.
8:19 am
>> reporter: hall says she was surprised by some of the lessons she learned. >> we want to be loved, regardless of size, shape or beliefs. we want to feel that. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> we've been buzzing about this with our chief medical editor, richard besser. it's never good rapid gain weight or loss. >> you put on weight too fast, it's going to throw off your metabolism. you lose weight too fast, in addition to losing fat, you're going to lose lean muscle. one to two pounds per week is recommended for weight loss. >> and she talked about the psychological effects of gaining the extra weight. >> that's incredible. we are an anti-fat society. and in young children, it shows up with bullying. in adults, there's job discrimination, health care discrimination. i thought it was fascinating to see how she felt differently about herself, as she put on the pounds. >> you posed a question on twitter. what was the question?
8:20 am
>> i asked people if they felt comfortable that they would feel comfortable taking an exercise or yoga class from someone who was overweight. it was pretty split. some people overweight say i feel uncomfortable going into an exercise class because of my body. i would feel more comfortable if the instructor looked a little more like me. yeah. >> as long as the person looks healthy. >> as long as they're healthy and can do their job. i practice yoga. and for years, i would never do it because i'm not flexible. i don't feel coordinated. and my wife got me into a class, yoga for the stiff guy. it was perfect. and so, i didn't feel intimidated. and no one could do it. we were all the same. and having an overweight instructor would be the same thing. >> i want to point out, seeing the photos. she looks normal. there's a sense of normalcy that people see there. i think it's more power to her and everybody else.
8:21 am
>> dr. besser, namaste. >> you have to go. >> very good. dan abrams in. "the jury's out." >> little stretching. >> a lot to talk today. >> we do. >> coming back with "the jury's out." second time we're trying it. we have hot topics. >> first up on the docket, the french senate has voted to ban child beauty contests for any kids under the age of 16. >> yes. >> the question is, is it time to do it here in the u.s.? my take. no. i find these contests disgusting. but now, the government is going to start telling you what kind of contest you can enter your kid into? 6, 10, 14-year-old models, it's okay. but not in one of these contests? we can't legislate parenting like this. >> sam can be such a libertarian. >> it's hard. i disagree with the pageant thing. and for young kids. you're right, the government can't tell you what to do. >> i agree. >> i agree. >> i agree.
8:22 am
>> i agree with him on this one. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> really. >> well, then we -- >> we're all saying -- child pageants are just wrong. >> how do you stop it? in france, they're saying it's time to let people get it out. >> all of the tv shows on it, either. >> that's right. and i'll tell you, though, as you're not surprised to hear, the vast majority disagree with now us, i just thought me. little girls shouldn't be paraded around like pieces of meat. we agree on that. and the jury's out poll. should beauty pageants be banned for children under 16? 89% of people said yes. >> we're saying that child beauty pageants are wrong. when you get into it, should it be the government deciding that for us? maybe not. >> the parents. >> right. >> i don't agree with 89%.
8:23 am
>> i do. >> who want the government to step in. >> i think people hate these things so much. >> i don't know, george. i agree with you. if asked, do you want the government to make that decision for your family? people would come back and change that number. next up on the docket, innocent victims of the war in syria or the recent terror attack in nairobi, are referred to as women and children. is it time to stop using that phrase? my take. absolutely. it's a great way to tug on our heart strings. but women are adults like men. and to suggest they're more helpless, is sexist, and even absu absurd. >> i like innocent victims. that's all-encompassing. >> i didn't know this was a problem first of all. but i have no problem with it. if it gets people to think outside of themselves. and then, you start to say -- >> why throw women in? >> i think it's harmless. i don't think it's sexist or -- i think it does bring attention.
8:24 am
i do agree to say all victims are innocent. >> and the images for that part, when you say women and children, it has the image of mothers and kids. and you want to do anything to protect that. >> it takes me back to "titanic," which is a century ago. i'm with you. as a republic, we're going to be wounded if we continue to use it. but i don't burn -- >> on facebook, a sneeze will be offensive. get over it. on twitter says, when i get equal pay for equal work, you can change the phrase. deal? >> okay. >> finally on the docket, "the new york times" has a story this weekend saying step away from the phone. all of the high-powered people trying to disconnect from their mobile devices with rules and games. i'm a mobile device addict. all of these people bragging about their the cute methods. i throw it into a tin when i arrive home. we stack the phones at dinner
8:25 am
and whoever checks it first has to pay. is it that hard to check it when you need to? >> i know. >> it is -- it is hard. it is hard. >> you have to make rules? >> yeah. i think so. for -- i'm someone who does well with rules. i might not do well with self-control. but i do well with rules. does that make sense? >> and i think for kids. our kids now are a generation growing up. their entire lives with these things. and i think when you at least define areas when it's okay and when it's not okay, i think it's important. we get to adulthood, we can make the choices. >> it's fun to have a stacking game. i think that would be fun. >> unfortunately, it has become fashionable to be rude. and then, on twitter, on a rule, on my lunch break, i do not answer my mobile phone. my staff are aware and no longer call me. congratulations to that person who has the authority to say,
8:26 am
i'm turning off my phone. i won't take any calls. that's it, guys. good to see you guys. "the jury is out." >> everything i say can be used against me. >> do you want to walk out, as well? >> i'm going to do some yoga. and stretches. >> wow. very flexible. two women with real ambush makeovers. also a message from katy perry. and the chefs from "the chew" are here live.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. this afternoon oracle team usa will try to complete one of the most improbable comebacks in america's cup history. yesterday the defenders beat emirates team new zealand twice to tie the series at eight setting up today's winner-take-all race. the oracle team has won seven races in a row with the kiwis sitting on match point for a week. only two before in the 162-year history of the america's cup has there been a winner-takes-all final race. let's see if folks are out and about on the roadways or crawling. >> i would say crawling. fremont approaching highway 284 a crash blocking the lane
8:28 am
northbound side of the nimitz. bumper-to-bumper behind it. san jose, this crash blocking a lane 280 northbound at meridian avenue. sluggish ride right through san sluggish ride right through san jose embrace the season. warm up your home with fall's finest. share all of your favorite t.j. finds... at a price worth posting. see the real deal. search hashtag maxxinista and see the brands people are scoring. t.j.maxx.
8:29 am
security, butalk to the leader. tyco integrated security. we'll create a solution customized just for you. and you can manage it all right from the palm of your hand. good morning. if you're stepping out still jacket weather, most of us in the 50s, oakland the exception about 61. temperatures today are going to be below average once again. even up to 11 degrees below
8:30 am
average and about two to nine degrees cooler than yesterday. your accuweather seven-day i don't know if people understand, that i will be at their high school. when i was in high school, i would be doing everything and anything. great lengths. so, i'll be there october 25th, if you win. >> that's a special message from katy perry, to all of you. she could be showing up at your high school, your son or daughter's high school, if that school submits a video to her smash hit, "roar." and we're airing it at school to make sure your kids know about it. >> "gma" and katy are picking the winner. it's a real thing. she's going to go to the winning school for the performance. it's just one month from today. so, you really need to get everybody involved now. here's the kicker.
8:31 am
we'll broadcast it live on "gma." your school, katy perry, live on "gma." everybody wins. it's never happened before. >> this is great. >> maybe if we ask really nicely, she'll be joined by elton john. coming up in our next segment. he has a brand-new album, first one in a long time. intrr candid interview. we hear about his life as a father, as well. >> i think we coordinated with this. we have these two great glam squads. and they ambushed these two unsuspecting women on the street. and they're going to share those makeovers. and from the people that are very important. >> yes. our pit crew. >> that's true. >> yep. it takes a village. you'll get some great gifts out of that. let's begin the half hour. big news for all of your fans of "the chew." >> yeah. >> a brand-new cookbook called "the chew: what's for dinner?"
8:32 am
favorite main dishes, sides, desserts. >> let's bring out the crew from "the chew." michael symon, mario batali, daphne oz. good morning. good morning. >> the gang's all here. >> all right. here we go. you're starting us out here. we can see "the chew," at 1:00 eastern and pacific. you can get the recipes we're going to show you. apparently, you have to pull a whisk from the bowl. and one will help you make the meal. >> i'm doing -- lara. okay. mario, josh. >> that was terrible. >> who goes first? >> here we go.
8:33 am
>> oh, pork chops and a salad. >> it's supereasy. coriander, salt and sugar. season the chop. >> you have that sitting on there for an amount of time? >> you can do it immediately. two hours. and mario tomatoes, chili. >> if you like it zippier -- >> just throw a couple more in. and a little lime juice. lemon juice. add some extra virgin olive oil. and this is michael symon's greatest recipe ever. >> that is -- then, we get these on the grill. with beef and steaks, it's once. you flip it once. what is it with pork? >> same rule. give it the hard char.
8:34 am
let it char again. you want to cook those about 150 and we're golden. >> how long is that? >> it's going to take about ten minutes. >> awesome. >> we don't have ten minutes. >> okay. >> i love that we got this here. >> you do the stirring. >> five apples, peeled, quartered, diced. cranberries. brown sugar. regular, granulated sugar. and go, go, go. >> i'm making the topping for it. i have a little bit of sugar, a pinch of salt, just a bit of baking soda. ground nutmeg. and a quarter cup milk. >> melted butter. >> there we go. >> top it on top. there we go. >> bake it for 350. it turns into that over there.
8:35 am
>> let's eat. >> i will see your apple pie and raise you one mocktail. >> we're celebrating our two cookbooks. we're going to put some ice in here. we're going to add in some apple juice. >> got it. >> little lemon juice. >> how much? >> about a quarter of a cup. >> the whole thing? >> that's it. plus, sparkling water. and we're going to shake it. >> shake, shake, shake. and we have rimmed our glasses with the cinnamon sugar. >> when she says, as simple as this, just add it like that. >> what? >> and -- >> the mocktail. >> the wonderful people on "the chew chew." you can get all of the recipes
8:36 am
on our website, on yahoo! we have so much good stuff. sam, so much good stuff. >> cheers. >> cheers. >> cheers to "the chew." >> cheers to "the chew." >> i love it. these may or may not be mocktinis. let's get to the boards. they are delicious, by the way. they really are. baton rouge, louisiana. a little bit of fog rolling in. dave, thank you for sending us the picture of baton rouge. panama city, florida. there's that stagnant front. and it makes beautiful pictures. that's the same thing in central florida. all of the rain sweeping towards the east coast of central florida today. heat rules. loredo at 99 degrees. hotter in texas again today. the heavy rain on the east coast. nice and windy on the west coast. it's okay for a breeze. when it's so dry and so warm, we're concerned about the fires
8:37 am
going there with the strong winds. and the next snow, one to two feet above 9,000 feet in the northern rockies. that's the weather. >> the corn salad i just made, is delicious. good morning: i'm mike nicco. it's going to be cool and breezy today. in fact, the coolest day in the forecast. hardly any microclimate from 60s in the coast to 74 inland. critical fire danger starts >> take a look at that. that crispy, charred corn is amazing. all of that weather was brought to you by edward jones. lara? >> save me some. right now, abc premiere week. and the stars are coming out to play with us. our guest this morning has played more than 115 characters in a career that spans nearly 6 decades. from the oscar-nominated turn as sonny corleone. >> you didn't have to mention
8:38 am
that. >> be proud. your work is so phenomenal. everybody upstairs is talking about their favorite role. it's james caan. i'm so happy to see you. and you're with us on a show called "back in the game." what made you want to get back in the game on to primetime? >> the rent? no. i met i was doing movies. and the movie business is not so terrific. the last three i did, the titles of each were "the rent." usually "the rent." and i met these guys who called -- somebody called me and said, the coen brothers wrote this wonderful -- they wrote it for you. the coen. that's pretty impressive. i have to read this thing. well, i read it. it was funny. it turned out to be the cullen brothers. that's the way they're history c hysterical and great. it's a lot of fun. >> in the pilot, you seemed to push the envelope a little bit.
8:39 am
>> that's just the pilot. we go only up from there. >> really? >> yeah. the objective is to wind up the show at midnight, with disney. and i love your purple dress. >> thank you. i want to show everybody. here's a snippet of "back in the game." take a look. >> when you shot the pitch, you fire it as hard as you can. and hit that first kid square in the face. you'll scare the crop out of owl of them. >> let's not hit anybody in the face. go have fun, bud. go. >> don't do that. >> why not? remember when you hit that kid in the side of the head. and i had to put one of those giant helmets on her to get her balance back? >> your character is so obnoxious. >> the goal was, you have to allow me to be the most horrifying person on television. >> that has to be fun to play. >> i'm a horrifying person. >> to be able to stretch in a way. i understand that you actually have real-life experience
8:40 am
coaching. you took off time to coach your son? >> my son, scott, yeah. i did that for six years. i was riding too high. i thought i would take care of that. and i quit for six years. and i took care of it. nobody knew who i was. but it was great. it was a great experience. and there's been so much about -- it's still a show about family dysfunction. you know? and my daughter moved away from me because -- i raised her as a boy. >> yeah. >> to the point where i called her junior. i mean, she has a line today -- >> can i show you something really quick because we're running out of time. you have to see this. we think of you as an actor. a lot of people may not realize, you're an amazing song and dance man. we found this clip. barbra streisand and you. check this out, really quick. ♪
8:41 am
>> we love it. do you love it? >> yeah. i got offered 23 musicals after that. i didn't have to kill anybody. >> life is good for james caan. everybody, check him out. "back in the game," starring the one and only james caan, tonight at 8:30 eastern on abc. thank you so much for being with us. what a pleasure. >> thanks. coming up, a one-on-one with elton john. stay with us. ♪
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8:43 am
8:44 am
alton john, going so strong. so many megahits. and a remarkable 31 albums. the latest is called "the diving board." his first solo outing in seven years. his first since becoming a father. cameron mathison sat down to talk to elton all about it. >> reporter: tonight, elton john is back at school. ♪ shine the light ♪ >> reporter: at usc in los angeles, the audience journeys with him through four decades of music and his biggest hits. ♪ >> reporter: it's the debut of his new album, "the diving board," his first studio recording in seven years.
8:45 am
♪ >> it's been met with a great reception, which is thrilling for me. >> reporter: the record is a return to the very type of music that brought him fame. he wrote and recorded 12 of the album's songs in 3 days. i'm going to make sure i get it right. in three days, you recorded 12 songs? >> and wrote them. maybe i felt so relaxed in the studio this time. maybe self-consciously, it has something to do with the fact that i have two children -- i had one when i started. and when i finished, i had two. >> reporter: fatherhood has changed elton. promoting his new record, he can't help telling stories about his two boys. >> i'm probably the happiest guy in the world. they brought more joy to me in the small amount of time i've had them, than anything in my life, apart from my partner. >> reporter: i watched as the 66-year-old rehearsed for the
8:46 am
usc performance. for 90 minutes, nurturing the young musicians with his smile and his genius. ♪ he was back home again at the piano. >> he put on a great show. "the diving board" is in stores right now. up next, the glam teams are working hard to see the results of the ambush makeovers when we come back.
8:47 am
8:48 am
everyone could use a good makeover every now and then. especially when you're going through a change in your life, like becoming a beautiful, new mom, graduating from school. we went with abc's sara haines to find a couple of real women who fit the bill to give them a glamorous, new look.
8:49 am
>> reporter: right now, we're in downtown new york city. and we're about to ambush one of their waitresses, emerald, for a makeover. she has no idea we're here. come on. we're here to tell you about a makeover. emerald knox is a first-time mom to 1-year-old johannes and constantly on the go. she's hoping to update her mommy look to what she calls sexy fierce. now, it's sasha's turn. hi. we're going to make you over. on "good morning america." >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: sasha is a 21-year-old premed student at fordham university. she's ready to trade in her casual coed apparel for a more professional physician-appropriate look. we're here. woo. come on, guys. time to shop until we drop. we head to marshalls and meet style expert, allison. >> i want to add some color into your wardrobe.
8:50 am
and blues and greens and purples are really strong for fall. >> reporter: next, we hit our times square studios for hair and makeup. sasha, with lara's glam squad, greg and andrea. and emerald, with robin's glam squad, elena and petula. now, we give them time to work their magic. now, the moment we've been waiting for. let's get to the big reveal. emerald, come on out. oh, my gosh. >> i mean, fabulous look. designer brands head-to-toe. studded envelope clutch, the jacket. and that gray jean, the new black. >> tell me what you did with her, with hair and makeup. >> with the hair, i added a little bit of color. so she could have a little light in her life. >> and i added some lashes to her. and you notice, she has a little green mascara.
8:51 am
that's the trend. >> we're going for number two right now. let's invite sasha out here. >> i think the fact the moment she walks in for an interview, no need to try out, you got the job. this look, it's so fantastic. and chic. just take off the leather jacket and she's ready for a night out. >> we laired her hair. and we pumped up the color to give her more brightness. >> and the makeup, we did a jell eye liner to last longer. >> i think the glam squad, totally nailed it. totally nailed it. you look beautiful. a big round of applause from everyone here. >> they were looking good before. and lara and i know how lucky we are each and every day. we want to thank marshall's style expert, allison. and thanks to marshalls for sponsoring and providing the clothes for this segment.
8:52 am
if you want more, go to our website. right now, we go outside to josh with a special guest. >> very special guest. the emmys just ran over the weekend. we have an incredible set of awards right now. the second annual reel awards. they honor health workers here and at home and ul around the globe. we have mary beth powers here to tell us what they're all about. mary beth, this is a really important thing. what are the real awards. >> the reel awards are an opportunity to celebrate the life-saving work of health worker all around the world. amazing people like the nurses at nyu who brought those infants down after hurricane sandy and health workers around the world who are saving lives. >> how can viewers at home be part of this? >> go to real and nominate a health worker that made a difference. it's a real you can find out information and
8:53 am
nominate outstanding health workers. >> we want to thank our viewers at home. you were here a year ago. save the children, it's a wonderful organization. you can logon to their website. you can logon to to nominate a health worker who is important to you. we have to do it. mary beth powers, thank you so much. we'll be right back.
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we got a good wednesday there. "deals & steals" tomorrow. and looking forward to "modern family" back tonight. >> one hour tonight, "modern family." i watched last night. >> yeah? >> get good reviews. and you hear the katy perry music. one month, she may be at your school. have a great day. woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! um... where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all.
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peppejalapeños, bacon,shrooms, tomato and avocado. i call it, "the avocado da vinci". create your om'lart with denny's build your own omelette menu. is kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! um... where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. it's winner-take-all in the america's cup with just one final race on san francisco bay set to begin at 1:15 this afternoon, weather permitting. which brings in meteorologist mike nicco. mike. just as breezy as it was yesterday, but temperatures a little cooler. 60s at the coast, barely 7 0z around the bay and inland. as we look at the accuweather seven-day forecast, starting at 11:00 tonight through about 3:00 friday afternoon above 1,000 feet we have a fire weather watch. leyla. all right. we have a crash in the east bay northbound along 680 just before you come up to 580 in dublin. this is where we have a vehicle that went 30 feet off the roadway, it flipped over and now
9:00 am
resting on its roof. we are looking at heavy traffic in the northbound direction announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." oday, starring in his very own series, michael j. fox. and from "modern family," sofia vergara. plus, country superstar and coach on "the voice," blake shelton. all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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