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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 28, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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from the two years when jeff jagodzinski was the head coach. dan crimmins makes the catch and that lack of talent has really shown up in terms of the depth of talent in recent years. final seconds ticking off. and a hard-fought win by florida state, down by 14 points, led back by jameis winston, who threw for 330 and four scores, rushed for 67. there's shannon with jimbo fisher. >> shannon: coach, a lot of momentum swings in this game here this evening. what did you learn about your team? >> well, one, we're resilient.
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we can keep competing in the game. but we have to clean up a lot of mistakes. but i love the way we competed. the offense kept matching scores and got ahead. the defense did a nice job, went ahead and we've got to continue to grow. >> shannon: you said you have to get better. what places? >> special teams, returns, defense moving the ball too much. could have put the game away, had a chance to make a throw to the flat, but i mean there's still 48 points and won on the road in the league so i'm happy with that. we've got a long way to go. we can keep coaching hard and keep getting wins. >> shannon: what is it like for a coach to coach a guy like jameis winston. >> it's fun to watch him grow and see all the situations that occur. each thing, he's like a new colt but he continues to grow and make plays, he's a competitor. >> sean: jimbo fisher and the noles have won nine straight conference games. that showdown with clemson mid-october looms large.
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another big day for winston, threw a career high four touchdown passes, matching what he put up in the opener against pitt. be sure to tune in tonight on abc, about an hour from now, wisconsin and ohio state. for shannon spake, chris spielman, and a terrific crew, sean mcdonough saying so long from beautiful chestnut hill, massachusetts.
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>> now on abc 7 news, help lawmakers avoid a shutdown. where the situation stands now. a gad samaritan is attacked in san francisco and police say the people responsible added insult to injury. as happening now the music festival that prompted police to issue a rare safety warning, but people attending have to say about it. abc 7 news starts now. live from the kgo broadcast center. this is abc 7 news. >> a very sad day in american history is upon us. >> republicans 100% of us are absolutely opposed to obamacare. >> sharing sentiments on both sides of the aisle in the struggle to prevent a shutdown. republicans now think they've come up with a solution during a rare saturday session. good afternoon, thank you for joining us. the house plans to approve a be ill that changes parts of the
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affordable care act. but the house bill isn't what the president or the democrats want. abc news reporter karen tra vers has the latest. >> reporter: it was a rare weekend sex for the house of representatives today. members from both parties taking to the floor about a possible government shutdown. head to the funding of obamacare. >> the republican party is here today because we are opposed to obamacare and the billing government that comes behind it. >> i know you don't like the affordable care act. but it passed the house and the senate, signed by the president. you want to work with us to make it better? we're willing to do that. >> reporter: the decision comes a day after the democrat-controlled senate approved funding the government through mid-november and also kept in money for the house care law. considerable republicans want obamacare completely defunded. after republicans met with house speaker john boehner, the republican controlled house announced they will vote to approve amendments to the senate bill.
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those aemtd amendments would delay obamacare by one 84 and repeal obamacare tax on medical devices. in his weekly address recorded before the house vote, president obama insisted, once again that time for negotiation is over. >> no one gets to threaten the full faith and credit of the united states of america, just to extract ideological concessions. no one gets to hurt our economy and millions of innocent people just because there are a couple of laws that you don't like. >> reporter: the budget now goes back to the senate, but there is little hope that the continuing differences in this legislation can be resolved before monday. that's the deadline for the government shutdown, which would stop some federal services and furlough some government workers. karen tra vers, abc news, walk. of course, we will let you know of any new developments in this newscast. abc's george ste none lstephano
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will have more. beyond wonderland bay area. crowds of people have packed into the amphitheater for the two-day raid. mountain view police are also there enforcing zero tolerance for drugs. kornell joins us live with more. >> reporter: hi, the party is definitely started here at shoreline. cars, people still streaming in. twiechlt i 25,000 people are expected for this huge raid over two days. police and promoters want to keep party years partyers safe. alice and the part rabbits were in line when the gates opened at shore line amphitheater. it's billed as one of the biggest ravings ever produced in the bay area. >> it's so hot out here. we have sunscreen on. we are ready for the sun. >> reporter: abby and her friends drove in for the electronic dance concert. >> i'm expecting a good time, a
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lot of music. all we do here is davens. >> reporter: for many, it's a chance to express tear inner cartoon personality or your inner duck, wearing a bikini. >> i like the character and meet some new people and have a new time. >> just an opportunity, they will wear whatever you want without judgment and be something different than you are on the outside. >> how much you are today? >> they're at queens. >> reporter: promoters say they have a zero tolerance for drugs and are checking bags to keep illegal substances out. party goers say that won't be easy. >> everywhere you go, there's drugs. whenever you have people partying. it's about regulateing. >> reporter: over labor day weekend, an electronic music festival in new york was called off a day ahead of schedule, after two people died, reportedly from an overdose. mountain view police are patroling, enforcing drug laws in and around the wonderland event. this week, party goers said stay
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hydrated, stick with your friends and pay attention to your surroundings. two people died from a drug overdose, dozens were hospitalized after a rave at the palace. promoters here hope the event will be saved. tickets available for tomorrow's event will run about $139 for general admission. >> thank you, kornell. the death toll continues to dliem in pakistan after a 6.8 magnitude aftershock following a deadly quake earlier this week. at least 15 people died in today's aftershock. more than 500 were killed in tuesday's earthquake in the same praunks aid deliveries have been complicated because the remote region is home to separatist insurgents who fear the army, which is overseeing aid operations may move more forces into the area. a brushfire on the peninsula shut down traffic in the area today. it started about 11:30 in san
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bruno t. fire burned a canyon of dry grass next to the quayle apartment complex. police shut down adjacent roads as a precaution. they have the fire contained after an hour. no buildings were damaged and no one was hurt. new details on a story we are first brought you on police said a man tried to help another person assaulted by a group of people. those people then turned on him. he was stabbed multiple times. he is now in stable condition in the hospital. people who live nearby say incidents like this can deter them from helping others. >> a lot of times an incident person is the one that needs to get the worst brunt of it. to pe, i like to stay out of i. he was being a good samaritan because i guess he thought he could save somebody. it's unfortunate he end up
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getting the worst end of it. >> police say the attackers also slashed the tires on the man's car. there are no suspects in custody. the suspect in the fatal stabbing of a dodger's fan in san francisco is out of jail. 21-year-old michael montgomery from lodi was arrested thursday. he was released last night because the district attorney says they don't have enough evidence. police say he stabbed jonathan denver of fort brag after wednesday's game. they say the two got into an architect over the dodgers and giants just a few blocks from at&t park. denver was with his father, brother and two other people t. fight started, denver was killed. his aunt who lives in southern california can't understand how this happened. >> all i know is that they were walking back to their vehicle. they were going to get into their vehicle. a giants fan made a comment. comments were exchanged. and an altercation broke out. >> you said your brother is not the kind that would want to fight back or anything like that? >> no, none of them were fighters. i wish i could tell you how this
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happened, why this happened. i have no clue why anyone would do this to any family. >> montgomery's family says he was trying to defend himself after being hit with a chair. talks continue today as transit negotiators met with the union. they said there was nothing new to report. bart says it remains $112 apart. transportation officials released a $21 million strike plan this week. it includes free charter buses, extra car pool lanes and limited transbay train service run by bart managers. there are negotiating sessions scowled almost every day at the end of the cooling off period t. dates with hash marks are days bart plans to meet with one of the two unions. the 60-day cooling off period ends october 10th. >> that is the last day talks are scheduled. sunshine, warm temperatures across the bay today. but there is a chance of showers
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in the forecast. . >> it is up along the north coast now. so far the bay area is seeing clouds thickening overnight. there is a chance of rain in the bay area forecast. we'll take a look at it coming up. plus, unsportsman like conduct as two high school teams get into a fullout brawl. what the adults did that made the situation worse. but first.... >> i can turn on the camera at home and watch what you are doing if i can do it, any idiot can do it. >> a tech pioneer has a vision for the internet of the
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is . >> john macaphee, one of the most prominent ent bren nurs in silicon valley history is back at center stage today, macaphee
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addressed the crowd at the first annual c 2 sc music festival and tech conference in san jose. he's working on creating a cyber security company to make the internet tax proof. >> if you can just give me, you know, any small amount of information about yourself, i promise you, within three days, i can turn on the camera on your computer at home and watch you do whatever you are doing, provided you are still connected to the net. if i can do it, any idiot can do i. we live in a very insecure world with an insecure platform. >> the 68-year-old has done interesting history. he is still wanted as a person of shooting in belize, he escaped by hiding himself in the sand, then faking a heart attack. city athletic officials say they will investigate after a high school football game in indianapolis turned ugly. look at what happened during last night's game a. fight broke
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out during the third quarter. fans of the game reported on twitter that the fight started with a hit near the side lines. both teams cleared the benches. then after things appeared to have simmered down, two adults started fighting. then the whole thing escalated again. authorities were called the game was ended. no one was arrested and there were no serious injuries. several players of a utah team returned to the field having earned back their jerseys. they just spent a week without football, volunteering, doing odd jobs for their families and taking character-building classes. the union high school football coach made national news when he suspended the entire team for cutting class, disrespectful behavior and possibly bullying a student online. all right, lee class iffer is here with a check of our weather. >> that is maybe changing this weekend. lee. >> we are seeing a few high clouds drift overhead, mainly in the north bay. it is a sign we will see some changes, especially north bay
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locations in the next 24 hours. check out some of those high clouds ventureing south. tanks from live doppler 7 hd. as we go ahead and spin locally here, can you see there is no moisture around the bay area. let's take you up along the north coast. you can clearly see showers starting to develop, a little between oregon and california border there, heading over towards crescent city and bands of showers developing off the coast. that is where a cool front is. it looks like it will bring parts of the bay area shower activity as we head into sunday. today, san jose, lots of sunshine out there right now a. few high clouds here and there. san jose checking in at 81 degrees. it's 66 degrees in san francisco. right now, years ago you will see from our cam, a beautiful day over the bay as well, heading out over towards oakland and berkeley heil hill, st. rosa 80. 83 degree, livermore the winner at 86. so here's a look at our forecast
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highlights for you, becoming cloudy overnight, mainly in the north bay. clouds thicken up for your sunday, light rain possible in the north bay. then it looks like we will all see a little shower activity as we head into monday morning. our cloud pattern pretty much showing you what live doppler 7 hd did. a clear sky now. you can see the leading edge of those clouds up along the north coast. they will be advancing across the pai area overnight tonight. temperaturewide, we will be warmer thanks to overcast conditions. those clouds moving in. widespread 50s across much of the bay area. the forecast models do want to bring a few light showers into your forecast by early tomorrow morning. i think that may be a little rushing it. here is a look at our storm system. nice cold front already spreading quite a bit of rainfall from seattle to portland. the leading edge right here. we will continue to see increasing clouds tonight. but as that front gets closer to the bay area tomorrow,
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temperatures will definitely take a doiv t. clouds will be with us. it will become breezy. showers possible in the north bay. here's a look at our forecast. 11:00 this eefrlg, most of the rain up along the north coast. we take you through the evening hours. early tomorrow morning 5:00 a.m. up to the north of st. rosa. it pretty much stays in the north bay. south bay and east bay will see more sunshine. by 2:00 p.m., st. rosa should see shower activity. early monday morning, this is 5:00 a.m., all of this spreads a little to the south, near san francisco, then by monday afternoon, much of it still up along the north coast, the north bay. the rest of the bay area starting to dry out a bit. here's a look at your highs for sunday. 76 for san jose. 75 for redwood city. san francisco, 64 degrees in the north bay. those showers are possible. 72 for sonoma. oakland 70 degrees. interior east bay communities
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increasing clouds, brentwood 77. accuweather 7-day forecast, another chance of showers for the bay area monday. after that, we warm things up wednesday, thursday and friday, beautiful conditions, by the later part of next week. >> looks good, thank you, lee. the angels are tuneing up for the playoffs. >> they clinch the first round of the playoffs as they wind down tear regular season in seattle. they lock up a key player for next
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. >> well, the as locked up home field in seattle, they have been
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relaxed in the 250d's matchup with the mariners. they are already thinking of the playoff. they tee'd off this afternoon. second inning, justin smoke. smokes this fast ball. two run blast. seattle up 2-0. then in the 3rd, parker's first pitch to brad miller gone. solo shot, mariners up 3-1. let's go to the fifth. bases loaded. miller again, see you. grand plan, see 7 and 1 rough outing for parker. 4 and a third. 7th inning. ace tries to rally. brandon moss, lines the rope over the right field mall. the first 84 in a season since he hit 33 in 2008. mariners, though, will hold on for a 7-5 victory. well, as the defending world champion season winds down without a per season birth. they are looking ahead to next season's roster. today they signed hunter pence to a five-year $90 million contract. pence's big deal already paying
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dividends. third inning. to the center off i rick stolts. barry bond in 2007, john is up 3-1. it's definitely the year of the pence. couldn't hold the lead. guzman launches a powering home run. they grab a 4-3 load t. padres explode for 4 runs in the 9th. jess jirko, padres snap the joints' three-game winning streak. they go on to win it 9-3. it's saturday, a full day of college football. a name you might recognize, george atkinson, iii, trying to keep the fighting irish in the game against oklahoma.
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. >> traveling up north, california no. 2 oregon. both games start later tonight. number 6 lsu facing number 9 georgia. georgia struck first. lsu answered the points. two tds on the day. bulldogs tied it at 14. aaron murray, back to chris conley in the end zone. a perfect shot on the day. 4th quarter lsu down, a play, 75-yard drive, jeremy hill, 8
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yards out, georgia goes the other way. murray, 25 yards to justin scott, in the end zone. george regained the lead. they'll hang on to win it 44-41 your final. the school with the best alumni, florida state. not the best pictures, the best alum notice. >> that would be me. okay. we will move on there. i guess we don't have that game. number 14 oklahoma faces 22nd ranked notre dame. not a good start for the fighting irish. the first game, there it is, all right. this is oklahoma city, notre dame. not a good start for the first drive. tommy reed hit as he throws into the hands of cory nelson. reset three interceptions in the game. george atkinson, iii, son of george. in ten years, oklahoma go on to
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win 35-21. coming up, ohio state and wisconsin. stay tuned following the contest for after the game with larry biel and yours truly. we break down the football and look at the 49ers and raiders. we'll see you then. we will be back in this newscast later with a look ahead at the raiders-washington game. stick around, we'll see you then. >> thank you so much, mike. a professional gambler who may be best known for turning $50 into 40 million over three years now in trouble with the law. that story coming up. the findings of a new report about the arizona wildfire that killed 19 firefighters. plus, why it's not alwa
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. >> new from abc 7 news. >> we are learning more about what the national security agency is doing with the massive amounts of information it is collecting. the new york times reports since 2010, they have used phone, met that data and e-mail logs to create a graphic analysis of american citizen's social connections. this includes travel document, gps documents and facebook ties. previously, analysis of data was announced for foreigners. an nsa spokesperson says it must include a foreign intelligence documentation. members of the united nationss are now inspecting syria's stockpile of chemical weapons to
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determine what needs to be destroyed t. inspectors left their hotel in damascus this morning to begin the process. over the next week, syrian authorities will provide detailed information for the inspectors, including the name and quantity of the weapons. the chemical arsenal is estimated to be a thousand tons. they would destroy the sockpile by the middle of next 84. two young men are under connection with an attempted shooting last night, involving a shooting guard. it happened at 3rd street and lasalle avenue in san francisco's baby district. here's a look at the news van as police searched for evidence. police tell us two armed men demanded the reporter's equipment t. reporter gave it to the men, then took cover. the security guard working with the reporter fired shots at the men, one was hit. they took off in a car. now, a short time later, police say a 19-year-old man walked into san francisco general hospital with a gunshot wound. he and another 19-year-old were
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taken into custody. fishlgs in san jose are considering lifting the city's ban on fee,. this comes after firefighters and police say they are overwhelmed by residents complaining about illegal fireworks. our media partner, the mercury news reports city officials hope lifting the ban will dampen interest in more dangerous and illegal rockets and explosives. fire officials say ill local fireworks have become a growing concern statewide as they seem they are increaseing in popularity. fire crews are getting the upper hand on a hey fire in yellow count why i that caused quality problems in parts of the bay area. by last night the smoke had cleared. officials say the fire could take another day or so to burn itself out. flames have burned nearly 20,000 tons of hey, farming equipment and four structures. the cause is unknown. >> that four started thursday night at a business called hey kingdom on interstate 505 in winter about 20 miles from
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vacaville. an investigation released today into the deaths of 19 firefighters killed battling a wildfire in arizona have found a number of problems linked to radio communications. a team of fire experts say improperly radios fake updates and a 30 minute communication blackout just before flames engulfed the firefighters. the teams found no indication of negligence, or violations of policy on parts of the firefighters. they were a part of an elite firefighting team and they were battling the around el hill pire in june when gusty winds blew the fire out of control. today, protesters are fighting to keep the berkeley post office from being sold to a private company as a decision on its future nears. ♪ it's because you are near me ♪ >> today they rallied with that concerts and demonstration. the protest is just days before a wednesday public hearing on the proposed sale before the
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planning commission t. planning commission will make a recommendation of what to do and the city council will vote on it. prooit pilots at an alaskan airport have been warned to watch out for droifrs who accidentally drive on the runway. that's because drivers have been given faulty directions by apple maps. the mac program was supposed to take drivers to the terminal at fairbanks international airport. instead, it took them on to an active runway. apple disabled the route last week after two drivers actually followed those directions onto the runway. however, last night, airport officials checked the route on apple maps. it was reactivated but not fixed. apple has not commented on why it was reactivated. competition is heating up for same day home deliveries from retailers. this week, google began to take on am
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archie karis is known for having the longest winning streak. he is now charged with cheating. high stakes poker is not a game for the weak of heart. >> yay! >> reporter: so when it comes to cheating as hollywood movies, poker can be downright dangerous. this morning, california police say one of the game's biggest names is a real life big cheat. 62-year-old archie karis an idol among card sharks is behind
4:47 pm
bars. >> archie is a living legend rost he was arrested in las vegas after authorities said in a statement he was caught on under surveillance cameras marking cards at a blackjack table in july. >> he really had no regard for money whatsoever. he had no fear of having millions and losing it. >> reporter: he may be best known for turning $50 into $40 million over three years during the '90s. only to gamble it all away. he kept his poker face talking about losing his winnings on espn. >> i took the punches. >> reporter: when it came to blackjack at this san diego area casino, investigators say his way involves placing a mark on the back of high value cards, small enough not to be noticed, clear enough for the trained eye of a cheater. >> there are many ways of marking cards, putting a dent in the corner of a card. >> reporter: the nevada gaming control board has investigated him in the past, arresting him four times for cheating. he pleaded to lesser charges in
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three cases and one case was dismissed. he is being held in las vegas on no bail, waiting to be extradited to san diego. that's where he'll face charges of burglary, winning by fraudulent means and cheating. his extradition hearing is scheduled for monday. abc news, los angeles. an extremely bright meteor streaked through the predawn sky across parts of the mid-west. take a look. this is captured on camera in greenwood, indiana. the american meteor says frequent stars are seen more frequently this time of year. the group reports 130 reports of meteors thursday morning. now we get to our meteorologist lee glasser who is checking on the weather. >> you study meterors and weather. although, you could get that confused there. hi there, everyone. live doppler 7 hd showing us we are still having some wonderfully clear sky across the bay area. a few high clouds drifting by
4:49 pm
here and there. you can see up towards the north, yeah, a band of high to mid-level clouds moving in our direction. they will do so overnight tonight. right now, we are seeing clear condition, not so up along the north coast a. cold front of the there, you can see getting close to crescent city, rain bands developing further out to the north and west. all of this will slowly be sagging towards the pai area. but it looks like much of the shower activity from this system will affect mainly the north bay. we'll get to that in just a moment. delightful, beautiful shot from our tower camera locking north towards the golden gate bridge. san francisco 66 degrees. boy, it was a great day, saint car loss in the '80s, san jose here in the '80s, the hampton bay in the 60s. 63, another shot from our can cam looking down towards the bay. the berkeley and oakland hills there. st. rosa 80 degrees. and livermore still moild to
4:50 pm
warm at 86 at this hour. here's a look at our forecast highlights. becoming cloudy overnight. i know we have a clear sky early this evening, but overnight tonight, those clouds start to move in. cloud tomorrow much cooler, light rain in the north bay developing there. then we'll touch on a few scattered showers, mainly in the north bay as we head into early monday morning. lows tonight, because the clouds will be increasing, it will be a little bit warmer, widespread, 50s, mid- to upper-50s across many locations and the computer models might want to bring a few showers north of the cloverdale up yards ukaya by early tomorrow morning. they may be overdoing this a bit. i think the rain will stay a little to the north by tomorrow afternoon. in fact, here's a look at that cold front the actual low will track to the north of us. the tail will sag to the south. increasing clouds tonight. tomorrow as that tail end moves across mainly the north bay locations, we will see a chance
4:51 pm
of showers developing there. 7:00 tonight, we see high clouds move in. a 5:00 a.m. you will notice everything still well to the north. it stays to the north by 2:00. locking good, south bi, east bay, increasing clouds, sunday night, early monday morning, that's when this moisture will sag south and by 3:00 monday afternoon, it is out of here. you are heading to the raiders game tomorrow, no complaints. those clouds will be moving in. it will be a bit breezy. temperatures in the mid- to upper-60s. here's a look at our high for sunday. we all come down a. chance of showers in the north bay. upper 60s to low 70s there. 64 for san franciscoch we lock for 77 for livermore. accuweather 7-day forecast, sunday, monday morning, otherwise, get ready for a nice week ahead next week wednesday, thursday, friday, warming back up into the '80s and your 70 friday and saturday,
4:52 pm
near the coast. perfect. all right. thank you so much, low. coffee lovers, are ejoyce, you can get that morning cup of coffee for free tomorrow. sunday is national coffee day. krispy kreme is offering a free cup of joe. pete's coffee will be giving out a free cup from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. but you have to buy a bakery item or oatmeal. starbucks is giving out a sample of a new blend. the national coffee association says 85% of american adults drink coffee. >> mm-hmm. apparently not over here. all right, what are we locking at? >> pro-football t. raiders host the redskins. the black home, the question tomorrow, prior on the field after suffering a concussion last week against the
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. >> well, the 49ers beat the rams on abc 7. to prove it 2 and 2. they host the winless washington redskins. there is no doubt robert griffin, iii, gets a snap to washington. jarome prior has been medically cleared to play after suffering a concussion monday night. he had to go through a contract drill. the two different style quarterbacks, prior a run threat, matt flynn more of a pocket quarterback. the redskins, they spend extra time preparing for both. >> you got to come for both of them. you don't know for sure. two different type of game plans. both guys can, i guess when you take a lock at prior, we know the threat he is in the running game, so, you have to be ready for. that's a 1:25 kickoff. my guess, terrelle pryor will
4:56 pm
start. pac 12 opponents, sanford meeting up with washington state, cal facing number 2 oregon. both games start later tonight. lsu takes georgia. georgia struck first. lsu counters. matt meganberger continues one of two tds on the game. 7-7 game. bulldogs tie it. a strike, chris conley, perfect placement on the ball, murray's second td pass on the day. 4th quarter, lsu down 3. eight play, 75-yard drive. 41-37. georgia goes the other way. murray, 25 yards, justin scott wesley, georgia regains the lead with a minute 47 to play. they hold on to win it 44-41 your final. the best alumni in the nation. florida state, winston in the heisman mix. 56 yards to rashad green.
4:57 pm
winston this time to full back chad abrams. 10 yard. it gets betterment winston was smoking. last play of the first half. looks like he will be sacked. gets away from the pressure. launches 55 yards to kenny shaw for the touchdown. wow. they improve to 4 and 0 'a 48-34 victory. ohio state-wisconsin on deck, stay tuned for after the game. we break down the day if college football. a look ahead to the raiders-red skins matchup tomorrow at the black home, ohio state-wisconsin should be a good game. >> that does it for this early edition of the abc 7 news. thank you so much for joining us. as you said, college football is next. we will see you later tonight at 11:00. have a great evening.
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>> the following is a presentation of espn on abc. >> welcome to espn saturday night football presented by windows. and tonight's match-up between wisconsin and ohio state, the stars are out. lebron james of the world champion miami heat. you are looking live at a sold-out ohio stadium in columbus, ohio, for the much anticipated showdown. the undefeated buckeyes host division rival wisconsin. the game with national


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