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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 11, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. is the end in sight for the high-stakes stalemate in washington? tense negotiations go into the night. can a major breakthrough in the standoff happen today? the markets are skyrocketing over signs of progress. and developing now, one of the world's most dangerous sex offenders escaping into the u.s. from canada, slipping across the border and now on the run. authorities believe they know his location. but police here in the u.s. can't arrest him. miss universe under fire. the american beauty queen who wears the crown, accused of tarnishing the taj mahal. romping in high-heels in front of the monument. authorities there outraged and poring through the tapes. we hear from her this morning. >> i love you so much.
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the sweetest 2-year-old in the land, with a very special message for mommy. naming all the reasons why her mom is the very best. all the love this morning from little claire. get your heart ready to melt. >> you are amazing. bye-bye. you are amazing. bye-bye. what do you say after that? >> i know. there are no words. >> she needs to take do not grow pills. >> just as she is, little claire. it is the international day of the girl. it's great to show claire like that. also, malala. diane sawyer has a riveting interview with her. this is malala with her father last night here in new york. and diane is going to be along to preview what we're going to
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see tonight from her. >> certainly, a hero for young women. young children everywhere. also, some big energy today. we have the fifth of five finalists in our huge katy perry "roar" contest. katy perry, selecting the five finalists. she's going to a high school on october 25th, her birthday. might it be this one? our only entrant from east of the mississippi. we'll meet them in a bit. >> from the great state of ohio. was i not supposed to give that away? >> there's many schools. that's okay. still broad. we're going to get to washington. day 11 of the government shutdown. it's been slow going in the high-stakes negotiations. finally, a glimmer of progress last night after high-level meetings between the president and house republicans. abc's jonathan karl is live there for us in washington, for us. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin.
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there is no st. louis yet. but believe me this could all fall apart. but beginning with last night's meeting the two sides are at least talking. that is cause, at least one person involved told me, quote, mild optimism. house republicans emerged from a white house meeting with president obama, saying they were encouraged. >> we had a very useful meeting. it was clarifying, i think, for both sides as to where we are. >> reporter: republicans went to the meeting with an offer. they'll temporarily raise the debt ceiling, postponing the threat of a catastrophic economic meltdown for six weeks, leaving more time for negotiations to end the government shutdown. >> i hope the president will look at this as an opportunity, and a good faith effort on our part to move halfway. >> reporter: president neither accepted nor rejected the republican offer. but the president and congressional democrats have consistently said they will not negotiate until the government shutdown has ended. on thursday, it was unclear
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whether or not that position might be changing a bit. i want to be sure i had it right. the president will not engage in budget negotiations with the republicans until the government is reopened? is that his position? >> our position is clear. they ought to turn on the lights. they ought to pay our bills. >> reporter: the white house was hoping for a debt ceiling increase that would last more than a year. but they also indicated they could accept a short-term increase, too. >> if a clean debt limit bill is passed, he would likely sign it. >> reporter: well, the two sides are getting closer to a deal that would raise the debt se ceiling and therefore end the threat of default at least for now. they're also working on a deal to end the government shutdown. this is something that could happen as early as next week. meantime the president has another meeting with the republicans at the white house. this time senate republicans to meet with the president.
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josh? >> all right, jon. many good. perhaps to discuss it all, we welcome abc political contributor, matthew dowd this morning. we heard jonathan karl say that one player told him this was cause for mild optimism. i think the american people, at this point, matthew, will take anything they can get. how real, then, was this movement with these talks between the house gop and the president? >> good morning, josh. first, congratulations to my hometown, detroit tigers. red sox better get ready for that. the way i look at this is, it's like two people have been in a boat, where the boat's filling with water and nobody's doing anything to bail the water out. for the first time, they're not pointing figures at each other, arguing over whose fault the holes in the boat are. that's what we have today. mildly optimistic, but they're doing nothing to bail out the water and the boat that's sinking in the water. >> a six-week period until november 22nd. are we just kicking the can down the road here? but still, staring down at that november 22nd deadline, without
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any talk about reopening the government? >> yeah. it's exactly what we're doing. last year, when we kicked the can down the road, we kicked it down the road for a year. this time, we shortened that down the road to six weeks. again, i go back to what i said. they haven't started bailing water, let alone fixing the holes in the boat. the good news is, they stopped pointing fingers at each other. they'll start bailing water. and hopefully, soon, before thanksgiving, they'll actually stop kicking the can and fix the holes in the boat. >> amidst all of the political bringsmanship, what happens next matthew? >> obviously, what happens next is they have to reach an agreement and fairly quickly. they have to reach agreement in the next 48 hours to get this done before the debt ceiling limit deadline approaches. so, they have to reach agreement, it has to happen in the next 48 hours. signs are positive. but not very positive. >> weary eyes continue to look, then, at the nation's capital. and congratulations, matthew, to your tigers. >> thank you. >> george is going to have the latest on the government
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shutdown this sunday morning on "this week." again, as the deadlines now loom. >> we'll be watching on sunday. and those encouraging signs from washington, sending wall street soaring on thursday. stocks having their best day of the year when it looked like there could be a deal. this morning, traders are bracing themselves for another wild ride. and abc's rebecca jarvis is here with more on that. and do you have good news, rebecca? >> reporter: we have good news, for a change. the good news after yesterday's gains is stocks have essentially wiped out the losses that were associated with the shutdown. meaning your retirement savings are back on track. but my sources on wall street caution, this isn't euphoria. the deal isn't done. and previously, we've seen this backfire. in the financial crisis, with the bank bailout, everyone thought it was a done deal. congress voted no the first round. and stocks cratered then. the bottom line this morning for you and your retirement savings, stocks are up this year 15%.
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that's more than two-times the historical average. to put it in monetary terms. if you put $1,000 in the market, at the start of this year, you would have earned $150 on that investment. so, a good one. >> we'll take it, rebecca. >> yes, we will. >> all right. thanks so much. have a good weekend. the rest of the top stories from amy robach. good to have you here. >> thank you. good morning to you as well. we begin with a major legal victory for toyota. a california jury has cleared the carmaker in a wrongful death lawsuit. alleging sudden acceleration. the family of a woman whose car sped up and slammed into the tree, claimed the car had a design defect. but the jury blamed another driver for that crash. toyota faces dozens of similar lawsuits involving sudden acceleration. dozens of sorority girls from the university of delaware were injured in this bus crash on slick roads overnight. the bus flipped after colliding with a big rig. all of the students are expected to be okay. and police here in new york say they have uncovered a bizarre and violent scheme.
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two jewish rabbis are charged with plotting to kidnap and then torture orthodox men into granting their wives' religious divorces. this happened during an fbi sting. the alleged mastermind described using thugs to beat the husbands and then shock them with cattle prods. investigators say epstein charged unhappy wives up to $100,000 for that service. the winner of the nobel peace prize was announced this morning. this year, the award goes to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons, an international group whose current mission is the destruction of syria's chemical weapons stockpile. and one of the original mercury 7 astronauts has died. scott carpenter was the second american to orbit the earth. but his reentry from that 1962 mission went very wrong. he missed his landing target by nearly 300 miles. search crews found him floating in the caribbean. his feet propped up on his life raft. scott carpenter was 88 years old. and dramatic video this
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morning of a skier who narrowly escaped an avalanche. it happened during the filming of an atv commercial in spain. you can see, he was thrown up in the air, and then buried, but an inflatable air bag helped him rise back up to the surface. amazing there. and speaking of amazing, the buck who just can't wait for, of all things, basketball. take a look at this. he was spotted the other day near pittsburgh. that basketball stuck right between his growing antlers. no word on how it actually got there or whether game wardens have plans to remove it. it looks like his antlers have grown around it like that. i hope it doesn't hurt the little guy. >> such a little fella. >> maybe puncture that basketball. that's my two cents. >> all right. >> thank you very much. now, we have the latest on that violent high-risk sex offender, on the run from canadian authorities, slipping across the border into the u.s. neither country with the authority to arrest him right now.
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abc's neal karlinsky has that story. >> reporter: this morning, canadian authorities say they've lost a violent, high-risk sex offender in the u.s. but they don't have the legal right to come and get him. >> specifically, we have no authority to go get him. >> reporter: 48-year-old michael shawn stanley has been missing for more than a week. vanishing october 1st in western canada after cutting off his electronic monitoring bracelet. stanley has a long history of sexual offenses against women and children. he served nine years for assault on an 82-year-old woman in a wheelchair. later, he was convicted of assaulting two young boys. after multiple reported sightings last week in canada, east of edmonton, schools were put on lockdown. >> just concerned about kids' safety. >> reporter: authorities now say stanley apparently crossed into washington state from vancouver on monday. they had alerted border authorities. but say he somehow slipped through anyway. >> we had some speculation he may try to cross at some point.
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so, the fact that he did cross is not a surprise to us. >> reporter: authorities believe they know stanley's location. but police in the u.s. can't arrest him because they don't have a warrant. canadian police are hopeful that will soon change. >> the breach of recognizance charges that have been laid here in canada is an extraditable offense. >> reporter: the canadian officials say the cross-border bureaucracy that's slowed them down, won't stop them from getting a man they called dangerous off the streets, on one side of the border, or the other. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> thank you. we're going to turn to a serious health alert this morning. a major salmonella outbreak spreading across the country. thus far, nearly 300 people have been sickened after eating tainted chicken. this morning, the usda, allowing three processing plants connected to the outbreak to stay open. let's bring in our chief medical
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editor, dr. richard besser, to discuss it all. and, again, rich, foster farms, the company that owns please plants, what changes did the usda likely force upon the company to let them keep these plants open in the first place? >> yeah. usda says foster farms has changed their processing, how they're handling chickens. the usda will do more monitoring, testing samples to see if that's still there. i have to tell you, the outbreak is still going on. there were three new cases yesterday. until we know this is over, i would stay away from this chicken. >> we hear about outbreaks such as this. but you are particularly concerned about this one. >> this is a dangerous outbreak. normally, 20% of people with salmonella will end in the hospital. here, 42% of people are in the hospital. and many of the strains can't be treated with common antibiotics. there's certain people who are at greater risk. the young. elderly. people with chronic medical conditions. this can get in the bloodstream and be a deadly infection. very serious. >> and unfortunately, there's political context here, as well, public health officials who aren't there to track this outbreak. >> i was at the new york health department.
7:14 am
they have ten employees paid by the federal government. they're working without pay. the cdc has 8,000 people on furlough, 2,000 people working without pay, mainly commission core officers in the public health service. how do we know this is truly over if our public health system isn't there? >> what can we do? >> the company is correct. if you cook chicken properly, handle it properly, you won't get sick. but i wouldn't eat it. i would check the plant numbers we have them here. we have them on our website. and look at the brands. it's not just foster farms. there's a list of brands at that are from the plants. until this is over, i would stay away. >> all right. rich, thanks very much. on this international day of the girl, let's turn to malala. she showed everyone. and she showed us her bravery. she was here in new york last as we showed you with her father. her bravery in the face of incredible odds. an inspiration to many. and diane sawyer is here with a preview of her exclusive hour with the young pakistani, 16-year-old, malala. taking her fight and inspiring and moving interview. i know you spent so much time
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with her. we heard from her this past week. first of all, it's great to see you, diane. >> hello. >> it's always good to have you back here. we have to be reminded, this has been an incredible year this young woman has had. >> a year since she was shot. a miraculous recovery in the hospital, with amazing things we'll be explaining to you tonight. also, her step-by-step return, fearlessly, unbreakably, to the front lines of girls' education is something to behold. i always say, gather around every child who ever complained about school, and also, who has fear in their own life, and see what she does. and i want to remind everybody, how it happened a year ago because she has become a force that no one thought the taliban would take on a child. and yet, there she was, on the school bus. the kids were singing. and here is what happened. october 2012. a group of schoolgirls in the the swatt valley in pakistan
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were on their school bus, singing. suddenly, two men approach. one of them with a colt .45. he climbs on the bus and asks this question. who is malala? she doesn't remember what happened next. but her friend describes the moment. >> she said like, you said nothing, and you were just holding my hand. and you squeezed my hand like you were forcing it. and you said nothing. and she said, like, you just looked at the man like this. then she says that he fired three bullets and one hit you on the left side of my head. >> reporter: she was shot in the head at point-blank range. a year later, a miraculous recovery. and a new message for the world. >> i think life is always dangerous. some people get afraid of it. some people don't go forward. but some people, if they want, to achieve their goal, they have to go. and the courage is still there.
7:17 am
it's telling me to move forward. >> she is able to express herself in such a way. but she's really up against quite a deal, even with fellow muslim women. >> that's right. we're going to go out and remind you how entrenched they are. how deeply they believe and ferociously the taliban believes that she is trying to promote democracy and freedom, which cannot co-exist with their radical islam. we also talked to women out there, and that's the biggest surprise at all. these women, their faces hidden, except for their eyes. they're going to try to explain to me why they oppose her. how can they oppose her? and we'll try to ask those questions probingly tonight. >> i heard a little exchange between you and that group. and we've been saying, it's the international day of the girl. how fitting that malala, on this
7:18 am
day, and she is so forward in speaking about what is so important. >> that's right. and even though she is a child, she shows me her magic tricks. and wants to know why i'm not double-jointed and trying to get me to practice. in so many ways, she's a child turned gladiator. and says, who is going to speak up if i didn't? here she is now. the movement has begun. everybody at home, i think it leaves you soaring over the clouds to know that you can join and say, i am malala, too. and 31 million girls have been silenced have a right to be heard. >> it's so powerful when you hear all different -- everybody saying that. diane, always good to have you here. we will be watching tonight. the hour-long special is tonight. "unbreakable," on "20/20," 10:00, 9:00 central. and malala's autobiography is out the this week. entitled, "i am malala." do you want to do the honors,
7:19 am
diane, and introduce sam for the weather? >> are you malala? >> i certainly am. i will join. i am malala. how is that? >> ek 0. >> i can't wait to see more about this story. i just -- we needed to hear more. i can't wait. >> staggering courage and an iron will. >> and joy. you will feel joy. >> awesome. let's do a quick look at the weather this half hour. we'll start with rain in new jersey. folks from new york city, north, are saying, hey, what happened to the rain? folks in south jersey, into philadelphia and pennsylvania are going that rain has to stop. we think, philly, around the edge of one to two inches of rain. two inches holding here. the area of high pressure stronger than expected. that rain is shooting off. i can't take you out of the forecast out of rain for areas north of that yet until that low is completely clear of the coast.
7:20 am
thank you, sam. and still to come here, dramatic video from georgia homeowners of a shocking carjacking outside their home.
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if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor i'my body doesn't work the way it used to. past my prime? i'm a victim of a slowing metabolism? i don't think so. great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. great grains protein blend. good morning. i'm eric thomas. b.a.r.t. trains are running this morning, but they may stop in their tracks on monday. the cooling off period ended at midnight. and b.a.r.t. and its unions signed a contract extension through the weekend averting a strike today. union negotiators say elected
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b.a.r.t. board members are now involved and engaged in negotiations and they expect the general manager to sit down at the bargaining table today. they say these developments could only help bring a resolution to the drawn-out negotiations. we'll see how the friday morning traffic's going. here's leyla gulen. well, it's friday and lightish. not sure if folks are tell commuting as preparation for the b.a.r.t. strike or the columbus day holiday that's on monday, but right now looks like san jose is wide open except for a couple spots where you have diminished speeds. speaking of b.a.r.t., we've got 58 trains running on time. cal train number 305 in the northbound direction it is stopped due to mechanical problems. eric.
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good friday morning. if you're away from the coast, you've got this, lots of sunshine, a beautiful start to the day. temperatures though still chilly with some fog up in the north bay. los gatos, 45. it's 53 in oakland. and we are on our way to a sunny and mild afternoon around the bay and inland again with upper 60s
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♪ i'm glad you came ♪ deejay friday. and we're glad that d.j. irie came to "gma" this morning. he's ready for the miami heat season. we're going to get you ready. d.j. irie is going to spin you into the weekend as we say good morning, america. george is off. you'll see him on sunday on "this week." good to have josh by my side. >> it's good to be here. d.j. irie, george's favorite. more on this american beauty queen. the american miss universe, under fire today for disrespecting one of the seven manmade wonders of the world, the taj mahal.
7:31 am
indian authorities said to be poring through surveillance tapes as she perhaps faces jail there. we're going to hear from her. this is interesting. a little role reversal. the huge pay gap between men and women when it comes to modeling. top male supermodels, as sam knows, speaking out about the inequality. why female supermodels get paid so much more. sam, you have been fighting this battle for years. >> to be honest, robin, i was just a teenage hand model. >> and what's the pay discrepancy there? >> huge. >> my right hand is incredible. let's get to the boards. we've got one or two things going on that we want to share with you. you're looking live at the fifth and final high school, ladies and gentlemen. it has been the best week i think we've ever had on "gma." the katy perry "roar" contest. you folks have made us happier. you can't imagine. it's our fifth and final look. we have to pick one. i don't know how katy's going to do it.
7:32 am
>> good recovery, sam. >> really? >> no. >> that's ahead. but first, in this half hour, we're going to turn to a brazen armed robbery caught on a home surveillance video camera. atlanta police are asking for the public's help, in catching the robber who made off in a luxury car. and who looks like he could use some driving lessons. abc's steve osunsami has that story for us. >> reporter: it's the dramatic video atlanta homeowners are sharing this morning, hoping someone can help police identify this face. watch closely as this young man with a gun is caught on camera, carjacking atlanta realtor brad edmonds, monday night, as he was bringing in the garbage cans from his driveway. you see the suspect, clear as day, walking up to edmonds, demanding the keys to his 2011 mercedes. >> i hear this voice saying, give me the keys. and i look.
7:33 am
there is a guy with a gun drawn at my chest. >> reporter: edmonds said his heart was racing, walking back to the house with the alleged carjacker behind him. edmonds gets inside his home, yells out to a friend for help and runs into a bathroom to call police. the man with the gun looks around. grabs the car keys and makes a run for it. he's in such a hurry, he only opens one half of the gate and then beats up the car, rushing to back it out of the driveway. >> spends a good 30 seconds, back and forth, back and forth, trying to get out of the gate. >> reporter: the video is flying around the internet. and atlanta police say they're flooded with leads. >> the fact it's all over the internet and all of that. has that been the key to this? >> that was a very big key. obviously, some people, when they're talking to you, give us descriptions. descriptions can be a little bit off. if you have video, that's hard-core. >> reporter: police recovered edmonds' car wednesday and are dusting it for prints, looking for the man who, thanks to these cameras, they expect to catch real soon. for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news,
7:34 am
atlanta. thank you, receive. now to the case of the utah doctor about to go on trial for the murder of his wife, more than six years after her death. martin macneill is accused of a bizarre plot to get his wife out of the way, so to speak, to make room for his mistress. aditi roy has the story. >> reporter: martin macneill is at the center of an epic family drama about to play out in court next week. but the courtroom fireworks are already flying with lawyers debating this week about which witnesses should be allowed to testify, including macneill's daughter. the former utah doctor and mormon sunday schoolteacher is accused of killing his wife. his frantic call made on the day of the day of her death in 2011 after the youngest child, eda, disdiscovered her mother in the
7:35 am
bathtub. macneill's oldest daughter describes what eda told her. >> my dad told her to check on your mother. my dad stayed in the kitchen while she went into the bathroom and found her. >> reporter: macneill says his wife drowned in the bathtub. but they say he intentionally overdosed her, when she was recovering from a facelift he compelled her to have. this week, macneill's lawyers argued that 12-year-old eda should not be allowed to take the stand. was prosecutors allowed alexis to interview her. there's no evidence eda's testimony is tainted, even though macneill's older daughters long believe their father is guilty. >> we know the truth. we know killed our mother. >> reporter: during macneill's court appearances, they clutched their mother's pictures and stared down their father, while his lawyers professed his innocence. >> he has done some bad things in his life.
7:36 am
does that mean he's a murderer? no. >> reporter: also on the witness list, gypsy willis, macneill's former mistress, who moved into the family home shortly after michelle's death. while the judge will allow some of his fellow inmates to take the stand, he has yet to allow whether to allow eda's testimony. a decision, in a trial that pits the once powerful patriarch against his own family. for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. so much to parse here. to help us do that, our chief legal affairs officer, dan abrams, joins us. among the many things to discuss here, another case we're seeing now, where the prosecution took many years to make its case before, in fact, charging the husband with murdering his wife, dr. macneill here. so what does it mean? social it mean it's a tough case to make? >> not in this case. in this case, i would reverse it and say i have no idea why it took them so long. they had enormous evidence
7:37 am
against him for a long time. he was serving three years already, for stealing the identity of his adopted daughter. i don't think the authorities felt they had to rush this. but you're almost trying to -- trump me, because you're saying, wait a sec. exactly. this is one of the most bizarre cases i have covered. i do not say that lightly. because of the amount of things they have against him. it seems everything in this guy's life was a lie. he lied about his degrees. he lied about having cancer. he stole his daughter's identity. it goes on and on and on. and then, you have this bizarre allegation that he's forcing his wife to have a face-lift because -- so he, as a doctor, can overprescribe her with drugs, kill her, so he can be with his mistress. and it won't be discovered. the authorities have had all of this for a long time. i can't give you an explanation why it took so long to charge him. this is a very strong circumstantial case. >> lots of questions. it's only a two-hour show.
7:38 am
so we're going to save them without discussing more about this. thanks very much. we're going to turn for another look at the weather. and, sam, looks like the west is getting a storm some may have wanted. but maybe not so much. >> you get the rain with it. you also get some snow in mountains outside of san diego, l.a. and vegas. it's the first big one to make that snow. it's a strong front as it moves into the country. and look at the pictures we have from you from flagstaff, arizona. i think there was a record low there. for a 39-degree low temperature yesterday morning, if i'm not mistaken. that's how powerful the cold is behind it. as the front moves into the plains, there's thunderstorms that move ahead testify and this cold gusty wind behind it. this is a big storm to pay attention to in the middle of the country. meanwhile, ahead of all of that, it's 82 in oklahoma city. memphis is 84. atlanta, 81 today. tallahassee, 87. there's an awful lot of fog from memphis, not quite to
7:39 am
>> that's the area we think the strongest storms will be right there. all that weather was brought to you by party city, by the way. >> thank you, sam. still to come here, the american beauty queen under fire for tarnishing the taj mahal. and we go inside the so-called instagram diet. a new study suggests that all of the pictures of food people post can change the way you eat. ictures of food people post can change the way you eat.
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welcome back. the time is 7:43. and we can give you miss universe, under fire for the skred ground on taj mahal. the american beauty queen could face charges there. and she's speaking out about what really happened. abc's reena ninan has the story. >> usa. >> reporter: international outrage as miss universe is accused of disrespecting one of the seven manmade wonders of the world. authorities in india, lodging a formal complaint over on alleged unauthorized fashion chute to hock shoes at the taj mahal. these photographs show her posing in high heels in front of
7:44 am
the monument. the american-born beauty could face up to two years in prison and a fine, for violating india's heritage act, which bans commercial activities on the grounds. she spoke with a journal, jenna peltier. >> i said out loud, isn't this inappropriate? a little upsetting. i loved my visit to india. and i would love nothing more than to go back. >> reporter: the rhode island native was on a ten-day tour of india. even posting this image of the taj mahal on the day of the incident. >> honestly, five-inch heels on a ten-inch bench, in 90-degree weather. you know, i didn't want to do it. i have to do what i'm told. this is my job. >> reporter: other celebrities, from princess diana to tom cruise and even oprah, posing in front of the famous monument of love. >> she essentially had only one option, which is to apologize and throw away the tapes and allow the indian government to
7:45 am
allow to make an example out of her. to discourage others from doing it again. >> reporter: the miss universe organization is apologizing. stating that the filming that took place outside the taj mahal was never intended to be used as a commercial. nor was it meant in any way to be disrespectful. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. and coming up, kerry washington, one-on-one with robin roberts. kerry's remarkable, new project. and message on this international day of the girl. and, hey. speaking of, a "play of the day" i try not to overpromise. but this time -- melt, melt, met. be ready. when you have diabetes like i do, getting the right nutrition isn't always easy. first, i want a way to help minimize my blood sugar spikes. then, a way to support heart health. ♪ and let's not forget immune support. ♪ but now i have new glucerna advance with three benefits in one. including carbsteady ultra
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right then. here's "the play of the day." >> you got this. you got this. >> best thing ever. mom had a birthday. and 2-year-old, claire, gave her this gift.
7:50 am
>> happy birthday. hi, mommy. hi, mommy. i just want to say, happy birthday. i want you to know, that you're the greatest mommy. i love you so much. and there's a lot of reasons why. why i love you. number one, you're a favorite. you're amazing. number three, best mommy ever. >> and take a look. >> really? >> i love being with you. you work so hard. and i miss you when you're gone. are you ready? happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you.
7:51 am
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. san francisco police are investigating an apparent high-speed crash this morning. it happened at geary boulevard at tenth just before fourth. investigators say a woman hit several parked cars and was taken to the hospital with some injuries. one of the vehicles ended up on the hood of one of the other parked cars. no word on what led to the crash or whether she'll face any charges. lisa argen has our bay area forecast, lisa. >> good morning, kristen. we have half-mile visibility up in the north bay and stratus along the coast. temperatures in the upper 40s, san jose with a clear sky. and we're on our way to another
7:57 am
beautiful autumn afternoon with 64 in san francisco, 70 in fremont. leyla. and we have an accident involving a motorcycle. this is just past the tolls on the bay bridge. and it sounds like it's blocking one lane. and we are looking at just a little bit of traffic, otherwise we're pretty light making it into san francisco. b.a.r.t. trains are running on time, but cal train
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] look at all -- again, the mascot, stealing the show like that. so much school spirit at pickerington high school. they are the fifth school personally picked by one katy perry in our "roar" contest. what a great week it's been from so many entries all over the country. >> and we finally have one east of the mississippi represented by this. just a small part of another wonderful video. turns out, there's a lot of really talented high schoolers out there.
8:01 am
>> oh, yeah. >> as robin mentioned, katy picked these finalists. will also be picking the winner herself. and then, she's packing a back and coming to your school, if you're the winner. live october 25th. we'll have it in a concert on our air. cannot wait for october 25th. >> it must be deafening in there. >> deafening. and we have a party in our studio, as well. d.j. irie, friend of the program. coming to join us from parts south, fla. d.j. irie, spinning us into the weekend. we're also talking about some of the big stories of the day. sam, as you discovered during your career as a male model, some of the top male models say they're not getting fair pay compared to female models. why is that? >> so glad we're finally bringing it to light. you know when all your friends are posting the pictures of food? does it change the way -- does
8:02 am
it make you angry? >> makes me hungry. >> there's something called the instagram diet now. >> that's a problem. >> that's is problem. suggesting all of the pictures of food can change the way you eat. >> not sure i buy it, yet. also ahead, one-on-one, with another friend of the program, kerry washington. an inspired passion project. she'll be sharing on this, the international day of the girl. let's get the news right now from amy. >> good morning, guys. we begin with optimism. we're told it's mild optimism, that lawmakers will be able to break the logjam in washington. on the table now is a deal, first offered by republicans in the house. it would raise the nation's debt ceiling for six weeks until late november. that would give president obama and the republicans more time to negotiate the end of the government shutdown. sources say an agreement to do that could be made by early next week. some national parks that have been closed since the government shutdown could soon reopen. the obama administration saying
8:03 am
that the parks can open again as long as states use their own money to pay for operations. and some breaking news from afghanistan. secretary of state john kerry has arrived in kabul on an unannounced visit for urgent security talks. the u.s. is trying to reach a deal allowing troops to conduct counterterrorism operations after the nato mission ends next year. the u.s. relationship with afghanistan has been strained in recent weeks. another breaking story that could take a big toll on stocks today. jpmorgan chase, the nation's largest bank, has just reported a surprising $400 million loss for the third quarter, largely because of legal expenses. and facebook is changing its privacy settings. it's doing away with the function that controls whether you can be found when someone types your name in the search bar. facebook says only a small number were taking advantage of that setting. and frightening close call
8:04 am
for the crew of this racing yacht. a gust of wind flips the boat over. a well-known racer was trapped in one of the hulls. he was rescued by helicopter. he is okay. and finally, a high school in north carolina was placed under lockdown over a close encounter of the grizzly kind. these three bears, momma and two cubs, climbed up a tree on campus. and they just hung out there. eventually, mom helped the two babies down. sauntered off to find lunch. apparently snubbing the school cafeteria menu. they don't like the smell of bacon bits and baked potatoes, either. don't all cafeterias smell the same? when i walk into my kids' -- >> you're working some stuff out right now. >> oh. >> let us know how that goes. >> meanwhile -- >> i love you. you did say one of the top-three ever today. >> well, for sam. this is a wacky friday version of "pop news." sam, we begin with something you remember.
8:05 am
we introduce to you, our audience, the gravy world wrestling championship. >> i remember. >> sam and i decided -- there they were -- we would try to go next year. now, sam, if you do go, you may want to stop nearby, about an hour and a half, derbyshire, england, for the world championship toe wrestling. >> wouldn't miss it for the world. >> 37 years and running. toe wrestlers from around the world, put their best foot forward. >> can you do a play-by-play. >> and the runner's toe. and the big toe. >> there's a market. >> guys, i'm being toe-tally serious. >> oh. >> serious competitors. they lock toes. they must force their opponent's digits on to the floor. the man to beat, allen nasty nash. there he is. he's been world champion toe wrestler for ten years running. >> something i discovered at espn before coming here, great britain has a lot of time on its hands.
8:06 am
>> amazing. thank you, great britain, for gravy wrestling. >> that's real? >> oh, yeah. >> 37 years. >> and by the way, if you happen to be in london -- >> facts. if you happen to be in london, be on the lookout for two giant bananas. they've been missing for months. the thieves were caught on camera stealing the inflatable fruit from a spa and sticking them in a red car before making a getaway. the owner admits it's not the crime of the century. but we'd like our bananas. police are now involved in the hunt. any leads are appreciated. finally, we're so happy to share inspiring weight loss stories. this one is no different except it's about a dachshund. obie, was obese. lucky to be alive. weighing almost 80 pounds. he was living with an elderly couple. they loved him. they overfed him out of love.
8:07 am
and the average dachshund should weigh no more than 32 pounds. this poor guy was almost 80. after a year of dieting, hydrotherapy and at 7 years old, he has lost 50 pounds. obie, as i said, became obese. once he lost the weight, he had to have a tummy tuck. you see him now. svelte and loving life. and, obie, we thank you. >> he has a new confidence about him. >> you should see him hold up the jeans that he used to wear. >> right. >> looking for a shot. isn't it always -- it's always a shot. all right. >> the collar. >> it would have been better, the collar. that would have been so good, josh. a quick look, by the way. we're going to show you a live shot out of philly this morning. philly is having some issues with the rain. it's not spreading rain as far north as we thought. it's an inch and a half just this morning. that's spreading all the way to northern pennsylvania. look at the line of showers.
8:08 am
it's where this low goes that determines who gets rain today. new york city, i can't take you out of the line of a possible shot. i don't think you get a lot of out this. it's got to get away from us before we know for sure. behind that comes the cold air. minneapolis, chicago, kansas city, st. louis, all these numbers are dropping down a bit. normally, you'd be about 61 degrees in minneapolis. you've been 70-something. 77 today. so, that's g >> you think all that was great.
8:09 am
but there's so much more. what's ahead? this is what's coming ahead on your "gma morning menu." top male supermodels, fighting for equal pay right now. also, the instagram diet. researchers reviewing all of the pictures posted could change the way you eat. and we meet the incredible high school, personally chosen by katy perry in our "roar" contest. all that coming up, on "good morning america," live in times square. and it feels like your lifeate revolves around your symptoms, ask your gastroenterologist about humira adalimumab. humira has been proven to work for adults who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief, and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma,
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8:13 am
oh, it's a good morning. a little "improve this." >> "heat index." and we have a talker to start things off. sam, ear muffs. the world's top-earning male models, not getting paid anywhere near as much as their female counterparts. we are outraged about this. >> it is an outrage, indeed. >> and you, amy, have an update on said outrage. >> i do, in fact. a $1.5 million paycheck is pretty good. but it's nothing compared to what the top women are earning. from the catwalk, to the covers of international magazines. we know their faces and their first names. gisele, miranda and kate. they are the world's most famous supermodels, with the biggest bank accounts. according to "forbes" gisele bundchen raked in a whopping $42 million last year. while miranda kerr was behind her with $7 million. how do the paychecks of their
8:14 am
male counterparts compare? >> on average, male models make around $200,000 to $500,000 a year, if they're really, really successful, they'll hit the $1 million mark. >> reporter: you may not know industry veteran david gandy by name. but you'll recognize that face. it seems like, for a male model, you have to do something other than modeling to have a name. >> you have -- coverage and people know the name. >> reporter: the ten-top earning male models earned a combined total of $8 million, from september 2012 to september 2013. a fraction compared to the $83 million their female counterparts raked in over the past year. sean o'pry is currently the world's highest-paid supermodel, earning $1.5 million last year. >> the gap's what it is. and it's there for a reason. >> females have a lot of
8:15 am
platforms they can use to jump off of. like victoria's secret contracts. cosmetics contracts. males don't have that. >> reporter: but o'pry is not complaining about the income divide. >> i don't have to wear high heels. and i don't have to wear bikinis. so, i mean, more power to the ladies. i'm very happy with my career and the monetary rate. at the end of the day, i'm very blessed with what i do have. >> there's one interesting point beyond all of that eye candy. celebrity models are a different story. brad pitt's chanel 5 ad earned him $10 million. >> when we talk about women and the equal pay thing, this is an interesting twist on it. >> 148% difference between the top earners, women and men. >> i will not sleep until we have equality. >> you're being so quiet, sam champion. very proud of you. >> i think i used it all up. next up on the "gma heat index", can using instagram change the way you eat?
8:16 am
so many people post pictures of their favorite meals. according to a new study, looking at all those photos of food may actually, wait for it, make you less hungry. that's the word on the street. abc's linsey davis has more on the so-called instagram diet. >> reporter: from soup to nuts, social media is changing the way we eat. >> i want to know what's the most likes? what will get me the most likes on instagram. >> reporter: increasingly, people are ordering based on the best say cheese moment. what they think will make for the best photo op. you've heard that a picture is worth 1,000 words. now, some say, it could just save you 1,000 calories. that's because according to a study of salty and alternatively sweet foods by brigham young university, it's possible that just looking at too many snaps of food on instagram or pinterest can actually curb your appetite for those same types of
8:17 am
food. >> it is absolutely possible that looking at too much or even a lot of a specific type of food could decrease your desire for that food. >> reporter: but not everyone agrees. 30-year-old natasia johnson has more than 4,000 followers on her instagram page that she devotes entirely to her love of sweets. >> it doesn't change my appetite. it probably makes me hungrier for food. >> reporter: for johnson and many like her, posting pictures of food has become a bit of an obsession. >> i'm a little obsessed with instagram. i follow about 400 people. and it seems to not be enough. every time my hand gets near the phone, instagram's the first thing i open. >> reporter: but picture this. according to the study, you can't count on one or two pictures of chocolate cake to make the real cake in front of you seem any less palatable. but after seeing 60 pictures of sweet foods, you might be less likely to enjoy the real-life
8:18 am
cake and possibly eat less of it. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> and for more on what some are saying, the surprising new study, we turn to nutrition and wellness editor, dave zinczenko. you didn't bring any food. we're very disappointed. that's right. the study says it doesn't make you hungry. we've been watching this piece for the last minute. and we're -- >> salivating. >> it's a little of a tough one to swallow because if you realize you have to, like, see 60 photos to hit what's called sensory boredom. that's an overstimulation of your senses that lead you to not want to eat it anymore. and it has to be the food you're trying to avoid. so, that's -- >> brownies do not bore me. i'm just going to say. >> this is becoming popular, posting food online. >> everybody has to eat. everybody loves food. and so, it's the one conversation piece that anybody can have. so, whether it's -- you're just
8:19 am
talking about food, your pure love of food or your interest in weight loss or you're trying to stay on top of the merging nutrition and wellness trend, it's very easy to get into food. >> but it's not, again, as simple as you see a picture of an ice cream sandwich. so, you won't want an ice cream sandwich. >> you have to saturate, go beyond that point. the good news here is that people want to take sexy shots of food. that means colorful foods. suddenly, nectarines, and lima beans and kale seems exotic. it tends to be healthier food. >> looking at the pictures, you're right. >> it's beautiful. i still want to eat that brownie. >> in many cases you're talking about gorgeous food shots. professional stylists and photographers. so, it's easy to make it seem appetizing. >> when we try to make it at home, not so much. thanks very much. >> thank you.
8:20 am
we have been blown away this week. what a treat. the finalists for our huge katy perry "roar" contests. high schools across the country submitting their videos. supersmash anthem. katy herself, picking one high school. and then, she'll go and perform at the school on her b-day, october 25th. now, finally, our last finalist from pickerington high school central, in pickerington, ohio. here at pickerington high central, tiger pride is palpable. but when katy perry asked this high school to roar -- ♪ you're going to hear me roar >> reporter: the students channeled a much different animal than their mascot. two years ago, shayna fowler started the butterfly project, an organization designed to empower young women. >> our goal is to remind people that they are valuable, lovable,
8:21 am
capable and beautiful. >> reporter: darby burch teamed up with shayna to bring it to the small screen. keeping one lyric from "roar" in mind. ♪ i am a champion >> i made a box that says i'm a champion. and we want people to submit their own stories and the stories in the video. >> reporter: they weaved these real-life stories together, showing what being a champion meant to them. ♪ i've got the eye of the tiger ♪ >> they embraced the uniqueness of everybody. every one of our students have a champion inside of them. >> reporter: holly plays as the main character in the video. >> i've been through a lot of the same issues that the character i was portraying did. i wanted to use this role to speak for them. >> reporter: would the butterflies' roar bring katy perry to pickerington central? >> we're inspired by her. we hope she would be inspired by us.
8:22 am
>> reporter: three, two, one, roar. ♪ i used to bite my tongue and hold my breath ♪ ♪ scared to rock the boat and make a mess ♪ ♪ so, i sat quietly agreed politely ♪ ♪ i guess that i forgot i had a choice ♪ ♪ i let you push me past the breaking point ♪ ♪ i stood for nothing so, i fell for everything ♪ ♪ you held me down but i got up ♪ ♪ already brushing off the dust ♪ ♪ you hear my voice you hear that sound ♪ ♪ like thunder gonna shake the ground ♪ ♪ you held me down but i got but i got up ♪ ♪ you held me down but i got up ♪ ♪ get ready 'cause i've had enough ♪ ♪ i see it all i see it now ♪ ♪ i got the eye of the tiger ♪ ♪ a fighter dancing through the fire ♪ ♪ 'cause i am a champion and you're gonna hear me roar ♪ ♪ louder, louder than a lion ♪ ♪ 'cause i am a champion and
8:23 am
you're gonna hear me roar ♪ ♪ roar, roar roar, roar ♪ ♪ i got the eye of the tiger ♪ ♪ a fighter dancing through the fire ♪ ♪ 'cause i am a champion and you're gonna hear me roar ♪ ♪ roar, roar roar, roar, roar ♪ i got the eye of the tiger ♪ a fighter dancing through the fire ♪ >> such energy. and there they are. the students of pickerington high school central. and we welcome you to "good morning america." so, i want to start with you, shayna. >> hi. >> tell me a little bit about the butterfly project. so intrinsic to your "roar" video. >> yes. the butterfly project is something that i started with some friends when i was 15 years old. and basically, we just wanted to empower young women to be confident and to change the world. so, that gave me an entire new
8:24 am
perspective when darby approached me to make this "roar" video, about what it meant to be a champion. >> you certainly get that from watching. we cannot stop smiling. guys, katy perry is watching. she's voting. what do you want her to know about your school and about this video that will seal the deal for you and get her to your school? >> katy, first off, i want to say thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to participate in this competition. you have inspired our students. you've empowered our staff. and you united our entire town. if you come to pickerington central, we will give you the best birthday celebration you can ever imagine. and we even got you an amazing cake. >> nicely done. well said. >> they did not -- [ cheers and applause ] >> congratulations. five winners, as far as we're concerned.
8:25 am
now, you see in the video, our five finalists, chosen by katy. and here is a special message from katy to them. >> it was so exciting to see all of your submissions. all the different variety. all of the creativity. and it was so encouraging and inspiring to me to see all the school spirit. that still exists. all of you guys coming together to roar, to make your own kind of roar. i just want to say thank you. and i'm encouraged by all of your love and support. and i can't wait to pick a winner. >> i mean, i don't know how she's going to do it. >> she's been very hands-on, from the very beginning. i love the common theme from all of the schools. it brought them all together and the community, as well. >> and empowerment. we said it all week long. our future is secure. we have some talented high schoolers. >> unbelievable. >> out there. >> unbelievable, from the cheerleader on monday. and i dare say, they got better and better. >> so much joy. we're all smiling when we're watching. >> i love that. >> that is contagious. they've done it, and spread it through america.
8:26 am
>> we thank you. all of these high schools and to all high schools across america. you've seen them. katy's choosing the winner next friday. we will announce special concert. before that, kerry washington with robin. and here you go. ♪ i got the eye of a tiger a fighter ♪ dancing through the fire ♪ ♪ 'cause i am a champion and you're gonna hear me roar ♪ ♪ louder, louder than a lion ♪ 'cause i am a champion and you're gonna hear me roar ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. b.a.r.t. trains are running this morning, but they may stop in their tracks come monday. the 60-day cooling off period ended at midnight. b.a.r.t. and its unions signed a contract extension through the weekend averting a strike today. union negotiators say elected b.a.r.t. board members are now involved and engaged in negotiations. and they expect the general manager to sit down at the bargaining table today. they say these developments can only help bring a resolution before the new midnight deadline sunday night. tracking your morning commute right now with leyla gulen. all looking good? >> speaking of which, we do have 59 trains all running on time. we have this problem, it's a stalled vehicle northbound on 101 right at ninth. so we are seeing a bit of slowing there as you approach san francisco.
8:28 am
but outside we go, friday like conditions also the columbus holiday is ahead of us. and take a look at the toll plaza. it's wide open virtually empt [ engine revs, tires squeal ]
8:29 am
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8:30 am
be looking at a sunny and mild afternoon once again around the bay. starting next week, from "good morning america" and "entertainment weekly," the biggest reunion ever, "mystic pizza." and the waitress that stole the world's heart. everybody's favorite shrink. "frazier." and a surprise heart-to-heart with "heart to heart." plus, "do the right thing," "boy meets world," and we even got "the waltons." >> good night, john boy. >> on "good morning america," on abc. >> i was -- you saw "mystic pizza," "frazier." "the waltons"? we're getting "the waltons" back together. "gma" reunions week. so many great shows. and don't miss it. it's coming next week.
8:31 am
"the waltons." >> john boy. >> good morning, george. he's off, spending some well-deserved time. and d.j. irie here from miami, as we spin into this deejay friday. we have a wonderful friday crowd with us. >> it goes on forever. >> everywhere. and vanilla ice is here. look at this. he's showing up on a horse and buggy. >> a first look at his show, "vanilla ice goes amish." he's going to share with lara great tips for making the most of a small space in your home. >> great friend of the program. >> you're going to see it all. and by the way, robin. you're going to sit down and talk to us about a little bit
8:32 am
with kerry washington, about something special. international -- >> day of the girl. and an important documentary, that's been a passion project of hers. talk with her and some others about that. very special day. and how special was it yesterday to be on "the view." we have to thank all of the ladies of "the view," for putting up with us. and learning that josh was a blonde when he was young. it was worth the price of admission. >> it was worth it. >> they learned that sam was a brunette. >> we had you watching yesterday. moving on because there's so much to get to in the program, josh. sara haines is here. can you test-drive a new house? that sounds incredible to me. i don't understand this. but it's like going on a first date with your house. so, how does this work? >> i love that you compared it to dating, first of all. it's more of a test drive. we'll go with that. whether you're trying on a shirt or a car, we like to try things on before we buy them. add some zeros to the price tag,
8:33 am
like with a new home. and wouldn't it be nice to try that out, before dropping the big bucks? take a look. an open house doesn't leave a lot of time to really check out a new place. how will you know if it gets good light? or what about the water pressure? >> in a tiny apartment, people would -- what would they do without it? and they try it out. and they fall in love with it. >> reporter: enter the newest real estate trend known as try before you buy. allowing potential buyers to spend time living in the space they intend to purchase. >> this gives opportunity for somebody to enjoy the house as much as the owner does. that's something we could never write up. >> reporter: anesthesiologist roy came to check this brownstone on new york's upper west side. while this place is gorgeous, he wanted to be sure. >> great outdoor space. >> reporter: before he took the plunge. >> i love to cook. i want to see how it feels to live here, cook here, sleep
8:34 am
over. >> reporter: while he will have the house to himself for the day, it's big enough for the both of us. so, i couldn't let roy have all the fun. yay, fluffy pillows. we had to check out the plumbing. >> a gold-plated faucet. >> reporter: and a little creeping on the neighbors. >> there's a basketball court. >> reporter: there's a dumb waiter. seriously? that's scary looking. you can't feel truly at home until you've raided the kitchen. >> refrigerator. >> reporter: since this is a bit out of my range, i'll leave roy to test drive the rest on his own. >> you're right. >> yeah. it had to be done. there was a little bit of a -- >> does it work? do you fall in love with the house? >> lighting changes throughout a day. you don't know what you're going to get from the crazy neighbors. staying for a period of time gives you a chance to check it all out. >> just believe my place clean. >> i may have eaten the food. >> thank you so much.
8:35 am
hang on for a second. we have to talk about -- it's panda-monium around here at "gma." you've got to name the first-ever surviving panda twins in the u.s. you don't want them to go nameless. for your favorite names for those bundles of joy you see right there, go to on yahoo! you guys, come on. >> that's so cute. >> go online and give them a name. they're laying there, cute as can be. >> tweetle dee and tweetle cuter. let's get to the boards. here's one or two things. we're going to start with your twitter and facebook pictures that you send to us to let us know what it looks like in america in the morning. sometimes i'm so tired in the morning, i don't know what it looks like in wisconsin. there you go. right there. then, a little look at colorado. and you can see the dust coming in with that line of storms, just blowing across the road. we thank you for that, as well. here's the plan for the southwest here. that area of high pressure is probably going to try to work against that colder air.
8:36 am
so, we're going to take the temperatures up a little bit, towards phoenix. not today, by the time you get into the weekend. keep an eye on that. also, you should know that this low, there's one or two sprinkles here. at least it's not pouring rain in times square. that gets out of here for the weekend. >> an amazing crowd in times square. we see you lined up. thanks so much for coming out. all that weather was brought to you by pampers. >> now, back to you, josh. >> thank you, guys. benedict cumberbatch. just made "people" magazine's one to watch list. and there are so many reasons why. from his acclaimed series "sherlock." "star trek."
8:37 am
which i've seen twice in the last 48 hours. two-time emmy-nominated actor. and adds to a string of singular performances. he plays julian assange, the wikileaks founder, who published top-secret information about the u.s. and other government activities. a decision that creates a very volatile relationship with his right-hand man. never have a bunch of internet chats and text messages been so intense until today. thanks for coming in today. i want to get to the film. you reach out, rightfully, to julian assange, to perhaps discuss whatever you might discuss. and he waits and contacts you the day before filming is to begin with an e-mail that takes a bit of a shot at the script and the film in general. >> it was a hard thing to take. but quite within his rights to reply, since the film is based on his character and events that he was part of. i wanted that response. i wanted to gauge his feelings. i was hoping to meet him. he felt very strongly. but in a charming, polite e-mail
8:38 am
that he thought the film would be poisonous to him and his cause. and i wrote an equally long and charming and polite response back telling him why i thought the opposite. it gave me an objective on his predicament. and also why i wanted to do the film. and it made it clearer to me, why the story i thought was important. and a lot less negative than he was fearing. >> i want to take a look at a clip before we take another look. >> it is an information war, which goes beyond any lines we have with the mainstream media. you want to throw it away because you fear a u.s. government informant might come to harm? >> he's a human being, julian. lives are at stake. >> what about the soldiers and and the civilians involved in these conflicts? civilian casualties. countless incidents of friendly fire. this is information the world needs to know. >> you mentioned it yourself.
8:39 am
a very nuanced look at a very complex series of issues here. julian assange, hero or trait traitor? i want to hear your thoughts. >> i think it's more complex than that. you can't demonize or delinize someone as a hero. it's a complex character in a complex situation. i think history will judge. i think we're still in the middle of it, with everything that's happening with snowden and the revelations about snowden. what i wanted to bring was to look a little behind the public persona. there's an acreage of footage online. the scenes you can compare to real-life youtube footage of what we dramatized. so, in order to do that, you have to empathize a little bit. i went towards his point of view because i was playing him. but i think it's a great debating point. and it's a film that should start that debate. as you said, at the end of the film, the only truth you can really seek out is your own. >> is your own.
8:40 am
there's so much to get to. i wish we had more time. i want to say, fan boy. on my trip to afghanistan, watched "star trek" twice. and this last night. you are brilliant in everything. >> thank you so much. >> it's a pleasure to meet you. thank you so much. >> it's "the fifth estate." in theaters next friday, october 18th. go see it. coming up here, kerry washington on her new passion project. go nowhere.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
we're looking forward to that tonight. that tonight. educate girls and you can change the world. that's malala's message. and the message of a film called "girl rising." it's being screened in communities all around the world today, to commemorate this, the international day of the girl. hollywood a-listers like meryl
8:44 am
streep, frida pinto and kerry washington, lent their voices to the film. last time kerry was here, i had a chance to sit down with her. and she shared with me how important this project is to her. >> in daydreams, she pictured freshly sharpened pencils. rows of desks. the chant of the alphabet. >> reporter: daydreams about learning to read. learning to write. millions of girls in developing countries can only dream about going to school. >> i spent my days working. i woke before dawn. cleaned the house. washed the clothes, the dishes. >> reporter: "girl rising" reveals the enormous challenges girls in developing countries face if they want to receive an education. the documentary spotlights the remarkable stories of nine girls in countries ranging from haiti to afghanistan, who fought for their chance to go to school, despite extreme poverty, natural disasters and forced labor. >> i'll just try harder. >> reporter: each girl was
8:45 am
paired with a writer from their country. their words, brought to life by a host of hollywood a-listers like anne hathaway, alicia keys and kerry washington. this is a parachute project. tell me how you came to "girl rising." >> one of the producers said, i know you're passionate about women and girls. we're making a film about the power of education to transform girls' lives all over the world. and we're taking that power and paying it forward. >> i can't really talk about everything that happened to me here. but i will never forget. >> reporter: you spent time with a young woman from nepal? >> she is a young woman who has been able to overcome odds that are unimaginable through the power of learning. >> reporter: the statistics are staggering. 66 million girls are out of school globally.
8:46 am
and there are 33 million fewer girls than boys in primary schools. >> it is a life or death issue. and a child is born to a woman who can read, they're 50% more likely to live above the age of 5. this is about saving children's lives. >> reporter: so, what can you do to promote change? actress freida pinto challenges viewers to take action. >> if you're able, the girls of the world need as much financial support as you can give. >> the call to action is probably the most important part of a documentary film like this. you show them that there are various ways you can come forward and help. but it's creating awareness. money, a very important part of it. >> reporter: today, on the international day of the girl, thousands of communities worldwide will host screenings of "girl rising," making one simple point. educate girls and you will change the world. it's really as simple as that. and let me tell you, it is a beautiful, beautiful film. and it's being screened all across the world today. it's in your neighborhood. make sure you go by.
8:47 am
go to on yahoo! to learn more about "girl rising," and how you can help educate girls all around the world. >> on this, the international day of the girl. >> i'm thinking of little sarina right now. >> so, am i. coming up, vanilla ice. how to make the most out of a small space. does he know how to arrive or what? one year-since i received the itbest gift i will ever get...
8:48 am
a life saving marrow transplant from my big sister, sallie-anne. and right now my first and only wish is simple. that you support the be the match marrow registry. if more people are on the registry, there will more people who can find a marrow match. you have the power to save a life
8:49 am
very excited about this installment of our "improve this" series. today, it is all about reinvention. and vanilla ice, everybody. also known as rob van winkle. native name as a rap star. but has transformed himself into a home improvement guru. many shows on diy. the latest one is really something. and we're going to talk about that and get some great -- talk
8:50 am
to me about the concept for "vanilla ice goes amish" because why wouldn't you come up with that show? >> they really pride themselves on building and craftsmanship. i figured it was a good deal since i'm a carpenter and a craftsman to go out there and intern and learn their ways. >> you immersed yourself in their culture. >> i learned about everything they do and why they do it. >> and you've taken a buggy. what do you say -- what do you call it? icing it out? >> i iced it out. >> you iced out an amish buggy, outside of our studio. with l.e.d. lighting. an amish buggy with a disco ball and a monster sound system. were they okay with it? >> they're okay because i'm an outsider. they were cracking up. they loved it. >> and you have great tips for us. you're ready. the buggy's a great example of small spaces. and you're so good at transforming and making the most of them.
8:51 am
this armoire is a good example. >> you can get an armoire in any second-hand shop. we just painted it. but when you open it, it is party in a box. >> hit it. ♪ >> look at that. >> i mean, unbelievable. and these are outdated. people with big closets aren't using these. >> and you can get one of these receivers at any pawnshop. the speakers can be leftover in the garage. just spray paint them. >> they are fantastic. >> and these l.e.d. strips are available everywhere. >> you used those inside this. and, of course, only you would ice it out. and all of this stuff available at the hardware store, thrift shops. >> that's it. >> this is an ice original. this is like a tailgating table unlike any i've seen.
8:52 am
>> that's exactly that. a beverage center for tailgaters. you can put your barbecue grill up. your sodas out. >> and using plywood? >> this is poplar. we put hinges in here, a couple of drawers. >> you see the sides. >> two tables out of it. >> you latch it up. and you can carry it like a suitcase. it becomes two tables. you're folding. >> they unscrew it. you have the plans like, i can do this? >> simple as a dimple. this here, sam, you can set it up. you carry it right there. you throw it in the trunk. you don't need a pickup to tailgate. >> and to build this, you don't need to be a master carpenter? >> not at all. it's easy. a couple of nails and some glue. >> and be considerate of carrying it. and these are the four legs. this is steel piping. >> exactly it.
8:53 am
>> just a little flange that screws on. you don't need to cut these legs. >> the name of the new show is "vanilla ice goes amish." it premieres tomorrow night on the diy network. you can get more tips on our website, thanks so much. ron: i'm sorry, who are you? at that jc: i'm your coworker! c'mon guys. i'm driving. hey, you guys comfortable? it's best-in-class rear legroom. and with a turbo engine that gets 35 highway m-p-g. you know j.d. power ranked passat the most appealing midsize car two years in a row?
8:54 am
i bet, uh, dan here wishes somebody found him most appealing two years in a row. ron: it's ron jc: ron... exactly. vo: get 0 down, 0 due at signing, 0 deposit, and 0 first month's payment on passat or any new 2014 volkswagen.
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8:56 am
i don't want to play favorites but i'm going to. d.j. irie. thank you, everybody, for a great friday.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. the 49ers sake on the arizona cardinals at the stick on sunday. while the annual italian heritage parade winds through the streets of north beach. let's check in with lisa argen for the forecast. good morning. we have temperatures on the cool side, patchy dense fog in the north bay. oakland at 53, 54 in san carlos and we will look for the fog to slowly begin to erode. 64 in san francisco, 72 in palo alto. leyla. we have a crash that's just cleared off to the shoulder as we take you right into the east bay. if you're traveling along westbound side of 80 coming up to buchanan, we were wondering if it's going to turn into a
9:00 am
sigalert but still looks like there's debris in the road. down to 8 miles per hour as you approach the hoffman split. announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the hit series, "blue bloods," donnie wahlberg. plus, film and theater actress, elizabeth olsen. also, your comments and questions when the co-hosts open up the "inbox." all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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