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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 26, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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a dozen people abandoned after their assisted living facility was shut down by the state. tonight what's next for the patients. and the eerily realistic drill. how those involved say it everyone deserves a better car. and now, during the "sign then drive" sales event, volkswe you're closer to yours than ever. like the turbocharged tiguan the midsize passat or the 34 highway mpg jetta. and every new 2014 volkswagen comes with no-charge scheduled maintenance... ...all for practically just your signature. the "sign then drive" sales event is back. ...and it's never been easier to get a new volkswagen.
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get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends october 31st. you know, talking about human beings here. they're unable to care for themselves. they're bedridden. they're in wheelchairs. >> more than a dozen people abandoned at a bay area assisted living home just days after it was ordered closed by the state. good evening and thank you for joining us. police say the owners cleared out leaving 14 people still inside. lisa amin ghoul ezian joins us live from the facility tonight. how did authorities even know to go there today? >> let me tell you, ama. this facility is right in the middle of a neighborhood, so those who live on this street called police and they say they
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see a lot of patients, they don't seem to see anybody else here. valley springs manor is off limits and cleared out tonight. this ambulance carried the last of the 14 patients. authorities say the facility's owners left behind once this notice went up thursday. >> it's just a terribly sad situation that people would just abandon them. we're talking about human beings here that just -- they're unable to care for themselves. they're bedridden. they're in wheelchairs. we have amputees. >> you can see in these photos ambulances and paramedics line the street caring for patients as quickly as possible. four staffers did stay on these past two days to help. but jean pong is still angry her 65-year-old sister, who's mentally ill, was abandoned. >> i think they should be held accountable. you just can't vacate and leave your residents without proper care. i mean, this is what you pay
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for. >> reporter: pong paid $3,000 a month for what she thought was good care. but she admits the department of social services called her recently to tell her the site had safety code violations and improperly trained staff. neighbors say loose supervision was commonplace. >> they'd just be walking around up and down the street late nighttime, early morning, come to our door. >> it needs to be closed down for good. >> reporter: the owners could be charged with elder abuse. and i have just learned the owner of this facility is hmn enterprises. hermina gilda manuel is the president. her attorney told me their license was suspended for not having proper medical records and also for not doing thorough background checks. he also said the patients who were left here were low-income patients and that they were having a hard time finding a place for them to stay and that's why they were still here but that they were diligently working on it. he also did mention that they were very well supervised during these past two days.
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live in castro valley, lisa aminute gulezian, abc 7 news. tonight the parolee who wounded four police officers and a federal agent in sacramento is behind bars. authorities released this new mug shot of the suspect. 32-year-old samuel duran. he surrendered to police just after midnight following a nine-hour standoff at a roseville home. the dramatic incident unfolded friday afternoon when an immigration and customs enforcement agency tried arresting duran. authorities say duran shot the agent in the leg and ran. four other officers were also hit by bulths lets or shrapnel. all but one has been treated and released from the hospital. >> the suspect shot through the side of a residence and out an open window at the officers. that's how the officers received the injuries that they received. >> police haven't revealed what duran was on parole for. new details tonight in the ongoing investigation of a
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sonoma county deputy who shot and killed a 13-year-old with an air soft rifle. a memorial service is planned for andy lopez tomorrow at resurrection church in windsor. tonight abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana talked xlusly with two women who say they saw when lopez was killed. >> reporter: the collection of candles and balloons honoring 13-year-old andy lopez continues to grow, and people continue to show up throughout the day to pay their respects. maria marquez and juana rojas have come here every day since the shooting because they want to tell andy's parents what they saw when he was killed. juana rojas says they were right behind the patrol car at a stop sign. she saw the deputies turn on their police lights then drive over to where the teenager was standing in an open lot. rojas and marquez say they heard the deputies yell in english "drop the gun." >> [ speaking spanish ]. >> reporter: she says almost immediately both deputies then are opened their doors and shots were fired. rojas and marquez say deputies
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only yelled once before opening fire. >> [ speaking spanish ]. >> reporter: she says they shot immediately and didn't give him a chance to do anything. early on in this investigation police compared how similar lopez's replica assault rifle looks to a real weapon. they've also explained that the veteran deputy who opened fire believed lopez was about to point the airsoft rifle at him. both deputies exited their vehicle but maintained cover behind their opened doors. one of the deputies shouted at the subject to put their gun down. these women say the deputies shouted first and then got out of their car and fired. another witness we talked to earlier this week describes the same. >> he pulled over to the kid and he just opened the door and shoot him. >> reporter: friday we learned the fbi will be conducting its own investigation of the shooting. these women say no one has interviewed them about what they saw. we did call the santa rosa police department this evening
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about their story and are yet to receive a phone call. sergio quintana, abc 7 news. new details tonight in the fatal lodi crash that killed five members of the same family on tuesday. police say 28-year-old ryan christopher morales had been drinking shortly before he got behind the wheel and crashed his vehicle into a truck, killing a man, his pregnant wife, and three of the couple's four young children. morales is still in the hospital in critical condition. and a danville family will hold a memorial tomorrow for their two children who were killed by a drunk driver a decade ago. troy pack and his younger sister alana were riding their scooter and a bicycle on the sidewalk when they were hit and killed by 45-year-old jimena barretto. tomorrow's memorial starts at 4:00 at danville's sycamore elementary school. new at 11:00, in piedmont tonight a high school is hong one of its most prestigious graduates, who died serving our country. the library at piedmont high school was officially renamed
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the ambassador christopher stevens memorial library. stevens graduated from piedmont in 1978. he was killed in libya last year when terrorists attacked the u.s. consulate in benghazi. his mom read from a letter stevens wrote in his diplomatic career. >> on a more selfish note, i think i can make a mark for myself in the near eastern bureau. yes, i'm ambitious. i admit it. [ applause ] >> government officials say stevens was overcome by smoke from the attack and went into cardiac arrest. it is time to check on our weather. it has cooled down a bit. leigh glaser is here with the latest. >> it cools off even more so tomorrow. and definitely as we get into monday and tuesday. live doppler 7 hd right now showing you folks we do have the fog sitting off the coast already starting to make its way through the golden gate bridge. mist and drizzle expected coastside overnight tonight and current temperatures this
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evening still holding their own. about 60 degrees out toward antioch right now. 58 in livermore. 52 in san francisco. but it's getting chilly in novato. 46 degrees right now. how cold will it be next week? we'll take a look in my accuweather seven-day forecast coming up shortly. >> leigh, thank you. a tennessee man was taken into custody today after trying to board a plane with a loaded rifle in his luggage. keenan dragan was arrested after he tried to board a flight at jfk airport in new york. police say he had two rifles with the serial numbers filed off in his luggage. he also had two handguns and high-capacity magazines, which are illegal in new york. an engine problem kept a united airlines flight from honolulu to san francisco from taking off last night. united flight 724 was getting ready to take off when passengers heard a loud bang, then said they smelled smoke. the boeing 777 returned to the gate at honolulu. all 325 passengers were rebooked onto other flights. the plane is currently
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undergoing maintenance in hawaii. protests today at home and abroad over the national security agency's surveillance programs. large crowds called for reform to the nsa's wide-reaching surveillance tactics. at the center of it all, edward snowden, the nsa contractor currently self-exiled in russia. his statement was read by a justice department whistleblower. >> this is about the unconstitutional, unethical, and immoral actions of the modern-day surveillance state, and how we all must work together to remind the government to stop them. >> meanwhile, german officials are now on their way to washington in the wake of allegations that chancellor angela merkel's own cell phone was monitored. the new york stock exchange did a dry run of twitter's initial public offering today in hopes of avoiding the technical problems facebook experienced during their nasdaq debut. the exchange says everything went smoothly. it was the first time the nyse
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conduct a mock ipo that included traders from member firms to simulate the buying and selling of twitter shares. san francisco-based twitter is expected to go public sometime before thanksgiving. still to come on abc 7 news at 11:00 -- screaming teens on a high school campus. but this was not a school shooting attempt. we'll tell you what this re-enactment was all about. plus, jay-z fights back over the barney's backlash and his upcoming deal with the embattled company. and later, three sea lions
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thousands of first responders across california are taking part in a very realistic training exercise this weekend in the bay area called urban shield. part of their training involves a mock shooter on a school campus scenario. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard has the story. >> reporter: terrified students run from this castro valley elementary school after a gunman fired shots on campus. what you're watching is not real. it's only a drill. but the realistic situation being created here, a vital exercise for first responders. >> we try to replicate what happens in these situations and purposely try to make it kay ottic and purposely try to make it a mess so that when and if and hopefully not this ever happens teens will be ready. >> reporter: this training session one of many across the bay area this weekend. part of urban shield, the largest real-life drill for police and fire in the country.
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sadly, this scenario comes just days after a school shooting in sparks, nevada which left one teacher and the student shooter dead. >> it's just one of those things where if your organization needs some practice on and you're not ready to confront it you'll find yourself in a bad situation one day possibly. >> somebody help! >> reporter: angela luong volunteered to spend all day here playing the part of a shooting victim. the prosthetic wound on her hand scarier than halloween makeup. she can't imagine what terror real victims face. >> i would probably hide. and i would be scared and i would know that the deputies there, the police officers would take care of it. >> reporter: police say the realistic training they received today about school yard shootings was valuable. they also say it's something they hope they never, ever have to use. urban shield continues through the weekend. in san francisco cornell barnard, abc 7 news. scary moments on san francisco'sknob hill when a car
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lost control and hit an apartment building. it happened early this morn on washington street near leavenworth. a brand new black mercedes-benz ended up on the sidewalk against an apartment building. the driver ran from the scene. a san mateo judge has ruled it's legal for a billionaire land owner to block public access to half moon bay beach. for at least a century martins beach has been enjoyed by surfers, sun bathers and families. lawsuits were failed after the new owner of the property place a gate at the only access road to the beach. people can still use the beach but they have to get there from the ocean. a new law makes it illegal to touch pregnant women's tummies. pennsylvania passed the law this week after a stranger kept touching a woman's belly against her will. rap mogul jay-z is defending himself tonight over a collaboration with luxury clothing store barney's new york which is accused of racially profiling customers. jay-z says on his website he hasn't spoken about the controversy because he hasn't learned all the facts and
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wonders why he's being demonized. jay-z is partnering with barney's to create fashions for the holidays. new at 11:00, merchants are trying to recover from a lack of fleet week this year with a street festival celebrating the city's historic waterfront district. merchants say they lost serious money without fleet week. the festival is an effort to bring the same number of tourists to the area as the naval show. >> we've had a really great turnout so far. we had a chowder competition. we sold out online. we sold out here at the event today. and we have a beer tasting area. and that's been selling out. so we've had a really good turnout today. >> fleet week will be back next year. organizers say they will probably move workfest to the spring. for more on what the weather holds tomorrow for your sunday, let's get to leigh glaser. >> tomorrow should be pretty good. temperatures will come down a few degrees. doppler pick up a little bit of
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light fog now right near the coast, but folks, that will move inland, much like it did this morning. as we reach down tomorrow. here's a live shot from our kgo roof cam looking down toward the embarcadero in san francisco. and temperatures right now, excuse me, in the 50s. 52 in san francisco. san carlos, you're at 54 degrees. 59 in san jose. but yeah, here it comes. from our futurecam. you can see a little bit of light fog already starting to move in to downtown san francisco. as well as the north bay. napa right now 54. santa rosa already 47 degrees. novato you're at 46. and we have 48 right now in the east bay in livermore. here is a look at our forecast highlights. it will be a much cooler night tonight with patches of dense coastal fog. folks, i'm going to bring in a chance, just a slight chance of a few showers on monday but you're really going to notice a big cooldown by monday. and then for trick-or-treaters come thursday, halloween, it
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looks like things will remain dry. overnight temperatures upper 30s to right near 40 degrees in the north bay. it is going to be chilly up there, where the fog sits near the coast. generally in the 50s. san francisco 50 and livermore overnight tonight 46 degrees. here's a look at our fogcast. not a lot out there right now. but boy, it will be on the increase. 5:00 tomorrow morning most of the coast is socked in. and really we're not going to see a lot of clearing by late tomorrow afternoon. so if you want sunshine, head toward the inland area. now, this is what i want to explain to you. this low here has been bringing us some of those high clouds. it will zip to the south of us. as we head into sunday afternoon. but it's going to be this low here that is just going to slide south. and you can see the forecast model wants to bring in a little bit of moisture around 7:00 monday morning. and by 5:00 afternoon on monday we could possibly pick up a little bit of light shower activity from this wraparound moisture. mainly the east bay and the south bay. you will notice we all will get
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a much cooler air mass will settle over us and those wipd speeds will start to pick up. that's what we can expect as we head into monday and tuesday. game time tomorrow raiders, not too bad. sunshine. temperatures in the 60s. and here's a look at your highs for your sunday. clear lake 76. 72 san rafael. san francisco will be a cool 63. inland, though, enjoy the mild 70s with antioch 75. 77 for livermore. 72 for san jose because it is downhill from there. thickening clouds sunday night. the wind picks up. and boy, there is going to be a wicked chill in the air monday and tuesday. slightly chance of maybe a shower east and south bay on monday, and then we warm things up just in time for halloween. >> so they won't have to have like really heavy coats over their costumes. >> exactly. there is still baseball to talk about. >> what a finish we had in game 3 of the world series. we're in st. louis. it came down to this play. bottom nine. there is controversy, and it'll
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baseball top of the order after first two games in boston the world series shifted to st. louis for game 3 and we may have had the most unusual ending to a world series game in a long time. can you say obstruction, boys and girls? managers john farrell and mike matheny looking to take the series lead. in the first matt holliday takes jake peavy the other way. carpenter scores. now in the sixth boston daniel nava singles to left. victorino comes across. game tied at 2. unties it in the second. first and second. shots on the line. both carpenter and carlos beltran would score. cards up 4-2. holliday three rbi on the night. game now tied at 4. bottom nine. then on second, third for the
11:25 pm
cards. one out, grounds to pedroia. he comes home. molina's out. jarrod saltalamacchia up, tloeds throws it to third. gets it away. allen craig's coming home. he's called safe. the umpire ruled third baseman will middlebrooks obstructed the runner. craig is awarded home. 5-4 is your final. they'll be talking about this one for a long time. cards take a 2-1 lead in this best of seven series. >> i think the umpires defined it as they're going to. and yeah, it was obviously -- it's going to be a conversation one way or the other because we saw the tangle there and it's just a matter of how they interpreted it. that's the rule. college football on deck. sixth-ranked stanford getting a real test on the road against the 25th ranked oregon state beavers. cardinal early on. defensive battle. st
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sixth rafrpgd stanford's only loss was on the road this season and they avenged that in corvallis. oregon state won six straight coming into this contest. 13 seconds left in the half. tyler gaffney. 7-3 stanford at the half. gaffney again. second touchdown of the game. bulls his way in. 13-3 after the miss. extra point. oregon state gets it within a touchdown. sean mannion. 271 yards. 13-9 cardinal. early fourth quarter gaffney this time untouched. 32 yards. 22 carries, 145 yards. three tds for tyler. seven seconds left. fourth and goal. mannion broken up by ed reynolds. great play by reynolds. and stanford wins it 20-12. improving to 7-1. they have a bye next week before they face oregon down on the farm. cal in seattle facing the huskies where they paid tribute to the late great washington coach don james. bishop sankey takes the toss. three yards later he scores.
11:30 pm
huskies up 7-0. sankey ran for 198 3/4. cal keeping it close. jared goff fires to chris harper. 17-7 huskies. but washington pulls away. keith price, play action, bootleg over the top. 47 yards later, 31-7. washington leads 41-7. right now in the fourth. hopefully we'll have an ending to that later in this newscast. san jose state hosting wyoming. homecoming night for the spartans. third quarter, brett smith to brandon miller. untouched into the end zone. 30-14 cowboys. sparty roars back. takes the lead. david sales to chander loans. third td reception of the game. under two minutes left tied at 44. fourth and inches. on the wyoming 46 yard line. rolls the dice, freeman 33 yards and it pays off. five td passes through the air. this one-yard on the ground wins it. sparty now 4-3.
11:31 pm
>> no matter what happens stick together. as long as we do that we'll come together figure out what we need to do and make it happen. we had a tough first quarter on both sides. but we came together, stuck together on the sideline, figured out what we needed to do, adjusted and made plays. >> so the sharks on the road for five games. back-to-back match-ups in canada. first up the canadiens. sharks looking for their first win in montreal since 2002. second period sharks on the power play. patrick marleau joe tharnt tic tac toe. couture tips it in. 1-0 sharks. sharks some insurance. patrick marlowe. dumb it in. takes a weird bounce off the glass. wide to couture. who has a wide open net. log logan's sixth of the year and the sharks go on to win it. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. a little tour of college football coming up later this newscast. just ahead, the fs google? the unusual construction going on right now in the bay. plus women get behind the wheel to fight for their rights in
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good evening. i'm ama daetz. tonight's headlines. the owners of an assisted living home in castro valley could face charges of elder abuse. authorities say they left behind 14 patients after the facility was closed by the state earlier this week. two witnesses to a shooting that killed a 13-year-old boy tell abc 7 news that deputies shouted for 13-year-old andy lopez to drop his air rifle just once before opening fire. the shooting happened tuesday in santa rosa. the sonoma county shefshs department says the deputies yelled twice and fired only because they feared for their
11:36 pm
lives. this is the latest mug shot of 32-year-old samuel duran. he's accused of shooting five police officers including a federal agent yesterday in roseville. duran, a parolee, surrendered overnight after a nine-hour standoff. new details tonight about the fair ride accident in north carolina that sent five people to the hospital. authorities have charged the ride operator with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon. the ride, called the vortex, stopped, then started up again thursday night while people were getting off. inspectors determined the ride had been tampered with. three people are still hospitalized. wildlife activists in southern california say at least three sea lions in malibu have died after being found with multiple gunshot wounds. it's something they say often happens around the start of the local fishing season. akiko fujita reports. >> reporter: the images are heartbreaking. this sea lion washed ashore with four gunshot wounds. this one shot twice in the back,
11:37 pm
never made it out of the water. >> the sea lion was right up here about 100 yards up. as far as you can go. and it was kind of rolling in and out of the surf line. >> reporter: mike remsky spotted that sea lion off the coast of malibu. he says it's an all too common sight this time of year. >> this is their ocean. it doesn't give us the right just to go out there and kill what we want to. >> reporter: the california wildlife center says at least four sea lions have been found shot over the last few months. the shootings coming at the height of squid fishing season. >> every year about this time when the fishing season opens we get more gunshot injuries than any other team in the year. >> reporter: ross says the fishing boats attract sea lions at night. this video posted on youtube shows piche fishermen drawing their light to draw in squid. sea lions saechlg for food often get in the way. >> sea lions aren't shooting each other. so somebody is shooting them. and we want to find out who that is. >> reporter: fishermen dispute the accusation, saying most
11:38 pm
never carry guns on their boats. a spokesman for the squid fishery tells cnn shooting sea lions is illegal. the association doesn't condone the illegal shooting of sea lions by anybody. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says they are investigating the shooting. but they admit finding those responsible will be difficult. there are no eyewitnesses and very little evidence. it all comes amid an especially bad year for sea lions. noaa reports a record number have been spotted in southern california starving and stranded. ross says she rescued more than 200 in malibu alone. only to have three of those rescues shot to death months later. akiko fujita, los angeles. japan is being hit by torrential rain and strong winds tonight from the second typhoon to hit the island nation in a week. residents are being warned to watch out for flooding and landslides from typhoon francisco. last week's storm killed 31
11:39 pm
people with 12 still unaccounted for. women in saudi arabia struck a blow for equality today by driving. dozens of women took to the roads despite warnings by police. though no specific saudi law bans women from driving, women are not issued licenses. in one incident earlier this month two women pulled over by police were forced to sign a letter stating they would not drive again. another protest today, this one at the eiffel tower in france. a member of greenpeace dangled from the second tier of the structure with you a flag reading "free the arctic 30." that's a reference to 30 people who have been charged with hooliganism in russia after the group tried to scale an oil platform. firemen brought the protester down after two hours. tonight there is growing speculation that a huge barge floating on the bay near treasure island may belong to google. the structure is made out of modern cargo containers standing about four stories high.
11:40 pm
local tech analysts think the floating facility is home to a google data center, something the company has thought about doing for a while. google isn't commenting. halloween fun, dancing, and raising money for charity were combined into one event today in san francisco. members of the san francisco evening rotary club got down to michael jackson's "thriller." it was part of a global event called "thrill the world." an attempt to set a world record of the most people dancing simultaneously to "thriller" and to raise money. >> we're a new generation. we believe in creative fund-raising. things that are fun that young people can get into. so this is a perfect thing for us. >> the money raised will send deserving youth to leadership camp. more than 96 people danced in last year's events. and if zombies aren't enough goat you in the halloween spirit check out we have links to events across
11:41 pm
the bay area. still o'come, a new use for medical marijuana. the deadly disease researchers say some components of pot may help fight. and two months after it began, the rim fire near yosemite is finally fully contained. we'll show you the damage it caused coming up. and parts of the bay area may be in for a few sprinkles come monday. th
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an actress who made generations laugh has passed away. marsha wallace was 70 years old when she passed due to complications from pneumonia. wallace had a 40-year television career but may be best known recently for voicing bart simpson's fourth grade teacher ed ed ednacrab apple. she burst into people's living room as a receptionist on the "bob newhart show" in the 197 0z. using marijuana to fight the effects of cancer is nothing new. but now a new study has found certain types of cannabis can actually kill or inhibit the growth of cancer cells. the study found six non-psychoactive ingredients in marijuana were able to reduce the viability of leukemic cells. researchers say they hope to be able to turn it into medication within the next few years. after two months the rim fire, which broke out near yosemite in august, was finally
11:45 pm
100% contained this week. the rim fire burned more than 400 square miles and threatened the hatch hatchie reservoir that stores water for millions of bay area customers. >> reporter: this was the seen of the hatch havpie reservoir two months ago. thick smoke filled the air. thousands of acres burned threatening to contaminate the largest unfiltered water system in the country. today the scope of the damage is clear. >> nothing bad happened to the water. the water supply was maintained throughout. >> reporter: while the clean clear water that we depend on is safe. other parts of the help helpie water system bear the scars of the third largest wildfire in state history. abc 7 news was on hand when water officials toured some of the worst damage caused by the rim fire. the blaze started on august 17th and continues to burn today though the threat to life and property has now passed. the fire has already caused
11:46 pm
millions of dollars in damage to the surrounding infrastructure and destroyed two small buildings. >> overall, we're probably talking, at least based on our assessment so far, roughly $35 million range. we could have more over time as we bring power back. we may find some more problems that we need to solve. >> insurance will likely pay the bulk of that bill. that includes damage to one of the hydroelectric power plants in the area. employees were evacuated before the roof of this one caught fire. it has already been repaired and is now operating at full power. hundreds of workers jumped in as soon as the fire passed to get the system up and running again. >> once the fire passed through, you couldn't keep it out of the field. they were out there looking for damage, looking for things to fix, looking for problems to solve, working 12, 14-hour days. >> those workers are now racing against the clock to get those jobs done before the winter snow comes. >> we have a lot of work to do replacing our distribution poles and power lines. >> as many as 500 power poles will need to be replaced and 20
11:47 pm
miles of power lines relaid. that's roughly 40% of the poles in the area. hundreds of fire-damaged trees are now hazards. they will need to be cut down to keep them from falling on power lines and blocking roads. >> we are no stranger to fire. it happens up here pretty much every year. there's something. the extent of this was incredible. >> reporter: anson moran is a commissioner and former general manager of the san francisco public utilities commission. the board that oversees. >> keeping those roads open is going to be a real challenge. >> reporter: landslides are common after forest fires making roads impassable and slowing the work that needs to be done. crews are shoring up areas they suspect may be a problem. even though there is an enormous amount of work still to be done there is a collective sense of relief that things will eventually return to normal.
11:48 pm
>> reporter: dan ashley, abc 7 news. leigh glaser has one last week on our weather tonight. >> live doppler 7 hd right now still pick up a little bit of that fog sitting just off the coast and it will make its way toward the peninsula and the bay overnight tonight. most of the country looks pretty good. we're going to see some rain tomorrow down toward new orleans. 79 degrees there. a bit of snow in the upper great lakes. chicago 55 with sunshine. 92 for phoenix. and around our state tomorrow 77 for los angeles. warmer in palm springs. 92 degrees. tahoe 63 tomorrow but i'm going to go ahead and show you real quickly what could possibly come in as we head into monday. this is forecast animation. this is 11:00 sunday night. you can see kind of a rain-snow mix. check that out. by 5:00 a.m. monday. a rain-snow mix in the lake tahoe area. near san francisco we may see a few light sprinkles. maybe a stray shower.
11:49 pm
that is about it. but you are going to feel a big cooldown monday and tuesday with a chance of a shower mainly on monday. snow in the sierra. five to six inches expected there. and on thursday halloween will warm up and also we'll have some dry conditions. >> thank you so much. sports and a look at college football. >> busy day it was. college football rules on saturday at abc 7. quite a finish that happened with oregon state. beavers looking for a chance to
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
sixth ranked stanford's only loss was on the road this season. they avenged that tonight against oregon state in corvallis. oregon state has won six straight coming into the contest. 13 seconds left in the half tyler gaffney appears stuffed. finds his way in 17-7 stanford at the half. third quarter gaffney again his second touchdown of the game. 13-3 after the missed extra point. oregon state gets to within a touchdown. sean mannion out of pleasanton foothill high eight yards to brandin cooks. 13-9 cardinals. early fourth quarter gaffney. 32 yards to the house. 22 carries, 145 yards for tyler and three tds. but with seven seconds to go fourth and goal down eight. mannion's throw broken up by ed reynolds. great play by reynolds.
11:53 pm
stanford improving to 7-1. they have a bye next week before facing oregon down on the farm. cal in seattle facing the huskies where they pay tribute to the late great washington coach don james. huskies inspired bishop sankey. touchdown run. he ran for a career-high 241. cal kept it close second quarter goff to quarter. 17-7 huskies but washington pulls away. keith price off the play action. over the top to jaden mick. 47 yards later. 41-7. california faunds 41-17. their sixth straight loss. they're now 1-7. san jose state hosting wyoming. homecoming night for the spartans. third quarter brett smith to brandon miller. the cowboy goes untouched into the end zone. 30-14. wyoming. but sparty roars back, takes the lead. david fales to chander jones. 13th reception of the game. under two minutes left tied at 44. fourth and inches. fales to bill freeman for 33 yards and a first down.
11:54 pm
this is a gutsy call and it pays off. fales had five td passes. for this one-yard run wins it 51-44. sparty now 4-3. >> no matter what happens stick together. as long as we do that we'll come together, figure out what we need to do and make it happen. we had a tough first quarter on both sides. but we came together, stuck together on the sidelines, figured out what we need to do, adjusted and made plays. all right. top-ranked alabama and quarterback a.j. mccarron hosting tennessee. mccarron wastes no time getting started. third play of the game. flings it out to amari cooper. he does the rest. too much speed. 54 yards. bama remains undefeated with a 45-10 victory. second ranked seminoles honoring their former koefrp bobby bowden. then seminole quarterback famous jameis winston went to work. three first half td passes, 39 yards here to kelvin benjamin. florida state looking all of number two today with a 49-17 victory. ucla at number 3.
11:55 pm
oregon. ducks running back marshall from san jose had a huge game. 19 carries. 133 yards and three touchdowns. he finds the hole here and is gone. oregon wins back 42-14. let's get to baseball. after the first two games in boston the world series shifted to st. louis for game 3. we may have had the most unusual end nag world series game in a long time. managers john farrell and mike metheny looking to take the series lead. cards draw first blood. matt holliday takes jake peavy another way. carpenter scores. cards up one. 2-1 st. louis now in the sixth. boston's daniel nava singles to left. shane victorino comes across. game tied at 2. holliday unties it in the seventh. men on first and second. down the line. carpenter, carlos beltran score. cards up 4-2. holliday three rbi on the night. game tied at 4. bottom nine men on second and third for the cards. one out john jay grounds to pedroia. he comes home. molina's out.
11:56 pm
saltalamacchia throws it to third. it gets away. allen craig coming home. he's called safe. the umpire ruled third baseman will middlebrooks obstructed the runner. craig is awarded home. 5-4 the final. they'll be talking about this one for a long time. cards take a 2-1 lead in this best of seven series. >> i think the umpires defined it as they're going to. and yeah, it was obviously -- it's going to be a conversation one way or the other because we saw the tangle there and it's just a matter of how they interpret it. that's the rule. to the ice sharks on the road for five games. back-to-back match-ups in canada. first up the canadiens. looking for the finesse one since 2002. second period sharks on the power play. patrick marlowe, joe thornton, tic tac toe, and logan couture. 1-0 sharks. to the third. sharks with some insurance. patrick marlowe. dumps it in. it takes a weird bounce off the glass right to couture.
11:57 pm
there's a wide open net. logan's fifth of the year. and the sharks go on to win it 2-0. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. raiders hosting pittsburgh 1:25 kickoff. i'm going to say boeing teams win tomorrow. >> thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. for mike shum sxn leigh glaser thank you so much for joining us. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. we leave with you a live look at the bay bridge and the
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