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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  October 28, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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whipping across the bay area toppling trees and damaging buildings and causing power outages. a wind advise vee in effect in parts of the bay area as we look outside. good evening. i'm ama dates. we have team coverage tonight and we begin with abc7 news meteorologist leigh glaser for a first check on weather and live doppler 7hd. leigh? >> and as you mentioned the wind advisory was issued about 40 minutes ago for much of the bay area. live doppler 7hd is showing the clouds that are moving in across the bay area. we do have reports of mist and drizzle near the coast. the big story is the area of low pressure that is bringing some snow already to the higher elevations. we do have winter weather advisories in affect for that area, but are you exactly rie.
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the wind has been a huge problem for the bay area. these are current gusts, san carlos is 37 miles an hour and 29 mile per hour gusts being reported right now in napa. earlier this evening the golden gate bridge had a wind gust of 45 miles per hour. you the top of mount tam45 miles an hour. if we can show you the wind advisory that has been posted for much of the bay area. gusts to 55 miles per hour in the higher elevations. it is in effect until 3:00 tomorrow morning. it looks like the winds will start to calm down as the low starts to kick off toward the east. >> leigh, thank you so much. now let's head to abc7 news reporter lilian kim. >> ama, it has been windy all day and one rather large tree couldn't withstand the winds
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anymore. it has since been cut into pieces. the treetop pelled over and one of the branches tore through the roof. a man and his 1-year-old son were in the back bedroom when the tree gave way. he was sitting on the edge of the bed when he heard a loud noise. it was the large tree outside his bedroom snapping at the base. as the brafn went through the roof he has since returned from the hospital and he has been treated for scratches on his back. >> i jumped and i just saw the branch come in. i the grant is coming from the ceiling and it scratch me on my back. then i started crying because he was scared. >> it sounded like the house was falling. it sounded like, i don't know, it sounded scary. it was shocking. >> now, firefighters have been
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working all night removing the tree and it was already dead which made it vulnerable. the roots were rotted and the tenants were unaware. they moved in just last month and they say their landlord will be stoping by tomorrow. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian. in san franciscoa large a largee fell and blocked part of valencia street in the mission district. you can see the tree after the fire crews moved it to the side of the road. but the winds were so strong that it blew right back into the street. the high winds are also causing damage to buildings across the bay. abc7 news reporter sergio is live in emeryville with a look at some of the problems there. sergio? >> ama, right now the winds are continuing to whip through here. you can see right now that the crews are still dismantling rubble there. you can see the winds tore the face-off of a storefront at the bay street emeryville shopping center.
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this all happened about 9:00 p.m. the facad of the forever 21 store came tumbling down on to the sidewalk and into the street. a couple cars were damaged in the process. luckily no one was injured. fire crews were making sure there was no fire danger, but left an hour ago. there were no details left on the price tag for this damage. in the mission district of san francisco, winds also toppled some scaffolding at julian and 16th street. the structure had been set up for some scheduled construction, but no one was injured in that incident either and it is not yet clear if that scaffolding actually caused any damage. i am going to show you that they were continuing to pull apart some of the metal and some of the wood here at the shopping center. it looks like the crews are going to work on clearing out the rubble until it is clear of the street and of the sidewalk as well. reporting live in emeryville, abc7 news.
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>> thank you, sergio.c3 the wind also knocked out power on treasure island. the outage began at 7:00 after a tree fell on some lines. the power was restored about three hours later. in vallejo, the power was restored after a tree knocked down a power line there. the power outages have been reported in antioch danville, san carlos and redwood city and san francisco. it caused problems for boaters on the bay. a sailor lost control of a boat. they were able to toe the -- tow the boat and keep hitting th hitting the rocks. the wind is not affecting flights at bay area airports. but officials at sfo tell us they have been experiencing delays up to 60 minutes tonight because of fog. you can get weather alerts and live radar by going to the abc7 news weather app at a chaotic scene in the marina
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district when police shot an armed man. it happened after officers cornered the suspect around 12:30 this afternoon. a witness described what happened when one man tried to take a backpack from another man along chestnut street a few blocks from the shooting scene. >> he had a silver gun in his left hand attempting to get the bag away andpistol the pistol in his head. at the same time the gun went off. >> the suspect as he turned it on the officers, the officers defended themselves and fired upon the suspect. >> the suspect is in serious condition. in vallejo a 19-year-old man was shot and killed while his friends changed a flat tire. a four-car caravan was going from the south bay to vallejo when one of the cars got a flat. it happened on princeton drive near dartmouth avenue around 11:00. a man driving an suv with tint tinted windows opened fire on the group. in oakland a man was shot and
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killed near the coliseum bart station. the victim was visiting his opt who does not want her name used. >> i saw a car pull back up and i heard the shots. when i went down there he was on the ground. i didn't even know it was him until i seen -- i kept seeing the shoes and the pants on the ground down there and i went down there and it was him. >> it happened during a raiders game, but police say the shooting was not related. new details tonight for the owner of a senior living facility that was found with abandoned patients inside tells abc7 news it is all a misunderstanding. sheriff deputy found 14 disabled patients at valley springs manor with three people caring for them. one was a janitor. state officials closed it on tuesday and success spended its license as the staff left. attorneys told us by phone there was plenty of staff equiped to handle the patients. authorities disagree. >> i will base it on what the paramedics did when they got
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there and that's to transport all the people there to hospitals. i am not a medical expert. we are in the law enforcement business, but if the medics say we need to get everybody to the hospital i will go with what they say. >> they are expected to begin their investigation tomorrow. san carlos will host a state senate meeting on what can be done to let local cities know more about the safety of natural gas pipelines. th comes after the city leaders in san carlos accuse the public utilities commission of not informing them about concerns with the pipeline beneath britain avenue. san carlos officials say they learned about potential problems through media reports. a judge told pg&e to shutdown the lines so it could be tested. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, the new effort to catch bad drivers in san francisco. what could soon be caught on camera. plus how are the roads where you live? the best and worst in the bay area. and later, remembering music
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legend lou reid. a look at how
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right now from our roof cam. you can see the ferry building and all of the flags blowing in the wind as the high winds whip across the area. leigh glaser will be up in a few minutes with a look at how long this wind will stick around. new at 11:00, family and friends mourn a teenager who was shot and killed by sonoma county sheriff deputies while he held an air soft rifle. andy lopez was shot and killed on tuesday. the line of mourners stretched out the door as people paid their respects to his family. lopez's classmates have joined protests to vent their anger about his death. today they remembered happier times. >> andy was full of smiles and stuff and just knowing he is not here anymore, it is sad.
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everyone in there is sad. if he was here everybody would be happy. >> lopez's bb gun was alongside a real ak47 rifle. the fbi has joined several agencies looking into the shooting. tonight neighbors took tragedy that took two young lives in danville 10 years ago. they died after a drunk driver hit them while they headed to a store with their mother carmen and two friends. troy was 10 and uh -- alana was seven. >> i don't think it will ever go away. we just learn to live with it. >> they pushed for laws making it harder for doctors to prescribe narcotics in california. they also launched a petition drive to get the measure on the ballot next year. the driver who killed them was high on prescription drugs in addition to being drunk. secretary of state john kerry is in europe to talk about mideast peace.
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but he finds himself having to keep peace with our allies. it is the latest backlash from revelations of u.s. surveillance programs by the national security agency. here is abc news reporter chuck sievertson. >> a german newspaper said president obama learned in 2010 that the national security agency was eavesdropping on the cell phone of the german chancellor and the paper says mr. obama ordered the program be escalated. in a written statement on sunday the nsa denied president obama had such knowledge. it is the latest bomb shell allegation in the document dump from edward snowden. there were reports that the u.s. was tapping merkel's phone and she called talking about a grave breech of trust. >> the president assured the chancellor that the united states is not monitoring and will not monitor the communications of the chancellor. >> still, the white house did not deny previous spying. another german publication is
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reporting that the u.s. embassy in berlin houses secret lis secret listening post spying on german officials it business leaders. this after reports the nsa monitored70 million phone calls in france in less than a month. mexico and brazil are investigating whether their own high ranking officials were spied on by the nsa thousands of protesters marched condemning the scope of the intelligence gathering. >> we are against mass surveillance and i am honored to speak for all whistle-blowers. >> they may add their voices when they seek answers in washington this week. abc news new york. an intersection is about to get a first of its kind camera to keep pedestrians and cyclists safe. the enforcement system will be activated on market street. until now cameras have only been used for a red light violation.
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the sfmta says the intersection has been a site of several bicycle collisions because of eastbound drivers making illegal right turns to get on highway 101. the metropolitan transportation commission reports city and county roads in the nine bay area counties are in fair condition. roads are showing serious wear and will require repair. drivers can get the best and the worst of the roads petaluma was the worst in sonoma county. >> are you absolutely right and the wind advisory is up until 3:00 on monday. that's monday morning that is. just a few more hours and i nds winds will start to die down a little bit. it is picking up a little cloud activity around the bay area, but really there is an area of low pressure and check out the counter clockwise spin. this thing is moving very
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quickly and it does not have a lot of moisture. you can see the lightning strikes and the higher el -- elevations. some light snow accumulation and we do have a winter weather advisory until noon tomorrow. above the 7,000 foot level and even at lake level they will pick up a light dusting 2 to about 5 inches of snowfall and tomorrowasses there tomorrow morning. be advised of that. speaking of wind boy it has just been crazy out there. hayward 45 mile per hour wind gusts right now and over 40 for oakland and over 40 for sfo. they are even having flight problems because of the high winds. nap paw 29 miles per hour. it is coming from the west northwest and it is the wrap around from where the low is centered to the east of us. we are see something clouds and some clear spots out there. much of the bay area in the
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50s. san jose 55 degrees. you can see a little bit of cloud cover out there. mist and drizzle and novato 54. here is a look at our forecast highlights. remember that the wind advi area area up until 3:00 on monday morning it will be a colder day tomorrow. we will throw in a slight chance of a shower or two. i just don't think it will l look for snowmoisture. accumulations in the sierra nevada. here is the low and it is moving due south. and then it will move toward the east. we have high pressure to the west of us and airflows from high to low. that's what is bringing us the tight gradient. that's why we are having the very strong wind effect. low pressure 11:00 and by 5:00 a.m. still centered near the sierra nevada. this forecast model for
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commute time at 5:00 a.m. will bring a little light shower activity to the east and the south bay tomorrow morning and then this thing will barrel toward the east. it will be a colder day and there will be a slight chance of a shower in the forecast. the low into tuesday will push on toward the east and we will start to dry out and the winds will start to die down and we will rm up by wednesday. overnight lows upper 40s near 50 degrees and some heavy mist and drizzle near the coast. maybe a stray shower here and there and some of the moisture ventures our way. it will be a raw day and windy conditions. a few showers in the morning and maybe the heavy, mist and drizzle. mid50s to the low 60s. we will deal with that on monday and tuesday with a brighter sky and get ready for a nice warm up. halloween looks great. temperatures warming into the
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70s inland and it will be dry. next chance of rain is next sunday. >> sounds good. thank you, leigh. hike shumann is here with game four of sports.s.fou >> we don't have a local team in the world series, but we have a local player. johnny gomes was the difference tieing the game at
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they don't help single moms. hi. hi. what happened to our house last year? it flooded. and the water flooded out.
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yeah. the red cross arranged the hotel for us. they gave me that break, that leverage, to be able to get it together and... take care of them, you know? i feel like we've come full circle. like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go. series in st. louis and the pride doing the damage for the red sox and this sea of red and white had high hopes this evening. st. louis gets on the board first. carlos beltran playing the first world series of his career. cardinal ropes 1-0. cardinals are up 1-0. steven drew and a nice flip with his glove to get the out at second. he couldn't turn a double play.
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then in the fifth and the 6th, the pride of petaluma. a three-run shot and it is 4-1 red sox. the bottom of nine and he picks off colton wong at first to get the final out. sox even the series at two 4-2 victoryavictory which means it goes back to boston and game five tomorrow in saint louis and here is johnny. >> i got the opportunity tonight. one thing you can guarantee is when i am in the lineup i will be swinging. i was fortunate enough right there to take a pretty good swing on a pretty good pitch. >> the niners enjoy their bye week and improving to 6-2 off quarterback terrelle pryor. they had a win over steelers to improve 3-4. details of both
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enjoy a bye week with a little business trip. they improve to 6-2 at the
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halfway mark at the season. over 83,000 fans at whimbley stadium. the jaguars are the home team. frank gore on 19 carries. two td's on the game. this is the second opening drive for the 9ers this season. vernon davis wide open here. 164 yards passing. 21-04 niners. twon ran for two s for the first time in a regular season game. this one nine yards. the niners rolled up 221 yards rushing. they were never really in this game. the fourth quarter and he will go 47 yards down the sidelines for 6. the 49ers go in 6-2 and w a a 42-10 victory. >> to me it was another game. i knew we were up against the jaguars and we had to play at our very best. i think we went out and did that. the defense did an outstanding
2:29 am
job and i thought the offense did an outstanding job as well. >> another edition of vernon's view when i sit down with vernon davis for a one on one conversation. vernon's view only on abc7 news. meanwhile the raiders are 0-10 hosting the steelers. terrelle pryor ran up the gut for the longest rushing touchdown in oakland raider history. also the longest run in history. ofmcfaden had 73 yards and fakes the throw and runs it in. raiders up 21-3 at the half. rothroethlisberger sacked five times and -- caked pief times and he is able to get it to manual san dires. a minute and 35 left. they made the pick and called for defensive penalties. he
2:30 am
goes the other and what? he cuts back and scores. they had to try the on side pick. missed two field goals and quicked -- kicked it right to the raiders. they hang on to win it 21-18 your final. >> it was a very fast start. we have to keep on punching. we have to find a way to keep on punching and keep getting drives alive ins second half. very proud of the offensive line. we had the run game going good. we didn't have to throw it at all. >> this report brought to you by riverwalk casino. coming up, our plays of the day and a scuffle in nascar. and i think polka dots are making a come back. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, remembering the late, great lou reid and how he inspired so much of today's top hits. and the business of halloween.
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why spending is on the rise. plus hate your job? what it takes to be happier at work. as we look outside, it is windy outside. we will have the latest on your weather and what to expect
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think it's weird to collect air? you wouldn't think so if you saw what your lungs collect every time you breathe. protect your health with life-saving air quality updates from the american lung association. get our free "state of the air" app at i'm ama dates. in tonight's headlines the man is in critical condition after being shot by san francisco police in the marina district. officers believe while taking a gun from them. a victim said he had come to the neighborhood to visit a
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relative. it happened while the raiders hosted the steelers and there was no connection to today's game. and now back to our breaking news. strong winds are batteri treear. a tree injured a man when it fell into a home in antioch. part of the tree penetrated the roof as you can see there and cut the man's back. let's check in with abc7 news reporter who is live in emeryville where winds caused damage. sergio? >> still pretty windy and pretty breezy here in emeryville. let me show you here on bay street. it is actually still shutdown as crews continue to clear out the storefront that was sheared off by winds. it is a super official storefront made of plywood and aluminum framing. the store inside was actually empty at the time and that was good news. it means there was no one inside when the storefront came down. the store is still under construction. this is at the bay street shopping center. let's show you video a little
2:36 am
earlier when we first arrived. this happened about 9:00. the facad of the forever 21 store came down into the street. a couple of cars were damaged, but no one was injured. the fire crews were here to make sure there was no fire danger. they left about 10:00 or so after assessing and then deciding that there was no san danger. no details on a price tag for this damage, but it looks like these crew members will be here for awhile. you can see they continue to piece by piece dismantle the facad of that. you will continue working on this it will they clear out the street and the sidewalk itself. reporting live in emeryville, abc7 news. >> thank you, sergio. >> the wind knocked out power across the bay area tonight. this is treasure island which is -- which was without power for about three hours. right now 8,000 customers are without power in antioch and san francisco.
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leigh glaser will be back in a few moments with the forecast. you can also keep tabs on weather conditions with the abc7 news weather app. download it at abc7 severe weather is rolling across the nation. lightning heavy rain and hail hammered parts of oklahoma and texas. the skyline of galveston texas van neshed as a powerful thunderstorm moved through town. it drenched the streets in the houston area. a new study suggests that there might be a way to know about stifling heat before it arrives. it came out in the nature geo science. it may provide more time to open cooling centers and arrange checks on elderly citizens. today we learned of an american music pioneer lost. he founded the influential
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velvet underground. here is joe torres with more on the legend and the long walk on the wild side. >> ♪ take a walk on the wild side." >> although he was never a household name, lou reid was the rock stars' rock star. >> ♪ and my heart was beating fast ♪ >> from a middle class background in new york, reid developed an eccentric personality that turned him into a trailblazer in life and in rock music as guitarist, singer and song writer reid helped found the velvet underground. they gained little commercial success, but they were an influence and an inspiration for generations of rockers. >> there is only one great occupation that can change the world. that's real rock and roll. >> reid's work was brutally frank about his by sexuality and drug use and alcoholism. songs such as "sweet jane"," walk on the wild side" and
2:39 am
"rock and roll." he lived on the edge and on the mar jins of society. along the way reid and his work earned cult status. reid's agent said he died on new york's long island from causes related to a recent liver transplant. lou reid was 71. joe torres, abc news, new york. three legends of country music were inducted into the country hall of fame today. kenny rogers, bobbie bear and the late cowboy jack clement. their influence ripples across the surface of music. rogers helped push music into pop music than it had ever been. and bear and clement who passed away earlier this year a few months after learning of his induction were under the spotlight. halloween has been about scaring people, but now it is about scaring up big business. the national retail federation estimates people will drop $7
2:40 am
billion on halloween this year. a big chunk of that comes from haunted houses. one h awe nt-repranauer owns knife of them. he says it is not just a way of getting scared, but therapy. >> people want to escape. they want to get into another environment and thinking about the world and how scary that part is. >> for the haunted house owners are faster than the living dead. for more on halloween events go to and we have links across the bay area. still to come, the street artists are sistering up new controversy tonight. why he is calling out the design for the new building at the world trade center. plus a modern artist turning to a modern format. it is his new exhibit debuting this weekend in san francisco. >> and hi, everyone. i am meteorologist leigh
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glaser. we'll check in with live doppler 7hd and take another look at how windy it is in your neighborhood.
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in 1977, an 8-year-old boy picked up the game of golf from his father. the odds of that same boy then making it to the u.s.
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and european pro golf tours? 1 in 7 million. the odds of the "big easy" winning the u.s. open once twice? 1 in 1.2 billion. the odds of him having a child diagnosed with autism? 1 in 88. ernie els encourages you to learn the signs of autism. just wait. a new survey finds 9 in 10 workers ages 50 or over say they are very or somewhat satisfied with their jobs.
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the survey bolsters other research showing job satisfaction rises with age. older workers generally have climbed the career ladder and increased salaries and reached position with greater job security. three artist banksy is known for his commentary, but others say he has gone too far. he posted an op ad calling the world trade center building meed yolker and a disaster. he said it is a 1,000-foot tall sign that reads new york, we lost our nerve. he said the piece was supposed to be in the new york times, but the paper declined to publish it. you can't talk about contemporary art without mentioning david hawkney. some consider him the most important in the last century. he is showcasing a new direction of work. cornell bernard spoke one on one to the man himself who says he is using technology and not paint to create works of act. works of art. >> the abstract beauty.
2:45 am
there are even simple portraits. it is one of the biggest names in contemporary art. >> people don't look very hard at the world. i do and i do something with this and i think that's what people might like. >> he has brought 300 pieces of his work to the museum. it is the largest exhibit ever staged here. 18,000 square feet. his first love will always be oil and canvas like this remarkable work that is 12 feet high. but lately he is moving into uncharted territory by us by using an iphone to paint pictures. >> these, woulds were created with a simple app on his ipad. we caught up with the 76-year-old and he said his thumb on the glass screen was all he needed to create the images. >> does it give you the freedom, the canvas and the
2:46 am
oil paint would? >> you do get a big freedom with it. there are limitations like everything. >> elsewhere he uses nine video cameras mounted on a car to capture the four sons this english country road. the result is something unexpected and pretty cool. >> he has captured all of that in paint and on the ipad and in the movies. it is really something beautiful and wonderful. >> the exhibit begins on saturday and runs through january 2014. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> all right, it is time for another check on weather and when this wind might die down with leigh glaser. >> i think we have another three to four hours. it is up until 3:00 tomorrow morning. but live doppler 7hd is showing a little bit of cloud cover around the bay area. there is some mist and drizzle
2:47 am
near the coast as well as the peninsula. the big story is in the sierra nevada. this is where the area of low pressure is right here with that wrap around moisture. the higher elevations are picking up a little light dusting of snow. this is what we are talking about. this is the low and it is just moving due south. the wrap around moisture is bringing the precipitation to the sierra nevada. not quite sure it will reach the bay area. it could just be the heavy mist and drizzle. but the forecast model 5:00 tomorrow morning commute time shows a little activity south of san francisco. as we move through the day the low will start to push off toward the east and taking the moisture with it. be advised that there could be a stray shower. by 5:00 a.m. tuesday everything is out of here. what you will really notice is how cold it will be. the winds right now are well over 40 miles per hour.
2:48 am
sfo and oakland and it is starting to die down a little bit in the north bay. and they will start to ease up by early tomorrow morning. we will keep it windy. it will be and just a slight chance of a shower an and then by wednesday and thursday back into the 70s. mike niko will have a complete update. >> thank you so much, leigh. the raiders treated some students to today's game and the kids were excited. the raiders passed out 800 tickets for students 1k3* chaperons as part of the team's first and goal program. it is a great experience for the students, many of whom can't afford to go to a game. the students got game tickets, food, great seats and as it turned out, a great game. a great game this guy predicted. >> i get lucky every now and then. your plays of the day on deck
2:49 am
and a raider and 49er victory. why is mr. nice guy jimmie johnson getting yanked from behind in the post intervi
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( cheering ) ( grunts ) ( buzzer sounds ) now they're beating us on the boards out there, guys. this is your territory, grimson. do your job. grimson. hello? hi, honey. what? now? all right. ♪ the itsy-bitsy spider - ♪ climbed up the water spout... ♪ - ( giggling ) ♪ down came the rain ♪ and washed the spider out ♪ ♪ out came the sun... - shh. - ♪ and dried up all the rain ♪ ♪ and the itsy-bitsy spider
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- ♪ climbed up the spout again. ♪ - ( rock music playing ) i love you, daddy. i love you too, sweetheart. - ( laughing ) - ♪ do you believe in magic ♪ ♪ in a young girl's heart? - ♪ how the music can free her... ♪ - hey, it's my girl. ♪ whenever it starts? - ♪ and it's magic... - you know, my daughter? ( announcer speaks ) a message from the foundation for a better life. return home on monday after a business trip in london where
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they spent time sight seeing and then hammered the jaguars for the second straight on the road. 83,000 fans at whim bly stadium. they are -- whimbley stadium. they are no soccng at soccer. a nifty 19-yard run. they score on the opening drive and vernon davis has a td catch in all but two games. colin ran for two touchdowns. this one nine yards and ran for 221. they go into the bw ye week 6-2 -- bye week 6-2 team. >> it felt like a huge stage. whimbley has great tradition and status as a venue. it was an amazing experience for our players and me personally. >> raiders 0-10 hosting the steelers and the first snap
2:53 am
takes off and the longest rushing touchdown in oakland raider history. 93 yards and the longest run by a quarterback in nfly. history. it is 7-0 raiders. they take the direct snap here. raiders up 21-3 at the half. the steelers roar back though and down three. they try the on sidekick and missed two field goals and kicked it to the raiders. this missed field goal was the difference. the raiders hang on to win it 21-18. here is coach alan thus far. >> i know we didn't have a lot of big names and we won't do very good in hollywood, but those guys, i knew they were football players and they have done a great job for us so far and we are almost halfway through the season and we have a long way to go, but i am hopeful they will continue to prove. >> as he mentioned we are halfway through the season and plays of the day are here.
2:54 am
catch of the day, spectacular. the cowboys lost 31-30. calvin johnson with 329 yards receiving and this lead to the game winning touchdown. alex smith, two td passes including this one. chiefs improve to 8-0. prior set the record for longest rushing td by a quarterback. patterson set the nfl record for longest kickoff return. 109 yards and three others share the previous record. minnesota fell to the packers 34-31. payton manning and four td passes and the broncos scored 28 unanswered. know sean marino did all of the work here. and we end with marvin jones he caught four of the five td passes. a nice tap dance for that score. it is 49-9 and those are your plays of the day. how about a little baseball? game four of the world series in st. louis and the pride of johnny, johnny gomes and
2:55 am
they tie the series at two apiece. the sea of red and white at at busch stadium had high hopes. in the 6th gomes with this at bat and a three-run shot. tieing run at the plate and he picks off wong at first to get the final out. the sox even the at two with a 4-2 victory which means they go back to boston tomorrow night at 5:00 in st. louis. >> one thing you can guarantee is when i am in the lineup i will be swinging. i was fortunate enough to put a good swing on a good pitch. >> all right, to the ice and the sharks with back to back games in canada beating montreal last night and facing ottawa today. went to work and the rookie hasn't scored in six games. an 8th of the year.
2:56 am
sharks with three first period goals. he has his back and 3-1 sharks. he stopped 38 of 40 shots. he picks up his second win and they are 10-1-1 with a 5-2 victory. the chase for the cup today and the goodie headachel a rough day for jimmie johnson. he takes off his rear bumper and then watch as jeff gordon wins his first race of the year. afterwards during the potion game interview, check it out. biffle grabs him from behind. they would have to be separated. johnson tied with the cup lead with three races remaining. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino and big wins for the 9ers and the raiders as they get to the halfway mark. the 49ers have a bye after seven days in london. seemed like a vacation, but it was a business trip. >> i'm ama date for leigh glaser and paul shumann, join
2:57 am
us tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. we are leaving you with a live look from the bay bridge. have a great ni
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this morning on "world news now," spy outrage. new details just out overnight reveal that the u.s. may have spied, not on a handful of world leaders, but dozens of them. the increased tension and damage control today. police bravery. the videotaped heroics as one officer races to a violent scene to save another officer from a suspected killer. >> i fully expected him to approach the passenger side of my vehicle in an attempt to execute me. >> the bullets were flying as the cop made some split-second life-saving moves. then remembering lou r echlt echereed. the pioneer poet of rock and the father of indy rock known for his walk on the wild side. ♪ little joey never once gave it away ♪


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