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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 30, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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according to the chronicle, police are looking for a man who reported seeing someone highing in the stairwell. he has disappeared after reporting it to a supervisor, walked away and that was that. police now would like to talk to him. they describe him as an asian man in his 30's. he was wearing hospital identification. they say they do believe he worked at the hospital. they admit the information they have is confusing. investigators say they are interesting to he how this going to lay out. >> san jose city council members are considering ways to keep recruits from leaving for other cities, police departments, after being trained by san jose. they want to implement a 5-year
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prorated plans. recruits have to pay back the city if they leave for another city. it costs $170,000 to put each candidate through the police academy. the police officers association flames city leaders saying masses of new officers are leaving san jose because the pensions and benefits keep changing. abc7 news reporter, matt keller, will have a report. >> shock and anger grows over the shooting death of a bow carrying a replica gun, 13-year-old andy lopez. last night, hundreds gathered for the funeral. >> it was impossible for people to hide their pain as the casket of the 13-year-old andy lopez was health outside the resurrection church. 600 people were here, classmates, strangeers and family and his heart-broking
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parents. the funeral mass was in spanish. ahe what too young. he didn't deserve that. he gone. he is here in spirit. >> on tuesday, he was shot to death carrying a toy rifle look like an ak-47. the sheriff deputies stopped him and told him to drop the gun. the deputy erick gelhaus opened fire claiming the boy turned toward them with the realistic looking gun in hand. >> i don't blame the officer or the child. >> a few dozen were converging on the memorial who came directly from the funeral. >> we have learned to have more compassion and to make better choices if our children in terms of the toys we let them play with. >> there was little sympathy for law enforcement during two rallies in santa rosa. >> there is racial profiling,
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discrimination and bias. >> they could have shot in the leg. >> close to 2,000 marchers ended the roast in front of a guarded sheriff department. it was peaceful with no arrests. if santa rosa for abc7 news. >> san francisco supervisors have unanimously passed a gun control measure that bans people from having large capacity magazines. that is according to the chronicle. it is illegal to sell guns that can hold more than ten rounds in the city but not to have them. the mayor will sign the bill. the move comes weeks after governor brown vetoed a similar proposal to ban the sale or possession of semi-automatic rifles capable of holding a detachable ammunition magazine. >> new details involving a deadly crash in sonoma that seriously injured a child. police believe the driver who causedded crash was drinking. they identified him as 25 years
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old. the accident happened on highway 121 north of the sonoma raceway. he lost control of the jaguar and. russiad head on into a street suffering major injuries. his 26-year-old passenger was killed. two people in the corolla suffered serious injuries, one a five-year-old girl. >> the driver charged with hitting and killing a peninsula couple while walking their dog will be arraigned. the hearing was delayed yesterday. she ran over and killed the couple last thursday night and critically injured the dog. her blood alcohol was twice the legal limit. her brother tells us she has a history of color and -- alcohol and drug addiction and a rap shat going back 25 years. >> jury deliberation continue for a man charged with attempted murder and with stealing celebrity chef's lamborghini from a san francisco dealership repair shop.
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the prosecution says the 19-year-old max wade stole the car to impress a girl who he was accused of shooting at and her boyfriend. >> the welcome is not is warm weapon the new uc president visits oakland technical high school with demonstrators protest the deportation of two million immigrants when napolitano aheaded the department of homeland security. she took over a month ago at university of california and will speak to the high school students about the response of a college education. critics say the appointment creates a more hostile environment and they are beating for her -- petitioning for her removal. >> two huge excavators have been tracked down that were stolen from a site. we have this photo of one of the two, 15 ton excavators taken from the job site in clinton. each is worth $120,000 and would
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take a huge effort to move. a tip led them to a property 20 miles from the site. no arrests have been announced. >> time for a check on the weather. what is going on, mike? >> it is much cooler. 11 degrees cooler in livermore. nine in san carlos. four in oakland. 13 degrees cooler in half moon bay. to the north, the frost advisory is dropped. it is 39 in santa rosa. that is as cool as it is right now. napa is 40. novato is 41. mill valley is 42. 49 in richmond district. temperatures are 53 in alameda, a warm spot, and 48 in redwood city and 43 in san jose and lafayette and 42 in san ramon. it will be cooler stepping outside this morning because of
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the clear and calm conditions and the dry air. you may want to grab a heavier coat. total sunshine by noon. upper 50's to mid-60's by 4:00. we are back in the low 50's to near 60 at 7:00. we will keep rapidly tomorrow and friday when we will have the warmest days in the forecast. leyla gulen is back with the traffic. >> so far, so good. we do not have crashes out there. we have areas of construction. in pleasanton hill making the drive from walnut creek and toward concord you will be met with this, a few lanes are, month off until 5:00 and northbound 680 from machine u -- monument to 242 is moving at top speed to highway 24 and moving into oakland, looking clear. 680 southbound and to walnut creek to dublin is 14 minutes.
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101 from santa rosa to san francisco is 51 minutes. you can see the bay bridge toll plaza with traffic moving quite well. there is eastbound construction until 2:00. >> next, sometimes laws designed to protect from neighbors are not so good. >> a brazen nightclub shooting with new information released that could lead to a suspect. >> breakdown in trust. the delegates in washington, dc, will meet with officials over avo: at volkswagen we believe everyone deserves a better car. and now, during the "sign then drive" sales event, you're closer to yours than ever. like the turbocharged tiguan the midsize passat or the 34 highway mpg jetta. and every new 2014 volkswagen comes with no-charge scheduled maintenance... ...all for practically just your signature. the "sign then drive" sales event is back.
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coughing santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back at 4:40. south bay police hope video will
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help find who shot a nightclub worker. three men and a woman walked interest a nightclub on saturday morning and later the bouncer asked them to turn down the music and one of the four opened fire on the bouncer. investigators say the group live the scene in two cars. they were last seen headed east on orchard city drive. the security guard will drive. >> in hayward there could be a way to crackdown on loud pairs or run down homes without all the red tape. we have details. >> they arrested plenty of people, everyone would have a warrant. >> it took five years of complaints before the city of hayward got a court order to demolish this house. >> transient. i could not tell you how many lived there at once. >> the city gave us this video
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of the demolition. complaints were drug use to domestic violence and child abuse and the landlord would not control it. the city wants to first property owners to be responsible for tenants by issuing warnings and fines up to $5,000. >> rather than getting interest a big litigation process in the courts which can be lengthy and difficult. >> the rental housing association wants to make sure the city doesn't abuse that power by blaming landlords for everything a tenant does. >> we are interested in making sure this does not conflict with the other laws on the books. >> vallejo has a similar ordinance and has reduced the number of calls for police. the council will vote on the ordinance next week.
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>> the san jose city conscouncil could change an ordinance to deal with a wild pig problem that have done $10,000 in damage to the golf cleans -- the golf course at the country club. an ordinance would include pig trapers. >> they have caused thousands in damage in neighborhoods around the city. some complain they are scared to take their kids trick-or-treater. there are 30 or 40 running around. they are quite large. they have not caused any problems as far as hurting anyone but you never know. >> a trapper says he has to take the kids out of city limits to kill them. they will vote next week. >> mike, you said it: cooler out the door. >> double digits in some areas,
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37 at my house, one of the cooler spots. live doppler 7 hd shows calm winds. it is cooler. but there is no wind chill. mostly sunny and dry air today. that will warm in a few areas. most of us are the same or a few degrees warmer than yesterday. the warming lasts through friday and more noticeable tomorrow and friday. temperatures will be cooler this weekend. today, we will have sunshine and once in a while a few high clouds with the best chance across the north bay and a bright are day than yesterday with near 60 degree temperatures along the coast and half moon bay at 61 and 62 in san francisco. 64 in oakland. a lot of mid-to-upper 60's inland including napa at 67.
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fairfield and livermore are warmest at 68. tonight, cooler than this morning. a lost mid-to-upper 40's until the north bay valley, napa and santa rosa, mid-to-upper 30's. as far as what is happening, the area of low pressure while you were sleeping pulled away, taking the cool weather with it. notice the storm track to the north. we will have a small area of high pressure that will push the cooler air off to the east. the limited sunshine we get will help modify it and warm it each day. if you wonder about tomorrow, the sun sets at 6:12. it will be great at 4:00 at 69. by 6:00 it will be 62. after the sun does set it will drop into the 50's by 8:00. the seven-day outlook shows two to four degrees warmer tomorrow.
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again, friday is the same. it will slowly cool over the week. saturday night before you go to bed set the clock back an hour. change the batteries in the carbon monoxide detectors. next week, the temperatures are below average but no rain first part of november. leyla gulen? >> you are saying i will need a jacket trick-or-treating? >> what are you dressing up as? >> don't want to scare you. >> good morning, everyone. hope you are off to a great start with clear conditions this morning on the roads. we have areas of construction into berkeley headed along eastbound 80 with a few lanes blocked until 5:00. in the westbound direction, it will not be a problem away from the split into emeryville. the bay bridge is moving at top speeds with no problems and
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everything is empty. san jose, here we are, 280 away from 17 northbound, a few headlights are moving northbound so clear conditions and no accidents to report. kristen and eric? >> this morning, 42 people are feared dead after a fiery bus crash in southern india. the blaze engulfed the entire bus. the driver tried to pass another vehicle, rap off the road and crashed into a barrier. the flames erupted before passengers could realize what happened. most were sleeping. only the bus driver and six passengers managed to escape. >> delegation of german intelligence officials will look for answers at the white house claiming the united states monitored chancellor merkel's telephone. a member of the merkel party says countries should never spy on friends. the director of intelligence
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said nations do, indeed, spy on each other's leaders and calls it a long time practice in intelligence. officials are nearly unanimous in saying they are ready to see if the scope of united states spying remains necessary a dozen years after the terrorist acts of september 11th. >> coming up, making an important statement or just lewd? a fight is headed to the united states supreme court over a campaign to fight breast cancer. >> analysts say we are in the middle of a world-wide wine
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>> more people are enjoying wine around the world but there is not enough of it to keep up. 300 million cases were made last year down 5 percent from the year before the lowest level since the 1960's. analysts blame bad weather in argentina and france. there are more winemakers in the
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united states but most are boutique operators. >> there was a promotion for live kittens and that led to a shortage. the ondemand taxi service teamed up for national cat day, but demand was so high that many users complained they were not able to get a cat. they warped the kittens would be in short supply. they are donating all money to animal shelters including in san francisco. >> mike always has "purr-fect" pet on friday's and today he has the forecast. >> put a coat on the perfect pet, or a sweaters because it is cooler. notice the lack of clouds
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looking to downtown san francisco. oakland is 64, a degree cooler and santa rosa is the same, san jose is 64, two degrees warmer than yesterday, fremont 66 and concord at 67, warmer than yesterday. notice it is quiet everywhere, the sierra snow is over for now, at 52 in tahoe, yosemite national park at 58, and maybe 70 in sacramento, finally warming down south with los angeles up to 70 and san diego 67. palm springs sunny and 78. >> we have noise conditions in san jose. the map shows nothing but green and top speeds as we head over to 101 and 80 and 85, everyone is in the 60's headed both northbound and southbound if you are traveling loan the -- along the nimitz, the terrorism is --
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the drive is fine up 280. our traffic over the altamont pass from tracy to dublin, that is 26 minutes. along highway four westbound from antioch to concord, that is again minutes. it is quiet so far. we hope it stays that way. >> nice to have you back. a new development in the controversy over bracelets to raise breast cancer awareness. a school district will fight the bracelet to the supreme court. the school district batched the bracelets saying they were obscene but two courts determined they are fine and not disruptive. the district superintendent says this has compromised the school ability to determine what is appropriate. >> an important day for the 58 million americans who receive social security benefits. today the social security administration will release the amount of the annual cost living
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adjustment or cola, using the rate of inflation to determine the positively increase. unofficial figures suggest 1.5 percent hike which is one of the small of the adjustments since it was adopted in 1975. >> computer networking system cisco laid off 900 in the bay area. all of the 899 employees work at the tech giant headquarters. in august they announced they will cut the workforce by 5 percent or 4,000 employees. it is still the largest employer in the valley with 15,000 local employees. >> with small number of apple 5s devices they said a manufacturing glitch has shortened the battery life of some phones. customers would purchased the phones are contacted and given a
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replacement. apple sold nine will of the phones since they were launched last month. >> facebook could be thinking of buying blackberry. the "wall street journal" reports that executives from the giant have met with executives from the struggling cell phone maker with speculation in the past facebook wanted to build their own smartphones. there is no comment from either company. >> next at action, in the hotseat, who is getting the blame for problems . >> and more questions about a missing woman later found dead at san francisco general hospital.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> happy wednesday, prehalloween. >> thanks for joining us. >> cooler out there this morning. we will find out how cool. mike? >> live doppler 7 hd shows why it is cooler with a lack of clouds. the dry air is waiting. temperatures up to 13 degrees cooler this morning, most of us in the 40's. from the exploritorium, you can
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see how calm the water is, a nice reflection of the lights at the port of oakland and the bay bridge. inland temperatures, low-to-mid 60's and dry today but cooler-than-average. upper 50's to low 60's an the bay and mid-to-upper 50's from the coast to san francisco. injury it. leyla gulen? >> the east bay traffic shows things moving fine headed over to the altamont pass traveling eastbound direction you will have the area of construction lasting until 9:00 this morning but the westbound side is starting to build as you make it to vasco road and it eases up to livermore and the 680 junction. if you are coming from highway purr to walnut creek along 680 we are under ten minutes and grab highway 24 into oakland it is under ten minutes and 580 tracy to dublin is 16 minutes. the san mateo bridge is wide open, 14 minutes away from
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hayward to foster city. >> san jose leaders are taking action to stop the police recruits leaving the department for other cities after getting expensive training from san jose. matt keller is in san jose with the details. matt? >> the hiring sign has been up for a while at the san jose police department but it is not is much the recruiting but the retaining of officers that has city leaders looking if a solution. it costs $170,000 to drain a recruit -- train a recruit but up to 40 who graduates five have left because of shrinking benefits. there are new plans to charge recruits if they leave to another department. they want a five year prorated retention plan making them pay 100 percent if they leave less than a year up to charging 25 percent if they leave if less than four


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