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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 6, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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good afternoon, eefsh, i'm larry beil >> i'm carolyn johnson. police looking for the person who kidnapped a two week old baby in the south bay. they believe the kidnapper is the father. >> he's threatened to harm the child. abc7 news reporter vic lee joins us live now with that occurred. vic? >> well, larry, unfortunately, still no sign of the father and baby. abc7 news is learning more tonight about the relationship
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he had with the mother of the baby. it appeared to be a contentious one. the final straw may have come when the mother refused to move to new york with him. >> she's crying and crying. because she doesn't know where is he. >> stephanie ortiz and andrew roomed with the mother until recently near an apartment in helen street. she told us at 4:30 yesterday afternoon, the baby's father, a 22-year-old twoent get his paycheck in a palo alto hotel where he works as a barista. he took the baby, then, ortiz says he zoned the mother. he called her and said i'm sorry. that is it. >> he disappeared with the baby. police say he sent her a text. >> he indicated if police were involved he would cause harm to himself and the child. >> the former roommates say the
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couple argue gued often and he threatened her constantly. >> basically, i'll take the baby and leave. i don't need you no more. stuff like that. >> with the baby born i'm going to take him. and leave. >> police believe he may have driven south and he could be in is n.san diego. someone reported seeing his suv in the hill crest neighborhood between 9:00 and 10:00 last night around midnight, police picked up a ping from his cell phone seven miles way. then another possible sighting in national city at 3:30 northerning. >> san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi revealed details about the mysterious death of a patient. lynn spalding had been in the hospital for a bladder infection but disappeared from her room. today, mirkarimi admitted only half of the
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stairwells were searople went l spalding. he said that search was hamper bid under staffing and antiquated dispatch, and unreliable video cameras. mirkarimi says the sheriff's department is working to fix the issues >> we have issued two new ipu policies. first, daily patrol of the stairwells. and it's not been dill lynn -- deliniated stairwells. >> she >> oakland police have made an arrest but they're still looking for help on a bizarre attack on luke sasha fleeshman. his clothes were set on fire on an ac transit bus. laura anthony is live. are laura? >> hi, carolyn. we do know this crime is being investigated as a possible hate crime. and part because of the victims' gender
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identity. police here want two good samaritans to come forward. they have two people that can be seen on surveillance video trying to help this victim put out flames. >> they have to wake up and realize life is too short for killing and beating each other up. a neighbor shot this skween his cell phone. moments after responding to a call a passenger had been burned on an ac transit bus monday evening. it happened on 57 line here intersection of mcarthur. the 18-year-old was asleep. police say a local student lit the skirt on fire. fellow students know him as sasha. >> luke is an excellent student here. and this point we're respecting the privacy of the family. so we don't have any
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further comment at this point. >> the mother told our media partner the bay area news group fleeshman did not identify as a man or woman. but rather as binary gender, and feels comfortable wearing a skirt. a 16-year-old oakland high school student has been arrested for seth him on fire. roger hamm lives next door. >> my neighbors has one of the best hearts of a person. i mean, as a neighbor, i know him a long time. and his kid is very polite. >> a web site has been set up to help pay for medical expenses. that web site is on our web site abc7 >> the friend's goals was to raise $20,000 supporters surpassed that amount, now at 21,000. the family is not taking more
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donations at this time for sasha. >> google confirmed it's responsible for a mysterious barge docked off treasure island. now there is a second barge alongside it. the binary codes for numbers 1, and 2. google announced it will be interactive spaces and it's also a third barge near port maine. in a statement today the company says google barge, a floating data center, question mark, a wild party boat? a barge housing the last remaining dinosaur? sadly, none of the abuchlt the company says it's early in planning stages and things may change. >> investigators trying to pinpoint the cause of the fire that canalled two buildings in the richmond district. they offered free access to billions of web pages. no data was
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damaged just equipment. the fire spread to a three-story apartment building displacing people. >> in santa clara county, 66% of voters in sunnyvale require to lock up firearms in their homes. and record thefts. dealers will have to keep logs of sales. nra has threatened to sue. >> san francisco voters defeated both measure that's would have allowed a high rise condo minimum on the water front at washington street in embarcadero. measure b lost with 62% of the voting, voting no. measure c would have increased height lime yits for structures and defeat bid two thirds of the voters. >> students and faculty shocked to learn of new cuts headed their way. >> now, officials are
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threatening to cut their spring classes to makeup up for the short fall. >> our campus has positions reserved oochl but get toing that balanced budget means deep cuts across the board. angering faculty, students and voters who thought when approved last year it put an end to cuts at state universities. >> one of the goals was to return to a base line budget. >> class offerings would be slashed to deal with budget deficit of $3.8 million the probost says it should not be seens a cut but many weren't buying that. >> they won't give answers i want to talk to who decided to cut courses rather than cut funding for student union being rebuilt and construction. >> we're concerned about everything we've heard today. >> the professor says and he his students were caught off guard
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by the plan. >> we wonder, do they understand the students, faculty and staff care about maintaining the integrity of the programs. >> she didn't answer, and she won't answer for me, either. >> we asked straight forward questions. and we didn't quite hear straight forward answers. >> at san jose state university, nick smith, abc7 news. >> let's turn our attention to forecast now. today might have been the last warm day oochlt yes. spencer christian is here now. >> despite clouds in the sky, waits mild and continued to be mild looking at live doppler seven hd. clouds around, but mainly sunny skies. we've got filtered sunshine looking at the southern sky here. current temperatures 68 here in san francisco. mild. 70s in oakland. 71 redwood city. 61 half moon bay. looking towards ocean beach, wispy clouds above and 73
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in santa rosa. upper 60s in concord and livermore, another view taking a look at our first forecast, this evening, we'll see clouds on the increase. but will be partly clear as well. temperatures evening hours from low 50s to upper 60s overnight becoming cooler at spots early in the morning. sun, clouds, and temperatures ranging from low 40s to low 50s by afternoon, mild again under mainly sunny skies, mid-60s at the coast. mid-70s inland. we'll take a look at the weekend coming up. >> spencer, thank you. still head on abc7 news at 4:00 starbucks plan to hire hundreds of thousands of people world wide thousand is including veterans. then, at 4:30... >> much anticipated twitter ipo comes tomorrow, what is the company going to do with upwards of $2 billion? the impact, still to come. >> also, michael finney taking questions on twitter and facebook and will be here tloif
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answer them. you can contact michael on finney abc7 and on twitter, at m finney. >> we want to give you a look at traffic right now this, is the skyway. it's a typical slow crawl to the lower deck of the bay bridge for drivers on the lefthand side of the screen. >> now, let's say you don't have access to tv crams. this is our waze app. it's on ipad here, red equals bad okay? that is -- >> that is a little cater pillar there. >> that indicates heavy traffic or dead stop. i'm going to move this along so you'll see the entry way to lower deck of the bay bridge for folks head together east bay. it's red, red, all the way through. you can down load the waze app for free from google play. back with more
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starbucks launched a hiring initiative, hiring 10,000 vets and active duty spouses over five years. sh sm criticized the move as a publicity stunt oochlt this is not a marketing exercise this, is not pr this, is trying to do the right thing at a time in america we have lots of problems and challenges. >> jobs include working in offices warehouses and stores. starbucks planned to open five
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new community-based stores in u.s. joint base locations >> blockbusters were everywhere, now the end of the road for blockbuster. also, the dow rising to a new record. >> now, cory johnson with today's after the bell report. hi, cory. >> good afternoon. yes. twitter ipo is a buzz now but there is other news. let's start with u.s. stocks closing mixed with dow advancing to a record close after officials said current economic environment warrants continued stimulus. ebay shares gain more than 4%. it's the end of an era. the company says it will close the remaining 300 stores by early next year. the chain will discontinue dvd by mail service in the middle of the month. where did that leave blockbuster is in the company plan tz keep
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licensing rates to blockbuster to use on dish services like video streaming and blockbuster on demand also in the news today search for a new microsoft ceo continues according to a person of knowledge of the pro sexes the board added current chief operating officer kevin turner to the internal list of possible replacements. the current ceo. samsung looking to grow it's core consumer electronics business saying it will be make aggressive moves and big deals. plans for $39 billion in net cash to work at bloomberg studios in san francisco, i'm cory johnson. larry, carolyn, back to you. >> thank you. >> marvel cometics breaking new ground by its first female muslim super hero. she will make her debut in january. she is a 16-year-old muslim american teenager facing pressures of her pakistani parents who want her to become a doctor. her powers include ability to change
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shapes. the creators say as a super hero she'll find herself having to break family and religious rules marvel is owned by the walt disney company. also owns abc7. >> let's talk weather now. >> yes. changes coming our way. >> they're going slow down a bit. going to be mild. it's out there, headed this way. but it's not here yet. here is a will being at live doppler seven hd. clouds around. we also had yesterday and overnight as a matter of fact this, is kept from being a mild afternoon around the bay area. it's sunny now. a bit of high clouds there south ward. these are the forecast features we'll see clouds increasing overnight. mild clouds with us into the weekend. chance of rain next week. that is when changes will come our way. taking a look at satellite radar image we have a ridge of high pressure under dry conditions, mild conditions into
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the weekend and through sunday. we do have changes on the way. let's put maps into motion. a few more clouds streaming in tonight and tomorrow. and into friday. and so mild afternoons continue. we can see a frontal system approaching slowly late sunday into monday. and into early tuesday. probable i not making it out to the sierra. so we have a chance of rain monday, into early tuesday, then, behind the front low pressure moving in again. not that rain isn't pleasant. it is pleasant, too. equal pleasantness. clouds increasing, low temperatures mid to upper 40s and then, tomorrow, mainly sunny skies. with clouds around. in the south bay, highs into low
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70s. 72 san jose. right around 70s in redwood city and mountain view. on the coast, mild again, highs from 64 in half moon bay to 66 at pacifica. downtown san francisco, a high of 67 tomorrow. up in the north bay. mild, pleasant. highs into low 70s from santa rosa to sonoma, to napa. east bay highs upper 60s to around 70s. 67 oakland. 71 castro valley. inland east bay, highs into low to mid-70s. 74 walnut creek and fairfield and antioch. and livermore, here is the accu-weather forecast. so a hint of change and we'll cool down over the weekend, then, monday, veteran's day, clouds thickening continuing. and slight chance of rain late monday into early tuesday. then starting to dry out again, late
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tuesday, into wednesday. so mild pattern just continues. >> coming up next, country music's biggest night. live to nashville and behind scenes at the country music association awards. >> a young girl's be my boyfriend note did not go as
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brad paisley says he and his wife fell for an elaborate hoax. they received an e mail from a woman saying her daughter was dieing of cancer the two women began communicating brad paisley sang to the girl. the hoax became known when the girl supposedly died and the woman not give an address to send flowers. turned out she used photos of a sick blog lifted from the blofg a girl in southern california. a closer look at the emotional hoax is coming up on world news at 5:30. >> just hours paisley and the rest of country music's biggest
4:24 pm
stars will be packed into bridgestone arena in nashville for the 47 annual cma awards. >> the star arrived just a short time ago for the show, other star who's walked the red carpet tonight include the band perry and sisters lennon and macy stella from "nashville". >> marcy gonzales has a preview now. looks like fun already. >> it is. hi, larry and carolyn. a lot of fun out here on the red carpet. you mentioned stars here. we'll take a look, lady antebellum just walked by. we've got guys from duck dynasty. a lot of fun here on the red carpet. fans have been lined up for hours just trying to get a glimpse of the action. sound checks, done. the red carpet, rolled out. and carrie underwood
4:25 pm
and brad paisley have jokes lined up as they get ready to host cmas together for the sixth time. it's a night to honor best of the best in country music. and for some of those stars, just show off their skills >> i'm looking forward to seeing new acts. >> i'm excited allen jackson and george staiht are going to be on the stage together tonight. >> >> reporter: live performances on gma. telling us this is one of the favorite events of the year. >> just a magical night in there watching, being in nashville music city, and seeing heros and talented people in the room. >> he's nominated for three awards including the big one. up against blake shelton, taylor
4:26 pm
swift for entertainer of the year. presented by robin roberts. >> this is a great night, all the way around. >> reporter: sate great night. my new friend luke ryan will be kicking things off with "florida-georgia line" and we're told to expect surprises. >> thank you. you can watch the cma tonight on abc7 ask join us for abc7 news tonight at 11:00. >> still to come on abc7 news at 4:00 twitter just priced it's ipo. and is it worth getting in on this one? >> plus a good samaritan who rescued a couple walked in freezing temperatures in yellow stone. >> she's a mother, author and her brother runs facebook. you
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twitter set the price of the initial public offering. >> abc7 news business ask technology reporter joins us live in the newsroom with a look
4:30 pm
at what twitter is going to do with the money they're going to raise. >> twitter will raise close to $2 billion with its ipo priced at $26 a share. a last minute bump from $23 to $$25 indicates confidence there is high demand for the stock. >> unlike today, twitter going to be awash in cash tomorrow with well over 1dzs billion. what will it do with it? professor at university of san francisco. >> capital is invested in growth, entailing hiring people to grow the enterprise and buying new technology as well as new places to do the work. >> and that could create an avalanche of spending in, and around the new offices on market street, which is a construction zone, as the bay area becomes a magnet for other start ups. >> do you smell money in the air here? >> i do.
4:31 pm
>> why is that? >> with cranes up, it's work for me. >> so as long as twitter is doing well, you think you're going to do well? >> i do believe so. >> nearby businesses such as sam's diner have seen a benefit from the presence the owner took a gamble buying the restaurant and the inestment is paying off. >> it's generated more foot traffic in the area, we have to hire more people. >> now, the risk transfers to buyers of the stock. the company's deficit approaching a half billion dollars, still, ipo experts since as this finance professor, says twitter is a leader in social media. >> they have a business that is clearly established. they dominate the short message space. there is no obvious way a
4:32 pm
competitor can make something better. >> going public will pay back early private investors, giving them profits to invest in other start ups. twitter will be trading on the new york stock exchange. a lawyer for a san francisco man has been accused of operating silk road eastbound web site say the feds have the wrong guy the 29-year-old had his first court appearance in new york today the silk road web site shut down after his arrest. but yesterday a revised version of the site went back onlievenl administrator has been called dread pirate roberts sh a pseudonym authorities say he used on the sign. >> the u.s. health and human services secretary acknowledged problems with the web site health and took
4:33 pm
responsibility for them and told members of the finance committee progress has been made. >> in the first few weeks users had to wait eight seconds for pages to load today, it takes less than a second. >> she rejected demands for the web site to be taken down until fixed. some republicans put the focus on her, saying she needs to go. >> it's impossible to do something in this administration that gets you fired. it's impossible. you can lie to the american people. you can misrepresent facts. but it's impossible to get fired. >> support among democrats shows signs of slipping. committee chairman told her she needs to be forth coming with congress about the repair efforts. >> the nfl today appointed a special council to investigate possible misconduct in the miami dolphins work place the case centers on former stanford offensive tackle jonathan martin who left the
4:34 pm
team. espn is reporting martin checked himself into the hospital for emotional disstress. today, dolphins players came to the defense of ritchie incognito, who is at the center of all of this, under allegations he was bullying martin. >> i think if you would have asked john martin whot best friend was on the team he would have said ritchie incognito. first thick to stand up for jonathan on the first ritchie was the first guy there. >> that is an mazing comment right there. incognito spoke yesterday for the first time since being suspended. he's saying he is trying to weather the storm he believes will soon pass. jonathan martin received a show of support from jim harbaugh. >> to be a fine person and his family, great contributor as a
4:35 pm
student and an athlete. at stanford epitomizes the student athlete model and a personal friend. >> harbaugh refused to address the allegations. >> a couple from wisconsin back home after spending six days stuck in the car in the frozen wyoming wilderness the two became stranded on bear tooth highway after leaving yellow stone national park. the car got stuck in a foot of snow. temperatures dropped below 0 they ran the car only every four hours to safe fuel and had precious little food oochlt with eight pieces of bread. and nine bottles of the water. then about a half a peanut butter and jelly. eight packets of coat oet meal. >> the couple began writing goodbye notes to friends and family. on monday a rancher ventured out to look for them
4:36 pm
after his wife read about them on facebook. he found them just two miles from a barricade marking the road they were on. that is closed. >> how fortunate. eight pieces of bread? six days? not lo going to last long. >> coming up a young boy's note for a girl he liked is denied. not a simple no. >> a 13-year-old does the unthinkable to inspire his football team. >> today's seven on your side q and a just head i'm still taking your questions. you can contact me on finney abc7 and on twitter at m finney. i'll answer questions here, live a little later. >> it's a beautiful view of the presunset western sky from our camera. clouds hanging around. more coming our way, but will they bring rain? the answer in the forecast coming up. >> looking at traffic here this is interstate 80. the traffic on
4:37 pm
the righthand side is eastbound heading towards berkeley. traffic coming back towards san francisco and 580 on the left-hand side of the screen. it's going to be slo
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4:39 pm
there is a boy in texas who doesn't believe in the word "can't" >> he took on hi football team. an accident left him paralyzed
4:40 pm
when he was just a toddler. >> he is a huge football fan, on the side lines during his games when the team lost this season, to its biggest rival, players seemed to lose hope. that is when tiller stepped up to walk. >> we can't do it, if i walk on to the field i'll tell them if i can walk, anything is possible. you can beat these guys. >> it motivated the team bringing one coaches to tears, as for tyler, he's undergoing an operation that may help him walk again. what a kid. >> wow. >> listen to this one. a love letter written by a young boy to his crush has gone viral. >> yes. the letter posted by the boy's older sibling nouned a box of projects. >> take a look. the boy asks a girl named ashley to be his girlfriend giving three options
4:41 pm
yes, no, or maybe. unfortunately as you can see, she circled no. >> that yes. but that is not the end of the story shechlt writes i'm sorry. i already have a boyfriend. kyle. but when we break up, you're my next choichlts ps that will be probably in a month or two. she had the thing planned out, carolyn? >> in the end ashley moved away from the neighborhood, leaving both boys behind. >> yes. they're what? nine? ten? >> guys you're better off without that one. okay? let her go. >> oh, boy. let's check on the forecast now. >> being an extra choice is better than not being chosen. here is a live doppler seven hd. showing us some high clouds continuing to move throughout the bay area skies. mild conditions and we'll have a pattern for a while. national weather picture tomorrow, most of the nation across 48
4:42 pm
contiguous states zil sunshine. wet along the atlantic koechlt a rainy day in the east. back here, crazy sunshine. sunny, high clouds continuing to sweep aross the state. mild conditions down throughout l.a. on the coast, south coast as a matter of fact. here in the bay area, we'll have a pattern like today. mainly sunny skies with a few thin, high clouds moving by. mild with highs ranging from mid-60s to near 70s around the bay. low to mid-70s inland. and big game tomorrow night. stanford, hosting the oregon ducks at stanford stadium. a game time 6:00. during the game, mild conditions. we'll call it comfortably cool. >> that is uncomfortable. >> well, if you're running football gear it will be mild. >> i think uncomfortable for stanford fans. >> this is one of the biggest games of carolyn's career. >> certainly. certainly.
4:43 pm
>> let's move on. >> coming up next, how smart phones and tablets may be contributing to a growing eye sight problem in our children. a big oops a glitch on walmart's web site that gave incredible deals. >> my q & a segment is coming up. wh to those whoworried......
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explosion of mobile devices is impacting lives of a generation of children. it turns out it could be taking a toll on their eye sight. experts at uc berkeley opened a center to tackle this problem. like classmates, yun likes to play games on the iphone. coupled with her love of reading she spends a significant amount of time in front of printed pages and small screens. it's a trend researchers believe is taking a toll on the eye sight of a generation. leading to an epidemic of the condition known as nearsightedness.
4:47 pm
>> if i were to survey students working in the lab now there are very few non-myopic students. >> reporter: she has been diagnosed with myopia. the problem so prevalent university of california opened a myopia control clinic. assistant professor says one goal is to spot and treat nearsightedness in young patients. >> in this myopia clinic we're focussing on early onset. usually as anyone started developing myopia before age ten. >> reporter: she says young patients' eyes are still developing the doctor is using a corrective device, a contact silence worn wheel sleeping to help flatten the center of the core kneea
4:48 pm
>> during daytime they have clear sxrigs benefit from myopia controlling affect of the design. >> reporter: she says the lenses and other technologies can help slow pro gregs significantly but the problem is still growing. one study found that severe myopia is twice as prevalent among young adults compared to the elderly. doctors council patients and families about the need to break up sessions, electronic devices and books. >> usually rule of thumb is an hour of reading, requires a 10-minute break. >> reporter: it's advise the family is taking to heart. they have instituted a sim tim to ration time their children spend on smart phones and screens. >> for us, we try to give them a reward. so i set a time. >> reporter: this sm additional
4:49 pm
advice while taking a break spend moments focussing into the distance. studies found spending more time outdoors could help protect against myopia. >> one british county decided to give police dogs pensions. that move causing controversy. the police force in noting hamshire will give dogs 2400s ndz pensions to ensure medical bills are paid officials say animals should be recognized as officers in their own right. politicians have criticized the cost. local government announced it may be cutting 800 jobs over tle years because they need to cut costs. >> a technical glitch led to price roll backs today items like a 24 computer monitor and projector selling for $8.85. word spread, products sold out in hours walmart says it was a technical
4:50 pm
error not a hack. the company has not said whether it will honor the items sold at those low prices. >> michael finney here to answer questions you sent to him. and s shelby asks this. i'm looking for a good lease deal. >> a good place is and also, edmunds. there are lease deals. i know you want to check those out. manufacturers are offering best deals now. you're talking about deals of 39 1.9%. so check out what the car manufacturers are offering, first. >> mona le mails i received an e mail from someone claiming they're with california lotto
4:51 pm
and i won $50,000 and i need to give personal information and pass words. is this real? >> no. it's a scam. someone has your telephone number. do not do this the lottery never calls you to say you've won money. have you to contact them. any time anyone asks you for personal information over the phone or through internet. reject that. if they give you a number to call back, don't call back the number. instead, look up the number on your own. you're going to find it's a different number. >> nobody is calling you to tell you here is money. nobody, nobody. >> that does not happen. >> they only call to ask for money oochlt yes >> john asks is it possible to walk in lower threshold and replenishments? >> that is a great kwechlt you probably have no idea you get a fast track account, they don't charge every time they pult a bunch ever money and
4:52 pm
take the toll out as he go over the bridges. they take out $100 going over every day. if you're a commuter they run it down to $50, then, they recharge it back up to 100. if you think they're holding too much money you're allowed to once per year you're allowed to tell them you're holding too much. i want you to hold just 20. they will do that. but they may take it back. because they don't want to keep charging and charging. they've got computer models so, but they might do it oochlt all right. thank you >> sure. >> coming up next a mother has a finger of the pulse of silicon valley. >> how mark zuckerberg's sister is helping kids balance scomplief technology. >> one water front development down, another to go. now in the cross hairs of san francisco. plus, 41 hours of retail?
4:53 pm
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it has a surprising message. maybe we're too wired and need to rethink the balance between technology and family. >> does this look familiar? phone to the ear, tablet in front of you, lap top. we see it around us. maybe it's gone too far? >> i think pend to swing back. >> mandy zuckerberg spent five years working with her brother, mark. the crowning achievement is producing president obama's town hall meeting in 1022 n her book, she talks about ways to balance digital careers and analog lives. >> people value their unplugged
4:57 pm
time. their time without distractions and one on one time with other people. i think it was really having my own son, he's two and a half now, that changed my viewpoint on that. >> her son knows to you,000 navigate an iphone and she says he's getting addicted to it. she wrote a version of the book. >> children model behavior after us fchl you're half in a conversation because you're texting or e mailing, and not giving time or looking at your phone at dinner table they're going to pick up on cues at a very young age. >> she is now ceo of a marketing firm zuckerberg media. she says one thing she learned is pryer ties. she says no matter how busy mark was, woe stop to take a phone call from then girlfriend now wife priscilla. proving that tightens a business know, the home front comes first. >> thanks for joining us for
4:58 pm
abc7 news at 4:00 i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm larry beil. >> it was determined not all stairwells had been searched. >> a surprising admission about the woman reported missing, then found dead m a hospital oochlt a two week old baby is abducted from sunnyvale triggering a state wide amber alert what. we're learning about the mother's best friend. >> one water front development down, another still to go the project now in the cross hairs in san francisco. >> live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center, i'm sandhya patel. when you may be needing umbrellas a pattern change is coming up. details, straight ahead. >> the delays and a new report about the search for a missing san francisco woman whose body was nouned a hospital stairwell. thanks for joining us. i'm
4:59 pm
cheryl jennings. >> the story beyond baffling. tonight we have new information about what happened. abc7 news reporter wayne freed sman live with the story tonight. wayne? >> we knew the hospital staff never completely searched the hospital or the stairwells we knew. that now, we know a little bit more with it. a preliminary investigation discussed today. >> i'll be reading to you from a script. of a chronology that will be handed out to you. >> after expressing concern, saying such a case should never happen again, today, ross mirkarimi gave details from what appears to have been a major disconnect between the hospital staff, and a sheriff's department tasked with keeping that hospital secure. today, we learned how the hospital botched the description of miss
5:00 pm
spalding. >> when asked by a description the caller said, quote, she's african american lady, 57 years old. female. she's wearing a hospital gown. >> in fact, miss spalding was caulkation a subsequent report describes her as asian. among those listening today the spalding family's attorney, peg harris has yet to receive what he calls an overdue autopsy report. >> all i'm told are is it's not available. no more explanations than that. >> reporter: do you expect anything out of it? >> i should it by now. >> reporter: lgs, vague details about how and why the department never conducted a complete search of the hospital after an engineer reported seeing someone on the stairwell and called it in. >> the staff responded will take care of i there is no indication anyone was dispatched


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