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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 19, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> without further ado we. fine out from mike using live doppler 7 hd where the rain and the drizzle could be. >> light-to-moderate rain showing up with green or yellow all the way up toward petaluma and rohnert park moving away from you and headed over to american can beyond and napa is you will get sprinkles to light rain again as the waves keep rolling through the north bay stretching all the way back to the president plume marshal road and point reyes station and bodega bay all getting light rain to moderate rain sliding to the east and southeast. it looks like it could head into san francisco as far south as pacifica and daly city if it holds together. from now until 7:00. the best chance for measurable rain in the morning commute will be from the bay bridge north.
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as we head to noon, everyone is get light rain, the lightest in the south bay but you will pick up if intensity the hardest -- the commute with the wettest roads is in the evening. temperatures are stay in the mid-50's to low 60's and well all get light rain at 7:00. if the kids have practice check the e-mails and the text because the coach could tell you, we are future having it. leyla gulen? >> speaking of american canyon if i plan on traveling along i-88, watch out for the roads because they could get slick and highway 37 if you need to make it out of vallejo to the point. to the south, then, headed into san jose northbound along 101 at alum rock avenue we have an accident that is blocking the lane and heavy conditions bumper-to-bumper traffic and the nimitz loosens up. over to dublin, northbound 680 at stone ridge drive we have a report of ten vehicles on the
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shoulder that hit something with debris going through the windshield of another vehicle. to the south, back again to 680 northbound, the sig-alert is still in affect blocking one lane and causing backups. >> thank you, the rains have been falling overnight and mike nicco said it will pick up as the day goes on. you are already getting wet, amy ? it is coming down in petaluma and it was dry when we got here and dry from novato. it just started up. it doesn't feel like the drizzle we experienced between 4:00 and 5:00 but it is rain. the streets are wet. that is what c.h.p. is worried about. in marin county we have been driving along 101 and the roads are wet.
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the commute will be wet. we have again from drizzle to rain and c.h.p. said it has been a dry few months and now it will be slicker because all the oil that has accumulated in the roads will surface this morning and they want you to slow down, be careful, especially in marin county with construction on highway 101 between santa rosa and marin. not a lot of room for error. be careful. my suggestion is grab a rain jacket or umbrella. it is coming down this morning. we have another great weather resource for you, following live doppler 7 hd on twitter for the very latest bay area weather conditions, rain or shine and get video forecasts and power out aims and weather tweets. >> protest will be held tonight in san francisco over a new claim of police are you facility
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caught on video and it all began with officers stopping a bicyclist. matt keller is in the mission district with details on the developing story. matt? >> that group is planning the protest near the mission police staying demanding justice for what they call police brutality at an apartment come mention. we onlied this footage shortly after the incident and you can see the uniform and plainclotheses officers at the apartment on friday afternoon and officers say they tried to stop bicyclists no a code infraction and he was identified at 21-year-old city college student known as d.j. williams. he fled to the apartment building and resisted officers. witnesses say he was brutally beaten and knocked unconscious. officers say they used reasonable force. others tried to step in to stop it and officers describe them as hostile crowd and one man tried to hit the officers with a cane
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and another bit the officer. four were arrested including d.j. and the group organizing the rally is demanding all charges be dropped and the firings of the three undercover officers. the rally will take place at the gardens apartments. >> a memorial vigil for a girl kidnapped 25 years ago today will be held outside a hayward grocery store where she was last seen. friends and family of the girl will mark her disappearance from the score on mission boulevard as they done last year and in years past. she was only nine years old when she was kidnapped in front of the market on this day in 1988. her mother has been holding annual vigil to keep her memory alive and hopes for her return alive. >> rebuilding going in the mid-western states devastated by a swarm of tornadoes on sunday, twisters took eight lives
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including six in illinois and two in michigan and hundreds of homes were blown away in washington, illinois, over 500,000 people still don't have power. survival stories are emerging in the daze after the storm. a woman was found pinned under a large chunk of concrete and says she would not have survived if her daughter did not fine her. >> in the philippines, food and relief supplies are reaching survivors. 5,000 people were killed or missing in the november 8 typhoon. a major international relief mission is underway to help the survivors who will depend on aid for months to come. the united nations humanitarian chief says she is impressed with developments the last week. we teamed up with the american red cross and took phone calls for trillion hours and $104,431 was raced. the red cross said this will go directly to the philippines to help with the clean up and recoveryives. thank you so very much to all of
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our viewers for your support and donations. >> we will check on our weather forecast and look at live doppler 7 hd. >> the best radar returns height now is over sonoma with light-to-moderate rain possible where 12 comes to sonoma, there could be a pause before we get more wet weeks ago. you can see american can beyond is the heaviest of the rain which is light-to-moderate and will be this in ten minutes and fairly at 25 minutes and it will go through certain napa but i have it centered on the yellow which will pass to the north of vallejo which will get a little bit of light rain. we will look at northern california and you can see we if you headed up into the mountains, everything is quiet down and a lot rain up there rather than the snow were the bilk of the moisture to the north and that is sliding south and the wins are coming in from the west so we could have intermittent light sprinkles and light rain ahead of this initial line for all of us in the
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morning commute but the most part, anything steady to the north. if you not dealing with the rain but mild temperatures at six to 16 degrees warmer than this time yesterday with upper 40's to low 50's throughout the south bay and you can see that is pretty much the case elsewhere. the rain is going to slid to the south as we head throughout the morning to noon and it is going to hang around through tomorrow and out here by thursday and friday. we have the rain totals coming up if a little bit. >> i am tracking any possible didn't in american can beyond, slay show, and so far, so good. you are saying it is dry, mike, but i spoke slippery conditions along i-80 northbound and southbound through vallejo and american canyon and to fairfield but if you are making the drive at the moment, it is mice and dry. as we head into hill pete we have a signature aheart in effect northbound 680 the expressway off-ramp is shut down
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so use this area to get off the freeway. the sig-alert is in effect until further notice. northbound 101, the crash is blocking the lane and more backups as a result. our drive time traffic shows 50 minutes ahead from 580, tracy to dublin, highway 4, 27 minutes and antioch to concord 101 and the metering lights are on, on the bay bridge. we have a backup away from oakland into san francisco. >> typical for 6:00 even without the rain coming. >> fast food extortion, a chain is being targeted in a bribery scheme. >> a career come back, a new step gentleman yes -- new step that john edwards is takes after his sex scandal. >> we are learning of the staggering number of poisonings
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for children the. >> and a look at live doppler 7 hd tracking the storm hitting the bay area and we will check back with mike nicco to see who is getting wet right now and who will get wet
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning. it will be wet for the bay area at 6:13. this is the eastern span of the bay bridge with traffic moving normally for this time of day because it hasn't gotten that wet here yet the but it is coming. a reminder, we want to see your weather photos and video so send them to >> new this morning from lebanon, there was chaos in the capital city of beirut after two bombs exploded near the the
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iranian and killed 23 people and wounded 146 others and one kills watt the cultural minister and hit a beirut neighborhood a stronghold of hezbollah. >> former senator and presidential candidate john edwards is returning to his roots by opening a law practice this his home state of north carolina. he used his legal practice to spring board into politics and this is the fess time back in the public eye on the aquittal of campaign finance charges shedding light on a love affair he had with a campaign employee while his wife was dying. his daughter says that her father has no plans to return to politics. >> new this morning, fours are sounding a new alarm over the laundry detergent pods that children mistake for can day. accident am poisoning numbers are skyrocketing. this is a story abc7 and "7 on
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your side" and consumer reports have been following for a year. there have been 10,000 cases of accident am poisonings involving the pods. before this, there remain only 6,500 cases of young children swallowing detenant. wendy could be part of an extortion plot to get a bribe saying that person would release video of wendy's employees using rotten dome mate toes in food prepared if customers and wendy's says the video is in doubt. so far tmz has not been contacted. >> we have a new ipad app that will let you use your tablet to keep on top of the latest weather alerts. >> it is a good way on get information you need. here is the app to check out
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radar or severe weather alerts or find out current conditions where you live or check out your detailed seven-day forecast down to the hour. >> so, the app is easy to download at the website is >> first thing i used this morning to make sure my forecast was on track. >> i pick out your tweets and live doppler 7 hd greets. >> a lot of good information. hopefully everyone will follow on a day like today. we will look at live doppler 7 hd with the north bay has the best radar runs so we will zoom on down and show you north of the bay headed across 12 from sonoma to napa and 37 from novato to vallejo is where we are we sag the best radar returns. .04" in petaluma but bodega gay
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-- bay and guerneville getting light rain and sprinkles. it closing in or marin county. most of the wet weather has been in the higher elevations lifting this wet air mass which is just those two reports stakes in the valley that have had anything measurable. this is headed to mill valley and sausalito and possibly even to san francisco as we head to the 7:00 hour. most of wet weather is going to be north of the bay bridge through 7:00. we can see san rafael is looking pretty dry on 101 with the headlights south toward us in san francisco. light rain and a mild breeze and everyone is getting that at some point today. wet weather through at least wednesday and warm sunshine so the pat were has not changed but it has definitely changed temporarily for today. upper 50's to low 60's and
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everywhere is covered in green which is light rain in the afternoon. tonight, it is more intermittent and drops down to sprinkles and drizzles but it will be wet for the commute tomorrow. mild again. as far as what is happening, we have this plume of moisture over the cold prompt and that is helping to push the rain to the south. you can see by noon the the heart of the bay is getting light-to-moderate rain and same every are for the evening commute with the heaviest rain from san francisco toward vallejo and that will move through by midnight and you can see it becomes intermittent tomorrow morning during the commute and our secondary push comes through right during lunch and the tail end of it in the evening commute and during the overfit hours scattered light showers and by thursday afternoon it is over. rainfall amounts is think of .25" to .5" and the higher will
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vagues could get higher, and the north bay mountains up to 1.5 itch but in -- but the seven-day forecast shows it is remain what, 60's to near 70, warmer-than-average temperatures this weekend. leyla gulen? >> we are trying to track any accidents because of the rain. we do have possibly one in santa rosa traveling northbound along 101 at todd road the green is just below and that is an indication of where the rain is affecting the commute involving a vehicle and a semi truck and possibly blocking one lane. southbound from santa rosa to rohnert park is not too bad at 63 miles per hour. it could be very slick. on the waze app we have the possibility of rain. this is going to be on 121 near the raceway, no place to race the cars at the moment.
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watch out for the slick conditions. we have a sig-alert affecting the commute. >> trouble in toronto keep on coming. through this morning, another bizarre move from embattled mayor ford caught on camera and what caused him to charge interest a crowd of people. >> coming up first, technology that makes a fashion statement. "7 on your side" and "consumer reports" teach up to check out reports" teach up to check out wearable before they would always remember the day they spent together. before her granddaughter used bank of america's mobile app to deposit something sweet. even before she made a quick stop at the atm to pay for an interesting caricature. a grandmother did some banking online so they could spend the day celebrating offline. that's banking for how you live your life. that's bank of america.
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>> we will check with josh for what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. >> good tuesday morning to all of you, lots to get to on the program this morning including the latest about a man in the news again, you can see him there, george zimmerman arrested after being acquitted of murdering teenager trayvon martin but, now, george zimmerman stands accused of pointing a gun at his girlfriend during a domestic dispute. we will have the latest here from florida. that is next. >> just in time for black friday, this only we are taking a closer look at what is called the hot new trend for the holiday season. >> we are talking about wearable electronics. "consumer reports" partnered with seven-day outlook -- "7 on
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your side". is wearable technology the next bing thing? several companies have smart want on on the market. what can the smart were whats -- what can the smart watches do? >> we looked at two. in this commercial for samsung, the future has arrived. >> "consumer reports" checked out the samsung galaxy to see if it delivers. it does a lot more than the average watch. it can make and deliver phone calls, for example. >> you can take pictures with a simple command. but the quality isn't very good and menus are hard to use on the small scene. there is another drawback. at $300 it is twice the price of other smart watches and it only
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works with one phone: the galaxy which is expensive. >> another smart watch, the $150 pebble works with droid and iphones and alerts you if you are in blue tooth range. >> what appears on the face the person who is tempting you and a few lines of text. >> the pen bowl does -- the pebble does not take photos but you can take photos of yourself. carol thinks pebble will be appealing to women. >> i carry my phone if my pocketbook and i don't want to haul it out when i hear a buzz or ring. i can look at my wrist. >> it is a watch, too. >> you can download other basic apps to the pebble watch including fitness apps that will allow you to track how far you rain. "consumer reports" expected more apps to be developed for the
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pebble. >> we continue at 6:30 with the top stories including the bay area's first wet weather in two months! live doppler 7 hd is tracking the storm and we will interpret it with meteorologist, mike nicco, and find out what to specific. >> i am katie marzullo in the newsroom: tesla under investigation and the c.e.o. of the company is glad the fine out who elon musk is blaming for negative press. >> we do have wet roads in the north bay and it sounds like it could be creeping over to american canyon. we have a sig-alert in milpitas
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. we will look at live doppler 7 hd showing the rain hitting the bay area. it is the first storm to arrive in northern california in nearly two months! thanks for joining us. >> we will start with the precipitation. the rain started falling overnight in the north bay and meteorologist mike nicco says it
6:30 am
will pick up as the day goes on. we have coverage to check with mike on the radio of the broadcast center. he is tracking the storm with live doppler 7 hd. but, first, amy hollyfield is in petaluma. >> well, no, we will go over to mike and a look at live doppler 7 hd. >> thank you. if we can go to listening to this you can hear the wind. this is a chill in the wind the latest radar returns came by and we had orange at 12 and 221 north of american can wrong and south of napa but it has moved. we will widen and show how the best radar runs are right on american canyon and to vallejo and that will cross the hills and head to 680 and 880 the split up to fairly and behind
6:31 am
that we have more wet weather with yellows so light pockets of moderate rain long the sonoma and marin county and possibly over to richmond and hercules headed to the 7:00 and maybe 7:30 time and sprinkles will develop in san francisco after 7:00. the bulk of wet weather will hit the rest of the bays at the morning rush ends through noon it will move into the south bay and you can see the day planner in the south bay. all of us will have wet weeks ago in the evening commute all the way through tomorrow morning. we will look at the seven-day forecast and show you warmer weather ahead but first we will get ready for the wet weather. it is falling in the north by with slick streets developing. we have a 10-to-15 minute delay
6:32 am
at the dublin line for bart so watch out for that and plan ahead. we also have a report of an accident. speaking of which, we have rain making its way across i-80 head through fairfield baby -- westbound we have one lane blocked with a big rig. at santa rosa, northbound 101, another accident involving a big rig and possibly blocking a lane but south of there you can see the green which is an indication of where we have rain affecting the roads. headed over to the altamont pass where it is dry and westbound 580, we have an accident when a car went down the only bangment but generally, bumper to bumper and milpitas northbound, the sig-alert is still here because of a big rig that hit a wall. we also have a fuel leak and it
6:33 am
will take a while to mop that up. >> we have breaking news from sonoma county, deputies are investigating a death in guerneville this morning surrounding the river lane resort on first street near church and an official with the russian river fire protection district says deputies found a deceased person. it started last night with a 9-1-1 call of a possible domestic dispute. we are working on getting more information and will bring it to you with an update. >> new details in the deadly tornadoes in the midwest. we we have also new this morning a story locally about tesla, which is firing back. the c.e.o. of the palo alto-based carmaker released a sharply worked letter criticizing the media for the coverage of three recent fires involving batteries on the model s. katie marzullo is in the newsroom with the latest. >> tesla c.e.o. elon musk calls this coverage disproportionate say there have been hundreds of
6:34 am
thousands of fires in gasoline cars compared to the three in the tesla and he is welcoming the newly announced investigation and he asked for it. it is the national highway traffic safety administration that is looking at 13,000 cars in the united states with three battery fires when the cars hit debris or crashed. they want to look at the fire risk when the undercarriage is hit. no one has been hurt in any of the fires. we talked with the tesla c.e.o. recently and this is elon musk at the factory after three workers were hurt in an industrial accident. this morning he is speaking through a blog post on the tesla website lashing out at media for making the fires a bigger deal than he any they are. >> it is easy to assume the tesla model s and perhaps electric cars in general have a greater row pensty to catch fire
6:35 am
than gasoline cars but nothing is further from the church and he said tesla is taking action including covering fire damage even if the damage is due to driver error. >> thank you. back to our storm watch coverage right now, the rain has been falling in the north bay and that is where amy hollyfield is in petaluma. what are you experiencing now, amy? >> yes, eric, we had a glitch because the equipment does not like the rain and it has been wet. we have made our way up through marin county all morning for the past couple of hours and we have had spotty rain. here is video of what we have spended this morning, going from thick, heavy drizzle which gave the roads a nice slick sheen to steady rain in petaluma. we love the drizzle the further north we went and picked up rain drops. we also had dry spots.
6:36 am
that is what we are guessing you will experience today, unpredict average weather. go ahead and grab the rain jacket or umbrella. even though you may not get any rain drops at all, we have had a little bit of everything. the c.h.p. is unusualing people to slow down because this is our first rain in quite a while so the roads can be slick in spots and people are going to get their wet weather driving back to normal and feeling it again. keep it if mind and we will watch for it the last couple of hours have been wet in marin county. stay with us abc for continuing coverage you can track weather where you are, any time, with live doppler 7 hd on and follow us on twitter.
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in philippines, the airport in tacloban shows signs of progress after the airplane was destroyed in the typhoon haiyan but now is a relief hub. planes can evacuate people from the area and dozens of aid flights are arriving each day with food, water and supplies to thousands of storm survivors who remain. we teamed up with the men red cross and took calls from donors for 12 hours year. guess what? a total of $104,431 was raised during that time and the red cross says the money will go directly to the philippines for relief and recovery efforts. thank you to all the news viewers for your support. >> a new claim of police brutality is surrounding the bay area police department and it all started with officers stopping a bicyclist. the protests planned for later today. >> a pickup crashes in the east but it is no ordinary accident and haz-mat responded to the
6:38 am
scene. >> from our sutro camera, is that clouds we see in the distance? we have rain in the north bay. it will blanket the area.
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it is still not raining in san francisco but after 7:00, all bets are off. i will show you the better radar returns, crawford way in american canyon, and as we looked at updates it is moving to the east as is our best radar return. around the 1280/680, i know there is construction there, you are running into the boater -- better radar runs. 80 is getting better as we speak. in the mountains, the radar returns are diminishing but most of it is rain. north of 80 is where you have to watch out for the wet weather. to the south, mid-to-upper 60's with clouds around san diego and los angeles. rain at lake levels and it could mix with snow on thursday but not much with the system coming from the west because it is warm. here is leyla gulen. >> we have a report of a spin
6:42 am
out that caused a fire car pileup in marin county 101 southbound. we see slowing popping up and we have yellow conditions so you will be traveling in the 30 miles per hour zone so very slow and we have several vehicles that are blocking lanes that could put a crimp in the commute. watch out for that. we still have this sig-alert northbound 680 at the express way blocking one lane and the off-ramp and the slow traffic is holding steady, so use the nimitz that will help you out. get ready to pay up, the bay area newspaper ready to charge users for reading stories online. >> mayor rob ford opens up about his bizarre behavior and how long he has really been sober
6:43 am
the. >> new bra facility climbs again the bay area police department, a bicycle st
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actively seeking employment had careers in their field within 6 months. now is your time. apply by january 6th and find your career success in the bay area. visit covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a protest scheduled to take place tonight in san francisco
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over a new claim of police brutality. this was caught on video. >> officers stopped a bicyclist. our reporter is in the mission district with that story. matt? >> the protest is planned for tonight for an incident caught on camera less than half a mile away from the mission police station. abc7 news obtained the cell phone video shortly after the incident. you can see uniformed officers and plainclothessed trying to stop a bicycle it for a code infraction identified at 21-year-old city college student known as d.j. and he fled to pams and resisted officers the witnesses say he was brutally beaten and knocked unconscious. officers say they used "reasonable force." others tried to step in to stop the beating. a man tried to hit the officers with a cane and another bit an officer. four were arrested including
6:47 am
d.j. and the rally tonight is scheduled to start at 5:00 near the apartments with the group demanding all chance be dropped and the three undercover officers involved in the incident be fired. c.h.p. is investigating a crash in concord involving a pickup truck carrying hazardous chemicals. last night the pickup collided with a car in front of a sam's club car. three people including a child were seriously injured. a dog was taken away by animal control. the truck was carrying pool chemicals that released vapors and required clean up by a hazardous materials team the. >> get ready to pay up if you read newspapers online. there will be a digital subscription implemented on the web site starting next month. among the newspapers affected are the san jose mercury news, "contra costa times", marin
6:48 am
independent journal and the we oakland tribune. nonsubscribers will be able to read some articles for free but frequent users will be prompted to pay. no word on the cost. embattled toronto mayor rob ford is speaking out after he was scripted of most powers. he accused the city council of stabbing him in the back saying they are guilty of same issues but haven't been caught. it got heated during the meeting and the mayor almost knocked down a city council woman as he lunged towards hecklers. sometime, he denies he has a serious problem. >> do you have an issue with alcohol? >> not at all. not at all. do i excessively drink on occasion? yes, i have. absolutely. >> ford says he has been sober if three weeks. hear what el he has to say aboutly health and future plans on "good morning america" at
6:49 am
7:00. >> miley, twerking did not make the "word of the year." sorry. what won in selfie, so this is "selfie day" on the abc morning news. here is our team selfie. folks have been sending their selfie photos this is from phil. folks have been going to facebook, leaving commends, including a mother and daughter, and here is my favorite good morning bay area, you can do the same or tweet us. you have to have fun with this stuff is selfie being the "word of the year." >> folks, how are the weather gods? >> we have not had rain since
6:50 am
september 21 but it is here. you can see the clouds are behind us and they are lowering as you look to the north and that is the wall of water that is coming our way. it will come in waves so we will have light rain intermittent and it will be moderate and by the afternoon hours, it will become steady but right now you can see it is in pockets with a lot of moisture in the column and i looked at our soundings and that is a verdict california profile -- vertical profile and the moisture in the air and we are solid, solid full of moisture up to 15,000 or 20,000 feet. we have radar returns around hercules and up to vallejo and toward martinez so the possibility of this headed out to concord and pleasant hill and bay point and antioch is possible so get ready. .1" in santa rosa and a fourth in petaluma. most of the wet weather is in
6:51 am
the higher elevateses but we have a chance of this moving into san francisco by 7:00 and you can see lowering of the cloud over the bay bridge across the marin head lands. this is light rain that is likely through 9:00 as far south as the san mateo bridge. right rain and mild breeze and warmer temperatures above average with sunshine through the weekend and upper 50's to low 60's today and temperatures are a lot like yesterday with radar runs not so prevalent and wet streets tomorrow morning and mild temperatures in the upper 40's to mid-50's. the low is moving to the north and we get a tail end of system and the clouds are overrubbing -- over running it with moisture translated to the ground in the south bay. in the afternoon everyone is getting wet. overnight you can see from
6:52 am
midnight through 7:00 it is spotty in nature and that secondary push comes in during the mid-morning to mid-afternoon hours tomorrow and lingering showers in the south bay during the evening commute and scattered shower overnight and we wake up thursday morning with clouds and increasing sunshine. up to 1.5" of rain in the higher elevation including the east bay hills and quarter to half an inch in the lower elevations. the seven-day forecast shows how remain what it gets, 60's to near 70 with sunshine friday through the weekend. >> i have good news and a little bit of bad news. bart is recovering from an early mechanical problem that is still showing a 10 or 15-minute delay in the american public and richmond direction so it is going to be recovered shortly but the bad news is for our friends headed along 101 in marin county, traveling southbound 101 we have
6:53 am
clarification on the accident which shows two lanes are blocked and one vehicle is spun out and facing the wrong direction. 22 miles per hour approaching 131. continuing in the southbound direction you are going to look at slow-and-go conditions but this is due to wet conditions on the roadways so be careful out there. here is a picture of our drive in central san rafael so before you get to the scene of the accident we have slower conditions. eric? >> seven things to know before you go. >> the only news returns in 6
6:54 am
here are seven things to know before you go as we hand things off to "good morning america" this morning. wet weather is moving across the north bay. even more wet weather is developing. when the rain is in your neighborhood expect it to stay there for the better part of the afternoon. most of the rain is in the
6:55 am
higher elevations like at mount tamalpais and as we head through the morning into the afternoon, everyone is getting height rain. >> number two, gloomy but dry, the bay bridge toll plaza from emeryville to san francisco it will take 21 minutes and longer to head law this stretch of marin county. we have a five car crash southbound 101 at 22 miles per hour for a top speed. >> three, investigators are on the scene of a domestic dispute after a body was found in guerneville. the sheriff deputies found the body 90 minutes after responding to the call at a resort. >> memorial vigil is held for the 25th anniversary of the disappearance of a nine-year-old girl vanishing outside a hayward grocery store on mission boulevard and lafayette avenue in 1998. >> a rally is planned for tonight to protest an incident caught on cell phone video in san francisco last week.
6:56 am
officers tried to stop a bicyclist and used "reasonable force," to arrest him. >> new, federal officials are looking into fires involved by cars placed by palo alto-based tesla. the national highway administration wants to examine what happens when the undercarriage of the electric car is hit by debris. >> seven, president obama's aroll rating is at a new low at 42 percent down 13 points this year. 55 percent disapprove of the job he is doing according to the latest washington post/abc news poll. >> we will continue now online and twitter and facebook. we will see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, massive relief for struggling homeowners. $4 billion going to those in trouble, after the largest settlement ever reached between america's biggest bank and the government. what it means for your mortgage this morning. george zimmerman, arrested, after an explosive 911 call. >> he has a freaking gun, breaking all of my stuff right now. >> the new allegations from his girlfriend. zimmerman's back in court this morning. the dark side of "duck dynasty" revealed for the first time. brand-new tapes reveal the struggles within reality's most famous family before their fame and fortune. what almost drove them apart. and the moment that turned everything around. [ screaming ] and i hope you were with us yesterday. we've given away one car to this wicked awesome mom


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