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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 20, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the fall storm that does not want to leave yet. meteorologist mike nicco will tell us what to expect as you head out the door. >> from overnight the power goes out to thousands of pg&e cuss tores across the south bay and the newest update from crews trying to get the lights back on. >> we know how much san francisco spent for the event that allowed a little boy to become the contained d -- caped crusader for day. mike? >> we have live doppler 7 hd on livermore where the rain is pulling to the southeast down across the vineyards and a few sprinkles possible downtown and a few sprinkles to light rain through the amount pass with rain around bay point and pittsburg headed out highway 4 and willow pass road and all getting wet. also, as far as what will happen
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upstream we have a break on the left side of the screen that is another public of energy bringing wet weather the form of scattered showers this afternoon sfo arrival delays at 30 minutes and oakland and san jose on time. the steady rain this o and rain towns to scattered showers this afternoon with temperatures in the upper 50 to low 60. leyla gulen? >> we have a brand new rot of an accident if san jose northbound 85 that is blocking the off ramp but not the main lines. as i take you to marin we have this accident northbound 101 at sir freeway sis drake boulevard a car traveling in the fast rain veered across all lanes and ended up crossing over and new yorking down a traffic sign. it could block that off-ramp but in the southbound direction 101 is building from 580.
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>> with the potholes along 101 headed around 380 headed into the sfo territory, because the water fills up the pot hill capitol hill -- potholes do you not see them so be careful. kristen and eric? >> our storm come, whether you got light rain or moderate rain, the rain created plenty of problems. matt? >> we have a couple of new things happening. it has started to sprinkle in los gatos. no major rain. we are feeling the moisture in the area. another update from pg&e. they say they have restoration services going on and they have restored a lot of homes and power and are down to 500
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customers in the san jose area and the morgan hill area combined. that is the good news as the power is restored. here is the video of the work being done in downtown hose while though are fixing the power. pg&e's outage map shows 21 outages in san jose and they are working to get that restored and now rather that 2,100 customers without power it is down to 500 customers down from the peak of 15,000 customers without power in the south bay overnight the stormy weather caused a major road hazard. a large tree fell on the southbound 17 at 2:30 this morning blocking the lane north of the summit the crews got it off the road by 3:45 and all lanes, now are open. at least in the south bay that is the good news. there have been no major accidents and highway 17 is run smoothly right now and just a
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few cars on the road at 6:00 in the morning. that is the news from los gatos. >> you can track storms from the smartphone with the most powerful weather radar by installing the weather app downloading it if free to the iphone or droid device right now at the. >> new details on the event that captured the hearts of people if san francisco and beyond. we learn how much the city spent to transform itself into gotham system. >> the value was ricely many would say. we are getting comments to that effect on facebook. one wrote worth every tear. others say it is in poor taste to report the cost right now. only one compensate has said it was too much money. how were money in the cost was
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$105,000 what the chronicle says the city spent on five year old miles scott make a wish adventure coming from the fees that conventions pay for using the mascone center and most of the money was needed for the civic center portion of the celebration when you remember the mayor presented batkid with a chocolate key to the city. sin the crowd reached 14,500 the city opted for a big presentation with a big scene tv and professional staging. the police chief is on the record promising no money was spent on overtime for police officers. >> there was not one penny overtime pent -- spent by the san francisco police department. it with not be fair to the other worthwhile charities. >> before the $105,000 total was revealed, the san francisco supervisor commented about how many low income san francisco children could have been fed with the money permit a comment
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he has clarified. remember the event was positive p.r. for the city not to mention great exposure for the make-a-wish foundation. what do you think? was the amount reasonable in you can keep us arised your thoughts by tweeting. >> happening today in oakland a ceremony set to get underway to honor transgender and gender nonconforming individuals would have been victims of a hate crime including sash that fleischman involving from burns after being set on fire while riding an a.c. transit bus in oakland two weeks ago. fleischman does not identify as male or female which has led to a hate crime investigation. tonight's ceremony outside oakland city hall starts at 5:15 and mark the 15th annual international trans subsequent december -- transgender day of
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remembrance. a now law passed in san francisco that banned high-capacity ammunition laws is being fought by the n.r.a. magazine clips are limited to ten rounds and the n.r.a. filed a lawsuit on of behalf san francisco police officers and four san francisco residents. >> we know what may have provoked a man to brutally kick a homeless woman slowing. this is video. the man is repeatedly stomping his foot on the woman's head. thecution have charged the 28-year-old timothy chase with felony asaw. he supposedly toll the investigators he kicked the woman because he was annoyed by the smell in the area. >> palo alto is home to many technology companies and c.e.o.'s will final another green initiative with an ordinary pans to require developers to build new hopes
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with electric car chargers adding $500 to the cost of a new home compared to $5,000 to retrofit the home. palo alto is home to tesla which makes high end electric vehicles the city council will consider this further in future meeting. >> mike? >> the next batch of rain is far north that will come in over the next couple of hours. it will take until the end of the morning commute for most of that to reach us. it is a sign that we are not out of the woods even if you have a lull in the wet weather right now. 51 in los gatos the cool spot. everyone else is 54 to 55 degrees until sunnyvale at 56 and mountain view at 57. we have 56 in redwood city and san carlos and danville and lafayette and 58 in san
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francisco and half moon bay is at 56 degrees. you can see the rain has let us in downtown san francisco but everything is still wet from overnight rain at half an inch of rain. our day planner is steady rain through the morning to drizzle. we will get another shot of rain moving in, in the afternoon and through the evening hours starting to taper. we have a warming trend no the week end all ahead. >> we have a serious crash in marin county through mill valley. we have another crash that is to the north but we will get to this first, a solo vehicle crash overturned and now resting on its side and this is right as you make the commute to highway 131 so it is monthing -- blocking the lanes. we do not have delays yet. to the north, we have another
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accident in the southbound direction with an early accident nobody -- northbound and now the wet roads are causing problems for the commuters because we have an accident on the southbound side. in union city and fremont we have a confirmation from fremont miss department that there is a lane blocked at mission boulevard because of a solo crash. >> it 6:10. >> san diego miles to replacing officially the mayor for harassing 20 women. >> president obama tries to get immigration reform passed with a new approach he wants lawmakers to take. >> former president clinton and oprah and loretta ly until -- lynn will all be at the white
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covering cupertino, wine country and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> want out for slick roads including on the eastern span of the bay bridge. one set of rain moving out and another moving in. mike has the forecast ahead. >> san diego is a step closer to pinging the next mayor. republican city councilman was if first place last month in the mayoral election with 43 percent of vote the because he did not get a majority he is heed to a run off election facing fellow sunman and democrat who is in second place. a special election was called of at the resignation of the disgraced former mayor after 20 people accused him of sexual harassment. >> new details on immigration reform from president obama. the president says he would be okay with a piece by piece solution from congress rather than a comprehensive overhaul. he made the announcement yesterday addressing the business leaders at a "wall street journal" conference in
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washington dc. >> if they want to chop it up into five pieces, as long as all five pieces are done, i don't care as long as it is actually delivering on those core values we talk about. >> among the core values mentioned by president obama having imwere greats pay a fines learn english, and pay taxes. >> happening today, president obama will aware the president a.m. medal of free democrat to former president clinton receiving the highest san francisco honor at a white house ceremony. 15 other americans will the get the modal including oprah winfrey loretta lynn, women's rights activist and the late astronaut, sally ride. >> snapshot users are sharing 400 million photos a day double
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from june, more than 350 million photos upload on facebook but that is not apples to apples because it counts each recipient. the photos disappear in seconds which makes it so popular with teens. >> it has the privacy going when it disappears. rain not disappearing for a few more hours. >> scattered light rain and drizzle. it is damp. you will notice that. it is mild again. we are in between two areas of energy. the high country is getting the best radar. to the left of the scene is the next area of energy that will meet with the moisture and bring us another round of rain and scattered showers. not too much to worry about with the clouds in the valleys which have seen the fog. most of our reporting stations are okay. we still do have the flight
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arrive delays in sfo which is going to be a mainstay with the cloud cover. we as far as movement over the last three hours you can see the radar returns moving away from us right now. snow is falling in tahoe a beautiful picture from heavenly from tahoe tv. that is our backdrop to talk about our weather putting you in the spirit. there is rain and it is drizzly with the showers rolling in from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. dry air and sunshine tomorrow and you will really notice it on friday through the weekend when temperatures warm above average in another prolonged period of dry wear. as far as today, low-to-mid 60's everywhere and still yet weather in the forecast. do not let your guard down. tonight, you can see how dry air is moving in just a little
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drizzle and maybe a spotty light rain cluster is it. tomorrows are in the mid-to-upper 40's inland and low-to-mid 50's around the bay and the coast the we will be 5- to 10-degrees cooler tomorrow but it will drop as we head for the weekend. the area of low pressure this brought us the steady heavy rain overnight and now we have the next little one right behind it that is hooking up with the front which is our last trigger for wet weather. you can see through the rest of the commute scattered light rain and the system moves through and this model has it too far to the south so we will move it up a little bit right into the heart of the bay area as it rolls through lunch but look how quickly it rolls through in the evening we are breaking out and overnight you can see the wins shipping from the north bringing in the dry air and the sunshine tomorrow and the temperatures near 70 away from the coast this weekend. leyla gulen? >> this is now a sig-alert. an over turned vehicle southbound on 101 closer to 131.
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you can see it is causing slowing. a solo vehicle crash is blocking lanes and it will be there until further notice. to the north, we have this accident southbound we have 101 showing one lane blocked. along the peninsula we have a report at stanford university a car hit a bicyclist. this is at campus drive with an ambulance headed to the scene. we will keep you updated on that. outside, this is the bay bridge toll plaza where we have metering lights on quite early this morning but city, fast track lanes are empty. >> thank you, leyla gulen we will follow that. >> more than 100 people town -- turnout to protest police brutality in san francisco.
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ahead at 6:30 the police chief responds and the reason he says force is needed sometimes. >> first "consumer report
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good morning, on the san mateo bridge, it is not raining. we will check with meteorologist, mike nicco to see who is getting wet and when. we will now look at josh with a look at "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good wednesday morning to you. we will have the latest in an f.b.i. investigation into whether dozens of al-qaeda have moved to the united states and claimed to be refugees. was the background system flawed? we have the answer in an exclusive next on "good morning america" in 37 minutes. >> from adults to teens and children tablets will be onen's -- on everyone's wish list but what is best? >> we have partnered with consumer reports to find out.
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ever before. that is "7 on your side" this morning. >> we have more on the storm system hitting the area. >> mike nicco will tell us how long the rain will stick around and new numbers on power outages in the south bay. >> a man who was dragged to death in this unable was well-known here. what people in the area are telling us about him coming up next. >> in the traffic center, a look behind me as walnut creek and the drive along 680 is looking slower with extra cars on the roads with a sig-alert slow things down away from 580
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a look at streets if vallejo are wet and there is drizzle coming down right now. part of one storm system that rolled through the bay area this morning but don't worry, there are others.
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>> thanks for joining us. meteorologist, mike nicco is tracking the latest storm on the roof. anything falling? >> just a little bit, light drizzle. that is how it will be for the rest of the morning commute. drizzle. maybe scattered to light rain. everything is going to be wet. because of the clouds we have flight arrival delays into sfo of 30 minutes. oakland and san jose are running on time. live doppler 7 hd shows how the heavier weather moved through overnight and most of us were sleeping so we wake up to the after effects which is slick streets. the next batch is moving in arriving in a couple of hours with steady rain. that will change to scattered showers headed into the afternoon. damp with drizzle through the morning and the rain will change to showers by noon and we will
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have scattered showers in the afternoon and evening and then it is over. temperatures are mild in the upper 50's to low 60's. >> in the eastbound direction on lower deck of the bay bridge we have a stalled vehicle blocking treasure island off-ramp. the big problem is in marin county southbound 101 we have more clarification on this accident which was a dump truck that hit a vehicle pushing it off the freeway. it rolled down the embankment. we have four or five lanes blocked causing quite the backup away from a 80. we will let you know when this cheers or when we have an estimated time of clearance. land ahead and give yourself extra time headed on the roads. in the east bay along the nimitz northbound direction the on-ramp to northbound 880 is
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blocked because of a car that hit a tree. in marin county 101 headed away from central san rafael, you can see where the brake lights are making the push in the southbound direction. >> the rain is causing its share of problems in morning, including a power outage and downed trees. we are joined from los gatos. >> progress is being made by pg&e in the past hour with a thousand customers had their power restored in the san jose area. that means there are 425 custom ers without power. a pg&e crew in downtown san jose is working on the power lines. at the height of the problem, 15,000 were without power. saratoga is estimated to have power on in half an hour. customers in morgan hill should
6:33 am
get electricity on by 10:00. there was a your road hazard overnight with a large tree on southbound 17 at 2:30 this morning blocking the right hand lane. crews were able to get it off the road by 3:45 and all lanes now are open. we have seen sprinkles the past 45 minutes can we heard of an accident in santa cruz where highway 17 and one come together so it could impact the commute. looking at northbound traffic, it is running smoothly and we have seen few cars and the rain is not impacting because there has not been much rain during the commute. >> you can follow live doppler 7 hd on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions with weather tweets from mike and the rest of the weather team plus video forecasts and power outage information. >> developing news from vallejo where police are investigating a
6:34 am
gruesome accident that killed a man and the rain may have played a role. amy hollyfield is in vallejo with the story. amy? >> people in the neighborhood were stunned when they heard what happened and they were shocked to find out would the victim was, a well-known man and fondly referred to as "coach." he was hit by a car and rolled into another lane where another car hit and dragged him a mile. people know him in this neighborhood and the elder man man did not realize he hit someone and was dragging someone long. witnesses say the victim was a disabled man who was sweet to the kids. >> a lot of kids would play ball and he would get together and if it was more bigger kids than little kids he would form the
6:35 am
team so we gave him the nickname "coach." police are investigating what happened. they think weather may have been a factor in the accident. the victim was not in a cross wake. it was $. it was also rainy. the streets were slick. they are calling it a technology accident and do nut thing there was a crime committed. he was hit if you can see this area in vallejo. the victim's name is not released. >> demonstrators protesting what they call a clear case of police brutality will gather today in san francisco. more than 100 protesters sickled -- circled the mission police state after an altercation on friday that left four injured and another arrest. it happened at the apartments when officers tried to give a
6:36 am
citation to a bicyclist riding on the sidewalk. they say he bit an officer. >> he was profiled. whether the police think what he did was wrong or not it was wrong. >> the officers are being punched at so our rule is they can use whatever force is reasonable to overcome resistance. >> five officers were hurt. the district attorney has not filed charges against the men pending further investigation. >> one of the major unions is calling on the transit agency to honor the labor contract it signed despite a last minute dispute over family medical leave. the union president says bart's board needs to honor their word and approve the contract. the board is scheduled to vote on it tomorrow. officials claim that they did not agree to a provision giving workers six weeks of paid annual
6:37 am
leave to carry for sick family members. >> new details this morning on the event that captured the hearts of the bay area and the entire nation but how much it cost to turn san francisco into gotham city. >> the reason thousands of u.c. employees will walk off the job. >> a look from our moratorium camera -- at the exploritorium camera at the pay and the bay bridge. we have more rain and turning to showers
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we are back on the roof with the drizzle. with the mild breeze from the south it looks like know. you can imagine. you can hope. her is the snow. it is on reno radar around tahoe. you may need chains at 10:00 today through 4:00 tomorrow morning. the area you see in purple is where there is a weather advisory with 5" to 10" of snow above 7,000' much the next system is moving in and even if it is fought raining now in your neighborhood you will get some
6:41 am
more today. be prepared. when the last push moves through it is back to warm weather and sunshine. i will show you that in the seven-day forecast. leyla gulen? >> the sunshine looks good for the commute. we have two sig-alerts. in marin county, southbound 101 a serious accident involving a truck and a vehicle that went down an embankment. lanes are blocked. there is happy backup. bumper-to-bumper traffic. a stalled bus blocking a lane eastbound 880 before 1st so there is a volume over to treasure island. now now we have a classic of a problem at stanford university at main entrance with a car and a bicycle it, possibly a broken back. >> today, a when day strike will
6:42 am
be held across u.c. campuses by 22,000 medical workers and student tutors. pickets take place at the medical center from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. with the union accusing the administration of unfair labor practices and dangerously low staffing levels. officials say they have hired replacement workers and elective treatments are postponed. >> who is the hottest star in hollywood? "people" magazine's pick for sexiest man alive. >> he is just getting into hollywood. >> an air ambulance crashes into the ocean overnight and the desperate search now underway. >> and how much it costs san francisco to let batkid fight criminals around the city and where the money is
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covering novato, outbound, sunnyvale and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> new this morning, they have add up the numbers and we now know what it costs the city of san francisco to make a wish come true for batkid. >> katie marzullo is in the newsroom with new details. >> it brings a smile to my face. we have learned the cost. it seems to be a touchy situation, the fact that someone crunched the numbers and we reporting it. the city spent $105,000 on five-year-old miles scott make a wish adventure in crime fighting. the money will come from the fees that conventions pay if using the mascone center.
6:46 am
most of the money was for the civic center where the mayor presented a chocolate key to the city the city opted for a bigger presentation because the crowd was in the thousands. many say it was pricily to see him so happy and it generated positive p.r. for the city and great exposure to make-a-wish foundation. was the amount reasonable? tweet us or join the conversation on facebook page. >> 6:46. >> trading is underway right now on wall street and we will look at the big board. you can see the dow is down 16 points and now below 16,000 level trading at 15,949. >> more money news wal-mart figured how to get a jump on black friday by kicking off the black friday deals a week early. wal-mart says they will mack
6:47 am
down prices this friday on a number of toys and electronics which will be good in stores as well as online. they had originally planned to offer black friday sales when it opens on thanksgiving day. >> gamers who have issues with the play station are getting an explanation. they say some of the new consoles were damaged during shipping and customers have complained what is called a blue light of death as they try to power up. sony is working with retailers to replace the units. >> a footlocker commercial starring familiar sports faces is getting a good laugh this morning. >> i'm sorry. >> the ad features mike tyson showing up to present a box that is supposed to contain the try here that he bit off in the 1997
6:48 am
fight, a somber iron smoke -- iron mike and features other big names who poke fun at themselves including brett favre who jokes a guy has to know when to walk away. the green bay packers and viking. >> good example to set when you say you are sorry. >> especially when you are getting paid to say you are sorry. >> all right we will talk about what is going on, on live doppler 7 hd. the radar is fixed on the storm to the west with the latest
6:49 am
update with the remote sensing device you can see yellows so there is light-to-moderate rain and 85 miles away. it will take the better part of 2 1/2 hours to get here. we have reduced visibility but not too bad just the dampness keeping everything wet during the commute is the bigger concern. if san rafael we are headed south you can see this is wetness on 101 but nothing falling you are getting a reprieve. good for you and all of us that are not telling with wet weather but it will stay damp through the morning commute and better chance of showers the next system which is the final system with dry air tomorrow and it will be sunny and warm law the back of what of the seven-day forecast. by the afternoon, you can see the showers with the heavy rain moving away. tonight, you can see how much more dry it will be with pockets of drizzle.
6:50 am
cooler by 5- to 10-degrees mid-to-upper 40's inland and mid-50's at the bay. last night the low brought us the heavy rain almost an inch in richmond. the next system will hookup with a front and nudge it our way and that will be the last trigger for the wet weather. through 7:00 we will watch the rain rolling in around 9:00 and this is too far south and you need to move this over the heart of the bay area and it will move out of here by 2:00. at action we will have scattered light rain but the heaviest rain is here with bonding on the roads on the lesser traveled streets and you can see the win shifting from the north which is the dry push that will bring us partly cloudy sky tomorrow afternoon with temperatures a degree or two warmer. away from the coast we neither with 70 friday through tuesday. >> as far as traffic this morning, we have two sig-alerts
6:51 am
in effect. one is in marin. the other is in san francisco. here is a look from sky 7 the bay bridge toll plaza and the sea of brake lights. we do have heavy backups at 18 minutes from the maze to san francisco. the maps show two sig-alerts. at 101 southbound we have two lanes taken away because of a truck that hit a vehicle. the car went down the embankment leaving four miles of backup. it could be worse. usually it is six minutes to get between 580 and mill valley but now it will take you ten minutes. 58 miles per hour and it then jumps to 11 miles per hour. this sig-alert eastbound 80 with you get to first street a stalled bus is politicking one lane -- is blocking one lane.
6:52 am
>> now "sexiest man alive," "people" magazine picked the maroon 5 front man for the looks and talent and the sensitive side. he thought the editors were kidding when he said he won the title. >> he looks very sense -- sensitive
6:53 am
a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where it is very, very jammed, backed up and it is a grind. >> as we hand things off to "good morning america" we have seven things to know before you go. first, the wet weather is causing flight arrival delays at 30 minutes to sfo. san jose and oakland are on time. we are in between systems with drizzle right new keeping it damp for the commute.
6:54 am
the next system shows dampness in the morning and showers from mid-morning to mid-afternoon and scattered showers headed into the afternoon and evening. >> number two another look at the bay bridge toll plaza at 18 minutes from the maze to san francisco under gray skies and as we talk about gloom, coming away from marin county, southbound of 101 headed closer to this area here a serious crash is blocking two lanes. >> three, progress is made by pg&e this morning and san jose is new down to 300 outages and power is restored to a thousand customers in the past hour. at the height of the outage 15,000 customers were without power in the south bay. >> four, police are investigating whether rain led to an accident involving a man dragged after being hit by two cars last night. wants say the second driver, an 89-year-old map, did not realize
6:55 am
he was dragging the pedestrian until he was flagged down a mile away. >> five, demonstrators upset over "clear case of police brutality," will gather in van with more than 100 protesting last night at the station angry over an altercation that left four men injured and arrested. >> six, the keg coast -- coast guard is searching after an air plan went down off the cost of florida at fort lauderdale airport. two bodies have been involved. the jet was bound for cozumel. >> san francisco spent $105,000 making batkid's wish come true mostly on the key to the city ceremony at the civic center that will be paid for with moscone convention center fees by the users.
6:56 am
>> thanks for joining us. we continue on-line and twitter and we will see you in 25 minutes.
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combo. a juicy jumbo beef patty loaded with hickory smoked bacon and melting cheese plus fries and a drink for just $4.99. but this isn't a dream. it's just a video from my last birthday party. good morning, america. breaking, new, details on the republican congressman caught buying cocaine in a federal sting.
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busted in one of washington's most famous neighborhoods. the tea party talk radio host, now facing prison time in his own real-life drama. al qaeda in america. how did two terrorists move to the u.s., after building bombs used to attack american troops overseas? this video being seen for the first time. how they were nabbed, trying to get weapons that could have killed more americans. brian ross with his exclusive investigation. george zimmerman, a free man this morning. out of jail after battling accusations he held a gun to his girlfriend's head. served with divorce papers behind bars. is he facing federal civil rights charges next? ♪ i don't mind spending every day ♪ he's cool. he's confident.


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