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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 23, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PST

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tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. good morning, america. this morning, extreme weather. a large and lethal storm slamming the american southwest, with record rain, high wind and dangerous ice. and it's all now moving east, as we head into one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. breaking overnight, airport panic. travelers at l.a.x. rushed to the exits after reports of a man with a gun. this, just weeks after the murder of a tsa officer. from the airport to the air. look at this video from a scary flight. >> there's a bomb on the plane. >> a man losing it mid-air, alarming his fellow passengers. what set him off? and what happened next? and finally found.
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an american woman kidnapped as a baby 20 years ago, allegedly by her own mother. where she was located halfway around the world. good morning. lots to tell you about this morning, including -- the polar prince. >> settle down. >> what? >> good morning. >> well, back to the polar prince. after being delayed by bad weather, harry finally arrived in antarctica, to begin his big adventure. a grueling 200-mile trek to the south pole. the challenges he'll face along the way. there's nothing like racing in zero-degree weather. >> you have a lot of experience with that? >> tons. >> bianna will be analyzing the race coming up. we're going to start with the big story here at home. the big storm making a mess in the american southwest. it will lumber eastward across the country, possibly impacting thanksgiving travel plans for millions of us.
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meteorologist ginger zee is all over this storm. good morning. >> good morning to you there. dallas, right now, under winter storm warning, just went into effect hours ago. and look at this. nine states, now, with some sort of watch, advisory or warning, as the south and southwest get slapped with a little bit of winter. snow, ice and wild winds. a storm is whipping the southwest with a bout of winter come early. >> the ice. >> reporter: in oklahoma city, the afternoon commute became the afternoon slide. overturned vehicles, roads turning to rinks, from abilene to lubbock, texas. almost half of texas roads are covered in ice. >> we had some rollovers. and quite a few people in the ditch. and still have people out there right now in the ditch. >> reporter: in phoenix, arizona, highways swallowed by almost two inches of record rain. the friday night lights, turned off. the wettest day of the year, postponing crucial high school football games.
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and the rulers are out, from kansas, to accumulating snow in colorado. behind all that mess, a blast of cold. yep, that's a fur-lined coat in houston. temperatures plummeting almost 50 degrees for some. welcome only by this snow-loving bunch. >> i pulled them out of school early. and decided to take advantage of the weather. >> if you're not driving, some people liking it. but here's where it's going to go next. it slides through mexico. but a low pressure system going counterclockwise. it's going to grab some of the moisture out of the gulf, feed it up, hit that cold air. not only does dallas get one hit, austin and places like that. they're going to get a second hit. from today, the first little bit and tomorrow. and everybody along the east coast is going -- i keep hearing things about the storm affecting my travel. well, let me tell you, this thing starts cooking once it gets out of the gulf and goes up, we think, and a lot of commuter models are up and down. inland would get some snow. rain/snow mix closer to the cities. either way, when the folks are traveling, a
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little bit of drizzle can cause some delays. we'll be tracking this. by tomorrow morning, i'll have a lot more on this. but coming up in the nation's weather, alaska is seeing a lot of ice, too. >> not great news. millions are going to hate holiday delays. ginger, thank you. speaking of travel, we're going to turn to panic that broke out at l.a.x. airport overnight. reports of a man spread with a gun. it turns out, people mistook a car crash for the sound of gunfire. but luckily, everyone's understandably all right. everyone was jumpy, of course, after that deadly airport shooting there less than one month ago. and abc's aditi roy is at l.a.x. with the latest. good morning, aditi. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. thankfully things are quiet right now at l.a.x. just hours ago, a multicar collision sparked chaos. and evacuated an entire terminal at the beginning of a busy holiday travel week. pandemonium broke out after airport officials say passengers reported shots fired.
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the ensuing chaos caused panicked passengers to take cover inside as police swept the area. >> everybody get down. >> reporter: authorities evacuated two terminals at l.a.x. but found nothing suspicious, according to airport officials. >> a lady hit a pylon. and that made everyone think there was gun shots. and then, somebody in terminal four called and said they saw somebody with a gun. so, they evacuated the terminal. and everybody was outside. and chaos. >> reporter: police confirmed that no shots were fired. instead, investigators say, the loud noise came from a multicar accident outside, caused when a woman suffered a medical emergency. >> that particular traffic accident, we later found, was caused by a medical emergency. and the individual involved in that traffic accident, hit several things. >> reporter: despite the false alarm, tensions remain high, just three weeks after a gunman opened fire at l.a.x. killing a tsa officer and
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injuring three others. an autopsy report released friday by the l.a. county coroner's office, said tsa officer gerardo hernandez had been shot 12 times and had 40 bullet fragments in his body. the incident also comes at the beginning of a holiday travel week. officials predict l.a.x. will be the busiest airport in the country this thanksgiving week. 2 million passengers are expected to travel through. now, flight schedules were impacted by this disruption. however, they have returned to normal. airport officials say 4,600 passengers were impacted. dan? >> let's hope this coming week is a little bit more smooth. aditi, thank you. that's aditi roy in los angeles, this morning. now, to another air travel nightmare. this playing out up in the sky and on camera. a passenger coming unglued and yelling about a bomb onboard. abc's rob nelson is here with this terrifying ordeal for passengers. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. a crazy story here. a wild outburst and some truly
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frightening moments, all caught on tape by a passenger onboard that plane, as an allegedly mentally ill man became unruly. even threatened to blow up the aircraft. >> there's a bomb on this [ bleep ] plane. there's a bomb on the plane. >> reporter: terrifying words screamed loud and clear friday morning, onboard this spirit airline flight. >> there's a bomb on the plane. there's a bomb on this [ bleep ] plane. >> reporter: this chilling outburst, all caught on tape. the flight made an emergency landing, after the pilot reported the passenger's wild behavior. >> he was crazy. just to show you how crazy he was, he was actually throwing money at these people. >> reporter: these bizarre outbursts, forcing police to meet the airplane at the gate. >> if you take me out, i'll blow the whole [ bleep ] plane up. >> reporter: atlanta police quickly boarded the flight and had to physically restrain the man, still screaming, just to get him off the aircraft. >> there's a bomb on the plane. there's a bomb -- >> reporter: authorities believe the man suffers from mental illness. the plane's packed cabin, eerily calm, as passengers looked on, then awaited instructions.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, it's imperative, everybody remained seated with their seat belts on. >> reporter: police did a sweep of the plane. and no bomb was found. >> i want to apologize to everybody onboard today for that. >> the suspect's name has not been released. but he was taken to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation. police do not plan to press any charges. luckily, guys, no one was injured during that entire ordeal. >> amazing the authorities and the passengers seemed to be pretty calm about it all. >> yeah. >> thanks, rob. well, let's check in with ron claiborne with the other top stories developing this morning. >> good morning to you, bianna and dan. good morning, everyone. in the news, white house officials are extending a key deadline for people to sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act. the administration now saying people have until december 23rd to sign up for coverage. that will kick in on january 1st of next year. officials say that fixes are improving the troubled
7:09 am site. and it should be able to handle an expected of last-minute rush of people trying to sign up to get the coverage starting on january 1st. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in geneva, switzerland, this morning. kerry will meet with diplomats from europe, as well as iran, today. a deal on iran's nuclear program is reportedly close at hand. a surfer was killed by a shark off the coast of australia. it happened this morning in the waters off the town of gracetown, which is on australia's western coast. the victim was found by someone walking on the beach. the beaches in that area have been closed. the head of the federal communication commission is coming out against the idea of cell phones on planes. using cell phones on planes. on thursday, the fcc announced that they would allow passengers to make calls in flight. that triggered a huge public uproar against the idea. now, the fcc chairman, tom wheeler, says he, too, opposes it. and there is a new world chess champion. norway's magnus carlsen won the
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world chess championship in india on friday. carlsen is a chess prodigy, becoming a grand master at 13 years of age. at 22 years old, now, he's the youngest champion, tying darius kasparov, who was also 22, i think a little bit younger, when he had the title. and another meteor lighting up the skies in russia. the huge fireball captured on cameras in simferopol on thursday. you remember a meteor caused widespread damage to buildings and injuries to people. there were no reports of injuries or damage from this one. and finally, just take a look at this video. posing the question, why did the elk -- actually, a picture not video -- cross the road? no one's really sure. but you can see here from this photo taken by the lakewood police department, in colorado, it crossed safely and legally, waiting at the corner and using the crosswalk, if you can believe that. and you remember back in
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october, just last month, that elk that was chasing a motorcycle in montana. well, we have an update on that. >> oh. >> still chasing the motorcycle. it is now in pennsylvania. just took a month to get there. it's headed this way. >> that's one determined elk. >> one determined elk, yes. we will keep you up on that. >> you never let up. >> not going to let that one go until it gets here. >> we'll have to bring him on the show. >> he'll be going to boston. >> you never know. this morning -- thanks, ron. this morning, there's an end to a 20-year mystery. an infant who disappeared with her mother from south carolina, now found. the girl's father never giving up hope of finding her. a search that ended on the other side of the world, literally. abc's tai hernandez is here with that story. hey, tai. >> reporter: hi, bianna. baby savanna was less than a year old when she disappeared. she had been on a court-supervised visit with her mother, who no longer had custody. the mother somehow got permission to take her daughter
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to a birthday party. and the two never returned. it's been 20 years since savanna todd was last seen in isle of palm, south carolina, thought to never been seen again. but earlier this month, she surfaced in queensland, australia, alive and living a seemingly normal life. only now, as samantha, living with her mother, dorothy barnett, the alleged kidnapper. >> the father/husband, came to the police department to report that his child had been abducted or kidnapped. >> reporter: in 1994, savanna todd was stuck in the middle of her parents' bitter divorce. a judge granted benjamin todd the father, full custody. that's when investigators say barnett took her daughter and vanished, leaving savanna's father fearing for the worst. >> he was worried once the child got out of the country, he would never see her again. >> reporter: according to court documents, this was not barnett's first attempt to kidnap baby savanna. barnett has been arrested by australian federal police and now faces extradition back to the united states. if convicted, she will serve up
7:13 am
to 23 years in prison for international parental kidnapping and two counts of falsified passport applications. it took cooperation from u.s., federal and australian law enforcement to track down and nab barnett, who was living under a different name. she has been denied bail in australia, pending her return to the u.s. dan? >> incredible story, tai. thank you. back here at home, as you brace yourself for holiday shopping, know this. black friday is apparently, now, a week-long event. it's already started. so, how can you play this to your advantage? abc's rebecca jarvis has much more now. >> reporter: if black friday is the super bowl of shopping, consider this, the tailgate party. complete with a week-long pregame show. it's game time. >> it is game time. >> reporter: walmart kicking things off with deals like this leap pad 2. original price, $79. now $39.99. and select ps-4 and x-box one video games, including call of duty, ghost and battlefield 4.
7:14 am
new price, 49 bucks. >> you want to shop early for great black friday gifts, you're going to be able to do it all week. >> reporter: amazon, rolling out deals online every ten minutes. starting this sunday, this 50-inch flat screen, $229. laptops as low as $239.99. target, kmart and sears, also getting in on the act. sears, beat the rush event, already under way. with major discounts on appliances, like this kenmore stainless steel dishwasher, down from 700 bucks to $300. >> this is normally $20. >> reporter: every store, hoping to prewin this weekend. in case you would rather skip out on the turkey time chaos. this year, about 13% of us plan to shop the real black friday. that's down from 20% four years ago. and the ceo of best buy summed it up like this for us. he said, basically, this year, this week, every day is like black friday. so, you don't have to camp out
7:15 am
overnight in front of a store to get the best deals. bianna? dan? >> i'd like to camp out anyway. >> you were going to -- you love doing that every year. >> i like to put my sleeping bag to good use. >> analysts say that a lot of people go shopping on thanksgiving so they can leave their family dinners earlier and have an excuse. anything to get people in the store. there's great bargains out there. >> there are. well, now, better late than never. after a two-day delay due to bad weather, prince harry made it to antarctica where he is getting ready for a very icy journey across the south pole. he'll take place in a race for charity. and abc's monica villamizar with more from london. hey, monica. >> reporter: hi, bianna. as you said, prince harry is raising money for wounded veterans through this very high-profile charity event. now, the team was ready to go in south africa. but they were stuck there because of bad weather conditions. as many feared, the weather is already causing problems for this expedition before it starts.
7:16 am
touchdown at the bottom of the earth. stepping out in weather near zero degrees, prince harry and fellow soldiers landed in antarctica. they're here for an epic race to the south pole. among the team members, veterans who lost limbs in battle. as they bundled against the cold, they joked about the dramatic change in weather. >> in six hours, your morale can -- it was pretty high. it was sort of -- it's pouring over the edge. >> too high. >> and suddenly, rock bottom. >> reporter: three teams from the u.s., united kingdom and the commonwealth, will spend the next few days getting used to the most extreme weather on the planet. >> the weather forecast, supposed to be all right. but it seems to be getting worse. it's supposed to be warm and sunshine today. >> reporter: at dinner time, spirits were high. sausage and mashed potatoes, a very british meal in honor of captain wales, as harry's known in the military.
7:17 am
the group has trained for months to prepare for this challenge. pulling heavy sleds. camping out in freezers. but this is the real deal. the most inhospitable place on earth. and 200 miles of skiing until the finish line. and, dan, as you know, prince harry is no stranger to hostile environments. he's deployed twice to afghanistan. the last time he was on duty, the base came under attack from the taliban. he has said, when it comes to life, he feels he is more soldier than prince. back to you. >> he's earned that. thank you, monica. appreciate that. we're excited to follow this journey as it plays out. now, though, to the scrappy high school football team bringing a much-needed burst of energy to a town that just got hit by a tornado a week ago. the players from washington, illinois, are gunning for a state title with a semichampionship game today. they're playing against a team nicknamed the cyclones. here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: it's the moment the washington, illinois, high school football team has been
7:18 am
waiting for all season. the panthers are headed to the state semifinals today. >> if we make it to finals, it will be amazing for our school, our community. >> reporter: but after all those hard-earned wins to get here, the team had its biggest loss ever. an almost 200-mile-per-hour tornado ripped their central illinois town to shreds last sunday. ten players had their homes flattened by the monster twister, including star quarterback, colton marshal. >> it's to us and the rest of our community. >> reporter: with the devastation fresh and without a field to practice on, the team this town loves, started to clean up. >> the first 48 hours, the kids did a great job of helping the community out. >> reporter: determination bringing life to a town in shambles. >> i'm sure the boys will all be ready. and it will bring the town even closer together. >> reporter: and getting ready with a little help is what they've been doing.
7:19 am
illinois state university donating their field so the panthers could practice this week. >> the kids, you know, laugh, smile, have some fun today. >> reporter: the mayor of washington calls the team a beacon of hope, in what has been a week of sorrow and loss. >> i hope when they come back with a victory and come back in these city limits, we're going to make some noise for them. and celebrate something in the midst of this. >> reporter: the panthers are the underdogs at today's showdown. but if a tornado can't stop them, this community is convinced nothing will. for "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, washington, illinois. >> we're not supposed to take sides in this business. but we have to root for them. >> absolutely. it's a big week in weather. let's get it back to ginger zee. good morning once again, ginger. >> we showed you the pictures out of oklahoma and texas, that looked like this. this is from anchorage. they had an ice storm, too. freezing rain smothering the cars and the roads there. we're inviting alaskan type of air down here for the weekend. let me show you. this would be afternoon highs today. traverse city, 22.
7:20 am
detroit, your high, only 29. on the east coast, still in the 40s in new york. but it is windy. it doesn't feel like that. and by tomorrow morning, the cold front slips through. and look at the numbers tumble. 21, pittsburgh. 27, new york. and that's not it. i told you about the winds. this is what it's going to feel like tomorrow morning. it's going to feel like it's three below in minneapolis. it will feel like five in pittsburgh and detroit. albany, it will feel like two. that's two above zero. i don't know how better to say it will be cold. you take the cold air and put it over the relatively warm lakes and you're going to get lake-effect snow. some places could see a foot, in far western pennsylvania and close to ohio and in parts of upstate new york. i want to take you to the holdout. the one spot that's warm, at least for now, not for long. 81 in miami. ft. myers, 84. daytona at 80. and i'll leave you with look at the northwest, too. they're much calmer after that storm.
7:21 am
>> it's time to play -- >> let me guess. >> "name that cloud." >> one of the local meteorologists said, please tell me that animation sticks around forever. they like it. this is from nevada, if that helps you out. i know it won't. something stratus. >> cirrus. striated cirrus. >> just to give you an idea, cirrus is high. stratus is low. >> can you combine them? >> it's often formed in the leer
7:22 am
outside of downstream from the mountains. this would be east of reno, right? and it comes over. you have evaporative cooling. >> does anybody understand what she's talking about? >> when the air goes down, it starts -- basically, you don't see the cloud, the air goes back up. you see it. oh, my gosh. >> i don't know what language that is. >> yeah. coming up on the broadcast, we have to switch gears. a very serious story after the break. new clues pointing toward a motive in the gruesome murder of a particular high school teacher. the chilling note police say the student who killed her left near her body. plus ahead, tops in toys. our sara haines helping you take the guesswork out of what your kids crave this holiday season. >> sara looks more excited than the kids. how did an acting legend end up in the back of this car, with complete strangers in new york city? this is a great story. we'll tell you who it is in "pop news." >> only in new york.
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zoomer, sit. >> there's sara haines, doing some playing around to find you the top toys for the holidays. there's actually people who have this job. they've been recruited to be toy testers. we have a full list of the top toys, coming up. i have my eye on that little monkey. >> you want to get that for your son? or want that for yourself? >> i don't know. both. >> it's a close call. mommy and son share thing. tough deal. sara haines, we almost didn't get her back from massachusetts from that story, she liked the toys so much. good morning, everybody. it's saturday, november 23rd. also coming up, the major movie star who apparently felt free to catch a ride, a free ride, from two fans. we'll reveal who it is in "pop news." we begin with disturbing, new details about the murder of
7:31 am
beloved high school teacher. >> one of colleen ritzer's own students, stands accused of sexually assaulting her and then slashing her throat. and gio benitez has been on the story from the very beginning. gio, good morning. >> reporter: it's a tough one. good morning to you. for the first time, in newly-released court documents, police detailed minute-by-minute, what they say happened inside that massachusetts school last month. and this morning, police have revealed that a note was found next to the teacher's body. while phil chism's friends call the 14-year-old quiet and nice, investigators call him a premeditative murderer, alleging he killed his own teacher, colleen ritzer. after the pair disappeared on october 22nd, ritzer's body would be found near the school. chism was found walking near the road. prosecutors say that another student listened in on their final conversation. and when ritzer mentioned
7:32 am
tennessee, chism's home state, the student says, philip became visibly upset. once ritzer realized he was getting angry, she changed the topic. >> what went on every day, with this 14-year-old, when he wasn't in school? what happened in tennessee? i think that the motive in this case is going to be a rage that's been building up in him. >> reporter: in a new timeline, police say surveillance cameras capture chism following ritzer out of that classroom at 2:54 p.m. and into a second floor female bathroom, wearing a hoodie and gloves. 13 minutes later, police say chism walked out of that bathroom, changed his clothes several times and went back into the bathroom with a recycling bin. at 3:22, they say he leaves the bathroom, dragging that bin to the parking lot outside and towards the woods. police believe chism at some point, sexually assaulted ritzer. chism pleaded not guilty.
7:33 am
police say near the 24-year-old teacher's body, a note was found. with the words, i hate you all. and the documents show investigators now want to search chism's basement, to collect his commuter, cameras, notes or recordings. they suggest chism may have become obsessed with ritzer. this morning, the search for clues just goes on. >> such a tough story. but it's worth remembering, she was a great teacher, a beloved teacher. >> absolutely. they loved her. >> people do have a lot of great memories. thank you, gio. a lot of other news this morning. let's check in with ron claiborne again. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, a security scare at los angeles international airport. two terminals were evacuated after what many people thought were gunshots being fired. it turns out, it was just the loud crash from a car accident occurring outside that terminal. and the north korean government is confirming they are holding an american citizen. they have not confirmed that person's identity. he is believed to be merrill
7:34 am
newman. the 85-year-old korean war veteran was reportedly detained at the end of a tourist trip to north korea last month. and this report comes as former basketball star, dennis rodman, plans to make a return trip to north korea. rodman says he will travel there later this month and will bring along other former nba players for an exhibition game in that country. and finally, our own dan b. harris, honored by the aspca society, presenting dan with their presidential service award for media excellence this week. the award was for dan's work to raise awareness of animal welfare issues. >> yay. >> and we joke a lot about dan and his love for cats. >> go on. >> well-deserved. >> you looked comfortable accepting that award. >> well, you know, i've always wanted to be in that position. let me tell you, the other honorees were 1,000-times more impressive. they do this wonderful thing where they have a dog of the year and a cat of the year. this dog, a pit bull rescued,
7:35 am
moments from death. the family who saved her has an autistic boy. and this dog had brought that autistic boy out of his shell. there were no dry eyes in the house when this story was told. and the cat of the year, rescued from afghanistan by a veteran. a man who was in the service over there, now suffering from ptsd and other emotional issues. and this cat has helped him. so, an amazing day. >> the photo makes it look like the dog was driving a car. very remarkable dog. >> and you deserve that award. >> love you, dan. time for a check of the weather? >> yeah. >> i'm going to ginger. >> take it away. >> how does this thing work? >> my clicker. can we get to california and look at some of the snow? up to a half-foot of snow. that's what you're seeing there, a little mountainous. it didn't happen in los angeles. they had the rains and the winds throughout the state. i'm walking over to show you who will get the snow next and how much. albuquerque, another 3.7 inches.
7:36 am
this is through monday, by the way. lubbock, closer to three inches. oklahoma city, just over an inch. and dallas, even though you're always going to get the ice and the snow, the ice and sleet, you also have potential for a little snow, adding up. here's the ice. this is what concerns us. when we see this stuff start adding up on the cars, the roadways, you're going to have issues. anywhere from just south of dallas, around waco, to san angelo. this is dipping south. an arctic blast. we brought out the purple. it's been sticking around all week. look at the numbers. detroit, subfreezing today. you're going to stay there. tomorrow, only 27 for a high. chicago, mid-20s. it feels even colder than this. tomorrow morning, new york city, it's going to feel really, really cold.
7:37 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by nescafe. >> the middleman. you want to toss to me? thank you. >> here you go. and coming up on "good morning america," we know what your kids want this holiday season, even if you don't. we're running down a list of the year's top toys. >> give me the mic. and the talented 5-year-old, with a thing for '80s music. we're playing guess that song. coming up in "pop news." keep it here. stir what's inside of you. ♪ [ engine revving ] [ tires screech ] ♪ [ male announcer ] that was bold.
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i can't get over sara haines, just absolutely loving these toys. here's something that happens every year in houses across america. the holiday toys your children are so excited to unwrap, wind up at the bottom of the toy chests just weeks later. >> these kids are like, how much coffee did sara have? she came to the rescue, palling around with some kid toy testers to bring you the best of the season from the toy aisle. these kids are experts, right? >> they are. and i am now, as well. thousands of new toys come out every year. and "family fun" magazine has
7:42 am
taken the guesswork out of figuring out which is best by sending the toys out to toy tester families across the country. i became an honorary toy tester for a day and got to play with this year's top ten. who doesn't love a brand-new toy? but with all of the choices out there, how do you know which toys your kids will love the most? whoa. with the help of "family fun" magazine, we gathered a toy tester dream team. 5-year-old eli, and his big brother, 7-year-old zack. 8-year-old sophie, and her big sister, 10-year-old maddy. all seasoned toy testers to show me how it's done. getting close like this, is this okay? >> it's cheating. you have to get back. >> reporter: zoomer, sit. and it's not just the kids. their parents get in on the toy testing action, too.
7:43 am
thank goodness for daddy. what are some of the things you lock into right away? >> sound. if they're really noisy and loud. >> reporter: like that one? >> can they open it? does it take 15 people and a masters degree to get this out of the box? >> reporter: i hope you know what you're doing because i've never been one for instruction manuals. i'm going to say so far, this is my favorite because you guys are cooking for me. now, make me eggs. in this year's top ten, there's something for everyone. >> we have a mix of ages. a mix of types of toys. we want to get building toys, arts and crafts toys, science toys. and also, a good gender mix, as well. >> reporter: after a rigorous day of toy testing, you can be sure these toys will be fun for the whole family. you guys, we have the top five toys right here. you've got your fur real
7:44 am
friends. the monkey. >> this game is never going to end, by the way. >> take that. look. knock him out. >> i told you not to give ron the punching one. we're never going to leave this. >> never. >> dan, yours is the john deere one. this is sold out everywhere. >> really? >> even if people are interested, it's the number two toy of the year. mine is boomer, which is number one. you can tell this dog to do things. it's amazing. you can see -- zoomer, not boomer. i renamed him. if you go to, you can see the full list and read up on the toys if you're interested in them. but this one can pee on command. >> i can't hear you over ron. >> zoomer, pee. >> you can't say that. >> it's a command. it really -- >> okay. >> while zoomer goes to the bathroom. coming up, "pop news." chef mario batali cooks up a scheme to keep him in his
7:45 am
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all right. our favorite time of the day. talk some "pop news." and back over to sara. >> hey, sara. >> hey, sara. >> good morning. first up, a new yorker is getting plenty of attention for a photo he posted on redit. they talked about how they picked up christopher walken. there's the picture. he was walkin'. that was coming. the actor was struggling to hail a cab. apparently, he didn't want them to go out of their way. so, he said, drop me anywhere downtown. and they started sharing stories of growing up in new york city. with him playing so many crazy
7:50 am
roles, i would never pick him up. he's a scary guy in my mind. >> but that's a new york story, right? >> i know he just plays one on tv. and a 5-year-old in oregon has drawn pictures of all of his mom's favorite '80s song. see if you can guess these. okay? what song is that? come on, guys. there's a mirror and a man. >> "man in the mirror." >> "man in the mirror," michael jackson. >> there's a mirror and a man. >> next up, let's get another one going. hello? rain. >> "purple rain." >> "purple rain." >> how cute is the kid that did the interpretive drawings? we have one more. this is a personal favorite of mine. do you know what that one is? >> "free falling." >> that's the '90s. >> "mickey."
7:51 am
♪ you take me by the hand oh, mickey, what a pity ♪ >> we just wanted to roll it. finally, it's a sad day for mario batali. the chef's trademark orange crocs have been discontinued. he has placed 200 pairs. he has literally wore them on the red carpet. they did a special run for the chef before they retired the color. hopefully that will keep him going for a while. >> such an amazing cook. >> he runs around the city in those crocs. >> a staple. >> we'll be right back wearing orange crocs. you don't want to miss that. >> i want to see that.
7:52 am
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7:55 am
as usual, i lied about the orange crocs thing. we were wearing them under the desk.
7:56 am
can't see it. >> i think people were anticipating that would happen. but what you should anticipate is what's coming on the show tomorrow morning. one direction's historic worldwide event. we go on-stage with their live screening, seven-hour extravaganza. i hear they're a big band. >> ginger's jumping up and down and screaming. like a big storm is coming. >> have a good day.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. i'm katie marzullo. thanks for joining us at 8:00 a.m. on saturday morning. we're going to start with a look at the weather. good morning. >> good morning. we're starting out with clear sky, breezy winds, not only in the north bay but the east bay. with the wind we're looking at temperatures in the 40s and 50s in the next hour. by noon time in the upper 50s at the coast, to the lower 60s and by the afternoon big game today, temperatures will be in the low to mid-60s. so fair skies and less wind all around the bay throughout the afternoon, should be a


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