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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  December 1, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, december 1st. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with
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meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. live doppler 7hd. looking clear right now. we could pick under a few areas. rain in the up coming days but tonight it's about high pressure. fog around fairfield, napa and half moon bay. upper 30s santa rosa, 52. and noontime everyone is in the 60s. look what happens at 4:00. the warmest day we will see maybe until spring with temperatures in letter 70s. mid-60s coastside. it will be clear tonight but we are talking about some very cold air, the possibility of a frost warning, and freeze warnings for a couple days in the upcoming work week. i'll have the accuweather seven-day forecast in a few minutes. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. breaking news in new york city where a commuter train with 100 to 150 passengers derailed just outside of a station in the bronx, killing four people and
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injuring 63 others, including the train's operator. 11 are seriously hurt. these are live pictures from our sister station in new york. you can see some of the train cars there. new york governor andrew cuomo is on the scene where the metro north passenger train jumped the tracks just before 7:30 this morning new york time. train was being pushed around a sharp curve along the convergence of the hudson and harlem rivers had the first four passenger cars left the tracks, almost plunging into the water. you can see how close they are there to that river. rescue divers have been checking the water just to make sure no victims drown. two of the coaches rolled on to their side. the governor said that's where the four fatalities occurred. three of the four victims were ejected from the train. wabc is quoting sources as
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saying the train was traveling way too fast, but that will be determined officially by ntsb investigators. >> in terms of causes, we don't know exactly what happened. the ntsb is on their way. they will do a thorough investigation and we will wait to see what the ntsb says before speculating as to any causes. >> president obama has issued a statement saying his thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the victims. railroad officials say there is no indication of terrorism. the southbound hudson line train was on its way to grand central terminal. keep it here on abc7 news. we will bring you updates from our sister station wabc as new information becomes available throughout this newscast. here at home, family members of a bay area man held captive in north korea are relieved to see the 85-year-old korean war vet is in good health.
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he appears in a videotape released this weekend by north korean state-run news agency. the palo alto man is apologizing for his role in the north korean war. he said he secretly trained anti-communists during the war. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian has the latest. >> laid the munitions for it, using explosives obtained from attacking the mine. >> reporter: merrill newman read from what the state news agency calls an apology letter. in it he allegedly confesses to acts against north korea committed during the war and even during his recent trip. according to "royters" he served in a top secret army unit that trained a south army anti-communist group. >> that's what they will say. >> a senior agent wrote about north korea in his book, america and the rogue states. he's not sure if newman will be released, especially if they
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consider him a war criminal, but he does think newman is being used. >> there's a real possibility that the confession will be used. since this phony confession has been used, to extract something from the united states. >> like in 2009 when kim jong-il. demanded a meeting with president bill clinton before releasing two journalists. but the release of this video has shaken those back home in palo alto. >> i saw the video. i think it's terrible. it's awful. the poor guy. feel bad for i am him. >> newman's family would not comment on the videotape, but did say the swedish ambassador told them that, quote, he is being well-treated and that the food is good." in palo alto, abc news. >> the u.s. state department has reviewed the north korean state media report and the video/ in a statement they are urging the state department to release mr. newman. "given his advanced age and health condition, we urge the
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dprk to release mr. newman so he may return home and reunite may return home and reunite with his family." the state department is advising u.s. citizens against traveling to north korea. the state department is also calling for the release of another citizen being held by north korea. kevin bay has been held for over a year. he is a missionary who has been sentenced to 15 years hard labor after being accused of carrying a computer hard disk containing pictures of starving orphans living in north korea. actor paul walker, best known for his starring role in the "fast & furious" movies is being mourned by family, friends and fans this morning. he died yesterday in a fiery southern california car crash. he was a passenger riding in a friend's porsche that burst into flames after hitting a tree or a post just north of los angeles. the driver was also killed. walker made dozens of films and often performed his own stunts.
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two of walker's friends heard the crash and rushed to the scene. >> we heard the crash. we heard the explosion. we got up here as quick as we could to find out what it was. >> there was nothing. we tried. we went through five fire extinguishers. >> okay. >> social media is buzzing with tributes this morning. his "fast & furious" co-star posted a photo with walker on instagram saying, "brother, i will miss you very much, i'm absolutely speechless." and another co-star tweeted, "your humble spirit was felt from the start. wherever you blessed your presence you also always left a mark." we were like brothers. paul walker was just 40 years old. a two-year-old vallejo boy is in critical condition this morning after falling into the water during a fishing trip with
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his grandmother. the fire department rescued the boy from the creek that runs along fairgrounds drive near the six flags discovery kingdom. crews pulled him out just after 4:00 yesterday afternoon. officials say the grandmother was unable to reach the boy because she could not swim. firefighters quickly located him in a drainage culvert. they say he was under water for about ten minutes. they were able to get a pulse at the scene before he was taken to the hospital. new this morning, sonoma county supervisors are expected to vote this week on a number of possible actions to memorialize a 13-year-old santa rosa boy who was shot and killed by a sheriffs deputy last month. or in october. andy lopez was carrying a toy rifle that the sheriffs deputy said he mistook for a real one. the shooting on october 22nd has since generated a wave of anger and protest from the community. the "santa rosa press democrat"
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reports one possible healing action supervisors may take on tuesday is to create a park bearing lopez' name in the neighborhood where he grew up and died. teenage burn victim sasha fleischmann is looking forward to return to high school tomorrow after being released from a san francisco hospital on wednesday. he celebrated the holiday at home while recovering from severe burns suffered in a hate crime. that's what the authorities are calling it. he is identified as neither male nor female. he was riding on a bus when a 16-year-old boy set the teenager's skirt on fire while sasha was sleeping. sasha suffered major burns on the leg. the chronicle said the straight-a student is looking forward to getting back to work as editor of the school magazine. the boy who set the fire, 16-year-old richard thomas, has been charged as an adult with two felony hate crimes. >> starting today a parking lot in mill valley that floods frequently will be closed. caltrans is expect being high
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tides this week and will shut down the park and ride near highway 1. last year dozens of vehicles were flooded when a king tide swept over the low-lying area. so high tides, but nice and dry today. and then a big drop off. >> you have been listening. >> very closely. >> we have temperatures climbing right now. a big dome of high pressure brings an offshore flow. a little hazy here but from emeryville to oakland, upper 40s to lower 50s. then we are talking about some of the coldest air we've seen in quite some time. but will we see rain from that? i'll let you know coming up. >> and coming up how hundreds of people are expected to honor world a.i.d.s. day today. and in america we mistrust. why trust in others
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>> police in san francisco have identified a suspect in the killing of two cats last week. security cameras from two hotels near the ferry building captured the man investigators have been looking for. they believe he threw a woman's cat carrier into the bay last monday afternoon, drowning the two animals inside. the suspect is described as a white male, about six feet tall, carrying a skateboard. >> we are learning new details
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about a plan to move some residents on treasure island because of toxic chemicals that may have contaminated the ground beneath them. two dozen households have received notices to vacate. they need to move so the navy can clean up the toxins that seeped into the area. that area was a solid waste dumping site when it was a naval base. >> the issues have been known about for some time but it's now time for the navy to move forward with their cleanup activities. they need to vacate the buildings in order to facilitate the projects that they will be undertaking. >> treasure you island's director say they will find other places on the island for the displaced residents to stay. an informational meeting will take place on december 11th. >> do you consider yourself a trusting person? a growing number of americans simply do not trust the people they deal with on a daily basis. abc7 news reporter john alston
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has more on the wave of mistrust. >> reporter: the season of giving is not necessarily the season of trusting. neither is the rest of the year, for that matter. americans don't trust others a whole lot, according to a new "associated press" survey. the people who prepare your food when you eat out. 50% of americans don't trust them. >> there are places i don't go because i don't trust them or i don't care for the place. >> two-thirds of americans don't trust the people who swipe their credit cards when they go to a restaurant or other business. >> it can go bad, either way. that's why i use cash. >> i would probably be more concerned with a credit card. i know what you are saying, there is probably more to worry about with the food. worse if you send it back, right? >> overall trust has been slipping like a first-time ice skater. only about a third of americans felt the government can be
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trusted. 50% and that's down from when the survey was done 30 years ago. >> hardly anyone trusts the politicians in washington. only 2% say the government will do the right things. >> i feel like our leaders aren't able to do what they need to do because we are stuck in congress. >> this ward in oakland is part of the 2%. >> i believe we choose great representatives to represent us for those who get out and vote. >> kenny, the clown, has his own perspective. >> some politicians i'll say are statesmen, some are, well, clowns. >> if you can believe a clown. >> in san francisco, john alston, abc7 news. >> despite upgrades costing nearly half a billion dollars, oakland international airport continues to see business decline, while sfo's passenger growth continues to surge.
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the san franciscan reports the annual passenger down at oakland international has plunged almost 5% since 2007. at the same time sfo's annual passenger count has jumped nearly 9% for the same time period. paper sites two factors. trend by airlines to move passengers through hubs like sfo, and to direct bart service to the san francisco airport. there's hope the international airport will bring more flyers back to the east bay. >> happening today, state senator kerry hill will discuss a new law that take place new year's day. it authorizes fish and wildlifefser tore use only nonlethal methods in responding to reports of mountain lions in populated areas. wildlife groups tend to join him to celebrate the new protection bill that applies when mountain lions are in nonthreatening situations in populated areas. it also authorized fish and wildlife to partner with those groups and nonprofits to resolve the situations where people and mountain lions share the same habitat. the bill was introduced a year
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ago in half moon bay after two lyon cubs were shot and killed by state game wardens. >> happening to, world a.i.d.s. day. tributes are being held for those who spent years fighting the disease. hundreds gathered last night at the a.i.d.s. memorial grove in golden gate park. the entire grove is ill illuminated as part of this special tribute. more remembrance events taking place today. as noon friends and supporters will again gather at the a.i.d.s. memorial grief and a formal recognition of those who helped fight - and a.i.d.s. that will be followed by a reading of the names of those engraved into the circle of friends for raising money to support the ongoing battle against the disease. >> don't get used to the warmth, right? >> yeah, possibly three mornings
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we will see temperatures at or below freezing. we have the cold air mass on the way. i will show it to you. right now on the live doppler hd we have nothing but sunshine. we will be looking at temperatures today, the warmest we've seen in several days n santa rosa you should be at 59. san jose you should she 63 this time of year. both neighborhoods could top out around 70. portland and seattle look at wind gusts of over 35 miles an hour. they are looking at really heavy rain, as well. there it is. it is an area of low pressure, and it's got a ton of cold air associated with it. it is diving southward. it is going to move across the bay area. but most of the energy and the moisture is going to shift into the rockies. so we are left with this right any. high pressure, sunny conditions and temperatures in and around 50 degrees. how about 51 san francisco? 153 in oakland with low hows redwood city, upper 40s san jose and-moon bay had a
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little fog and now it's mild at 54. san jose plenty of sunshine. still some 40s. we were in the 30s earlier this morning from santa rosa to napa and novato. but now it is really getting underway. warming trend. an offshore flow. a dry atmosphere. and finally a look from mt. tam. isn't this amazing with a little bit of moisture at the lower levels? we get this, a beautiful picture. looks like a watercolor this afternoon. warmest day today with temperatures once again 10 to 15 degrees above average with highs near 60 degrees in lake tahoe. now by the middle of the week, lake tahoe will see a high of about 15 and the low is going to be about 6. that's how cold it will number the mountains with winds gusting to 50 miles an hour. back home we will certainly be cool. we will be breezy. maybe a shower. here's the look right now of pacific satellite picture. you see we have clear skies and high pressure continues to build into the sunshine. the fair weather continues to
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build in and our fair weather maker will allow for temperatures to climb with the light winds, the light offshore winds. here's the cold air. you see the peckling of the clouds and the precipitation that comes through by monday afternoon. monday night into tuesday is our best chance of showers but most of the activity will be with the gusty winds. dryer, cold air and the northerly winds behind the system. one to three inches possible in the sierra nevada. not a big precipitator, the system. 6 today in oakland. with 70s for morgan hill and san jose. the accuweather seven-day forecast mild today to warm and about five or six degrees cooler tomorrow. monday night into tuesday, maybe some showers and here come the cold air. highs just in the low to mid-50s. overnight lows 20s, perhaps, and 30s. then we will look for a slow moderating trend toward next weekend. abc7 news has another great weather resource for you to follow. that's live doppler 7hd on twitter for the bay area weather condition rain or shine and get video forecast, spare the air
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alerts, power weather info and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. >> that's you, lisa argen. >> okay. >> highs just in the 50s? >> just in the 50s. we could wake up to some 20s in the north bay. >> all right. thank you. up next, how one bay area county is allowing library users to settle fines from overdue books and help hun
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>> if you have books overdue at the library, this is your chance to return them and help out families. public libraries in the county will forgive fines for overdue books and dvds in exchange for nonperishable food instead. the offer is good through december. they said there is a growing need for feeding the hungry in the county. >> help us feed the bay area this holiday season. go to our facebook page and give the pledge to give where you live, with each pledge we will donate one dollar in your area to the bay area feeding america food banks, up to $75,000. and your good deed could be rewarded. everyone who takes the pledge will be entered to win $7,000 cash. the winner will be announced on december 19th.
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so spread the love and help us give where you live. >> coming up next, we continue to follow the breaking news, the latest on the deadly commuter rain derailment in new york city that happened early this morning. also ahead, using technology to get you to spend more. we will show you how it works. and the all-in-one card. and the all-in-one card. how you can combine all your to those who've been denied equal access to health care... welcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
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only four ingredients. and a few easy steps. weeknight dinner in a flash. and my family devours them. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop. >> welcome back, everyone. less start this half-hour with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen.
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>> hi carolyn, good morning to you. we have a shot from the roof camera. it is going to be a beautiful day with temperatures well above normal. cool spot redwood city low 40s. half moon bay is at 54 degrees. another 10 degrees of warming will put the coast this afternoon into the mid-6 's. that's going to be one of the cooler locations because with high pressure building in it's an offshore flow and we will see 70s from the north bay and probably in the santa clara valley, as well. today will be the warmest day of the week. we are talking much, much colder air for most of the upcoming work week. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. we continue to follow break news out of new york city where a commuter train with 100 to 150 passengers on board derailed just outside a station in the bronx, killing four people and injuring at least 63 others, including the train's operator. 11 are seriously hurt. these are live pictures you see
9:31 am
from our sister station wabc tv in new york. you can see one train twisted there onets side. federal investigators are due to arrive on the scene at anytime now to take over this investigation. the metro north passenger train jumped the tracks just before 7:30 this morning new york time. that train was being pushed around a sharp curve near the convergence of the hudson and harlem rivers when the first four passenger cars left the track, almost plunging into the water. one report says they did go in the water. rescue divers have been checking the water just to make sure there are no victims there. two of the coaches rolled on to their sides. the governor said that's where the four fatalities occurred. three of the four victims were ejected from the train. a passenger describes what it was like to be on board >> all of a sudden the train just felt like a little more sideways than it should be and
9:32 am
by the time i looked up it was completely going off its track and there was the rubble under the track flying at my face. i didn't even realize the state of some of the other cars until i got out. >> the train operator is among those hurt. railroad officials say there is no indication of terrorism. the southbound hudson line train was coming frompo cupscy to grand central terminal. keep it here and we will bring you updates as new information becomes available. 8 people died in a helicopter trash in scotland. eight people have died in a helicopter crash in scotland. a police helicopter slammed into a crowded public on friday. the three people on board died, along with five others who were inside the bar. investigators from throughout the united kingdom are sifting through the helicopter wreckage, look for clues into what brought
9:33 am
it down. an alaskan woman is being called a hero this morning after she survived a plane crash and walked a mile in frigid weather to find help. friday night's crash held melanie's 25-month-old son and three others on board. coffee and five others survived but were seriously injured. cyber monday tomorrow is expected to be a huge hit this year. that's according to the retail research firm shopper track. cyber sales last year hit $1.5 billion. experts say this year could reach closer to $2 billion. the numbers for black friday are big, but not as big as last year. shopper track says shoppers spent nearly $10 billion yesterday, down 13% from last year. however, shopping on thanksgiving is proving lucrative, and if you combine them, that's spending over both days rose 2.3%. >> yesterday was small business saturday, a chance for local retailtories attract business over the big shopping weekend. a retailer at the rock ridge
9:34 am
mall in oakland said his customers like the one-on-one experience. >> it's more direct. it's fresh and brought in the guy before from the market. people who know quality pay for quality. >> american express created the event four years ago and said summers spent $5.5 billion last year on small business saturday. >> fremont police are looking for the police who stole 62 iphones on thanksgiving day. someone broke through the glass window at a sprint store on christie street at 5:00 in the morning and stole those phones. none had been activated, which makes them impossible to track. the loss is valued at $42,000. >> online shopping will play a big role in out consumers get their gifts this year, but even if you choose to buy from a store, you can take the web with
9:35 am
you. apps designed to be personal shopping assistants are giving shoppers more guides dance than ever, sending push alerts once you enter certain stores and recommending products you have been known to like, like the cupcake shop with location in san francisco and san jose. they are trying out technology built by a company called index. it helps retailers target products to you based on your taste. >> if you like that cupcake you probably like the combination of cream choose, as well as the cocoa cake so we would recommend the pumpkin crease cake. >> other retailers are experiencing with the way we pay >> now there is one card promising to be the only one you will ever need. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom explains. >> how many cards do you have in your wallet right now? >> one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. around eight. >> together they make for some awfully large wallets. that's why a video on youtube has gotten 5 million hits in a
9:36 am
few days. >> this is a coin. all these cards are inside my coin. >> preselling for 50 bucks a piece, this one card to rule them all crashed through third -- their fundraising goal in just 40 minutes. it works like a regular credit card, but before handing it over you push a button that you can coin to impersonate. the magnetic strip on the back actually changes to become your work card, personal card, gas card. >> if you push a button. the screen will display the card you are using. >> we tracked down the fonder. -- founder. they only have seven employees. this is the software department. >> russ is of the software team. bench is our marketing team. >> but they have high profile investors and lots of eager customers. >> everyone i've met is extremely excited for the technology. >> reporter: the early prototypes are white, but the final version will come in any color you want, as long as it's black. don't expect to see them around
9:37 am
stores this holiday seasons. it turns out making something this thin and getting it right takes time. >> the coin team had to build the testing robot that swipes the card time and time again to make sure it works at every speed and angle. >> we have many different swipes. the fast one is called the bartender. >> reporter: the parts are so small, they have to solder under a microscope. >> how thick is this? >> .84 millimeters. >> what is the maximum it could have been. to >> .49 millimeters. >> they had to think a lot about security to make sure you could only add your own credit cards and make it deactivate when it's been away from your phone too long. features this could make it more willing to accept coin. though the founder says that hasn't been an issue. >> have you ever had anyone say i can't accept this? >> never. >> they plan to ship their first batch of cards sometime next summer. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news, 7 on your side's michael finney teams up
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exclusively with consumer reports to reveal the best electronics just in time for the holiday shopping season. here and a look from our santa cruz cam. would you like to go to the beach today? 71 degrees later today lisa argen shouts from the background. after this it gets rather chilly. she will have your
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after a series of problems, space x will try again tomorrow to launch their falcon 9 rocket into orbit. they tried thanksgiving day twice, but both attempts were aborted with less than a minute remaining because of technical glitches. space x ceo elon musk said the nine engines on the rocket are, quote, healthy. the launch window would open at 2:41 pacific time tomorrow afternoon. the 49ers are teaming up with pop star carley ray jepson for a holiday tree lighting ceremony in san francisco. the event will be held on tuesday at 5:00 p.m. hall of famer ronny lott and alex moon and marcus ladd will be there. abc7, pier 39 and disneyland resort will bring you a special presentation of pier 39's tree
9:42 am
lighting celebration this afternoon at 4:30 here on abc7. so it's beginning to look a lot like christmas, but it does not feel that way. >> no. how about 60 trees in tahoe later on today? >> how about it? >> with the warmer air in the mountains, it is going to be super mild there but by the middle of the week numbers plummeting. back home we will be talk about our temperatures taking a major nose dive but not today. the forecast for a very warm afternoon and a look at the cool down coming up. >> also ahead, stanford tunes up for the pac-12 championship game for the big match-up against notre dame. mikemike
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♪ deep inside... ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. cyber monday will unleash a whole new set of deals online. many of the deals will be for electronics. always a hot seller. consumer reports has some great gadget gift ideas based on recent tests. here's 7 on your side's michael finney. >> stores are packed with cool electronics gear this time of year that you want to be sure that what looks great on the shelf will make a good present. even for those who use a phone to shoot videos, an action camera is a great gift. >> the action camcorders can go where a phone cannot go. you can strap them into a helmet
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when you are biking or skiing and get live action shots of your outdoor sports. >> consumer reports recommends the 300 go pro hero 3. for movie lovers who want great sound in their living room, testers have the perfect solution, a sound bar. >> flat screens don't always have the best sound. they are too flat to fit the speakers inside. this is an external speaker that will give you much better sound for your television. >> consumer reports recommends the play bar for $700. while the speakers are a great way to listen to the music on your devices, consumer reports recommends that tdk, life on record, for $150. and for people who want to stream media into their tv -- >> the google chromcast is a flash-size drive. you plug it into your tv's hdmi port and stream video straight to your tv. >> and google chromecast is just $35. for the little ones on your list, this $52 turtle from cloud b is a fun toy and serves
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as night light as your child drifts off to treatment land. -- to dreamland. those who shop black friday weekend last year were pretty happy about it. consumer reports poll, 67 mercer said they got the deals they wanted and another 25% said while they didn't get the deals they were after, they found some other bargains. i'm michael finney. 7 on your side. >> i'm sup a slacker i have not started shopping yet. i'm not doing cyber monday. going to enjoy the temperatures tomorrow. >> good idea because this will be the last we are going to see 70s. and who knows, they may not be back until march. we are looking at a very mild afternoon. the warmest we've seen in our stretch of weather. live doppler 7hd, it's clear. we had just a little bit of fog earlier. now we don't even have that. we just have the calm winds and they will bring us the off more flow. it's all about the rainy weather
9:48 am
in the pacific northwest. portland and seattle, wind gusts over 35 miles an hour with plenty of rain. air temperatures in the 50s. can you see this? this is an upper level low. it has cold air associated with it and it will be sliding southward, encompassing the bay area. spreading the cold air and allowing for most of the moisture to head into the rockies. we've got temperatures plummeting, about 20 degrees from today by the time we get to the middle of the week. from our roof camera, no the a puff of wind out there with 51 in san francisco, 53 oakland. a dryer day today as the winds go offshore. the high pressure ridge stays with us. but it's going to be short-lived. 51 in los gatos. mid-50s today. right now at half moon bay it will be half warmer. 60s at the coast. 50 novato and by the delta it's 50 degrees. here's a look from mt. tam.
9:49 am
looks a little hazy. still high pressure putting a lid on the atmosphere. with the light winds not a lot of mixing. despite the sunny conditions, it is hazy out there. we had the spare-the-air days last week. air quality not the best, but we will look for a cooler parcel of air to encompass the bay area. warmer air today and the cool weather isn't going to be in a hurry to leave anytime soon. you notice the cloud cover to the north. that's are the cold air is bottled up. we have more mild weather. but the cold air is going to encompass pretty much the entire west coast. so we aren't alone. today sunny and mild for everyone from north to south, even in the mountains. then here comes just with limited moisture, you will see most of the activity has stayed up into the pacific northwest. by tomorrow afternoon we still have that ridge. it will still be mild, in the 60s by the evening hours. the best chance of showers monday night into tuesday. then the cold, blustery winds out of the northwest will take hold. once they dive back wednesday
9:50 am
and into wednesday morning, that's when we get the sub freezing temperatures for probably two or three mornings of the upcoming work week, wednesday through friday. today mid-6 tos san francisco. 68 palo alto, san jose 70. low 70s santa clara valley, santa cruz. how about 67 in point reyes and candlestick will see highs in the mid-60s. 49ers, another beautiful day. cooler tomorrow. chance of showers monday night into tuesday. very breezy winds and then wednesday and thursday freezing mornings, perhaps again on friday. saturday we will begin to get out of the cold spell. >> it's amazing to start off d.c. with -- yeah, isn't that crazy? >> love it. >> hello, december. >> thanks, lisa. ready for some football? the 49ers are back home this afternoon after two straight road games. the rival st. louis rams battle the niners at candlestick park. kickoff 1:05.
9:51 am
stanford moisture they will play in tempe, arizona against the sun devils next saturday in the championship game. last night the eighth-ranked cardinal met number 25, notre dame, in the team's final home game of the season. here's schu. he has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. stanford ends their regular season with a 10-2 record as they handle noter dame on the farm last night. they will travel to arizona to face the sun devils for the pac-12 title and a chance to play in the rose bowl. senior day down on the farm. shane and gaffney played in their final regular season home game. pump fake finds kevin cajuste. 15 yards in the end zone. talk about a blown coverage. 7-3 stanford. we go second quarter. gaffney completes the nine-play, 56-yard draft. gaffney, 189 rushing yards, 14 carries, 14-3, cardinals. third quarter stanford strikes first. wilkerson right up the gut. 20 yards. stanford up 21-6. he goes back and forth.
9:52 am
14-yard three to daniels in the end zone. the fighting irish closed the gap to 4 points. late fourth quarter, one last chance, picked off for the second time. that seals it for the cardinals. they win it 27-20 and ending their regular season 10-2. >> this is why i came back, for this reason. stanford is an unbelievable place, this team is an unbelievable team. to be there side by side and contributing is great. all right. >> in auburn proved it yesterday they had a miracle finishing upsetting top-ranked alabama. rock at the stadium for the huge match-up. tied at 21 in the fourth. aj makes his case for the heisman trophy. mccarron hits him for a school record 99-yard touchdown pass. 28-21. auburn would answer. time running out in the game. nick marshall scrambles.
9:53 am
finds a wide-open ka joust. the tieing touchdown. tied with one last chance. lined up for 57-yard field goal. but adam comes up fourth. chris davis fields it in the end zone, and guess what? he's going 100 yards the other way. a miraculous win. bama goes down 34-28. the only people happier than auburn fans are those from ohio state, and michigan. right now undefeated florida state and ohio state will be number one and two in the nation. >> sharks and ducks last night. scary moment early in the game. a puck off the stick and in the face. but he's a hockey player. he comes back with the black eye. the gave away to marleau. he goes back and forth until marleau finds the empty net. 3-1. two late goals by the ducks. tied at 3. from the point. finds the back of the net.
9:54 am
3-3 game. goes to a shootout. joe pavelski scored the only goal. antti niemi was perfect, 3 for 3, stopping kyle pom with the glove save. five straight wins for the sharks. 4-3, the final. 49ers hosting the rams. tune in tonight at 11:00 p.m. on abc7 news as i sit down with 49er tight end vernon davis for "vernon's view." i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> up next, how far runners had to go to rags up one of the tallest
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> we have the winning numbers from last night's power ball draw. well, we don't have them but we
9:57 am
have them for you. >> no one got all six. wednesday night's jackpot climbs to $81 million. >> every weekend lots of people take part in running competitions, but there was an extreme version of the sport in hong kong today. the tower running world championships. today's finale of the vertical world circuit championship was race up 82 flights. -- flights of stairs. 2,120 steps at hong kong's international commerce center. it's the world's tallest building in the world. seven races were held on the circuits this year at iconic buildings from across the globe, including the empire state building in new york and taipei 101 in taipei. >> let's get a final check of the accuweather forecast from lisa. >> great running weather today. in fact, temperatures even warmer than we've seen them in the past several days. look at the 70s from the north bay, south bay, close to that in
9:58 am
santa cruz, half moon bay mid-6 ostrander, as well as san francisco. oakland upper 60s. if you are enjoying this, sorry to say it's going away quickly tomorrow. five degrees cooler and struggling to make it into mid-50s midweek. small chance of rain. >> thank you, lisa. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. abc7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. more on that train derailment in new york city. have a great day, everyo
9:59 am
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hello. for the past 25 years through our profiles with excellence series we've been highlighting bay area residents who made important contributions to our community. today we are celebrating the bay area cultural diversity, using the cultural center as a


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