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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 3, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PST

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making news in america this morning -- train tragedy. new details and new questions. why was it going so fast around a curve? as the focus of the deadly derailment shifts to the engineer. plus, new video of the scene released overnight. paying tribute. a late-night memorial for paul walker ends with the movie star's emotional parents. the message vin diesel has for his fans. cause for concern. another shark attack in paradise. beaches are closed. new details emerge about the latest deadly encounter. amazing rescue. how a man survived underwater for days after being submerged in his sunken ship. good tuesday morning.
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we begin with the intense investigation into the deadly train derailment in new york city. >> new video released by the mta overnight giving a close-up look at the scene. you can see train cars toppled, as rescue crews carefully search each one. >> the investigation has uncovered that excessive speed likely played a factor in that crash. abc's tahman bradley has the latest. >> reporter: investigators have discovered a giant clue about the metro north train that jumped the tracks in the bronx, new york. they say it was barreling into a sharp curve at nearly three-times the permitted speed. >> the train was traveling at approximately 82 miles per hour as it went into a 30-mile-per-hour curve. >> reporter: while it's too early to tell if the train's engineer is at fault, sources tell abc news that human error is likely to blame. the ntsb says the train's brakes weren't applied until very late in the game, five seconds into when the train came to a stop.
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4 people were killed, more than 70 injured. >> when i heard about the speed, i gulped. it sort of takes your breath away. >> reporter: this new video shows recovery crews at the scene after the seven cars derailed. one car stopping only feet from the banks of the harlem river. survivors described the frightening moments. >> i could feel the wheels come off. i could feel the car go off the tracks there. >> the rubble from under the tracks just flying at my face. >> reporter: overnight, a vigil at the crash site. people paying their respects for the victims. investigators say the train's brakes appeared to be operating normally. to train made several scheduled stops before the derailment. the engineer, now home from the hospital, will be interviewed again today. john and diana? >> clearly a little early in the investigation. but has the ntsb recovered any evidence that the engineer might have been distracted? >> they're looking at that. they confiscated his cell phone. they're going through it. they also tested his blood for drugs and alcohol.
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they want to know how this guy, who was a 20-year veteran, had this train going so fast. >> tahman, once again. thank you so much. always a pleasure to have you in the studio with us. >> good to be here. across the country, we go. investigators say speed also a factor in the crash that killed actor paul walker. >> they say the porsche was going very fast. but they have found no evidence of drag racing. meanwhile, walker's co-stars, vin diesel, tyrese gibson and michelle rodriguez, joined walker's parents and his daughter for the candlelit vigil at the crash site. and diesel addressed mourning fans. >> showing the love that you've shown paul is going to stay with me forever. i just wanted to say thank you. thank you for coming down here and showing that angel up in heaven how much you appreciate him. >> universal, reportedly planning to continue filming "fast & furious 7," after a mourning period for the cast and the crew. today president obama will
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renew a push to tout obama care. with the website improving, the white house is reminding people why the law was passed in the first place. "the washington post" reports that one-third of people who signed up for health care plans on the federal insurance website may have errors on their application due to computer system glitches. the white house is denying that number. we'll soon hear for the first time the seven emergency calls made to newtown police on the day of the sandy hook massacre. prosecutors had tried to keep the 911 tapes secret. but they were overruled in court. the judge said the recordings being released tomorrow will help the public gauge whether the police responded appropriately. new, overnight, this picture taken during a rescue operation in santa ana, california. this woman became wedged in a tiny space about five feet from the ground. firefighters pulled her out with minor injuries. crews in washington state hope to resume their search this morning for a mill worker missing after the collapse of a grain silo. the silo was filled with corn. it collapsed yesterday.
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that missing worker is feared buried under tons of grain. an engineer is deciding if it's safe enough for a search dog to go in. it's still not clear what triggered the collapse. parts of the upper midwest is bracing for some heavy snow. >> snow is flying over duluth, minnesota. it's expected to continue through tomorrow. it's triggered a winter weather advisory. >> when all of it is said and done, many areas could see as much as a foot of snow or even more. >> look at the rest of the nation's weather right now. heavy snow pushing in from the northern to the central rockies. that will dump up to 18 inches in colorado. things are drying out in the pacific northwest. but rain will fall over the southeast. >> the northern plains are gripped in a deep freeze of highs only in the low teens. milder across the midwest and the southeast and northeast. hot spots are dallas, new orleans and miami in the high 70s. a bittersweet announcement here at abc. saying good-bye to one of our own. sam champion is leaving the network.
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>> sam is leaving to join the weather channel for what he calls a once in a lifetime opportunity. sam has been bringing the country the weather on abc in 2006. but he became part of the abc news family 25 years ago when he started at wabc. sam will be the on-air face at the weather channel and will serve as a managing editor, as well. we wish him all the very best. sam is one of the absolute best in the business. just a great guy and a tremendous talent. we're going to miss him. >> good luck to him. >> ginger zee taking over for sam. we're in good hands of her. >> yeah. your daughter is a huge fan. >> my daughter loves ginger zee. she's a woman. and she roughs it out there in the out back. doing all of the weather stories. she thinks she is the coolest. and she has good taste. >> she is kind of cool. the clock is ticking in washington again. and if congress doesn't act fast, you'll be paying even more for plane tickets. plus, beaches closed. a fisherman becomes another victim in an area seeing an alarming number of attacks from sharks. new details this morning from a witness. plus, a ricochet and the reception. the seahawks prove that sometimes things are just going your way.
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this year's cyber monday, a record-setter. analysts say yesterday's online sales were up 19% from last year. 131 million people clicked their way through their gift lists. and a record number weren't using their computers. 30% of shoppers used their smartphones or tablets. cyber monday was a record day for federal express. it's usually the busiest day for fedex. but this year, cyber monday 2013 was the busiest day in the company's history. moving an estimated 22 million
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parcels around the world. and moving people around the world will likely get more expensive. trying to offset some spending cuts, congress is likely to hike the $2.50 passenger security fee on each plane ticket. some new details about google's barge under construction in san francisco. a report from the construction company building the barge was obtained by "the san francisco chronicle." it says three barges will be built and used as floating retail stores. they will be docked at san francisco, l.a. and new york. miley cyrus has come out as number one. followed by kim kardashian, kate upton. in the top five was minecraft. selena gomez came in number five. a lot of hot girls.
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and minecraft. when we come back, the origins of migraines remain a mystery. but researchers may have just unlocked the clue. and a woman out walking her dog is attacked by a large animal. new details about her condition and the search for the culprit. and venturing out from the vatican. we're learning about the secret missions the pope makes at night. [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar car insurance companies say they'll save you by switching, you'd have, like, a ton of dollars. but how are they saving you those dollars? a lot of companies might answer "um" or "no comment." then there's esurance. born online, raised by technology and majors in efficiency. so whatever they save, you save. hassle, time, paperwork, hair-tearing out, and, yes, especially dollars. esurance. insurance for the modern world. now backed by allstate. click or call.
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and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ taking a look at your morning road conditions. a winter weather advisory is in effect for northern minnesota, which could see up to a foot of snow. and driving could be treacherous around the rockies with up to a foot and a half of fresh snow. if you're flying, airport delays could be possible in minneapolis, chicago and salt lake city. a shark day tack off maui,
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as officials announce plans for a study on sharks. it happened as two friends for fishing from kayaks. the man who died, a 57-year-old from washington state, was apparently dangling his foot in the water while trying to catch bait fish. that's when the shark struck. >> the person in the other boat, he heard the man call out to him. and he went over to him. and he allied the tourniquet on the leg that was bit. >> reporter: william and his wife were onboard. >> his foot was missing. and his leg was pretty shredded. and from the color of his body, it looked like most likely he was dead already. >> it's really sad. >> reporter: the attack happened far from shore. but authorities weren't taking any chances. they closed two miles of beach, telling people to stay out of the water. this is the latest in an unusual surge of shark attacks in
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hawaii. in august, a 20-year-old german tourist died after losing her eight arm to a shark. in all, there's been eight attacks near maui this year. and 13 across the state. that includes an attack on a woman last friday. before word of yesterday's deadly incident, state officials announced plans of a two-year study of tiger shark movements around maui. it's unknown what kind of shark was involved in the recent attack. hawaii has had four unprovoked shark attacks a year. a surfer died in australia from a shark bite. a wild animal attack on land happened north of florida. a woman is recovering after being attacked by a bear. she suffered significant facial wounds and ran to a neighbor's house for help. she ran to a neighbor's house at the time. students at u.c. santa barbara will be lining up for
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antibiotics after health officials confirmed a fourth case of meningitis. the students being warned to avoid parties and social events where the disease could spread. the outbreak is one similar to one that hit princeton earlier this year. researchers say drinking from plastic containers that has bpa can cause debilitating headaches. bpa has been linked to a range of health problems, including obesity, infertility and heart attacks. an animal rights group is trying to have a chimpanzee in new york declared a person. the organization has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the chimp named tommy. they say tommy is being held against his will in a small cage. a couple says he was rescued from an abusive home. pope francis is speaking out about sexual abuse by priests for the first time. francis told a gathering of
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bishops he had sympathy with abuse victims. the pope promised compassion and compare for every victim and their families. we're learning that the pope has a secret night life. officials say pope francis slips out of the vatican in disguise. he goes to poor neighborhoods and bring help to those who need it most. he is talking about a part of his past, where he says he used to be a bouncer. >> a bouncer? >> he's giving and pope-like. >> hey, you. >> and tossing somebody out on his butt for causing trouble. >> that's cool. here's a truly great escape. this happened last spring. a chef onboard a tugboat that had sunk was found alive. >> reporter: with the ship on an ocean floor, he waited in an air pacific for nearly three days. a diver with an air mask led him
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to safety. he was the only survivor in a crew of 12 people. obviously, extremely lucky to be alive. >> three days in an air pocket. another dominating performance by the seattle seahawks. >> here's neil and stan with your highlights and more. >> good morning, america. a better morning for those in seattle compared to those in new orleans, after the "monday night football" game. >> yes. >> stan from new orleans. i'm neil from washington state. >> get on with it, please. >> drew brees stripped. michael bennet, i'll take that. saints have 188 yards in the game. under two minutes to go in the first. third and one. russell wilson, to zach miller. wilson, threw for 310 yards. three touchdowns. seahawks have won 14 in a row at home. and have a two-game lead on everybody else in the nfc now.
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let's keep it in the great northwest because the northwest is great. portland hosting paul george and the pacers. and paul george put on a show for those folks at the arena formerly known as the rose garden. he had a career-high 43. the pacers are down three. and george. by george. two-point game. the ensuing possession. damian lillard. hey, man, the pacers are 16-2 now. blazers 106-102. >> wow. what a game. >> yeah. it was pretty good "gma." >> have a great tuesday. >> guys, thanks. something that the boys there left out from "monday night football" was so good. we made it our "play of the day." >> russell wilson's pass bounces off its intended receiver, only to be caught by derrick coleman,
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who stays in bounds and falls into the end zone. yep. it was that kind of night for the seahawks. >> that kind of season for the seahawks. everything's going their way. >> there it is again. >> have to love it. >> nice. up next, "the pulse." you can rent a car. a house. a tuxedo. but now, people are leasing something you never expect. and it's that time again. the awkward family pictures. we're going to show you some of our favorites.
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topping your tuesday "pulse," the traditional holiday treats supervised. >> this gingerbread house in texas is the largest one ever made. it's more than 39,000 cubic feet. it took nearly a month to build. keeping with guinness rules, the outside is edible. >> wow. the house is made with more than 7,000 pounds of flour, 3,000 pounds of brown sugar. when you throw in the eggs and candy, you have a grand total of 35 million calories. >> it rains once and you've got nothing. >> you got nothing. >> all that work for nothing. now, that we're in the holiday spirit, how about something from our friends at >> this one is awesome. i love it. there's plenty of joy in that photo, right? >> i don't think so. and next, kids that don't want anything to do with santa or his lap. >> he can be scary the first time around. and this guy doing a split. check it out. what that has to do with the holidays, we don't know. i guess he wants to show his talents.
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>> and don't forget the two little ones outside. how adorable are they? and then, the sister who got left behind on the inside. >> "bride of chucky." and finally, santa looks worse for the wear. sporting a black eye. just in time for holidays, a way to save money on the rising cost of designer jeans. >> with jeans averaging 100 bucks a pair, the casual wardrobe staple is going the way of the tuxedo because you can rent them now. it's hitting europe. and now, you can lease high-end denim the way you do a car. >> if i have a hot date, i can get some cool jeans. >> that's too weird. >> chers plunk down 27 bucks as a deposit. they make 12 monthly payments. at the end of the year, they pay them or trade them in. do you see yourself doing that? >> now, i'm wearing jeans that someone's worn over and over again. >> i can't commit to a car
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. we head straight to the weather. serious stuff going on. >> cold weather. leyla gulen? >> another at home we have 8:00er temperatures than yesterday. our live doppler 7 hd shows we are tracking high clouds moving in over the bay area. the higher clouds are giving way to lower clouds as it continues to the peninsula. you will notice it is windy. we are at 15 miles per hour in san francisco. northwestern winds. the flags are blowing out along the embarcadero at the ferry building but it is clear. we do not see thing for from yesterday. possible isolated shower in the north bay and windy and freezing
4:29 am
cold later tonight through thursday. as we take a check of our temperatures for the next 12 hours, we will be 10 to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday so dress for chilly weather. >> now on the roads, do you need to crank up the heat in we take you right out to the drive through oakland and toward el cerrito we have this project eastbound and westbound 80 to powell there is construction with lanes blocked off until action -- 5:00 this morning. eastbound 24 through the caldecott tunnel that is where we have another project. watch out for that. we havewing behind it out of orinda to lafayette and westbound all moving at top speed. this is the san mateo bridge headed across to the peninsula, wide open and it will take only 12 minutes.
4:30 am
>> the expected freezing temperatures have people around the bay area preparing a nonprofit group opened three shelters in santa clara county to give homeless a warm place to sleep. the shelters provide 275 beds. santa clara has the 5 the largest number of people in the united states. >> nurseries in the east bay advise petroleum to protect the plants before the subfreezing temperatures hit by wrapping or spraying a protection product on them to insulate them. homeowners are advised to cover exposed water pipes. >> the certain resumes for a silicon valley c.e.o. whose plane is missing in the idaho wilderness. four other family members were on board when they reported engine failure on sunday. matt keller is in san jose with that story. matt? >> this is the church of dale smith, as rescuers waits until day light to start the


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