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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 3, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning at 5:00, thank you for waking up early and joining us. >> it is cold. it will only get worse. >> we will check with our meteorologist, hire for mike
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nicco is leyla gulen. >> the satellite shows high clouds making it across the bay area and this is the first front that is coming in to the bay area that brought in precipitation. you may have welcome be up and seen moisture on the ground. well, it is going to be followed by a massive dry air that will cool things down and keep us dry. as we look from our roof camera toward the embarcardero and the bay bridge you can see the flags are blowing at the ferry building and it is gusty. that going to be the story for the rest of the day, we will be windy and freezing cold later on tonight and through thursday and cooler afternoons are coming up ahead. here are the temperatures. san francisco is 51 degrees and 53 in oakland and 53, also, at san jose, and cooler in los gatos at 51 degrees. our current gusts are at 32 miles per hour in oakland and 18 at sfo and 17-miles-per-hour gust in san carlos and calmer in
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santa rosa at eight miles per hour. i have the seven-day forecast coming up but i have the traffic coming up right now. as we talk about a couple accidents in the bay area, we have one early at the toll plaza on san mateo bridge and a stalled vehicle northbound 880 at 29th off-ramp but traffic is moving along fine as we take you to the bay bridge, westbound we have a konked out vehicle blocking a lane and not slowing traffic over to the treasure island. the first of the bay area shelters are open just in time for the deep freeze coming our way. in sunnyvale they have an increase of those needing shelter. >> the number of homeless people in san jose has again up 18 percent. this shelter is now open with a couple of others in the county
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and officials say there are a thousand beds available for homeless people in santa clara but that is not enough and there are estimated to be 7,up 00 each night on the street would need a bed. >> this shelter provides a meal at dinner and at breakfast and a place to sleep but we have partners that come and provide medical services. this shelter is open on first-come-first-serve basis and overnight, for the first night it was not so cowedded. word is not spread yesterday that it is open and it is that too terribly cold but when the cold weather gets here they expect the crowds will come. >> a your search if the idaho wilderness will resume at sunrise if a silicon valley
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executive and his family after the plane disappeared on sunday. dale smith's plane tock off from oregon where he spent thanksgiving with family, headed for montana to drop off relatives but reported engine trouble he is the president of serial tek a south bay data storage company and a veteran pilot would often enjoys a single engine. researchers have narrowed the search area to four or five square miles the family and friends say he is meticulous about safety and capable of survive the elements. we will have an update coming up in 30 minutes. >> tonight the richmond city council will consider adding electronic cigarettes to the antismoking regulations which are battery powered devices that give the user nicotine from a vapor without the tobacco tar if traditional cigarettes. this is less risk of developing health problems from break the vapor secondhand but the federal government does nut regulate the
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e-cigarettes so states and local governments are vetoing -- developing their own rules. >> there is a missing oakland man considered "at risk." this is michael evan, 62, suffers from depression and parkinson's disease. he told his troop mate he was going to visit a friend in oakland and would be back the next day but he has not returned. police believe he may have been in downtown oakland. if you see him call the police. >> controversial gas pipeline on the peninsula is up and running. pg&e restarted line 147 yesterday which runs along a four mile stretch under britain avenue. the state public utility commission wants it necessity why it took pg&e ten months to report a significant record discrepancy on the pipeline. faulty reports were cited as a factor to the 2010 pipeline explosion that killed eight. the commission will decide
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december 19 on a fine for pg&e which is either $6 million or $17 million. >> good news for bart riders especially late at night, the earthquake retrofit work on the tube is finished. the 3.6 mile tunnel beneath the bay is finished six months ahead schedule and on budget. the work installing steel plates in the tube began in march and performed late at night, three nights a week. bart had to single track during construction creating 10 to 15 men claims for the riders. >> if you waiting on a bart platform, hop you are bundled up. >> absolutely. you need scarf and mittens, too. looking to the bay bridge, it is bounce up-and-down and we have gusts up to 32 miles per hour in oakland. it is windy. that is blow all the clouds coming in from the first cold front out of bay area and that
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was going to be holding in some of the warmth if you could call it that and what is falling behind it is a mass of colder air that dry leaving us with clear skies. that is what is going to give us the freezing temperatures overnight. as we wake up this morning and head out at 7:00 a.m. it will be chilly with high cloud cover is evident by noon and the clouds will dissipate and we should have partly cloudy skies for the afternoon. when the sun sets headed interest 7:00, the temperatures will drop 46 degrees inland and 50 away the bay and 46 degrees long the coast with trees warning coming for the north bay and for all of bay area. i will have that information coming up for you in a little bit but we do have issues if traffic. a couple of problems including on the bay bridge. our drive time traffic, however, 101 headed southbound from san francisco over to the airport, that is ten minutes along 880 northbound from 238 to the maze
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is 14 minutes and 101 northbound from highway 85 to the san jose airport you will not be late for your flights at 11 minutes. the drive through walnut creek southbound long 680 we have a few extra tail lights making the push away from highway 4 through pleasant hill to colleague correct -- walnut creek and the 24 junction taking you nine minutes. >> do you like to eat grapes? stick around, a health snack may come with something you don't expect all ahead in the bloomberg business report. >> and evidence prosecutors will release in the connecticut school massacre. >> plus the san francisco giants who are stepping up to the plate to help the beaten giants fan brian stow on the road to recovery the. >> what you will start
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♪ thank you grandma for the dolls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ i'm ninja kicking through the halls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ mom's posting pictures on your wall. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. discovering san rafael, south bay and pleasanton and all the bay area, this is we abc7 news. >> a look from our roof camera, the lights are pretty but you can make out the trees in the foreround and the that by the ferry building, it is windy and cold. leyla gulen has the details if a little bit the more news, a connecticut prosecutor will not appeal a judge's order to release 9-1-1 recordings from the sandy hook school massacre
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clearing the way for the tapes to be made public tomorrow. the superior court judge ruled last week that state officials failed to show why the calls should be exempt from public information laws. the prosecution says he decided against fighting the rules after consulting with an attorney for the community. last december shooting killed 20 children and six school leaders. >> two members of the san francisco giants were making commitments to pay for the continuing recovery of severely beaten giants fan brian stow. he is shown waving at the camera at a game suffered severe head injuries when he was beaten in the, paing lot of dodgers stadium on opening day in 2011. to help, the third base coach shown here will donate every penny from the sale of his new music cd called "outside land," and previously held benefit concerts that have raised tens of thousands. giants pitcher says that he will contribute a matching $25,000
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when the cd sales hit that level. >> new report says faculty short amendments compound the need to more nurses. the nursing program received 450 applications but had only 82 open spots. the administration says the shot acknowledge nursing instructors is supposed to get worse ahead. >> blocking network tumbler has the first ever year end review report which is owned by yahoo says it is a breakdown of the hottest trends, topics and celebrities including the most blogged about video games, music groups, and food and fashion trends. you can check it out today. >> great is asking a judge to have a church declared a legal person. tommy is 26 years old and the nonhuman rights project says he living in a small dark cement cage if upstate new york. the group says based on law of science and history, he deserved
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to go before a judge and be released as any human prisoner would if there is lack of cause or evidence for the detention. tommy is unorder by -- owned bya couple and they have not minuted. >> the winner of a $1.3 million lottery prize better come forward because in 12 days the money goes away, a winning ticket purchased to miami has not been claimed and, expires on december 15. you may recall a $60 million powerball ticket put in miami area expired a week ago with no one claiming that ticket, either. >> how could that be? >> the mystery would drive me more crazy. >> you have not been in miami lately? >> not me. >> will you hit the jackpot? >> if you like the cold weather the. >> or snow, because lake tahoe will have snow. here is the bay area at home, we are tracking high clouds that are keeping us relatively warm.
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we are going to be much cooler when the clouds leave as we look at our radar satellite the high clouds are moving out and as we look at the emeryville camera it is bouncing up-and-down because we have gusty winds which will diminish overnight as the wind diminishes and the clouds move out that is what is going to bring us the freezing temperatures so we have the first area of low pressure coming in from the pack northwest and that brought us a little bit of rescission, not very much, and just a slight bit. behind it, though, is a mass of cold air coming in from alaska and it will be dry and it is going to be cold and that will leave us with freezing temperatures especially overnight. the freeze watch will affect much of bay area overnight with sub-freezing temperatures and possible damage to sensitive plants and exposed pipes. tomorrow, with the exception of san francisco that continues out
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in the 40's we are going to have freezing temperatures across the rest of the bay area with an increased risk of hypothermia. dress warmly. turn on the electric blanket. today, across california, we have more clouds coming in through the central coast and to southern california. you can see how clear it is. we will have mostly sunshine and cold at 57 in sacramento and 34 in lake tahoe where we will have snow falling at 4". our highs today across the bay area, topping in the mid-to-upper 50's but clear lake is in the low 50's. lows tonight are clear and chilly, with highs at 48 degrees and oakland will be highest low at 44 degrees and san rafael is 40 degrees in napa. our seven-day forecast is freezing tonight and into theness couple days with possibility of rain coming on friday and through the weekend
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and texas week. >> headed to the road, a couple of traffic problems including a construction project. in pleasanton, this is going to be an accident at the off-ramp southbound 680 blocking when lane there, if you are headed along 580 into dublin we did not have delays. we have this problem westbound side of the bay bridge at yerba buena island with a car konked out. outside, as we look at the picture in san jose northbound along 280 away from 17 a few extra headlights in the northbound direction. >> thank you, leyla gulen. >> grapes could be good for you but something could help your heart skip a beat. >> now the bloomberg business report from jane king. >> good morning, how much online
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shopping did you do? cyber monday, no doubt, sales were huge and hit a new record high, ibm says sales jumped 19 percent as of 9:00 p.m. last night and retailers that lured senate phone and tablet useers benefited the most. 30 percent of sites were shopped by tablets. the physical scores got the first decline on black friday since 2009. negative sentiment about retailers is weighing on things. apple is buying another firm to give it greater ability to spot trends on twitter. >> bad news for grape lovers, black wide dough spiders on popping up on grapes possibly because they use spiders to help control the insects. >> the white house now offering insurers help with their health care plans, "new york times" says the white house is offering
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more money to insurance companies as an incentive for letting those who will be canceled to keep them. growing concern about corporate burnout, goldman sachs is urging weekends. >> thank you, jane. >> seven things to know use start your day. kim kardashian and robin roberts, what did they have in common? that is ahead. pope francis reveal as new side of himself, his surprising job as
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[ female announcer ] resisting the magical taste of silky smooth dove® chocolate is difficult. but choosing which one is even harder. like our new santa fe chicken quesadilla, burger bites, sandwiches, and more, served with fries and your choice of soup or salad. chili's lunch break combos, starting at 6 bucks. more life happens here. >> good morning on this tuesday, a look at the embarcadero across the bay, you can see the flag to the last of the screen, the way it is whipping, that tells you something about the winds we face today and they are only going to get faster with the gusts so we will check with leyla gulen in a few minutes for the weather condition. >> 5:22 and blue just joining us or headed out the door here are seven things to know. developing news, the search for
5:23 am
missing pilot tim myth and his family continues at dawn if idaho. the c.e.o. of silicon valley reported engine trouble flying to montana on sunday. dalle smith is the pilot. >> there will an 21 member task force in the wake of andy lopez shooting. the 13-year-old lopez was shot to death in october by sonoma county sheriff deputy. supervisors want to replace the current process of officer involved shooting. an autopsy is scheduled today for paul weaker killed in a fiery car crash on saturday. mourners have been remembering him include the fashion nasa -- "fast and furious" co-star. >> the ntsb is investigating the train company behind the safety
5:24 am
culture and crash worthiness after two other accidents early this year. >> a florida woman is recovering after a bear attacked her last night. the bear attacked the woman while she walked herring do. america me will have more on this tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. from florida. >> a look at the some are storm from the kgo roof camera with flags blowing out northwest and gusts up to 15 miles per hour through san francisco. higher across the bay area and we have a freeze warning with a cool down later tonight. >> look at the bay bridge toll plaza and a few extra cars are coming from the maze to san francisco and a few hiccups across our roadways and a few accidents and stalled vehicles with the latest coming up ahead. >> we are sponsoring another job
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fair today, a place to meet hiring employers or shop around if a new career. the event takes place from noon until 4:00 at the hotel on market street near the civic center bart station. >> this morning we have a look at barbara walters ten most fascinating people of 2013 including robin roberts, and pope francis, and prince george, and long distance swimmer nyad and miley cyrus, her last "most fascinating" spell because she is retiring next year and will reveal the number one most fat-- fascinating pick on wednesday. >> and an interesting revelation about the pope francis' past. he revealed that he also used to work as a bouncer at clubs.
5:26 am
on sunday the pope was celebrating mass at a church in a working choose neighborhood and talking informally with church goers and he told the frown he has been a bouncer. >> the morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories including continuing coverage of breaking news, a huge eight alarm fire keeps the firefighters busy in post and where the firefight stands. >> the race if the oakland mayor gotting, the new condition tender for the top job.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning, at 5:28. thanks for waking up early and joining us.
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>> leyla gulen is here for meteorologist, mike nicco, to tell us about chilly weather. it is great weather if chilly, isn't it in the cold snap will come in and visit the bay area for the better part of the weekend as we look from our camera toward the embarcadero and the exploritorium you can see how blustery it is with wind up to 20 miles per hour if san francisco and up to 32-miles-per-hour gusts in oakland. be careful. no wind advisory for vehicles today but be careful if you dry that is high sided. the freeze warning will come in tonight because of the mass of cool air bringing temperatures to 52 degrees with the high by tomorrow. along the coast it will be more chilly at 50. temperatures go down by thursday and a chance of rain on friday with more on that ahead. we have a couple of problems in the traffic department as we
5:30 am
hurricane right new, -- as we look right now across the altamont pass westbound, it will be slow, with bumper-to-bumper traffic up to 50 minutes from tracy to dublin. as we go to our waze app, it is right at yerba buena island starting off as a stall and turned into a accident. the car is facing sideways in the lanes and we are reporting that it is a major accident. you can track your own traffic with the exclusive app at apple app and google play. >> developing news. the where the should improve enough to let seven crews comb the idaho wilderness for a missing bay area family whose plan want down on sunday. our reporter is in san francisco this morning with what story. matt? >> we an hour and a half away from such rise in idaho when rose cueers will resume the
5:31 am
search for dale smith and his family. his aircraft disappeared in idaho on family, carrying five members from oregon to montana. the pilot reported engine roble -- trouble, but the plane never landed. a cell phone was picked up and narrowed it down for a four or five mile search. the transmitter will go off in crashes but is not detected. he is described as "experienced." he was a really good pilot, i would be surprised if anything happened. maybe he ran into some bad weather. >> rescuers dealt with heavy snow and low clouds yesterday and he is the c.e.o. of serial tek software maker, and his friends are praying for he and
5:32 am
his family. if anyone can survive a situation lake this, it is dale smith. >> we continue to follow breaking news from south boston where crews are battling a seven alarm fire this morning. it was eight alarms but downgraded. it broke out in a commercial building at 1:30 our time. the fire now is under control. the building was undergoing reno nation but no word if that could have led to the fire with reports of people in the building. they all made it out. we will continue to follow the story and bring you more. >> the school board in west contra costa county is working on new bullying policies after an emergency meeting last night. a transgender student spoke up about being bullied after the fight with the alleged tormentor was caught on video. the supervisors agreed that the policies have not been properly enforced so they are giving
5:33 am
themselves 40 to 45 days to develop new policies. >> i wanted to hurt physically mile. >> i take responsibility if that. i am sorry i have not done more. >> tone, the west contra costa county school district called the emergency board meeting after parents complained. >> happening today, sonoma county supervisors are meeting to appoint a 21-member task force in the wake of andy lopez shooting that will create a process for independent citizens' review of officer-involved shootings. 13-year-old andy lopez was shot by a sheriff deputy while carrying a toy ak-47 in october. there have been numerous protests in the community. the lopez family has filed a lawsuit over the use of deadly
5:34 am
force. >> in walk, the house of representatives will vote on a 10-year extension of a ban on firearms that can evade metal detectors. with 3-d printers developing plastic weapons, gun criminal advocates want all weapons to include metal parts that make them detectable. >> a man being held on $11,000 pale on charge of stealing copper wishing for apple 2 headquarters in cupertino. the 56-year-old man was arrested on saturday. security workers at the site reported a burglary in progress and officers found cop are -- copper wiring was ripped from the site. when he refused to come out of hiding, the k-9 went in and bit him. >> a sobering statistic in san jose: twice as many pedestrians have been killed this career compared to last year. last night residents from the washington neighborhood hell a
5:35 am
-- held a vigil for 24 killed last year gathering where a three-year-old boy was killed a week and a half ago. his funeral is set for tomorrow. the group wants the city to make improvement for traffic enforcement and pedestrian safety. >> this morning, oakland police are asking people to look out for stolen vehicle that has been used in two robberies, a tan volvo with license plate 5ndf073 carjacked on sunday. since then, two remain add men inside have robbed people in north oklahoma -- north oakland and the diamond neighborhood. >> in is a suit to be filed over the bart contract over disputeed removal of a clause that management signed in the contract but said it was included accidentally.
5:36 am
the spokesman for the service employees international union says that a final decision has not been made of a lawsuit. that action may have to wait until the transit union completes their leader election which begins tomorrow. >> the tails have turned on the commission that voted to revoke the accreditation of city college. the department of education has ordered the commission for community colleges to make changes to keep their standing. the department says that the commission did not meet federal requirements in their review of city college and have the appearance of a conflict of interest. city check supporters hoped the commission would be invalidated altogether. aa serious contender to unseat oakland mayor with a district has filed papers to run for mayor. she, worked for jerry brown.
5:37 am
is far more popular than the mayor in the district. two-thirds of the people across the city view the mayor unfairbly. schaaf will unveil the crime fighting plan next year. >> we will turn it over to leyla gulen for the weather. >> you will need extra layers today as we look at the cameras. it is clear. but you can see the camera is bowsing up-and-down because we have gusty winds. here is a look at the winds as we look at sfo at 18 miles per hour and up to 35-miles-per-hour gusts in forward and 20-miles-per-hour gusts here and these miles per hour in mountain view. the next 12 hours, we are starting off cool at 10 to 12 degrees cooler than yesterday. we will be under cloud cover. that will dissipate headed into the noon hour and the afternoon hours, as well. that will bring temperatures up
5:38 am
to the mid-50's at 54 degrees inland and 56 around the bay and 54 along the coast as we head into the evening hours, the clouds will have moved out because of the nbc front that is moving in bringing cold weather and temperatures bring us freezing conditions. we have a couple of traffic problems including delays across the bay bridge. highway four from antioch in the westbound direction 12 miles per hour is the top speed and it does ramp up to 54 miles per hour as you head into pittsburg and bay point and concord. the crash started off as a stalled vehicle but someone did not see it and they slammed into it so now it is facing sideways and blocking the lanes causing a delay approaching treasure island. this is a you have from our emeryville camera to the bay
5:39 am
bridge as you make the approach on the tower to the island you can see the tail lits slowing traffic significantly and hopefully c.h.p. will get it moved out of way but it will take 12 minutes to get out of the maze into san francisco. >> new details in the car crash that killed actor paul walker and what ones are disputing and the moving tribute by "fast and furious" co-star. >> a man lifted to safety from local waters and the coast guard wanting anyone who steps foot in a kayak.
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covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, good morning, so glad you are with us at 5 lone -- 5:42. you can see the dark barge in the foreground passing under the bay bridge. you can barely see it.
5:43 am
leyla gulen will tell you how cold. >> in the news in southern california autopsy results are expected on "fast and furious" factor paul walker killed in a fiery crash last weekend. mourners have been gathering to remember walker. >> new reports say a combination of speed and human error probably caused the crash that killed walker and his friend who was driving. investigators are saying they do not think they were drag racing. >> developing news in the mall transportation safety board says it does not necessity whether faulty brakes or human error calls derailment of a train that killed four but the lead ntsb investigator says information from the train's two data recorders show that the train was doing more than 80 miles per hour when it left the tracks, almost triple the allowed speed. officials say the brakes were
5:44 am
applied very late, five seconds before the train stopped. >> the train was traveling at 82 miles per hour going and a 30 miles per hour curve. >> i could feel the wheels come off, the car going off the tracks. >> investigator say the brakes appear to be operating normally. the train made several scheduled stops before the derailment and the engineer home from the hospital now is expected to be interviewed again today. >> the hawaii beach where a man was attacked by a shark re-opens after being closed for a day. the man was attack while fishing in the kayak three miles off the coast of maui. the man was dangling his feet over the coyback and the shark bit him. a chatter boat took the victim to shore but he died before getting medical a. his identity has not been released and the type of hark is unknown. there have been eight attacks this year double the average for a normal year. >> a kayaker here is involving after being rescued by the
5:45 am
national guard. they provided this video of the rescue, 24-year-old man complained of stomach pain and dehydration and hoisted aboard a helicopter and plane to medical personnel waiting positive him. the coast guard advised kayakers to wear a life jacket, and take a marine radio. >> if you are fly out of sfo cope your eye out for puply love, dogs are on hand starting today at sfo to relieve the stress and make the holiday journey more enjoyable. there will be eight certified therapy dogs wearing vests that say "pet me." the program is part of a new partnership between the san francisco spca and airport to help passengers dealing with long lines and possible delays. >> what a way to get your blood treasure down. right? >> thinking about it make me
5:46 am
happy. >> we have other issues at sfo. >> we do have winds so we will talk about what is happening in the weather department. right new in live doppler 7 hd you can see high clouds are coming in from the first area of low pressure that is headed from the pacific northwest which brought us a little bit precipitation and not very much whatever but what is behind it, though, is a cool mass of air. from the east bay hills camera to the bay bridge it is bouncing up-and-down and it is windy but pretty clear we do not have thing for we woke up to yesterday morning but speaking of wind 20-miles-per-hour gusts gusts in oakland at sfo at 18-miles-per-hour gusts. you want to be careful if you are driving anything that is high profile because that can be dangerous. in petaluma, 21-miles-per-hour gusts up to 35 in fairfield and calmer, there, in the south bay. six miles per hour in san
5:47 am
francisco. the first front is coming from the pacific northwest and it brought moisture, not teach, but behind it, that is what is going to bring the freezing temperatures overnight, the trees wanting that starts tonight. it is going to come in from alaska, bringing in the mass of cool air that will last through the end of the week and not physical later in the week we will have a chance of rain. as far as cloud cover, it is not going to have cloud cover into wednesday afternoon. that is going to continue to be a sunny day. however, that is going to bring our temperatures down, unfortunately. with that, freeze watches are in effect so freezing temperatures and possible damage to sensitive plants and that will continue through wednesday with the exception of san francisco those temperatures to san francisco will top out in the 40's and we will still certainly be cold but not so cold as the rest of the bay area.
5:48 am
across california our temperatures are in the mid-50's for the northern portion of california and warmer in southern california in the mid-60's to lower 70's but if lake tahoe we will have up to 3" of snow expected in the sierra. the highs today will top out in the mid-to-upper 50's for were of the bay area and sunny and cleary skies and cloud cover. overnight, clear but chilly and 41 degrees in santa rosa and 44 in concord and 47 in palo alto. with freezing temperature coming in on tuesday and wednesday, we have a possibility of rain on friday through early next week. a couple of problems if traffic. on the roads, if you are getting behind the wheel you have to expect to see a lot of track offer the altamont pass and across highway four through antioch. we have a problem southbound 101 in marin county at spencer avenue into sausalito.
5:49 am
want out for that, we have volume in the northbound direction and that could be a couple of cars going on the slow we are side and as we head over to the bay bridge week side at yerba buena island the accident has cleared. a stalled vehicle was hit by a car and blocking a lane but that has slowed things down coming away from the toll plaza to san francisco. you can see when you pass the area of the crash, it is top speed as you continue the track in the westbound direction. >> it is 5:49. black friday, small business saturday, cyber monday all behind us, but do not put your wallet away, today is "giving tuesday." it is a global campaign to create a day of charity after a binge of consumer spending spearheaded on the web site www. endozen -- endorsed by the obama administration. >> we are teaming up with our local feeding america food bank.
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you can ten. go to abc7 news facebook and take the pledge "give where you live," with each pledge we will donate a dollar and up to $75,000. your good deed to be rewarded. everyone who takes the pledge is entered to win $7,000 cash and the win other is announceed december 19. we talked about this, you have to take the pledge. take the pledge. do you not have to give money to that is an issue. >> a win-win. >> possible clue as to why some people suffer from migraines, the products that could be the culprit. >> an incredible story of survival found alive at three days...trapped in a sunken ship on the ocean floor. >> ahead, the white house
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>> today, hundreds of children in need of holiday cheer will fill san francisco city hall part of the firefighters toy give away, santa claus is expected to be there along with mayor lee and other special guests. the department of child support services will happen out toys to more than 1,200 kids. the program is funded by donations. >> this morning, san francisco
5:54 am
based baby center is out with the most popular baby names for 2013. >> many parents are turning away from celebrity names sticking with classics. >> boys, jackson, is at the top and then lucas. >> sophia and then emma, and olivia and mia, and another name is layla, spelled differently, spelled with an "a." that is the next generation layla. >> next is going to the different shops and finding key chains that have my name on it. we have plenty of wind looking at the camera toward the exploritorium and the glads are blowing and it is gusty at 20 miles per hour winds in san francisco and as we talk about
5:55 am
the next 12 hours, the day planner is chilly so dress warmly. dress in layers, at 54 along the coast it will be cooler and pleasey, and by 4:00 p.m., chilly this afternoon, so make sure you are a jacket that is handy. speaking of traffic, you will need to crank up the heat if you are going to head out on to the roads, we have had a couple issues and slow traffic the eastbound side of 580 at coolidge avenue we have a stalled vehicle and possibly debris in the lanes and it does not appear to be affecting traffic. our drive time traffic at the golden gate bridge is nine minutes coming from marin county into san francisco and the day politic is less than ten minutes because of an early crash that killed at yerba buena island and all lanes have re-opened and remark is slow to recover and across the san mateo bridge it is easy breezy and 13 minutes to
5:56 am
get you from shared to foster city. be careful if you are driving a high-profile vehicle. >> thank you. if you suffer from migraines, there is a possible trigger that is in your home right now. had a study that says p.b.a. could cause the headaches, the chemical found in food packaging, plastic cups and water bolting. more than 90 percent of americans have p.b.a. their bodies. we will have a report on "good morning america" talking about why it is worse for women. >> a shock, can you imagine rescuers thought they were on a recovery mission when a tugboat capsized. take a look. >> a survivor. a survivor. >> you can see the outstretched hand of the only survival
5:57 am
reaching out for the diver, the committee survived 62 hours, 100' underwater off the coast of nigeria in may. this is just now coming out. how did he survive does he found an air pocket. he made it. a real miracle. in addition to not being able to read miracles i am not doing well with the letters because the chemical we are concerned about is p.b.a. and the search continues for a missing bay area pilot and his family with clues that could lead to the discovery of the downed plane. >> "7 on your side" and "consumer reports" reveal what you need to know before you buy a used
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, a look outside in san francisco, this is a view from the camera, the bay area is waking up to frigid temperatures and we will check with leyla gulen and the forecast to see how cold the temperatures will be outside. >> developing now, the search will resume this morning for a bay area pilot and his family after the plane goes missing in the idaho wilderness during the thanksgiving holiday welcome. >> breaking news in boston where hundreds of firefighters remain on the scene of a huge seven alarm fire. the difficult challenge they face since they tried to get the plane out. >> good morning, everyone, i am katie marzullo. >> at 6:00, a challenges that we will face this morning is the cold weather. >> we will check with leyla gulen, and wouldn'ty, too, -- and windy. we have high clouds from the first string of the cold


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