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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  December 3, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> we get the helicopters up and there should be a good possibility we will find them. what is what our hopes and praise are. >> the business partner of a silicon valley executive holds out hope for his friend and the man's family after the small plane disappeared in the idaho wilderness. search efforts resume after snow put them on hold yesterday. dal. smith's private plane took off from baker city, oregon, where he spent thanksgiving with family and bound for montana
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with four family members when they had engine trouble over valley county, idaho. our reporter is in san jose with an interview you will see only on 7 with the co-founder of smith's tech company. >> the senator right new going on in idaho but his co-workers and family and friends are holding out hope that he and his family and loved ones are found safe and alive. >> it is hard to imagine a better resume for a man not just for work but for life. but dale smith has it all founding the software company serial tek and is considered a pioneer in the field and known for charity work through the mormon church and has three boys and two girls with his wife. randy is co-founder of serial tek and known smith for 15 years. >> he is religious man, teaches seminary each morning before he comes to bork, very -- to work and very humanitarian.
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>> he was flying from oregon to montana with his oldest son daniel and daughter amber and her any 18. smith reported engine trouble and asked controllers for coordinant to johnson airstrip but the plane never landed. it is a good sign that a cell phone signal was picked up by crews and the plane's built in emergency beacon designed to go out has not been detected. the fact it did not go off is a positive sign that it wasn't a hard impact so hopefully he is just laid down somewhere and doesn't have any cell phone contact in the middle of nowhere. >> the sheriff in idaho says the weather conditions are favorable for the helicopters and planes needed in a search like this. people will be on the ground using track vehicles, a.t.v.'s and snowmobiles. everyone is praying everyone will be found alive and well. >> we will be there shortly. hang on. >> the bodying for amber and her
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fiance is planned for january 4th. friends say if anyone can survive a situation like this it is dale smith. >> matt, thank you. happening now, bart's two largest unions are filing a lawsuit against the transic agency over the contract deal that ended the strike. the battle is over a costly clause that bart claims it never agreed to and our reporter is in oakland. heather? >> kristen, here is the lawsuit filed just an hour ago, and the press conference is just getting started but as we first told you when we broke the story on friday, the two unions are filing this lawsuit against the bart board saying that the ford of directors action was illegitimate and unprecedented in the handling of the signed contracts. after six months after negotiations and two strikes on
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november 21 the board refeudsed to ratify one clause contained in the agreement which the union says was illegal to approve the rest and cherry picking one item. the board says it was signed by mistake and is too expensive and the unions wants to circle back and work it out with the board so it is fair for both sides. the lawsuit is now directly intended to get the clause returns but it is about challenging the process when the board removed the item. bart is willing to sit down and, would out a path to the solution that a lawsuit only delays the solution much the press conference is just getting started now, and we will bring you more throughout the day on twitter and later in our evening broadcast. >> right now, we want do let you know that warming shelters in the bay area have opened ahead of the deep freeze tonight expected to hit the bay area tonight. at the california national guard in sunnyvale there is an increase in those seeing shelter last night.
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they open up three spots throughout the south bay where people who need a place to keep warm can stay at night. we will take you outside now to our mount tamalpais camera, you can see we have clouds out there. we can feel it is very cold and a freeze watch was upgraded do a freeze warning 90 minutes ago but colder temperatures are coming. we will look at the golden gate bridge which is clear here and quite beautiful but the gusts could be an issue for those crossing bridges especially east-west bridges. in the high sierras, it is cold. this is from lake tahoe tv and you can see it looks like a re-storm type of condition or perhaps in the middle with some snow falling if not now in the days to come. caltran is calling out snow plows and warning drivers headed up 80 and 50 to get those chains ready for a chain restriction.
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we our meteorologist is off but leyla gulen is tracking the conditions with a look at the forecast. >> all rights as we look at a live picture from the exploritorium where you can see we do have lots of cloud cover which and it is coughing were of the bay area and those clouds will be with us for the rest of the day. we did have some early showers and those are tapering off as we speak. a look at our radar satellite you can see the clouds are continuing to push with the cold front that is coming in over the bay area and now as we look from our camera you can see the flags are blowing in the wind with heavy gusts for much of the bay area. we are looking at cooler temperatures, as well. currentlies santa rosa starting clockwise is at 50 degrees and 53 in oakland as we move inland, livermore is 52 degrees and san jose is going to be in the low 50's and mid-50's for half moon bay and chilly 51 for san francisco.
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>> thank you, the santa clara sheriff is investigating how a dump truck ran into a home early this morning with no injuries but the damage is quite an unbelievable sight. amy hollyfield is at foothill and stevens creek boulevard in cupertino. amy? >> what is wake-up call. the dump truck crashed at 6:20. can you see the homeowner in the front of the house right now with investigators who are still trying to figure out why this happened. >> officers say it is miracle the driver of the dump truck walked away from the early morning crash. the cab of the truck was hard to even see among the debris of the garage it destroyed. the employ eve the liquor store was the first to get to the scene. >> i heard a guy yelling. i went outside and this happened and the guys were sloping upstairs and they said they went downstairs and the guy was working his way out of the car. >> there were two people snowed the home at the time but no one
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was in the garage. >> they were sleeping. the people at the house right new are house sitting so they have explaining to do. >> the two people who were inside did not want to comment. neighbors say the crash was so loud that it woke them up. >> why did this happen? later maybe someone would have been there. >> deputies with the sheriff are trier to figure out why this happened. >> we do not believe alcohol is a factor in this collision. >> the truck driver told the first witness what he things went wrong. >> he lost control, the steering went out. i don't know why he went that way but that is what happened. >> look here, with dump trucks coming in each direction. when they opened the boulevard we realized a thoroughfare this is for dump trucks.
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the quarry is down the street. the police officers are presuming that is where the truck driver was headed to pick up a load. new details this morning on the deadly train derailment in new york city. according to investigators, the engineer in the accident told them that he lost focus in the moments before the train crashed. several officials say the driver just zoned out. one said he believes there is a real possibility he was asleep. the ntsb says the train appears to have been going too fast traveling at 82 miles per hour going into a 30 miles per hour curve. >> new this morning, minor league players with the san francisco giants have been hut in a crash in arizona. officials in scottsdale said three or four people have been taken to the hospital. the crash happened when the teen van pulled out of a hotel driver and collided with a car. police say that no injuries are life threatening. the giants conduct training in scottsdale for their minor
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league teams. >> sonoma county supervisors are meeting to form an independent task force to investigate officer-involved shootings in the wake of the death of andy lopez. the 13-year-old was shot by sheriff deputies while carrying an air rifle in october. the shooting has drawn numerous protests from the community with leaders pushing for changes or charges against deputy. they are discussing building a heart in his honor in the community where lopez grew up. >> still to come, any information out on the crash that killed actor paul walker. the frantic attempt to save his life moments after the wreck. >> the president's new p.r. blitz for obamacare but will the newly fixed website hold up to all the traffic he
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we have just learned that a motorcyclist who was killed in a crash last night in san francisco was a co-host of the hgtv show "curb appeal," hit by a director around 8:30 last night. beckweather was taken to san francisco general but died from the injuries. the driver is cooperating with the investigation. >> developing news on the crash that killed "fast and furious" actor paul walker. autopsy results are expected today. we have new video this morning of the fiery wreck.
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our reporter reports. >> investigators say paul walker and his friends were driving very fast but they do not believe they were racing another car. you overnight the stars of the "fast and furious" blockbusters paid a tribute to paul walker showing up at the scene. >> if my brother remain here right now and he saw all the love you are bringing --. >> and diesel getting emotional as he addressed the crowds. >> thank you for showing the angel if heaven. >> new look at the final seconds of the life cut short in the right corner of the surveillance video a speeding car and this, an explosion followed by billowing smoke. in seconds people are racing to rescue walker and the driver, his friend. one of walker's child hood friends attempted to pull his body from the burning car but police had to hold him back. it was too late. both men were pronounced dead at the scene. 40-year-old walker rose to fame street racing in "fast and
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furious" blockbusters. >> he is an icon by virtue of this roll in "fast and furious" series and his career took on an added energy we by virtue of the franchise. >> the filming schedule now is uncertain for "fast and furious" which is halfway done right new but studio executives want the cast time to grieve. >> today in half an hour, rebound is scheduled to speak at white house to lunch a big p.r. push for and encouraging americans to sign up on the revanched -- revamped website which has been under revamp for two months. the technical problems is been largely mixed but uninsured user would is tried unsuccessfully are not sold. >> i had a heart atyke nine years ago and i am terrified of
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not having a policy onian 1st. >> the white house says a million people have logged on to the site in the past 24 hours and there are still hiccups including big delays but now there is a waiting room that provides information on when traffic will clear up. >> leyla gulen is here for meteorologist, mike nicco, with the frosty temperatures in the forecast. holiday speeding for a good cause, the move to make giving tuesday an annual tradition. >> plus, pope francis revelation, an admission about his former l
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covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a long-term family of the abc "good morning america" team will be leaving tomorrow, but, sam says "good morning america" will always be his home. >> i have had the extreme joy i don't think many will know of working with your friends and your family and what happens on this set is incredibly real and nativery morning and as george point out, even my grumpy morning. >> he has grumpy mornings? after 25 years he is going to the weather channel as host and managing editor of the came network calling it a "dream job." join us in giving sam a glam goodbye tomorrow on "good morning america" at 7:00 right after the only news. >> it is just going to be hard
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without... >> the way the weather keeps changing around the country and around the world, really, he has his hands full. >> he will not be that far away, but we will miss you, sam. >> we are talking about a big change for us weather-wise. >> we are. we have a lot of cloud cover still remaining over the bay area as a cold front continues to push its way through. looking from our mount tamalpais camera to san francisco, under mostly cloudy skies for the duration of the day with earlier precipitation that now has cleared and it looks like everything now is east of i-5 and over the sierra. as we look at our live doppler 7 hd radar, the clouds starting to diminish in the north bay. as we look from our camera to the embarcadero the flags along the ferry builting are still blowing out there and we will have gusty winds. in fact, we are looks at gusts up to 26 miles per hour at sfo and calmer in petaluma at eight
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miles per hour and ten miles per hour in hair and 15 in san jose so the winds are still continuing to kick up as the cold front moves in from the pacific northwest. we have this trough of low pressure coming in with rain in certain areas overnight and that has dried up because now what we have is a massive cool air coming in from alaska and that is what is going to bring our temperatures down to freezing conditions that started off as a freeze warning and now it is an actual threat. as we take a look we will have the possibility of damage to some of our vegetation and watch out for exposed pipes because it will be really cold in the north bay with the exception of san francisco we will be in a freezing territory for overnight hours and frost warning, indeed, after midnight. our highs today, across california, we do have 55 degrees in monterey and warmer in california, and 70 in palm springs and lake tahoe, 32 degrees, with snow showers
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continuing to fall and we will have a winter weather advisory in effect until 10:00 and the area is going to be in the mid-to-upper 50's in san francisco and 55 degrees under partly sunny skies and a little bit warmer in sonoma at 56 degrees and warmer in east bay, in the upper 50's and as we move into the east bay, 56 degrees in antioch. overnight temperatures are going to be cold so make sure you do dress warmly. our seven-day forecast shows the frost will start tonight and continue through wednesday and thursday and we will have the possibility, though, of another rain chance on friday into the weekend and early part of next week so another trough of low pressure coming in with more moisture. >> black friday. small business saturday. cyber monday. all behind us. do not put away your wallet. today is giving tuesday, a new global campaign to create a day of charity and volunteer imafter
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consumer spending and the effort is spearheaded on the west side and is endorsed by the obama administration. doing good this holiday season could make you $7,000 richer, going to facebook page and take the pledge to give where you live with each flame, we will donate a dollar in your honor to the bay area feeding americaed food banks and up to $75,000 and everyone who takes the pledge will be entered to win $7,000 cash. the winner is announced december 19 so spread the love and help us give where you live. >> it is not exactly the job you see on the resume of the leader of the catholic church but pope francis revealed, yes, he used to work as a bouncer according to the vatican newspaper. he told the tour group that he worked as a bunser at a bar in his young are days and says the experience helped him immensely and he mastered the skills of throwing people out and now he says it is all about inviting people into the church.
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>> coming up, tracking santa and his reindeer and you will see all the bells and whistles on santa's new digital
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at 4:00, we go inside lockheed martin, engineers are building a new car in hours. at 5:00, gender differences and why men and women's brains work in such difficult vergent -- different ways. >> tracking where santa is, is easier than ever, with a santa tracker website getting an upgrade with a tablet friendly site with games, movies, and music and a bit of help from microsoft trying to fend off competing santa tracking website launched last year by google. that does it for us. thanks for joining us.
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