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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 5, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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amy? >> we are at the bart station. if you are lucky to be watching this from your warm bed, here is what it is like. >> probably about 32 degrees. i'm still cold. i am wearing four layers. it is absolutely freezing. this is the first really cold morning. >> her estimate is off because we are in the 20's. it is quite frigid. she going to oregon so she will not escape this cold. this is the second morning of really cold temperatures. how much longer will it last? that is up to lisa to explain. i hope it gets warm sooner because this assignment is cold.
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>> lots of 20's. in pleasanton, temperatures are dipping below freezing and our reporter talked with kids outside watching the lots last night. >> when heated pool water hits cold air you get steam and when your water coach makes you get out you get effective discipline toll. >> if they act up, we pull them out of the water and they are quiet quickly. >> it feels like ice on the feet. my lips are purple. >> the mercury dipped to 43 degrees at 6:30. the fans at the soccer tournament had plenty of blankets but the players had to find other means. >> those on the bench... >> you cuddle? >> i would not mind it. >> in downtown livermore it was 38 degrees at 8:30 but at the
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pet store, step -- thermal underwear was being sold for the pets. the toll road warning has been motivation to buy, sell, and behave. >> the cold snap could shatter a 41-year-old them record. some folks at this day care fundraiser remember in 1972 when the temperature dipped to 29 degrees! >> that is the year my daughter was born. >> what do you remember? >> we lost a lot of fruit trees. we had fruit treesed that the frost killed. it was freezing cold. >> people bundled up against the cold and vendors sold scarfs for those not prepared. for the latest on the weather
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changes, download the weather yap with severe weather alerts, radar and hourly temperature forecasts. it is free at >> people dining at a napa restaurant evacuated after a tire broke out. it happened on 1st street in historic downtown napa. customers and staff got out. construction crews were working on the roof before the fire started at 9:30 the >> the bart board could determine how much you will pay to ride the trains in the future. options include increasing the minimum fare to $2, extending the 62 percent youth discount through age 17 and increasing the seen color discount from 62 percent to 75 percent if you over the age of 65. fares will go up 5 percent january 1 which is 18 cents round-trip ticket.
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the board will be briefed of the train breakdown. a short circuit made the brakes lockup on a train headed through the berkeley hills tunnel yesterday morning. nine passengers went to the hospital for breathing problems. the malfunction sent brake dust which passengers thought was smoke into the crowded cars. authors in idaho are wait telling see if the weather clears to resume the search for missing plane carrying a bay area family. silicon valley executive dale smith's plane disappeared on sunday while taking four family members from oregon to montana. there was a weak emergency beacon which has disappear. family and friends know after several nights in subzero temperatures, time is of the essence. >> obviously our hearts are breaking. we want our family back. >> we continue to hope for a miracle. >> he is an experienced pilot
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and his love of flying is seen in to family video made three weeks ago. >> the national transportation safety board has concluded the investigation into a crash that killed a family in july of 2011. a man was piloting a small plane with his wife and two young sons and they took off from watsonville and the plane plunged interest a medical office building. the ntsb concluded it stalled after he made a turn soon after lift off to avoid a cloud layer. >> police are asking for the help of the public in solving a kidnapping caught on a.c. transit surveillance video. a driver pulled up to a bus stop in milpitas on tuesday at 6:00 and a woman appeared to be trying to board the bus and a man pulled her away to the back of a business and the bus driver called 9-1-1 but queen -- when the police arrived they could not find the two people.
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>> at least half a dozen declare candidates can start raising and spending money on the campaign to replace outgoing mayor in santa clara county including the county supervisors and the vice mayor and council members, as well. half of san jose's ten city council seats are up for grabs the >> former state senate pro tempore is now a lobbyist in sacramento for alameda. the city council unanimously approved a one year contract for the 69-year-old democrat. the position pays $90,000 a year. alameda is hoping he will gather support from state officials for improving local ferry service and funding a new fire station and transportation improvements. >> contrary to public opinion, poll shows young californians
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are pore likely to seek health insurance than older people. the poll found that 72 percent of uninsured people able 18 to 44 are likely to seek health insurance. over the age of 45 the number drops to 51 percent. speakers say the poll is encouraging news for the health care law that is stop to have low interest from young people >> today we learn of the new sponsor for the uc berkeley memorial stadium in 15 year naming rights deal for sponsorship which is with a nontraditional court sponsors. officials stress that the sponsorship will not affect the name. this afternoon we will know who will be serving up the food at the new niners stadium in santa clara. the 49ers are holding a news conference to announce a partnership at the stadium with the bay area all star but they not naming names so take your
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guess. the 49ers posted a brief video of a sign being moisted into the new home at the steam. the 49ers will play at the stadium next season. >> they better have lots of garlic. >> now the weather. lisa? >> good morning. we are starting out with the trees warning in the 9:00 with temperatures below freezing and we are at 32 degrees at the coast. numbers will continue to drop. the sun is not up until 7:10 the napa is 23, and 34 in oakland with 31 in san jose. los gatos is at 29 and live more is 26 and half moon bay right now is at 34. the cold of the numbers are right after sunrise and these will probably drop another couple of debs degrees with 30's around the bay. tomorrow morning, though, not much change. the trees warning extends until friday morning and then well get
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more clouds around here and the air mass is going to be quite cool but well add a winter mix on saturday with incoming system. it will warm us up enough to see a little bit of a rain and snow mix. here comes the rain tomorrow and we will clear it out for the weekend but, notice, the temperatures are not budging, with the seven-day outlook, that will change and we will warm up. >> we do have an injury accident in san jose but, first, i take you to oakland where we have a project that lasts until 5:00 this morning with a knew lanes taken away northbound 880 we have slowing. you need to make it away from oakland you need to know that. from san jose, a big rig is off the road and now is leaking fuel the reports are there are injuries to the driver. southbound 880, there is slow-and-go traffic up to 280. you can see away from our
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emeryville camera looking to this area we have had a few c.h.p. units on the scene and the drive is smooth over to treasure island and into san francisco. >> 4:40. police find the stolen truck carrying radioactive material in mexico. next, the danger it still poses and why it will take weeks to clean up. >> do you recognize this person? the bold crime he is wanted for, caught on camera. >> warning if you use facebook or twitter, the hacker attack is threatening and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space.
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covering novato,," sunnyvale and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> on this thursday morning a look from our high definition camera to the embarcadero where it is picking up. you can fought see how cold it is. it is clear.
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there is no wind. if you have pictures of how the cold weather is affecting you, we with like to see it the send us your photos and video to >> through details in the theft of dangerous radioactive material in mexico. authorities say it could take weeks to clean up the area where the vehicle turned up. police found the truck in central mexico yesterday. the container holding the items were open and anyone exposed to it is now if grave danger. two remain add men seized the truck on monday. they did not necessity what the cargo was. it is used in cancer treatment. mexican authorities say they do not have the equipment to remove this and may need help from the united states. it could have been used to make dirty bombs. >> florida state quaterback and leading heisman trophy contender winston will find out if he will be facing rape charges.
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he was accused of sexually assaulting a former sfu student in tallahassee but there was a delay teen the woman's initial report and referral to the state attorney. the attorney said that the police said pursuing the allegation would subject her to scorn in the football tune. her attorney says they had a consensual relationship and is confident he will be exonerated. >> hackers have stole were user names and password from two million e-mail accounts and maybe yours. the theft began in october seizing log in information for facebook, google, twitter, yahoo, youtube and other sites. researchers tracked the hacking to a server in the netherlands. so far there is no evidence they have accessed the accounts. many of the hacked accounts used simple passwords like "password" or "1, 2, 3, 4, 5." the government is tracking
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locations of five billion locations overseas including those of americans. the "washington post" says that the national security agency unintentionally gathers all of the reports when it taps into world wide mobile network cables. n.s.a. leaker edward snowden gave documents to the "washington post" that detail the tracking program. the government has declined to comment but in the past has said it does not gather data on cell phones in the united states. >> police are wanting residents of a jump in mail theft. a property tax check was stolen from a pale box on the curve. to avoid becoming a victim of check fraud or identity theft, use the big blue mailboxes at the post office especially when you send payments for bills. >> treatment police hope you recognize this man and help capture him. detectives posted this surveillance video on youtube showing the man going through a drawer in a home break in. police have not revealed what was taken, but it happened around 12:30 on saturday
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afternoon. >> san jose police are looking for stolen officers' badge after someone break interest a personal car of an officer and took the badge. this is what it looks like. they are concerned someone could use it to stop someone and present themselves as an officer. san jose police say if you suspect you have been aspread by someone would could be embarrassnating an officer, call 9-1-1 to verify the identity. >> now, hope you thought of your young plants and your pipes, as cold as it is. >> brrr. up to ten degrees cooler than yesterday morning and still going down. live doppler 7 hd shows freeze warning has been extended until tomorrow. we are not going do lose the grip of the cold snap any time soon. san francisco right now is the warm spot at 42 degrees. 34 in oakland and 29 in los gatos. half moon bay is close to freezing, below freezing in san
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jose, though. santa rosa is at 26. napa is at 23. could get down to 20 with many records in jeopardy. 23 in novato with 31 by the delta and the winds are calm, strong northern gradient and the dew points are in the teens and 20's allowing temperatures in the livermore valley to drop through the low-to-mid 20's so yesterday we were warmer, 11 degrees warmer at this time in napa and eight degrees warmer in oakland so we forecasted it would be the coldest morning today and it is. the cold snap will still hang on so we have freezing temperatures through 9:00. on friday morning, and then chilly afternoon which does not change. increasing clouds, though, with the weather system bringing a winter mix sort and saturday. the cold air will encompass the west coast with the coldest air over us, the disturbance is
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dropping to the south and we already have the cold air in place and that will allow for a winter mix. you can see the temperatures the next couple of mornings below freezing and right on through next week. it is still going to take some time to recover. here is a look at what we can expect at the rain comes in by 1:00 o'clock across the bay, the commute looks wet and we will look for this to clear, with higher elevations at mount hamilton and big sur and moisture in place. in sierra nevada winter storm watch in effect and the west slopes up to a foot, in the upper 40's today and near 50 in present and looking ahead you can see the seven-day forecast shows temperatures slowly warming up by next week. >> good morning. taking you over to lake tahoe, we have some chain requirements on highway 89. it looks like everyone is looking clear. this is south of highway 50.
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highway 120 is closed headed through the pass. watch out two -- for that. 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco is 50 minutes. through the santa cruz mountains it is 25 minutes into los gatos. into san jose we have a big rig off the freeway leaking diesel fuel with injuries involved as you travel southbound along 880 you will see slow-and-go traffic approaching the 280 freeway. >> to holiday season, visit our facebook page and take the pledge to "give where you live" as we donate a dollar in your honor with each pledge for feeding america's food banks and up to $75,000. the good deed could rewarded. everyone would takes pledge is entered to win $7,000 cash.
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the winner is announced december 19 so spread the love and help us "give where you live." >> a reunion 3 1/2 years in the making, a cat ran away after the owner moved from from e to san jose in 2010 and the family searched and searched but could never find him. this week, a cat was turned in, in fremont, a homeowner was feeding it if throw years but assumed the cat belongs to a neighbor. a scan of the microchip at the animal shelter revealed the animal is, in fact, dash. the shelter contacted the family and dash and the owners will be reunited. >> early christmas different for a california couple. this bundle of joy, triple joy, is rare. >> cannot find the time to visit a lot for a christmas tree? you can get one on demand if you beat the clock.
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>> good morning, a look at san mateo bridge, traffic is still light, and it is cold out there this morning and in some places you could find it icy so be careful. we will have your weather and traffic with meteorologist and leyla gulen coming up. >> this morning, a northern california couple says they are still getting over the shock of becoming parents to rare triplets. here the three are, born two weeks ago in a sacramento hospital. the couple are the proud parents, proud shocked parents. the chances of having identical triplets without fertility drugs are one is a million to one in 200 million the girls weigh between three and four pounds each should be able to go home by the first of next year. >> need a christmas tree? don't have the time? there is an app.
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today only, home depot will deliver trees to customers in san francisco. click on christmas tree icon on the app and the tree will show up in minutes. but it is not cheap running you $135. that is significantly more than a tree regularly. if you are available today, between 11 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. >> think warm thoughts. it is cold. >> temperatures now are in the low 20's in napa. concord is 27. the freeze warning is extended until tomorrow morning. this afternoon, we have the sunshine, but look at where we are now, up to 10 or 15 degrees colder for the afternoon in some spots and 30 in fremont and 31 in san jose, with 28 in los gatos and the temperatures will drop another two or three degrees and records in jeopardy today with numbers right here.
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the records are in blue. we are close in oakland and livermore and we still will see the freezing code temperatures tomorrow morning. it is really not until saturday that we get more into the 30's but we are looking at a winter mission on friday and saturday morning. more on that is heed. our still trying to get over the christmas tree thing, how elegant. as i head into san jose, we still have this problem with c.h.p. closing down one lane with a big rig off the freeway and threing fuel there. we do have a driver taken to the hospital with injuries. wide view of san jose, you can see everything is moving at top speed at 73 miles per hour, which is too fast headed away from 880 to the san jose airport along 101, 85, that is looking clear. as we take a look at drive time traffic, if you headed along 80 in the westbound direction from albany to the maze, four minutes
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gets law and 880 from san jose to fremont, looking good. and outside we go, this is going to be the drive through walnut creek southbound between highway 4 to the 24 junction it is moving along just fine. >> 4:56. a new tribute in memory of paul walker who was killed if a fiery car accident over the weekend. ♪ tell the world ♪ i'm coming home ♪ i'm coming home >> the video was posted on "fast and furious" youtube channel showing the role that first made him a star in 2001 with universal pictures halting production of the new film assess all options to move forward with the franchise. >> we have new details about the person who is leaving big tips at restaurants happening for weeks all on instagram page, someone sitting at a table at a steakhouse left $1,500 tip last
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month signed "tips for jesus," and now it is discovered the mystery tipper is...former papal -- former pay pal vice president but he has not confirmed this report. >> car lovers this morning, muscle car lovers especially we have the first imknowledge -- imknowledge mas of the redesigned ford mustang which is being rolled out today celebrating the 50th anniversary, the first full redesign since 2005 which has a tapered roof front and back. it goes on sale next fall in north america. if you want do buy me one, that is fine. >> the big chill towns into the big freeze. folks across the bay area are coping with record lows. >> the challenge you could face
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if you plan on making a quick stop at a fast food restaurant. >> the google barge floating in san francisco bay goes from a mystery to the subject of an investigation. the question an agency prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out.
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people use lysol disinfectant there are hunspray.of ways max's mom uses it on the couch. it freshens, but unlike febreze it's also approved to kill 99.9% of bacteria. with lysol disinfectant spray, go beyond freshening. start healthing. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is thursday at 5:00. brrr. thanks for joining us. >> let me translate that "boy, it's cold." lisa? >> good morning. the freeze warning is extended until friday morning. we are freezeing. we have clear skies and looking at all of the bay area or


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