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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 5, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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♪ a good evening to you and welcome back to this special edition of "world news." tonight we are remembering nelson mandela, a man who changed this world. president obama saying just hours ago he no longer belongs to us, he belongs to the ages. at 95, his death not a surprise, but the lessons of his life still reverbrating around the globe, that long walk to freedom, brimming with humility, resilient, a determination to forgive. and there has been a huge outpouring of emotion, reaction from around the world tonight, our team there starting with abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran who
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joins us right now from london. terry? >> reporter: it is a profound moment for south africa and really for the world, the marking of the passing of this remarkable man and of the end of an era in human grace and dignity. in south africa itself, in the neighborhood which was a segregated township where nelson mandela lived before he went to prison for 27 years and where he went home to. there is a combination of mourning, of sorrow and celebration and gratitude, people gathering outside of his home and dancing, celebrating the life of nelson mandela. reaction pouring in from around the world for his life from the great and the powerful and the rest of us. there have been more than 4 million tweets about nelson mandela. you mentioned president obama's comment, an amazing scene here in london, the premier of the movie in london, the long walk to freedom, prince william and
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the duchess of cambridge in attendance, in the end the star came out and told everyone that nelson mandela had died. prince william said it had was a sad and tragic moment, reminding him of what an extraordinary inspiring man nelson mandela was. then an amazing reaction as well from f.w. de klerk, the white supreme cyst fierce apartheid president who cut the deal with nelson mandela to get him out of prison and then lost the presidential election to him. he paid his tribute at the end saying tata, we will miss you, using the african term for father, recognizing that nelson mandela is the father of his country. there is expected to be a funeral in a week. he'll lie in state. diane? >> terry moran reporting in from london tonight. "good morning america" co-anchor, robin roberts joins once again. we were talking about his smile, his vitality. he loved food. he loved dance. he loved music. he loved american movies. >> he loved it all. primarily he loved his children.
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it was so hard for him to be away and both of his wives that i talked to expressed that and how difficult and that's why he wanted so much family time when he was released from prison after all those years. on one of my recent visits, it was one when they received the bid for the world cup. unfortunately, nelson mandela was not able to go as they thought, so i sat down with graca machel, again married on his 80th birthday, many would say the truth love of his life and i asked her the lasting impact, the powerful impact of her husband. >> madiba will be remembered as the visionary leader who with humility was able to take the challenge of bringing together parts which had been by history and the making of people so far away from one another.
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it takes a lot of courage and persuasion to say we have no other way. we have to accept one another. that's precisely where his leadership made a huge difference. to take into account every single life of a south african was important, it needed to be protected. he laid his own life for that. >> because he did, that resonated with the south african people, because they realized what he went through. again, for him to come from that and not be bitter and to want to reconcile and want peace and equality for all races, that really has stayed with the south african people to this day. >> it's wonderful to see graca talking and to remember how much his family meant to him and when he finally retired from public life, he said, don't call me, i'll call you. >> exactly. >> exactly.
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thanks so much again, robin and george stephanopoulos is back with us right now. george, the leaders over the years were in contact with him. president clinton sought counsel from him. >> on not only how to deal with his problems during impeachment. remember, you saw the clips earlier on. he was an example of so many leaders through tough times because they would think if nelson mandela can forgive, we can forgive. if he can reconcile, we can reconcile. tony blair points out this is what he symbolized, was not only reconciliation between races but between north and south, between africa and the rest of the world, between the rich and the poor. he could speak to everyone. >> we should remind everybody, he could be very much a scold when something happened he didn't like. he weighed in against public policy in america. >> he was quite disappointed in the way that a lot of other african leaders were dealing with their own countries and dealing with problems in their own countries. i think he grieved often for the people of south africa, that
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they could not do better after he left. >> that's right. thank you again, george. good to have you and robin with us at this hour tonight. as you said, robin, a younger generation probably didn't see his walk to freedom, but they may have known him instead from sports and from the movies, particularly that shining moment on the sports field in the movie, invictus, the name of the movie from a famous poem, the words that had nourished mandela for 27 years behind bars, reminding we must be masters of our fate and captains of our souls. >> reporter: what would he do, this new president with whites, whose pride was their rugby team, the spring box, as always people doubted
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him, in order to know how to move white africans into the future. >> on behalf of our rainbow nation, i welcome you all. >> reporter: what happened next was played out right there in the 2009 movie invictus. by the way, mandela himself chose morgan freeman to play him. >> this is the time to build our nation. >> reporter: south africa got to host the rugby world cup off years of being banned because of apartheid and in a show of unity, nelson mandela came into the locker room in a spring box jersey. >> i want to thank you for what you have done for our country. >> thank you for what you have done for our country. >> reporter: not only did mandela cheer on the team, he rejoiced when they brought south africa to victory, leaving us with that indelible image of him wearing the uniform that had once been linked to white oppression, presenting the trophy to the captain for
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his victory and the victory of generosity. >> entirely audacious, entirely humble at the same time. now, we want to give you some insight into the letters a father wrote to his children all those years from behind bars. nelson mandela was allowed to send one letter every six months. abc's anchor david muir was given rare access in johannesburg to his notebook, his own record of what he wrote. >> reporter: he was allowed so few letters we would practice writing them which is why there is a record of every letter he wrote. he promised his children that he would one day finish his years with them which is exactly what he did. >> reporter: they are the treasured letters that until now have been tucked away. notebooks nelson mandela saved from his 27 years in prison, the letters he wrote to his loved ones. >> he walked out with it when he left prison. he took it with him. >> reporter: he would write many letters from his cell in the island. he would carefully choose his words because he had to.
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>> in early years he was only allowed to write one letter every six months, so he needed to know exactly what he wrote so he doesn't waste space. >> reporter: he wrote to his children about his dream of one day seeing them again. >> i do not know, my darlings when i will return. i told you that the white judge had said i should stay in jail for the rest of my life. it may be long before i come back, it may be soon, nobody knows when it will be, not even the judge who said i should be kept here. >> reporter: over the years mandela would ask for permission from the guards to write more letters than he was allowed. once after learning winnie was having heart trouble. he would make his request in their language, afrikaans hoping it would help get them to say yes. his name, nelson mandela and then his prison number, 466. >> reporter: the 466th prisoner that year, 1964.
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he would even asked a cherished friend why have you not written? >> do you forget your friend so easily? why are you not writing. >> reporter: finally they show us a note from his 71st birthday, a visit from winnie and his children and grandchildren. his real gift would come a year later, his release. >> there is mr. nelson mandela, a free man. >> reporter: we recall that promise he made to his children more than two decades earlier. i am certain that one day i will be back home to live in happiness until the end of my days. >> one day back at home until the end of my days, the cherished letters of a father, a husband and a leader and writing at the bottom of every letter, 466, prisoner 466 in the year 1964. >> thank you, david. thinking of those prison years as we know he used everything in his power to keep his dignity, used his charm to win over enemies. he used his charm to win over enemies. we've seen him love to dance, take pride in dressing well. his fellow inmates like to say
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he refused to be a victim and he taught them the same, taking up gardening inside prison saying it's a metaphor for life, teaching you to nourish life and weed out that which cannot succeed. as we have been saying famously, he loved to laugh. >> when i told one of my friends a few months ago that i wanted to retire, he growled at me. coach, you are retired. if that is really the case, then i should say i now announce that i am retired from retirement. >> the power of his laughter. when we come back, the news of nelson mandela's death has been rocketing around this globe. tonight we have reaction from so many of you americans absorbing the news and weighing in next.
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♪ you are looking at a live picture at this hour, south africa right outside johannesburg, so many people gathering at the home where nelson mandela lived and has died. as we have been saying all
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around the world there have been modern reactions to today's news, all of us forming a kind of community online and abc's senior national correspondent jim avila is here. he's been tracking it all. >> reporter: as you know, his life began before radio was chronicled in news reels and television. today nelson mandela was celebrated in modern social media. nelson mandela made history in grainy black and white, but his death was fully covered by modern social media today. approaching 4 million tweets in the first two hours after his death was announced. former president bill clinton posting this picture, a handshake and the words, i will never forget my friend madiba and george w. bush, president mandela was one of the great forces of freedom and equality of our time. he bore his burdens with dignity and grace and our world is better off because of his example. it's a type of worldwide experience that draws young and
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old, black and white to share feelings. south african native access charlize theron. you will be missed but your impact will live forever. director spike lee posted this picture with a simple message and then this one from nasa. inter glass tick reaction from the space shuttle, posting a picture of mandela's beloved south africa. as crowds continue to gather in front of mandela's home, perhaps the day's most poignant message from his own twitter account, death is something inevitable. when he does what he considers to be his duty to his country and his people, he can rest in pea peace. worldwide, electronic good-byes for the man who brought the
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world and the community together. when we return right here, other news from the day including the latest on the huge ice storm millions of people in its path at this hour. hey check it out hey get that sign back up ♪when it gets cold and it feels like the end♪ (sndfx: clapping) uncle go one,two,one,two,one [uncle]thistwo,one.cotch,okay? [niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah?
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it shows which states are in the danger zone tonight. abc's clayton sandell now on the struggle to stay warm. >> reporter: temperatures are dropping and blood pressures rising as a major winter storm barrels east. minnesota a mess of spinning tires and plows, the state digging out from under heavy snow. oklahoma grocery stores are selling out. >> i wanted to beat the rush, and i didn't. >> reporter: tennessee today declared a state of emergency. further west it's the frigid cold. oklahoma city chillier than anchorage, alaska. this ob ob mutt was this mill was coated in ice and in california growers are burning peach pits for enough heat to save a $2 billion citrus crop. >> we have to protect it at all costs. >> reporter: in denver they're deicing planes and trying to find shelter for the homeless. >> when we get cold snaps like
6:21 pm
this, it's very dangerous. >> reporter: staying warm means piling on the layers. >> i've got this coat and then a sweater, a long sleeved shirt and thermal underwear under that. >> reporter: denver tied a chilly record, minus 15 degrees. at tom's urban restaurant -- >> this is a walk-in cooler. we keep this around 35, 38 degrees. >> reporter: it's actually warmer in the freezer. >> two degrees >> that's like 17 degrees warmer than it was outside this morning. >> yeah. this is where we go to warm up. >> reporter: now some criminals are taking advantage of the cold, looking for puffers. what's a puffer? it's a car that the owner leaves unattended, running to warm it up. denver police say in the last couple of days they have had half a dozen puffer cars stolen. diane? >> another reason to watch out. thank you so much clayton sandell. next tonight a parting gift from nelson mandela. his words, his wisdom. ♪
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♪ as someone said, nelson mandela's life issued a kind of challenge to everyone, saying greatness is within each one of us. what will you do when it's your turn? so we leave you tonight with nelson mandela and his own words.
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>> there is mr. nelson mandela, a free man, taking his first steps into a new south africa. that is the man who the world has been waiting to see. >> i stand here before you not as a prophet but as a humble servant. today the majority of south africans, black and white, recognize that apartheid has no future. south africa has room for everyone. i have the idea of a democratic and free society.
6:26 pm
it is an idea for which i hope to live to see. if it need be it is an ideal for which i am prepared to die. our people demanding democracy. our country which continues to plead and suffer pains needs democracy. let us stretch out our hand and to say to them we are all south africans. we have had a good fight, but now this is the time to heal the old wounds and to build a new south africa. we have never doubted in our minds our country.
6:27 pm
i am the product of africa and it is time for a rebirth that can now be realized. so that all our children may play in the sun. >> and we are so glad you were with us tonight. will have complete coverage of nelson mandela's life and legacy all night long and all the reaction from around the world as well. join us for "nightline" later with a special edition, full coverage tomorrow on "good morning america" and a special "20/20" tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. we will see you right back here again tomorrow night. good night. ♪ ♪
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good bundle up. another bone-chilling night in the bay area, another 24 hours of frigid weather, then, a night of rain and possibly snow. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson
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we'll have local reaction to the death of nelson mandela in just a few minutes but first, bay area cold snap. tonight will be almost as cold as last night. how cold was it? planes had to be deiced before taking off this morning from san jose international airport. it took more than a wiper blade to cut through the ice overnight. so cold, isaacels developed in danville as seen in this picture. abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel is here now. >> so far, napa is three degrees from freezing. already take a look at records for the morning. napa hit a record at 25 degrees. 30 in san rafael. san francisco tied at 40. oakland broke previous records, 33. moffett field into upper 20s there. so it was frigid. napa county airport 16 degrees this morning.
6:30 pm
subfreezing temperatures again, freeze warning covering all areas except san francisco. you want to watch out. you can see increased risk of hypothermia. bring in pets. you can see them burst. and live doppler seven getting ready to track a cold storm. dan? >> let's check in with laura anthony and wade freedman. wayne, we'll start with you. broken water pipes today. let's see if wayne can hear us. you're on. go ahead. >> hi, dan. i know you can't hear us. we've been in the truck, it's been so cold out here. yes. there are water pipes and people surprised about their water pipes they didn't think it affected anyone else, then, all of a sudden, boom. pop.
6:31 pm
not just an inglorious end but a loud one.. >> i heard an explosion on the roof. >> she found three little geysers not unlike this little geyser in novato. >> overnight got cold, freezing temperatures. water starts to expand in spots that aren't insulated like this one. >> did you think they said it's going to be cold, would it affect you? >> no. no idea. our pipes were wrapped. >> not enough. not anymore. not if that betsy green could have known. sheaed not checked the roof in... >> i would say two years, three years. a common mistake. out of sight, above our heads, out of mind s there anything she could have done? >> if they had insulation like this, you can leave a fixture in your house
6:32 pm
a shower head dripping a little bit. moving water is harder to freeze. >> you know it's a basic lesson in plumbing prevention. betsy green, you're a good sport. >> lesson learned here, check pipes every year. check weather. >> it could have been worse. >> the two repairs i'm doing are not expensive. at least with our company. >> that is wayne freedman reporting. the cold snap got colder last night. is where abc7 news is. laura? >> hi, carolyn. want to give you perspective. it's colder here right now than it is all the way aares the country. in boston, it's great for the ice skater buzz not so good for other folks. >> you can see this. and this. >> down to her socks this 74-year-old has layers just to survive inside of her home.
6:33 pm
>> temperatures is low. i just know it's low. i don't care. how degrees. >> the low income senior has an outdateed and broken heater, she gets by with a donated electric blanket and space heater but when temperatures are below freezing all she can do is bundle up. for her, the cold can be life threatening. >> so how are you doing? >> cold. chilly. >> maybe another layer? >> yes. just a little break i made. >> she outfitted her dog with a faux stole.. >> i went for a walk it was very, very cold. >> she had a coat on? >> yes. she had the coat on. she went home earlier. usually we go a half hour. she went home, early. >> might want to keep that coat handy a little while longer. in
6:34 pm
walnut creek laura anthony abc7 news. >> citrus farmers are losing sleep and spending millions to protect crops from a freeze. some areas saw overnight temperatures in the teens. one grower says farmers are not expecting a break until middle of the week so this is a treacherous time the forecast for several crop-threatening cold spells over the next few days. >> now, to the passing today of one of the most revered men in history, nelson mandela. he spent 27 years in prison for opposing apartheid. tonight people are dancing in celebration of his life outside of the family home where he passed away this afternoon. abc7 news is live tonight at berkeley city hall. the bay area antiapartheid crusade was launched. >> i have to tell you behind me is berkeley city council. very
6:35 pm
to say this council tried to pass a resolution against apartheid. it passed and nelson mandela took notice of that and other things happening the bay area. it was june, 1990. nelson mandela had been released from prison. 58,000 people packed the oakland coliseum to see and hear him. mandela delivered a message of thanks and hope. >> it is you that people of oakland, the people of the bay area, who have given me and my delegation strength and hope to progress and continue the struggle. >> state senator was on stage with mandela that day. back then she was a the mayor of beshgly and city council had already voted to sanction south africa. >> that turned out to be a move thament grew. the east bay was the first place
6:36 pm
the cities of the east bay, the city of berkeley. >> he is now executive director of oakland cypress mandela training center. >> he was powerful with just spirit. you snow his spirit overcoming obstacles he went through. such an honor and a revelation to meet a giant. >> at uc berkeley, students protested leading the way in the movement. they weren't the only ones. in the east bay, dock workers refused to unload south african goods. in san francisco, reverend amos brown had, for years, collected money for antiapartheid cause. >> my church erected first sign in this city. protesting apartheid back in the 1980s. >> it was his only visit to the bay area. one that still touches so many. >> i won't have missed it. i
6:37 pm
just wouldn't have. we still have a lot of work to do. the struggle continues on. >> now, oakland congress woman barbara lee saying quote, his legacy will live on forever and the fight for freedom and jus anies a multi racial society. and this from governor brown. his life shows what is possible when one acts on convictions president obama said nelson mandela now belongs to the ages. he was 95 years old and had been in failing health sometime. >> coming up next cal athletics signs up a ben
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>> updating breaking story out of contra costa county. officials warning about a possible color yeens incident
6:41 pm
>> nick smith is live where the county has given the all clear. >> reporter: you know we have new information this, is what you need to know. i just got off the phone with randall sawer. he says all clear has been given. the tank has been empty, and you can, they're continuing to monitor the situation and they're doing now what is called a cause analysis thchl is a view from sky seven hd. we're over the scene moments after the announcement was given there was a shelter in place. this is what we know. the plan had been shut down since tuesday after chlorine releases today's leak was unrelated to those chlorine releases, pipes had contained water broke and contaminated the chlorine tanks. so, a shelter in place was given. what happens is that chlorine can cause severe injuries to lungs. which is what the county called for a shelter in place
6:42 pm
they're working to ensure releases are done and they can be up and running tomorrow, all clear has been given. hazmat officials are working to figure out what went wrong. they're doing now what is called a cause anal snichls pitsburg, abc7 news >> three teen-aged boys accused of of getting two girls so drunk they passed out and then sexual assaulted them. police say boys, 115-year-old and 217-year-olds assaulted the girls at wild cat canyon regional park last week. the girls, 14 and 17 woke up and realized what happened to them. three young men and two girls attend high schools in richmond a state wide amber alert issued for a 14-year-old girl abducted in washington a cording to patrol she was taken by a 19-year-old acquaintance the two believed to be heading
6:43 pm
to california and possibly to mexico. these photos have been released we have a surveillance photo of the suspect vehicle to show you. now, amber alert signs have gone up on bay area freeways this, one is at the base of the san mateo bridge as you can see from sky seven hd. if you've seent girl or suspect, or vehicle you're asked to call police. >> well, moving to something different, cal football fans might be saying kabam. scoring naming rights to a football feed to a video game maker by that name, kabam. the logo will appear on the 25 and 50 yard lines. deal for 15 years and pays cal $18 million. the founder calls it a perfect fit. >> having an opportunity to name the field a california memorial stadium after the company i
6:44 pm
started, it's just an incredible honor. i can't imagine a closer tie than a ceo can have with an alma mater that he loves >> owe% of the employees are cal alumni. >> i like that. >> >> going to be skies and that is going to be changing. clear skies, temperatures 45 in san francisco, oakland. high temperatures running below average. san jose, 46 now, into upper 0s los gatos and half moon bay. this is a post card glorious view now. 40 degrees in santa rosa. 35 napa. it's getting
6:45 pm
close to freezing. novato, 36 degrees, temperatures going down. 42 livermore. you can see view of the bay bridge here. here is a look at the forecast. record cold again tomorrow. snow over peaks between friday evening and saturday morning. into sunday and mob, tomorrow morning cold, 25 in santa rosa, fairfield. 20 in napa. 30 in san jose. 31 palo alto. you can bet they're going to be icy windshield there's in mornings. 34 in oakland. 41 degrees in san francisco. 36 in half moon bay. make sure you dress warmly when leaving home. don't forget about the kids cold air with us. we're not going to be just dealing with cold but rain and snow. another system going to drop down. this will bring us rain coming down
6:46 pm
from from 5:00 p.m it will move in by 8:00 or 9:00. we're a quarter to half an inch. snow starts to dive south a little bit we may see snow around clear lake chlth wide spread rain by midnight saturday morning and starts to taper. we're still keeping a chance of snow in with cold air in place. seeing winter weather advisory. we're going to be seeing low el visions of snow. sierra included which is why the storm warning is up, expecting up to 20 inches tomorrow afternoon, up to 40s and low 50s foremost. a look at
6:47 pm
the accu-weather forecast, stay bundled up. 40s and 50s for highs, monday mosh morning freezing cold i think we can put await cold here. >> thank you. >> sorry. >> yes. >> next, spencer christian is on assignment. >> stay with us we want to tell but give where
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one out of six people in the bay area isn't sure where the next meal will come from >> give where you slif helping local food banks give to those in need. >> spencer christian is live with us. >> joining me is executive director of second harvest. i know kathy jacobson. this is kathy jackson i keep doing that. thanks for joining us. >> no problem. >> i know there is an unprecedented need this year. >> there is the people we serve are folks who hit a pot hole in life them. lost a job, they got divorced they had a health emergency. and the other folk that's we help, you know what? they're people like us
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hard working people. but unlike us they can't make ends meet in this part of the country. >> it important you pointed that out we talk about hungry pechl, we're asking who are the hungry people. they're people really working hard just to try to make ends meet. >> it's right. such an expensive area to live. and one of the things we can do is help bridge them so they can provide for the families. >> yes. we're going to tell our viewers how to help n a meaningful way. text the word "feed" to the number 80077. $ten donation goes a long, long way. every dollar translates into about $four worth of food help out. especially at the time of the year. it's needed and appreciated. >> yes. indeed thank you. >> terrific work there. encouraging to you take the give where you live pledge at abc7 news facebook page. >> abc7 will donate $one
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good evening, fla state quarterback james winston is not going to be charged with rape.
6:55 pm
the state attorney willy megs says nearly year long delay between the alleged incident and investigation hampered this case >> we have a duty as prosecutors to only file those charges if we have a reasonable likelihood of a conviction. after reviewing evidence in this case, we did not feel we could meet that burden. >> we believed from day one in december, that this was a consensual act between mr. winton and a young woman, we believed it in december, and in february z we believe it today. >> now, onto the field. 49ers and sea hawks have developed a rather healthy dislike for one another. they'll meet in a game that is more important to 49ers. the sea hawks have a lead including a win over red and gold in week two in, seattle. niners are still fighting just to make a playoff. they want to send a clear message to division
6:56 pm
rivals >> they believe they're the mighty seahawks. so, you know we'll see who comes out on top. you know? we're very confident. they're confident two. teams are similar. you know when you look at us. and you know it's going to be a good game on sunday. >> should be a good game. >> abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply, hardware >> thank you. >> join me tonight at 9:00 you know things can go wrong in the world of social media. bullying. how facebook now wants to help. >> then at 11:00 a landing attempt overseas a jumbo jet flying sideways what the pilot did at the last minute. >> imagine being on that plane. in prime time tonight we have once upon a time in wonderland then scandal. we'll be back at
6:57 pm
11:00. that is available online at watch abc. >> a reminder about abc7 give where you live campaign. we're live at second harvest food bank now. >> we're asking to you take the pledge on our facebook page. we'll put in $one and you'll be eligible for $7,000 cash prize. >> thanks for joining us everyone. >> we appreciate your time. see
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are a business intelligence consultant from chaska, minnesota... a high-school dean of students from kansas city, missouri... and our returning champion, a customer-service representative from austin, texas... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome aboard. in case you were not watching a couple of days ago, carlos ross, our current "jeopardy!" champion, came in second many, many years ago in the national geographic bee in washington, d.c.
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so, you know that if we get a geography category coming up in the round that he's gonna feel very comfortable, but with regard to the other categories, who knows? maybe cecilia or tahne will be favored. let's start finding out. good luck. here we go. jeopardy! round. and the categories... aha! yes, there is a magazine of that name. and finally, if you're in the mood, we'll give you a... with "six" in quotation marks. all right, carlos. animated movies by character, $200, please. cecilia what is "shrek"? yeah. women in history for $200. carlos.


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