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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 6, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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ponchos. >> santa clara three homeless skwlerlts will be expanded over the weekend whchlt more freezing weather is expected and will be open all day in addition to all night. and there will be more beds. they say no one will be turned away. officials say they will find a place for everyone who asked for a warm place to sleep. he we're getting snow in the bay area, take a look at flakes mixed with rain there is a snow plow probably clearing the road of ice but a reminder roads could be dangerous tonight. >> yes. and adding tt cold is rain. >> yes. we're going to check out live doppler seven hd.
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seeing snow around clover dale area. we're picking up snow around lake county. taking you in closer, it allows us to take a look at warnings underneath radar layer. as you look at the bay area we're seeing rain and snow. fairfield taking you in closer here. and a live look this view is dry. we can d.have new records this morning over a dozen. this is just a sampling. san francisco, 406789 san joyce yeah, 30 degrees. i'll be back to let you know what the weekend is look like. iet was cold
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enough to snow today and stick to the ground. these are pictures sent to our you reports. you can see flakes falling. and in the north bay, repair services getting a lot of calls to fix faulty heating systems. many finding they don't work properly. >> those thermostats are running high like everywhere else the water from broken pipes has been running as well. the possibility of snow has pearl harbor veterans on the move. >> i can tell you water just started falling from the sky here, it's feeling cold. as for mount diablo, they're expecting several inches of snow there overnight into tomorrow. this did have survivors down here
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into the flatlands. the 89-year-old won't miss it. the lighting of the beacon. but this weekend's event moved from the summit to the flatlands. due to the threat of snow on the mountains. >> we'd like to be able to relight it. but it doesn't make sense to do that. and i agree with having it down here. >> this is what folks in martinez awoke to. yet another sign that the bay area doesn't do subfreezing well. just ask these plants. or chicken that's found ice chips in water this morning. >> pg&e says energy de-samanthaed high but don't see
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problems related to the cold weechl have adequate supply of gas to handle this cold snap. that we anticipate, you know colder snaps throughout the season. and we're prepared for those situations. >> in walnut creek, it's so when you can see two people walking down the street sharing one blanket. >> what is with the blanket? >> well, she brought it. and it's cold cold. feels nice. >> tomorrow will be time to share an umbrella. >> cute person there. for latest on our weather changes you can down load abc7 news weather app. it will give you live radar and hour fully forecasts. >> a 14-year-old girl recovering from major injuries after being struck by a car in newark this morning. the victim hit while in
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the crosswalk. police say alcohol and drugs do not appear to be a factor. >> san francisco authorities have arrested a man they think is responsible for throwing two cats into the bay. they arrested him about an hour ago. eric leroy patterson arrested on embarcadero four in downtown after people called in say where he might be. police say he resist add rest and may have to go to san francisco general hospital. investigators say a woman was carrying two cats in a carrier. patterson grabbed the carrier and tossed it into the water. you can see the damage to the carrier and both cats died. police say patterson had a history of assaults. a san jose police officer is being treated tonight for moderate injuries hurt when a driver slammed into a patrol car ask tried to run. that is only
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half of the story. >> this morning a san jose police officer was behind the wheel of a patrol car. and bam, a speeding cadillac hits him from behind. both officer and driver are hurt. the injured officer yelled for the man to stop and gets help. >> a security guard here eastbound ended up tackling the suspect. that security guard is lucky he could have been caught up in the crash. >> he had been just chatting and stepped back as the officer was about to leave. stepped back and very fortunate, that is when the accident occurred. >> you can picture him however
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you like. general manager calls him shy, and a teddy bear. >> he's a hero almost every day. so i won't surprise me to find out. this is what happened. >> the driver will be taken to jail. neither his nor police officers' injuries are life threatening. >> also just received word of this car into a house. we understand two people are hurt. only minor injuries the fire department sont scene. >> bay area leaders remembering late nelson mandela tonight. one is the reverend cecil williams of glide foundation. williams was arrested in an antiapartheid rally at cal demanding uc divest from south africa. mandela said the movement helped quicken the
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end of the white minority rule. >> liberation of course. the people who are poor, and outside of the concern. and so, being that kind of person of course, i said we've lost greatest liberator that i've ever known. >> now ron dellums sponsored antipart eyed act of 1984 the house and senate overrode president reagan's veelto of the act. the first in the 20th century. after this law, divestment began in earnest. >> president obama and first lady will travel to south after rick why for mandela's memorial service as will former
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presidents bill clinton and george w. bush. careen travers reports. >> he will be remembered for the way he led his dignity. >> crowds gathered outside of the home where mandela passed away. there were tears and prayers. there is also singing and dancing. details have been announced about the service that's were honoring his life and legacy. >> we should work together to organize a befitting funeral for this outstanding son of the country. >> his body was moved to
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patoria. sunday will be a national day of prayer. the stadium has symbolic meaning where he made his last pubic alear yens. closing ceremonies of the of the world cup in >> idea every human being ought to be free and oppression can end. that is what nelson mandela taught us. >> nelson mandela will be buried next sunday. >> and you can watch a special edition on 2020. hosted by robin roberts. >> tune in for that. as sun sets
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tonight toughest part of a farmer's day is just beginning. >> we're good and ready. >> you can see that coming up, the fight against freeze. >> stormy weather disrupts flights and cancels thousands of flights. >> can you imagine being the race car driver in this car? he walked from it. stay with us.
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market surging higher from opening bell. dow closing at 16020. good news on wall street reflected good news on the job front. the wind in investor sails. the government reported
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employers added 200,000 jobs in november. that helped lower unemployment rates three tenths of a point to seven percent seven percent. >> winter storms have led to mass cancellations in airports around the country. dallas is the hardest hit. several inches of snow just buried that airport. 90% of the flights schedule and 2000 u.s. flights and nearly 700 flights world wide cancelled today because of the bad weather. across state ice and several inches of snow blanketed areas that are usually sunnier. states farther north have seen a lot of snow. >> the roads are very, very slippery. a lot of slush on
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roads. >> parts of minnesota and wisconsin have seen two feet of snow. in north dakota dipping to 40 degrees below 0. a storm pilot. he tried to land yesterday. the flight was diverted from birmingham to london's gatwick airport. thousands have been forced to evacuate. that even flooded out
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this station providing light boats. >> small family farms having a difficult time dealing with low temperatures. one grower dealing with low after row of destroyed vegetables in fresno. and that farmer lost half of the crop. these burned vegetable leaves are just a small portion of the crops on this farm destroyed in this week's hard freeze. >> so good and ready >> the beats on the farm sat uncovered and leaves now soft, wilted. the plants are covered with tarps couldn't survive. >> this is down to
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but there is a lot of burn >> both hope some plants will sprout leaves. but that hope is minute pal. >> just 12, nights. it's bad. >> he says damage to the crops for the half of the year. he is concerned the crew is working from sun rise to sunset. salvaging whatever it can. vegetables are grown to sell at farmer markets and family consumption. with a lot of hard work, these farmers know cold continues throughout the weekend continuing to threaten food, and profits. abc7
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news. >> that is really, you feel for them. >> yes. so sad. hopefully going to get better. >> we have another freeze warning coming up. so not immediately. it's going to be sunday morning. checking out live doppler seven, it's an active scene. dina says it's snowing. moisture still in the north bay. and parts of the east bay right now this, is where it's snowing. you can see clear lake down. radar is seeing some snow. it's been snowing moeflt afternoon. check out east bay seeing pink. you'll likely see snow later on tonight into tomorrow and under a winter weather advisory. highway one
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north bay, st. francis drake boulevard getting rain now. it will be spreading. across the rest of the bay area. so we'll have to deal with umbrella weather. from our camera, dark outside and wet. snow is going to dump. 43 in novato. temperatures 51 in livermore. rain tonight, know snow above 2500 feet. weekend is not completely a crash wash. freeze warning you'll see areas in just a moment. you'll need to once again protect pets and plants. cold storm is moving in. we'll see rain-snow mix. we'll
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see potential for heavier returns still snow coming down. snow possibility through morning. could be sleet and snow and wintery here in the bay area, clearing into afternoon. sou do need to do holiday shopping. a winter weather advisory, diablo rain expecting snow 2 warning tonight 10:00 p.m covering a good part of northern california. we're seeing some delays due to snow. major travel problems are expected. we're looking alt blizzard conditions
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up there. tomorrow morning, not as cold low 30s to mid-40s but likely need umbrellas for plans and afternoon, temperatures staying chilly. monterey bay, sunday 2:00 to 9:00 a.m . another round of subfreezing conditions sunday, monday morning. then after that, out of the freeze going with milder temperatures. and we'll have another chance of rain thursday. >> thank you. >> all right. well... look at this. from eye catching to eye color. it's finney's friday free stuff coming up next >> technology changing the way your children are being taught. and people behind this education.
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>> this is in australia. the car rolled ten times as you can see. hard to believe the driver walked away. this was the first practice session the driver was able to emerge from the wreck uninjured with the driver's cell intact. the cage protecting him. >> it looks like his head hit the ground. >> it did. >> well, i can move on to something light and fun. it's friday. do you know what ma means? >> finney's friday free stuff. >> i am not giving away a stuffed dog. everybody walking around but i'll take that. goi no. no. the dog is here as a
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coming up in 30 minutes you'll hear from some of the bay area disciples of nelson mandela. also a bay area doctor who is helping researcher develop a new option for treating back pain. and, a lost and found story in a bus stop. michael finney unravels a lost luggage ordeal. >> thank you. >> see you then. >> you can help us feed the bay area this season. take the pledge to give where you live. >> we'll donate $one in your honor up to $75,000. >> everyone will be entered to win $7,000 cash. winner announced december 19th. >> if you start on holiday season bring your family to a
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party with celebrities at the giants ballpark it's all help underprivileged children. >> this is a great and jennifer montana, no less z mingle with johnny moseley. >> have a fun time, leave with a gift bag, sometimes, the gift bag is the only present received during holiday season. >> i hope you'll join us, i will be at the event along with kristin zee. tickets are still available. just look under see it on tv. >> great event. >> so much fun. >> you can't imagine. they stop and talk to kids. >> great. >> all right. that is going to
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do it for us. world news is next. welcome to world news tonight, in the frozen zone, a massive ice storm in the heart of the country. drivers out of control, winter weather from new mexico to maine. hundreds of thousands without power, temperatures drop. celebration of the life of nelson mandela, leaders around the world going to south africa to bid him farewell. made in america. clothes made in america again. and tonight, you can trace your jeans to the farmer who grew the cotton. make it a merry christmas for american jobs. good evening to you on this chilly night. they are calling it ice friday, the freezing storm stretching 2,000 miles


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