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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  December 9, 2013 3:00am-4:01am PST

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this morning on "world news now," powerful stormte this morning on "world news now," powerful storm from texas to wisconsin and the northeast. the snow and ice stranded travelers and caused pileup after pileup. >> i was on my phone and next thing i knew i looked up and just swerving through cars. >> airline travel backups today and the risky conditions for rush hour drivers. nation in grief. south africa's memorials for nelson mandela. the remembrances far and wide as president obama and other world leaders head to johannesburg. stunning announcement from singer susan boyle who captivated the world with her humble roots and winning voice. ♪ i dreamed a dream in time gone by ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> private diagnosis and why she's decided to make it public.
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it is monday, december 9th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. good monday morning, everybody. how was your commute in? >> it actually wasn't so terrible. i know i'm one of the lucky ones. what was the west churning has hit us now. >> philadelphia really got bombed where i am on the jersey shore not too far away, maybe 90 minutes away, got six inches. it is wintertime. >> you are closer to the water than i am. i probably got three inches. still bad. >> let's talk about the wicked stuff out there. we begin with then storm that moved to the east coast, heavy snow and ice that triggered deadly pileups and a nightmare for air travelers, as well. >> forecasters had called for light snow in the philadelphia area, but a lot more came down in and around that area. more than eight inches in south jersey and a foot of snow in newark, delaware. 7,000 flights have been canceled across the country
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since friday. dallas was hit hard with 400 flights grounded there yesterday alone. abc's larry jacobs has the latest on this storm. >> reporter: it's just bad to be on the roads. >> little scary for me. >> reporter: scarier for cars involved in pileups across the country. at least one motorist died on the pennsylvania turnpike. another man killed on a massive crash on a slippery and iced i-94 in wisconsin. >> i was on my phone and next thing i knew i looked up and just swerving through cars, dodging through cars and we ended up in a ditch. >> reporter: like so many other cars. >> things started to get slick. everyone started to slow down and bounce, bounce, bounce, like bumper cars. >> reporter: or crawling along. hundreds of trucks at a standstill on i-20 in texas. part of the national road mayhem leading up to the east coast. >> the driving was terrible. it was wet everywhere. my car slipped everywhere. really bad conditions out there. >> reporter: so much ice accumulated on this apartment in
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plano, texas it dropped off in sheets slicing them to the ground below. at the airport in dallas they are trying to clear out from the canceled flights from the weekend. >> we keep getting delayed and a lot of people are super upset. >> reporter: the cold, icy weather has caused nearly 2,500 cancelations on sunday on top of delays and cancelations on sunday. get ready for another deep freeze coming to cities near you this week. a rough morning commute especially in the northeast. larry jacobs, abc news, new york. >> freezing rain advisories are posted from chicago to the east coast this morning. >> our coverage continues now with accu-weather where meteorologist justin povick is tracking the storm. good morning, justin. >> unfortunately on the east coast it's another sloppy start to our monday. dealing with freezing rain and a little bit of sleet. there's some light at the end of the tunnel as warmer temperatures arrive later on today. for the next couple of hours, potential for a little icing central and northern virginia,
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central maryland, d.c., philadelphia, new york city, you are already in the clear. as we go in to this afternoon, the high temperatures area-wide warm over the freezing mark. we will look at the plain rain for a handful of states. this is, by far, better to deal with rather than the sleet, the snow and freezing rain. here's a set up. warm flow of air from the south. still showers along 95. cooler temperatures not too far off to the west. back to you, john and diana. >> all right. justin povick at accu-weather, thank you very much. now to the ukraine. the country's biggest anti-government protest in nine years. demonstrators in kiev toppling and decapitating a landmark of vladimir lenin last night. the protesters took turns beating on the torso of the fallen statue and others lined up to collect piece of stone. they are demanding the president's resignation after he ditched an agreement with the european union in favor of closer ties with moscow. in brazil, wild scenes from a soccer match. opposing teams fought each other, fans throwing punches and kicks. violence erupting after a match
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over an hour. police broke it up using rubber bullets and tear gas. helicopter had to be flown in and landed on the field to bring anyone seriously injured to the hospital. not the scene brazilian authorities want six months before next year's world cup. a shake-up in north korea. the uncle of leader kim jong-un was kicked out of the party. officials in south korea became suspicious after the change after images of the uncle were removed from a tv documentary. president obama is among the dozens of world leaders traveling to south africa for nelson mandela's memorial service tomorrow. the president, former president george w. bush, and their wives leave aboard air force one this morning for johannesburg. >> reporter: a vigil for the father of the nation. since news of nelson mandela's death broke, south africans have flocked to his house around the
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clock to pay their final respects. >> he was a hero. >> reporter: across the country, south africans are comforting themselves and each other by embracing mandela's spirit of love and devotion. >> i came to pay my last respects to our father. he's everything. >> to keep his legacy going we need to keep living what he set out for us. >> it is so special. beautiful. >> reporter: mandela was remembered with a national day of prayer and reflection. ex-wife winnie mandela joined south africa's president, jacob zuma, at a church service. >> for all of us, the nation and friends of south africa of madiba come together to pray for him. >> reporter: at another service, mandela's great grandson spoke for so many. >> yes, we are in mourning but what is most important is to celebrate his life. >> reporter: the week of official mourning continues on
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tuesday with a memorial service that will include heads of state from around the world. it will be held at the fnb stadium in johannesburg where mandela made his final appearance at the 2010 world cup. president obama will attend with the first lady as will former presidents george w. bush, bill clinton and jimmy carter. then mandela will lie in state for three days at the capitol in pretoria before he is laid to rest after a state funeral in his home village of qunu next sunday. alexander marquardt, abc news, johannesburg. the pentagon is under fire for bypassing dozens of manufacturers and buying helicopters from russia instead. choppers are sent to afghanistan security force. pentagon officials say the russian helicopters are superior. documents show the opposite. lawmakers first expressed outrage last april. >> with all of the tens of billions of dollars we put into afghanistan, this is a tough one to justify. >> we are trying to provide them
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as much capability as possible so they can, in fact, take responsibility for security. >> those a.p. documents show the american-made boeing chinook helicopter was the most cost effective choice over the long haul. in jacksonville, florida, a small plane crashed killing all three people on board. the cessna went down in a pond in a secluded neighborhood. the pilot radioed moments before to say he couldn't see the runway. police say fog may have played a role in that crash. an investigation is underway in san antonio, texas, after a college student was shot and killed by a campus police officer. it happened during a traffic stop. police say 23-year-old robert cameron rivas got into a scuffle with the officer who pulled him over. allegedly for speeding and driving erratically. at least five shots were fired. thousands of friends and fans of actor paul walker turned out for a memorial in southern california. many brought flowers but a lot of them drove high-performance cars which walker enjoyed so
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much. walker and a friend died in a fiery crash in a powerful porsche. the accident is being investigated. there is no evidence the men were involved in a street race. in the florida everglades something of a mystery. experts say 11 short fin pilot whales are dead after beaching themselves. 11 others from the same pod were found dead earlier. the dead animals was part of a large group found in shallow water a week ago. dozens of other whales are believed to have swam in the deeper waters to safety. a waitress in new jersey, who gained notoriety when she claimed she was denied a tip because of her sexuality has been fired. diana morales claimed that a family had left her a homophobic note on their receipt instead of a tip. amid the controversy the family stepped forward and proved that a tip was left for morales. former friends called her a compulsive liar and say she no longer works at the asian restaurant where she started her story. >> horrible story. so many people have legitimate,
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fighting for equality and all of these things and somebody to set everything back by doing something like this. >> she was apparently -- people came from all over the place to give her money. in fact, when we initially did her story here, i had people asking me on twitter where to send money. they wanted to help, as well. >> it touched a nerve. >> $3,000 she received. she has been able to refund some of the duped people who wanted to help out but not everybody has gotten their money back. and the family that came forward the family that came forward proved they left an $18 tip on a $93 bill. so it is a complete fabrication. >> the entire thing. not only that, but apparently she was a member of the military and she said she was discharged one way, but the military says she was discharged, dishonorable discharge. the whole thing crumbled in front of her and we are learning she is a compulsive liar. moving on to a guy who knows how to stay calm under pressure. here he is. red skin suit there on the edge in norway. >> i'm afraid to look. >> while he is there, he gets on
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the apparatus and pulls off a death-defying handstand. eventually makes it to a one half-handed handstand. he is 1,800 feet above the water below, no safety harness and no net. >> he said the only safety is years of physical and mental preparation. obviously that's all he needed on that day. thank goodness. >> i could do that. >> could you do it on -- if you weren't on a cliff could you do it? >> especially on a cliff but yeah, that's what i was doing all weekend long. >> that's why you are so buff. pregnant no less. >> and pregnant. >> my center of gravity has shifted and i can still do that. beat that, john. >> i can actually headstand with my head on the ground but i can't handstand. >> you can juggle and chew gum. >> i can juggle and chew gum. got some skills here, folks. an actor killed in a bloody scene on tv may be coming back from the dead.
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we'll tell you about it. and a stunner from a convicted swindler, bernie madoff. he is now pointing fingers from behind bars. you are watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by mucinex sinus max. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by mucinex sinus max. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by mucinex sigh mus max. max. i max. . . . . .
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♪ bernie madoff has been behind bars five years and some of his alleged accomplices are on trial this week. >> the man who once ran an investment empire is again making headlines, now placing some of the blame for his failed ponzi scheme on his clients. abc's susan saulny has the latest. >> reporter: at the federal prison in north carolina where bernard madoff is serving a 150-year sentence, fellow inmates want him to teach an investment class, but he said the prison won't allow it. in an interview with the "wall street journal," he shared new insight about the
3:17 am
massive ponzi scheme he masterminded. his victims he said has themselves to blame. "my investors were sophisticated people, smart enough to know what was going on and how money was made, but they still invested with me without any explanations." this comes as five of madoff's ex-employees are accused with knowing about the scheme and profited from it. >> he said he felt remorseful, but he didn't spend time dwelling on the impact of the actual ponzi scheme. >> reporter: madoff describes being cut off by his immediate family that won't talk to him and said loneliness is the worst consequence of his conviction. abc news, washington. >> so five years later he's still not getting it. it's the clients' fault. come on. >> of course. not like madoff made off with everybody's money or anything. incredible. somebody on trial is talking about the intricacy of the lie and scheme. he went as far as to make sure the typeface was just right on the blotter forms the size of
3:18 am
the asterisk was on forms as well. keep canning up with the scheme -- actually, keeping up with the scheme took as much work as having a legitimate investment firm. he should have just had a real investment firm. >> the returns may not have been as high but yes, you are right. >> exactly. stunning news from one of the world's most beloved voices. susan boyle revealing the medical issue she never knew she had. and one of the oldest sports rediscovered by an unlikely demographic. why so many girls are drawing back and taking aim. you are watching abc's "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. aim. you are watching abc's "world news now."
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♪ i dreamed a dream in time gone by ♪ well, she was the shy wallflower that stunned the world stepping out on stage and unleashing that powerful voice.
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>> susan boyle dropped another stunner, revealing that she has been diagnosed with a form of autism she struggle with her entire life. here's abc's rina ninan. >> reporter: she was the woman with the voice. ♪ [ applause ] >> reporter: no one saw coming. quirky and shy. >> but susan boyle has become a singing sensation, selling 14 million records around the world. and for the first time revealing her doctor diagnosed her with asperger syndrome, a mild form of autism. in an interview with the british magazine "the observer," boyle said she was told as a child she suffered brain damage when she did not receive enough oxygen at birth but she always thought it was something more. those suspicions now confirmed by
3:21 am
the diagnosis she received last year. saying, "now i have a clear er understanding of what is wrong and i feel more relieved and relaxed about myself." >> somebody who has asperger syndrome has social awkwardness, quirkiness, social anxiety. >> reporter: more adults are being diagnosed. the 52-year-old singer just released her fifth studio album, hoping people will have compassion for her. the singer saying, "i think people will treat me better because they will have a greater understanding of who i am and why i do the things i do." susan boyle is doing just fine. there's buzz that meryl streep may play her in a movie about her life. john and diana? >> thank you. i remember right after she hit it big, there was a big concert she was supposed to headline and she backed out of it. and nobody could understand why it was. and later on it came out she was nervous to be on stage. now i think we have our answer. >> yes. the estimates are wildly varied for the u.s. and canada. one in every 250 children to one in every 10,000.
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♪ "nix" time. let's talk about "family guy." brian, the dog, was killed off to the absolute dismay of every fan of the show. they went on line, a petition was there. it was put in. 150,000 people signing a petition they want the dog back. well, it's not confirmed, but "entertainment weekly" is reporting that something is up. fox refuses to confirm the character is coming back, but the next year's episode description says he devises the master plan to get the only thing he wants for chri he might be coming back in a christmas miracle next season. his voice by seth mcfarland will
3:26 am
re-emerge from the dead is unknown, but he will continue to play a role on the show. >> wonder how much of that -- i wonder how much of that was maybe leaked by the show that that all of these outraged viewers -- maybe i will watch it again. >> i don't know what will happen. but they want the dog back. they don't want an appearance by the dog. they don't want a ghost of the dog. >> right, they want brian. one of the highlights of last weekend's "snl." it was hilarious. in the movie, "anchorman 2: the legend continues." it has been so overly promoted and every time it is promoted, we bring it up on here. i want to show you what they did. not only was he on stage but the musical guest was one direction. he is up there with them and then calls someone out. >> got your boy band, well, i brought my man band. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
3:27 am
♪ gonna find my baby gonna hold her tight ♪ ♪ gonna grab some afternoon delight ♪ ♪ skyrockets in flight ♪ afternoon delight that's right. you are getting it. ♪ afternoon delight >> now we are nine direction. >> it was a good show all around. they didn't make an appearance afterwards, but they were on stage. you have will ferrell, steve carell and david koechner and paul rudd. all of them going to be in the new "anchorman: the legend continues." >> hope that movie is good. they are everywhere. >> they really are. >> after all the promotion, you would hate to see it fall flat. >> you like the fact that will ferrell was will ferrell and not anchorman like he always is. >> i have seen ron burgundy show up. >> i'm surprised he hasn't been here yet. >> he has. take back everything i said. we'd love to have you. >> that's the news for this half-hour. bee
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this morning on "world news now," travel nightmare for pilots and for passengers stranded an entire weekend. the unforgettable ice storm and who's at risk this morning. >> south africa and the world mourn the loss of nelson mandela world leaders leave today to pay their respects in johannesburg. on trial, the newlywed accused of pushing her husband off of a cliff is facing justice. the attorney's strategies as the case continues today. showdown. the dispute between paris hilton and lindsay lohan. who is threatening whom and what led to a bloody scene over the weekend. it is coming up in "the skinny" on this monday, december 9th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. perhaps not on the calendar
3:31 am
but the winter has finally arrived. >> oh, my gosh. in the northeast it finally arrived. got there sooner than the rest of the country but it is here. i drove in the snow tonight. >> so did i. it's not fun. >> no, it's not fun. >> let's tell you what is going on out there. beginning with the weather outside. frightful for millions of americans forced to deal with slick roads from texas to new england. >> hundreds of car accidents across the country including this one that claimed the life of a 10-year-old in austin, texas. the family was waiting for help on the side of the highway after a crash when another car slammed in to them. rob nelson has more on the storm. >> reporter: blinding snow and slick roads are leading to pileup after pileup. in milwaukee, this 30-car crash caused multiple injuries and on a the pennsylvania turnpike a 50-car wreck killed one driver. >> this is where i have been the last two or three hours. >> reporter: roadways locked in
3:32 am
an icy grip. the snow and ice have been wreaking havoc for days in the south. so much ice on this apartment building roof in plano, texas it's falling off in sheets. and now that system is barrelling north. this time-lapse video shows just how quickly the storm blanketed roads in pennsylvania. authorities urging drivers to stay off the roads. that hidden danger, black ice, which forms when the temperature of the pavement is colder than the air above it. causing more than a quarter million crashes every year. and travel by air isn't any easier. more than 2,000 flights cancelled. ground stops at the airport in philadelphia and at reagan national in washington. the rush is on to de-ice those planes. even football was tough. detroit lion reggie bush had to skip the game after injuring himself on the slippery field in philadelphia. for those who did play, it was a challenge. of course all the of the snow may be pretty to look at but the big question is how will the storm impact the all-important monday morning commute? rob nelson, abc news.
3:33 am
>> all right. the commute could be hazardous this morning from chicago to the east coast. freezing rain advisories are posted. >> then there is the meltdown. accu-weather meteorologist justin povick has an update. good morning, justin. well, thankfully the bulk of the ice storm winding down. conditions will dramatically improve over the next couple of hours here on this monday morning. that's good news for the morning rush hour. still some valleys dealing with freezing rain. that's going to be along senate 81. i think 95 is in good shape throughout the remainder of the day. could see travel delays due to rain. the gulf coast looking at soaking showers from houston to new orleans as well. back over to john and diana. all right. accu-weather justin povick, thank you for that. now a look at the nation's weather. it's going to be clear and dry across the western three quarters of the nation except for a few
3:34 am
showers this the central and northern rockies. >> bitter cold settling into the upper plains. 40s in the northeast, 60s further south. 81 miami. chilly along the east coast. 58 in l.a. and 34 in seattle. this morning, world leaders are heading to south africa for nelson mandela's memorial service tomorrow. president obama is expected to be among the 50 heads of state attending the event. prince charles will attend on behalf of queen elizabeth. yesterday was a day of prayer with the former leader remembered at churches across the country. officials say tomorrow's service will be full of prayer and celebration. >> the nation and the fans of south africa and madiba come together to pray for him. >> a family friend who visited mandela at his bedside who visited mandela at his bedside said he was not on life support during his final moments and he was surrounded by his family. stay with abc news as the world pays tribute to nelson mandela and later this half-hour, we will have remembrances from his grandchildren who cannot forget the most difficult days. fans and friends of paul walker turned out for a public memorial in southern california. many brought flowers and many
3:35 am
drove high-performance cars that walker loved so much. walker an a friend died last weekend in a fiery crash of a powerful porsche. the incident is still being investigated, but so far authorities say there's no evidence the men were involved in a street race. the murder trial begins today for a 22-year-old montana widow accused of pushing her husband to his death just a week after their wedding. but she is claiming this is all a terrible accident. >> reporter: 22-year-old jordan graham is fighting for her freedom as she prepares to go to trial for allegedly killing her husband of eight days, cody johnson. newly released legal briefs giving a first look at how the two sides will make their cases. prosecutors say the montana newlywed were at glacier national park in july when the defendant pushed mr. johnson in the back with both hands. mr. johnson fell face first to his death. seemingly contradicting that he fell by accident after graham pushed his arm away during an argument. >> the fact she openly admits
3:36 am
she took a dear friend from us boggles my mind. >> reporter: u.s. attorneys say they plan to prove for nine days after johnson's death, graham went to great lengths to hide her crime from family and friends and law enforcement. even allegedly sending herself e-mails from a fake account she created named tony. prosecutors have to prove she intended to kill him. this was not an accident. >> reporter: graham has pleaded not guilty. in their legal briefs, they admit graham's story changed over time but maintained johnson's death was an accident. the defense also writing in its brief that despite expected testimony that graham suffered for cold feet, witnesses thought the wedding was perfectly normal. >> this case is going to come down to whether the jury believes that she really regretted this marriage so much that she really just pushed him off the edge literally. >> reporter: graham's attorneys revealing their plan to paint a
3:37 am
starkly different image of her husband's lifestyle, one they call reckless. aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. >> this is going to be a doozy. >> yes, it is. the trial is expected to last two weeks. they will call 39 witnesses and introduce roughly 100 pieces of evidence. >> the husband who's not here anymore is going to be held up to be reckless and all of these things he can't defend himself against. >> that's too bad. >> yeah. moving on, american airlines expected to complete the merger with usairways today. this after a federal judge refused to block the two carriers from joining forces. the judge rejected the challenge that claimed it would lead to less competition and higher prices for travelers. well, the stroller fit for a future king is all the rage on mommy blogs around the world. kate middleton was seen walking prince george in this navy blue pram and it costs more than $2,300, and it is a royal must-have. that's the brand used to carry prince charles, prince william and even queen elizabeth. >> is your new little guy going to have one of those? >> i don't think so. >> $2,300.
3:38 am
>> that's a lot of money. >> that's a maserati. president obama and first lady took time out last night to honor some of the nation's greatest entertainers. billy joel, opera star martina arroyo, herbie hancock, carlos santana are the recipients of the kennedy center honors. >> the president said despite their fame they have remained true to themselves. billy joel called becoming an honoree overwhelming. the tribute performers offered tribute performers to each honoree. ♪ >> snoop. >> check that out. that is cool. >> that is cool. >> you have to wait if you want to see it. i want to see it. that is really cool. it will be aired on the 29th. >> cool. >> there you have it. coming up in "the skinny," a-listers on stage throw a
3:39 am
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♪ you were looking at live pictures in johannesburg near the home of nelson mandela where they have been dropping off an an enormous amount of flowers. >> impressive. >> that is where south africans are starting a week of commemoration and prayer over the passing of nelson mandela. >> the civil rights icon has 17 grandchildren, some of whom opened up in a rare interview with abc's rina ninan. >> reporter: set free after 27 years in prison. >> first steps into a new south africa. >> reporter: some of his grandchildren found themselves longing for his prison days. >> those days i cherished
3:44 am
because it was just the two of no one else. when he came out we did not have him because he had bigger issues to tackle. >> reporter: his grandson remembers visiting him when he was 4. >> he asked the wardens if he could put cartoons on the tv so me and my other cousins could sit and watch them and he offered us hot chocolate and he made it himself. >> reporter: his granddaughter said that while he couldn't physically touch them, his words always did. >> at the end of the visit he brought me a box of chocolates saying your visit will always be a bittersweet memory for me. >> reporter: words in the form of letters written to the family from jail. this one describing the moment that he was told his son was killed in a car accident. >> it describes his heart seems to stop and it was like the blood in his veins was frozen like ice. >> reporter: while their moments together were limited, his
3:45 am
grandfather's wisdom was not. imparting lessons even from his prison cell. >> life is about cycles. his perseverance throughout his spell in prison and how he didn't let it get him and kept going. >> there's a week of events coming up here. >> tomorrow's the big day. >> we think tomorrow will be the big day. tens of thousands of south africans and foreign dignitaries including 53 heads of state are expected to attend. this is like a gathering for a national memorial and happening at the world cup soccer stadium just outside of soweta. >> you are looking at johannesburg. a memorial. president obama and michelle obama expected to attend the event tomorrow. mandela's body will lie in state three more days and the week of memorials will end on sunday with a state funeral. >> these are the scenes i think
3:46 am
we will see a lot of. this is happening near nelson mandela's home but things like this are springing up just about everywhere around the country. people trying to show their own small way of how they are mourning. >> no doubt. coming up, the singer who was so furious on stage she stormed off. and the celebrity cat fight involving paris hilton and lindsay lohan. it is coming up next in "the skinny." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. is from our abc
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3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ skinny so skinny we are starting with a feud to end all feuds. well, this has been going on for a while. since 2006, lindsay lohan and paris hilton have been at odds. >> i never heard of this. >> yes. well a group of friends -- >> put them in a ring and settle it once and for all. >> it is kind of what happened but it wasn't between the two girls. this a long story that i will try to shorten as much as possible. paris hilton's brother barron was at a party where lindsay lohan happened to be at a mansion. barron is claiming because of lindsey he got beat up. that's a picture posted on instagram. hilton said they both will pay for what they did. no one "fs" with my family and gets away with it. she is referring to lindsay lohan and the person that rented the mansion where the party took place. apparently barron said that
3:49 am
lindsay lohan sicked the guy that rented the house and he beat him up. the guy has come out, his name is ray lemoyne. the guy said that lindsay lohan had nothing to do with it. yes, everybody was at the party, but barron started to mouth off, saying do you know who i am so he had to beat him up and lindsay has nothing to do with it. so it is the feud that continues and we are so interested in this kind of thing. there you go. moving along. >> moving right along. they have had more time than they deserve. selena gomez had a tough time at jingle ball over the weekend. the mic was acting up. you feel bad for her. 21-year-old star out there doing her performance and the mic kept crapping out on her. she said, "so sorry, this isn't working." she was talking to the crowd. "you guys having a good night?" she kept trying to work it. she said, "guys, do you mind?" she dropped an "f" bomb before she stormed off the stage. let's listen. [ cheers ] >> what the [ bleep ]? >> not her best moment.
3:50 am
pretty good girl. from all the things we report on the news. >> yeah. she's the one that -- she is like the anti-miley cyrus. >> exactly right. says like it is cool to be classy. >> whatever. you can understand that. she is putting on a performance and the mic keeps failing. it would make you mad. she didn't pick the right choice of words. this was in california, by the way, the jingle ball in california. >> check this out. rebecca black as we all know. the friday, friday, friday. >> it is friday. friday. friday. >> in case you don't remember. take a listen. >> worst song ever. ♪ it's friday friday gotta get down on friday ♪ everybody's looking forward to weekend ♪ >> so that was in 2011. the song "friday." like you said, worst song ever made.
3:51 am
that's what it is dubbed on the internet. the 16-year-old singer's released a new song. i will give you one guess what it is called. >> what? >> "saturday." here it is. ♪ one we will remember for the rest of our lives ♪ ♪ it's saturday and we're gonna do it bigger than ♪ >> a couple of people took to twitter so exasperated about the fact this thing exists. here's one. yesterday is friday, today is saturday. rebecca black, lyrical genius. rebecca has a new song it is called "saturday." i can't. i actually can't. >> i thought she was hiding. she was getting death threats and everything. >> but if you are making money does it matter if people hate you on the internet? >> i guess not. >> not at all. real quick. remember that one-armed guy who had to cut his hand off. got trapped in a canyon in utah. >> yes. his name is aaron ralston. 38. they made a movie about him. he's in hot water with the law. he was arrested on some charges -- the exact circumstances aren't known but alleged abuse. >> domestic violence. >> domestic violence.
3:52 am
>> oh, yeah. "127 hours" was the name of the movie. >> yeah. exactly. "127 hours" was the name of the movie. >> yeah. exactly.
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
♪ that's okay let's see how you do it ♪ ♪ put up your dukes let's get down to it ♪ ♪ hit me with your best shot a growing number of america's young girls have a new model. not a rock star or athlete. >> not the usual athlete. more and more girls are emulating katniss everdeen and discovering the power of the bow and arrow. it is girl power rediscovered. making it our favorite story of the day. >> reporter: the new "hunger games" hasn't just set the box office on fire. it made a star of an ancient, and let's face it, obscure sport jennifer lawrence and her
3:56 am
fearless character katniss inspiring an army of tiny followers. do you see people come in and say i want to learn to be katniss? >> absolutely. >> reporter: derek davis is an archery coach. his phone has been ringing off the hook. it's not just "the hunger games." elsie saw "brave" and dropped her stuffed animals for an archery set. >> i'm meredith. first born descendant from brock and i will be shooting from my own hand. >> i think seeing a female character use a bow and arrow is really exciting. >> reporter: girls from all around the country telling us -- >> after reading "the hunger games" and watching the movie i wanted to try archery. >> i like archery because it builds my strength. >> i wanted to shoot a bow like katniss. >> reporter: we wanted to see for ourselves so we went to a range and store where the owner said they can't keep up with demands. do you friends ever call you katniss?
3:57 am
>> yes. >> reporter: do you love that? >> yes. >> reporter: the coach says it is a safe sport and helps confidence, too. >> the confidence improves. focus helps in academics as well. it's about what's inside of you. not how strong and fast you are. >> i feel calm when i shoot and focus in on the target. >> oh! i hit the red. sara haines, abc news, saddlebrook, new jersey. >> seems empowering. >> yeah. i remember taking archery in summer camp and enjoying it. hey, look at you. >> look at me. are you empowered? >> i did that in high school and felt empowered but your daughter is in to this. >> she was katniss for halloween and did archery this summer and she didn't make the connection to me but now i realize why she liked it so much. she was a big fan. >> there you have it. katniss everdeen. >> this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. 's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. now,"
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making news in america this morning -- deep freeze. the storm causing pileups on icy roads and leaving thousands of flyers stranded for another night. in the nation's airports. plus, falling ice creates a dangerous situation for people in texas. it's a system still on the move. mourning madiba. a week-long tribute in south africa for nelson mandela gets under way. the farewell will include president obama and former u.s. presidents. newlywed murder. a trial set to begin today for a young bride accused of pushing her new husband off the cliff. as new details in this case emerge. >> edge of the world. no harness, no safety net. a daredevil takes his handstand to new heights.


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