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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 9, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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it's unbelievable. i was born and raised here. >> beginning our team coverage let's turn first to live doppler seven hd. spencer i think we're ready for this. >> i hope we are. because it's first and second night. we should be prepared mentally for this. it's cold already in some spots. this morning the second consecutive morning of the freeze warning, low temperatures dropping to 19 degrees this morning in four bay area locations. clear lake, santa rosa, napa, and novato. 25 degrees in san jose breaking old record low from this date. covering bait area, except the city of san francisco. look for subfreezing temperatures across the area. low 20s into inland valleys and below 20 degrees in spots as it did this morning.
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exposed pipes could burst, increasing risk of hypothermia comes with this. here looking westward across the bay. taking a look at our predicted low temperatures next three mornings, you know it will be down to 20 in the morning. mid-20s inland wednesday morning near freezing around the bay and relief thursday morning will be less cold. >> all right. thank you. pg&e says demand for gas is breaking records people heating homes longer and higher temperatures to deal with the cold we're live in walnut creek. heather? >> my abc7 news weather sources tell me upper 30s now here in walnut creek. temperatures sure to head lower. lots of people probably arriving home turning on heat and turning it up. just down the road from here, pg&e is watching. pg&e center doesn't
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show heating patterns but if it did... >> i just go click it up a little bit. >> pg&e monitoring gas inventory. demand more than doubled since last week. breaking the most-recent record from one # 98. >> we rely on our storage fields we have gas stored in the ground demand is lower. then, we're able to withdraw when demands get higher in periods like this. >> the price should stay stable with supplies brought in the cheaper summer time. but natural gas is a commodity. supply and demand could drive up up the price paid by pg&e. increase bill may depend on how much you're using. >> are you worried about the bill? >> yes. i am. it's been high. but now, i'm sure it's going to be probably double with the christmas lights. everything
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else. >> and in the north bay, $5.2 million investment in solar panels. paying for itself in 20 years. >> assuming that rates won't go up. i think costs are going to go up. we're going to save, payoff will be shorter than 20 years. >> without solar there is conserve vacation and a blanket. >> it's also deadly. six deaths now confirmed or being investigated as due to cold weather in the bay area. four last week in santa clara county. abc7 news is live in hay warted. these sixth person died. cornell, what are they doing prevent more? >> they're doing a lot. we're in hayward. temperatures dropping
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fast. this walkway is where police say a body was found yesterday. they believe he could be latest victim. >> shopping center is where a passerby made a grim discovery. the body of a homeless man. plows were called. >> they arrived and discovered a 50-year-old male wearing a wooded sweat shirt and shorts >> frigid temperatures claimed lives of four homeless people. that is where groups are doing all they can to get people off the streets and into warm shelters. >> we're open all day. so, that means people can come and they can just stay. and keep out of the cold. since it isn't warming up. >> aec life builders identified dozens of homeless camps. this
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shows one camp. >> he loves it >> others are braving the cold along with his wife, and son. >> shelters are available. why not go there? >> what are you going to do? >> his belongings, blankets, most of which are not allowed keeping warm is a challenge every night. >> we stay warm. it's as long as you don't move. lay down, cover up, don't move. >> more cold weather is on the way. cornell bernard abc7 news. >> code weather has put a freeze on dozens of lights at san francisco international airport today. that was true for travellers trying to get to
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dallas. an ice storm meant thousands of passengers in airports around the count tri including some here are stranded. >> every other flight was cancelled. >> are you feeling lucko? >> yes. i didn't i was going to get out until tomorrow. >> this is just a bummer i'm late. >> this is what passengers were seeing outside of windows. snow on the ground. parts of the east coast walloped by stormy weather. >> strong winds made it dangerous for drivers and people just out outside for a walk n southern california check out this trash can. one gust knocked a woman to the ground. she walked in fon tana. she's okay.
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one big rig cargo flew off a trailer along interstate 15. no one was hurt. a building crashed into a truck hauling cattle. >> so... we were there probably about two hours. >> this tree toppled on to a car in chatsworth neighborhood of los angeles the forecast calls for more strong gusts tonight some reaching 60 miles per hour. >> because of the rain and snow cal fire lifted a ban on outdoor open burning. they were supposed to last throughout december, cal fire says it's now okay to schedule a burn as long as you follow regular rags ragss. -- regulations. >> a surfer died this morning after a fire destroyed his home they found him near the burning
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home. locals knew him by his nickname, steve-o. he fixed surf boards for a living. investigators looking into what caused this fire. a palo alto war veteran did he taned in north korea now says his curiosity got him into trouble. the 85-year-old returned to the bay area saturday after being held more than a month. he says he was treated well, but under guard and threatened with jail. he says problems started after he asked if he can meet local war veterans he says i just didn't understand for the north korean regime, the korean war isn't over. and innocent remarks can cause problems >> an after school assistant has been arrested and charged with having sex with a student.
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police say they were involved in a sexual relationship with that boy starting when the boy was 12. >> benicia police say they man may be the grinch who stole christmas presents this morning. two car break ins took place nearby. wrapped gifts vanished from one car, intended for families being treated at childrens hospital, oakland. police and firefighters now working to help replace some of the stolen gifts. >> and on the subject of crime, a multi agency task force, police and federal agents fanned out in tender join over several days, taking down drug dealers who set up shop near vic that must have been something. iet was. targeting 29
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drug dealers they zeroed in on the tender loin. the neighborhood many immigrant families call home. telling us they wanted to make a difference here for the sake of the families and children. the task force targeted chronic drug dealers making arrests quietly. some have been selling drugs here since early 90s. will have been arrested probably 50 times. >> being many are soon back on the streets. the message this time was different. these are federal charges meaning they're facing a mandatory one year in the federal pen. >> based on amount of drug they
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face more than that. >> u.s. attorney obtained indictments under safe schools program which for bids drug dealing within a thousand feet of schools. many attend city academy. a private school with no recreation facilities. every day they walk to a playground. >> this is getting it right now. >> they pass drug dealers passing in front of children. you name it, they've got it. the narcotics inspector says it's like an outdoor pharmacy.
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they'll stay on the corner until selling out. someone comes in to take the spot. they don't have roots here. >> the vast majority do not live in san francisco. they're commuting to san pran to sell before youing dramatic rescuings. >> so they face stay away orders. the u.s. attorney also emphasized this is not a one-time sweep they plan to do this on a sustaining basis with more still to come. tomorrow, i'll show how important this operation was to the children and their schools. still ahead tonight backlash against a booming economy. why people are ganging up on google claiming the tech industry isn't pulling its own weight. >> 18 sheriff deputies find themselves on the wrong side of
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the law. >> who is to blame for the crash of asiana flight 214? >> question btz [[man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby?
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people angry over what is called an invasion by dozens of private shuttle buses operated to take employees to, and from
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work. we're live in the mission district tonight where they held a protest. >> we're talking about these gigantic bus that's ferry people to and from silicon valley. and drive around here in the mission district. you'll see one going by here about every five minutes. the buses from places like apple, google, and facebook they often stop here at public bus stops here in the mission. this morning a group decided they had enough and marched here nooshgs the streets. pro tefltors saying they were just doing what they were penalizing google for the bus stop. >> they don't have a permit. she top there, thousands of times.
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>> the fine would be two # $one if enforced. they're trying to make a point. >> that this is a symbol of housing prices and how the city is becoming unaffordable. >> to many, this embodies the g word, gentrification. protesters feel something like this with, a man pretending he worked for google. >> i can pay my rent. can you pay your rent? >> well, go to a city where you can afford it. >> real techies are more torn. >> i feel bad for people being kicked out of homes but i am one of the tech people. so... it's good for me. >> not good for the driver of the bus. >> there is no fair. >> why is that? >> we have to go to work.
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>> and get paid money some say is hipping the neighborhood. >> they're spending at bar asks restaurants they're packed and you can see that. >> police came and cleared a path. google says we don't want to cause an inskreerns working to agree on a policy on shuttles in this city. >> l.a. county sheriff says he's troubled following a corruption probe. and unjustified detention, also facing charges of conspireing to stop a probe by detaining and grilling a federal mole. the sheriff is defending his department. >> 99.9% of on the right track doing the right thing. and he'll
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stand by that. >> a string of lawsuit accusing deputies of abusing inmates >>. national transportation safety board will begin two days of hearings on the crash of asiana flight 2146789 sources tell "wall street journal" hearings will highlight overreliance and the need to adjust pilot training. investigators expected to reveal he shifted into an inactive mode and also says they misunderstood how the boeing 777 speed control features function. and fail to properly monitor the speed and trajectory of the plane which came in, as you remember, too low, too slow. three teen-aged girls died in the crash. the
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pilots are not scheduled to testify at this week's hearings. >> we're still in the throes of cold temperatures around the bay. >> this is unusual. >> we've got falling temperatures. here is live doppler seven. a beautiful evening ask a chilly one. it's going to get chillier. take a look now at this live view from our camera. looking west across the bay. no wood burning and north way will have poorest air quality. now, a live view, beautiful downtown skyline here. first panel of readings is 49 degrees in san francisco. only 40s in oakland about to drop into 30s shortly. mid 40s in
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redwood city. and another live view, a panel of temperatures for you, 40 santa rosa. novato. and these forecast features freeze warning and spare the air alert tomorrow. turning milder after mid week and that is something to look forward to if you don't like cold. count me in that group. here is our satellite image showing high pressure but it's a pool of very cold air blanketing southern california including bay area. one more blocking pattern, jet stream flowing well north. there is no rain in sight
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how dry has it been? we're on track here in san francisco. driest january to december on record. the driest one on record back in 1917 with just nine inches of rain for one year period. so far, this year, in san francisco we've received only 5.59 inches so not likely to get another 4.41 inches of rain. it could happen. this year is. overnight tonight, clear skies and cold again. low temperatures down to 20 in another bay valley locations. tomorrow high's won't be very high. here is the accu-weather
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forecast. we'll see highs around 60 degrees inland and around the bay. above 60 over the weekend. milder weather on the way taking a while before those lows begin to reach a more comfortable level. >> we can't wait. >> thank you. >> okay. >> don't forget abc7 news weather app. temperatures as well as severe weather alerts. >> and a northern california couple takes their daughter home from the hospital. >> that is after winning a fight with their insurance.
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doubts about the safety of the new eastern span of the bay bridge of the it opened september 2nd after a safety delay. the bridge relies on a series of metal rods. some started snapping. engineers decided to encase in concrete saddles as they're called to reinforce them the sacramento bee had two private engineers who had been critical review the safety report saying hundreds of rods that attached main suspension cables to its eastern anchorage and affix the tower appear vulnerable. not just one that's broke. they contend they could bring down the bridge. that sounds terrible but they stress it's not likely the bridge will
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collapse. the state ordered several reviews and investigations to assess the bridge work that was done. >> a toddler whose fight for life led to a battle for her parents is recovering tonight this, is a story only on abc7 news. the 16-month-old headed for sacramento. her cardiologist wanted her so far surgery at childrens. the schillings appealed to california department of managed care ruling in their fair. >> if you've got something you want for your daughter and son, and it's the right thing don't take no for an option. >> aria expected to be in the hospital 2 to 3 weeks but progressed so quickly, that she was rye leased in just six days >> very good news. >> yes >> there is more still to come
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tonight at pauses to remember nelson mandela. >> and members of a boys choir chosen to perform a prominent role in washington. >> families of newtown, connecticut prepare for the annivers
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cruise are racing to find sich people missing in the freezing nevada wilderness the couple and four children twoent play in the snow but never returned. temperatures dropped below 0. it's happening about 100 miles northeast of reno the 34-year-old, his girlfriend and four kids from 10 to 3 years
6:32 pm
old are all related >> in just hours a huge memorial getting underway to celebrate the life of nelson mandela. president and mrs. obama boarded air force one today for the flight and riding with them, former president george w. bush and his wife, laura and former secretary of state hillary clinton. bill clinton will meet them there. jimmy carter arrived and oakland congress woman barbara lee is part of the under the circumstances -- u.s. congressional gel del investigation. here is a look at the schedule of the events in south africa. >> this is where the big public memorial will take place tomorrow. the 95,000 seats will be packed tomorrow with south africans of all stripes as well as dignitaries from are around
6:33 pm
the world this, will be the biggest event during the week of mourning, started yesterday with prayer and remembrance. will be follow by the three days of lying in state in the capitol, for the south africans to say their final goodbyes sunday will be the funeral mandela will be laid to rest in the village where he grew up. >> abc news is planning live coverage of the memorial to begin at about 1:00 a.m our time. they hope to carry the service until president obama delivers remarks, at least two memorials are planned locally here in the bay area. in san francisco, mayor ed lee will host a civic memorial wednesday and a celebration planned for noon at frank ogowa plaza. >> and an acclaimed boy's choir
6:34 pm
heading to washington, d.c. to take part in a series in memory of nelson boys of the pacific boy choir in oakland. they're between 11 and 18. i caught up with them at rehearsals the group has been invited to perform at the memorial services in washington, d.c. >> this is really bringing us closer to everyone else in the world who are mourning the death ask celebrating the live of nelson mandela. >> learning about him has been great. this is an honor to, sing for him.
6:35 pm
>> the academy started 15 years ago with a mission of music working in harmony. >> we're not a specialty choir. we don't just sing classical or pop. don't do anything in particular. we sing everything. >> the group will make a traditional hymn and a classic american gospel song. people like nelson mandela connect all of us together. >> this will be a whirl wind tour the boys will rehearse, then hit the stage at 10:00 a.m wednesday. and back to class and rehearsals for their concert on thursday. in oakland abc7 news. >> people of south africa are paying their respects. one
6:36 pm
mourner released doves from inside of a cage. it's what mandela spoke about to illustrate south after rick why's diversity. his family says they're thankful for show of love. >> people have been here from day one. they're here, they sing, would like to be with us. and there is no way they'll move from here. day in, day out, they're here. >> banners hang from outside parliament. a boortd has been set up for mourners to offer thanks. >> without him and others, we won't have the democratic south after rick why we have today.
6:37 pm
>> you can see with his grandson today, the mood is not somber, but rather a celebration for the life and legacy of nelson mandela. >> families of those killed at sandy hook elementary school say they will light candles the light before the shooting anniversary oochl we're going to loit a candle in honor of our daughter emily. >> we'll light a candle for my mom. >> one by one, those who lost a loved one mentioned them. as newtown, connecticut prepares for the anniversary of the mass shooting. officials are not hosting formal events and asking the media to give the down privacy. >> please don't come. please, respect our need to be alone and to be quiet and have personal time to continue on our journey of grief.
6:38 pm
>> those healing from the tragedy ask people remember them and honor victims by performing acts of kindness in their own communities. >> coming up next, new revelations about nsa surveillance program. >> now, watching
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silicon valley is putting pressure on washington to curve the surveillance programs google and microsoft banded together to stop the government from hacking servers and mining your e mails they'll written an open letter and launched a new web site >> newly leaked documents from edward snowden accuse nsa of spying around the world. this clip shows world of war craft, one of the games allegedly monitored by us us and british intelligence officers. accused of sending under cover agents to
6:42 pm
look for terrorists and phone shall informants. >> twitter stock reached it's highest point, twitter allowing ads that should bring in more revenue. u.s. taxpayers no longer own a piece of general motors the treasury department sold the last of the stock five years ago as part of a recession bailout. the government lost $10 billion but saved a million jobs >> and dow jones up five points in hopes congress might reach a budget deal this week. >> just ahead heert 6:00 weather's impact on california almond orchards. >> one c
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abc7 launched a campaign to feed the bay area, all have you
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to do is take the pledge to give where you live. >> with each pledge we're going to donate to feeding america food banks. and everyone who takes the pledge will be entered to win $7,000 in cash. >> we've been talking about impact cold is having on citrus growers. >> reporter: these almond trees southeast of tracy may be in the sun but it's cold out here. and the weather this almond grower likes. >> it needs cold weather to put them to sleep. >> can there be too much good weather? >> for almonds? no. i don't think so. >> reporter: it makes for better nuts months from now. >> cold weather helps them put
6:47 pm
into dorm ancy. >> reporter: there is a down side. trees might do well in cold, they don't do well in dry. costar says current dry spell compares to what it's like nearly 40 years ago. >> 1977, i remember. i graduated from high school. that is really dry. >> and if this is repeated we'll be doing this story again, growers using fans to warm trees but for now, the rest of us are shivering, the growers and trees are just fine. >> doesn't look like weather is going away soon. >> it's going to taper off. here is live doppler
6:48 pm
skies now. using livermore over the next several dis. the low down to 25 degrees. thursday, mid-30s through saturday. then, by next monday, 43 range of will hes over next several days. sunny, dry, cool temperatures milder down south. here in the bay area, highs into low to mid-50s tomorrow, better than a couple days ago, though. here is the accu-weather forecast. highs around 60 degrees or just above. but lows
6:49 pm
still going to be chilly into the end of the week. >> thank you. >> big local hall of fame announcement. >> and we'll listen to get the reaction over the win over seattle. one of my favorite managers got that phone call today. a well deserved induction. we'll explain, next in sports.
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xt 8taú to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at today in florida retired managers were all elected into baseball all of fame by expansion era committee. he took the a's to three wins and then won two more world series
6:53 pm
managing cardinals in 2006 and 2011. he won 2700 games in 33 seasons. he was named manager of the year four times, will be inducted july 27th. >> my parents tell you about dreaming a big dream. if you're baseball fanatic, playing big leagues may be part of a championship. that is a dream. never, ever was hall of fame part that have dream. it's a stunner. thank you >> niners keeping nfc title hopes alive. 49er defense carried this team on their shoulders. holding just 72 yards yesterday, and they contain russell wilson. one td.
6:54 pm
>> quite an accomplishment. just to hold him to many guys played well. >> it's time for corn on's view. vernon you caught the team's only touchdown and larry beil asked about this rivalry. >> this is an honor to play against these guys. and teams have excitement. >> will it be a challenge?
6:55 pm
>> you can't kick people to the side and win games this, is the nfl. anything is possible. we have to just stay focused. >> we'll have another edition sunday night in tampa. raiders now 4-9 with a loss to the jets. that they won't quit. >> of we've given opportunities to win games. the frustrating thing is not to be able to take advantage of them. so that is something we have to look at and get better at. more guys
6:56 pm
continuing to do everything they can. >> the trophy will be awarded saturday in new york. and six finalists were announced. florida state quarterback led into the title game. last year's winner and good luck to all. this sports report has been brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> congratulations to him. >> he won both in american and national leagues >> nice. >> there you go. >> the ultimate intervention. what friends did to try to save
6:57 pm
a buddy they believe has a drinking problem. >> then at 11:00 a stuffed toy security threat. why the tsa noerly called pleas over what this cowboy is carrying. >> we have santa clause coming to town, the great christmas night flight and wouldn't it be e if there was a wireless compan? well say hello to aio! at aio wireless you can get an android smartphone free with activation. free android phone?!?! yes please. plus, aio has a reliable nationwide network
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a web editor from sudbury, ontario, canada... a literary manager from woodmere, new york... and our returning champion, a graduate student of history from welcome, maryland... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek. hey, johnny. thyoank u, ladies and gentlemen. and welcome to our show. i'm so happy to be able to spend this half-hour with you today. we have an excellent champion and two very good challengers in reem and murray. so, let's not delay. pick up those signaling devices.
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here comes the jeopardy! round and here come the categories. starting off with... you have to name the book in that category. alex: craig, start us. the blank of blank for $200, please. murray. who is robin hood? no. reem. who is the sheriff of nottingham? yes. the blank of blank. [ sighs ] which direction? for $200. reem. what is "west end girls"? yeah. which direction? for $400, please. craig. what is north? no. reem. what is east? east is right. you you for $200.


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