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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 10, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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we have been following the celebration through the night from washington, dc. >> good morning. a cold and rainy day in johannesburg but the streets are electric. at the stadium, dignitaries from around the world have gathered with thousands to remember a man who changed the world. >> they came in drenching rain. tens of thousands singing, dancing, and screaming nelson mandela's name. >> nelson mandela, viva. >> the memorial service at the stadium in johannesburg, with 94 ,000 seat soccer facility is where nelson mandela made the final appearance in 2010 and together a grateful world gathered to say good by. >> remember him for the righteousness which he has
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continue. >> despite the security concerns people streamed into the stadium unchecked by metal detectors, world dignitaries including four united states presidents, obama, bush, clinton and carter. president obama honored his legacy. >> delaware taught us the power of action and he taught us the power of ideas. the response of reason. and argument. the need to study not only those who you agree with but, also, those who you don't agree with. >> more than 90 countries flew in representatives from argentina to pakistan to trinidad to china. on the streets of south africa memorials large and paul for a man who triumphs over apartheid. >> we can try but we must celebrate the life of a great leader. >> after today's memorial, his body will lie in state if three days before it is buried in his childhood village on sunday.
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eric? >> thank you. >> 26 members of the pacific boy square are leaving for washington, dc to take part in a memorial service for nelson mandela. the embassy in south africa invited the choir to perform at the service at the washington national cathedral. they visited south africa in 2009. the group will sing a mix of traditional hymns of south africa and classical american gospel. two memorials are planned in the bay area, san francisco mayor lee. post a memorial in the city hall rotunda at 8:00 a.m. and in oakland a celebration is planned for noon at the plaza tomorrow. >> san francisco firefighters have a tough time this morning with the fire burning out a recycling plant that break out last night across highway 101 from candlestick park.
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matt is on the scene. matt? >> the smoke is still a major issue and it billowed out of the recology warehouse in san francisco. the fire has been burning for several hours first reported 598:30. the warehouse contains basic building material where contractors come to dump items like sheet rock, yard debris and lumber. san francisco fire department says the bulk of the fire is knocked out but a pile 100 yards and 8' tall continues to burn. it is generating so much smoke it has been difficult to get the crews in there. firefighters put on the oxygen tank and rotate shifts every 20 minutes. >> normally the facilities when we do not have a fire have large back hoes and front loaders that operate and move the trash around but because of the smoke conditions inside the building, they cannot get their equipment in there and their personnel cannot work. we are getting ventilation done
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to improve the conditions and get the front loaders if there and tear up the pile. >> no word on how long that will take. ten engines were sent to the fire. no injuries have been reported. investigators are looking into the cause of the fire. as we are out here you can see a police officer is blocking tunnel avenue, with an issue being that there are a lot of hoses in the road, a lot of fire-fighting equipment on the avenue as people head to work. they are concerned cars could run over the equipment and they are blocking off the road on tunnel avenue. >> this morning, the bitter cold is keeping many people indoors but others still have a job outside. that includes plumbers. a plumber we spoke to said he has seen an increase in pipes breaking and that happens when water inside the pipes freezes causing them to expand and
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burst. others in the cold including the crash fishermen wear many layers to keep warm. this morning, our reporter is braving the elements and will have a report coming up at top of the hour. >> the scold blamed if seven deaths in the bay area most recently in hayward. the 50-year-old homeless man was found dead at city hall on sunday wearing a sweatshirt and shorts and shoes. over the weekend a man succumbed to the cold in his trailer. on friday a man was found dead in dublin and four homeless men died in santa clara county last week. >> we have the weather app with severe weather alerts and traffic done -- by downloading it if free at or on google play. >> the snowstorm pounding the east coast right now is all but shutting down the federal
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government. an hour ago, all fell employees but for emergency workers were ordered to stay home today. washington, dc, is expected to get up to 6" of snow today making travel dangerous. >> the closure forces the ntsb to postpone a hearing into the crash of asiana flight 214 set to begin in just an hour and a half. it is the second time it has been delayed. it was pest pointed in october because of the government shut down. no word, yet, on when it will be rescheduled. we have learned that the ntsb is investigating pilot error in the accident that killed three teen girls and injured more than 180 people. the plane's tail section struck a seawall as it landed at sfo on july 6 causing the crash. >> san bruno city council meets to consider a development agreement to build ten home on lots owned by the city in crest moore neighborhood where a gas pipeline explosion and fire killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes in september
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of 2010. since then, half of the hopes that remain destroyed have been rebuild. the city council will now consider the construction of additional homes in the neighbor >> new doubts are raised about the safety of the eastern span of the bay bridge. it opened to the public september 2nd after a safety delay rely on metal rods which have been snapping. engineers decided to encase the rods in concrete saddles to reinforce the steel but the sacramento bee had two private engineers who have been critical of the bridge work we view the safety report and they say hundreds more of the rods this attached to the cable to the eastern anchor and the tower to the foundation appear vulnerable. engineers say not rods fail they could bring down the entire bridge but silt not likely the bridge will clap. >> thousands in california could find themselves with no health insurance john 1st because of
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a backlog at the health insurance exchange. cover california has until december 23rd to process 25,000 paper applications. a spokesman for the exchange said that with increased staff they may not get them all done in time. that means people with pending applications will not have the coverage they signed up for. even if the paperwork is processed, insurance companies have to build customers and receive payments before coverage kicks in. >> as we determined earlier it is cooler in someplaces and not is cool in others. >> depends on where you are, all of us but for san francisco, you can see under the freeze warning until 9:00 so the commute is going to be frosty for some folks and you have to scrape the windshield again. they covered by a different national weather service under a different advisory but it is freezing cold. you can see the air out there
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that again could yield spoor air quality and this is "spare the air" day and 22 to 38 is our spread under cleary skies and not so breezy as yesterday so inland is cooler. 46 to 50 at noon, notice we are warmer this afternoon with low 50's and high clouds the normal in the afternoon keeping us milder at 7:00, low pressure 40's. you can see high clouds and sunshine, warm air care coming in over cold air produces the high level clouds and they are thin enough so we will warm up mid-50 tomorrow, and mid-50's to sit on thursday where we should be and mid-50's to 60 again on friday. >> we have a couple of accidents to get you started including a fatality in half moon bay which is along highway one between venice and keyhough.
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you can see slowing that is starting to build as you try to make it out of the antioch to pittsburg along 101 if you are in san francisco southbound side to the eastbound 80 connection and we have an accident blocking one lane and bart has a major delay here, daly city because of an internal power outage, nothing to do with pg&e but it is preventing any trains leaving from san francisco to the eat bay, just one train made it out to dublin and there will not be any plans from san francisco to the another area in the east basement. >> a toddler is on the road to recovery after life-saving surgery but it was a battle to get there. her family's fight and who finally stepped in to help. >> drug dealers are setting up shop near schools. we are there as federal agents take down a street corner supermarket for illegal drugs.
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>> forget burgers and hotdogs and beer, a
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covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 4:43. this is from johannesburg, south africa, where a memorial service is underway right now for nelson mandela, the former south african president and antiapartheid crusader. president obama is there along with other world leaders paying respects and celebrating his life. we will have more on this ahead. >> if you are headed to the east coast for the super bowl, there is one game day tradition you cannot take part in: tailgating which is banned at the super bowl at the stadium in new jersey so no barbecues or buffet tables in the parking lot. the head of the super bowl committee says the ban is due to safety concerns and a lack of space at the stadium.
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there are fewer than 13,000 parking spots for 80,000 fans and those lucky enough to get one are only allowed to eat and drink in or next to their car. they will not be allowed to pull out a folding chair. >> federalling as would made a sweep of drug dealers in the san francisco tenderloin will make more arrests in the future. we were embedded with the task force during the most recent sweep police and federal agents fanned out in the tenderloin targeting chronic dealers. many arrested face champions before. they go to jail and they are back on the streets. this time they face charges so a minimum mandatory one-year sentence in federal prison if convicted as well as a stay away order. >> we will have arrests in the tenderloin area if you include their juvenile history they will have been arrested in excess of 50 times. the united states attorney obtained the indictments under a program that forbids drug dealing within 1,000' of snow.
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teachers who escort students to a neighbor park pass by the drug dealers would originally sell on the streets. >> little girl is back home recovering from life-saving open-heart surgery and he parents feared she would neither be able to afford or be able to get the surgery. >> this is the first step little aria schilling has taken since open-heart surgery. >> it is okay. you are silly. >> the 16-month-old aria schilling headed home from children's hospital after a surgery her parents fought for her to have that the insurance company initially refused to pay for. >> if you have something you want for your daughter or your son and it is the right thing, don't take "no" for an 18. >> she has a narrowing of heart arteries and the doctors wanted
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to have surgery there but the insurance company refused. her parents appealed to the department of managed care which ruled in the favor of the family of the. >> glad to be going home. relieved. we can welcome the new year. >> a spokesman said that company could not comment saying that the family did not give them permission to speak about the case. the doctor says the surgeon who performed the aria schilling four hour surgery said it was live saving. >> this process, if you do not halt it, it keeps going and it will league to irregular heartbeats and too much workload on the heart. >> with aria schilling on the mends her parents are looking forward to a joyful holiday season.
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>> richmond police were able to talk down a 15-year-old who barricade himself inside a home with a loaded submachine gun. this is the uzi taken from the boyer. the police chief tweeted this picture, the incident happened on 9th street. in a different defeat, the chief credits the department's special investigation detective for diffusing the situation. >> time for a check on the forecast. how many more days of cold weather this week, mike? >> one more day of freezing temperatures. tomorrow is widespread and then just the north bay valleys. hopefully we can save some money and stop running the here all time when we get deeper into the from the. first, san francisco shows we are on track to be the driest january through december ever only 5.59" normally we would have a lot more and the country
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record is 9" so we need 3.5" of rain by the end of the month to boat the record. i can see on our models it is going to be pretty dry and possibly through christmas. we will look from the east bay hills camera back to san francisco and you can see the lights of the bay bridge as they glisten on the calmer bay. we will have high clouds this afternoon and another "spare the air" day and last freeze likely tonight and warmer and dry all the way through the welcome. we will look at the "spare the air" with the poorest air quality in the north bay and all of us under a wood burning ban for the 7th time this winter season. now, temperatures today, we are going to slowly moderate the air mass because of an offshore flow and increasing high clouds and low-to-mid 50's today with a few 40's but they could be confined to the coast with temperatures
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still at three to five degrees cooler-than-average. tonight you can see where the frost is inland, north bay valleys part of the santa clara county to morgan hill, we are in the mid-30's to near 40 around the bay shore and to the coast. tonight's trees warning is mostly the santa clara valley, east bay valley and the north bay valley and from 10:00 tonight through 9:00 tomorrow morning. the area of high pressure the notice the jet stream moving to the east into the north and that is going to take the colder air with it and high pressure over the ocean will take over and that is going to keep the jet stream to the north and block any storms from coming our way. check out the seven-day outlook, near 60 on thursday, friday, saturday, sunday and monday and we could be warmer-than-average on monday. >> we are getting more clarification as far as bart is concerned. right new we know because of a power issue at the daly city
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station there is no service from san francisco to dublin but what there is, is service if you are headed from san francisco to oakland, you can use oakland line but only to bay fair. everything else is on time. we will keep you updated. to antioch we have an accident westbound highway 4 at lone tree way and it is causing closes as you move westbound direction and as we drop down into castro valley because we have a car fire there, that is along eastbound 580 before you get to 238. >> the police station celebrate as milestone and what happened 15 years ago today that gave us a new look at our planet. >> little blue pill may not be just for men anymore.
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viagra could provide for relief from
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the oakland raiders kicked east toy drive for toys for tots and the quaterback signed autographs in change for toy donations. they will do this next monday from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the mall and you can drop off toys outside the coliseum before sunday's game. >> the oakland school district gets 2,000 donated mini computers plus a $30,000 grant from safeway. news event is at 1:30 this afternoon. officials will thank safeway and h.p. for the technology. students will jump in and demonstrate the devices. they use cloud-based software
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and storage so they are easy to maintain. >> what would you do with an extra $,000 this holiday season? that is how much you could win just for helping abc7 news fight hunger in the bay area when you click "give where you live" on facebook we donate a dollar to the feeding america food banks and you could win $7,000. man the god you could do with that. well announce the winner on december 19. go to facebook page and help us "give where you live," and help spread the word. >> we have bart problems. leyla gulen has the latest? >> a brand new updates we have power back on, this is in daly city, the san francisco yard where the trains are kept and we had an early power outage that prevented trains from leading san francisco headed into dublin and the trains are still trapped in the yard because of that loss of power so dublin to san francisco can and will be able to get back out to dublin and
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riders can travel east on the yellow or green line and bart will send trains to pick up the extra passengers it get them to dublin stations. >> if you are traveling to the east coast it is another hard day to get there, the snow is going to be further south, washington, dc, baltimore, philadelphia, new york, boston, already newark, reporting delays. at home, hard freeze through the central valley and the high desert until 8:00 and 9:00, temperatures today are warmer at 44 in tahoe and low-to-mid 50's industrial valley and yosemite and mostly cloudy to the south with the rain staying offshore. low-to-mid 60's for palm springs and san diego and los angeles. this morning researchers say viagra could no long we be just for men. a study shows women with moderate to severe cramps reported lessening after the blue pill the scientists say the pill helps women by besting
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blood flow to the pelvic region and is currently used to treat erectile dysfunction but if future studies con first the finding it could be an fops -- an option for women. >> in 1988 gas what a buck a gallon and the first crew moved into the new international space station and nasa and the 15 international partners who build the station are celebrating the 15th anniversary which has green from two small modules to a $100 billion research complex weighing a million pounds and stretching longer than a football field. since the shuttle program was shut down the only way to get there is on top a russian rocket launched from kazakhstan. >> the t.s.a. is defending the actions of a screener this st. louis who seized a miniature toy gun because it looked too real. it was in this cowboy holster and the officer confiscated the
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toy and threatened to call police. the washington state woman who owned the toy was shocked and embarrassed and the t.s.a. said real looking copies are firearms of prohibited. >> it is the size of three small coins. >> you never know some people could in a flash be fooled and cause a panic. >> happening now, a fire continues to burn at a recycling plant in san francisco and we are on the scene with the warning to people in the area right now. >> ntsb hearing into the crash of asiana flight 214 that crashed at sfo is delayed again. >> hatch way around the world, thousands come out to celebrate the lie of nelson mandela includ
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 5:00 on tuesday. we have a bart issue. >> more on that right now from leyla gulen. >> so, what we have now is an update and the power of the main line at daly city station is back on. the issue is at the san francisco yard where the trains are being kept, dublin trains are still trapped in the yard because of the loss of power. dublin to san francisco from east to west the trains can and will be able to get back to dublin and riders can travel east on the yellow or green lines. bart will send trains from dublin to pick up the extra passengers to get them to dublin station a way to get through


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