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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 10, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> at 6:00, freezing cold across the bay area and here is a picture from san rafael. ahead, mike will tell us which parts of the bay area are waking up to the lowest temperatures. president obama and former president george w. bush arrive to attend the memorial for nelson mandela with a moving tribute president obama paid to the leader. >> the federal hearing into asiana flight 214 crash at sfo scheduled to get underway right now is postponed. we will tell you why. >> good morning at 6:00. we start the morning with bart news. >> service between san francisco and dublin is moving normally now at this hour after passengers faced early morning delays. amy hollyfield has more on what is happening from the east bay. amy? >> kristen, more bart problems. what happened was there was a
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power outage at the daly city station and no train could get from the city to dublin and this station here in san leandro became a key player in this problem. they were bringing passengers here and they were taking them to dublin. so, it cause some delays and it was a round about way to get from one point to another and now the power is back on and life is returning to normal on bart but it will take time to get back to normal so expect residual delays. you have a bigger problem if you are just about to leave the house. >> there are residual problems from the bart issue, and here is leyla gulen. >> there are. amy is correct. there are delays because no trains left daly city station for quite some time. now that everything is starting to roll you can leave san francisco and head into dublin, how, it looks like it will take time to much can up.
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as we look at muni and ace train everything else is running on time and as we take you right back over to burlingame where we have reports of black ice at 32 degrees according to mike right through this area which is freezing. you will run into patches of black ice. be careful northbound 280, two linds are blocked with a four car crash and if you are traveling over the over passes and bridges be careful because of cooling on the bottom and the top and never slam on the brakes. keep your hands on the wheel. >> we will start with the freeze warning, everyone but for san francisco is susceptible to frosty conditions. that includes lake counties until, again, 9:00, so keep everything covered and keep the pets in, if you can. now, the day planner, the next 12 hours it is frosty in many spots even black ice. 49 at noon with sunshine, high clouds with temperatures in the low-to-mid 50's and falling back
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into the low-to-mid 40's and not so chilly because of the high clouds. inland, it is frosty and it is cooler in most areas. the north bay is milder but, city, cold. 40 at noon with sunshine and lie clouds and possible poor air quality in the north bay and it is a "spare the air" day for all us and 41 at 7:00. at the coast, not is frosty with temperatures around 34 degrees. we will hang out around 50 in the afternoon with high clouds and low-to-mid 40's around 7:00. overnight the ntsb hearing looking into the crash of asiana flight 214 at sfo was scheduled to get underway right now in washington, dc, but it has been poet pointed because federal offices are closed because snow. this is not planned. this is the second time it is delayed. it was postponed in october because of the government shut down. the ntsb is investigating pilot error in the crash that killed three teens and injured 180
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others back in july. >> in san francisco, firefighters are watching for glareups following a smoky fire at a huge trash collection facility. matt is at scene at 101 and candlestick. >> the fire now is 100 percent contained. there is no threat of this fire spreading. the firefighters told me they hope to have this out in the hour. that could come as any moment. the smoke is the biggest issue since the fire was first reported at 80. a pile of debris was burning eight yards long made up of garbage and household waste including plastic and metal but no shelter in place was ordered. it is reported that callers are saying the smoke is bothering them. call for help if you have health issues. >> our members are wearing masks because of smoke conditions.
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we were not concerned because the smoke was rise, and going off to the southeast and it was blowing out over the rest of the facility over 101 and to the bay. the biggest help was getting a front loader into the building but they had to wait until the building was ventilated. in the last few minutes, we have seen trucks coming down the tunnel avenue and the police officers have left and we are seeing the firefighters coming from the warehouse and start to take off their equipment. it looks like they are rapping up -- wrapping up as the fire is close to being out. citizen percent contained at scene. both directions of highway one in half moon bay have re-opened. a fatal accident forced the closure from venice boulevard for several hours after a
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rollover accident involving a car, a 23-year-old was killed and another person in the vehicle is hospitalized and the cause is "under investigation." >> right now, world leaders are gathered in the cold rain to honor the late nelson mandela and have been doing this from south africa from the soccer stadium where nelson mandela made the last public appearance with lots of joyous singing celebrating his life and president obama himself led the united states delegation include ing former presidents of the united states, bill clinton, george bush and jimmy carter. again, you are looking at pictures from gentleman chanceburg. president obama eulogized the former south african president comparing nelson mandela to gandhi and martin luther king jr. and abraham lincoln. >> obama also recalled how mandela influenced hip -- him. >> over 30 years ago while a student i learned of nelson
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mandela and the struggles taking place in this beautiful land. it stirred something in me. it won't be up to my responsibility for others and myself and sent me on a journey that finds me here today. >> impressive mix of royalty, statesmen and celebrities in attendance with a list running from afghan president karzai to zimbabwe's president. again, we are looking at pictures seen from johannesburg as memorial continues for nelson mandela. >> we have new details of the after school worker at a catholic school in hayward facing charges of molesting a student. the 29-year-old mia cummings is accused of having a two-year long sexual relationship with a student going when he was 12. she was at the all saints catholic school since 2005 and now is in jail. her sister said she confided
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long before being arrested. >> she asked advise on what to do in regard to this young man. she didn't want to get him in trouble. what should she do, she asked? can you give me advice? >> the school and the we diocese declined an interview and do not think there are other victims. cummings faces eight felony counts of child molestation and is held on $800,000 bond. >> the city council passed an ordinance requiring new homes to be ready to charge electric vehicles. palo alto officials say it adds only $500 to the cot of a new home to install the we panel compared to $5,000 to retrofit a home to be charger ready. the san jose mercury news reports that appeal pal issues 110 permits for new single family homes and in california, 12,000 plug in vehicles are owned with a thousand sold each
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morning. >> we have had traffic problems all morning. >> we have 52 bart trains online and a again-minute delay for the last train from san francisco to dublin because of a power issue at daly city. power has been restored and it looks like the delays are dissipating. everything else is running on time. we have black ice to report and this is through burling game on northbound 280 causing a four car crash at black mountain with two lanes blocked and caltran is putting sand down. this occurred on a bridge and i have been wanting everything of the black ice on the over passes and bridges because of the cooling effect on the top and bottom the bridge at 32 degrees, right at freezing. mike nicco is here to tell us about that. good morning, everyone, here is perspective of downtown san
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francisco that looks peaceful from the exploritorium camera. this afternoon, poor air quality is possible in the north bay our 7th winter "spare the air" and the third consecutive so no burning of wood. it is tough on the fridge it mornings if you use that way to keep the house warm. now, moving forward, the warming trend started yesterday and continues today but oakland is a degree cooler but it feels close, 56 or 55 you will not notice the difference. santa rosa is 54 and san jose is three degrees warmer and fremont is 55 and four degrees warmer and concord is five degrees warmer at 52. moving through the forecast, it will be warmer afternoon day, mid-50's, and high clouds and sunshine, live today, mid-50's to 60 on thursday and into friday. here is kristen and eric. >> new this morning, the cash keeps coming in for governor
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brown for possible re-election effort. >> lettizing marijuana, voters said no three years ago and now, this morning, a new poll reveals what the answer would be now. >> the oakland internet radio company facing new competition from apple has a new offering for users and it is something you will use first thing in the
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enroll today at covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> morning, this is a picture of the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is backed up. lots of cars and lots of cars in the cold. we will check with meteorologist, mike nicco, on the cold snap and talk to leyla gulen. >> vice president biden will host relatives of the newtown, connecticut, school massacre victims at the white house a few days shy of the first anniversary of the attack and will announce $100 million
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program to increase access to mental health services and improve mental health facilities. december 14 of last year, 20-year-old adam lanza entered the school and opened fire. 20 children and six adults were killed. >> money is pouring into governor brown's possible re-election campaign. just release filing shows brown has raised another $550 billion, and sony pictures. the democrat has more than $14 million in the bank for a possible campaign. >> also, a just released poll finds 55 percent of votes in california support legalizing marijuana up from 50 percent in 2010 when california voters voted down an initiative that would legalize marijuana. we are talking about recorrectional marijuana.
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california seems like it is on a trend toward liberalizing marijuana laws. >> oakland interpret radio company pandora has a new feature. this shows the new feature. for the alarm to work you have to leave your smartphone on the pandora app throughout the night. experts say it is a way to stay ahead of itunes radio unveiled by apple. >> everyone wants it know, will the temperatures start to climb? or do we have another night of being this cold? >> it will not be widespread but we have another night of freezing and maybe that is it as the temperatures warm in the afternoon and that follows in the over night. good morning, everyone, you need to bundle. you may have though scrape the frost east windshield. this is how quiet the weather is with a lack of clouds clouds any
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air making for another frosty start. on the peninsula it is frosty and cooler in woodside at 24, and redwood city is 27, and foster city is 28, and san mateo is 31 and close to freezing in belmont at 33 and san bruno is 35 degrees. head north and it is warmers san francisco is 40 and to the south, it is cooler, 29 in fremont and san jose and 27 in los gatos and napa and 25 in concord and novato and santa reason is 24 and santa rosa is 123, and antioch and livermore, 29. this is how it looks from mount tamalpais, clear this morning, we will have high clouds this afternoon. we have a "spare the air" day as we talked with poor air quality possible light freeze tonight and warmer and dry through the weekend. now, the temperatures are most of us in the low-to-mid 50's in fairfield and antioch at 51 to up to 55 in napa and oakland and
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fremont. a few 40's are possible along the coast for the cool spot. inland tonight we have freezing temperatures and san jose at 34. 40 in oakland and 42 in san francisco. the not bay valleys and the east bay valley and santa clara valleys all those areas could is sub-freezing temperatures from 10:00 tonight until 9:00 tomorrow morning. the high pressure is bringing so much cold air and notice the jet stream is pulling up to the next batch of cold air and it will hit east of the rockies and we will be over the glue of this high pressure and it will keep the rain away from us and it is going to moderate the temperatures. mid-50 open weapon, mid-50's to 60 degrees as we head to thursday and near 60 on friday and low-to-mid 60's saturday through monday. an hour gets you from tracy to
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dublin with bumper-to-bumper traffic with top speed at 26. beyond vasco it dips down to 22 miles per hour. so very slow approaching highway 84. it becomes up again closer to the dublin interchange. between hillsborough and burlingame, we have black ice reported northbound 280 with a four car crash and two lanes are opened and two are closed. be careful, caltran is this trying to melt the ice and make it safe. >> we are experiencing a 15-minute delay with a train to dublin and more than 50 traps are -- 50 trains are on time. the bay bridge toll plaza lights are on and there is backup away from the maze. >> thank you, leyla gulen. >> along with success, comes problems for california's
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>> 6:22 on this tuesday morning, another frigid morning in the bay area as you look to san francisco and the bay bridge. mike will have more on where the below freezing temperatures are and how long they will be with us coming up. >> if you are giftless for holiday season, if your gift list includes someone you may want to give a gift carted -- card you may want do rething that with consumer reports and mike -- michael finney. >> giving a gift card could seem just the thing but consider this. many of those receiving gift cards never use them. even when they are used fees can chip away at the value of the card. >> five years ago i got this. never used it.
6:24 am
>> this group of "consumer reports" employees is hardly a scientific sample but their experience shows why buying gift cars could be a waste of money. a woman here accumulated dozens of cards. >> it is starting to become a burden. i wrote rather have cash. >> it is estimated that $1.8 billion worth of different cars purchased last year are gathering dust and are likely never to be redeemed. >> however, in california gift cars cannot have an expiration date if you purchase a card outside of the state, recent federal legislation requires retailers to honor cards for five years. but inactivity fees can kick in after a single year. that can drain the value of the card long before it expires. >> i had a gift card where all of the money was gone by the time i tried to use it. >> gift cards with american express or visa can be used at a wide variety of stores but this
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is often an activation fee or purchase charge. usually en$4 and $6. >> lot of cards are another headache. several big retailers say they will fought replace them. other retailers may charge you a big fee. >> for instance, with the visa card you can get you will shell out $15 to replace a lost or stolen card. >> another drew back: did not expect the same fraud protection you get with traditional credit card. >> another reason "consumer reports" says that use gift cars as soon as you get them. if you are buying a gift card this season "consumer reports" says avoid those with purchase fees and keep your receipts in case one of them is lost. >> the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> nelson mandela reminds us it
6:26 am
always seems impossible until it is done. >> the overnight tribute from president obama at the memorial service for nelson mandela. >> we will have a major update on a fire that has been burning at a recycling warehouse over the past ten hours. >> freezing cold for most of us this morning but coming up in the seven-day forecast, the chilly nights are limited with warming trend on the way. >> behind me, we have a sig-alert in san mateo county because of black ice. i will tell you where when we
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coldbefore the first sneeze... all december long. help prevent with a spray. and use lysol hand soap... for 10x more protection with each wash. this season, help protect your family with lysol. start healthing abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> good morning, everyone, it is 6:29. figures from sky 7 of this traffic issue on the bridge in san mateo county, we will have more on what this is doing to interstate 280. >> that is where the flinstones house is. it is icy. there has been an accident already. thanks for joining us.
6:30 am
>> we begin this morning with a tribute to south african leader nelson mandela. >> who's who's list of world leaders. our reporter is in washington, dc, with the moving moments from the service. >> good morning kristen. it was something else it is cold and wet in johannesburg you the streets are electric. dozens of dignitaries from countries an the globe joins thousands at the soccer stadium to pay their respects to a man would changed the world. >> they came in drenching rain. tens of thousands, singing, dancing and screaming nelson mandela's name. ♪ madiba >> the memorial service at the stadium in johannesburg with 94,000-seat soccer facility is
6:31 am
where mandela made the final appearance in 2010 and a there will world gathered to say goodbye. >> remember him for the righteousness. >> despite enknox security -- despite enormous security concerns, people streamed in. there were now united states president, obama, bush, clinton and carter. president obama honored the legacy. >> nelson mandela taught us the power of action and the power of ideas. the importance of reason. the response of argument. the need to study not only those who you agree with but, also, those who you do not agree with. >> 90 countries knew in representatives from argentina to pakistan to trinidad to china. >> on the streets of south africa memorials large and small to the man who triumphed over apartheid. >> we have to mourn can cry but
6:32 am
more important celebrate the life of a great leader. >> after today's memorial, his body will lie in state for three days before he is buried in the childhood village on sunday. black ice causing problems and we can see it. >> yes, we have two lanes that are blocked off, northbound along 280 on the bridge near black mountain road. if you are traveling through san mateo county between burlinggame and hillsborough, watch out for the black ice that happens over the overpasses and bridges because the cooling happens on the top and bottom. if this happens, take your foot off the accelerator and east brake and keep both hands on the wheel. we still have crews on the scene
6:33 am
with injuries reported and traffic is slow to get by. it will be a sig-alerting in further notice. >> we will talk about your day planner: 30 degrees, with forecast in most areas and noon is near 50 and we will hand out in the low-to-mid 50's in the afternoon and high clouds will roll in this afternoon and that is the warmer air. it will keep us not so chilly in the evening, and inland it is colder in the east bay valley and warmer in the north bay but, still, in the mid-20's. sunny and 40 at noon and upper 40's around 4:00 with "spare the air" and air quality is possibly in the north bay and milder this evening with temperature in the low 40's. to the coast we will fine the coolest temperatures in the afternoon starting off with 34 and not so frosty this afternoon and hacking out around 50 from noon into the afternoon hours and the high clouds come in, and
6:34 am
low-to-mid 40's through the evening. dress promptly. eric and kristen? >> breaking news, the snow storm pounding the east coast is all but shutting down the federal government. this morning, all federal employees but for emergency workers were ordered to stay home. washington, dc is expected to get up to 6" of snow making travel dangerous. >> the closure forces the ntsb to postpone a hearing into the crash of asiana flight 214 that was set to me begin half an hour ago. this is the second time the hague has been delayed. it was postponed in october because of the government shut down. no word on when the hearings will be rescheduled. the ntsb investigating possible pilot error in the accident that killed these teen girls and injured more than 180 people. the plane's tale -- tail section struck a seawall. >> firefighters have the upper
6:35 am
hand on a fire burning near candlestick park since last night. >> this is the latest update, the fire is 100 percent under control so it is out. firefighters are cleaning up. they spent ten hours at the recology warehouse. it was reported last night at 8:30. there was a lot of smoke that could seen for miles. it was in a large pile of debris 8' tall made up of garbage and household waste including metal so firefighterred -- firefighters had to rotate in and out every 20 minutes. some caller said the smoke was bothering them. the fire investigator is on the scene but no word on the cause of the fire. remark is passing on tunnel avenue and it is now back open
6:36 am
and we expect the seen to be cleared of the firefighters shortly at 100 percent under control. >> 6:36. back to breaking news on the bridge in san mateo county, you can see the result of black ice on the bridge causing an accident and the highway patrol is there blocking off lanes and they are putting down sand to make the traction better. >> traffic does get through on a few lanes south of the black mountain road exit with a busy area positive those come asking going from silicon valley. you are getting cold air above and below the bridge which usually freezes first in san mateo county and we have an accident. this is some progress. we saw more emergency vehicles and traffic did not seem to be
6:37 am
getting by, so, hopefully, this accident scene will be cleared shortly and it is still a signature alert. >> the bay area cold snap will not go away and we have how people in the east bay are dealing with another morning of frigid temperatures but, first, cover california is getting thousands to sign up for coverage which is creating its own problems. we will explain. >> from our emeryville camera to the eastern span of bay bridge the traffic is moving along but the possibility of black ice exists in a lot of places
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>> we have sky 7 still over the bridge if san mateo county and this is northbound side of 280 where you can see traffic is moving through here. however, we do have two lanes that are blocked off by c.h.p. because a four-car crash because of black ice. this is causing a sig-alert to be in effect for the next hour. we starting to get updates from c.h.p. we do have a two mile backup making the approach toward the bridge. you want to be came of the black ice. it is cold out there.
6:41 am
we will give you more information as it becomes available. >> we will not see it melting for an hour unless they get some treatment down. here is a colorful rain beof colors during our frozen morning sunrise from the roof camera. this is a backdrop to show you the 24 hour temperature change oakland is a degree cooler and the prosecute of us are one to five degrees warmer. heavy snow in washington, baltimore, philadelphia, and new york and boston. frozen through the central valley here, and in high desert through 8:00 or 9:00 but it will be warmer in the low-to-mid 50's through the central valley at monterey, and clouds to the south with low-to-mid 60's. california health insurance exchange has a backlog of 25,000 paper applications. cover california has until december 23rd, two weeks, to process the applications or the people could be last uncovered
6:42 am
january 1st. a spokesman for the exchange says that with increased staff they may not get to all of them in time. if they do, insurance companies have to bill customers and receive payment for the coverage to kick in. >> breaking business news the pore tune 500 company that made history this morning naming a woman as et cetera new c.e.o.. >> police officer lifts the k fine officer in the car with a man in the driver's seat. excessive force? or perfectly fine? >> traffic is heavy on southbound 680 into walnut creek area and heavy and possibly slippery out there, as well. we have black ice in parts of bay area because of the frigid
6:43 am
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because you've got a passion for taste.
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covering santa rosa, berkeley, and all the bay area. >> the bay area is waking up to another area of bone chilling temperatures. >> day seven is creating more problems for a lot of people but opportunities for some. >> our reporter is at the bay fair bart station. >> it is still very cold. you have to sympathize for those who work outside like the crash fishermen who get the wonderful crab for us they are identity there in in -- they are out thee
6:46 am
in the freezing temperatures. it doesn't impact the fishing just the fishermen. >> are the bet -- boats heated? >> no, only the cabin. it has been chilly. >> how do you cope? >> wear extra layer of sobs and -- layer of socks and sweat her. >> the weather has not been good on pipes a plumber has been working until midnight for the last few nights because he has been getting so many calls about frozen or busted types. he says it is nice to busy but he feels sorry for the customers and he is ready to return to a normal work schedule working until mid-night is no fun. a lot of people and pipes, ready no the cold snap to be over.
6:47 am
from income, a police officer is cleared of wrongdoing after he pushed his police dog through a suspect's window after a police chase on halloween. the officer shoves the dog through the window and the dog attacks the suspect. a grand jury vows the video and cleared the officer of assault. the d.a. says the suspect tried to run over three officers during the chase and the man behind the whole says he made mistakes but police went too far. >> question have an opportunity to raise my arms. it was 30 or 40 seconds before though grabbed the dog off my shoulder. >> the chief says this is still an internal investigation under way. >> trading is underway now on wall street and we will look at the big board, the dow is down 18 points but, city, over the
6:48 am
16,000 mark. >> big business news, sources close to general motors are reporting that the company's bore has named a rod development chief as the next c.e.o. of g.m. in charge of design, engineering and quality of all vehicles across the globe. the 51-year-old started with g.m. as an engineering student in 1980. >> more money, low income shoppers are not the only ones spending less on loved ones. they are making between $1 hundred the and $250,000 are watching their dollars. they are call henrys or high earns not rich yet. coach and nordstrom that indicateers to henrys, have
6:49 am
>> leyla gulen will have more in a moment. >> in terms of the black ice, that will be with us for a while. >> the sun will come up and it will take a while to warm up the ground so that is another issue to deal with, with the freezing temperatures this morning. also, with the freezing temperatures, there is a dry air mass and you can see that has been the trend. only september around the bay area has been with above average precipitation and every other month is below. in san francisco we are on track to have the record driest year ever 5.9" record. we need 3.5" of rain the next three weeks to not break that record and it looks like that through christmas. it is dry this morning on live doppler 7 hd. temperatures in the south bay, everyone is below freezing, and alum rock is 30 and sun any veil
6:50 am
and slow and campbell at 29, and cambrian park at 28, and saratoga is 27, and newark is 29, and 31 in san carlos and low-to-mid 20's in danville and lafayette and san pablo and calistoga and 31 in brentwood and freezing cold there, and, also, beautiful colorful picture from mount tamalpais this morning, and we have high clouds coming in this afternoon and a "spare the air" day, with no burning of wood. last freeze, widespread freeze is likely tomorrow and warmer and dry this weekend. temperatures are 40's along the coast and otherwise we have low-to-mid 50 with mostly sunny conditions this afternoon. tonight, we have most of the bay and into san jose above freezing, and to the coast and inland, deep into the santa clara valley we have the freezing temperatures, again, and during the overfight hours starting at 10:00 through 9:00
6:51 am
tomorrow. as far as what is happening, high pressure is pulling away and directing the cold air east the rockies and moving forward we are going do have this high pressure, milder high pressure because it is warmer over the ocean and this will go steering the jet stream away from us mid-50 tomorrow and mid-60's and then 60's on saturdays sunday and monday, warmer-than-average. >> another look from sky 7 over northbound 280 through san mateo county the signature alert now is canceled and all lanes have re-opened and remark is running smoothly with an early report of black ice and it caused a four car crash with blocked lanes and heavy delays because of that closure. all lanes now have re-opened and they put sand down on the roadway to create traction for cars to drive over the bridge
6:52 am
and what happens during the freezing temperatures, the cooling creates the freezing on the top and the bottom the bridge and so we need to put the sand down. everything is now pushed to the side and this is showing emergency crews are still on seen with the injury accident and everything and running on time. >> we look at our maps, you can see all the traffic has now officially dissipated and you should be in the clear. eric and kristen? >> could you sue an extra $,000? that is how much you could win just for helping us fight hunger in the bay area when you click "give where you live," on facebook we will donate a dollar to the food banks and you are eligible to win $7,000 camp. we will announce the winner december 19th. spread the word to "give where
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youly." >> ahead, seven things to know before you go. morning news returns in 60
6:54 am
>> as we hand things off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know: happening now in san mateo county, black ice is being investigated as the cause of a four car accident on nobody 280 near hillsborough, a sig-alert was canceled and all lanes now are back open. we over the scene moments ago and you can see the jam up with c.h.p. says be careful as you hit the roads, take it slow and avoid slamming on the brakes. there could be black ice. >> there could still be black ice and the bay bridge toll plaza shows traffic is funneling slowly from the maze and into san francisco and to our map, happy to report that bart and
6:55 am
all trains now are running on time and a.c. transit bus running on time, and 880, trying to push the accident over to the shoulder. >> three, the freezing cold temperatures out there for most of us, again, this or, but remember to keep the pets and plants and pipes protected until 9:00 at least as well as in lake county. looking from the tower this morning at the brilliant color will rainbow sunrise, we will have low-to-mid 50's, high clouds and sunshine inland and around the bay and upper 40's to mid-50 at coast and another "spare the air" day so do not burn wood. >> in san francisco, fire crews just contained a fire burning at a recology recycling warehouse that has been burning and spewing smoke since 8:30 last might and shelter in place was not issued but several people complained of breathing problems. >> a massive tribute to the nelson mandela memorial wrap up
6:56 am
in johannesburg, south africa with presidents obama, clinton, bush and oh -- and jimmy carter >> snowy weather in washington, dc, forces the ntsb to postpone the hearing on the asiana flight 214 crash at sfo. all federal employees but for emergency workers are toll not to come in to work today. >> 15, forget barbecuing at the super bowl in new jersey, tailgating is banned at the big game at the stadium over safety concerns. fans are only allowed to eat and drink in or next to their car. >> mike says, minus minus 138 in antarctic? >> they will not recognize it but it is the coldest ever recorded.
6:57 am
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♪ that's my kind of holiday good morning, america. ♪ special coverage from south africa, as the world celebrates nelson mandela. thousands braving the cold and driving rain in an emotional ceremony. president obama paying tribute to the freedom fighter's legacy. >> a giant of history. he moved a nation toward justice. and in the process, moved billions around the world. wild weather coast to coast. flight delays building as a brand-new snowstorm targets the east. bitter cold putting parts of the west coast in a deep freeze. vanishes. emergency crews in nevada on a search and rescue mission for an entire family of six. who disappeared in the snowy mountains. no cell phone co


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