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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 10, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. ♪ special coverage from south africa, as the world celebrates nelson mandela. thousands braving the cold and driving rain in an emotional ceremony. president obama paying tribute to the freedom fighter's legacy. >> a giant of history. he moved a nation toward justice. and in the process, moved billions around the world. wild weather coast to coast. flight delays building as a brand-new snowstorm targets the east. bitter cold putting parts of the west coast in a deep freeze. vanishes. emergency crews in nevada on a search and rescue mission for an entire family of six. who disappeared in the snowy mountains. no cell phone contact since sunday.
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authorities racing to find them. and watch out. the video gone viral of this massive snowball fight at the university of oregon. at least one financibl footballw suspended. but was it all just in good fun? and good morning to all our viewers in the west. what a morning in south africa. thousands gaterred there in the stadium in johannesburg soccer stadium. rain pouring down all morning long. the ceremony star started about an hour late, about 2:00 a.m. pacific time. so much joy. a full embrace for president obama this morning. he gave an emotional tribute to the man who inspired his political career. choked up at time.
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saying that because mandela could admit to imperfection, we loved him so. >> he was a humble servant. a ceremony filled with newsic, celebration. the president comparing mandela to gandhi, martin luther king jr. and abraham lincoln. urging the world to act on inequality. that's kirk frank lynne. just the president talking about how -- what mandela stood for showed us that we can all change. >> and a man who inspish sod much change. history inside the stadium, as well. you see president obama greeting foreign leaders. he shook the hand of cuban president raul castro. let's go to terry moran first. the stadium emptying out a bit. quite a morning, terry.
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>> reporter: good morning, george. a historic event for our time. it was an unprecedented gathering of the most powerful people in the world. princes, presidents, heads of state gathered here today with tens of thousands of ordinary south africans who braved the cold, drenching rain to pay tribute to the man who freed them and set an unforgettable example for the rest of the world. ♪ this morning, the world came to south africa, braving the pouring rain to celebrate the man who changed history. >> we will reflect on the life of a man two took the pain of millions of south africans. >> reporter: it was the largest gathering of world leaders ever. over 100 heads of state, joining nelson mandela's family and thousands of south africans. >> his struggle was your struggle.
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his triumph was your triumph. your dignity and your hope found expression in his life. and your freedom, your democracy, is his cherished legacy. >> reporter: just as mandela brought his country together, his memorial began with a coming together of religions, during an interfaith prayer. >> he, too, transcended his personal pain and years of suffering, to forgive and to embrace his brothers and sisters, who inflicted so much pain on him. >> to madiba for his selfless efforts, salvaging the nation and leading it to the path of peace, reconciliation and harmony. >> reporter: then, a song to nelson mandela. ♪ nelson mandela >> reporter: 3 of mandela's 18
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grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren, took the stage to honor their grandfather. >> the tree that towers above the rest is broken by the wind. child of the wind. of the land. child that dreams of a future where black and white, rich and poor, men, women and children, must live side by side, dreaming the same dream, realizing at the crucible of time in our land, we salute you. >> so many emotional tribute this is morning. so many world leaders there, including four american presidents. kind of surprising. not a lot of visible security. >> reporter: given how many of the world's most powerful people are here, virtually no security. i waited five hours in line the other day for this credential. no one looked at it. what they depended on was what you see.
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the goodgoodwill, the legacy of nelson mandela. that doesn't satisfy security expert. but the spirit was strong. >> that faith paid off today. thank you, terry. >> thankfully, it did. also there in south africa, byron pitts. and i had a chance to talk with him as the ceremony was going on earlier this morning. >> reporter: if you can believe it, it inspired them. the harder it rains, the harder they cheered. in african culture, there's a belief that if it's raining on the day of a person's funeral, sit a sign from god that person lived a blessed life. that south africa was blessed by the life of nelson mandela. earlier, up in the cheap seats, they said, let it rain. lord, open the floodgates of heaven. let it rain.
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robin, those prayers have been answered over and over again today. >> they were answered ten-fold. and being up there in the cheap seats, like that. can you share some of the stories, what people were saying? what they were doing? being there, it's a moment for so many. >> reporter: robin, we talked to one woman who arrived on site six hours before the program started. she told me she drove with her children 500 miles to be a part of this ceremony. my parent, my grandparents, my great-grandparents were laborers. i am a college-educated woman. my children will be college-educated. they will live their dreams because nelson mandela changed this country. >> and you just knew. there will be so many families to have those stories to share. >> i hope a lot of people woke up to watch in this morning. we're going to go to ginger zee. the east coast storm having a ripple effect coast to coast. >> ground stops, delays at the major hubs in new york city. the fat flakes are flying. we have sleet mixed in. it will be a rough commute for a lot of folks. how much will fall?
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what do you have to worry about? if you're coming into the mid-atlantic or the northeast, an afternoon, through the early afternoon problem. look what comes behind it. and what everybody is dealing with, west coast. the cold. you have felt it for almost a week now. we'll see some moderating. look at sacramento, mid to upper 20s. the freeze watches and warnings throughout parts of the southwe southwest. palm springs in the mid 30s. las vegas, 20s. reno, you're waking up to 4. it will feel cooler than that. we have moderating coming. we'll tell you all about it in the next half hour. let's go to josh with the other top stories. family in nevada missing. temperatures far below zero. a great deal of concern at this hour. here's abc's david wright.
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>> reporter: this morning, the search and rescue efforts will continue. two adults and four children, under age 10, vanished. james glanton, his girlfriend, christina, their two kids and their niece and nephew were last seen sunday when day drove off to play in the snow. >> we don't know exactly where they were headed. we have a general idea. and those areas are being searched. >> reporter: witnesses saw the couple head into the seven troughs mountains in a jeep wrangler. it's a remote mountainous area. it's big. 140 square miles. search crews have deployed aircraft able to sense human body heat, they have not turned up promising leads. nighttime temperatures hitting 20 below zero, authorities are working round the clock to find
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them. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> thank you, david. meanwhile, here, nearly one year after the school shooting in newtown, connecticut, family members of some of the victims are joining joe biden today as he announces money for new federal health services and treatment centers nationwide. on wall street, the gad times about to be over. regulators are set to approve the so-called volcker rule that will inhibit banks from engaging in their riskiest, but often most profitable activity. and the government is selling it remaining shares in general motors. in so doing, taking a roughly $10 billion loss on the bailout. also this morning, we have learned that gm is getting a new ceo. mary barra will be the first woman the head major auto company. and explosive allegations
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against the country's largest jail system. 18 current and former los angeles county sheriff's dep ties stand charged with abusing inmates and visitors. in one case, a visitor was allegedly thrown into a refrigerator. and video from the middle east. climbs to s claims to be the most moment that they stopped a car bombing by firing on a vehicle packed with suspicious items. and, hey, if you thing it's cold where you are, consider this. scientists just confirmed the coldest temperature ever recorded. minus 135 degrees fahrenheit. in eastern antarctica. i could have sworn it was right outside my door this morning. that didn't stop these guys. a hearty metal band, metallica.
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becoming the first musical act to perform on all seven continents. that's a protective dome for those that won a contest and scientists. for human being who is feel the need to play music on antarctica. they called it the freeze 'em all concert. >> the first musical act to play on seven continents. >> seems a relative definition of fun. the close call in the skies. a jet blue flight landing safely last night afterblinding laser was pointed from the ground into the cockpit. jim avila has the story. >> reporter: a jet blue flight landed safely after a blinding
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laser was pointed into the cockpit from the ground. >> it will go b just as intense a couple of miles away in a cockpit as it is right there by you. that might be enough to cause an accident when it can temporarily flash blind you. >> reporter: the air kaft landed safely. the situation is under investigation. the faa reports that since 2004, laser incidents across the u.s. have shot from an average of only a few hundred a year to more than 3,000 as of october alone. in 012, a jet blue pilot was temporarily blinded while preparing to land. >> that was about 5,000 feet, right? >> yes, sir, 5,000 feet. two green flashes and it caught the first officer in his eye. >> reporter: and the prankster arrested in san francisco after shining a laser at a local news chopper.
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we spoke to steve robertson, a helicopter pilot who suffered two burned corneas from a laser attack. >> the ability to land it is greatly compromised. >> reporter: now the fbi announced it's launching an anti-terror task force to combat laser pointing incidents. imagine trying to land a jet filled with passengers when your eyes are closed. it's not fun. it's a serious hazard. it can lead to federal prison time. robin? >> all right, jim, thank you. to a startling story out of california. a man who has allegedly pranked at least a dozen coaches. fooling them into believing he was offering them jobs with pro or college teams. kenneth tarr was arrested on monday. >> reporter: overnight, a confirmation that tony dungy was
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one of the alleged victim. he called tony and said he was from usc and offered him a coaching job. tarr is accused of recording that conversation without dungy's knowledge. here in california, that's against the law. kenny tarr wants fame and norrie. >> there is not any way that i'm going the get exposure on or television unless i'm creating something that is a -- a product, basically. >> reporter: that was tarr talking to me in september about his numerous tv show hoaxes. with the bill cunningham show, he pretends his fiance is cheating on him with his boss. >> are you or not? >> reporter: on judge alex, a plumber owed money after being stuck in a cemetery overnight. he told me he's a genius. >> andy kaufman, andy warhol. great. i'm glad they existed. but i don't look at them like
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peers. i don't have any respect for their accomplishments. >> reporter: he said in a text last month he moved on to sports personalities. claiming to speak to a gm. >> i just missed andy's call. >> reporter: are you kenny tarr or is this a fabrication? >> this is me. you're looking at me. >> reporter: he's basically a frustrated entertainer. he says hoaxing tv shows is his way of getting his art out into the world. a few weeks ago, she said he was going to move on to sports stars and politicians to generate news. >> an art form he's saying. okay, thanks, nick. a snu story for the west coast viewers right now. a snowball fight that took dangerous turn at the university
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of oregon. john muller has the story. >> reporter: this video of the university of oregon football team challenging fans to a playful snowball fight friday afternoon has gone viral. it could land them in big trouble. some saying it went too far, turning into a potentially dangerous attack. >> wait, wait. >> reporter: watch as these students surround this suv forcing it to stop and pelting it with snowballs. this student dumps a bucket of snow on the windshield. others try to bury the windshield with snow. the driver of the suv is a required professor. seen here. katherine mayfair told abc affiliate katu that her car was pelted. >> i thought i was going have my windshield break. >> reporter: just harmless fun or a criminal offense? the ambushed drivers don't want to press charges. overnight, the university's dean told abc news several students
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have been identified. those in violation of the school's code of conduct will be disciplined. >> we're going to be very persistent in identifying the students. >> reporter: the school's athletic department suspended pharaoh brown, forcing him to miss the al moe powell. he released a statement apologizing for his actions. other players involved have not been suspended but have been punished internally. one player tweeted embarrassed by the video i just watched. that's not all of us. >> oh, some heat behind that. >> sound like they get it in the end. let's go to ginger. we have heard about the rain and snow in the northeast. also chilly weather in the northwest this morning. >> sit ever. they're going to stay that way too. i want to start in the pacific northwest. the high-pressure system comes ashore. you start to be a little bit
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more mild. the deep freeze still shivering below boise at 14. it is going to be the same deal here on the east coast. we'll stay cold. the winter storm warnings mostly through the afternoon. your tuesday trivia, brought to you by kohl's.
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>> west to east, certainly this the holiday spirit. george and robin? >> you didn't have to travel far to find the wintry mix. coming up on "gma," the young bride charged with pushing her husband off a cliff in montana. now witnesses take the stand in the so-call eed newlywed murder trial. now a public figure fighting to keep her job. and the real-life inspiration behind the one and only ron burgundy. oh, yes, you did know this theme song.
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if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor (whispering) good night... parting is such sweet sorrow ... that i shall say good night 'til it be morrow good morning. i'm eric thomas. developing news in san francisco where fire crews contained a fire burning at a recycling warehouse this morning. the fire on tunnel avenue started burning and fumed smoke around 8:30 last night. a shelter in place was not
7:25 am
issued, but several people did complain about breathing issues. in san mateo county an accident being blamed on black ice near hillsboro. sky 7 hd was live over the scene within the past hour. chp says be careful as you hit the roads, take it slow and avoid slamming on the brakes. more on the commute, here's leyla. that's right. we have crews putting sand on the roadways because of the possible ice over the bridge. be very careful on all the overpasses and bridges. as we take a look right now at the toll plaza at the bay bridge, we have an accident blocking one lane involving a big rig and really heavy backups as you make the drive coming away from oakland headed right into san francisco. we'll take you about 20 minutes, eric. leyla, thank you very much. when we come back, m
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♪ it is continuing right now in south africa, just outside of soweto, johannesburg. an emotional tribute for nelson mandela. thousands of people and one of the largest concentrations of world leaders. i believe that's curt franklin from earlier. sounds like him. from earlier this morning. and he really had the crowd going. president obama called -- yes, that's curt franklin. president obama calling nelson mandela the last great liberator of the 20th century. >> he thanked president mandela for setting him on his own, what he called improbable journey to president. four american presidents there. along with 90 world leaders. much more from that coming up. we're going to switch gears. and get to the strange story.
7:31 am
a texas district attorney, fighting for her job after she was arrested for drunk driving. all of her behavior caught on tape. and despite that, she says she is refusing to resign. and we have a diet soda shocker. new research that people are making the switch away from the low-calorie carbonated drinks. we're going to look at why they're not as popular as they used to be. >> a sea change in the beverage industry. also -- ♪ "downton abbey." a lot of excitement, especially at the other end of this desk. the cast joining us. and look what they've brought. the tea truck, already rolled up. we're taking your questions, they are taking our orders. and we'll have it all for you. please, again, send us the questions on twitter and facebook. we'll get quality time with the downton folk. >> all going to be here in a little bit. right now, we begin with the newlywed murder trial out of montana.
7:32 am
jordan graham charged with pushing her husband to his death just eight days after their wedding. the jury hearing the first witnesses yesterday. ryan owens is covering the case. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning from a very snowy montana to you, george. a total of eight men and six women, that includes two alternates, must now decide if jordan graham is a murderer. among the first witnesses they heard from, her own maid of honor. >> jordan, do you want to say anything about how the trial's gone so far? >> reporter: jordan graham doesn't show much emotion as she walks out of court. and she doesn't show much inside either. monday, the 22-year-old sat quietly as federal prosecutors called her own maid of honor to testify against her. can you tell us what it was like to see her? kimberly martinez says she was graham's closest friend and helped her plan her wedding to 25-year-old cody johnson. the man graham is accused of pushing off a cliff, just eight days after she said i do. graham has pleaded not guilty. martinez read text messages graham sent her the day after
7:33 am
the wedding. totally just had a meltdown. i'm completely second-guessing everything right now. prosecutors say she shoved him face first off a cliff at glacier national park in july because she had fallen out of love with him. more teks to her maid of honor. i should be happy. and i'm just not. if i tell him how i'm really feeling, it's going to break his heart. graham's defense attorneys say it was all a horrible accident. that the newlyweds were arguing about the bride's grave doubts about getting married so young. when johnson grabbed her arm and she pushed him off in self-defense. the jury also heard texts to her maid of honor that may support that claim. just two days before his death, she wrote of her new husband, he held me down the other night and was in my face. he gets a temper fast. up next this morning, more from that maid of honor. george, this judge is moving this thing at a breakneck speed.
7:34 am
he says he has another trial starting on monday in a different montana city. and he plans to be there. he wants the jury to have this case by friday. >> wow. not wasting any time. ryan, thanks very much. let's get more on this from abc chief legal affairs anchor dan abrams. first day, early read? >> it's a pretty straightforward case. i'm not surprised it's going pretty quickly. what's interesting is how both sides are trying to use the problems in the marriage. the prosecution saying, this was the motive. she wanted out, so she kills her husband. the defense is saying, she was worried. she did want to talk to him about getting out. she texted friends about her concerns. look, i'm going to have the talk today. but if something happens to me, if you don't hear from me, then maybe something happened. >> we heard the first rationale from the defense as to why jordan graham might have lied about what happened. >> and the claim for the defense is that she was scared. she didn't think anyone was going to believe her. this is one of the weaker points for the defense, this notion that she's lying for days, to
7:35 am
the authorities, to her friends, to her family. and the reason she didn't want to tell anyone is because she was afraid no one would believe her. >> there's some indication from the judge that this could be a tough case for the prosecution. >> the judge did not allow incriminating statements from her in the past they wanted to introduce. more importantly, there is a crucial interview she did with the authorities here. and the judge may give an instruction, the fact they didn't record part of that conversation, the crucial part of it. that's not normal. meaning, that the jury can take something away from that. they can have concerns about the way that was done. depending on how severe that instruction is, that could be a very significant point against the prosecution. >> okay. dan abrams, thanks very much. >> i think, dan, you're going to want to stay around for this one, as well. to texas, where the district attorney is fighting to hold on to her job after an arrest for
7:36 am
drunken driving. critics say her behavior, captured on video, shows she is not fit to serve. but she's refusing to resign. abc's linsey davis has that story. >> reporter: travis county, texas, district attorney rosemary lehmberg is back in court today, fighting to keep her job. >> last april, i made a huge mistake. and i've spent a lot of time trying to make amends for that. >> i can detect alcohol on your breath. >> is that right? >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: lehmberg's drunk driving arrest has been publicized. her drug -- blood alcohol level was over legal limit, but it was her behavior before -- >> trying to keep you from tripping over. you don't need to be slapping his hands away. >> reporter: and after her arrest that led to this civil case. an austin attorney has filed a petition to have her removed from office. >> you have just ruined my career.
7:37 am
>> reporter: what may have been more detrimental to her career, is what happened next. county sheriff's deputies testified monday that the night of her arrest, she was rude, angry, loud, and belligerent. this jail video shows her stomping, kicking, sticking her tongue out. even gesturing with her fingers as if she were firing a gun. >> do you know what you're doing? >> yes, ma'am. we have asked you plenty of times to stop kicking the door. and you didn't stop kicking the door. >> reporter: at one point, she had to be strapped into a restraint chair, a spit guard placed over her head. >> are you going to listen to me? >> i'm not going to listen to you. >> okay. >> i want to make a phone call, okay? >> reporter: she has issued a public apology and gone to rehab. but she refuses to resign. >> i cannot imagine that she could keep her job based on her behavior. threatening the officers. >> reporter: this morning, with lehmberg's job on the line, she likely hopes that similar to
7:38 am
countless other cases before this, that this, too, is a matter she can get resolved in court in her favor. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> this piece even stopped dan abrams in his tracks. he's over there looking at the monitor right now. you hadn't seen all of that video. let's get a check of the weather with ginger and where it is snowing right now. >> i love being in a storm. that's why i went nowhere. the flurries have started in new york city. they're happening just behind you. you can see them out the window there. and a little hefty in maryland. that's silver springs, maryland. the roads being treated all over the mid-atlantic and the northeast from this big snowstorm. and a lot people that haven't seen accumulation, they got it on sunday. a one-two punch of winter coming at you. and look at this. 67.5% of our nation already covered in snow. and that's before what's happening right now. we have big-time winter in the southwest. it's going to change. but there were freeze watches in parts of l.a. this morning. very cold. around 40. 47 san diego. 36 palm springs. the warm-up's on the way, i promise.
7:39 am
>> this weather report brought to you by pacific life. i have a friend in los angeles that just moved there. she said, i didn't sign up for this. i didn't know this was going to happen here. >> it's a desert basin. cold at night. >> don't get him started. >> coal at night. >> exactly. >> it's winter there, too. >> really cold. >> the weather problems this morning. >> i'll take 45. just ahead, the real-life inspiration for ron burgundy. and why the craze for diet soda is losing its fizz. and what you need to know. right now. come on back. ♪ [ daughter ] my dad always talks about the deal he and mom made with me when i was ten.
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welcome back.
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the time is 7:43. we continue with the man the actor will ferrell says is the real-life inspiration for "anchorman's" ron burgundy. lucki luckily, retired anchorman mort crim has a sense of humor about himself. he takes zero offense at all. he might even get a little kick out of it. take a look. >> i'll take the job. >> reporter: that suit. that camera-ready hair. and that voice. >> i'm ron burgundy. >> reporter: america's favorite anchorman is back. and now, will ferrell is revealing the man who helped bring ron burgundy to life. meet mort crim. >> i'm mort crim. >> reporter: a now-retired anchorman. in the new issue of "rolling stone" magazine, ferrell said he found inspiration when watching crim in a lifetime documentary. on pioneering journalist jessica savidge. >> good evening. i'm mort crim with jessica savidge.
7:45 am
>> reporter: he says, they were talking to mort crim, who was saying i was a blank to her. he still spoke like this. he used his on-camera voice. >> you have to understand that i was a typical, traditional, 1972 male chauvinist anchor. >> i cannot work with this woman. >> i did not take offense. comedy and satire and parody is nothing but taking a grain of truth and stretching it out to an absolutely ridiculous conclusion. i think that's what they have done very skillfully in "anchorman," the first "anchorman," and i enjoyed it immensely. >> reporter: crim who is an author and voiceover artist, the movie holds true to life as a journalist in the 1970s. >> i think they've done an excellent job of taking some real situations, some real tensions that existed, and squeezed the humor out of them. >> reporter: this weekend, the real anchorman is heading to new york city for the premiere of "anchorman 2," and is set to meet ron burgundy for the first time. >> not only will it be the first time to meet will ferrell.
7:46 am
but more importantly, it will be his first time to meet me. >> stay classy, san diego. >> i really want to be at that introduction. that is one classy detroit guy. coming up, everybody. a revealing new interview with jennifer aniston. why she says she was a little awkward in her 30s. >> who wasn't? >> really held her back. >> i know. i'm worried about it. and then, a "play of the day." it will have you seesawing to believe. seesawing. seesawing. ♪ ♪ shop the adam levine collection, exclusively at kmart.
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>> oh, my gosh. that's amazing. i do love a seesaw. >> especially when cirque du soleil performers ride them. >> that's right. >> you win. go nowhere. "downton abbey" coming up. >> you heard the man. "downton abbey" coming up. >> you heard the man. ♪ pick up the paper, pick up the bags. ♪ ♪ clean up the bows and the ribbons and tags. ♪ ♪ whoever's first is the first to play, ♪ ♪ with the good things that we got today. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. see who does good work and compare costs. it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and estimates for how much i'll pay.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. the bay area cold snap is causing some black ice to form on some roadways this morning. sky 7 hd found crews out this morning dumping sand on interstate 280 in san mateo county to improve traction on the slippery pavement following that accident near hills borough. meteorologist mike nicco has more on how long the cold snap will last. >> basically in the inland valleys tonight sub freezing temperatures. high clouds and sunshine this afternoon. accuweather seven-day forecast, today's warmer than yesterday,
7:57 am
so will tarm all the way through the weekend. there's a delay on the pittsburgh bay point line on b.a.r.t. sfo and daly city directions due to an equipment problem on the track. we've been rife
7:58 am
7:59 am
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good morning, america. 8:00 a.m. and the bell ringing in times square studios. the red-hot stars behind our favorite characters, here, live, direct from "downton abbey," taking your questions. >> what? and "gma" rocking your holidays today. some sizzling dresses under 100 bucks. they'll have you jingling. and andrea bocelli live. and a special jibjab surprise, that will have you dancing. a jam-packed hour this tuesday. as we say -- >> good morning, america. a lot of british spirit there this morning. all for a good reason. it is tea time here on "good
8:01 am
morning america." all in honor of "downton abbey." look at this. everyone's coming in. we're going to have an exciting morning here. the cast is here to answer your questions. and we get some tea out of the deal. thank you very much. >> and a little biscuit. may i? thank you very much. appreciate that. >> and the cast and creator of the program here live. and we did roll out a red carpet for them, just so you know. also, they'll be taking, not just our questions, but your questions, as well. so, please, tweet them to us right now. and you can get your question answered. again, it's a very, very proper affair on the loading dock. >> we waited so long for the show to come back. it's almost here. cheers, everybody. >> cheers. >> so sophisticated. >> it is. >> thank you. thank you. thank you. can't wait to tear into this biscuit. we're having tea. but there's a craze for diet soda that's losing its fizz. why a lot of people are switching away from drinking it. our health and wellness editor
8:02 am
dave zinczenko here with what you need to know. and great alternatives, including tea, by the way. >> kind of a raspberry tea. >> it is. >> not bad. >> it's quite lovely. it's divine. also, a revealing interview with our friend, jen aniston. jennifer says she was awkward in her 30s. we hadn't noticed. why she really cut off her hair. and her greatest secret to looking good. and i always love hearing from her. a lot this hour. first, let's get the news from josh. >> we're going to begin with the world's good-bye to the singular nelson mandela. nearly 100 heads of state joined tens and tens of thousands of south africans, packing into a rain-soaked soccer stadium in johannesburg for this morning's memorial. the rain could not dampen the spirits or the tributes, in song and dance. as president obama called nelson mandela the last great liberator of the 20th century. >> it was precisely because he
8:03 am
could admit to imperfection. because he could be so full of good humor, even mischief. despite the heavy burdens that he carried, that we love him so. >> one other note of interest from the ceremony. president obama, you see this here. before his eulogy, shook hands with cuban president raul castro. the president leaves south africa this afternoon. here at home, a new round of snow, shutting down the government and a whole lot else. a half foot of snow on the way. as federal offices in the nation's capital have been closed. many schools closed, from virginia to new york. and ginger will have her complete snowy forecast in just moments. and new evidence that some organic food may be better for us. researchers say that organic whole milk is healthier than conventional milk because it contains more of the fatty acids that contribute to a healthy heart. the research was funded, in
8:04 am
part, by a farm group that sells organic products. but independent experts call the findings credible. another health headline for you, women may benefit from viagra. a small study says women who took the drug internally, found it eased their monthly cramps. doctors are not yet sure exactly why. and george zimmerman's girlfriend has had an apparent change of heart. samantha says she no longer wants to pursue domestic violence charges against zimmerman. back in november, she claimed that zimmerman had threatened her. and finally, a very narrow escape to show you. take a look at this. in the alps, an avalanche. you see those tiny dots in the middle of the screen, those are mountain goats, ten of them, trying to outrun the snow. and you see, only six managed to do so, until -- >> oh. >> the resilient young guys or
8:05 am
gals, can't be sure. >> they made it. >> they all made it out to safety. i'm going to guess that those are four little ones. and for them, that's a bath. newly scrubbed. rejoining the herd. >> probably a word for sarina in her younger days. >> let's go. grab a towel. grab soap. "pop news" coming up. lara is back. but first, let's get some weather from ginger zee. >> hey, guys. it is definitely snowing out here this morning. i have friends from kansas city. what's your name? >> donna. >> enjoying her coffee. beautiful snow falling. not so beautiful because newark on a ground stop. that's what we know this morning. we also know that laguardia has had to hold some planes. this is a messy commute. let me tell you the timing. it is in, it is out and it is gone by this afternoon. look at the temperatures behind, big-time cold. it is the coldest air for so many folks that have been avoiding that chill. look at new york city. dropping into the 20s and staying there. there's going to be a windchill.
8:06 am
d.c., same deal. 25 by the time we reach toward the end of the week. that's the big picture. >> all the way from ireland, a newly engaged couple. they have one thing to say. >> lara? >> wow, that's it? >> that's it. >> well, congratulations. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." first in "pop news," a special treat for the other anchors. you're going to get a taste of something. and some poppins news. a very special reunion.
8:07 am
also coming up, jennifer aniston on whose hair she loves. and "gma" is rocking the holidays. great party dresses, all under $100. and the cast of "downton abbey" is with us live. do not go anywhere. [ female announcer ] neil lane designs for hollywood's biggest stars. let's have a look. who is it for? it's for becky. she must be important. [ neil ] oh, she is. [ female announcer ] now, he designs for the star in your life. becky, will you marry me? yes! [ female announcer ] neil lane bridal. uniquely beautiful, hand-crafted rings from hollywood's master of vintage glamour. at kay jewelers -- the number one jewelry store in america. [ neil ] every woman should feel like a star. ♪ every kiss begins with kay [ neil ] every woman should feel like a star.
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8:13 am
>> times, they are a-changing. >> yeah. >> it looks good. >> it's remarkable. it's remarkable what our 5-year-olds will be doing with our iphones in a few minutes. it's incredible. so there you go. again, also cheap, also portable. a brand-new way to make a video. >> very creative. >> what's the name of the song? >> "gasoline matches." >> putting me in the mood. >> leann rimes. hi, everybody. we begin "pop news" today, with this. their roles as mary poppins and chimney sweep burt in the 1962 classic has been cherished by generations. now, 50 years after its release, julie andrews and dick van dyke have been reunited, in the l.a. premier of "saving mr. banks." look at that. they look great. this is a new movie getting tons of buzz, starring tom hanks and emma watson.
8:14 am
as walt disney and author p.l. travers. and good to see those two together again. and the day of reckoning has arrived for reese's. butterfinger's answer to the peanut buttercup is almost here for the public. but nestle usa has brought it here for us. >> we've heard about it. >> you sure did. and now, george, the official first taste of the crispy, crunchy cup. it is the biggest product launch in nestle's 90-year history. and the results -- >> oh, my gosh. >> thumbs up? >> changed my life. >> changing josh's life. and, ginger? oh. there are no words. robin? >> i need a cigarette. mm. mm. >> lara, that's special. >> is this thing legal? >> there you go. the company, it's looking good for you guys. they bought air time during the super bowl. that's the most expensive ad time. i think they're hoping that people will want to lay a finger on their butterfinger peanut butter cup.
8:15 am
>> we already have it. >> we have them. >> thank you for your help. i know that was a lot of hard work. finally, i thought you might enjoy this for your eating moment, thou shall not pass, dog. that's the commandment coming from cat ts starring in the latest viral video on youtube. this is a compilation that turned the phrase fraidy cat on its ear. people are watching these dogs wimp out. there's not a single dog -- this one is my favorite. oh. never mind. i thought i wanted to go upstairs. maybe not. >> our dogs would bark and retreat. but they would retreat. >> at the end of this video, the few that run the gauntlet find out why cats have nine lives and dogs only have one. watch this. watch. >> the cats don't really fight fair. >> no. and they wait. it's just great. >> they never do, george. they never do.
8:16 am
>> i know what you mean. >> wow. that was great. welcome back. >> thank you. good to be back. >> thanks for the goodies. let's turn to jennifer aniston. she's speaking out. a brand-new interview. kind of revealing. opens up about her insecurities. has some surprising beauty tips and why she's in such a good place right now. bianna golodryga with that. hey, bianna. >> reporter: hey, george. she is in a good place right now. we're learning that wasn't always the case. to the outside world, jennifer aniston exudes a sense of self-confidence we rarely see. constantly in the spotlight and hounded by the press, america's sweetheart always appears to take that pressure in stride. but this morning, confessions from the star herself how she felt in the 30s. including bouts with insecurity. >> you can't buy me. >> reporter: she's one of hollywood's biggest movie stars. a red carpet darling. and a style icon. in a new interview, we are learning that jennifer aniston secretly lived with insecurity,
8:17 am
even while the rest of the world was adoring her on "friends." >> there were some people that said i looked like a floating angel. >> reporter: the now 44-year-old actress called her 30s, my awkward phase. and said, i'm a little bit of a late bloomer. it's a sentiment that aniston echoed when she spoke with amy robach a few months ago. >> i feel great. i've been much better shape, feel better than i ever did in my 20s, for sure. >> reporter: aniston, who does appear to be defying time, also dished about her signature locks, including her recent decision to go short. i'm loving it right now, she says. we were at a photo shoot the other day. and i just said, let's chop it off. it was one of those moments. i love doing something different and changing it up. she also says her favorite celebrity locks belong to supermodel gisele bundchen. but perhaps even more shocking, jennifer's not so glamorous beauty tip. admitting she puts serums in her hair because she tries not to wash it every day. and her secret to looking and
8:18 am
feeling good, is simply being in love. telling "parade," i feel most beautiful when i'm just home with justin theroux in the morning. or anytime of day i'm with him. so i'm really digging that new short hair cut that she has. she says even though she likes it, she's still partial to long hair. and something else she said in this interview which i thought was interesting. when she's flipping channels and she comes across a "friends" episode, she stops to watch. that must be awkward. >> i wondered that. >> reporter: do you watch or not? >> it's on all the time. but insecure a decade? i mean, well, okay. >> reporter: we all have them, right? >> i guess. >> pretty broad. thank you, bianna. always good to have you here. now, to the diet soda story. so many people watching their weight turn to diet soda. but a surprising development. diana perez has the latest on why diet soda sales are losing their pop.
8:19 am
>> reporter: it seems the diet soda craze may be going flat. new sales figures show the $75 billion industry is losing some of its fizz. for the past three years, the decline in diet soda has been greater than regular soft drinks. "the wall street journal" reports this year, zero and low-calorie sodas are down 7%. while regular soda is 2%. 33-year-old diana started drinking diet soda in kindergarten. >> i love drinking diet soda for nearly 30 years because it was cold, convenient, carbonated. >> reporter: but in august, she quit, after her physical trainer talked to her. >> my trainer explained to me that the artificial sweetener in the soda would cause your insulin to spike. when i realized how the stuff i was putting in my body, i decided to stop. >> reporter: according to the american beverage association, the sweeteners aren't dangerous. low and no-calorie sweeteners have been proven to be safe and effective tool for weight management.
8:20 am
all based on decades of scientific research. for "good morning america," diana pressure, abc news, new york. >> we want to add that the american beverage association says, quote, our member companies offer a wide variety of beverage options, portion sizes and calorie counts and continue to innovate with more choices to meet evolving consumer needs. end of quote. we asked you to weigh in, why you have or have not switched to beverages other than diet sodas. and kathleen, she sent in this one. i gave up diet coke completely two years ago. i switched to water mostly. but i have to say, every once in a while, i do miss my d.c. another viewer told us they started juicing a few years ago. and kicked that soda habit to the curb. joining us now, abc news nutrition and wellness editor and author of "eat it to beat it," dave zinczenko. how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. >> you must be feeling good
8:21 am
about the fact that the sales are going down. what does that say to you? >> i'm happy that the pop/soda bubble is popping. what it says to me is the diet sodas are losing their health halo. we make decisions partly based on science. partly on how they make us feel. what we really need to do here is consider that we go out and we are looking at diet soda as something that used to symbolize being health-conscious and fit. we would be getting ready for jazzercise, grab our diet sodas. we would turn away. >> and it's the chemicals they're worrying about. >> they're starting to count ingredients, not calories. they're realizing that's really important. you have to look for the alternatives. there's diet sodas have that have something that's called bromated vegetable oil. it's a sin thet ek flame retardant if some citrus drinks.
8:22 am
>> so what are the alternatives? >> we have bottled water. we have green tea that's unsweetened. natural ginger ale. what you have in front of you, josh, the izze, it's a grapefruit drink. >> we have those at home. those are great. >> it is terrific. it's preservative-free. it's owned by pepsi. a lot of people are turning to natural energy shots, like something like this. like e-boost, a great alternative. but it's coming down to natural ingredients. they're looking to stay away from high sugar, artificial flavors. all of the things that -- >> flame-retardant. >> flame-retardant. thank you. appreciate that. 'tis the season to rock the holidays at parties. you may want new looks for each gathering you go to. we have three, new trends to get decked out in.
8:23 am
and get this. we're starting the prices at just $25. here to show us the best of new looks is audrey slater. she's the fashion director of "redbook" magazine, with six models to show us each of the looks. hi, how are you? >> great. how are you, lara? >> i want to talk about the first trend. this is a color we've seen come and go. is it back and better than ever. it's ox blood. >> or maroon, or burgundy. this season's it color. there's so many dresses in this color. everyone's going to find one that's right for her. >> whey do you like this color? what's so hot about it? >> it's easy to wear. and it's easier to pull off than a bright red. >> i'm trying. >> you're doing it well. believe me. >> tell me about these. >> first, we have adina in this lacy number. it's from loft. it's really pretty and girlie. >> ann taylor loft? >> if you could see this up close, it has fine detailing. >> yep. >> so pretty. >> it's superpretty. and she just looks beautiful in it.
8:24 am
>> and the price? >> the price is -- i think it's $80. really affordable. >> that's beautiful. $98. >> $98. this is jcpenney. it's a tailored fit and flare. anna looks amazing. this dress is on sale for under $40 right now. >> the next look you might want to consider is lace. i just got a little frock in this look. tell me about these. this trend on the whole. >> well, kate middleton is the inspiration for this. she really did rock that lace dress. she loves this look. it's about the blue tones. and a dress with a sleeve. it's chic. it's elegant. you feel really pretty. and, yes, you can look like a princess for just under $25. the first dress on lauren is from target. it's just an amazing buy. she looks great. and it's really comfortable. >> is that at target right now? because i love that. >> at target right now. >> and the second dress, the price is -- >> that is $78, on sale. it's at wonder stores this minute. >> and this is a take on the
8:25 am
lbd, little black dress. >> this is an lbd upgrade. black and gold. the shame -- same chic look. it's a little more glam. and in terms of accessories, we have carrie wearing a loft dress. and andrea is going more ladylike. a dress from macy's. >> you could throw a blazer over that and wear it to work. and i like the little rock 'n' roll take on it, audrey. they were fantastic. check out for info on that. and coming up, the cast and creator of "downton abbey" are here. the show's coming back. we're live with them, on "gma.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. san francisco firefighters contained a fire this morning that had been burning all night. the fire started at a recycling warehouse. several people did complain about breathing problems. in the north bay someone is spreading holiday cheer in the bay near san rafael neighborhood. a miniature christmas tree sitting on top of a white box with red stripes. it has solar panels to power lights on the tree that are visible to neighbors at night. really neat. let's see how the commute is going, leyla gulen. we have a sigalert in san rafael involving an overturned vehicle. someone is trapped out there. we have crews on the scene.
8:28 am
we also have a b.a.r.t. and muni delay. on b.a.r.t. it's the pittsburgh bay point line at the sfo and daly city directions outside of 15 minutes. muni lines 12, 28 and 21 also experiencing longer than normal wait times. kristen. leyla, thank you. last year was the biggest flu outbreak in over a decade. before the first sneeze... help protect with a spray. before the first tissue... help defend with a wipe. and help prevent with lysol. to get 10x more protection... and kill 99.9% of germs around the house. this season, help protect your family with lysol. start healthing
8:29 am
erfect world every man wow! would look like jowow!tamos. and in a perfect world, what's delicious would be healthy too. wish granted. dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. this really is too good to be true! dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. ♪ dannon. welcome back. check out all the sunshine we're dealing with this morning as we look from mt. tamalpais.
8:30 am
spare the air north bay most likely. freezing cold again tonight in th ♪ ♪ [ "macarena" playing ] look at george in the middle there. >> i almost feel like i should apologize on behalf of "good morning america." >> please do. >> that's our specific holiday twist to the smash hit "macarena." >> it was a big hit. >> it was a huge hit. >> it was. >> but it is nothing compared to macareindeer, from our friends at jibjab. our friends. for now.
8:31 am
oh, boy. that was too bad. >> full confession, i loved doing the macarena. >> oh, yeah? >> loved it. >> did you sing? >> did you? no, no, no. that's music. there's a segment 10-b on the way. >> josh and i did, too. >> oh, i believe that. what we do look forward to soon, andrea bocelli. always great to have him here. been warming up all morning long. soothing all of us. great to have him here for the holiday season. >> our beautiful studio upstairs where he is. we'll be joining him shortly. we always love having him here. for that special performance that's coming up. also more star power on the way to the studio. amy adams on the way. from the great film, "american hustle." she's here. looking forward to talking about that. we're going to see them all. first, speaking of seeing them all, lara? >> i'm over here staring. i'm so happy. it's been a long wait for all of us "downton abbey" fans. but it is now nearly over.
8:32 am
come january 5th, we can welcome back our favorite upstairs, downstairs drama. the creator and seven of its stars are here in our studio, with a sneak peek of the new season. take a look. >> matthew was dead 50 years before his time. suspe isn't that enough for me to deal with? leave me alone. >> exactly what i was afraid of. she is living a nightmare. and we must all step back and allow her to come through it in her own time. aren't i right, mamma? >> no. we can't discuss it now. this is delicious, carson. is this the work of mrs. battle? >> and here they are now. "downton abbey" stars and creator. i'm just going to go through the list. laura carmichael. julian fellowes. rob james-collier. leslie nicol. allen leech.
8:33 am
phyllis logan. and welcome to "good morning america." julian, i'd like to start with you. you have said you got a lot of heat in the days after we all saw the untimely death happen. what was that like for you? what was your reaction? >> it was a bit shocking, actually. i had letters saying i will not watch anything you have to do with again. and they didn't realize, in england, we only have three-year contracts. when people want to leave, they leave. and they can't just vanish. you can't send them up the chimney. they're still a member of the family. i'm afraid if they're never going to come back, it's the grim reaper that's the only answer. >> and on the show, things were looking so well for, michelle, your character and matthew. and i guess it would have been a little odd for them to suddenly start fighting or split up. >> also, to never come back. he has a son. he has an estate. it wasn't believable. i'm afraid, but he had to breathe his last. we're very sorry.
8:34 am
but that was the way it had to be. >> that's the way it had to be. michelle, for you, life moves forward. what's that like for your character? life without matthew? can you give us a glimpse of what we'll see? >> well, mary very much reverts back to the kind of cold, icy side again. >> oh, no. >> inevitably because she's -- because of what she's going through. and it's something that i wasn't expecting. and we all weren't expecting, really. i was expecting marital bliss. and, you know, bringing up baby. >> you were surprised? >> i know that's the way it had to be. but, yeah. she does -- she needs to move on. so, there are new suitors. >> and? yeah. >> there's one or two. or three. >> i love it. >> yeah. she's adjusting, really. that's what the whole series is about for mary is moving on. >> okay. and, laura, your character, we hear is going to come into her own in a whole, new way.
8:35 am
you play mary's sister. >> yes. >> but i was reading that maybe it's not quite as easy as you thought it would be, the modern world? >> no. well, nothing's simple or easy. it's really in season three, she has a london life going on with her editor. >> so, edith gets wild in the next season? >> kind of, yeah. it's fun. it's a good story for her. and a nice contrast with mary, who is grieving. edith gets to escape downton abbey and go to london and have a different life there. >> she builds her own life. she's building her own life, really, in the world of the '20s, which is different to the world before the war. >> and the costumes. and the clothing must be so fun. >> yeah. it's great. i love the clothes. >> hugh, i'd like to ask you. you seem to be warming up to the idea of matthew -- you guys were doing great job of getting a little more progressive in terms
8:36 am
of saving downton abbey. what happens now? are you going to revert back? >> now, robert is faced with the burden of death duties, since matthew was the co-manager, the owner of the estate. now, there's a big debate how best to run the estate in the future. that brings me up against mary's strong-willed nature. i want to protect my heir, who is now 6 months old at the beginning of the series. and allow mary to grieve in the way i think she should grieve, which is probably forever. >> yeah. yeah, yeah. whose character is sadder about this? you were sort of in love with him. everybody, the great alan, you do such great job playing branson. are we going to see the sadness lift for you? where are you as we move forward? >> as we go into season four, branson is estate manager. he's got a lot of responsibility in the estate. and he's the only person who knows what mary's going through. he becomes a confidant and a
8:37 am
friend to her. >> oh, how confident? julian, i'm just saying. >> i'm not saying. >> if it was the american version, you know. oh, that's interesting. >> really interesting. >> i want to get to the rest of you. rob, hello. >> hello. >> i heard in the preinterview that you were quite fun and that you might be the wild card. >> a little feisty. >> allen and you are dear friends off the set. i guess you hang out when you're not working? >> we do. >> a bit of a bromance going on. >> oh, we love a good bromance here at "good morning america." that's nice to see. and look at you two beautiful ladies. >> me? >> i can't leave out phyllis loga logan, mrs. hughes.
8:38 am
you're like the glue that holds it all together. >> i like to think so. >> in some respects, yes. certainly. >> and how about mrs. patmore at the end of last season? i love that. >> he only staid for five minutes. >> i know. but more to come, i hope? >> i'm having a word with -- the boss. >> they were five good minutes. >> julian saying, don't get too -- >> i put in a request for maybe another one. but you know. >> we did get a tweet. everyone wanted to know how much are you missing dan stevens? how has that been for you? >> missing him so much, we're insisting on having a drink with him tomorrow night. >> are you going to? i love hearing that. we all sort of in our heads, fans of "downton abbey" want to believe that. it's so lovely to meet you all in person. upstairs or downstairs, the next big romance. just tell us that. that's all i need to know. >> maybe both? >> i can't. >> all right. i'll have to wait to find out. what a treat it's been for me and for our viewers. thank you for getting up early for us on "good morning america." we cannot wait to see you. the new season of "downton
8:39 am
abbey" premieres january 5th on masterpiece. it's on pbs. now, a final check of the weather and ginger zee. >> lara, i believe this is my first red carpet weather cast. what's your name? >> my name is jackie. >> jackie watches us every morning from florida. i wanted to put her on tv. i think we've got some great weather to talk about and some not so great, of course. new jersey, that's what it looks like this morning. thank you for sending in the picture. you know her. and look at that big icicle. wow, in missouri. springfield, sending those pictures in. please. @ginger underscore zee. the cold, the chill, it is here to stay. look how much it covers in our nation. and here's that snowstorm moving through. and the
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so much buzz about "american hustle," the highly-anticipated film from david o. russell, with an oscar-nominated winning ensemble cast, including amy
8:44 am
adams. she's pulling double duty. juggling two men, two accents. one american, one british. you look great, hon. we're going to take a look and then, we'll chat. >> okay. >> am i ever going to get out to a better place? or is this it? you feel like that? >> yeah. yeah, i do. i kef it in -- i definitely know that. i'm sorry, we don't have to go dancing. we can go have coffee or something. >> no, no, no. no. i need this. please. i need to go dancing with you. please. >> okay, baby. let's go dancing. >> and, yes, they went dancing. you went to a discotheque. amy, it's good to have your back here. >> good to be here. >> you're a real woman. putting on your shoes. family all around. >> you have to juggle. you can't -- these shoes are not built for speed. >> that's great.
8:45 am
we really appreciate you for so many different reasons. this particular character, a little complicated. a little complicated, she is. >> she's very complicated. she has a lot going on. juggling two men and her own misery, all of that, yes. >> and she wasn't happy with who she is. and so, she has this different person that she has become. and she fools a lot of people, including the fbi agent, played by bradley cooper. >> exactly. we get ourselves in some trouble. and i sort of have adapted -- i was watching the "downton abbey" cast. and lady edith. and i'm like, i'm playing lady e edith. >> yes, you are. >> and she adopts a persona and fools him and tries to manipulate him. good fun. >> you said you really enjoyed some of the scenes you did. like the one with christian bale. every time he takes on a role, he becomes that person.
8:46 am
and there's a wonderful scene. you guys are barely saying anything, in the dry cleaners. >> yeah. >> that really spoke to you, too? >> it did. it was one of my favorite scenes. i love the quiet scenes in movies. he does a thing, when his glasses comes off. he looks at her so intimately and vulnerably. there's one of these things, when a man looks at you like that, they're just giving you their soul. and it's such a precious gift. >> on the flipside of that, it was soulful and peaceful. you hauled off and hit bradley cooper's character. >> oh, yeah. >> you had to be really talked into it? >> you know, i believe you can accomplish something without hurting someone. i kept hitting him. and i guess it wasn't reading as hard enough. david's yelling, hit him. hit him. >> bradley's yelling, hit me, hit me. and his face started swelling. >> in real life, it started swelling. >> oh, yeah. it started swelling. i was like, i certainly hope you have it. because i think bradley needs some ice. i felt very badly about that. >> it seems like you all got along. and jennifer lawrence, she jumps
8:47 am
off the screen. >> she does. she's just unstoppable. she's a phenomenon. and in this character, just had so much to work with. and really embraces this sort of insanity that's created. we have this scene here that -- >> this was your idea. >> the end of it, yeah. >> we don't want to give it away. >> well, the end of it was, i was just thinking, my character is so strong and so angry, why would i let her walk out of the room? what could she do to get me to freeze? what if she does this. and she was game. it's a wonderful thing about jennifer, she's up for anything. and she's just fantastic. >> everybody is holding their own on that. and then the different -- you must have changed costumes about 50 times. >> 50 times, yes. >> there's beautiful pictures in vanity fair as well. was that part of it? >> thank you very much. yeah, i mean, she's trying on all of these different personas. so, the costumes were a big part of how she defines herself. it's like her armor, really.
8:48 am
but it seems to be that the stronger she feels, the less clothes she wears. or the stronger she wants to feel. but she uses it as a manipulation and as a weapon. but it was such an insane shoot that some of the costumes were a closet at some warehouse. you find somewhere to change with dignity and modesty. >> it worked. we felt like we were in the '70s. the hair. everyone had a different style going. it was just -- >> yeah, we had a great design team. really lucky with everybody we worked with. michael wilkinson, who did the costumes. and kathy and everyone, who did the hair and makeup. really ambitious and went for it. >> josh gives it two thumbs up. i saw it last night. i do, too. it is great. >> that's so good to hear. >> and the cast all coming together. the director, everything. thank you very much. thank you. enjoy your family. >> i will. >> have a good time. in the holiday season. "american hustle" opens in select theaters this friday. nationwide next friday. december 20th.
8:49 am
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