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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 11, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PST

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making news in america this morning -- found alive. a family safe after spending three days in sub zero temperatures. new details about what they did to stay alive. wild weather. a community evacuated after building ice causes a wall of water. and now, the weather worries turn from heavy snow to temperatures that are downright dangerous. amazing catch. an avid angler uses a big fishing rod to reel in a big fish. he never expected to bring in a great white. kiss controversy. a 6-year-old boy in trouble for puckering up in class. >> and i kissed her on the hand. that's what happened. >> this morning, his mother is crying foul. did the punishment fit the crime?
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and good wednesday morning. we begin with an early christmas miracle for a very lucky family. >> rescuers found the two adults and four children, including the 3-year-old, all of them alive, after they were stuck in some brutal weather conditions for 48 hours. abc's david wright has the very latest on how they were found and what they did to stay alive. >> reporter: for two days in this frozen landscape, search and rescue teams hunted in vain, searching this snowy nevada mountain range for a missing family. 34-year-old james glanton, his girlfriend, 25-year-old christina macintee, their two kids and niece and nephew, all of them young kids, ages 3 to 10. against all odds, that family is safe. an amazing story of survival. >> everybody's already shed tears. and they cried for happiness. and of course, it's going to be a happy communion. we're glad they've all been found. everybody's prayers have been
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answered. >> reporter: it all started sunday, when witnesses saw them drive off into the seven troughs mountains in a silver jeep wrangler. they said they were off to play in the snow. that was sunday at noontime. when they failed to return home, family members reported them missing. and the search got under way. 200 volunteers on the ground, plus aircraft up top, armed with infrared sensors, sensitive enough to read human body heat. they found nothing. but then, on tuesday, one of the searchers on the ground spotted an overturned car through his binoculars. >> we just followed some tracks going up a road. and we found their footprints. so, we kept going up. and we started glassing with our binoculars. and we saw the jeep down there. >> reporter: to survive the 20-below zero temperatures at night, they burnt one of the car's tires. having been rushed to the hospital, the doctors have given them a clean bill of health. >> all of the patients are stable. preliminary exams, all doing well. not even evidence of frostbite.
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again, the father did a very good job of keeping everybody safe. >> reporter: they have a mild case of exposure and an incredible story to tell. david wright, abc news, in reno. >> incredible story. we'll talk to the doctor treating that family coming up on "gma." nevada, of course, on the western edge of that giant band of arctic air that's plunged nearly the entire upper half of the u.s. into that deep freeze. >> freezing and below freezing temperatures are making it feel like winter, gripping nearly the entire lower 48 states from coast-to-coast and border-to-border. minus 9 in bismarck, north dakota. and only 30 degrees in san angelo. and that superfrigid air that's been parked over the upper midwest is now moving into the northeast. following yesterday's wintry weather wallop, the region's first major snowstorm. and the snow closed hundreds of schools and offices up and down the east coast, triggered countless accidents and canceled nearly 1,400 flights. >> patience is definitely a virtue. in fact, i've been here for two hours. nothing against the great city of newark.
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i'm here and moving on. >> it wasn't a lot of snow. but just enough to cause massive travel problems. next on the weather docket for the northeast today, the season's first sub zero temperatures. it's actually thawing temperatures that's causing some problems in parts of colorado. >> about a dozen people have been given the all-clear to return to an r.v. park in golden, colorado, after an ice dam break forced their evacuation. clear creek rose about 3 feet in just 15 minutes. ice dams across the area have been breaking as temperatures continue to rise. and now, moving on to capitol hill. in a rare bipartisan agreement, democrats and republicans have struck a deal on the budget aimed at preventing another government shutdown. the final passage is still up in the air. abc's tahman bradley has the details from washington. >> reporter: smiles on capitol hill. house budget chairman paul ryan, a republican, and senate budget chairwoman patty murray, a democrat, brokered the agreement. >> this agreement makes sure that we don't have a government shutdown scenario in january. >> because of this deal, the
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budget process can now stop lurching from crisis-to-crisis. >> reporter: if approved, the deal would raise military and domestic spending to slightly beyond $1 trillion over the next two years, while eliminating about $65 billion in the across-the-board spending cuts known as the sequester. taxes would not go up. instead, the plan raises fees on some airline tickets. >> i see this agreement as a step in the right direction. in divided government, you don't always get what you want. >> reporter: the deal is not certain to pass either the house or the senate. republicans don't like the spending increases. and democrats are unhappy the deal does not extend the federal unemployment benefits set to expire this month. in a statement, president obama applauded the deal, saying, this agreement doesn't include everything i'd like. but it's a good sign that democrats and republicans in congress were able to come together. the ryan/murray deal does not raise the debt ceiling. congress must address that in the spring. the house is scheduled to take up the deal this week, followed by the senate, likely, next week. diana? >> all right. abc's tahman bradley, live in
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washington for us this morning. thank you. there are more tributes to nelson mandela this morning. >> tens of thousands of people lined the route as his coffin was moved to where it is now and it's going to lie in state. among the crowds was abc's terry moran. >> reporter: down this street, named after him, after his clan name, madiba street, it's called, that the body of nelson mandela processed to the union building, the center of government, where he will lie in state for the next several days. and it's been an extraordinary scene here. a police honor guard now dispersing. lined up as far as the eye can see. and if you think about that, south african police once pursued and persecuted nelson mandela. now, they stood at attention in his honor. terry moran, abc news, pretoria, south africa. and this video just into abc news. air force one touching down with president obama about an hour earlier at andrew's air force base, following a long flight from south africa. there are two major moments
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from yesterday's memorial service still being debated around the world. >> at that service, president obama shook hands with cuban president raul castro. bringing criticism from cuban-americans and conservatives. others are saying it was no big deal. he was just being polite. >> also drawing fire, the president taking a selfie with other world leaders. those are the prime ministers of denmark and britain with him, in the do-it-yourself snapshot. critics say, he was acting like a bored kid at school assembly. his defenders argue the service was more of a celebration. it was not a funeral. well, here's another story that's sure to get people talking today. sorry, everybody, but you did not win last night's mega millions jackpot. no one who bought the ticket for the $344 million drawing matched all six numbers. that means that friday's jackpot will be worth at least $400 million. for the record, just in case, last night's numbers were 5, 12, 22, 41, 65 and the megaball, 13. by the way, tonight's powerball drawing is worth $122 million. >> could be the one. >> wow. still hot at 54. an old favorite is once again at the top of the holiday toy list. and new this morning, a day
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in the wilderness nearly turning tragic when a group of hunters become the hunted. plus, dramatic rescue. a person is pulled from a truck engulfed in flames. wait until you hear who was inside that car.
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and welcome back. we'll have to see how the markets react to that surprising deal from congress. as we mentioned, congressional budget negotiators reached a deal to fund the government way before the threat of a new shutdown. congress votes on it later this week. and general motors gets its first female ceo ever. she starts in just over a month. 51-year-old mary barra has worked for gm for 33 years. she's led its global product development efforts for nearly three years. among the challenges she faces,
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how to cut gm costs and how to increase sales overseas. to leadership change of a different sort at yoga gearmaker lululemon. founder chip wilson is leaving the company after some controversial statements. wilson had said that some women's bodies don't work for lululemon's pants. the company has also named a new ceo. twitter has made some tweaks to its mobile apps. it's now easier to send direct messages with an icon on the navigation bar of the home screen. you can now also send photos and direct messages. twitter is hoping the changes will make it the choice for one-on-one messaging and maybe even pick up a few more users. and a 54-year-old is giving the kids a run for its money. >> the barbie doll was the most toy ordered by retailers, as they stock up for the holiday season. at least among toys made overseas. shipments were up 6% this year, which means stores expect an increase in sales. when we come back, what a catch. a marine decides to go fishing. he reels in something he'll never expect and maybe never get again. plus, energetic and full of love. a 6-year-old boy suspended for a classroom kiss. why some are saying that the
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so you can breathe and do the one thing you want to do. sleep. add breathe right to your cold medicine. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. slick roads during yesterday's snow blast across the northeast were apparently too much even for this snowplow. in burlington, massachusetts, there, sitting in a small pond. not exactly sure how it got there. the driver, luckily, was not hurt. and now, for a look at your morning road conditions elsewhere. lake-effect snow could make driving slick for chicago and detroit to pittsburgh and even buffalo. and rain could make the roads slick for the south. >> and if you're flying, airport delays possible in chicago and detroit. a young hunter in central pennsylvania this morning, recovering from a bear attack. >> 18-year-old camille bomboy was hospitalized in fair condition after she was accidentally attacked. apparently she got between the black bear and her three cubs. the bear attacked and bit her on the arms and chest and scratched
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her head before her father was able to fire off some shots into the air that scared the bear off. and her stepbrother was nearby. >> i heart her screaming. i went running. by the time i got there, i heard a couple gunshots. >> my buddy called me and said he needs help. his sister got attacked by a bear. so, we grabbed our guns and went up after it. >> they never did find that bear. while these types of attacks are rare, wildlife experts say it's normal behavior for a black bear to attack if someone gets between a mother and her cubs. another animal on the attack. a tiger at a recent circus performance in spain. this is new video of the incident, which took place friday in madrid. >> you see the tiger latch on to the trainer and refuse to let go. the 35-year-old trainer was saved by other service workers. but not before suffering multiple injuries to his head, back and legs. he is now recovering at the hospital. a pickup truck goes up in flames in syracuse, new york. this time, a group of strangers come to the rescue. drivers pull over when they spot
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that truck on fire. they can see the national guardsman inside, wearing military fatigues. they managed to get the door open. they cut him out of the seat belt and dragged him to safety. moments later, the truck exploded. catching sharks is nothing special for jeff fangman. he's done it many times before. but this was off the gulf coast. he was literally on the beach. reeling in that shark on a california beach. a massive shark, too. a great white shark. now, this camp pendington marine says, as far as he knows, it's the first time a great white has been caught on a u.s. beach. it's also his first great white shark. >> seeing it in the water was just -- you know, it was almost mind-blowing. it's taken several weeks for the whole ordeal to sink in. >> now, it's illegal for fishermen to target great white sharks. so, after a few minutes, fangman dragged it back in the water and it swam off. it's the one that got away. but his wife caught it on video. a 6-year-old colorado boy has been suspended from school for kissing a classmate on the hand. now, the incident is going on hunter yelton's record as sexual harassment.
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hunter has been in trouble before for kissing the same girl on her cheek. his mom says they're working on his behavior. but she's outraged that it's being called sexual harassment. >> i kissed her on the hand. and that's what happened. >> she was fine with it. they are boyfriend and girlfriend. this is taking it to an extreme that doesn't need to be met with a 6-year-old. >> hunter admits he did something wrong. he has apologized. he says he's going to try to be good in school. and he says he has a lot of energy. >> he's so cute. time, now, for sports. exciting nba action last night. >> yeah. kobe bryant returned for his second game this season. here are neil and stan with the highlights. >> good morning, america. welcome to our "sportscenter" set here in los angeles. i'm stan verrett. this is neil everett. a couple of interesting games in the nba. >> yeah. let's start in indiana, where the heat were in town. of course, these two went to the eastern conference final last year. lebron james and his squad moved on to the nba finals. paul george was invisible in the first half. >> you see him right there.
4:18 am
>> miami's defense was invisible against him in the second half. luis scola, great hair. great rebounder. george, from the corner. 15 of his 17 in the second half. lebron james, oh. thank you for the aerial display. now, back to the ball game. these teams meet one week from today in miami on espn. >> that guy punched lebron james. suns and lakers from the staples center. kobe bryant, his second game back from a torn achilles injury. working on p.j. tucker. that's the first dunk of the season for bryant. working on tucker again. the outside jumper is working. 20 points for bryant. gave himself a "b" for his overall effort on this game. 31 for dragic. 20 for morris. make that 22 for morris. and the suns over the lakers, 114-108. so, bryant comes back. but the lakers 0-2, since his
4:19 am
return. >> there you go. good morning, america. >> thanks. a bride bouquet toss can be exciting. and some single ladies have been known to get a little carried away trying to catch it. that's what we have here. it's our "play of the day." >> we see the bride toss the bouquet. there it is. it ends up, though, in the garden. and then, one woman goes head-over-heels, literally, to try to retrieve it. >> it's even better in slow-motion, folks. take a look. >> oh. >> that's going to leave a mark. we presume that young woman was fine. no word on whether she was injured or not. >> and did she get the bouquet? >> yeah, exactly. >> and is it worth it? >> is that a bottomless pit? we just don't know. >> it's just some flowers. maybe her -- maybe her own diamond ring fell in there. that would be a more legitimate reason to jump head-first into a garden. for a couple of flowers -- >> not so much. up next, "the pulse." where jon stewart has a hilarious take on the obama/castro handshake controversy. and off the track, danica patrick like you've never seen her before. shake
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all right. welcome back. time for "the pulse," and we start with the handshake between president obama and raul castro. >> it happened yesterday at the memorial service for nelson mandela. the president's critics were quick to pounce. and that criticism caught jon stewart's attention. >> what more fitting tribute could there be to nelson mandela, a man so dedicated to forgiveness, he invited his own captor to his inauguration. and for our country to lose its [ bleep ] over a handshake. what else are you going to do at a funeral? give him one of these? >> the president's selfie with
4:23 am
the world leaders, that drew criticism, as well. and he called it the kind of messup, only if he uses the "f" word. moving on to this, now. the elf on the shelf is supposed to keep tabs on kids around and report back to the north pole. but who is keeping tabs on whom? >> looks like the busy little guy has been naughty himself. he's such a ladies man, diana. then, he gets taken hostage by toy soldiers. >> and the elf has fun with a christmas ornament. at least he kept his clothes on. those are some of the many creative images of elf on a shelf popping up all over social media. it was just a matter of time. >> that was a good idea. this one, danica patrick, she turned quite a few heads last night at the american country awards in las vegas. >> she traded in her racing helmet for a full, feathered
4:24 am
headdress. and she strutted her stuff, vegas style at mandalay bay. >> that was fun. i always wanted to do that. and the good thing about me, there's no chance of a wardrobe malfunction. not much to malfunction. i hope that little bit didn't fall flat. >> well, the jokes fell a little flat. but you have to give her props. i think you would look awesome in that outfit. maybe you can wear it in "the pulse" tomorrow. what do you think? >> i think that will go great with my 9-month pregnant belly. >> tune in tomorrow. >> you're going to bring in your dress, right? >> that's a deal? i would almost take that bet just to see it. maybe not. for some of you, local news is coming up next. >> for everyone else, we'll be back with a mailman who never changes his outfit, even in the cold. >> those are short-shorts. oh, boy. a can of del monte green beans?
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> good morning, i am kristen sze. >> the breaking news is from concord where a huge fire has forced local firefighters to call in help from surrounding communities. our reporter is on the scene near concord's airport. amy? >> this is a huge fire. it has been burning for hours before they got call at 12:25. authorities say what was on fire was the phone company that sold telephone supplies in concord so there are a lot of plastics that have burned. that is can there is a funky smell with the smoke going straight up. the air quality probably okay. you do fault want to get up close and both it but it is
4:29 am
probably okay. they went to four alarm and prosecute in 70 firefighters and called in the county. they were on their way and they said that contra costa had it covered. they think they will be here all morning watching over the scene. they do not know the cause. it took hours to get the fire out. >> what we have not been able to do is go around the back side of the building and check to make sure there were no homeless people against the building with it as cold as it was, we do not know if that is a possible if they are sleeping back there. >> it could take days before they figure out the cause of the fire. e investigators if there now.t they never did go in they took a defensive approach. it was too big. they tried to keep it from spreading to punish by businesses. it was a good call.
4:30 am
a corner of the building did collapse. this is happening in con concord. all of the firefighters are okay. there was no smoke detector. in concord for abc7 news. >> thank you, amy. >> amy was talking about ming the smoke out. behalf is happening, mike? >> in concord the winds are light as normally they are in the valley under this regime. there is a lid on the atmosphere so it will spread out but it will not get much off the ground probably only a couple hundred feet but that is better than it is on the ground. how are the temperatures? we are warmer today than yesterday from two to six degrees warmer, and san jose is up to 35 this morning and 35 also in mountain view and 35 in oakland and upp


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