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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 12, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> breaking overnight a big rig crash blocks lanes on a busy bay area freeway. we have the work to clear the road ahead of the morning commute. ought bay area is waking up to another "spare the air" alert for the winter. the records coming with the bad days. >> the man who did the fake signing at nelson mandela's memorial service now admits he has a medical problem. what he is blaming the incident on. >> good morning, at 6:00 on thursday. thanks for joining us. >> first an update on the weather forecast. mike? >> thank you very much, everyone. freezing cold again inland especially in the north bay, and that is with the national weather service deemed a freeze warning is needed until 9:00 this morning. with temperatures in the 20's to low 30's and the san ramon valley is dealing with the same
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type of temperatures so, remember, the pets, plants and pipes until 9:00. frost and 38 at bay with a few areas cooler than that. sunny and 52 at noon with a few high clouds in the afternoon and evening. 54 at 4:00 and 48 at 7:00. the poorest air quality is south bay today. that is why we have a spay spare. freezing cold this morning at 7:00, and 52 at noon, and 54 at 4:00, and milder at 7:00. headed to the coast the last spot for the day planner, is 4 this morning with clear sky and mid-50's with sunshine and a few high clouds and 47 in the evening. leyla gulen has the morning commute? >> speaking of the freezing specifics there is still a threat black i, with no reports just yet but you want to proceed with caution. we have a brand new accident as we take you southbound 680 we have an accident out there, and it is blocking a middle lane so be came. it looks like everything is else
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is running smooth. in oakland, westbound along 980 at 18th street a hood was unlocked from the car and hit the wind shield the when you make it up to the maze, look at this, the metering lights have been turned on and the toll plaza is looking heavy away from the maze and it will take you a few minnesotas to make it to san francisco. >> breaking news continues with a big crash on interstate 80 blocking several lanes and amy hollyfield joins us with the details, including how it could have been so much worse >> they are still up there, working on the cleanup for 3 1/2 hours. they have managed to shove it to the shoulder and they have reopened the freeway. this was a big wreck. it started with two cars crashing into each other setting
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off a chain. a big rig coming down the road hit one of the cars that flipped and was in the middle of the freeway pushing it into two other cars. the big rig caught fire and the other cars were banged up by all five walked away. >> it was a big miracle. we expected to have more injuries than there were given the fact how the vehicles looked and judging by the seen, it was a very, very big miracle can no one was seriously injured. >> to happens on eastbound interstate 80 near the pinole valley road exit at 2:20. the drives remain not under the influence of druze or alcohol. no arrests were made. they were just going too fast. as mike said, bay area snap is
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almost over but there is another pair spare alert today. what does that mean for us, matt? >> forecasters say we will see the worst air here in the santa clara valley as we are going to be setting a record today for the most "spare the air" days in a row. this is the fifth consecutive "spare the air" day here in the bay area and that means it is illegal to burn wood in the fireplace or stove unless it is your only heat source in the home. stadiums using wood to cook are exempt and the bay area quality management district says that one out of seven bay area residents have a breathing ill ness. >> i woke up choking twice this morning and the first thing i did was grab my inhaler. >> you can smell it and i can family it in my chest. >> inspectors patrol hotspots in the bay area. air quality officials get a lost complaints offed would burning in west marin and other places of course, first time violators
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get $100 ticket. you can avoid that by checking before you burn and you can sign up for e-mail air -- alerts so you know if it a "spare the air" day but could be one more "spare the air" day, the sixth in a row. >> a 36-year-old antioch man is in custody this morning after leading officers on an hour-long high high speed chase that topped 200 miles per hour before ending in antioch. the suspect hit a police officer with his car as the driver tried to get away during a traffic stop. spike strips flattened the tires but the car continued on its rims circling around long view road. finally, the suspect's car was disabled and he tried to run an but he could not outrun a police doling. the suspect was treated at the scene and taken away by
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ambulance. >> investigators have talked to another boy who was molested by a highly regarded golf coast. the 31-year-old andrew news bit is hold without bail on 65 charges. another possibility victim has been uncovered and possibly a fourth. news boat boat -- nisbet was arrested on saturday while working at the golf course. he has admitted to some acts. >> woman is accused of $19,000 heist from a cosmetic store in berkeley. surveillance video led police to her. other stolen property was found including a list of 100 identity theft documents. >> through details on a nasa -- natural gas fire in oakland with new pictures of a pipe that burst at golf lips and continue table near the oakland zoo. you can see small cracks if you
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look closely. the gas that leaked out of the ruptures ignited and prompted fores to issue shelter if place order for those would live in the area. authorities ever advantage -- evacuated six homes the it could be a i'll before we know the cause of the crack. >> enforcement of a law in palo alto that was living in your car could be delayed up to a year. the ordinance will go in effect february ten but the city council will vote on a resolution that stays help form of the -- stays enforcement. the city manager wants it wait until a federal appeals court rules. some residents have raised questions of the scope of the new law and support more review and outreach. >> a just release poll finds people in the bay area of pretty happy with lie in the state. 54 percent of voters or folks
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who were surveyed say california is one of best polices to live in the entire country. that is the highest out of any geographic area in the state. in the central valley, only 33 percent of voters say california is one of the best places to live. by political party, 53 percent of democrats stay wide say california is one of the best polices to live and only 29 percent of republicans say the same. the director says this is not a surprise because democrats control all of state government. did they do that poll before or during the code -- cold snap. >> we still have frosty temperatures. in the south bay, sunnyvale and cupertino at 30 degrees. san jose at 32. 33 in santa clara. 35 in alum rock. los gatos shows it is 49.
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we have freeze temperatures in continueville -- if you are headed to continueville. 46 in san francisco. check out novato at 39 and half moon at 36. we have lights on the bay bridge dancing through the morning and there are 24 hour temperature change and 61 in oakland and santa rosa is 2358 and san francisco is 57 and treatment is 59. san jose is 63, which is three degrees warmer. we have changing of the air mass, a cleaner air mass is coming tomorrow and it will be warmer, upper 50's to low 60's and low-to-mid 60's on saturday and sunday. a night weekend to be outside, different from last weekend temperature-wise. leyla gulen? >> we have a lull for a moment and now it is getting busy as we
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look at our traffic, head along southbound 680, from dublin to mission boulevard that is 18 minutes and this is change -- change moment to moment. headed back to 680, we will look at our app, this is a major accident and there is one involving a few vehicles blocking one lane. now, behind it, we did have reports of heavy traffic so do expect to see some extra delays and you could see extra minutes tacked on to the commute and you can always track your traffic with the waze app at google play are at app store. >> happening today, facebook and instagram is inviting the media to new york stock exchange with a big -- to new york city with a big announcement. the man fadous after making fake signs at nelson mandela's memorial sets the record
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straight blaming a medical condition. >> oprah opens up, revealing the real reason why she never became
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covering fremont, palo alto, north bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. you good morning, on this thursday, a look at traffic on 680 in walnut creek and starting to will up a little bit as you might expect. it is another cold morning but much less so and a warm-up is coming with more on that coming up. >> new this morning from south africa where cuban president raul castro paid respects to nelson mandela early in day castro joined thousands of mourners filing beyond his coffin in pretoria and vowed before the antiapartheid hero before move on. nelson mandela's body lies in state for a third day tomorrow and will be buried on sunday. >> new details of the man accused by sign language experts of making up hand gestures at
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nelson mandela's johannesburg memorial service. he is claiming that he had a schizophrenic episode. video shows the man at service and now in an interview with a south african newspaper, the man says he was hallucinating and hearing voices. the man adds that he is receiving treatment for his schizophrenia and says he is a qualify sign language interpreter. the south african government says that it is investigating this embarrassing incident the. >> look at the invitation from instagram for today's event. this photo is from an invitation that vague and asks the media to "share a moment" with the instagram team. rumors say they could be unveiling a new private messaging feature. >> if a new interview oprah is revealing why she never had children. she says she doesn't regret give up being a mom. the 59-year-old says she has
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made many sacrifices in her personal life and one was motherhood, saying if i had kids micies would hate me and told the magazine her children would probably have ended up talking about her on a tv show like oprah. >> she always has been able to get the personal stuff out of people so this is a big one to open up so personally. >> now drawing attention to the warmup coming, 70's, swimsuit weather. >> sure. >> dreaming. >> you are. now, when you jump from the teens to the 70's, you could want to go swimming. >> it will feel warm. >> now, here is live doppler 7 hd you can see how quiet it is with more moisture in the air. we have a change of the air mass bringing cleaner weather. we have our fingers crossed this is the last "spare the air" day
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for a while. east bay hills camera is showing calm conditions. we have the fifth consecutive "spare the air" day but the 9th for the season. the record highs are possible late in the seven-day forecast and, today, the south bay could have the poor air quality but all of us, really, aren -- are banned from burn wood. notice we have a few high clouds in the afternoon and the cold front passes to the north and no rain for us leaving the moisture to the north. mid-to-upper 50's in most neighborhoods and 60 in san jose, and, also, santa cruz, and oakland asking monthen hill at 61 for the warm spot. tonight, we will have frost mostly inland and temperatures are in the upper 30's to low 40's and 44 in san francisco and
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we will have a few more clouds keeping the temperature up, also, and here is what is going on: high pressure is dominating our weather and squeezed from the south and the north. the storm track is to the north and this system will have in birding on us other than the high clouds this afternoon in setting us up for the milder weather this weekend and the potential for clone are air -- cleaner air. low 60's tomorrow and low-to-mid 60's saturday through tuesday and monday and tuesday a few areas could hit 70. we are back in the low 60's by wednesday and a cooling trend and temperatures are still above average. we have more and more traffic building making the drive southbound 680 with a few vehicles including one blocking a middle lane. no injuries reported but 32 miles per hour is the top sped. you can see the red, those are tail lits making it down to highway 84 and over to the accident.
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beyond the accident, traffic things out. here is where the backup really begins, if you are coming from pleasanton, that is where you see the slow-and-go traffic and here is what it is doing to our drive time traffic, with travel times, still fairly manageable because it is 20 minutes from dublin to mission boulevard south, andricy to dublin, that is busy and outside, we can see how the toll plaza is on the bay bridge starting with the drive away to berkeley you can see the tail lights are pushing to 580 and building and you get to the toll plaza and it packs in. the metering lights have been turned on and it is busy in san francisco. >> happening now, a major malfunction this morning at the international space station. the problem that could force astronauts to undertake a risky spacewalk. >> coming up, "7 on your side" teams up with ""consumer reports" to reveal if baggen
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it feels good to be a helping hand. a look at the san mateo bridge where traffic is zipping along. remember, there is a hard freeze going on. bridges and places that could have black ice although it is
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being based out. >> now a look at "good morning america" at 7:00 this morning. >> kristen and eric, good thursday. great to gin you -- to gin -- to join you. we have learned from experts that the sign language intenter on the stage with president obama at nelson mandela's was anything but and we will have the latest on a rather shocking confession this morning and deals and steals holiday spectacular that is next right here on "good morning america" in 37 minutes. >> if your kids are getting new toys on christmas morning, they will probably need batteries. there are so many choices. >> which are best? "consumer reports" partnered with "7 on your side" to find out. here is michael finney.
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>> good morning, everyone. this time of year you need plenty of batteries on hand to power up new toys and other devices so "consumer reports" just tested 15 of the most popular aa's and found big differences. >> batteryies super charge the holidays and without them, the toys will not work the. >> a toy without batteries stinks. that is like giving your wife a new car without giving her the keys. >> we count on batteries for a lot of tests but which should we buy. there are so many to choose from including the world's largest laughing and lasts up to no one times longer. >> there is a lot of misinformation that could cost you money if you make the wrong choice the. >> "consumer reports" evacuated continue kinds of aa batteryies and this test rack measures how long batteries last.
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it copies the use of devices like digital cameras. toys 'r us batteries delivered four hours of flashlight time and 49 shots from a digital camera compared to energizer ultimate the top rated that get seven hours of flashlight time and >> the boost is worth it for game controllers and devices that need more power but "consumer reports" say alkaline is the way did go for toys used next often which are half the price of lithium which is nothing to cry about. >> when the aa batteries are dead you can throw them out with the regular trash you rechargeable batteries should be
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recycled. can you get information on recycling locations at call to recycle website. >> 6:26, the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories including breaking news in the east bay, a big-rig fire shuts down parts of i-80 leaving central people injured. >> keep an eye on the senate floor where republicans have been up all night in session trying to delay a handful of presidential nominees. democrats, though, planning their pay back. >> we are tracking freezing cold temperatures not only in the north bay but other places we are having freezing cold weather right now. it will not last in the seven-day forecast. >> i am leyla gulen in the traffic center tracking the possibility of black ice and it look like the roads getting busy slow things down and we have a problem in sunol all ahead in the next report ♪ pose! yeah! ♪ flash! yeah! ♪ pose! yeah! ♪ flash! yeah!
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♪ get the family to strike a pose, ♪ ♪ and show off your brand new clothes! ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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♪ no presents beneath the tree? ♪ ♪ wait a minute, now i see ♪ my gifts are above me ♪ that's my kind of holiday live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> now a look at 6:29, what a way to wake up at the top of the ferry willing in san francisco.
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downtown financial district building, just a gorgeous sight and you know what else is gorgeous? when you look at mike's temperatures for the next week, what you have been hoping for. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> how is the weather looking? >> the ice scrapers will get a rest starting tomorrow. the next 12 hours, 52 at noon with sunshine and a few high clouds and we will drop to 48 at 7:00 rather than the 30's we have been if most of the evening. inland veils is where the freezing cold is through the morning commute and low-to-mid 50's from noon to 4:00 and mid-40's in the evening and at the coast, around 4, leader and milder than it has been, mid-50's but a light breeze headed into the evening you will see high clouds and 47 degrees.
6:31 am
now how is the morning commute? >> unfortunately, we are getting a new report in oakland of fire, a structure fire is at the corner of market and 24th, and it is possibly going to create a traffic impact. what is creating a traffic impact is in sunol the accident, not too much progress made." with a lane blocked southbound 680, and 33 miles per hour is the top speed and we are look at solid bumper-to-bumper traffic. here is what it is doing to the travel times: dublin to mission is 22 minutes. 580 is status quo. highway 85 in santa cruz, 101 to cupertino is smooth and quick. >> breaking news the sig-alert is over. now the investigation begins and a massive accident that sparked a big-rig fire on interstate 80 in sunol. amy hollyfield is here with
6:32 am
more. amy? >> it is a miracle everyone survived this. they still up this cleaning it up, four hours after the accident happened. that gives you an idea how much wreckage was left behind. five vehicles remain involved. there were two crashes, first involving to cars, they hit each other. one flipped and then a big rig came along and the second accident happened county hitting the car and pushed it into two others and the big rig burst into flames. >> the fire engulfed the whole big rig from the traitor to the end of the trail and put a hole in the right shoulder wall. >> all five people involved walked away from this crash. they only suffered minor injuries and no one wanted to go to the hospital. this happened at 2:20 this
6:33 am
morning with investigators saying the drivers were not under the influence. no as have been made. they were going too fast. >> westbound interstate 80 is moving freely after a big rig lost the trailer with a lane blocked but the highway patrol cleared it an hour ago. >> happening now on capitol hill, an all nighter in the senate is underway and it is all because republicans are angry over new rules that limit their ability to filibuster. katie marzullo is monitoring developments in the newsroom. >> since last night republican senators have been taking turns speaking on the affordable care act. now, to senate floor they are voting on something as we speak but outnumbered g.o.p. senators have been doing what they can to delay the votes, voting on president obama's nominees for
6:34 am
things like courts and the head of homeland security. it is a form of protest, they do not like under the rules the senate only needs a majority vote to advance a nominee preventing marathon filibusters. senator coburn of oklahoma compared this to the pass knowledge of obamacare. >> now we see more political force, not because it had to be that way. because leadership is lacking. >> the nominations do not appear to be in jeopardy. majority leader harry reid says if republicans do not stop stalling he will keep the senate in session through the weekend and through christmas if necessary which would be necessary because the senate would be voting on the new budget agreement next week but they have to get to it first. so far, just one of 11 nominees has been confirmed and it was after 1:00 o'clock this morning when the senate votes 51-44 to
6:35 am
place a new judge on the circuit court of b.c. >> the fcc will consider whether to allow passengers to make in-flight call on their cell phone. the issue is getting new attention now that the f.a.a. allows passengers to use tablets, and e-readers and music players. 60 percent of americans do not think phone calls should be allowed. >> new individual reis giving us a dramatic look of the crash of asiana flight 214 showing the plane landing too slow and too low. the tail slams into the seawall and then the plane skids down the runway and scatter wheeling and spinning out-of-control. yesterday, the ntsb questions why the pilot depended on computer automatic controls and why no one was able to handle the emergency manually. >> the contract headache that will not go away, bart and the
6:36 am
two biggest unions resume talks to reach a final agreement over the six wees of paid family leave union members received in the contract agreement that ended the strike. bart says that agreement was left in as a mistake after both agreed to take it off the table the board accepts the contract minus that part which resulted in the yawn filing -- the unions filing a lawsuit. >> happening now, nasa mission criminal is keeping a close eye on the international space station this morning. the emergency procedure astronauts may have to take. ♪ have a blue christmas ♪ without you >> my goodness! this teen could quickly become "king" among elvis fans. >> here is a look outside from mount tamalpais as you see the flow with the sun rising in the
6:37 am
east. still cold, though, with traffic and weather together as the morning news
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>> check out the beautiful sunrise as we look from our roof
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camera, the lights are still on. 24 hour temperature change, oakland 61, santa rosa 68, san francisco at 55 and san jose 60, one to three degrees warmer than yesterday. hard freeze until 8:00 if you are headed through the southern section of the central valley and there is no fog. upper 60's to low 70's and a few more clouds and mid-50's at chico to 62 at fresno and high clouds and sunshine and 47 at tahoe. >> we are not getting additional information on the house fire in oakland but we will keep hour mind to it to give you the details when available. at 101 southbound we have a hit-and-run accident a car and a pick of the it does not appear to be causing delays. in san jose, northbound, highway 87, a crash blocking a middle lane at 101 and right back over to sunol this is block one lane, southbound, 680, it is a slow
6:41 am
ride away from dublin. >> happening now, nasa is trying to figure out why a vital system in charge of keeping astronauts and equipment on the international space station cool has failed. one of two cooler pumps was producing too much ammonia and engineers shut it down. the remaining pump is, working fine but the problem is not pinpointed. a spacewalk could be required. the six astronauts are not in any danger but nasa is ready to order an emergency evacuation if necessary. >> a northern california man rents a movie if his kids but he gets smut rather than a smurf movie of the. >> new detail on the lake paul walk -- the late paul walker saying goodbye to the "fast and furious" actor this weekend. >> we are waking up to another
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"spare the air" alert day with the impact on people across the ndreds of ways people use lysol disinfectant spray. max's mom uses it on the couch. it freshens, but unlike febreze it's also approved to kill 99.9% of bacteria. with lysol disinfectant spray, go beyond freshening. start healthing.
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covering los altos, petaluma and antioch, this is abc7 news for the bay area. >> now the cold snap and up
6:45 am
press denned fifth straight "spare the air" day. >> matt keller is in the south bay. matt? >> yes, it is a cold start in san jose. it is only 32. it is will another "spare the air" day in the bay area. this is the 5 the consecutive day for a "spare the air" day with the air quality management district saying it is important people follow the rules and do not burn. >> one in seven bay area residents have a breathing illness so many are very sensitive to the wood smoke. it is important to keep that in mine. >> inspectors can give a $100 ticket for the first violation the you can sign up for phone or e-mail alerts for "spare the air" days. >> new details this morning about the funeral service for paul walker. the late actor's remains are
6:46 am
cremated with a private service held this weekend in hollywood hills and open only to family members. another gathering for friends and father is at an undisclosed location. his remains will be released to his family. the 40-year-old and a friend were killed november 30 in a crash the. >> a man wants did know how a pornographic video ended up on a kids' move he rented. he rented the smurf 2 but he pressed lay and found pornography movie on the dvd. red box says they didn't care those kind of movies but if someone alters a disk and returns it, it is out of their control. they say they will try to traffic down who had the disk last. >> trading is underway on wall street and here is the big board. the dow is down 48 points. >> if you are booking a last minute plane ticket for the
6:47 am
holidays, plan on paying more, tell tax men, and united are all raising prices by $10 per round trip. it is the 12th attempted hike. wal-mart is office an iphone bargain for the holiday sale starting tomorrow, offering the iphone 5c for $27 with a two year contract. apple introduced it for $99 three months ago. >> san francisco giants pitching ace offered to donate $50,000 to make-a-wish foundation if they could match it can b, 50,000 by confident late after being inspired by batkid and they raised $51,000 last night so far for make-a-wish foundation so matt is going to hold up his end of the bargain. if you would like, you can still donate, just raise the amount at
6:48 am
website. matt was throwing down the challenge and you responded. thank you so much. >> time for a check on the forecast. mike? >> we have cold weather, again, that is the big story because some of us are freezing but it will become less of a story as we get deeper into the weekend. here is a look at the radar, live doppler 7 hd is quiet this morning, and a few clouds are well off the coast. now, what will happen as we move forward you can see the temperatures in san francisco in upper market, and across the golden gate bridge, 47 at christie field and through the ferry builting at 47 and warmer now in portrero hill where it is 50 degrees. now, freezing temperatures at palo alto and santa clara and safer together and union city, 32 and pleasanton and walnut creek at 28 and petaluma is 30. richmond is 41 degrees and american condition beyond is freezing at 33 and by bug is 35
6:49 am
and belmont is 39 and half moon bay is at 36 along the coast. we have sun making it over the hills better than the other areas and it is cool as you can see the outline of our topography and the sun rays breaking across the plain. a nine the "spare the air" for the fifth consecutive. but it is milder, and we moving forward with record highs deeper into the forecast. frost is possible but temperatures are in the 20's that are less likely. from mount tamalpais, we are looking down on an air mass that is modifying and temperatures are chess to average within a couple of degrees either side of where we should be with in more 10- to 15-degrees cooler-than-average at 60 in san jose and santa cruz and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 50's with a few high clouds and partly cloudy tonight keeps us
6:50 am
up and the best chance of freezing temperatures is 52 at napa and much else is in the low 40's and san francisco is 44. high pressure democratnating the weather and keeping the storm to the north that will dump a lot of snow in the rockies and slide into the united states and upper midwest and bring them snowy weather. we will get the tail end of the cold front that will change the air mass over. although we are warming up, we will see the "spare the air" fall by the wayside and upper 50's to low 60's tomorrow and low-to-mid 60's through tuesday and monday and tuesday there could be record highs in a few areas at 70. >> we have traffic. leaving san francisco and headed to, say, sfo we have slow downs away from 80 at 5 miles per 5 mr hour. a car may have hit a bicyclist but that may not be the case. that is good news. we have clear conditions at 280
6:51 am
and at top speeds. in san jose we have slowing up to the san jose airport along 87 at 101 we have an accident blocking one lane and 101 is looking heavy by the airport. and good news here, the crash is pushed to the shoulder and we have quite the backup southbound 680 all planes are open and traffic is slow but we will take you 20 to 25 minutes in the southbound direction away from dublin. >> you could be extra generous this holiday season with an additional $7,000 in cash which is how much you could win by helping abc fight hunger. when you click "give where you live" we donate a dollar to the feeding america's food bank for are and you could win $7,000, so imagine the good you can do with that with the winner on december 19 the last day. you can "give where you live."
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>> a french canadian teen is giving the gift of elvis this holiday season. >> his rendition of blue christmas sounds so much like you know who. close your eyes and listen to this. who do you hear? ♪ i'll have a blue christmas without you ♪ about you ♪ >> open your eyes and look at 16-year-old performing his rendition of the christmas classic at a quebec radio station. he has a big following already in canada and with this performance he will have more fans elsewhere in north mechanic. we posted the entire song on our
6:53 am
abc7 . david has left the building! >> headed right to las vegas. he is great. >> ahead, seven things to know before you go. >> white jump suit is
6:54 am
as we hand things off to per -- off "good morning america", there are seven things to know. part has a dispute over six weeks of family leave for the union that bart says was mistakenly left in the contract thattened the strike the. >> breaking overnight in pinole c.h.p. says it is a miracle all file people involved not big rig crash walked away with only minor injuries this morning at i-80 at the exit cashing fire at the exit.
6:55 am
crews are still leaning -- cleaning the mess. >> the last freeze warning in the not by with temperatures in the 20's and 20's in the san ramon valley, as well. but the national weather service did not put you this but you are as cold. rainbow of colors and haze and "spare the air" day but the temperatures are warmer today and close to average in the mid-50's on let -- low 60's. >> bay bridge toll plaza is smooth but this crash is in the clearing stages and all lanes now are re-opened. the damage is done. we have a 20-minute drive from dublin down here. if you are coming away from concord from highway 4 to walnut creek, that, also, is a 20-hadn't drive. >> the senate has been in session all night and here is a look from capitol hill with republicans fuming over
6:56 am
democrats' if you limits on filibusters so they refusing to give up debate time on presidential nominations. democratic majority leader harry reid is threatening to keep the senate in continuous session throughout the weekend. >> six, a new breast cancer study released this morning fines high risk women could be able to reduce chance for getting cancer by getting treatment ahead of time. researchers studied more than 3,800 high risk women include those who took estrogen-reducing drug were 52 percent less likely to get breast cancer. >> map who is accused of making up hand gestures for the deaf says it was ascites it was a schizophrenic episode saying he was hearing voices. >> that does it now no. see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, houston, we have a problem. mission control emergency. nasa engineers scrambling all night to save the space station. will the six astronauts be forced out on a risky spacewalk? breaking right now. eight people plucked out of the ocean, after a commuter plane crashed just after takeoff. inside the coast guard's frantic rescue. misinterpretation. the shocking confession from the man who was called a fake for signing incorrectly in front of millions during nelson mandela's memorial. hear what he says really happened. let's stop talking and do some walking. >> from kid president to blurred lines. it's the overnight youtube sensation, mashing up all of your favorite viral moments of th


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