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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  December 13, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> that is all for now. thanks welcome to world news tonight, school shooting, a student wielding a shotgun. the scene at a high school in colorado. children led from the classrooms with their hands in the air. >> we just heard screaming and yelling. it was terrible. >> winter blast. 20 states from missouri to maine, about to be hit again. already cars on the highway, flipping in the freezing rain. and the real story of the spoonful of sugar, the man behind the famous songs, tells us secrets to the music we love. ♪ a spoonful of sugar ♪ helps the medicine go down >> our person of the week. good evening to you on this friday, a day filled with a lot
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of breaking news, we begin with that story out of colorado. a student with a shotgun at arapahoe high school 30 minutes outside denver, these are high school children, evacuating their school, hands in the air, patted down by authorities as part of a search for the gunman. when it was over, cheerful reunions, a scene now eerily familiar in this country. you'll recall tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the shooting at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. but new details are still pouring in out of colorado tonight. we head to abc's clayton sandell with the latest right now. >> reporter: friday afternoon at arapahoe high school, students streaming from classrooms, evacuated by police officers, guns drawn. >> if we have anyone else available i need more resources available at this school. >> reporter: single file, hands above their head, some frisked. the terror began at 12:33, when the janitor sounded the alarm. >> as i turned, i saw a young
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man, just kid, entering the building running kind of military style, and i looked, and i double looked, and it was a shotgun. >> reporter: police believe the shooter entered the school with a shotgun and a mission. >> was looking for an individual teacher he identified by name. >> reporter: the janitor tells us the shooter called out the name of the man seen here, showing off a debate team trophy, tracy murphy, the school librarian. police say the gunman's target deliberately left the school to try to save more kids, they wouldn't confirm that it was murphy. at some point two students shot. the school went into lock down, teachers barricading their students into classrooms and closets. >> all of a sudden we heard bang bang, really fast. and then this girl came running down the stairs screaming, help me, there's a shooter. and she had blood all over her shirt. and then our teacher just put us in the closet, and we didn't hear anything else about that
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and then we just heard somebody try to come in our classroom, and we heard screaming and yelling, it was just terrible. >> reporter: police and fbi swat teams descended on the scene, within 20 minutes of the first shots fired, they found the suspect dead. >> the suspect has been found inside the school, and he has deceased as a result of what appears to be a self inflicted gunshot wound. >> reporter: today's incident just the latest mass shooting in colorado. arapahoe high school just 15 miles from aurora, site of last year's movie theater massacre, only eight miles from columbine high school. did you ever think something like this would happen at your kids' school? >> to be honest, there is hardly a day that goes by, when they leave, that i don't have kind of a fleeting thought about that. >> reporter: there have been more than 19 school shootings since the sandy hook tragedy. this afternoon, the all too familiar images, frantic parents rushing to the scene, texting their kids. frantic to make sure the ones
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they love most are okay. diane, you can see tonight there is a huge police presence here, as for those two students, one student, a girl, was shot. she's in serious condition. we are told was in surgery, but there's a bit of good news, a second student, who was shot, suffered only minor injuries, and has gone home from the hospital. >> clayton, the news is still coming in. anything on the shooter or a motive? >> reporter: at this point, we only know that the student was a student here at the high school. that we believe he was a senior. there is -- we don't know his name yet. law enforcement has it but are not releasing it. they are going to his house, they are searching it, talking to friends, family, maybe co-workers to find any clue as to what may have prompted today's attack, diane. >> all right. clayton sandell, so eerily familiar, this story tonight. and we will be staying on that story, but we have other developing news tonight, a terror plot in the heart land, and the arrest of a man who worked at an airport in kansas,
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accused of driving a truck full of explosives into the airport at wichita. how close did he come? senior justice correspondent, pierre thomas on this story. >> reporter: the deadly plan, to detonate a car bomb at this wichita, kansas airport. the suspected bomber, terry loewen, a local airplane technician who had a security pass to the airport. according to fbi, loewen was planning a suicide operation, to cause maximum carnage and death at the state's busiest airport. >> the threat was real. terry loewen was real. and terry loewen was committed to execute the plan. >> reporter: at 5:40 a.m. today loewen allegedly drove a van he thought was packed with explosives to a security gate. the bomb was a dud. it was all a sting controlled by the fbi. the fbi became aware of loewen after he allegedly began posting radical comments on the internet. they sent agents posing as al qaeda operatives to work with him. authorities say he was hell bent
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on murder. >> he talks about commitment to the crime and commitment to martyr himself as part of this horrific event. >> reporter: court documents detail the commitment. in a suicide letter dated wednesday, december 11, loewen allegedly wrote goodbye to his family, my only explanation is that i believe in jihad for the sake of allah and for the sake of my muslim brothers and sisters, i expect to be called a terrorist, which i am, a psychopath, and a homicidal maniac. the case suggest the osama bin laden and al awlaki inspire from their graves. loewen said he read about both men on the internet and was inspired by awlaki's 44 ways of jihad, a handbook for radicalism, diane. >> thank you, pierre. there is also news tonight, about that american grandfather held hostage in iran. today a revelation. a lawyer for his family said he was on a spy mission, a rogue
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cia mission. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross with the new information tonight. >> reporter: over the seven years that bob levinson became america's longest held hostage ever, he was described again and again by the u.s. government as a private citizen, who went missing on a business trip to iran. today, a family lawyer, david mcgee, revealed levinson was actually a u.s. spy. >> the cia spent bob levinson to iran to do an investigation on their behalf. >> reporter: he was working for the cia. >> he was. >> reporter: the surprising admission from his family came one day after the associated press and washington post first reported levinson's cia ties. rejecting u.s. government concerns, that were repeated today, that the story could put levinson's life at further risk. >> a story we believe was highly irresponsible to publish. >> reporter: according to his family, levinson was involved in a number of missions targeting iran's nuclear supply network
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but working for a rogue unit at the cia, not cleared for such assignments. >> they weren't authorized within the cia to do that. but he was so productive, they had a hard time not doing it. >> reporter: when levinson got caught on his last trip to meet a source on the iranian island of kish in 2007, mcgee says the cia lied to his family and congress about his role. >> rather than acknowledge what they had done and try to save bob's life, they denied him. >> reporter: mcgee says the cia has since apologized and paid $2.5 million to levinson's family with three cia employees forced out. the last time his family had proof he was alive was in this video three years ago. >> 33 years of service. >> reporter: since then the family says the u.s. has done not enough to get his release. >> please help me. >> reporter: levinson's family says it has decided to reveal all in hopes it will put more pressure on the u.s. to push for his release. figuring the iranians already know he was working for the cia.
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>> endlessly complicated, this whole story. thank you, brian ross. next we move to the fact american families heading to this weekend, 110 million of us are bracing for another round of snow, sleet and ice. look from missouri to massachusetts, every state and major city will get hit. the storm path stretching more than 1,000 miles. abc's ginger zee is tracking it all. >> reporter: from west michigan to western new york. the roads barely visible. >> slow down, i was only doing 50, people were passing me big time. when they pass you, you can't see. >> reporter: she was part of a 40 car pile up in michigan. and in upstate new york, blinding bands of lake effect snow, dropping just inches in some towns, and more than four feet in others. our rob nelson is there. >> here in new york, it snowed overnight and half the day, now almost two feet of snow on the ground.
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>> reporter: then we had him drive just six miles south, six miles, and you get another two feet of snow. >> now we're here in downtown, you can see just how deep it is here up to my thighs. >> reporter: watch how fast it covers this car in lockport, new york. one hour later smothered. right now more than half the nation covered in snow. this time last year, only 27%. and tonight, more is on the way. so that lake effect had nothing to do with the snow that is now falling in parts of illinois and will speed overnight through the southern great lakes into the northeast. let me show you snow totals printed out by one of the computer models, take this. some of the areas just south and east of chicago could pick up close to a half foot. but chicago and south doesn't look like a whole lot. go to the northeast, new york city start as snow late tomorrow morning and by evening change to rain, that will taper the totals, but go inland and upstate new york also interior new england,
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diane, we could be seeing over a foot. >> all this snow coming, just 12 days until christmas as you know, ginger. thank you. at this christmas time we remember 42,700 u.s. troops still serving in afghanistan on this holiday. and abc's mike boettcher spent more than two years embedded with some of them and brings us now a report as part of an abc news special campaign. home for the holidays. >> reporter: seana arrechaga and her 5-year-old son alston are getting their home ready for the holidays. >> i actually was really excited to put up my christmas tree this year. >> reporter: they have been living here less than a year before that fort campbell, kentucky was home. with this man, his father, her husband. >> i think about him every day. i'll never forget thinking about him. >> reporter: army sergeant ofren arrechaga was stationed in afghanistan, my son carlos and i were embedded with his battalion when he and his comrades came under attack. one of the deadliest fire fights of the war.
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we remember that smile. everybody does. sergeant arrechaga one of six killed. after, seana didn't want to live in their house any more, too many ghosts of ac, as everyone called him. too many memories. >> i never wanted to leave that house. but i knew i had to. >> reporter: we reached out to the charity homes for our troops, and they went to work. providing this newly renovated home free of charge. >> it's huge. being here is amazing. it's like starting over. >> reporter: but this holiday season, that home, not the only gift for seana and her son. >> hi. how are you? >> good. how are you? >> reporter: this is sergeant mendez her husband's best buddy. >> i was a friend of your daddy's. >> reporter: he tried to save him that day. this week he traveled to ohio to tell her something. >> i tried to get there as fast as i could. and i'm sorry that he didn't make it.
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>> reporter: the gift of healing, and of living in the present. >> i'm going to watch my son grow up and put up the christmas tree for him every year and i'm learning to embrace life. >> reporter: mike boettcher, abc news, indianapolis. >> we hope you'll join us, as we salute military heroes by going to our web site, and of course later there will be more tonight on nightline. and next here tonight, real money is back. parking. how to change the way you park your car and put hundreds of dollars back in your pocket. and mary poppins taught us how to say it. >> supercalifragilistic. >> we have the secret behind that song from the person of the week. back in just two minutes. ♪
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and next here tonight, our real money team is back, if you're doing holiday shopping this weekend, or driving to the airport, you'll be in that amazing race for a parking spot. the average american family spends almost $1300 a year on parking, more to park our cars than insurance and maintenance. abc's paula faris shows you how to keep the money in your pockets. >> reporter: john and jennifer law are driving in circles spinning their wheels on the high cost of parking. they're dropping an eye popping $785 every month for work, appointments and events. astronomical when you break down the numbers. >> you're making me think about it. >> reporter: but our parking expert jeremy smith says parking shouldn't put the laws' budget in overdrive. tip number one, never pay full price, spot is where we find a monthly spot for 30% less than what john is paying. >> located just a few blocks
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from where you're going. >> reporter: if you're flying to grandma's house for the holidays check out the app airport parking discovers discounted lots that have free transport to the airport. tip two, did you know rates fluctuate wildly from block to block? in chicago downtown parking was $42, but just five blocks south, only 13. tip number three, when attending that big game or holiday concert, prepay on sites like park, they guarantee you a spot. finally, find metered parking without driving round and round. how much time are you wasting? >> 20 minutes every time i come in. >> reporter: using an app called parker, find realtime parking spots in 40 cities. it says there is plenty of parking in this area. two spots. just like they predicted. in all, we estimate the laws can park over $2800 back in their pocketbook this year. >> that's real money. >> reporter: paula faris, abc news, new york.
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>> reporter: instant index this week, west jet had santa talk to passengers and put together a list. >> i need socks and underwear. >> an android tablet. >> reporter: when the plane was in the air west jet sent the staff shopping. when the plane landed he got his socks and underwear and amazingly his android tablet. nice stunt west jet. ♪ >> reporter: another stunt beyonce debuting her album this morning on itunes and only itunes called beyonce. meanwhile, also performing, 4-year-old gabriel die hard star wars fan, when the theme gets going, so does gabriel. in british columbia watch these guys get going. yikes. watch again. ben mar in the kayak, rory bushfield in the air both made it out alive. back at calgary airport. these folks wished big before takeoff.
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when the gifts rolled a door opened and there it was. thanks blue santa. that's the instant index. i'm john donvan. >> when we come back, the secret behind the mary poppins songs we know by heart. our person of the week. ♪ a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down ♪ i'm here to say a few words about the power of baking stuff with nestle toll house morsels. you can heal a broken heart with a bundt cake. make a monday mornin' feel like a friday afternoon with some nestle toll house morsels. let's close our laptops and open our ovens. these things don't bake themselves. we have to bake them for one another. we can bake the world a better place one toll house cookie at a time. nestle. good food, good life.
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and finally tonight, a spoonful of music history. in the new movie saving mr. banks, we learn about the making of the classic film mary poppins and the songs we know by heart. tom hanks plays walt disney, who is the founder of our parent company, and emma thompson, the prickly author of mary poppins, somehow, the song writers win her over with their music and one of them is richard sherman, who is now 85 years old. and he's our person of the week. here's abc's nick watt. ♪ i wanna be like you >> reporter: ever wondered who wrote this or this? ♪ chitty chitty bang bang
5:56 pm
>> reporter: how about this? ♪ chim chim cheree >> this man wrote the soundtrack to your childhood. >> absolutely. >> reporter: the man is richard sherman, who with his late brother robert fulfilled walt disney's dream of bringing mary poppins to the silver screen. >> he said, read this and tell me what you think. we cobbled together a concept. >> that got my heart racing when i saw it. >> very touching that you like our songs. >> reporter: hanks plays walt disney in saving mr. banks, there's richard sherman at the piano played by jason schwartzman. and emma thompson as mary poppins' cantankerous creator p.l. travers. >> we made it up. >> well, unmake it up. >> reporter: travers didn't like americans, cartoons, movies, music, walt disney himself. she didn't like much. >> every time i tried to sing
5:57 pm
something, she would just dismiss it. >> reporter: these are actual recordings of those painful sessions. >> it is integral to the book and to the story. in whatever form it is, that mary poppins will never be impolite to anybody. >> reporter: travers hated this. ♪ supercalifragilistic >> reporter: julie andrews can still say supercalifragilistic backwards. >> you can say it backwards. >> yes, i can. >> and julie andrews is the first person to ever, ever, ever say that. it was her idea. >> and you let me put it in. >> well, i was thrilled, i said, thank you, i wrote that. ♪ a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down ♪ >> reporter: the movie was a phenomenal success. 50 years later, richard sherman still lives and breathes a happy tune. ♪
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>> there you go. we gratefully choose richard sherman as our person of the week, and we thank you for watching. remember 20/20 tonight and david muir will be right here all weekend. hope you have a great one. see you back here on monday. good night. we're live where water mains are bursting left and right. >> tonight a deadly disappearance of a san francisco hospital patient well. know how she died
5:59 pm
>> and northern california's most-wanted terrorist. tonight the fbi tells us where he might be and what he might be up to, now. >> six water lines ruptured leaving a thousand homes without water. repairs happening in these four locations cornell bernard is live with the story. cornell that, is a huge mass hasel for people. >> it is. >> repairs are comg back on across millbrae pechl have holiday parties scheduled and others just have dishes to clean. they're back in business,
6:00 pm
water flowing again. you know for a long time today the water was off. >> there is no water at joe gibbs house, most of it is rushing down his street. >> woke to jack hammers and my wife asking what to do about there not being water. >> what are you doing about it? >> we have jugs of water stored for emergencies so we're using those >> five water lines burst, leaving a thousand homes high and dry >> every available public utility worker is on duty. the mayor says the recent cold snap may have


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