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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 16, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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childrens hospital but the family has just met in front of the hospital tonight say they will fight with childrens hospital oakland anymore. they have agreed to remove her from life support as soon as tomorrow morning. but this family says they need a lot of answers >> because i need to make sure they're not trying to go into her room and do anything to her. >> she spoke with us only a moment before rushing back to the bedside of her 13-year-old daughter who came to children's hospital last monday to have her tonsils removed but there are come politics she suffered a heart attack. medical staff revived her, doctors say she is brain dead >> nobody called the doctor until it's too late. my daughter drowned in her own blood now, it's monday morning business time everybody trying to cover it up. you can't cover it up. god is going to help me find the truth. >> the family demanding answers
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claiming the hospital is pressuring them to remove her from life support. >> i'm going to fight but they're not compassionate my daughter, they need to move her out of there to move the next child in and kill them, too. >> they say there are risk was any surge sxri unexpected tragedies can happen in a written statement the chief of pediatrics say we're reviewing the case closely and our hearts go out to the family. >> i don't have tears anymore i'm cried out and angry. >> her mom says her family continues to pray hoping for a miracle. in oakland abc7 news. >> so sad. a big development tonight in the case of a san francisco teenager killed in a high speed crash. charges enfiled against the woman behind the wheel of this accident but
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sit enough justice? the woman is accused of gross vehicular manslaughter. vic just talked with his parents moments ago. >> reporter: that is right. we spoke to the father here. now, his wife who is severely injured was not here, she's at the hospital at this time getting x rays we're told she's moved back home. the father believes in the judicial system and that he knows the district attorney general is doing the right thing. >> offender is being charged can w.gross vehicular man sluther.
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>> police say she was driving several blocks at speeds up to 80 miles per hour. her mercedes rear ended a minivan, killing a 16-year-old. his mother recovered from a coma. kevin's 17-year-old sister suffered fractures. >> it's devastating. i lost my son, now, almost my wife. i hope she gets what she deserves >> he says his daughter recovered but will take longer for his wiechlt >> we can communicate with her and her memory lost a lot. >> the district attorney says charges reflected the crime. >> the family is struggling not only with the death of the young
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16-year-old kevin but also mom and sister being injured. >> she reportedly told police the car may have malfunctioned and it began began accelerating on her own. abc7 news learned they brought in experts from chp to look into the possibility. >> she surrendered friday and made bail. vic lee abc7 news. >> a fast moving fire chasing people from homes tonight near big sur. fire is burning near highway one in loss padres national forest. so far flames burned 550 acres. you can see flames just inching towards homes. 15 houses have been destroyed including a home of the fire chief
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the cause of the fire is under investigation. officials believe it started just before midnight along a hiking trail. >> this is unusual. we've seen fires further south. the angeles. and in the month of december. but you know to have a fire in monterey is somewhat unusual. >> really is unusual. here is one of the reasons why. crews say the lack of rain is making this about theel difficult and planning flames. >> with smoke let's turn now to sandhya patel. >> yes. live doppler seven is tracking smoke around the airport but hasn't made it up to the bay area yet. we have high clouds passing through and here are the conditions down south. big sur 65 degrees, humidity is about 28%. notice winds. they
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were calm but light now out of the south. not spreading that smoke much as a matter of fact air district says it's going out towards ocean. and we're not expecting it at lower levels to affect our air qualities we've been seeing high clouds moving northward. smoke layers may drift north but upper you layers of the atmosphere we have a tenth spare the air. poor air quality in the east bay nochlt wood burning. i'll let you know when a shift in our weather is going to mean you'll have to change your clothes and this will mean better air quality. details in just a few minutes. a developing story from courts tonight a judge awarded a billion dollars to several california cities and counties. the suit focused on dangers of lead
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paint. and claim paint companies knew lead was harmful for several decades before being banned three paint companies will have to pay for cleaning up the led in an estimated $5 million california homes. today's judgment is lakely going to be appealed. >> major changes may be coming to safety procedures around the state. that is because of an investigation into the huge chevron fire last year. abc7 news is there live tonight. >> that is right. highly critical of chevron and the state this, is the second draft report from this agency. first outlines what that board thought chevron did wrong today's how regulation here needs a serious overhaul.
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>> we have a refinery problem in the united states. >> in a draft report the u.s. chemical safety board announced richmond refinery fire was result of more than a decade of failures by chevron in a lax environment. >> we found in our investigation that regulatory system in both u.s. and california for patrol yum refineries does not effectively prevent major accidents. >> an earlier report they found management ignored warnings about corroded pipes that burst in august, 2012 sending smoke across richmond and areas latest going on in chevron. >> there are audits conducted bit regulator to voer fi
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implementation of safety case elements. >> chp recommends california follow models in places like united kingdom. with 100 groerz five refineries. california had only seven inspectors for 1500 fires. not all of those have been filled. >> i think what they have laid out is that game plan for the state. >> in a statement chof ron says it looks forward to the final report but enacted major safety changes in 16 months. >> passengers at san jose airport have been dealing with a challenging situation all day.
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sergio? >> reporter: last hours people have been getting advised to check with air airlines and up early. problems have been solveed and this morning a hot water line ruptured in a breezeway, damaging walls and soaking floors because water was so hot, steam triggered sprinkler systems and caused more trouble. two terminals for security lines were reopened just before nine in the morning but luggage is another story. these trucks pulling cars have been operation all day because baggage equipment is still off line so passengers can board but their bags have to go down to terminal b and up to be loaded
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on planes and a confusion for people picking up passengers. >> she told me meet her here. but they're not letting people come out over here because of water break. so i got to go to terminal b. >> rising passengers have been shuttling down to collect checked bags. in last hours, the carousels here have been brought back online so trips are not needed anymore. there is less confusion for people picking up are people here at terminal a. there is a hope security lines will be open by morning. reporting live here, abc7 news. >> that would be nice thank you. >> still ahead tonight here on abc7 news, protestors calling atension to down side of an
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improving economy whochlt is left out of an important lunch today? >> why isn't there a kill switch on your samsung smart phone? >> also tonight a popular local bakery is forced to close doors because of unsanitary conditions they can't seem to get rid of. >> take a look at this little thing. can it extend the life of food in your
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volunteers will lead the search for a missing pilot and family now that officials have stopped looking for them. dale smith radioed his plane was having engine trouble. minutes later the aircraft disappeared from air traffic control radar. brad norton's brother and nephew were both aboard that plane. >> maybe they found hunter cabin and they're able to get away from everything. i think there is that you want to believe in that. right? they're going to be that one amazing story that comes out in the news that they're able to survive the unsurvivable. >> many volunteers spent their own money to travel to idaho to help with this search. >> the mayor of san francisco had a sit down lunch with ceos from a number of high tech companies focusing on the challenges of
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housing and affordability. challenges which many say companies reyated. >> i'm in the mission and i can tell you that meeting focused on the future of san francisco and tech sector. not everyone is thrilled about how the relationship is going. security had to keep the doors shut the protestors where from fdiu local 1021. >> they bring up a huge tax loophole and cost the city millions and millions. >> the mayor said he'd try to
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convince companies to extend wealth to all residents. >> to thank them, i want to ask them to do more to get local hires >> many have moved into neighbors like the mission district driving the price up. any other place and country, do you have to pay the price for it. >> ronnie born and raised here. >> blue collar getting pushed out you have young, big money coming in >> it's a happening place but who is it happening for? >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> a decision not to sell samsung phones equipped with a kill switch is touching a nerve
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with the district attorney. this thinking is that they will thinks twice about taking them and phones are kill switch capable, carriers are not selling them yet. >> this is a case of corporate greed the process of stolen phones and people having to get a new phone. >> gascone say it would make phones too expensive. >> more trouble for a neighborhood bakery. the city first shuttered the bakery because of unsanitary conditions then reopened. they closed again
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last week after inspectors claim they found roaches and rat droppings. >> sandhya patel keeping an eye on weather and it continues to change. >> it's spring like. >> yes. >> and we'll get a reality check. this week. by thursday you're going to put out sweaters. live doppler seven hd. good thing is that air quality will be improving towards mid week. we had record warmth today, santa cruz 74 degrees. and it's plenty mild into low 70s. 67 napa and santa
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lot full moon there. 59 san francisco. 51 oakland. san jess yeah upper 50s. from our kgo roof camera, you can see clouds that are harmless. 52 in san jose. chilly and petalumaa, fairfield dropping into above normal high temperatures for tuesday, there is a slight chance of seeing drops or drizzle late wednesday going into thursday morning. one thing is sure, winds are going to shift and bring in cleaner air. high pressure with a northeastern wind
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weather brings wind off the water that will clear out our air mass so it will be better air quality. 5:00 a.m wednesday, low clouds and fog. doesn't it change in our weather. breezy as well and comes through dry we may see drops here and thursday will be much chillier. there is a breeze coming through here. a reality check. temperatures low to mid 30s and 40s around coast and bay. so south bay, sunshine. and 67 redwood city.
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71 cloverdale. inland spots are hazy sunshine. take a look at the accu-weather forecast. slight chance of showers wednesday into thursday morning. a cooling trend for wednesday, thursday, you'll notice mid to upper 50s. just a one day deal and milder weather for first full weekend of winter. we're talking winter solistice i know we need rain but upside you can get holiday shopping done. >> it's true. >> right? >> thank you. >> yes. >> two miles of outdoor internet access >> where to go here to get
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customer appreciation month at subway. we're saying thanks with two of your favorite six inch subs. the six-inch cold cut combo, or the six-inch meatball marinara, built fresh from the bread up for just $2 each all december long. subway. eat fresh.
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officials announced an expansion of the city's free wi-fi schlts you can get a signal now between castro and embarcadero. it is one of the city's most-traveled thorough fares and free service is important to bus businesses there. mayor ed lee calls it the length of a cappernick to vernon davis pass. >> so today we have wireless
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technology free to the public. not filtered. >> it cost roughly half a million dollars >> sake kret heart community services wants to give free toys to 6,000 kids but now they're 8,000 toys short. people waited in line hours just to sign up the give way is around the corner, they're hoping more toys and donations will come in. >> we have 6,000 kids registered and want to get each kid three toys. so we need a certain type of toy we can get that. >> the toys are the only ones they'll be getting this
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christmas. parents can pick them up, wrap to put under the tree. >> countdown is on. have you a chance to win $7,000 for helping abc7 news fight hunger >> just click give where you live. >> you'll be entered to win $7,000. we're going announce winners on thursday night on abc7 news at 11:00. so hope you'll tune in and we'll have that for you at 11:00. >> exciting to look forward to. >> more still to come here tonight on abc7 news at 6:00. up next a judge's decision could bring government surveillance do an end. but will it? >> also here an admission from u.s. navy. dozens of whales and dolphins could die as a result of new sonar. >> and how small bay area businesses are keeping up with competitors with same-day delivery.
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a judge in washington says government collection of telephone records is probably un-constitutional. the nsa has been collecting phone data for years and this program revealed by edward snowden and today, the judge said two men are likely to win the case. to give the government a chance to appeal the president will meet with the chief executives of apple, yahoo and twitter about internet surveillance and health care. >> a lawsuit challenging a government decision to allow u.s. nafo to intensify it's use of sonar in the pacific
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the navy admits it is likely to result in deaths of dozens of whales and dolphins. will travel in a different direction or beach themselves the navy insists sailors need more training and have been granted to step up the use in atlantic and gulf of mexico >> chilling allegations about the sign language inat the time prettier who is accused of faking it at nelson mandela's funeral. ten yearsing ayes he was accused of burning two men to death for stealing a tv. he
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wasn't convicted because he was mentally unfit. >> the federal government is now telling us that antibacterial soaps don't work and in fact they might be harmful to health the fda says there is no evidence the soaps actually prevent germs from spreading. the agency is also pointing to animal studies show daily exposure to the chemicals had an effect on estrogen and thyroid hormones a rule will require the companies to prove that their products work better and just plain old soap and water and are safe for long term datedaly use. >> just nine days to go until christmas. yikes there is still a chance you can avoid the crowds of shopping malls and post office thank tz a growing array of delivery services. johna bloom tells us, the same day delivery is going
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local. >> reporter: last holiday season it was macy's and best buy. a new service called ebay now. a year later competitors are cropping up. the latest is a start up called six doors >> companies building same day delivery i wanted to do something helping small guys compete. >> so he rounded up 60 locally owned stores and launched a delivery service for them. order with iphone and set the time which can be within two hours. >> it's been able to allow us to promote ourselves in a way we haven't before. >> this store is the last stop before the car load to a home across town. >> dropped off and maybe there is another pick up. >> why not?
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six doors delivery is free between now and christmas they hope it will pay off >> we know everybody is scrambling and busy. we think this is a great time to use these resources >> ebay now is offering a temporary local treat, between now and end of the year free same day delivery from merchants here in the ferry building. >> it's been great. loots lottes of cheese moving around. >> cow girl creamery says it's fast. >> i will be on the phone and will turn around and be representative will be there. >> it meant i could do a bunch of christmas shopping in 20 minutes which is perfect. he says he's been set to deliver surprise gifts. >> santa claus has help, i am sure. >> very cool.
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>> just ahead hidden hunger problem in the bay area. >> the changing face of those who need assistance. you're going to meet people who may challenge your opinion about
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talk about the need of people hungry in the bay area, food banks serve 600,000 people each month. >> if you live in san francisco or marin, it's worse the number of people considered food insecure is one in four. >> abc7's give where you live helps feed the people in >> this makes a difference. >> gives us survival. >> this 92-year-old dorothy wickless is one of 150,000 people living in san francisco and marin counties and the food banks help feed each week.
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>> interest there tl is a lot more hunger, one in four people are at risk of hunger, those are working families >> the homeless makeup 17% of the clients the rest, children, seniors, disabled, unemployed, low-wage workers and increasing number of middle income earners finding it hard to pay rent and buy food. >> people live paycheck to paycheck. they run short ask they like coming here because of the community. >> there are are people that have no means of nutrition we provide them with balanced nutrition, we make sure they have vegetables and protein and a range of seasonal fruit, too. >> it's our hope with give where you live food drive we'll get support, monetary donations
6:41 pm
people volunteering and giving food allows us to continue to do the work that we could do. >> and spepser will be live during our 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 newscasts. >> here is what we'd like to you do. you can text the word feed to the number 80077 to make a $ten donation through your cell phone provider. >> and you'll be eligible for a prize >> the need is all year but we're making a big push around holidays. so can this help extend the life of the food
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makers of a clear egg shaped product called freshy claim it can extend the life of the food
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in your refrigerator. >> whether fruits, vegetable that's never make it from the farm to dinner table or food going unused, or, someone's lunch that is forgotten in a lunch room. much food ends up in a landfill. >> about 40% of the food in the u.s. never gets eaten. winds up being about $165 billion worth of food >> this product known as freshy promises to reduce waste. >> retains moisture, and also, reduces growth of bacteria. >> that means if it does it's job, it should lengthen the life of the food why nur refrigerator. we purchased
6:46 pm
lettuce, broccoli, steaks and apples we put half with freshy, half with out, we bought two thermometers to make sure both were at the same temperature. >> the magic temperature is 40 degrees. anything above 40 is go owing to make food go bad more quickly. >> this broccoli without freshy didn't do so well >> broccoli is pretty limp. >> let's compare that to the head of broccoli with freshy >> there is a difference. >> gunneder dresses limp, dry broccoli is edible and can be made crisp by soaking in a bowl of ice water, we didn't find too much difference in the lettuce. freshy expects it didn't come from the same lot. apples fared about the same after being cut in half three days into the test. freshy said we should have
6:47 pm
cut apples from the beginning. >> definite filee if you try that again you will see a marked difference. >> the meat with freshy is less brown, a sign the meat aged freshy without the freshy. >> it may have made a difference. >> freshy supposed to last a year. is it worth $20? >> i think i would say why not? you know? it does help these products. >> she says her endorsement is less than enthusiastic. >> it's a electrical optical free kwensy that acts on water. >> comparing it to heat lamp in a buffet. >> i'm leery buying things when i don't know what is in them.
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>> interesting. now, freshy can be found on amazon and freshy >> and going to be in retail stores for a whopping $20. >> a gorgeous sunset, too. record temperatures in oakland airport and then a chance to enjoy this, we're expecting another mild day. reesa. and then, looking at the week ahead, 68 degree as above average at this time of the year. thursday a recovery in time for weekend plans it's a spare the air day,
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tomorrow, cooler mid week, then, winter with sunshine. there, you have it. >> 49ers rolling now except for one thing that happened yesterday. big victory in tampa turning into a loss the man paves the way
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[[man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter]
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those who've been denied ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage
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because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at >> 49ers lost a key kog in the process. bruce miller injured his left shoulder blade he blocks for frank gore, runs and catches. he does
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whatever they choose, losing miller down the stretch hurts. a week from tonight will be the regular game at candle stick park. a lot of former players and staffers are going to be in attendance. >> so we don't want tobt guys that skrup the last game at candle stick. that is want to go out with a win. >> it's time now for vernon's view. and asked about the final
6:54 pm
game one week from tonight. >> candle stick is wri started for me. i got here, all i've known is candle stick. you know? a lot of history and great plays made in that stadium. you're moving toward it could be a good thing and i call it tears of joichlt >> michael crabtree says he looks up to the old guys. >> he's fun yeechl the old guys? >> do you remember when you're the young sghie >> yes. yes. i appreciate it. if you're listening and watching i appreciate it, buddy from the
6:55 pm
bottom of my heart. >> oh, yeah. when the old guy sits down mike shumann after th game. raiders appear to be on a collision course is dennis allen the coach of the future here? mcloin will remain the starter. coach allen says both are a work in progress. >> both have shown signs of being a quarterback in a national football league. we're going to try to see what we
6:56 pm
voochlt we've seen something that we liked that we think there is something there. when you give up a franchise record 56 points in one game? >> broughtal. pretty brutal. >> it's murky at best. >> yes. yes. >> thank you. >> join me tonight on cable channel 13. technology could replace your windshield wipers and keep the windshield clean. >> and baggage carriers look at this, caught on camera, stealing stuff. it could be happening more than you think. >> now, here is tonight's prime time line um. back to back
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episodes of disney prep and landing special and watch abc to catch those shows. down load the free app by searching if your app store. >> might want to step up my game. >> that is going to do it for us. thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time
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