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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 17, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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they called for a "shelter in place" for neighboring counties. the fire marshal told us they are talking about it right now and looking at the weather conditions, the wind direction, as well. they will determine in the next hour whether there is a shelter in place for the neighboring counties. we will keep u updated. >> matt, last month, as you mentioned, a scrap metal fire at the same location forced san mateo and alameda and santa clara counties to issue a health advisory because of the stubborn smoke. crushed cars were burning and it took the crews 19 hours to put out the place. >> matt talked about the wind direction and whether a shelter-in-place could be needed. mike nicco is monitoring that. >> the winds are blowing lightly from southwest to northeast so places like newark, fremont, hair, could head over to you and the smoke may drift that way. you can see on live doppler 7 hd
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we have a few clouds. all is quiet, otherwise. the visibility is not too bad and not much fog. we have four miles in santa close and six at sfo and four at concord. the embarcadero center shows high clouds and sunshine. above-average temperatures. the possibility of unhealthy air. low-to-mid 60's at the coast. mid-to-upper 60's for the rest of us. leyla gulen? >> we have construction and headed over to san jose, milpitas, along southbound 680 watch out because we have construction crews blocking off two lanes at 280/680 split. we see in delay but slow if the cones. outside the bay bridge toll plaza is looking empty and you can see just a few cars making it from the overpass and toward the tolls.
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it is wide open. it is a short drive away from the maze and into san francisco. eric and kristen? >> developing news from san francisco where city building inspectors arrive to investigate where a home under construction collapsed. our reporter is in the twin peaks neighborhood with the amazing view. amy? >> good morning, eric. they have boarded up the entrance to where this home is being built. this is a dead end of a very narrow street. one way in, one way out. crown terrace here in twin peaks. they have the home tucked up on a hillside and it just collapsed last night. the home is up construction. no one is living here. police say that was the lucky part of this, that it didn't happen while someone was working on the project the neighbors say the collapse was loud. some thought it felt like an earthquake.
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>> police say they evacuated a resident as a precaution. they say this is a double retaining wall here. they say they believe that is keeping it from falling anymore so they believe it is stable looking at this point. but it is something to keep a close eye on. crews will be back tomorrow and it looks like a big beautiful home with stunning views of the city and the bay but whose future is now in question. developing news from big sur: 100 people have been evacuated because of a large wildfire. the fire is burning near highway one in the national forest in monterey county. it is zero percent contained. so far, 500 acres have burned and 15 structures have been destroyed. more than 600 firefighters have been called in to battle the flames. the goal is to keep the fire from jumping highway 1 and is
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drive were by the wind. no word on the cause. >> the family of an 8th grade girl is relying on a final test to keep her ahive after routine surgery went horribly wrong. jahi mcmath went to have her councils removed but is on life support after pleading profusely from the mouth after the surgery at children's hospital in oakland. she was declared brain dead by thursday. the family says that the hospital agreed to give her a last eeg test. >> if this eeg test shows any britain activity they cannot take her off of life support. >> please, god, let my daughter have brain activity so i can bring her home. >> her family says that the hospital cannot give them a reason at this point why this happened. >> the driver accused in a car crash to san francisco that killed a teen boy is expected to be arraigned on saturday on
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gross vehicular manslaughter. this is video of the teen victim's mother seen in a neck brace in a coma after the accident and is still recovering. her son, 16-year-old kevin san died in the accident. his 17-year-old sister suffered fractures. charges were filed against 58-year-old jennie zhu who was she said the car accelerated on its occupy. >> president obama will host executives from top bay area tech companies to talk about protecting the web from intruders and american spies including the google chairman and facebook c.e.o. and apple c.e.o. it is called a meeting on cyber security and rollout problems with the obamacare website.
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the high profile snooping programs have been criticized by the n.s.a. and their data mining. edward snowden is eyeing south america as a future home. a newspaper in brazil says he has sent a letter asking for political asylum in brazil in exchange, the former contractor would help brazil investigate united states spying on its soil. for the past self months he has released documents revealing wide help spread spying bit n.s.a. and now is living under temporary asylum in russia. >> in richmond a community rallies before the mapped city council -- before the planned city council meeting to seize mortgages of homes underwater and offer the morgues back to homeowners at lower rates. half of richmond homeowners have mortgages that are higher in value than the value of their
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home. a federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit by throw banks challenging the plan. >> enforcement of a law in palo alto that were was living in cars will be postponed. the city council passed the ordinance this year and it was set to go interest effect on february 10. the san jose mercury news reports that the city voted yesterday to wait on enforcing the law until a federal appeals court rules on a similar law in loss an. some residents have raised questions of the scope of the new law and support more review and outreach. >> the oakland 18-year-old who suffered second- and third-degree burns after being set on fire aboard an a.c. transit bus is offered by a high school basketball team. the oakland high school basketball team will wear blue shirts with the name of sasha fleischman on the back. sasha fleischman was caring a skirt at the time of 9 attack
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and does now identify as male or female. the suspects 15-year-old richard thomas faces felony assault with a hate crime enhancement. >> now the weather forecast. what is going on, mike? >> we will take a look and on the weather window from the east bay hills and lock across emeryville to san francisco. we have the possibility of poor air again today mostly in the east bay for a record 10th consecutive. there is no burning of wood through midnight. now, the next 12 hours: high clouds. milder this morning. low-to-mid 40's an the bay and the coast. light breezes today and temperatures hanging around in the upper 60's and upper 50's. above average one more day with high clouds and sun at 4:00 and by 7:00, a nice evening with low-to-mid 50's if you out
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walking the dog or the kids have practice. moving forward through the three-day forecasts we will be cloudy tomorrow, partly sunny in the afternoon and the winds come off the ocean, cooler and clean wear and mid-50 to everyone a 60. we have a chance of a few sprinkles on thursday morning and the winds will blow had and chase the clouds away and it will feel quite brisk with mid-to-upper 50's and pleasey and cooler on friday, also, upper 50's to low 60's. leyla gulen? >> good morning, this is eastbound 80, we have a report of a wrong-way driver going westbound at 50 miles per hour in the fast lane. be careful if you are in that area. that is north of fairfield. we do have construction right here in the bay area as we take you over to eastbound a 80, this is where we have construction crews that will block off lanes and it will last until action this morning. we were seeing a little bit of yellow indicating a slow down but cars can slide on by eastbound 580 to san ramon road
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is where the construction is going to extend. in the westbound direction, tracy to dublin, 23 minutes and highway four, antioch to concord, and to marin, 16 minutes to get to san francisco and a look to get you across the water from hayward traffic is moving smoothly at 12 minutes into foster city. >> next, shopping season in full swing? or is it in the strange sight at bay area malls. >> maps for development in san francisco could hit a snag with a powerful voice saying "slow down." the couple who fund the tragedy of boston marathon bombing i
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can add the national park service to the lit of those asking the presidio trust to
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hold off develop must the site of the former post commissary which is now occupied by a sports basement store with plans for a museum by star wars creator. the trust has delayed a decision until february at the earliest with one option being not to select any project at all. trust officials say too much is going on in the area right now including the ongoing doyle drive replacement project. >> terminally a at san jose international airport is re-opened after a soggy mess. we showed you the damage when a hot water pipe burst. it flooded a security check point and knocked the baggage handling system in terminal a out of commission so passengers had to walk to terminal b to drop off bags and clear security. a delta plane slid off the runway yesterday in wisconsin. this was plenty of snow on the ground when the flight from
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minneapolis landed. delta flight 385 ran off the runway as it taxied to the terminal. 60 passengers were bused to the term n. >> we are in the last few daze of the holiday shopping season and you would think that shops would be jam packed. they are not. stores are struggling to keep up with the online retailers. >> a week before christmas and the shoppers were sparse, very few carrying bags. the only reason cody was at this center was to get a photo of his bulldogs with santa. i always rely on amazon and avoid the traffic and congestion. >> consumers have finished less than half their shopping behind where they were last year at this time. the manager of the children's clothing store --.
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>> last year it was, pad throughout the holiday season and now it is really slow. >> with thanksgiving day falling later in november, the shopping season is six days shorter. the result has been a significant uptick for online activity. >> the pressure that consumers feel during the shortened selling season results in more emotional purchasing. online is a way for them to feel calmer and more in control. >> i view 95 percent in the mall. >> why? >> i don't know i work on a computer all day and i don't want to get on a cop purity in my free time. >> most shopping occurs in the final week before christmas. dreams of striking it rich will reach a feverish pitch with mega millions jackpot of $586
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million, one of the biggest ever, which means $316 million pay intermediate to a single winner taking a lump sum payment before taxes. you will dream along with will merchandise of other whose have lined up to buy the tickets but the odds of winning are one in 259 million. this have been 21 drawings since october without a jackpot kin kinner. >> aren't those the worst anothers ever? >> but they make more money. >> i saw somewhere those the worst ever to win a jackpot. >> ouch. >> i will try. i will try. >> live the dream, baby. only a dollar. >> we are having a "spare the air" day but tomorrow i will have a different answer. the winds of change are coming tomorrow.
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thursday and friday city look brisk and winter like but for the lack of precipitation. right new, you can see the cold arrow stating through the great lakes and other clipper system dusting that area with snow. if you are headed to chicago, check ahead. that line of snow does cause issues but that is the business of the airport. at home, and a bigger connecting airports, you can see the high clouds hanging around at 4:47 this morning. we will talk about the high clouds and the temperatures today. look at that: belmont is 50. san bruno is 47. san mateo is 44. foster city and redwood city is 41. palo alto and woodside are 39. and menlo park is the cool spot at 30. a lost low-to-mid 40's around the bay shore from 42 in los gatos and san jose, and 43 in fremont and hayward and oakland. 37 in san ramon and antioch. looks like livermore is at 40 and napa is 39 not too bad.
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we will not scrape ice this morning. from the tower we are looking on san francisco and off to the east where high clouds dominate our sky just like yesterday. as will the above-average temperatures with poor air quality. tomorrow is the cleaner air and cooler temperatures. the temperature could drop ten degrees but it will feel cooler >>jonathan: with the winds and the winds shift this weekend and they are coming from the northeast and they are bringing us above-average temperatures. we will keep an cry on the air quality, also. mid-to-upper 60's today and possibly 70 in santa cruz and mocken hill and 71 in cloverdale for the warm spot the tonight the temperatures are the same as this morning and mid-to-upper 30's and low-to-mid 40's bay shore and to the coast and 48 in san francisco. high pressure is dominating us again and bringing us another mild day but this cold front is the one that is going to crash and just not a lost moisture so we have ever so slight chance of sprinkles on wednesday night through thursday morning and
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notice the temperatures drop back into the 50's on thursday and after morning clouds we will have the winds chase them away and we will have sunshine in the afternoon, possibly frost friday morning weapon the winds let up and low-to-mid 60's, saturdays sunday and monday so the winter solstice is saturday but it will not feel like it. >> we have 30 bart trains on time, ace train number one is on time from stockton and we are in day two of the construction project so if you are leashing san francisco headed across the golden gate bridge and into north bay, be aware until 2:00 this afternoon northbound and southbound highway one and 101 through park presidio are affected while they remove the trees to enlarge the northbound lanes. this is because of a long-term project lasting all week. the project starts at 9:00 and runs through the in day until 2:00, and that is the case for the rest of the week.
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drive time traffic 680 walnut creek to dublin is 15 minutes and we we southbound from santa rosa to san francisco is 50 minute commute and through the santa cruz mountains along highway one, to los gatos, that is 24-minute drive. outside we go to san jose, 280 away from highway 17, you can see we the two cars are going very slowly and i assure you they are at top speeds. >> something good has come from the deadly boston marathon bombings: a wedding proposal. james was injured april 15 when two bombs went off and he suffered burns and had two nails pulled from his abdomen. he was emotionally scarred. three of his friends lost legs. while in the hospital he met a nurse. he asked her out on a date. the date led to another. and another. fat forward eight months and while on a trip to france he got up the nerve to ask her to marry him. you can tell from the picture
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with that lovely engagement ring she said "yes." >> it is 4:50. facebook gives charity as new way to raise money and you can town your "like" into a donation. >> holiday carols on demand, the hotline offering to
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it is 4:53. you still have a chance to win $7,000 helping to fight hunger. click "give where you live" on our facebook page and we will donate a dollar to bay area food banks for you, and enter you to win $7,000 in cash just in time for the holidays. well announce the winner on thursday at abc7 news at 11. >> facebook has a new feature that allows you to give to charity by clicking "donate
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now." 18 nonprofits have added the feature including the red cross and american cancer society. menlo park based facebook said they came up with the idea after teaming up with the red cross to let users donate to victims of typhoon haiyan and 100 percent of the money goes directly to chair estimate. >> students at the university of illinois are keeping a holiday tradition alive by taking part in "dial a carol." ♪ jingle bell rock >> you call and request a sign and they sign it to you for free a tradition dating back to the 1960's taking more than 4,000 calls from people all over the world requesting "jingle bells" and "white christmas." it coincides with final exams giving students needed stress relief between tests in
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champaign, illinois. >> we need stress relief or relief from the bad air quality. mike? >> it is coming tomorrow. it will last through thursday and friday but it could be back over the weekend. the roller coaster we are going through the next couple of days: 68 in san jose. 60 tomorrow, 55 on thursday, and that is below average high of 58 and we hit 60 on friday and mid-60's saturday, sunday and monday. it will only be a one or two day reprieve from the above average temperatures. as far as everyone else, we going to have temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60's around the state and 70's and 80's down south. >> as we take you over to the peninsula this is where we have construction that will be blocking off lanes and this is between marsh road and university avenue, eastbound along highway 84, and this project will last until 2:00 this afternoon, as well. we have a couple of projects out there around the bay area that
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will last later in the afternoon as we take you to the north bay and you can see the area shaded in orange indicating where we do have fog that could be affecting the commute which is creeping over highway 116 and could make it over to 101 through santa rosa and petaluma everyone is at continue speeds so be very came when the fog makes it across the mountain you may have to put on the low beams. >> there could be electronic cigarettes added to a current smoking ban with a board approving the strictest smokingen behalves in the nation they years ago with smoking prohibits in condos, apartments and town houses and county parks and fair grounds. now, it is consider beening e-cigarettes in unincorporated areas which sam -- are not widely regulated. >> the city of san francisco could resume an investigation into the maker of the
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caffeinated monster drinks. the judge posessed -- tossed out a lawsuit that tried to block them. the city attorney accuses the company of marketing to children and filed a suit in state to make them stop advertising to minors. monster has not commented. >> all the multivitamins are doing more to deplete your wallet than supplement your health. that is according to a team of researchers. they looked at the volumes and research behind vitamin and mineral supplements and find there is in benefit to the heart or against cancer, and they do not keep death away and they do nut keep our mines sharp. if your doctor accident say you have a deficiency, you are better off saving your money. >> breaking news in the peninsula where flames break out at a recycling laboratory and the impact it could have on neighbors and the commute.
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>> developing news in san francisco, a home collapsed in the twin peaks neighborhood and the construction work going on hours before it happened. >> the new effort underway to find a south bay family missing after the plane went down in the idaho
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yeah. we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half. that's not half! guys, i have more. thanks, mom. [ female announcer ] do you have enough pillsbury crescents? abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> the breaking news is in redwood city. thanks for joining us at 5:00 the i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. there is dense smoke pouring into the air at a metal recycling plant. we have the latest novembers from redwood city. matt? >> this fire starts with a huge explosion and now you can see


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