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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 18, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. jackpot. two winning megamillions tickets revealed overnight for one of the largest lottery prizes ever. over $600 million. one in california. the other in georgia. we're live, from the winning locations. one week until christmas. and big stores coast-to-coast going all-out for your money, with an unprecedented 24/7 push to get you shopping. open round the clock until christmas eve. but is this really the holiday spirit? breaking new details. the former white house lawyer forced to pay almost $30 million after trying to kill his wife. now, he's facing another trial and a possible 70 years in jail. ♪ christmas with the pope. our extraordinary face-to-face meeting with the man inspiring millions. the global leader with the
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common touch. his impact so big, he was just named "time" magazine's man of the year. this morning, incredible access behind closed doors, at the vatican. and the pope's christmas message for everyone this morning. only on "gma." it is a special day here. good morning, america. two big stories this morning. robin and josh, standing by at the vatican. and we have all the latest on that huge mega millions jackpot, as well. we're live from both locations where those golden tickets were sold. >> let's do it. here are the winning numbers. write them down. 8, 14, 17, 20, 39 and the megaball, lucky number 7. >> san jose and atlanta. we're going to get to more of
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that later. right now, let's get straight to the vatican. what a remarkable year it has been. the resignation of one pope. elevation of pope francis turned out to be an electric leader for the world's 1 billion catholics, sending a spiritual jolt around the world. robin, josh, you made the journey to rome. got to see behind the scenes at the vatican and got to greet him. >> we certainly did, george and lara. i could have sworn that we won the lottery. >> i have us as winners. >> being here. tens of thousands for the wednesday audience. and waited hours to see the pope. he left just a short time ago. really spends a lot of time. >> we really saw it all on display today. he's been called the people's pope. and you really saw that again today, again, even as he encouraged all to be rays of light for hope, especially for the poor in the world. he also was a man of the people. receiving all the young, the sick, the aged, and to his immediate right, the champion argentine soccer team, of which
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he's a proud supporter. and gave a cheer, as well. >> that was his response when he saw them before he went up there. >> and i know when he came near us and we had a chance to meet with him, we really were filled with a moment of reverence. there was a moment of calm and peace that surrounds him. it was remarkable. >> you should have seen it. the way he spends time with people and the expression on his face, is something that will stay with us and stay with all that were here. and hopefully with you, too. we want to make you feel like you were here with us. and we'll do that throughout the morning. and also, give rare access to the vatican, as well. that, and a whole lot more coming up on this special edition of "good morning america." >> what a treat this holiday season. all right. more on that coming up. right now, we need to get to the mega millions holiday, megamania. we told you about the two winning tickets. one of the largest jackpots in u.s. history. $636 million. and abc's aditi roy is live in san jose, california, where one of those golden tickets was
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sold. good morning, aditi. >> reporter: good morning, lara. i'm standing in front of jenny's gift shop here in san jose, california. it's closed right now, but it's where one of those winning tickets was sold. and now, the big question remains, who's that lucky winner? >> tonight's megaball number is 7. >> reporter: those are the winning numbers that have made christmas come early for two, very lucky people. overnight, lottery officials confirming two winning tickets sold. one in san jose, california, and the other in atlanta, georgia. >> it's good for san jose, you know? hopefully somebody will be richer. >> reporter: after 21 drawings and no winners since early october, the streak had been broken. the jackpot soared to the second largest in lottery history. $636 million. that's $318 million apiece. jenny's gift store in san jose is where one of the tickets was sold. this past may, there was a single ticket winner outside tampa, florida, who won the
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powerball's $590 million drawing, making her still the largest single-ticket winner ever. in 2012, the megajackpot reached $656 million. there were three winners in three different states who split that monumental jackpot. >> what do i have to lose? it's a dollar. i took a chance. >> reporter: now, everyone's eagerly awaiting to find out who bought that winning ticket here at jenny's gift shop in san jose. the odds of that person winning is 1 in 259 million. lara, someone's waking up with a lot of holiday cheer this morning. >> absolutely. a very merry christmas. thank you, aditi. and we want to bring in abc's mike boettcher. he's in the second winning location in atlanta, georgia. good morning, mike. >> reporter: lara, the winning ticket was purchased at a newsstand in the lobby of this
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20-story office building behind me in one of the most exclusive sections of atlanta called buck head. inside the building, public relations firms, law firms. and as well, a very top-scale restaurant. now, the owner of this store could take home $1 million. this office tower sold for $140 million over the summer. so, the way i figure it, the person that bought that winning ticket could purchase this building outright and have about $30 million and change to take home. lara? >> so nice, mike. they are two very lucky winners. they aren't the only two in the country taking home some cold, hard cash. there's 20 lucky million-dollar winners across 15 states, as well. george? >> there are a lot of christmas gifts their. we're going to turn to the white house now. and president obama's pointed message to vladimir putin over the winter olympics in russia. for the first time in memory, the delegation will not include the president, vice president, or first lady. it will include tennis great
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billie jean king, who has been a pioneer for gay rights. >> reporter: there is no question about that. when russia passed that notorious gay propaganda law earlier this year, the president rejected calls to boycott the olympics. but he harshly criticized the law. and now, he's sending a clear message with this delegation, by sending america's most prominent, openly gay athlete to represent the united states. in a statement, the white house said, the u.s. delegation to the olympic games represents the diversity that is the united states. as for billie jean king, she made it clear immediately that she intends to use this post to make a statement about gay rights in russia and beyond. she said in a statement, quote, i am deeply honored. i can't wait to get to russia to support the american team. i'm equally proud to stand with members of the lgbt community in support of all athletes who will be competing in sochi. and i hope these olympic games will be a watershed moment for the universal acceptance of all people.
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>> the president took the boycott off the table early on. but he has been putting the pressure often on these anti-gay policies. >> reporter: he's spoken out forcefully and personally. this olympic delegation, not represented by the first lady or the vice president. but by the deputy chief of staff. make no mistake. that is also a message. okay. thanks very much. let's get to abc's amy robach and the top stories. >> we begin with breaking news overnight from atlanta. a plane crashing into a densely populated neighborhood, narrowly missing homes before exploding into the woods you see here. both people onboard were killed. witnesses say the pilot of the jet similar to this one, turned left at the last second to avoid crashing into those homes. the other developing story at this hour, police in reno, nevada, investigating why a man walked into a hospital with a gun and started firing at patients in surgery. a doctor is among those victims. abc's rob nelson has more. >> reporter: tuesday afternoon,
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2:05 p.m., panic, as a gunman opens fire at the center for advanced medicine, in reno, nevada. >> i heard over the intercom, somebody said, code triage. code triage, code triage. last code for code black. that means an active shooter. and they said everything is going to be shut down. >> reporter: officers arriving on the scene within two minutes of the call. canvassing the area. searching door-to-door. discovering two people, including the shooter, dead, and two more, critically wounded. >> we had a shooter inside, who had shot most of the people. and then turned the gun on himself and shot him such. >> reporter: police say the shooting does not appear to be random. but they have yet to identify the suspect or a possible motive. >> as far as the suspect goes, we don't have a solid identity on him yet. but we are working several leads on who he is. and our investigation continues in that regard. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rob nelson, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to rob for that report. in california, crews have contained 20% of that massive
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wildfire near big sur. 800 firefighters are now on the front lines. the fire chief's house is among the more than dozen destroyed by those flames. from fire to ice. that's the problem in the northeast, blamed for this 32-car pileup on a highway in new york city. fortunately, no one was seriously injured. and nasa confirming at least two emergency space walks will be needed to fix the cooling system on the international space station. a third space walk may be necessary on christmas day. back on earth, nasa says this fireball seen in the sky over alabama and tennessee, look at that, was likely a chunk of asteroid. the estimated 400-pound space rock was traveling around 50,000 miles per hour. and some tense moments caught on camera, when a construction worker in canada was forced to crawl to the end of this crane, while a fire engulfed the building where he was working. a rescue helicopter was able to
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fly in close and lower a man down to secure the worker. and then hoist him back up to safety. what a moment. and finally, a florida man's strange attempt to purchase some beer. here he is in a convenient store, carrying a small alligator. apparently he was out of cash. he decided to offer the clerk the gator in exchange for a 12-pack. needless to say, the clerk said, no. and instead of the beer, the man got a ticket from police for taking that gator to the store. i have two thoughts here. one, maybe he already had a 12-pack. and number two, only in florida, people. only in florida. >> he seemed sincere about it. >> hello? my good alligator in exchange for your beer. >> i have no problem with it. >> thank you so much, amy. and now, to holiday shopping madness. seven days until christmas. and this year, some stores will be open for more than 100 hours straight.
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great for shoppers and great for procrastinators, as well. abc's rebecca jarvis is at macy's, right here in new york city, with the story. rebecca, is it already busy? >> reporter: it's already busy, lara. i've already seen people going in and getting their holiday shopping done this morning. and what's shocking, you say there's procrastinators out there. apparently, one in ten americans have finished their holiday shopping. but the rest of us still have a long way to go, which is why stores like macy's, are letting people shop around the clock for that final retail rush. if you thought holiday shopping was all about the sprint. >> i'm in. >> reporter: think again. this year, it's a marathon, with stores across the country now taking sales to another level. going 24/7, into this final countdown to christmas. >> we are so close to the finish line. and when you're close to the finish line, that's when all of the deals kick in.
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>> reporter: kohl's opening its doors at 6:00 a.m. this friday. keeping them open more than 100 hours straight until christmas eve at 6:00 p.m. toys "r" us starts 87 straight hours of shopping around the clock this saturday morning at 6:00. and at macy's, doors begin opening this week, from 7:00 in the morning until midnight. best buy, walmart and nordstrom also hopping on the extra early to ultralate trend. some target stores keeping the lights on as late as 10:00 p.m., christmas eve. >> if you go to the mall at midnight, you're doing something very smart, because you're going at quiet time. >> reporter: at target, last-minute deals like this 32-inch hdtv for $190, regularly $260, starting december 22nd. at walmart, an iphone 5c, or 5s, for $27 or $127 with a two-year contract from at&t or verizon. and our holiday shopping rule of thumb, is it a deal? it has to be 30% off or more to
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be the best deal around. lara? >> agreed. 30%. i'll take it. we're going to go back to vatican city now. robin and josh there in st. peter's square, where they met pope francis just a short time ago. you see the moment there. josh, we have a lot more on pope franc francis' remarkable, revolutionary first year in the vatican. >> it has been, george. seeing that video again, sends chills down the spine. >> i like george saying, when we met the pope. >> that actually happened. we can prove it. that's a perfect word, revolutionary. two others for this morning, humbling and memorable. what a morning here. we watched the pope, be this pope, the people's pope. kiss babies, greet these huge crowds. thousands upon thousands from his popemobile. and of course, giving an inspired thumbs up to his favorite soccer team from argentina. he was very happy that they brought the championship cup to him. it was an honor to have been
7:15 am
there for it all. he walks the streets. poses for pictures. embraces the sick. and is not afraid to have a bit of fun. and engage, it seems, just about everybody. his twitter account, ranks in the top five, most-searched words on the internet. where his is also the most talked-about name, in the year 2013. former janitor and nightclub bouncer. he's been called the people's pope. and in just nine months, he captured the imagination, not just of the world's 1.2 billion catholics, but the world itself. >> i get that on the streets, everybody from the bartenders to the cab drivers, telling me, cardinal, we love this guy. >> reporter: he's ushered in a kind of truce in the culture wars. when pressed about gays in the church, he responded, quote, a gay person who follows god, who am i to judge him? and both "time" magazine and the leading gay magazine, "the
7:16 am
advocate," have named him their person of the year. the first non-european pontiff in over 1,200 years. the style was different almost immediately. the thousands before him, as he bowed and said -- pray for me. >> suddenly, there was a connection with people. that set the tone for this papacy. >> reporter: the very next morning, he stunned locals and tourists alike, when he walked in st. mary basilica, unannounced. he then went to the hotel where he stayed for the election and paid his bill. just days ago, he celebrated his 77th birthday. and blew out candles, surrounded by children. julia and michael chandler, americans visiting rome, could not believe their eyes when they saw pope francis reach for and bless their baby, mary agnes. three days later, it happened again.
7:17 am
>> when it actually happened, just get overcome by emotion of the moment. >> reporter: ethan mack, a student at boston college, had an idea to trade hats with the pope. and to his surprise, the pontiff went for it. >> for him, it was a small act of kindness, but for the two of us, he really made our lives. >> we asked for a good pastor with a good track record with solid administration, with fatherly, warm, tender care for his people. and, boy, we got that on steroids. >> you certainly got that. we saw that today. in fact, when robin and i got to our seats, we saw we were right next to a family with three, young children. spaniards living in london. and we knew when we saw the little faces that certainly pope francis would be stopping next to us. and he did. he loves the little children. and it was such a wonderful thing to see him with them. >> and everybody was very civil. everyone wanted everyone to have their moment and not getting -- when we saw the family, josh was shameless.
7:18 am
he was like, can we borrow one of the kids, just in case? we want to make sure that pope francis stops by. but it's something that both of us will never forget, that simple moment. >> very fair to say. >> josh is still josh in st. peter's square. >> yeah. >> the back stories i could tell you two. >> it all worked out in the end. it all worked out in the end. >> go to "gma" on yahoo! for the back story. >> thanks, guys. we're going to have a lot more from vatican city. now, weather from ginger zee. >> we have to see what the roads looked like. it was a mess. look at this video from boston. they had record snow, more than 6 inches, actually 6.4, making the commute a disaster on the roads, as well as downtown and outside of it. much of new england dealing with that. now, that storm pulls away. and it's the cold behind. it's 18 feels like in pittsburgh. 15 in detroit. feels like just below freezing in washington, d.c. you know that chill is starting to moderate as we go to the end of the week. we were talking about 50s yesterday. and the other big story. amy gave you an update on the fire.
7:19 am
some-on shore flow, makes it cooler. that's good. santa cruz, 60. but will be windy. some local gusts up to 65 miles per hour. your local forecast is coming up in just 30 seconds. but first, here's this morning's sunny cities brought to you by toys "r" us.
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>> so much calmer for at least one day. but, my friends, we have another storm. i'm going to talk about tornadoes and eventually snow and ice. >> wow. >> yes. i know. >> thanks, ginger. coming up, the former white house lawyer forced to pay almost $30 million after threatening to kill his wife. how he's facing another trial and could be behind bars for decades. also ahead, new details on the texas teen under fire for his light sentence after killing four people while driving drunk. now what we know about his parents' trouble with the law. and we're going to have much more on robin and josh's humbling moment, meeting the pope. and robin takes you behind the scenes at the vatican. we take you there. up close and personal with
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the protection of the pope. josh with the legendary swiss guards. ♪ could there be another way? and conventions, la vie est belle. la vie est belle, the new eau de parfum, lancôme.
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good morning. i'm eric thomas. a search is underway in san francisco for two men who stole an atm machine from a pacific heights market on jackson and fillmore. a witness says he saw the suspects knock over the atm with their van around 3:30 this morning. police recovered the van and the
7:25 am
atm, but the suspects got away. volunteers at glide church in the tenderloin are giving out 5,000 grocery bags this morning. people have been lining up will get everything they need to prepare a home cooked holiday meal. let's check the morning commute. here's leyla. we have a crash in the east bay that has cleared but the damage is done. we have five miles of backup as you can see. northbound 880 at fifth avenue, but i want to tell you to take 580 instead. farther to the south northbound, a three-car crash. and ace train number three is nine minutes behind. eric. leyla,
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looks a lot different during the day, doesn't it? a peek from our east bay hills camera. it's murky and soupy, that's because it's another spare the air day, the 11th consecutive poor air quality in santa clara valley. our highs for today in the upper 50s to lower 60s under mostly sunny skies. my accuweather seven-day forecast shows a possible sprinkle or two
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♪ oh, you have to love that carol, there at the vatican, this morning. josh and robin there all morning long. there's the moment right there where they had a chance to greet pope francis. his last audience for 2013. and he's got a very special christmas message this morning for the world. and he has a chance to greet robin and josh. and we cannot wait to hear more of that day. robin? >> we will share more of that. and as we are live, here, in vatican city. just about empty now. so, it was crowded much, much earlier this morning. and it was special, of course, meeting the pope.
7:31 am
but there's more. they granted us rare access to the vatican. so, coming up, you will see portions of the vatican rarely seen by the public. but you will hear this morning. >> you also had a sense today, he is a historical figure. you also had a sense he's historic. the new history of the church, coming and interesting turning back to its roots. to that end, we have a chance to introduce you to the world's oldest standing army. the swiss guard, that still watches over the pope and his residences. in fact, the unofficial army of vatican city. >> right. >> we had a chance to go behind the scenes with them, as well. >> and they really helped out earlier today. >> yes, they did. >> he made in really well with them. josh knew who they were. and they made sure we were able to meet the pope. >> we knew one or two folks here at the vatican. >> a lot more from vatican city, coming up. >> so special to have you both there to experience christmas
7:32 am
with the pope. his first. thank you, guys. so looking forward to seeing more of that. what a special day. >> thank you. also coming up this morning, we have the former white house lawyer forced to pay $30 million, nearly, after threatening to kill his wife. why he is facing another trial. and could be behind bars for a decade. >> all right. and we had lottery fever here today. but also, people are apparently gambling on themselves, that they will lose weight. why this is the diet that is apparently finally working for people who couldn't lose weight any other way. so, we'll take it and tell you all about it. >> if you can't bet on yourself, who can you bet on? >> exactly. >> i love that. all right. right now, we need to get to the dramatic fall from grace of a washington power player, former white house counsel john michael farren, stands accused of nearly beating his wife to death. his money is gone. and his freedom may be next. paula faris has the story. >> reporter: he was the white house attorney in the george w. bush administration.
7:33 am
she, his successful wife and high-powered lawyer. >> he said to her, i'll tell you. >> reporter: and this morning, the connecticut jury in a civil trial has awarded mary margaret farren nearly $29 million after john michael farren allegedly tried to beat her to death in 2010. >> he put his hands around my neck. and in the same motion, he tackled me to the floor. >> raise your right hand. >> reporter: the verdict capped off an emotional trial. 20 witnesses, including mary herself, taking the stand to describe the alleged incident, which she claims was prompted by her refusal to drop her divorce papers. and has left her with emotional and physical injuries. >> he was strangling me. and slamming my head into the floor. >> reporter: the 60-year-old chose to represent himself. then, failed to show up in court for the trial. even more bizarre, he e-mailed
7:34 am
the court saying he was hospitalized, yet never explained why. >> he was basically saying to the jury, rule against me. the only question is, how much? >> reporter: those criminal charges include attempted murder and first-degree assault. that trial is expected to start next spring. and if convicted, he could spend 70 years behind bars. >> he now is facing very serious criminal charges. but you almost never see this kind of fall from grace. >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. we have an update on the texas teen that killed four people while driving drunk but got no jail time. the boy's wealthy parents are coming under intense scrutiny. they've had trouble with the law in the past, as well. thanks to ethan couch's controversial defense that affluence impaired the boy's moral judgment. reena ninan has the story. >> reporter: new developments in the drunk driving case of ethan
7:35 am
couch. overnight, the d.a.'s office announced it will push once again for the teen's incarceration, saying the 16-year-old admitted his guilt in four cases of intoxication manslaughter and two cases of intoxication assault. there's been no verdict formally entered. every case deserves a verdict. the teen's previous defense, a psychologist testified that ethan couch suffered from affluenza, saying he was too wealthy to understand that actions have real consequences. now, the doctor regrets that assessment. telling cnn's anderson cooper -- >> i wish i didn't use that term. everyone seems to have hooked on to it. >> reporter: instead of time in jail, a judge ordered couch to ten years probation, and a year at outside rehab for treatment, away from his family. also this morning, the newly released mug shots of couch's parents. abc news has learned that both parents had a number of previous charges of alleged misdemeanors. most of them traffic-related. the mother, tonya, had five. and the father, fred, 22 incidents, from as far back as 1989.
7:36 am
some of them dismissed. others, paid with fines. >> there are dumb people who get away with stuff. and his parents maybe need to do a little talking, as well. >> reporter: and there's more legal action pending for the family. the parents face civil lawsuits from the families of the victims. for abc news, reena ninen, new york. >> a lot to look into there. the weather and ginger zee. >> i've been promising the warm-up. now we're going to look at how warm it gets not only in new york city, but places like orlando. maybe you have plans to go to disney for the holidays. look at the warmth. mid-80s by the time we reach the weekend. anybody traveling down there will be in great shape. new york city, 55 by saturday. washington, d.c. gets into the 60s. that doesn't bode well for a white christmas. but still, a nice return to at least tolerable weather or more. look at that. atlanta, close to 70 by the time we end the week and start the weekend. and we want to, of course, check on that storm. i was promising to look at. it starts in the northwest.
7:37 am
end of the week, it goes like this. ice and snow line is going to wave waver. right now, chicago in the snow. we could see six to ten inches in that. and >> this weather report, brought to you by exxon-mobil. again, this is the travel time. everybody's getting on the roads this weekend and starting to look at their holiday planning. we'll be honing in on that. >> feeling that for days. and coming up, robin takes us behind the scenes at the vatican. rare access, places the public almost never gets a chance to see. and you could win money as you lose weight. the new way to diet, that has people taking bets on themselves
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at raley's, bel air, and nob hill. a beautiful, beautiful morning here in rome. actually, vatican city. and it was extraordinary to be able to come face-to-face with the main residents of vatican city, and that is, of course, pope francis. when he made his way through the line, after delivering his christmas message, i didn't know what to say. and he spoke first. and i was humbled by what he said. i told him that i was from america. and he said, please pray for me. the pope asking, please, pray for me. it was quite a moment. >> asking for our help. >> yes. absolutely. >> especially in this -- we do want to emphasize, as well, the christmas season. it is his first.
7:43 am
we saw that tree there, here in vatican city. it is the tree from bavaria. comes from a different part each and every year. and this year, on a flatbed, geography not my strong suit. through the alps, i believe. but here it is. >> and we saw the snowcaps in the distance. we are here to meet the pope. but also going to give you an opportunity to see where he lives here at the vatican. we were given rare access, places that you have never seen before now. vatican city, the place where pope francis carries out his worldwide spiritual mission. and i was able to get a rare glimpse into life inside the vatican walls. >> this is the courtyard of the apostolic palace. basically, what you have is the pope's former apartment. when pope benedict resigned, he came down here to get in the car. you saw the helicopter ride. this was his last good-bye. >> this is where pope benedict lived. >> correct. >> and the current pope, pope
7:44 am
francis, does not. >> he does not. he still goes to the third-floor apartment for the prayer on sunday. you see him there at the window. >> he is arguably the most popular person on the planet right now. >> no doubt about it. everybody wants a piece of pope francis. >> and the way he's handled it all with such openness, it's been refreshing for many people. >> i think there's a natural humility to him. but he senses that this is god's will. and i'm going to do it. >> reporter: the palace is where pope francis conducts the business of the church. my guide, greg burke, a vatican media adviser, likened it to the white house's west wing. you'll find cardinals, foreign leaders and dignitaries walking this hall. we ran into u.s. ambassador to the holy see, ken hackett. pope francis has energized so many people. >> oh, he's wonderful. he gives hope. he's given people a sense of i'm there with you. as you are suffering, i am also there.
7:45 am
and that's special. >> reporter: while millions flock to st. peter's basilica and the square every year, few get to see it from this view. >> this is amazing how close you are. i actually watched the conclave. when the pope came out on the balcony in the middle. you'll see the pope go out there on christmas day. >> reporter: and this room, just off the balcony, burke calls a secret little gem. >> i don't have a lot of fringe benefits. but this is one, the ability to take people here. this is not on the vatican museum tour. >> reporter: also not on the moue team tour, a guest house for clergy, and home to pope francis. story has it, he was here for the conclave. and decided to stay. and not the apartment. >> move into the palace. that's right. it's simple.
7:46 am
but you have contact with the people. >> reporter: the holy father begins his day at 5:00 in the morning. he spends two hours in prayer before saying mass. and then, his official day begins at 8:00. he travels around rome, not in a mercedes, but a ford focus. housed in this garage, along with a more familiar open-top popemobile. >> so you always have the swiss guard out front here? >> that's right. as long as the pope is there, you do. and that's been the case since he was elected. >> reporter: he gave us a clue. the pope is in that building right now. people coming here visiting the vatican, what do you want them to experience and go back with? >> the message of pope francis. what is the gospel of joy? the message is love and mercy. >> love and mercy. and our thanks to greg burke for being a great tour guide. and you asked on facebook, what do you want to know? one person wanted to know about the pope, does he cook his own food? every now and then? our experts tell us he may cook from time to time. actually, eats most of his meals with a group. >> let's hope he's cooking right now. weir as well.
7:47 am
lots more from the vatican. go nowhere. >> "play of the day," too. george is going to take care of that. of that. we have a situation. what? we're out of dunkin'. [ gasps ] emergency backup. awesome. one taste, and you'll understand. where would you be without me?
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right then. here's "the play of the day." >> let's go straight to the videotape. santa's in training right now. there he is. leaps the roof. >> wow. look at that. uploaded last night. >> check this guy out. >> 33,000 views already. and that santa's in pretty good shape. >> yeah. he gets down the chimneys. >> whoa.
7:52 am
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good morning. i'm eric thomas. somebody who purchased a mega millions lottery ticket at jenny's gift shop in san jose will be splitting the $636 million jackpot with another winner in georgia. the owner of the store will also get $1 million for selling the lucky ticket. leyla gulen has the forecast and the traffic. >> yes. it looks like pea soup, doesn't it? this is a look at our mt. tam cam, poor air quality because it's another spare the air day, the eleventh consecutive. a little cooler today, our high's going to be in the upper 50s to the lower 60s. accuweather seven-day forecast a
7:57 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m., on an extraordinary morning. our journey to the vatican for christmas with the pope. we're live, to witness the man of the year, inspiring new devotion and love worldwide. we'll take you inside st. peter's. and you'll meet the men in charge of protecting the people's pope. and the pope is one of the most fascinating people of the year. so, who are the rest? barbara walters reveals the surprising side of a superstar you think you've heard everything about. and it's one classy week in times square. "anchorman 2" star, paul rudd, live this morning. as we say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
look how beautiful it is in vatican city this morning. the sun shining on rome over st. peter's square. there's the basilica. pope francis, just a bit ago, delivering a special christmas message. and who was there with him? robin and josh. >> just a couple of our friends, started to hang out here. lee university, cleveland, tennessee, represented here. and people from all around the world come here for this audience. and this is the last one of the year for the pope. and it was extraordinary, coming face-to-face with him. and we're going to share that moment with you, coming up. >> a man they call the people's pope and for good reason. you really saw it today. pressing the flesh. he understands and made a point of his ministry to return the church to the people, particularly to those less fortunate. and that was in evidence today. and in evidence, the pope
8:02 am
himself, a lot of people wondering, what's he like? i can tell you in the very brief time that he stopped with us, he runs about 5'9", 5'10". >> 5'10". >> a very avid listener. with the commotion that surrounds him, he's very focused on you. and i will say, a very firm handshake. >> it was. >> he took it and grasped it. what a remarkable man. just a humbling experience. >> he made everybody seem like they were the only person here in the square. lara? >> what a gift. thank you, josh, for those stats. love a man with a good handshake. >> 5'9", 5'10". can't wait to hear more from them from the veteran. also coming up, switching gears, talk about how you can win money as you drop weight. it's a new way to diet that has people betting on themselves to get healthier. and i can't think of a better way to bet. >> makes sense to me, too. and also, making another
8:03 am
little gear switch, let's go to "the real housewives of atlanta" star. she's going to speak out about the health scare she had, that landed her in the hospital. what you can learn from her battle. also here live this morning, barbara walters' sneak peek of the most fascinating people of the year. we begin with amy. >> thank you, guys. the jackpot in the mega millions drawing. the winning tickets were sold in san jose, california, and atlanta, georgia. the winners have six months to claim their half of the jackpot. but check your ticket because 20 tickets matched five of the six winning numbers. that means they're worth $1 million apiece. and the former bureaucrat who claimed to be a cia agent and swindled the government out of $1 million will learn his
8:04 am
punishment. john beale, claimed he needed months away from his desk to travel overseas for the cia. he still was collecting his $200,000 salary. beale will be sentenced on fraud charges today. a big day on wall street today. the markets will be closely watching ben bernanke and federal reserve policymakers who are wrapping up a two-day meeting. they will announce any changes to the fed's economic stimulus program, which has kept the interest rates very low. many analysts expect the fed to keep that program in place. and there was a very close call in atlanta overnight, as a small plane crashed into a residential neighborhood, narrowly missing several houses. the pilot of the small jet, heading to new orleans, made a last-second turn just before crashing into those woods. both people onboard were killed. but saving so many others on the ground by that decision. and a violent crash lit up the night sky on long island,
8:05 am
new york. a tanker truck hitting a car at a red light, igniting 12,000 gallons of fuel. the 20-foot flames melted the siding on houses that were just blocks away. two people were injured. and overseas, a wild scene. heavily rains in brazil trigg triggered a landslide that washed away this entire building. fortunately, everyone had evacuated in time. a lucky man who has his guide dog to thank for saving his life. you can see the bandage of cecil williams' head. that's his beautiful, black lab, orlando, who was with him the whole time. they were waiting for a train on tuesday. williams passed out. he fell on to the tracks. so, orlando jumped down after him, barking and getting onlookers' attention. a slow-moving train, thankfully, passed over them. but they survived by laying down on the trench between the tracks. people were shouting at them, heads down. orlando, hero of the day, for
8:06 am
sure. man's best friend. >> he's an older dog. >> yeah. he did everything. he held on to him. stood by his side. it was fantastic. >> beautiful story. let's get some weather from ginger zee. >> i love that story there on the subway. and we've got a first-timer in new york city. what's your name? >> hannah. >> hannah is loving it. it is a little chilly. guess what? november was the warmest on record for the world. i want to show you this. record warmth was not in the united states. we were actually cool. but overall, the world was very warm. eastern europe, really picking up quite a bit of heat there. i want to show you who is going to be mild today. there's a, 67. memphis, at 56. the milder air into the mid-atlantic and the northeast later this week. if you're sticking
8:07 am
>> lara, i have great news. we are honorary members of the g.r.i.t.s. >> thank you, ginger. here's what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." first, in "pop news," are you ready for "gilligan's island" the movie? would you gumbamble on yourf when it comes to losing weight? and more from the veteran. josh behind the scenes, with the men who protect the pope. all on "good morning america," here in times square. so, stay with us.
8:08 am
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these are the victories we're famous for. famous brands, famously easy, famous footwear. victory is yours. ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ got to love that. "gma's" jingle of the day. those are penguins. black-footed penguins. in their christmas sweaters. >> one has a sweater like yours. >> that's fantastic. they're welcoming visitors at the animal park. they just put a smile on your face. >> they did. >> love that. all right. hopefully this will put smiles on all of your faces, as well. "pop news" time. and my -- there we go. hello. just sit right back and you'll hear a tale. a tale of a beloved '60s show that our ginger loves so very
8:14 am
much. >> i do. >> and we hear it's coming to the big screen. "gilligan's island" is being made into a movie. josh gad who won a tony for "the book of mormon," and the voice voice of olaf in "frozen." no word on who josh will play. >> gilligan or skipper. >> and ginger -- >> i'm available. >> i know we've talked about it. ginger was named after ginger on the show. and i do think the casting would be. >> and i'm talking about going red. so, wouldn't that work out well? i actually see some red. >> it will come in little strings. and i'll show up, a redhead. >> in an evening gown. >> yes. >> and then, we'll all know. i'll be lovie. it will be scary for you, george. "forbes" is out with its
8:15 am
list of top earners for 2013. duane "the rock" johnson -- i was surprised by this. he beat out robert downey jr. to claim the top spot, for roles in "snitch," "pain and gain, "fast & furious 6." and he's not slowing down for 2016. he has roles in the next "fast & furious" movies. a lot of us smell what the rock is cooking. and it's cold, hard cash. >> i know how popular he is. but, still. >> and congratulations. one of the nicest guys in hollywood. and finally, what do you think are the world's most instagramed locations? i thought maybe eiffel tower, london bridge, grand canyon. oh, none. the social site is out with its list of the planet's top-ten most instagramed spots. and the big winner is a shopping mall in bangkok, which boasts 100,000 visitors a day. now, i need to go. that's it. that's the number one most
8:16 am
instagramed location. number two, i was proud. outside our window. times square. disneyland in california, the bellagio fountain in las vegas. disney world in florida, those round out the top five. >> those make sense. maybe because we haven't been to that mall. >> i will go and research it. >> the towers something with a big mall. >> that's something. >> and, amy, that's why i'm here. >> thank you, lara. we're going to look at a trend now. a new move so bet on yourself. websites where you can make a wager whether you are going to keep to your diet and make your weight goals. abbie boudreau explains. >> reporter: forget about gambling in las vegas. try taking a gamble on yourself. and maybe you can win $10,000 for losing weight. 46-year-old brenda had tried
8:17 am
lots of die es. but nothing teamed to work. you had dieted before? >> yes. >> reporter: and the weight kept coming back on. there's a website where you can bet on your weight loss and double your money, she gave it a shot. money was a good incentive for you. >> yes. it really, really did. i really needed the money. >> reporter: in august, she bet 75 dollar that she could lose four pounds in three months. >> you're significantly more likely to lose weight. >> reporter: here's how it works. decide how many pounds you want to lose and how long it will take you to drop the weight. >> then, you tell us how big you want your prize to be. you can set it as high as $10,000. and we'll tell you what bet you have to make in order to get that prize for accomplishing that goal. >> reporter: already, healthywage says it's dished out $1 million in winnings. and the total pounds lost? they say 2.3 million. and for brenda, her gamble paid off. she lost the 44 pounds and
8:18 am
gained $2,000. this time, you gambled on yourself. and you won. >> it feels great. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> fascinating idea. >> i love the concept. they get the money. they go to insurance companies, hmos, hospitals, food companies, looking for creative ways to fight obesity. >> that's fantastic. also fantastic, robin and josh at the vatican. hey, guys? >> switching gears now. >> gears switched. >> it was a thrilling moment, morning for us all. and really, the word that comes to mind, humbling. the moment that josh and i came face-to-face with pope francis. he was reaching out in the crowd, embracing babies, children. bringing huge crowds also from his popemobile. quite a morning. and an honor to be here and bring it to you.
8:19 am
we were just two of thousands. gathered in st. peter's square, when the humble servant, pope francis, made his entrance. hailed with cheers of joy from the crowd. the down-to-earth pontiff, returning the love, kissing babies, lots of babies. accepting a cross. blessing the sick. and even passing out high-fives. people have been waiting for hours. >> watching him, he is certainly a man -- >> he loves children. loves children. then, after his christmas message of compassion -- it was our moment. meeting face-to-face, with the people's pope. what a privilege to shake his hand.
8:20 am
in his first address to the public last march, the pontiff asked the world to pray for him, something i've been doing every day. every day, pray for you. and josh? greeting the first-ever jesuit pope in italian. >> i'm a jesuit boy. >> reporter: receiving a warm embrace and a thumbs-up from the man himself. a moment of true humility. we've heard how much the pope loves babies. well, we witnessed it for ourselves. so, a beautiful family from spain, living in london now. and the moment that the pope had with the entire family, wow. >> so beautiful. >> it was. >> to see him with the little ones. it was great. >> and there was something i want to share with you. the last time i was here, was just weeks before my bone marrow transplant. and i was in the vatican. and in a place where only the pope goes. and i -- you see a picture. this is me praying.
8:21 am
i was praying for all of those who had been praying for me and my mother at the time. so, to be back here, a little over a year later, oh, my goodness. makes it that much more special. >> and to be here with him. it's great. and to think, too, nine months ago, he was elected. and we all wondered that night, what would become of the catholic church. to see what he's done in nine months, the sea change, really, has been remarkable. >> we're hearing from a lot of people on twitter saying, they're not catholic. but they understand him. and they respect him and are grateful for him. touches so many people. >> the people's pope. that's for sure. >> and the feeling, guys, among the people who came to the square this morning, knowing this would be the last audience of the year, for the pope. and we could feel it here, the kind of, just a joy, that was radiating out from there. >> and you can still -- yes. it was something that we all felt. and this is a great crowd.
8:22 am
from all over the world, coming from the u.s. and when they would announce a different area, when they were talking about the argentine team that was here, and the eruption of viva papa. it was something to behold. >> it's a simple thing. it is the christmas season. and to hear the christmas greeting in all of the different languages, it was incredible. >> we have cleveland, tennessee, spain. where else do we have? >> kentucky. >> kentucky. chicago. florida. >> they're all here. and we wish you were. and, boy, are we glad that we were. that is for sure. guys? >> when you come back, if you could each touch us. we'll all get a little holier. thank you. >> thanks, guys. >> we absolutely do. we're joined by reality star and we should mention, actress,
8:23 am
nene. the star brought down last month with a terrifying health scare. she's joining us now. telling us what's on "the real housewives of atlanta" and "glee." tell us how you're feeling. >> i was at work. and i started feeling a pain under my right breast that kind of went around to my side and in my back. and then, the next morning, the pain was in those places and on my right shoulder. it was really different. and i wasn't sick as in a cold. i was feeling like -- i didn't feel like something was wrong. my husband, on the other hand, kept saying, you have gas. i'm like, really? this is not gas for a pain to be on my shoulder. i decided to go to the hospital. and once i was there, they tested me. they did a lot of bloodwork. and then, they did an x-ray. and then, a c.t. scan. and they discovered the clots all over my right lung and some in my left lung. >> were you having trouble
8:24 am
breathing? >> i wasn't having trouble breathing at all. just having a lot of pain. >> first time you felt it? >> first time ever. i felt it for two days. the second day i went to the hospital. >> initially, you thought it might be all the traveling because you're doing housewives and the acting. you're coast-to-coast, back and forth. now, maybe genetics? >> maybe genetics. they're doing photo testing for me, to see if it's genetic or not. right now, i'm currently on blood thinners, which is helping my blood to be a lot thinner, so the blood clots can go away. >> thank god you caught it. this can be a fatal condition? >> it can be. it was really tough. >> is it slowing you down at all? >> a little. i'm not 100%. i'm about 80%. i have good days and bad days. yesterday wasn't a good day for me. and today, hopefully will be a good day. >> how is your family handling it? >> it was tough. i'd never been to the hospital before ever. it was tough. it was hard for us.
8:25 am
>> in the midst of all of this, you are so busy. >> yeah. >> you're the last of the mohicans. >> i am. >> you're the only original housewife left on the show. how is that? >> it's different. i never thought in a million years i would say this. but i kind of miss the old girls a little bit. >> that is something for you to say that. >> the deal is, we started together. it's sort of like a journey we had together. i miss them in that way. i'm with a bunch of new girls now. it's okay. it's okay. >> is there anybody that really gets your goat? >> well, you know, not everyone. >> makes great television, of course. tell me about your "glee" character. you're starring in "glee." what can we expect to see from that? >> i've been on "glee" for three seasons. i play coach roz. i love being on "glee."
8:26 am
"glee" is amazing. one of our characters passed away. that was tough for everybody. we got set back in or start date. we're in full force right now. i'm enjoying it. >> nice to see you in the sweats. congratulations on the acting. i'm so proud of you. >> i'm so proud. me and lara go way back. i'm proud of you, lara. >> thank you. this is about you. and i really, i love seeing you in the sweats. just diving into that character. we know this nene, full-tilt glam on the show. and really, you take us on a journey with that show. it's great fun to watch. >> thank you so much. i am a girlie girl. i like to do everything, the hair, the makeup, the clothes. >> we want to make sure that people who watch you, "real housewives of atlanta," sunday nights at 8:00 p.m.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. a search is underway in san francisco for two men who stole an atm. a witness says he saw the suspects knock over the atm with their van around 3:30 this morning. police recovered the van and the atm in the petrol hill neighborhood but the suspects got away. volunteers at san francisco's glide church in the tenderloin are giving out 5,000 grocery bags this morning. people have been lining up will get everything they need to prepare a home cooked holiday meal. this morning, how does your commute look? here's leyla gulen. >> pretty messy approaching the richmond san rafael bridge. solid traffic backed up from cutting boulevard across to the north bay. as we take you right into the
8:28 am
east bay northbound on 680 two accidents here right at 242. those have cleared to the shoulder. still left with 13-mile-per-hour speeds, slow going in the northbound direction packed out of r cat foodt sending me coupons for cat food. i'm just not a coupon clipper. i buy what i want to buy. can i get a reward for that? [ brina ] something extra from raley's, bel air, yo. an you get something extra rewards... for buying the things i like. instant offers, points balance, right here on my smart phone. [ brina ] join today at raley's dotcom, or at your store. rewards you... for being you. [ brina ] something extra -- now rewarding over 1 million members.
8:29 am
live doppler 7 hd showing scattered clouds moving through the bay area. look from our tower camera towards the north bay, all those high clouds trapping in some of that nasty air. we have a spare the air day, the
8:30 am
eleventh consecutive one. our highs for today topping out in the upper 50s to lower 60s ♪ [ cheers and applause ] good morning, everyone. great crowd out there in times square this morning. and we are so happy that inside here this morning, we have some great guests coming up. >> that's right. >> barbara walters. and paul rudd. >> i'm not sure they know they're on camera. >> oh, my gosh. >> he's going in for it. >> you're seeing it here, folks. >> barbara was not going to let paul get to her today. >> i think barbara's blushing. >> he's a nice, jewish boy. >> i love it. i love it. >> you never know what you're going to see. we have a sneak peek of
8:31 am
barbara walters' upcoming special, the ten most fascinating people. we have a preview of her exclusive interview with miley cyrus. the pop star speaking out about her signature smile. and sticking her tongue out. she tells barbara, she finally reveals what's that all about. >> this is the big secret of the year. such a remarkable morning here, as well. you've been telling us what you're grateful for this holiday season. we want to share some of your tweets right now. i'm grateful for this christmas for an ahazing husband, healthy and happy children, a warm home and a career i love. >> that's fantastic. another viewer telling us, i'm grateful this christmas for jesus, grace and second chances. new job after one year unemployed and losing everything. >> and liz from chicago telling us, she is grateful this christmas to see the vatican in person, during my time studying abroad in rome in year. >> love hearing that. robin and josh have been live at
8:32 am
vatican city all morning long. let's check in with them right now. guys? >> george. speaking of sneak peeks, barbara walters. back in times square. what a morning we have had. as the weekly audience for pope francis, his last of the year. we got to witness, really up close. and actually, thankfully, very personally, as well. what a morning it was. >> incredible. >> to meet him at long last. and as robin said earlier, took us behind the scenes here at vatican city. i had a chance yesterday, as well, to see a place i have long wanted to see. one of the reasons, of course, people have taken pope francis into their hearts, quite literally, he reaches to them. he embraces so many. he holds fast for the faithful and throngs meet him. it's the job of the swiss guard to protect the pontiff, keeping him safe, as he spreads his message of love. and i got to meet members of
8:33 am
this elite force. they are the oldest existing army in the world. they are the protectors of the pope. they're the swiss guards, known not just for the company they keep, but for their trademark uniforms, making them one of the most photographed forces in the world. pope paul vi said we are the pope's greeting card. so, for most of the people who are coming to the vatican city, the only person of the vatican they can speak to is the swiss guard. >> reporter: seen standing guard at the apostolic palace and the pope's residence, they are never far from the pontiff's side. >> they're the pope's guards in uniform. which has more ceremonial roles. and then, they are the guards in black suit and tie. they are there for protection. >> reporter: for american viewer, secret service would be fairly similar. >> maybe. maybe. >> reporter: and for sergeant
8:34 am
neederberger, he notices firsthand, the challenges posed by a new pope for the ages. as pope francis literally walks amongst the masses, relishing their contact, playfully interacting with the faithful. the pope's ministry has been returning it to a church of the people. while that has led to a surge in populari popularity, it makes your job very complex. >> the pope's ministry, it is, to be seen by the people. kiss babies, shake hands. he would never used closed cars in st. peter's square, with bullet-proof glass. >> reporter: they're an elite unit, with 110 guards. and the requirements can be quite specific. they are swiss. they are catholic. and their height requirements seemeds to be 5'9". >> so, i'm a small one. >> you have to be catholic. you need a certificate of good
8:35 am
conduct. you need professional degree. you have to be single male. and then you can become a swiss guard. >> reporter: very specifically, your national loyalty is still to switzerland. but your duty is to protect the pope, the pope's close circle. >> yeah. >> reporter: and the rest? >> i have a very special job being a swiss guard. so, maybe my heart is split into two parts. there's a part for the pope. and there's a part for switzerland. >> i have been obsessed with the swiss guard for most of my life. it was amazing to see inside that armory. and they are very thankful this pope reaches out to the people, even as challenging as it may be for them. very thankful. >> and he reaches out to new brides and grooms, does he not? >> he does, robin. if you have been married in three months, come here in your wedding dress, and have your
8:36 am
marriage certificate, with you, you will meet with the pope. and congratulations. tell us, what was that moment like today? >> it was amazing. to have pope francis come up to us personally, shake his hand. he asked us where we came from. and really asked us, to really pray for him a lot. >> he does. it is humbling when he asks you to do that. pray for him. why did you want to do this? >> since i heard about this, i have acquaintances and friends who have done this. and i knew it was something, if god willing, i got married one day, that i wanted to do. we got engaged shortly before pope francis became pope. as soon as he did, just something about him, we were like, we need to go. we need to go to rome, after we get married to get our marriage blessed. >> congratulations to you both. >> since you're hanging out with us. eating sandwiches. thank you, you two. congratulations to you again. >> thanks to all of you.
8:37 am
and back to you the times square. >> amazing. what a wonderful event we have this morning. in rome and also here. barbara walters' special, "the ten most fascinating people of the year" is much of loved. the people we've been talking about all year long. it's hard to fathom that the 2013 edition, the 21st year will be the last. it's true. barbara is here to tell us about this year's fascinating show. and the new pope is on the list. >> but you just told me it's the last. i'm in tears. >> i know. we all are. >> it's the longest-running special. who knows? maybe by popular demand we'll stay on another year. >> would you? >> at the moment, this is the last. the pope, he is on our list because he is one of the most fascinating people. we did not do an interview with him. no pope has done an interview. maybe it will happen now. >> even for you. it's hard to imagine. >> look at the people we have. miley cyrus.
8:38 am
she does an interview. we interviewed her five years ago. now, she is 21. not quite sticking out the tongue. but very changed. and much wiser than you would expect from seeing the antics. you want me to go on? >> i would like to see the clip, if you don't mind. >> here's a -- mind? >> a little clip of barbara walters with miley cyrus. >> you have gotten what some would consider bad publicity. you have been called, desperate. >> ooh. >> deeply troubled. >> ooh. >> disgraceful. >> i know i'm not. so, that's why i kind of laugh because i feel like the people that are saying that, i don't know exactly who is saying that because i refuse to google myself. the minute i stopped googles myself, you can't imagine what a happier person i am. >> why do you stick your tongue out all the time? >> i'm embarrassed to take pictures. people take pictures of me and i don't know how to smile and be awkward. so, i stick my tongue out because i don't know what else
8:39 am
to do because i get embarrassed. >> so, now we know what the tongue is all about. >> a little bit, yeah. >> robin roberts -- >> robin is on our list because she had a triumphant year. and she inspired so many people. she became for us one of the most fascinating people. always has been. never more than now. want to take a look? >> yes, please. >> can you describe the year in one word? >> fascinating. >> yeah. well that's, pretty -- >> unpredictable. the word that really comes to mind, is i'm filmed with such gratitude. gratitude that i'm here. and for the outpouring. i don't take that lightly. i know that was a big reason, is a big reason why my recovery went well. i don't know of a day that's gone by that someone hasn't come up to me and said, i was praying for you. i was lifting you up.
8:40 am
and i look them in the eye. and i mean this, barbara. i felt those prayers. i felt the well wishes. and i just know it was invaluable to my recovery. >> i know it was. yep. who else? >> we go from robin roberts, inspiring to the "duck dynasty" quack. they were fascinating. >> run the gamut. >> jennifer lawrence, a vivid, young actress. and we have such a great list for you. >> you won't tell us number one. >> the number one is a secret. >> i was trying to guess. you will not give it up. >> no. >> i'm dying to know. 21 years of this. if you can name one person, the most fascinating, ten seconds. who is it? >> you, darling. can i ever lie? i am the most fascinating liar there is. you know i love you. >> we love the special. >> happy holidays. >> and thank you for 21 years of the "ten most fascinating people
8:41 am
of 2013." you can watch the special tonight at 9:30, 8:30 on abc. we adore you. i want to go outside to ginger. and it's final check of the weather. >> and i found some ladies from cincinnati, ohio, next to me. they're in town. hi to dad. hi, dino. let's get to the forecast. we want to give you an idea of what to expect. it starts with what you've sent me. people in south florida, saying, we love this cool start. in the 60s, that must be cool for you. and laguna beach, look at the color. not filtered. and the pacific northwest. that's the beginning of the storm that will terrorize much of the nation for the end of the week, start of the weekend. we were talking about severe storms and a lot of snow on top of it. we'l
8:42 am
>> this weather report, brought to you by famous footwear. coming up, paul rudd is wi
8:43 am
8:44 am
all week long, we're celebrating "anchorman 2." today's guest, paul rug.
8:45 am
he plays not-so-crack investigative reporter, brian fontana. >> left those legs up. i like what's happening. that's it. oh, you little fuzz ball. oh. i got it. can it get any better than that? >> a fortune made in cat photos. just barely appropriate for morning television. you had a lot of fun with that character. and this is a part you wanted from the very start. when i read the script for "anchorman," the first one, that was funniest thing i ever read. >> you went in character? >> i did. i don't normally dress up for an audition. that one, because it was so specific, i went dressed in costume. and i was actually the costume designer for that film, dez
8:46 am
maguire, was doing costumes for "friends." and i was working on "friends" at the time. and she decked me out in a fancy suit. >> a brian fantana move to put the moves on barbara walters. >> i don't know what came over me. >> well, you know. >> she's barbara walters. >> that one's going to be going viral. everything you guys were doing, selling this movie, seems to be going viral. >> well, you know, will is so hilarious. and it's fun to see where he pops up. i feel like he's doing it all for his own sense of humor. why not go to north dakota and do a news broadcast? or winnipeg. >> and why not go to sydney, australia. this is my favorite part. i think we have some of it right here, where all of you guys. >> oh, yeah. >> can we get the sound up? ♪ when everything's a little clearer in the light of day ♪
8:47 am
>> lending the vocals there. >> yeah. that was introducing the premiere in australia. will didn't tell us that he was going to do that, either. >> no? >> no. he started singing it. so, we knew -- >> you had it right there. >> well -- we still have it on the tip of our brains. >> lara was talking to will yesterday. and she pointed out, the film makes all of us in the news squirm a little bit. you do nail it. >> well, i feel like it -- it does kind of touch upon something that would probably -- there's some truth to it. there's a little -- >> the cats. >> cats for sure. car chases. filler. things that aren't news-worthy, getting reported as news. you find that? >> every once in a while. we try to make a little news here. we'll do a lightning round. ready? >> totally. >> best compliment you've ever gotten?
8:48 am
>> nice shoes. >> when you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? >> a football player. >> not going to work? >> not a chance. >> one word to describe will ferrell. >> bodacious. >> good one. and ron burgundy? >> loquacious. >> the last thing you bought? >> whipping cream. >> okay. don't want to ask you what you did with it. early bird or night owl? >> night owl. >> and favorite guilty pleasure snack? >> peanut butter-filled pretzels. >> not bad. thanks very much. "anchorman 2: the legend continues" opens nationwide today. and when we come back, we go to the vatican, with the chapel
8:49 am
choir has a very special performance. ♪ yeah her gift ♪ i picked it out in a snap ♪ what made it genius ♪ was the camouflage wrap ♪ that's my kind of holiday
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♪ thank you grandma for the dolls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ i'm ninja kicking through the halls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ mom's posting pictures on your wall. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
8:51 am
it has been a tremendous morning here in vatican city. meeting the pope. a profoundly moving experience, to say the very, very least. >> certainly humbling, to be sure. we want to share some of the feeling with you, with a performance by the sistine chapel choir, performing a christmas favorite, this christmas season here from the vatican, "o come all ye faithful ♪ ♪
8:52 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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8:55 am
as we say good-bye from here, vatican city, our thanks
8:56 am
to greg burke and everybody at the vatican for just making us feel so at home. >> there are days when it is an honor to have this job. today, certainly one of them. guys? >> so much fun to watch you guys there, as well, this morning. what a special morning at the vatican. and we have a lot to look forward to here tomorrow. >> so much to look forward to. great job over there. that was wonderful. and tomorrow, "deals & steals." and steve carell will be with us live. ben stiller, kristen wiig. >> big week. >> have a great day.
8:57 am
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. we're in a record eleventh straight spare the air day today. when will it end? when will the winds of change come, leyla? >> as we look at our san jose bureau camera, very murky skies. it is soupy out there. san jose, santa clara valley with worst air quality. that will change. we'll have gustier conditions into thursday and cooler into friday. but it warms up with that high pressure coming in over the weekend and the early part of next week. we have a couple of accidents to get to. the first one is in the east bay as we head into pleasant hill. this is southbound 680 at monument. you can see all that traffic there as you make that drive in the southbound direction. and accident on the transition
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from southbound 13 to eastbound 580. announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new film, "anchorman 2: the legend continues," paul rudd. bust plus, furry friends with rick schwartz. and we continue our "all-star chef's holiday home cooking week." all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ michael: yo! kell


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